Top 7 Games Similar to Memory Challenge

Memory Games 2.7
It’s a colorful memory game thatwillsurely increase memory power and put your photographic memoryto thetest. Kids and kids at heart will definitely have a blastmatchingfruits, pumpkins, sports items, and food items!How to Play:The game has 4 modes: Fruits, Sports, Halloween, and Food. Eachmodecomes with 12 pairs or 24 cards in all. Tap the card to seethe itembehind it. If you get one pair right, the cards will faceforward.If there is a mismatch, both cards will flip backwardagain.Make sure to remember the items behind each card and pair theitemsas quickly as you can — the fewer moves you make, the higheryourscore is! It’s that easy and simple!Check out the awesome features and benefits of playingthisgame:► It’s super easy to download and install! Just click “Install”andyou’ll have it on your device in seconds!► The game is compatible with all Android smartphones andtablets(3.0 and up).► Have fun beating each other’s high scores! You can also resetthehigh score to start again on a clean slate.► It has a super simple, easy-to-navigate interface that includesashort intro on how to play the game and allows you to easilyswitchfrom one mode to another.► Since the game has 4 modes to choose from, you’ll never getboredof matching and pairing!► Enjoy matching up realistic, colorful, catchy graphics offruitslike strawberry, pear, berries, mango, banana, etc.; foodsuch asdifferent kinds of pastries, french fries, coffee cups,hamburgers,etc.; sporting equipment of hockey, baseball, tennis,football,skating, etc.; different pumpkins with varyingexpressions, withsome even wearing witching hats for addedpizzazz!► Kids will surely giggle at the silly sounds that blare outwithevery tap, correct pairing, and mismatch.► With memory games, you get to exercise your brain and boostyourbrain’s functionality. These games are not just fun; they’regoodfor the mind as well. They will help keep one’s brain sharpandalert for both work and school.► In this fast-paced, multi-sensory world, it’s easy togetdistracted. By regularly playing these games, you willdefinitelyget to increase your attention span and improve yourability tofocus or concentrate.► Memory games for kids combine the best of both worlds—they’re fun AND educational! It’s a great way for a parentandchild to bond, and a great way to pass the time!
Matching Madness - Animals 2.1
Game Ability
Matching Madness - Animals isavisual memory game. It is free.Challenge yourself, choose your level of expertise andhavefun.ContentThere are 4 different levels of expertise:- Easy (4x4)- Medium (5x5)- Difficult (6x6)- Expert (Against Time)Levels will be formed randomly for every game.High scores are recorded.Simply click the cards to turn, match the pair, and enjoy!PedagogicalDevelops memory, concentration, motor skill, creativity.Does not contain harmful images or ads.Kids will become familiar with animals.TechnicalThe size of the app is just 6 MB.High-quality graphics.You can turn on/off the sounds.Suitable for both smartphones and tablets.You can contact us via [email protected]
Princess Sofia Memory Puzzle 3.0
3 in 1The Princess Sofia Memory Puzzle for Kids is the classic istheclassic matching game for kids, a memory game to improvememoryskills for kids. This is an educational, engaging andentertaininggame for children of all ages.Memory games can actually help kids to increase their brainpoweralong with improving their memory.The games were designed by a professional child psychologistandare based on the materials she uses in her practice.
