Top 24 Games Similar to Army Sniper Super Commando War

Modern Sniper Combat 1.2
Modern Sniper Combat - Step into the actionandbest Sniper shooting game with Modern Sniper Combat.Hold your breath stay cool and pull your trigger. Send thebulletright through your target. No mistakes.You have been assigned to kill these assassins. This Sniper gameisbeyond the expectations.Be prepared terrorists are loaded and you are one of the Bestsnipershooter to spot the equipped enemy.Eliminate a mob of enemies as the front-line shooter.You are a modern city sniper assassin ready to play your partindangerous killer attacks and silent assassin missions.Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out thesinglehigh-profile target. Go for the killer head shot now!Then what are you waiting for? Yeah! No reason -Download now and eliminate all enemy with your weapon inthisModern Sniper Combat.* Awesome and stunning graphics* FREE to play!* Unique maps and stunning locations* More head shots for higher score!* Easy and intuitive controls* FREE game to play.* Compatible with all devices.* UNLOCK new challenges for your friends* Share your score on Face book.* Challenging assassin missions* Addicting game play* It plays as good as it looksHOW TO PLAY:-* Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoom in&out* Tap on left side to navigate the areaIf you have any problem in installation, please report to [email protected] will try to fix it as soonaspossible.
Snow Commando War Clash 1.2
In this Game they have the onewarriorwhichwill be attack the enemies he is the army robot fulltrainunderthe mountain as the assassin biggest sniper shoot, youalsoknowthe battlefield the many army use the Gunship helicopterforfightto the bad people they also used the gunner. This gameconsisttendifferent mission each mission use different things likeas tankasa modern ultimate.Full 3D Game Features√√ Global Sound Play with destuctoid 3D with excitementmusic.√√ Thrilling Play with the World War 2 surprise attack.√√Biggest Action Game with FPS as First Person ShootinggameinWW2.√√Download free IGI 2 with good play.√√Automatic re-loaded gun with Walking low excellentmagesoundskiller.√√counter strike as a more Fabulous shooter.√√ More Addictive game play mission smallest World War II
Sniper Fury 3D: Free 1.0
Sniper Fury 3D is a very nice andInterestingGame.In this game commando select mission and shoot theallenemies.Commando Sniper Shooter is an army Commando to fight withdangersenemies.Its A Free Game for all android user.In this gamehaveModern Army Forces.Prepare to war and kill all enemies using sniper rifle inthisCommandos shooter game.Commandos game trains your reactions and attentiveness well.How To Play1- Touch the screen for look anywhere left, right, up ordown.2- Move forward, backward, left or right with joy stickcontrols.3- Tap Fire button fire.4- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope forsnipershoot.5- Detect enemies by the help of radar.Features:1- Excellent City environment2- Fabulous sound effects3- Easy GUI and controls4- First person shooting5- Heavy Guns, MP24 Gun, MP24-Semi Gun, M87T Gun, MP5KA4 Gun6- 3D armed global conflict with excitement sound play.7- Thrilling surprise attack - like world war 2.8- Full Action Game with FPS (First Person Shooting) game-WW2.9- Download for free just little ads placed to improve andmaintainquality of awesome game - IGI 2.10- Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mage sounds -covertstrike.11- Fabulous first person shooter 3d game - counter strike.12- Addictive gameplay mission - ultimate ghost warrior.13-Perfect first person shooter game (FPS) in 3d action games.Well, we are Kes-gaming programmers funniest this planet,Using finishing please vote for us now 5 *, tksOr contact me via facebook fan page at the following:facebook: [email protected]
Battlefield: Modern Warfare 2.73
Step into the action and feel the pressure ofacommando facing the enemy at the Frontline alone.You are alone in this cold blooded war. You are the onlyshooterleft and it’s a suicide to keep up the mission.Being the only front-line survivor commando from your platoon,youhave to eliminate the enemies. You are the one of specialforcecommando and must use your specialized skills to survive inanoffensive attack of terrorists.Feel the reality of the war-zone. Blood is everywhere, firingsoundfrom Machine Gun, Assault Rifle, Ak-47, Sniper, Hand GrenadeandRocket launcher won’t let settle down, so keep moving!.Remember,it’s a “Kill Them All” misson, kill or be killed.As the only surviving commando, you need great deal of couragetoface off the fierce enemy over a variety of combat missiontypes.Travel deep into enemy territory to locate and eliminatethetargets.Dare you accept the challenge ? Join our assault teamimmediatelyand began to fight!Game Features:- Fight through 150-mission campaign on multiple maps.- Use customized weapons to move up on an addictiveleader-boardwith more than just ranks.- Realistic combat experience, rich combat action andcombatsound.• Complex situation, hijacked buildings, captured arenas andcrossfiring• Short & long shooter rifles• Exciting Map with Realistic Fighting Arena Environment• Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage• Different auto loader Guns• Critical three different missions terror• Best Shooting Game• Amazing 3D GraphicsHow to Play• Choose your mission• Shoot with fire button• Move up down jump button• Use anti-terrorist 3D pistol to fire your gunshot
• Auto target whenever close to enemy.• Collect different type’s ammo during action war.This is a rated 12+ and contains frequent/intenserealisticviolence.Install and Play our new game in "Action" game category for freeonAndroid now!This game is COMPATIBLE with all mobile devices of androidphones& tablets like nexus, samsung, lg, nokia, motorola,panasonic,HTC, Sony etc above 2.2 and up.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinsteadof giving negative comments. We will try to fix it as soonaspossible.To get new updates of CreativeMob Games, Please subscribe usonFacebook!
