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High School Fashion Diary 1.2
You’re starting at a new high school thisyearas a transfer. Grab hold of this once in a lifetime chance.Dressup in the hottest teen fashions to start off your new life.You’re a little excited and nervous all at the same time whenitcomes to starting at your new high school. You know that inorderto put your best foot forward to make a great first impressiononyour classmates and teachers that you need to look amazing.It’sgoing to boost your confidence a thousand-fold if you dress upinthe best teen fashion available.How to Play:• Your first day of school at a new high school is comingupquickly• Your nerves are starting to get the best of you, but you knowsomeretail therapy will help• A relaxing spa day is coming your way to help you rest beforetheupcoming challenge• After some fabulous facials, you can then apply some makeupusingthe latest fashion trends• Dress up in as many fashion styles as necessary to findthatperfect first-day outfit• Rock your style as the mysterious new girl!Starting at a new high school can be scary for any teen girl,buttake a step back and focus on yourself. You’ll be able to relaxatthe spa and get your fashion game in order. Everyone will wanttoinvite you to their parties before too long! Download now togetstarted on your fashion forward look.We want to hear your voice!Watch our awesome videos on our YouTubechannel! us onFacebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon™ on officialwebsite:
BFF Date - High School Fashion 1.3
Beauty Girls
High School exams are finally over and allofyour hard work has paid off!The hottest guy in school recognized your unlimitedsingingtalent and has asked you to join him to audition for TalentQuest,the coolest talent show on television!Take the girl to the best esthetician in town for afabulousfacial. She’ll be pampered and feel great. Wash, exfoliateandmoisturize her skin to make her shine. Don’t forget thesoothingginger mask designed especially for her.Go with her BFF to pick out awesome makeup for the audition.Bestfriends are hard to find and yours is sure to help make herlookwonderful. Apply makeup in lots of different colors andstyles. Tryon lipstick, gloss and blush to highlight her naturalbeauty!Then it’s time to go shopping for the best fashion look ofthesummer. Try on a bright, shiny dress or maybe a lovelyjumpsuit.You’re the girl with the power! What power? The power todecide thebest way to present yourself. You’re sure to ace theTalent Questeven if the hottest guy in school doesn’t!Product Features:- High school themed dress up and backgrounds- Lots of makeup, clothing and jewelry to choose fromHow to Play:- Tap to pick outfits, accessories and makeup- Swipe to apply cosmetics and stay in the lines!Come visit our:Website:
High School Crush - First Love 1.4.0
~~> Fall in love with your highschoolcrush!Flirt, date, & dress up in the moststylishoutfits!~~> Be the Prom Queen & dance with your date! Mix&matchmoves to create your own real-life dance routines -thecombinationsare endless!~~> Earn popularity points & become the most populargirlinhigh school! You go girl!There’s a cute new guy at school & rumor has it he has acrushonyou! Flirt with him in the cafeteria & make him blush!What,didhe just ask you to prom?! Are you in love? Glam up at thespa,add atouch of makeup, dress up and BAM - you look HOT! Dancethenightaway & have a ball - you only go to high schoolonce,afterall!Features:> Dress up for the first day of school! Choose fromtonsofstylish clothing at the mall!> Flirt with really cute boys in the cafeteria! Doesyourcrushlike you back?!> Choreograph dances at Prom! Choose from tons ofreal-lifedancemoves!> Collect hearts & earn popularity points! Becomethemostpopular girl in school!> Makeover time - choose from tons of makeup items,styleyourhair & more!> Pamper yourself at the spa - get a cleaning facial soyoufeelfresh!> Get your nails done at the Nail Salon - file, paint&designnail art!> Strike a pose! Dress up for your glam shot, and strikeaposebefore prom!> Be the star of the school newspaper! Everyone istalkingaboutYOU!ABOUT Coco PlayCoco Play Limited is China-based developer of creativeanduniqueapps for kids. Founded in 2013, Coco Play providesrich3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Playisasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading global creator andpublisherofinnovative games, interactive books and educationalapps.Visit us: us: us:@TabTaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions?Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 [email protected] PARENTSThe app is free to play but certain in-game itemsmayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disablingthemonthis device. The app may include advertising forTabTaleandcertain third parties which will redirect users to oursites,appsor third-party sites.Privacy is important to us. The app may enable collectionoflimiteduser data by TabTale or its carefully selectedproviders(e.g. adnetworks and analytics) for limited legalpurposesdescribed in ourPrivacy Policy (e.g. respond to supportqueries;enable, analyze andimprove the app’s features and services;servecontextual ads). Theapp includes certain features onlyaccessiblebehind an age-gate toprotect children (e.g. restrictbehavioralads; social networkslinks to connect with others whileplaying;option to accept pushnotifications to inform of excitingnews e.g.updates). Bydownloading or using the app you accept ourPrivacyPolicy: and TermsofUse: and permit such uses forusersofyour device.