Halloween Memory Games
Welcome to free memory match games(themeshalloween). If you are searching for ""toddler halloweenmemorygame"", you have come to the right place! Halloween memorygamewhich help develop memory skills for your toddler.This is memory games for toddler and adults. If you findtoddlergames age 2-3 we're confirm this game can help your kidsenjoy andfun to teach toddler to spell via Halloween pumpkinspicture. Andmost importantly, it's free kids train game via babymemorygames.Memory games for toddlers is the classic kid’s board game,amemory game to improve memory skills for Toddlers and adultHow To Play:- Toutch Match pairs of cardsFeature:- Time Compettion 60s- It's have Kids memory game Halloween pumpkins Card- Colorful and vivid graphics.- 9 different kinds of Halloween pumpkins images memory gameBenefits:- To help improve kids' memory skills.- To help recognition of objects.- To help improve kids' memory skills.- To help kids to increase their brain power along withimprovingtheir memory.This Memory Game ""4 years kids games""Writing games for preschoolFree game for toddlerFree memory match gamesFree toddler halloween memory test gamesCan meet matching games themes halloween.Are you ready for Halloween memory Match Games? Great fun toplaywith friends and family! Who can make the highest score inHalloweenmemory games?We hope Halloween memory game can help you and your kidsenjoyand fun to play Halloween games. If you have question orproblemyou can tell me via email or comment below. In order toimprove theapps for best Halloween Games.we has been testing the latest equipment, such as SamsungGalaxyS4, Galaxy S4 mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, samsung s3,wallpapermoto x, lg optimus pro and Sony Xperia Z series. If yoursettingare not supported, Please Contact us via email orcommentbelow.This is an educational, engaging and entertaining gameforchildren of all ages. We hope you enjoy and fun withHalloweenmemory games is a great way to improve your retention,memoryskills like visual retention, mnemonic skills, concentrationandcognitive skills!Have fun to play! **Please rate it if your kids enjoy! Thankyou!
Atomik Memory (brain train) 1.8
Atomik Memory will challenge yourmemory.The goal is to find pairs of cards in the shortestpossibletime.If the cards are turned over and not find its match, it isimportantto remember where they are so they appear later in thegame.Atomik Memory has the following levels: 4x3, 5x4, 6x5, 7x6and8x7.Are you ready to challenge your memory daily withAtomikMemory?Exercise your memory with Atomik Memory!Atomik Memory is a good Memory trainer for the whole family!A free memory game for kids and adults .Brain trainer . Pairs game .Brain & Puzzle game . memory kids apps
Match Game: Animals 1.1.7
Match Game: Animals isclassic,educationalboard memory game for toddlers, kids and adults.Ithelps you andyour kids and toddlers to improve memory andmentalskills.Our goal is to help toddlers and kids to learn aboutanimalsandimprove their and knowledge about jungle animals suchas:tiger,lion, leopard, monkey, gorilla, elephant, crocodile,bear,zebras,birds and others, and memorize them, and also to have alotof funby doing it.Match Game: Animal improves your kids andtoddlersbrainskills.Try to match animals in a funny way and get awarded.Match Game: Animal helps kids to improve their recognitionwhiletheyplay the game.Animals game is a memory game for everyone.For preschoolers, children, toddlers, babies, schoolchildrenandalso adults.Players have to pair cute animals in order to clear level,andifthey do it fast thay get a medal as a reward.There are three sets of memory medals.Animals memory game for kids has three differentdifficulties(easy,medium and hard).HOW TO PLAY Match Game: Animal- At first kids see cards faced down. When they tap on oneofthecards on the board they will see an cute animal image.- With the next tap kids have to find another same animal inordertopair them. When they are paired they disappear.- When they are not paired animals flip back again.- When player clear the level he will recive the medal.- Try to find and match all the animals as fast as possibleinorderto recive more valuable medal.MEMORY GAME FOR KIDS HAS SOME COOL FEATURES:- cute and colorful graphics for kids, toddlers and adults- visual memory training- training mental skills- cute sounds and nice, relaxing music- develops concentration, motor skills of kids and toddlers.- develops memory, recognition and mental skills- three different difficulties (easy, medium and hard)- beautiful animals images- funny memory cards- animals memory game for kids will keep your kidsandtoddlersentertained- a lot of jungle animals such as: tiger, lion,leopard,monkey,gorilla, elephant, crocodile, bear, zebras, birdsandothersMatch Game: Animal memory is beautifully designed forkidsandtoddlers with simple, nice and intuitive interface which iseasytouse.Match Game: Animal is also optimized forallandroiddevices(including tablets), and most of theandroidversions(fromandroid 2.2. until the latest versions).
Memory 1.10
Memory gameMatch pairs of cards - Brain memory trainer.The object of the game is to turn over pairs ofmatchingcards.Train your memory! Improve your observation capacities - worksontime with high score.