Battle Frontline 1.0.1
It’s an action game about an ex armypersonelwho is willing to sacrifice his life to save his countryfrom thecriminal mafia.Your duty will be to perform a covertoperation anddestroy the enemies stronghold. It’s not a piece ofcake; neitherits a fight between friendsi. Terrorist are equippedwith thelatest weapons and will be ready to crush you. They areroamingaround in the bullet proof cars, helicopters are their 24hours fortheir surveillance , anti aircraft, AK47 are the standardweaponsthey have and skilled in counter attacks.It’s a new + updated idea game. The gangsters are dominatingoverthe city and the law. They openly demonstrate theirsuperiority overthe law and their criminal skills is way aboveanything it’s awicked gangster game and you need to show your anticriminal skillsand prove that you are the boss of town. Theunderworld gangs arevery well organized, you need to become a partof them in order tobreak them. You will get the tanks to ride andwill give you thechance to storm into the stronghold ofcriminals.Unlimited criminal tasks would keep you on your toes.Neutralizethe no go areas and clear it for terrorized innocentpublic.Feature of Battle Frontline:-- Challenging missions.- Live 3d environment.- Real sound effects.- Latest weapons.- Use the RPG to shot down helicopters.- Cool animations.- No connectivity required while playing.
Mission IGI: FPS Shooting game 1.2
The New Games
Get ready for a fun and addictive FPSsniperchallenge action game to take on the biggest retaliation ofalltime. This one of the best Sniper elite FPS Shooting Gamesincludesall types of Special Forces survival warfare of gunnerylegends andArmy sniper shooter scenarios and wipeout Opsmissions.*** SPECIAL TROOPERS FORCES GROUP ***In this one of best combat of sniper killer shooter war games,AgentJason Dash is a top US IGI Commando Marine Corps and a specopstrained sniper, also known as the Chris Kyle of the new era ofwarof legends. The Strike IGI Combat Agency got some lead about adealof heavy nuclear missile weapons between two terroristorganizationson an industrial site from their militants’ commandand controlcenter. The terrorist red alert threat is on its way.GunnerySergeant of Green Beret, Agent Jason Dash is assigned thewipeoutretaliation and terrorist hunt Mission to destroy the deal,and killand conquer over all the terrorists and the head ofterroristorganization.Halting the heavy nuclear missile deal before completion will notbean easy mission in this arena, as the warrior terroristorganizationis very vigilant and will break an ambush onto MarineCorps IGIagency, if its identity is compromised. There might be anuphillslam battle from there. Your shooting skills and trooperssurvivalinstincts will be tested in this wipeout retaliation FPSShooterGame.This game is one of the best sniper rifle and military troopersOpsstrategy game which has lots of ultimate action of snipershootingand assassin thrill missions against deadliest militants.Fromsniper war city to urban army sniper and fury of the sniper inthedesert ambush, it has many different new scenarios and slamwarmissions.*** BATTLE IN EPIC FPS SHOOTING GAME PLAY ***In this one of the best epic games of shooting, ready yourassaultgear of sniper shooter to battle in the most intenseshootingsurvival showdowns, combating terrorist organizations in afastpaced FPS exchange, where your Agent Jason Dash, the IGICommandoMarine Corps Sniper is equipped with a mega damaging sniperrifleand a dexterous shotgun and handgun for swift attacks, youalsohave to take out all the RPG launchers. You have to recoverthenuclear missile arsenal from going into the wrong hands.** One of the Best Army Shooting Games **In this new sniper game of legends, play in 5 epicchallenginglevels, where your sniper spy will tasked to crush theterroristorganization’s attempt to accomplish weapons deal.The progressing danger levels will phase the commando sniperofSpecial Forces with more daunting tasks, taking on army tankswithRPG bazookas to engaging in a finale ambush battle withtheterrorist organization leader of the biggest and mostdangerousmilitants group, as he attempts to crush your down withhis massivemachine gun in this mastermind military strategygame.GAMEPLAY FEATURES>>> Exquisite FPS weapon controls>>> Weapon Swapping Action of Soldiers>>> Two Primary Weapons1- Pistol handgun2- Assault rifle>>> 5 Objective based levels>>> Intense smash and shooting action
Army Sniper Shooter IGI war 1.0
You Know about the sniper this one armypersonand single warrior who as a also frontline commando war atlargestmountains with huge battle field as assassin big shoot.andwe haveblood shed action 3D game in which assassin sniper attackwith thelargest fury,and we also include hunship helicopter gunnerandsmall enemy extreme military troops.Now we have introduce the Assassins story about warrior manypilotcompleted the modern mission combat using the ultimatefrontline asa military single army man never be fearwith deadly beassault on warship or navy thrilling aircraft. manyperson usingthe tank mission and high mountain and desert shootingfield theyhave most dangerous refuge area city that is SWAT withrescue.Nowdays we assigned the hard target.police man pick the gunwith highrange distance target and also pic different weapons thatas pistolmay be droid gamers.we all mountain war zone there wereterminatewith the ambush have with deadly.we build quick death andsmallstrategy to bloodshed combat action.many enemies have beenmenacewith battle strategy in modern explosive our combatmaterials so it may be impossible but don't mercy and show thefuryto put all things into may kill enemy andhavedestroy tanks with the help of the explode gunship withthehelicopter and with ammunition as Android storage Robots.weknowabout the commando adventure shooter have free 3D game_play asabattlefield with the walking bone dead trigger and who is thedeltaforce with war fighter you also know about droid battlewarrioralso is jigsaw which is around the world war second. in thisweintroduce the many things and it is very interesting game withgoodenvironment must recommended it.Largest New Features>> Automatic reloaded gun when bullet are end withexcellentsounds which is maga music walking killer.>>It is first person shooter with surprise thrillingwithglobal music.>>it is addictive game play .>>it is same as counter_strike>>Awesome and more efficient like as IGI.>>Free download with little ads.How You play>>first of all find the enemies with the help of radar.>>Then use microscope to kill the bad enemies.>>to press fire to shoot it>>you may use zoom in and zoom out far targeting.>>sniper have the rifle and different bullets.>>In top left have a life that is health bar.