High School Girl - Dress Me Up 1.3
Beauty Girls
Dress up yourself in this fun high schoolgirlreal salon game.Take a photo of yourself and go shopping to find theperfectpreppy outfit for high school. There’s a lot more to choosefromthan just uniforms! Try on cutes skirts, fluffy sweatersandadorable tights. Mix and match lots of colors and styles tofindthe perfect look for you.Head to the spa for a lovely facial. Cleanse, exfoliateandmoisturize your skin with the finest products and treatments.Don’tforget a mud mask to remove impurities and cucumber tonictominimize the appearance of under eye puffiness.Then apply makeup at the salon. Choose from various colorsandpigments. Apply eyeshadow, blush and mascara. Line your eyestomake them look dramatic or go for the all-natural look. Thechoiceis up to you! Don’t forget to choose a fun hairstyle to gowithyour preppy look.Fun choices include curly ringlets, loose and flowing stylesandroyal updos. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to standoutfor your look! Have an awesome day at school!Product Features:- Three levels: Spa, Makeup and Dress up- Take a photo of yourself and dress up- Preppy, school themed clothing and stylesHow to Play:- Tap to choose clothes, accessories and makeup- Swipe to apply cosmetics and skin treatments at the spaandsalon- Tap the refresh button to change looks and trydifferentstylesCome visit our:Website:
Princess's High School Crush 1.0.3
Hello Friends, Get ready for such aromanticlove story. Your friend propose to his girlfriend Emily inthisHigh School Crush game. Could he win Emily's heart? Can youhelphim prepare for the special day? Plan the perfect marriageproposal& make sure everything runs perfectly. Here in thisgame youhave to do tons of different activities like dress up yourfriendfor the big day, choose the fanciest suit & tie, giveEmily afancy makeover, select the engagement ring, make anddecorate adelicious cake, set up the restaurant, fix it broke downcar on theway, make a lovely card for her girlfriend and much more.So visiteach and every level to complete it and achieve your finalgoal.Play and enjoy this high school crazy love story game andshare itwith your best friends.About GameivaGameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categoriesofgames and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We areentirelydevoted to build user friendly games related to fun andlearningfor better educational familiarities and enjoyment forkids. Staywith us for the latest updates of Gameiva.Reach us at: us on Googleplus: us: us: our gamevideos: will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime foranyquestions and suggestions at [email protected]
Pop Girls - High School Band 1.1.9
Join the Pop Girls - the coolest highschoolband - on their biggest tour ever!Design the stage, paint the tour bus, dress up the band inthehottest outfits & more!Be a superstar! Perform on stage and make awesome music with thePopGirls!Have you heard the news? The Pop Girls are coming to a highschoolnear you! Help this pop star band prepare for their big showever!.Style them in the most chic outfits & make them lookGLAM! Youcan even vote for your favorite Pop Girl Band in the DressUpCompetition! Watch out pop divas, the Pop Girls are here!Features:> Perform on stage with the Pop Girls - just like a realpopstar!> Glam up the Pop Girls with blush, eye makeup, tattoos&more!> Dress up the Pop Girls in the most stylish outfitsandaccessories!> Vote for the best dressed high school band in the DressUpCompetition!> Treat the injured Pop Girls in the doctor's clinic - gottafeelgood to perform!> Decorate your band's poster and logo! Paint the tourbustoo!> Design the stage for your big show - choose thelights,speakers & curtains!> Tune your instruments and make sure they are readytoplay!> Give your favorite high school fans a makeover - help themlooktheir best!ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitmenttolaunching high-quality and innovative apps on Android,TabTalelovingly produces games, interactive e-books, andeducationalexperiences. With over 1 billion downloads and growing,TabTale hasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps.Visit us: Plus: us: us:@TabTaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
High School Uniform Dressup 1.2
Hugs N Hearts
