Top 4 Games Similar to Bubble

UnderWater Bubble Story 1.1.2
This is an Underwater Bubble Storyaboutbeautiful and brave mermaid that goes for a mysterious journeyinthe amazing wild ocean to rescue cute and colorful underwaterpetswho were trapped in a blocked gem bubbles. You have to shoot,toblast, crush and pop all gem bubbles in this aqua bubble shootertohelp to the generous mermaid to rescue the gold fish,jellyfish,starfish, walrus and other charming and innocentanimals.Underwater Bubble Story is a brand new and addictive bubbleshootinggame with two special game modes which were developed forthe firsttime: Puzzle Mode and Endless Mode. Based on the newgreat bubbleshooting algorithm, very cleverly created levels,unique highquality graphics and very smooth and friendly game playthat willtake you to the highest fun and excitement levels of FREEbubbleshooter game ever.Our Bubble Story game here to give the players a big pleasureontheir free time. The game tests all your skills and commitmenttosolve the bubble puzzles to release the sweet animals fromthetrap.Choose your favorite game mode and prepare yourself to bubblerescueaction.The Puzzle mode brings you 500+ intelligent, interestingandchallenging levels that were created relying on the desires oftheaddicted players to Free fun bubble shooter games. You need topass4 different ocean worlds on your way to win all levels,powerfulbubbles like rainbow bubble and bomb bubble will help youto winfaster.The Endless mode presents to you endless deluxe bubble shootgamewhere animated bubbles keep coming to the bottom of theoceanwithout stop. You need to be fast and sharp to blast thebubblesbefore they will cross the limit line. You think you are amaster?Lets check it with Endless mode.Shoot to match at least 3 pet water bubbles of the samecolor.Simply press the screen on the place that you want to shootthebubble, and immediately you will see a guideline that will makeyoube very accurate and efficient on your way to the success.No matter what game mode you will choose, you certainly willenjoyfrom hours of fun.
Bubble Shooter 1.0.8
An all simple and fun bubble shooter gameasplayed online.- Clear all the colorful bubbles to win the game.- Master your bubble shooting skills by playing for FREE as muchasyou like.- Addicting game!- Use the side borders of the game bounce bubble of thewalls.- Try to work your way around big chunks of bubbles todisconnectedthem.- Place your shots strategically and aim carefully.- The game end if the bottom ball touches the bottom border.Have fun and rate the game if you like it.
Bubble Shooter 1.2.1
No time limits – No paying for extras –Nocomplexities what so ever!- An all you can play, FREE 2 play, good old fashion BubbleShooterGame.Total of 600 Levels PUZZLE & ARCADE game modes.- If you like to play bubble shooter games you will find thisgameas fun and as addictive as a bubble shooter game shouldbe.- If this is your first time playing a bubble shooter gamedon’tworry it’s as easy as ABC.HOW TO PLAY?• In the puzzle and arcade game modes the goal is the same: popallthe bubbles.• Pop bubbles by connecting 3 or more bubble o the samecolor.• Connect bubbles by placing your finger on the screen, anaim-linewill appear, hold your finger pressed while aiming andrelease tomake a shoot.• Don’t forget to aim carefully to make a clean andaccurateshoot.• Tip! Use the aim-line to bounce the shooting bubble of thewall.The bubble will bounce at the same angle the aim line willshow andthat’s how you can reach higher places.• Win the game by eliminating all bubbles of the screen and moveonto the next level.PERSONAL NOTE:This is a free game and we do hope you would enjoy playing it.Weknow those “Please rate us” request can be annoying but asthisgame is FREE your ratings is all we have to make it in theappstore.So, we would like to ask you in the kindest way possible to letusknow if you like the game and support us by rating the app sothatwe could keep on making bubbly games. Thank you!
Zappers: Bubble Blasting Mania 1.7
Blast all bubbles by triggering a shockwavechain reaction. Find your way through each level by poppingtheright bubbles that will cause the biggest chain reaction andblastall remaining ones. The simplicity of this logical puzzlemakes itextremely fun and incredibly addictive challenge for bubbleblastfans of all ages.To solve the puzzle you need to blast all the bubbles with aslittletaping as possible. But be careful and plan your strategywisely, aseven one wrong tap could ruin your game.When a bubble is tapped, it sends shock waves in fourdirections.Those waves could pop another bubble, causing a chainreactioneffect that will help you clear each level within the tapsthat youare given.****FEATURES:- 350 puzzling levels that will challenge you for hours- Special hints to help you solve the puzzle- Cool graphics and sound effects****HOW TO PLAY:To clear a level you need to pop all bubbles on the screen withawell-planned chain reaction.1. Pop the green bubble to make a chain reaction2. The red one needs 2 hits to burst3. The yellow one is even stronger and takes 3 taps/hitstopop4. The orange is the strongest one and has to be hit 4 timestoburst