Duty sniper 3d fury shooter 1.0
Join the assassin sniper team and go toarmyshooter 3d shooting game in order to eliminate enemysoldiers,become a best fury sniper shooter . Use more deadlyassaultweapons, shooter rpg to complete missions. The perfect 3dfpsshooter game with shooting simulator elements. Shot to killallterrorists.Perfect sniper shooting in mountains battlefield is provide youwitha victory over the terrorists. Be a part of the scouting swatteamin the american snipers, your army duty would save peace inworld.You are an swat shooter, headshot is your best skills.Commandos landed in the high mountains on helicopter forarmyspecial force diversions. Now is time for future world war,becomesa fury assassin sniper on battlefield.Enemy soldier took up positions on mountain arctic base andmaintainconstant fire on you. Aim and shoot the enemy before theykillyou.Play the swat shooter 3d simulation is very simple to playsnipershooting games!The game is available three types of weapons: ak 47, rpgandpistols. You have to go through 10 hard levels in which thereepicbattles, sniper shooting, many army equipment, beautifulgraphicsand sound.
Sniper Assassin Kill Shot 2016 1.1
Sniper Assassin Kill Shot – 2016 is auniquenew Sniper Assassin Sharp Shooting Game – it’s a New Year2016 Giftfor those gallant, brave, bold and courageous rebelSnipers whohave the heart of Lion. Sniper Assassin knows and lovethe art toDrill, Thrill and Kill to fill the Sniper War Suspense.SniperAssassin Kill Shot – 2016 is one of the best and mostthrillingfree First Person Shooting – FPS, shooting games.In fact, your City Square in Down Town is under attackbycallous, cruel, brutal and heartless terrorists withdestructiveand devastated ill-intention to kill innocent civiliansandcitizens, including kids, children, adult, old, men,womenindiscriminately in metropolitan city to meet their notoriousandvenomous agenda. Enemy is to get erupt and wage a venomous warincity. The City Police vs Terrorists situation comes in the favorofterrorists hence, on the special request of City PoliceChieffollowed by the trusted recommendations of Army General ChiefandNational Security Adviser - NSA, you’re assigned special targettoaim and kill the bad boys, enemies, militants and terrorists.Youare dropped at the various rooftops through roaring stealthgunshiphelicopter, to hit various multiple targets at differentlocationsin different attire in the shadow of stealth gunship heli.You, asSniper Assassin is well-equipped with different weapons andGunslike Beretta Pistol, M24, SR25, Negev Machine Gun, GalileoSniperrifles and Assault Rifles, out of these, selected can befrequentlyused and changed whereas, rest are condition to beunlocked subjectto your performance.Sniper Assassin Kill Shot – 2016 is a vast game to clear five(5)multiple levels as follows:1. Snipers’ ValleyYou, in Snipers’ Valley – The Sniper Assassin also famouslyknowas Death Sniper, has to find, pin-point, aim, hunt and killBlueBriefcase boy terrorist on City Down Town Square who isallegedlycarrying stolen city maps, EXTRA important, confidentialandclassified documents which may ultimately help him to leadweaponsof mass destruction. There are also Intelligence reportsthat BlueBriefcase is carrying the formula of lethal atomic orchemicalbomb. Simply, find and kill him.2. Assassins’ SquareA Vest Man, having pistol in hand is just popped up inpeoplecrowd, he is carrying pistol and weapons in hand andhavingintentions to kill many innocent people to create a massacre.Findand kill him immediately before he starts hunting downinnocentpeople from his closest areas.3. Crimes’ Roof TopTwo enemies are standing nearby roaring helicopter, whichisalmost ready to take off in air after uplifting them, here,you’veto exercise your best snipping skills after calculatingairfriction and air-waves pressure. Remember, you’ve very shorttimeto kill the enemies. Simply, Don’t wait to get late.4. Los VegasThere are Intelligence reports that a most wanted SuicideBomberhas entered in Los Vegas by dodging Elite Police, SWAT andAmericanNavy Seals, now, American Army General Chief has assignedyou aspecial target to aim, hit and hunt on Headshot thesuisidebomber.4. Mission ImpossibleDrunk Driver is rashly driving a car with full of dynamite/weapons of mass destruction, find and hit him from top inmovingcar in city.Features:** Sniper Assassin Kill Shot 2016 is free to play.** Multiple guns: M24, SR25, Negev Machine Gun, GalileoSniperrifles and Assault Rifles,** Five (05) Tough and Challenging Missions. to become a realsniperhunter hero in this 2016 hunting game.** One of the Best 2016 shooting games.** Sniper Assassin Kill Shot 2016: Military Encounter is thebestcontract killer game in top 10 best free sniper games inGooglePlay Android world for free.** To be a hunter empire targeting terrorists enemiesofnation.** Speculate yourself to be in a world war 1 defending and safecitybase.