Are you bored with the school uniform? Haveyouever dreamed of being a fashion designer? Now Hugs &Heartsschool fashion boutique offer you this opportunity toredesign theboring school uniform. Oh, not only uniform but bagsincluded. Letyour dream on the sail....Download and play for FREE!See you in HEATS&HUGS Emily's High SchoolFashionBoutique...Product Features:-Design and customize your school uniform-Use sewing machine to make a unique dress-Reflect the latest trend on your bag design-Lead the high school fabulous fashion trend-Make your Student ID Card to be different-Dress up your own design school uniform-Select tons of fashion dress to star school life-Take a photo to prove your talent to friends.............And so much more! Come on and join us together.Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hearfromyou!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at website at
High School Fashion Girls Date 1.3
iProm Games
Dressing up for school each day is aboutmorethan being comfortable at your desk. You’ve got to dress toimpressand catch a hot date for the weekend! The cutest guy inschool hasbeen eyeing you all week, so let’s show him you’re theperfect ladyto be his gal!In High School Fashion Girls Date, visit the salon to dressupfor school and spice up your uniform. The spa tools will letyouclean your skin of any blemishes and make it soft and smooth.Onceyou’re fresh and ready, choose from beautiful makeup tohighlightyour eyes and make your lips look smoochable for yourfirst kiss!There’s no reason why you can’t stand out even in ausual schooluniform, so mix and match your look until it’s perfect.With justthe right style, your beauty will shine!Product Features:- Easy to use controls to tap and play.- Dating themed beauty salon game for girls.- Relaxing facials to clean and soften your skin.- Pretty lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushes.- Cute uniforms for school.- Grab yourself a hunk for a Friday night date!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play the game.- Visit the spa to pamper your skin.- Choose pretty makeup to highlight your features.- Dress up in cool school uniforms.- Snag a hot date!Check out our Facebook forMORE! our Twitter: more on our website: https://www.ipromgames.netLove fashion & glam shots? Come visit our Instagramhere!
High School Science Girl Salon 1.2
It’s time for a fun day in the science labathigh school! You’ve got to get ready for class, so you canlearnall about crystals and create your very own!Start by going to the spa to cleanse, scrub and moisturizeyourskin using high end treatments and all natural oils. Have amudmusk to remove impurities and finish with toner to brightenyourskin! You’ll be glowing when you head to the salon foramakeover.Play with makeup to find the perfect look for school.Applyblush, eye shadow and mascara. Try on different colors oflipstickand gloss to find the best one. Accentuate your naturalbeauty withbronzer or blush. Add some fun face sparkles or decalsto completethe look and show off your love of crystals andscience!Then it’s time to find the perfect outfit. Mix and matchjeans,t-shirts and trendy shoes. Or try on a cute dress and sweatercomboto wear to class. Add cute accessories like headbands, hatsorbags. Grab your books and head to class where you canmakecrystals.Grow your own in the science lab and decorate them to createyourvery own cool science project.Product Features:- Spa, Makeover and Dress Up- Create crystals in the science lab- Science classroom themed backgroundsHow to Play:- Tap to pick out clothes and shoes- Tap to choose makeup and crystal décor- Swipe to apply makeup and stay in the lines!**********Want MORE of what you're seeing?Join us onFacebook:
My First Crush 1.0.1
Get ready to meet & fall in love withthecutest boy in school! Yay – he asked you out! Get a makeoverbeforeyour date. Time for the best date EVER! You may even get yourfirstkiss…OMG – I think someone at school likes you! Could it be yoursecretcrush?!? Is that love letter from him?!? I think it just maybe!Yes – he asked you out! Dress to impress in beautiful clothesforyour big date. Get ready for a romantic picnic under thestars…Will you get your first kiss?!Features:> It’s time for high school! Decorate your locker & meetyourhot new crush!> Text your friends & use the Zodiac Match to find outwhoyou should date.> Lunchtime! Make your own delicious food in theschoolcafeteria.> There’s only one cupcake left! Will your crush share itwithyou?