Last Commando: Sniper Shooter 2.3
One Man, One Army, One War. You, the onlyandLast Commando left in the Battlefield as a Master AssassinSharpShooter of Elite Force command with SWAT skills. Your armybase hasbeen taken as hostage by terrorist commandos – As the Fury,loneand last surviving Commando of a renegade attack against aruthlessterrorist organization, you are stranded on the frontlineandhell-bent on payback to score the killing headshot and rescueeachhostage in this intense lone commando sniper shooter!Armed combat breaks out in the army base as your top commandosaretaken hostage during brutal terrorist games training. Only you,themost elite sniper shooter in the squad, a SWAT trainedprofessionalwith frontline commando training completed and anexperiencedbattlefield war solider, take the head and kill shot,can pull offthe high-skill headshots required to save your fellowcommandos,take out the terrorists and save the day in Lone and LastCommandoSniper Shooter, one of the most intense free games in thefirstperson shooter genre!This hostage and commando sniper shooter mission is full ofperils.Unlike many first person shooting games, Lone and LastCommandoSniper Shooter requires quick brains as well as a fasttriggerfinger. Clear the army base of terrorist commandos, butwatch out!Enemy commandos have peppered the army base withhostages. Executeheadshots and kill all of the terrorists, butavoid shooting thehostage commandos by accident. Only the lonecommando death shooterand sniper elite will survive in this deadlyfirst personshooter!ARMED COMBAT IN AUTHENTIC ARMY BASE:- Army baseenvironmentputs you in the middle of the most realistic snipingaction withsuper Army and Lone commando with SWAT and elite sniperunder yourcontrol, with realistic weaponry and advanced sniperkits, Freeshooting games represented in the most authenticway.LONE COMMANDO SNIPER SHOOTER UTILIZES ADVANCED ARMORY Army andLonecommando sniper shooter is loaded and equipped withmultipleweapons in the epic battlefield with frontline commandoaction andto challenge the terrorists to clear up the army base andmilitaryfacilities with hostage release, Track shot distance as youaimwith realistic scopes and rifles.FPS STEALTH GAMEPLAY:-3D shooting games let you survey theentirearmy base, but avoid alerting the terrorist commandos toyourpresence, take out enemies and terrorists with silencedsingleshots or bursts of fire, but be warned - burst fire willalertenemies.HEADSHOTS IMPROVE YOUR SNIPER SKILLS: Straight Headshotkillsimprove your skills to become a more formidable sharpshooterandelite commando sniper. Kill terrorist commandos with asinglesilenced shot regain your strength by .LONE COMMANDO SNIPER SHOOTER 3D ACTION AND GRAPHICS:- 3Dshootinggames come alive with realistic environments and gun modelsto beused in assassinating the deadly terrorists commandos. 3Dgamesmeet breathless sniper shooter action in this intense firstpersonshooter stealth experienceJust like consoling FPS games, shooting with dual-analog controlandprecise headshots, thanks to multiple weapon zoom levels, Easytopick up and play, tough to master. Join the lone commandosupersniper and elite force with S.W.A.T skills and sniper elite inthisuncompromising first person shooter commando experience.Freeshooting games don’t get any more intense. As the ultimatesniperassassin, you shape the future of your fellow commandos witheachheadshot. Put an end to your enemies and their villainousterroristgames, and liberate your army base from the most ruthlesscommandosin the world - one headshot at a time.
Kill Shot Sniper 1.3
Get ready to play your part indangerousattacks and silent assassin missions.Sniper game will blowyouaway!Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out thesinglehigh-profile target.Zoom in & out for better vision and to sight your target,readthe instructions carefully and complete your missions.Play the game with real physics and amazing 3D graphics.Lively Environment will drive you crazy and make you addictivetoKill Shot sniper game!!Accomplish missions and aim for headshots to become a Headhunterinthis action game.Enjoy hunting the multiple targets shooting all the enemiesoutthere.Get yourself gun and kill all the enemies.Be focused and FIGHT the global war on crime and become theULTIMATESHOOTER!! Go for the HEADSHOT now!Are you ready for the challenge??How to Play:--Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoom in&out-Tap on left side to navigate the areaFind us onFacebook - you have any problem in installation, please report to [email protected] will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Jungle War: Commando Shoot 1.0
Jungle War Commando Shoot is a very niceandattractive game.Addictive interface and nice usercontrol.An excellent HD 3D Graphics and Very attractiveJungleEnvironment. Its a FPS Game that willtest your reflexes and tactical skill.Experience the thrillofmodern terrorist warfare as you fight acritical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim tocausedestruction as a terrorist.Join thebattlefield as an army commando! Enemy soldiers are everywhereandtheir mission is to kill you! Fightagainst enemy’s army as a well-trained commando and survive inthiswar!Ambush and kill enemies before they kill you! Survive at allcosts!Feel like a real army commando,battling against enemy’s forces in jungles with this amazingwarshooter game! Kill enemies with yourgun to end up this bloody war and stop the battlefield! Use widegunarsenal, upgrade your fightingand shooting skills to destroy enemies to save yoursoldiers’lives!You have to save your life and protect your countryfromdestruction.On the battlefield,you have to counter attack on your enemiesfromthe distance or use your shooterrifle and strike enemies from closer distance.Its a Combatactiongame which have a Ghost Warrior tofight with a very dangers enemies troops.Great fighting war game! Kill enemies to stop war! Use gunstoprotect yourself and your army being areal commando with this 3D action game! From real guerrillacombatin jungle mountain ranges, torecon missions on Mediterranean islands And you’ll travel theworldin search of terror threats.Move through environments to find the best sniper vantage pointsandtake the all-important enemiesKill Shot!Features:- Fast and intense killing action- Armour and health customization- Fast-paced story missions with various challenges- Flawless graphics and music- Wide gun arsenal to shoot and kill enemies- Excellent jungle environment to fight- Different war missions: kill enemies or survive- First person shooter
Army Commando Fury Shooter 1.0
Darkness Commando War Zone Rescue 3D isafreebattle zone rescue commando game with thrillingcommandowarmissions to rescue the troops in conflict zone bykilling theenemysoldiers. This is an action filled commando warzone killinggamein which you have to enter the battlefield and killtheenemiesusing heavy weapons like rocket launchers, ak 47, m4andhandguns.Have the real battlefield experience and realize whatoursoldiersWarrior, a rock-hard physique withdestructiveskills.Commando War Zone Rescue 3D is like combat war.CommandoWarZoneRescue 3D in dangers actions.SEE AND FEEL THE ACTION AND FIGHT WITH ENEMIESThe ultimate 1st person shooter with stunningconsolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physicsanddestructibles. Jumpin the heat of battle and push yourAndroiddevice to thelimit!War Against the enemies.COMPLETE DEADLY MISSIONS AND SAVE YOUR COUNTRYEmerge from destructible cover points to take downhelicopters,jeepsand heavily defended enemy bases. Fight offincreasinglydifficultwaves of enemies over a variety of combatmissiontypes.Rescue Mission With Powerfull Game Play.COMPLETE DANGEROUS MISSIONSMaster challenging objectives in Assault, M24,MP5,SniperandRocketLauncher missions to clear war-torn streets andruralvillages ofAxis invaders! Become a special operations solidertotake down thedeadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers anddestroyvaluablemilitary targets using snipers, machine gunsandtanks.Its Like Mission Impossible.POWERFUL WEAPONRY AT YOUR COMMANDNew and improved weapons are at your disposal to help leadtheAlliedforces to victory. Fight with your whole arsenal andutilizemachineguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers,flamethrowers, andmore.Choose your weapon of war and eliminateyour targets!Battlefield commando sniper 3d is used Lot OF Weapons.DESTROY ENEMY BASES AND DEFEND YOURS AND YOUR COUNTRYAssault other players’ HQ, steal their resources, and defendyourIMFHQ against attack! Fortify your defenses with upgradeslikedrones torepel even the most stubborn attackersDestroy The Enemy Camps and Fight With Dangerous Enemies.HUGE VARIETY OF OBJECTIVES AND MISSIONSAssassinate high-profile targets, Eliminate all enemiesatstreetlevel, Survive sudden ambushes, Defuse hidden bombs,andGhost yourway through enemy lines.CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPON KITUpgrade weapons with scopes, silencers, and magazines andoutfitJackwith throwing knives, body armor, and brassknuckles.Download Battlefield Commando Sniper 3D NOW..!!Features:Excellent realistic simulator with shooting range andmoderncombatexperience.Challenging commando operation mission - IGI 2Challenging commando operation mission - FrontlinecommandoWithDeadly ActionChallenging commando operation mission - Frontline commando:D-DAYamost wanted game play.Challenging commando operation mission - ImpossibleMissionsAndDifficult Levels.Challenging commando operation mission - CONTRACT KILLEREffectAndActions.Challenging commando operation mission - Call Of DutyLikeEnviromentAnd AI.Challenging commando operation mission -Counter StrikeLikeGamePlay.Excited and realistic combat sounds with fire effects.Leaderboard to share your stuff to global mobile gameplayersandclose friends.Digital radar system provides real time enemieslocationandmovements.Addictive gameplay mission.Wonderful environment with mountain cliffs and hills.Superb sound effects while horrible clash.Marvelous GUI design and easy control.Fabulous first person shooter 3d game.Tremendous multiple Weapons with tons of ammunition.Burning fire make the environment extremely hazard.How to Play:- Drag screen, aim your shooting weapon- Use the joystick to move your character- Switch weapons quickly with one click- Use telescope to shoot long distance target- Unlimited shooting ammunition- Kill all the terrorists to win and rescue
Gunner BattleField Shooter War 1.0
Battle Sniper Shoot is a totally freegame.Youare an army commando which have assaign a mission to fightagainstenemies.Its an Battlefield war in snow mountainEnviroment.Fight as brave soldiers in battlegrounds of World War iiexperiencea dramatic and sttunning battle, life-storysingle-player,death-dealing journey in the Day and Night in thesnow mountainenvironment.Commando had on duty as Frontline Commando at war time ofWW2:D-Day. Naval warfare WARSHIP on special mission inthebattlefield!Commando Mission: Enemy has occupy the Snow mountain armybase,there are huge store of light and heavy weapons includingshootguns, long range sniper rifle gun, grenade, Shotguns,Handguns,Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, RPG, Ak47,M16,Rockets and even missiles for transport to surround army troopsinthe snow, mountain and jungle battlefield. It is extremelyrequireto get army base back from deadly enemy to transportessentialammunition by military truck and trailer to surroundingbattlefieldfor save the world. Must complete the mission impossibleat anycost.Battle Sniper Shoot is a rescue type game.In this game yourmissionto find your civilians.Battle Sniper is a ghost commando warwhichhave ultimate Fury actions.In this game have Last missionisMission Impossible.BattleField Commando have gunner shooter like missionandactions.Its a contract Killer Base Game.You have assign acontractto save your civilians from enemies.Features:1:Excellent realistic simulator with FPS shooting rangeandmodern combat experience.2: Challenge commando covert strike mission - IGI 23: Realistic Snow Environment, Interactive And AddictiveGameplay,Smooth And HD Graphics and 3D Special Sound Effects4: Addictive And Attractive gameplay mission.5: Digital radar system provides real time enemies locationandmovements.
Army Commando Death Shooting 1.3
Appco Apps
Death shooting gets serious withdeadlyweapons,as you face challenges as an army commando blackops.Embark on acommando adventure, exchanging gunfire againstdeadlyfoes, as youattempt to ensure your safe passage throughunfriendlyterritories.Get thrown into a vicious environment in a survivalbaseddeathshooting. Put up with all challenges, gaining momentumwithyearsof war expertise in army commando squad, as yoursoleobjective isto uproot the enemy from the territory andsurviveagainst theonslaught of bravo shooter attacks till you reachtheextractionpoint.FEATURES- Detailed graphics and battle environment designs- RPG like death shooting gameplay with stealth basedmissions- Radar system for enemy shoot tracking- Ingenious enemy Artificial IntelligenceA HIGHLY ENGAGING FPS BRAVO SHOOTERYour commando survivor instincts will be put on ultimatedisplay,asbeing a bravo shooter amidst of a hostile war willreducechances ofa successful escape. Keep your wits about yourselfandutilize allavailable resources to keep moving forward.Keep a close eye on the sniper commando’s energy levels,pickingupanimals and hunts to restore energy points. Your armycommandoisequipped with a gunner weapon and a number of grenadeswhenthingsgo south ways. Use your resources wisely and you mightgetout inthis one man army mission.