> Oh no! Your crush got hurt playing basketball! Help himtreatthe injury & sign his cast.> Dress up in the cutest outfits & impress your crush!> Is that a love letter?? Who could it be from? Did yourcrushsend it??> Share an umbrella with your crush on a rainy day!> Your crush has finally asked you out! Get glammed up foryourbig date!> Give yourself a makeover to get ready for your big date!> Help your crush fix his bike & be his lab partner!> How sweet – he got you flowers!> Enjoy ice cream together in the sun & have a picnicunderthe stars!> Get ready for your first kiss!!! Xxx.The "All Levels Pack" allows you to enjoy the entire game!Completeeach level individually to advance to the next one andachieve yourfinal goal.ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitmenttolaunching high-quality and innovative apps on Android,TabTalelovingly produces games, interactive e-books, andeducationalexperiences. With over 1 billion downloads and growing,TabTale hasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps.Visit us: Plus: us: us:@TabTaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
High School Girls Party 6.4
Purple Studio
Hello, parties are very beautiful.Peoplegiveparties whenever they have something to celebrate.Wecarefullyorganize a party for everything to be perfect, wechoosethe bestfood and drink, choose a nice location, decor andinviteall thepeople dear to us. Today, through this game for girlsyou'llbeable to participate in the most beautiful party in highschool.Weall know that high school is a beautiful period and promisveryimportant and therefore we have great confidence in youthatyouwill help us to organize the most beautiful party. Wehavethreefriends who want to go to prom and only you can helpthemlookperfect in order to win the prize. An event like thisrequiresalot of hard work and patience, be very attentive to detailandwillsurely be an unforgettable party. If you can handlethisspecialmission in the future you can become an organizerofparties.Our friends will be very happy because you decidedtohelpthem.Success!- For starters you have to do the invitations;- Apply draw butterflies and flowers;- Then you have to send them all;- Then you have to do a facial;- Apply exfoliating gel;- Rinse with warm water;- Clean the water with a towel;- Apply a moisturizer;- Apply concealer;- Eliminate acne and blemishes;- Now you have to makeup her, apply: contactlenses,mascara,eyeshadow, lipstick and eyebrow pencil;- Choose the most interesting accessories;- Be very careful because you have to match theshoeswiththepurse;- Girls are ready for the party;- They arrived and now must be signed tickets;- The party may start;- Make a tattoo;- Choose the most interesting models;- The girls want to walk around by car;- Wash and repair the car;- Now girls can walk;- They will dance, choose the best music;- You're a very good DJ;- The girls are really good fun;- Now they want to eat, you have to make themostdelicioussandwiches;- You did a very good job, the party is very successful.Thanks for your help, please come back every day throughthisgamewith parties for children.Have fun!
High School BFF: Fashion Salon 1.4
Make-up Inc
You’re playing one of the most popular girlsinhigh school in this girls game featuring a spa, salon and dressuplevel.Help the high school girl through her day as she gets readytohang out with her BFF. Start by taking her to the spa forarelaxing facial and body treatment. Experiment with naturaloilsand aromatherapy to destress from a long week at school.Then, head over to the funkiest fashion salon in town to tryondifferent looks and hairstyles. Play around with cosmetics–mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow – to make cat eyes orgoldengoddess looks. Pick your favorite hairstyle and color. Maybeshe’lllook best with a purple bob or perhaps brunette pigtails.It’stotally up to you!Take some time to dress up the high schooler with funscenefashions too. Her closet has lots of clothes, accessories andshoesto choose. Test out punk looks or rock the straight edge look.Whenshe’s all set, head to your BFF’s house to spend some timehangingout.Product Features:- Multiple cosmetic, accessory and clothing options- Three fun levels – Spa, Salon and Dress UpHow to Play:- Tap to choose outfits, makeup and hairstyles- Swipe to apply cosmetics – Try to stay in the lines!- Play again and again for endless combinations!