Dragon Commando Warrior War 1.0
One Month You know about theAntiTerroristCounter Strike shooting war with the fulldestructiveaexhilarating weapons live now You are the part of theSWATTEAMCommando Unit Counter terrorist is our and yourduty.Antiterrorist SWAT Police they plan and have intelligencereportaboutthe full underworld criminals dots violate in thecitylive.SoThere are many and multiple terrorist forces whichdoingwork likeMafia X lovers ,the Under World 2 zoom and TargetKillershas theynetted the whole country and city an. They arespread oranarchy bydrugs mafia, violence young, serial killingzone, targetkillingand drugs. So it's have a quick mission to allrecover thecityposition area, They are all rescue innocent peoplethey arenotsafe.There fore one is the most biggest World that has beenunderISISterrorists attack.They Call of country where the you arelonga SWATCommando & city sniper army.These area areDangerousassaultmission assigned to the all blast away the ISISgangterrorists teamthe using anti-terrorist bloody war gunsboys,explosives attack,undercover agents they, sharp shooters net,theyare marines andspecialized military sniper gunners at thesmallenemy’s frontier .In the huge every mission you step byforhomeland covering, Theyare kill all enemy soldiers using ,sodestroy their allinfrastructure and clear militantsposition.Nowwe assigned missionto the assassin all commandos theyare strong.Now The target is theand about to impossible missionnext but notfor the all aprofessional SWAT City Commando strongThey Keep outworld at wararms as World War II you know about thisposition.In the Ending of the 2015 and staring of the 2016 The ISISareattackto Paris this is the time of the Christmas in whichtheyeliminateAbdelhamid Abaaoud dead you know about Helicopterandgunship theydestroy all things by using the tans and killingthegunner and theyare snipers at the top of the buildings youknowabout thebattlefield which is the modern combat. ISIS gunnersareso strongthey occupy all weaponry.You First Terminate counter terrorist force which highvaluetargetwhich is enforcement by the largest agencyhijackedhelicopter byusing they also doing gunship strike.they alsodeadlyairstrike sodo the aircraft with the RPG.In those daysmilitarycreating thebackup way enemy engage by using elite.STRONG POWER FULL WEAPONS:They are so many power full guns which is trigger to theshootdownall bad deadly killers you know about the AK-47 with havethemultimags and full ammo.I have the one Heli Gun which isM134caliber isconsist six barrel it is most powerful combat weaponNowone isAnti Tank which is Rocket propelled grenade...COMING FEATURE:Realistic Dragon S.W.A.T. likes as battle simulatornextWW2They have Modern weapons which is assault rifleslivesniperguns.The Deadly bullets a effects with the head-shot tokillhugefast.High Definition 3D graphics - World War 2FPS (First Person Shooter) 3D Game compare to IGI 2different.Full Sound and music.
Bravo 3D: Deadlist 1.1
Bravo 3D: Deadlist is the best firstpersonshooter(FPS) fixing gun games for android tablets and phones.Asthe elite sniper, it’s time to load out your weapons and killtheterrorist all!Hostile Alert Attention. A group of terrorist haskidnappednumerous innocent citizens and request heavy ransom to setthesecivilians free. It’s no time for diplomacy. It’s time foraction!We are gathering top-ranked snipers from all over the worldto bepart of our sniper team. This is not even a game! Make akillshot!Snipers, now arm yourself with deadly sniper shooterrefiles,assault refiles, machine guns, railgun and other assassinsniperweapons to complete the covert combat missions deep insidetheenemy.NUMEROUS MISSIONS-Save hostages’ life before they are killed-Enter into occupied buildings and get rid of any threatsofthem-Find the best sniper vantage points and make all necessarykillshot-Survive a full on enemy attack in multiplayer assault missionsandmake a bravo kill shot of your enemiesCHALLENGING LEVELS TO COMPLETE-LEVELS mode for you to warm up-CHALLENGES&SURVIVAL mode to challenge yourshootingskills-Lead SWAT black ops to rescue all the innocent hostages beforetimeand health point run out-Find the terrorist and make a head shot before they escapefromyour shotMULTIPLIER CHALLENGES-Bravo 3D: Deadlist is a multiplier game. Unite as manyelitesnipers as you can-Invite some of your friends to join this rescue with you andhelpyou to get through rescue missionsLIVE UP YOUR SNIPER-Test your shooting skills against terrorist snipers-Be the hunter before you are hunted-Search your targets. Make a headshotUPGRADE YOUR POWERUPS-Sniper shooter rifles, assault rifles, machineguns&railgunsand other assassin weapons-Gather components to upgrade your military arsenalThe most challenging, thrilling HD FPS game Bravo 3D:Deadlistyou’ve been dreaming for is out on Google Play. Now, grabyoursniper shooter rifles and head back out for another roundofmissions. Innocent hostages are in danger. It’s no timetohesitate. Go and rescue all the civilians!
Stealth CommandoOne man, one war, get ready for army combat commando action.Stealth Commando, imagine you are trained army commandointhisstrategic battle where you have been assigned amissiontoinfiltrate the enemy base, shoot down the allenemies.Battlethrough your way till the end, it’s a war againstyourenemy.Let’s download and play the Stealth Commando from GooglePlayStoreat your android device for free. It offers youthemostcomprehensive combat commando game where you need tocompletethecommando mission, pick your favorite gun, and find theenemiesfromarmy base and shoot them all to survive for yourselfandbettermentfor your beloved country. Enemies have crossed theborderof yourcountry and they have a mission to enter into yourdifferentarmybases, now they have entered into your base army camp.Rememberallthe enemies are fully trained and well equippedwithlatestammunition.You are the only commando in this area of bloody warsospectacleyour special commando skills to save the country. Youcanunlockand buy the multiple available guns M19, Short Gun,MP5,AK47, P4,Sniper and M9 after earned the coins through killingyourenemies.Now you have a gun, bullets without any limit and alsoamap foryour guidance. Fence in the heat of war as a 3dshooterandkiller.Identify the location, and eliminate all the enemies. Bealwaysreadyto attack, your enemy is high alert, so be carefulwhileattacking onthem. You should be ready for the brave standagainstthis army ofterrorist. Here, you will feel the real time door diesituation. Useyour commando skills to combat with the armedforcesand eliminatetheir resistance with your power.Game Features:First person 3d shooting gameRealistic and modern game playAdvance and larger environment to exploreArmy base environment12 different levels to complete the gameMultiple guns to unlock for playRealistic sound effectsEasy GUI and controlsChallenging missionsUnlimited bullets for fireMap available for guidanceAddictive and realistic game playRemember, the game is developed only for funandentertainment.Download and play “Stealth Commando” and don’t forget togiveyourcomments and suggestion for improvement our game.Facebooks:
Sniper SWAT Fury 1.1
Sniper SAWT Fury is the first personshooterfixing gun games for android tablets and phones! It’s timeto loadout your weapons and fix yourself with this best GooglePlayshooting game!Arm yourself with deadly sniper shooter refiles, assaultrefiles,machine guns, railgun and other assassin sniper weapons tocompletethe covert combat missions deep inside the enemy.INITIATING GLOBAL OPERATIONS:It’s no time for diplomacy! It’s time for action! We areunitingelite sniper in the world to be part of us as we take aim atevils,wherever it hides. This is not a game. There is no room forremorsehere, so make a kill shot!NUMEROUS MISSIONS-Trained as an elite Sniper Hunter you will navigate secretmissionsaround the world, eliminating terrorists that get the wayof worldpeace!-Enter occupied buildings to complete breach missions and clearanythreats of them. -Survive a full on enemy attack inmultiplayerassault missions and make a bravo kill shot of yourenemies-Find the best sniper vantage points and make all necessarykillshotCHALLENGING MODES TO COMPLETE-Try LEVELS mode to warm up and test your accuracy-Kill and shot as many evils as you can in time-limitedCHALLENGEmode-No time-limited SURVIVAL mode, focus on your health pointMULTIPLAYER CHALLENGES-This is a multiplayer game. You can build alliances to fightwithyou-Invite friends to join this battle with you and help youtoterminate this war-Find the enemy and make a head shot before they escape fromyourshotMODERN&FUTURE FIREPOWER-Unique personalization of your weapons-Sniper shooter rifles, assault rifles, machineguns&railgunsand other assassin weapons-Gather components to upgrade your military arsenalCUSTOMIZE-Customize your avatar and get your weapons to help you inthebattlefield-Arm and unlock awesome equipment-Obtain a fresh shot moment with every victory. Now you takecontrolof Kill Shot camera as the final round zooms towards itstarget forthe final hitThe most thrilling, exciting and challenging HD FPS gameSniperSWAT Fury you’ve been eagerly desiring is now on Google Play.Jointhe war and shoot to kill. Rack up great headshots rendered intheamazing graphics, sharpen your kill set, upgrade andpersonalizeyou weapons as a unique ops military agent. Equipyourself withdeadly assault and sniper refiles to kill theattackers. Try theCHALLENGES & SURVIVAL modes!
Sniper Fury Shoot 1.1
Sniper Fury Shoot is an incredible andawesomefirst person shooting game(FPS) that snipers are shootingdown allterrorists. Terrorist group is armed with armor, AK-47,shotgunsand new destructive weapons. Your mission is to rescue allthehostages who were kidnapped by terrorist, you must becarefulbecause there are many hidden terrorist shooters, so youhave tomake headshot from safe distance and avoid killinginnocenthostages. Sniper, use your accuracy, experience and deadlyweaponsto kill the terrorists and rescue the hostages! It’s time toloadout your weapons and fix yourself with this best GooglePlayshooting game!Nowadays, terrorism is rapidly spreading all over the world!Asit shows that terrorism is always tied to dark forces! Theykillpeople and destroy world peace at any cost! Now terrorist groupiswandering in europe and kidnap civilians. Sniper, it’s time toleadyour black ops and stare down your riles scope, zoom in and outtofind and identify your target!Sniper Fury Shoot features:-first person shooter action packed gameplay-with LEVELS, CHALLENGE & SURVIVAL modes to choose from-huge array of equipment and weapons to use-advanced weapon upgrade system-destructive kinds of weapons and ammunition-exciting anti-terrorist missions-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing-exciting map with realistic fighting arena environment-various and different missionsSWAT force, take a deep breath and pull the trigger tomakekillshot!
Sniper Shooting Simulator 3D Assassin 1.1
In Sniper Shooting Simulator 3D Assassin,holdyour breath, aim right and shoot to kill in most realisticbestsniper shooting game that is #1 action game where you willfirstpractice your sniper shooting skills in shooting range onvarioussoft & hard targets to master your sniper killingabilities, bysuccessfully completing all levels in Chapter youshould be able toperform well at frontline to encounter hostileforces, performsecret assignments and assassin assaults toeliminate terroristsand ruine enemies of top tiers and 2nd ranks inany futurewarfare.In this Sniper shooting game you will be offered multiplemodernsniper rifles as soon as you master in basic sniperattackoperations to upgrade your shoot skills in any ultimateassaultmissions in deadly war zones around the globe to hog enemiesof thehumanity so be an elite killer to become world hero andaconqueror.In Sniper Shooting Simulator 3D Assassin 3D, prove yourdominationover enemies with your wise strategy while shooting attarget inthis best action game with first person shooting (FPS)controls asnow you are master to engage enemies troops inbattlefield henceprove your domination and be a upfront hero of thenation.Sniper Shooting Simulator 3D Assassin Game is blend ofshootingrange missions and combat battle missions so download nowand trytop weapon simulator game experience in an immersive &fierceaction game play to demonstrate the throne so your heir feelproudof you, so let’s play Sniper Shooting Simulator 3D Assassinandbite the dust of terrorists.-----Game Features of Sniper Shooting Simulator 3DAssassin:-----* Ultra Realistic missions.* Realistic game play.* Sniper rifles with extreme accuracy and extra efficiency.* Top sniper shoot war environment.* Best sniper war game play.* Realistic gaming sounds & combat experience.* Slow motion camera feature.* Top shooting guns with gunshot war scenarios.* Unique firing game experience.