HighSchool Cheerleader Dressup
💫 HighSchool Cheerleader Dressup istheultimate dress up game for teenage girls who love fashion,creatingstylish outfits and playing cute high school storygames!💫 Get the cheerleading team ready for their big performance,proveyou're the right fashion stylist and put together amazingstylishoutfits for different cheerleading events, such as rugbygames,football games or gymnastics competitions! Pick out thecutestcheerleading uniform for the fashion diva, with socks,snickers andpom poms to match! Dress up to impress your hot dateand the entireschool!💫 "High school cheerleading games" are the most popular freebeautygames for girls, with interesting story and amazinggamefeatures:★ You're entrusted with the task of styling the girls andmakingthem look perfect for the big cheerleading contest! Show offyourfashion designer skills and put your creativity to atest!★ Find the best hairstyle to match the prom queen's makeup andthenmatch the cheerleading outfit to your new hairdo! Change herhairlenght and color, play in the hair salon for superstars as longasyou want!★ Try on many different skirts, shorts and leggings. Addsweaters,tanks and midriffs. Of course, matching pom poms are amust!★ "Dress up for school" and spice up cheering uniform withcutefashion accessories! Mix and match lots of colors and stylestofind the perfect look for you!★ Do a photoshoot with your dream date – choose betweendifferentathletes from your high school and pick your princecharming!★ The best cheerleading salon with a huge fashion closet filledwithcool wardrobe: sassy dresses, fancy tops, cute shirts andskirts,beautiful diamond tiaras and accessories, modern bagsandshoes!★ Download the most amazing "cheerleading dress up" game forgirlsand enjoy colorful graphics, cute characters andgorgeousclothes!★ HighSchool Cheerleader Dressup will become your all timefavoritedress up and makeover game for high school girls!💫 It’s the night of the big football championship game tonightandthe head cheerleader needs your help to get ready. A virtualdressup room is at your disposal, dive in and exploredifferentfashionable outfits - it’s time to find a new style foryourfashion diva using the hottest trendy pieces!💫 Looking for new dress up salon games, but you're fed upwithclassic wedding dress up, princess dress up and other beautysalongames? Well, we present to you something different andexciting:collection of adorable high school makeover games forgirls –cheerleading dress up, prom night makeover and school girlbeautyspa! So, start by installing HighSchool Cheerleader Dressupandexperience how fun "dressing up games for girls" reallyare!💫 Cheerleading competitions are the biggest high schoolfashionshows, and our classy cheerleader must be the prettiest andbestdressed fashionista in the school! HighSchool CheerleaderDressupwill show you why cheerleading games are simplyaddictive!💫 Your high school model is counting on you to dress her up,styleher hair and accessorize her look! Play with bouncy curls,addcolorful streaks and choose the trendiest hairstyle. Then,createlimitless number of outfits and take a picture in each ofthem!Cheerleader games bring new elements to old dress up salongamesand makeover games for girls in general, because of the highschooltheme and realistic cheerleading clothing items!★ It's time to get in formation and start the cheerleadingfashionshow! Will your high school cheerleader become a truefashion starand outshine all other girls in the cheerleading squad?DownloadHighSchool Cheerleader Dressup, the top free fashion icongame andrise to the status of a star cheerleader in the team!
High School Clinic 1.0.0
The high school clinic is crowdedwithpatients. Some of them are suffered from bruises and fracture,someof them have concussion or food poisoning. Could you work asthedoctor and use all the medical tools and medicine to cure themall?Have fun playing this fun High School Clinic game!
High School PROM Night Salon 1.4
Beauty Inc
It’s the night the whole high school hasbeenwaiting for! It’s prom night and you have to prepare yourselfforyour date!Start by going to the high-end salon for a facial treatmentusingall natural oils and exfoliants. Scrub, clean and moisturizeyourskin so you radiate beauty. Then, head to the salon for afunmakeover.Play with different kinds of makeup. Apply mascara, eyeshadowandlipstick in all different colors. Mix and match glittery lookswithsmouldering colors. Style your hair too! Try on an up do ormaybepigtails? See what look is going to be the one to help youwin promqueen!Finally take some time at the dress shop to find the perfectgownfor the evening. Will you go elegant and classy, or punkrockprincess? Add jewelry and shoes to finish the look.You’ll be a modern day Cinderella. Don’t forget the crown!Product Features:- Prom themed backdrops and dress up- Three exciting levels- Easy to use controls and lots of stylish choicesHow to Play:- Tap to choose makeup, hairstyles and outfits- Swipe to apply cosmetics while at the salon- Play again and again to find the perfect look fit for aqueen!******************************************STAY TUNED with our social media!Come join ourFacebook: us on Twitter: see our website! you an Instagrammer? Check our our postshere:
High School Love Affair 1.0.1
Emma fell in love with John. In ordertoimpress him, she specially joins john's high school. In HighSchoolLove Affair game you can help her by doing tons ofdifferentsurgeries with real medical tools and become a realsurgeon. Hereyou can do nose surgery, hand surgery, knee surgery,and pimplesurgery. After complete all these surgeries choose frombeautifulmakeup like eye lens, eyeliner, blush, lipstick and muchmore. Thenselect and amazing dress up and help her to win a Johns'heart. Atthe end take some wonderful photos and save it inyourgallery.Key Features:Treat Emma with different fun surgeriesUse tons of professional surgery toolsSelect Make up for high school girlDress up a high school girl for her summer ball nightEnjoy some interesting mini game like match the card, jumpingonleaves, cut the fruit etc.,Complete level & earn pointsPlay and enjoy this High School Love Affair game and share itwithyour best friends and family members.