Snow Mountain Sniper 2.0
Aim, Shoot and Kill the Enemy SoldiersCampingon Snow Mountain! Drive Snow bike, rampage through thehighest snowcovered mountain peaks to get back your captured Armybase campfrom enemy soldiers. Pull the sniper trigger to shoot andkill theopponent army men with fury. Hold your breath for themostexhilarating shooting battlefield experience with real-life3Dmountain valley graphics. Aim for the head-shot using your Ammotokill the insane enemies at a distance before they get a chancetoaim at you. Fire your first sniper gunshot wisely since itwillalert the enemy hiding in the mountain camp. Begin theonslaughtassassin mission to wipe away the enemy from your camp.Use yourassassin instinct to rampage through the enemy shootersusing yourmodern sniper gun. Survive this dangerous war againstterror. Thesniper assassin mission on a snow mountain is going tobe verychallenging. Become a Professional military sniper Shooterand savethe snow mountain base camp from terrorist attacks. Let thethrillbegin. Play as an Elite SWAT Sniper Shooter and take down themostwanted army men at their captured hideouts before thetargetsescape. Snow Mountain Sniper is a true simulation of anactionpacked sniper shooter missions with fury and rampage.Your Army headquarter base camp has been captured by theterroriststo carry out insanely dangerous terrorist shooter acts.Keepyourself focused to determine the right time to start firingyourfirst shot. Play the part of a special shooter army forcecommandoin this visually stunning snow covered mountainenvironment. Startshooting using your precision skills before theenemy opens fire.Snow Mountain Sniper is a first person shooter(FPS) to challengeyour assassin skills and deadly drifts. Get readyfor a thrillingFPS gaming experience. Target terrorists capturingyour base camphelicopters, drones, fighter F16 jets, army trucksand ammunition.Sniper shooting simulator missions involve furyfighting andprecision shooting targeting the terrorists. In ModernSnowMountain Sniper help America fight the global waragainstterrorism. Join US Navy SEALs, become an ultimate snipershooter.Take up the challenge. Aim, shoot and kill the terroristsandbecome US top sniper shooter. Save the victims from crossfireandexploding bombs. Aim the right target, go for the headshots.Thereis a secret Sniper Assassin operation being carried out insnowmountain peaks. Unfortunately the terrorists have captured thecitysurrounded by snow mountains. US Navy SEALs have hired youtoeliminate a mob of enemies as the frontline sniperassassincommander to carry out the gorilla war mission ops,infiltratesecure locations and it’s their duty to eliminatehigh-profiletargets.Snow Mountain Sniper Features√ Exclusive sniper assassin war missions√ First person shooting (FPS game)√ No Internet connection required√ Challenging assassin missions√ Simple controls
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team 1.0
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team EliteTop Elite Anti-terrorist Sniper army sets out huntingforterrorists, criminals, and gangsters!Take your rifle, join Top Elite Anti-terrorist Team, rocksfurysniper 2016!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team is the most exciting andchallengingfirst person shooter (FPS) experience, where you play astop classsniper together with your team to strike terrorists,combat covertterrorist activities and destroy terrorist bases. Oncedisparatesnipers are united together to take Eagle Action. Are youaccurateenough to scope terrorists from across the map? SWATforces, it’sno time to hesitate. Time to take real action anddestroy theterrorist organizations!Terrorist groups spread disorders and chaos in every cornerofthe world, from Paris to Rome, from Russia to Ukraine. Civiliansinthis area are in danger. The Peace Committee send you and yourteamto travel around the world to eliminate a mob of terroristthreatsand infiltrate high-profile target that get the way peace.You areunited elite snipers. There are no room for mercy, onlyforshooting!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team features:-realistic and challenging FPS experience-play as sniper together with elite sniper team toinfiltrateterrorist threats-travel around the world to combat terrorist bases-numerous missions-heart-pounding sound effects-ultra optimized graphics-huge array of equipment and weapons to choose from-LEVELS, CHALLENGES & SURVIVAL tournament to choose-destructive weapons and ammunition-complicated situation, hijacked building and crossing fireAnti-terrorist Sniper Team Gameplay:-slide to the left of the screen to control charactermovement-slide to the right of the screen adjust the target-use sniper rifles zoom to scope terroristsYou and your team are the only hope to destroy terroristthreats!SWAT sniper, it’s time to take action!
Amazing Sniper 2015 1.3
After success of the Amazing sniper 2014nowenjoy the newest edition of the free Amazing Sniper 2015 totestyour skill in the island.Your opponents are very well trained and have highlyskilledshooters and they will not easily evacuate their area.Enemies havemachine guns, tanks, helicopters and many other weaponsthat areenough to challenge your skill. You have a rocket launchertodestroy the enemy’s machine guns, tanks and helicopter.Hint: Best way to kill all the enemies and complete mission toreachnear the camp and wait enemies coming toward you then startto fightwith these rubbish enemies.Game Feature:1- Many realistic environments2- Different weather system in each level3- Very challenging game play4- Real 3D jungle environment5- Heart touching music and sound effect6- Very smooth game control