High School Girls: Salon Games 1.2
Do you always feel bad when you do nothavestylish clothes? Do you want to practice how to dress upeasily? Doyou have ever dream to be a queen bee at high school?Here it is, ladies! This app has many beautiful clothes forhighschool young girls like you. You can choose your hairstyle,skincolor and etc. You can design your looks and change it everyday asmany times as you want!!!We provide the newest cosmetics for you to try out! Makeupisn'teasy! So come improve on your makeup skills with thistotallyawesome app! You can have a makeover in a few essentialsteps. Alsothere are many cute and fashion dresses for you to tryon!Here are also many small fun school games. You can play withyourfriends!Come and play. Download now and become the star girl of thehighschool! Get popular now!Lots to do, the makeover never ends!• Clean and refreshing for everyone!• Use brushes to put on make up like a real Salon Makeover• Come up with new styles yourself! Create new outfits withmanydifferent combinations!• Improve on your fashion design skills!• Take pictures to share with family and friends!Glam it up in case you meet any cuties in the school hallway!Or find out more awesome games HERE. We want to hearyourvoice!We want to hear your voice!Like us onFacebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon™ on officialwebsite:
High School Dance Party Salon 1.1
Help the pretty girl get ready for a funandexciting high school dance party in this cool dress up gamewhereyou’re the star!Start by taking the girl to the spa for a high-end skintreatmentusing only the best spa products! Exfoliate, wash andmoisturize herskin. Remove impurities and follow up with arelaxing cucumber mask.She’ll be glowing by the end of theaesthetic treatments. Way to go,girl!Then take her to the salon where you can pick out awesome makeupandgive her a makeover. Apply eye shadow, mascara and funkyfakeeyelashes! Add some blush to make her glow for the summer!Becareful and stay in the lines so she looks her best for thedanceparty.Finally, it’s time to pick out a fabulous outfit for theparty.Rifle through all kinds of dresses and suits to find thecoolestone. Try on blouses, slacks and puffy skirts! Pick the bestlookand complement it with jewelry and sweet shoes. She’s going tolookperfect!Product Features:- Three fun high school themed levels: Spa, Makeover andDressUp- Lots of fun makeup and clothing choices- Tap refresh to try again and create a new styleThe high school girl will look excellent with yourdesignexpertise!How to Play:- Tap to choose makeup- Swipe to apply salon treatments and cosmetics- Tap to pick clothes, shoes and jewelry
School Makeup Salon 1.2.3029
It’s a school makeup game! Dress upyourself,then meet boys, flirt with cute guys, and date withsomeone, be theProm Queen & charming Cheerleader!Doing spa & makeup, choosing popular outfits from tonsofdresses, you are the hottest girl!School Makeup Features- Enjoy spa time- Apply makeup such as lipsticks and eyeshadows- Choose clothes, build your own style- Take photos for high school looksRaise your charm with clothes and accessories, School Makeupofferyou great & free makeup game!
High School Fashion Makeover 1.5
These pretty school girls are late forschooland you have the chance to get them ready for school so thattheycan reach school on time. Use your super makeover skills tomakethese school girls look prettier than ever.You can select your favorite school girl out of three andprepareher for an awesome makeover. You can start by giving yourschoolgirl the best spa treatment by cleaning her pimples and steamfor afresh face. You can pluck out excess hair on the face and useaface scrub for a smoother finish.After your school girl is done with the spa treatment, give herthebest makeover of her life. The makeover scene includesputtingblush on, eye liner, changing eye color, various lipstickcolorsavailable, you can choose different school bags and a widevarietyof stockings to choose from. Finally, when the makeup is alldone,give her the best hairdo so that she can feel confident atalltimes during school and after.Features Include:• Choose the best school girl and give her the best makeover• Give these beautiful school girls a spa treatment followedbymakeup• Add accessories like fashion jewelry and bags• Play our game totally free and don’t forget to rate usSo what are you guys waiting for, download this fun filledexcitinggame right away and start with the fun!
Back To School: My First Crush 1.1
Girl Games!
Back to school has arrived, and you’vebeenasked out on a date by your first high school boyfriend! Howareyou going to get ready for such a romantic date night?A day at the spa! You can head over to the spa for a fun dayfullof getting made over for your exciting date! You’re probablyalreadystressing from going back to school, so relax and pamperyourself.You can get ready for your date by experiencing some funspatreatments, a makeup makeover, and dress up fun trying to findthatperfect one that makes you look amazing.How to Play:• Go back to school!• During your first day of high school, you’ve caught the eye ofanew boy• He asked you out for a date• Visit the spa for a full makeover for yourromanticexperience• You’ll be able to get spa treatments to feel pampered• Then, a makeup makeover to accent all your naturallybeautifulfeatures• Dress up in the cutest outfit to make the best impression• Enjoy your romantic date night with your new highschoolboyfriendAre you ready to be swept off your feet by your newboyfriend?He’s got a romantic date night planned for after school.Can youget ready in time and look amazing? Download today!
Newborn Baby Story 1.0.2
The baby girl is born. Her parents lovetheirnewborn baby so much. Would you like to help the parents takecareof their new baby?She’s going to have her first birthday. The whole family isplanninga grand party for her. Please make a birthday cake forher. She willlove it.She is going to school! Help her put on the school uniform, combherhair and take school bag with her. Oh, bad news! Please takeher tosee the dentist. She ate too much sweets causing toothdecay.Time flies. She’s in her high school now. She joins baseballclub,learns make up and becomes a beautiful lady!The girl gets her fist job in a bakery shop! Please help hermakedelicious cakes!The wedding day comes! Please help her put on the wedding dressandmake sure everything goes well!There are 6 stages in this game:The baby girl is bornThe girl’s first birthday;The girl’s first day of school lifeThe girl’s high school lifeThe girl’s first jobThe girl’s weddingFind more free online games, please browse thewebsite No need to download!
High School Crush Love : Salon 1.1
Live your own High School Life. Meet boys,goondates, flirt and even get a boyfriend. Get a date to thedance.Winprom queen! Be popular, find love and make friends.High School Crush Love : Salon has arrived, and you’ve beenaskedouton a date by your first high school boyfriend! How areyougoing toget ready for such a romantic date night?You’ll have fun spa, get a total makeover and styleyourselfatotally cool Pop girl look! Start at the spa to havearefreshingfacial. Wash your skin with fine sea salt soap.Thenspritz with alovely rosewater toner and finish with acleansingcucumber mask.Moisturize your skin with a special jojobatreatmentand then getready to go to the salon for a coolmakeover!Take a journey into college life! find your true love. Visitthehothangouts in your college town! leads you to the big moment.Whodoyou choose? Give yourself a beautiful makeover and enjoyyourfirstdate at the homecoming dance!High School Crush Love : Salon dress up features :• a virtual spa salon• Create Fabulous Hairstyles!• Stunning Make-up choices!• a makeup salon to change your princess look• a fashion studio for princess Glamorous Dresses!• colorful clothes and accessories• MUCH MUCH MORE!How to Play:• Use the touch screen to select different models.• Give each one spa treatments so they're as pretty as canbe.• Cut, style and color their hair.• Change outfits until you find the perfect one!• Make your friends jealous of your hot trendy outfitsHere, your princess is absolutely looking great forpromnight.This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion game&kidsgame! So download this High School Crush Love : Salonmakeupsalongame and share with your friends. Have fun with this newHighSchoolCrush Love : Salon game
Mermaid Grows Up 1.0.7
Mermaid mommy has a newborn baby girl.Wouldyou like to take care of this cutest baby mermaid andaccompany hergrow up?She’s going to have her first birthday. The whole mermaidfamilyplanned a grand party for her. Please give the baby mermaid abathand wear fancy dress for her.Our mermaid girl is preparing to go to school! Help her dressinschool uniform, comb her hair and take school bag with her. Oh,badnew! Please take her to see doctor since she ate too muchsweetscausing tooth decay.The mermaid girl is in her high school now. She joins baseballclub,learns make up and becomes a beautiful girl!Our mermaid girl gets her fist job in a bakery shop! Please helphermake delicious cakes!The amazing day comes. She meets her prince charming when thefirsttime she surfaces to see sunrise. They fall in love witheachother. Please help the mermaid make magic potion which couldgiveher human legs after drink it.The wedding day comes! Wearing fabulous wedding dress andjewelry,she married with her prince charming and turn into arealprincess!There are 7 stages in this game:The mermaid girl is going to be bornThe mermaid girl’s first birthday;The mermaid girl’s first day of school lifeThe mermaid girl’s high school lifeThe mermaid girl’s first jobThe mermaid girl becoming a real princessThe mermaid girl’s weddingThis is a girls' game & casual game & fasion game &kidsgame!Find more free online games, please browse No need to download!
High School Boyfriend Makeover 1.1
Features:- Choose your favourite dating boyfriends to start with- Dozens of fashion outfits and accessories- Shave the beard, design the hair, dress him up- Thousands of looks for you to explore- Take a picture of your prince charming and share with friendsHey Girls, With this game, you now have a chance togiveyourunique boyfriend a new look by shaving his beard, designinganewhairstyle and dressing up fashionable outfits andaccessories.Witha huge variety of fashionable Jackets, Skirts,ScarvesandSunglasses and more, you can have the best boymakeoverexperienceever.How to Play:- Choose your favourite boy to begin with- Give your handsome prince charming a spa- Shave beard, design hairstyle and dress him up withthebestoutfits- Take a picture of your lovely boy and leave any words youwanttosay to him--FOR MORE INFORMATION--Like us onFacebookat us on Twitter our web page to findmoregames!
High School Clinic Affair 1.1.0
SOS! This is emergency! High school girlneedasurgery right now! Open your own high school clinic. Bethebestsurgeon. Witness high school clinic affair. Find outthesecretstory of a high school girl!Be the professional doctor right now!*****MORE THAN 50 TOOLS ARE FREE NOW! *****FEATURES> Practice nose surgery, hand surgery, knee surgery,andpimplesurgery.> Use modern medical tools as a professional surgeon.>Treat your patients with cool and fun surgeries!>Make up a high school girl.>Dress up a high school girl for her summer ball!>Tons of professional surgery tools to select! Let's findoutallthe tools in game.>Have fun with challenging mini games!Wanna have more fun with our games?Find us onFacebookat more information about Bravo Kids Media,pleasevisithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor more information about High School Clinic Affair,pleasevisit
High School Clinic 1.0.4
Look at those high school boys and girls,theyare so exciting at sports meeting so that they hurtthemselvesbadly. Let's take them to high school clinic. The doctorwould stopthe bleeding, dress wounds, heal their broken arms and doa bodyexamination at once. Download this wonderful game, you can beaprofessional doctor to cure those students and bring them backtovigour.This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion game &kidsgame!Find more free online games, please browse No need to download!
High School Flirting 5.3
Hey, how are you? You have plans for today?Ifyou decided to stay home on this beautiful day means you'll beveryhappy to know that we prepared a very nice game for you, youwilllike to have fun with us and certainly you can invite yourfriendsand play together. If you're a teenager you will enjoy whatwe haveprepared, you'll be able to meet two young people who arestudentsof the same school. They like each other and want to goouttogether but they need help, and only through this game forgirlsyou'll be able to help them. Want to help? Want to make anicething now around the holidays? If you want to prove toeveryonethat you are a good friend now is your chance, you'll beable tohelp them through this game just for boys. Surely you dowell andthe two young people will be very happy.If you want to make everything as planned you will have tofollowall instructions of the game.Pay attention to the details of the game.Success!- Cristina needs help in order to prepare for the meetingwithVictor;- She will come to your salon;- First you have to apply a facial treatment;- Apply a face mask;- Rinse with warm water;- Remove spots and acne;- Apply a moisturizer;- Make-up her, apply: contact lenses, lipstick, mascara andeyeshadow;- Arrange hair;- Choose the most interesting hairstyle;- The young woman is very beautiful and now you have to choosethemost suitable clothes;- Choose the most beautiful dress;- Do not forget the accessories;- Now you have to help Victor;- He wants to look good;- Choose the most suitable clothes;- Accessories are important;- They reached the restaurant;- You have to give them the preferred juice;- After drinking the juice they want to walk in the park;- They are very happy, you're a great friend.Thank you for help, please come back every day throughthisgame.Have fun!
Royal High School Princess Spa 1.1
Ice Beauty
Your best friend in high school is hidingaroyal secret. She’s a princess! She needs your help in lettingthewhole class know her secret identity.Your friend is a true beauty and learning that she’s a princessinhiding at your high school wasn’t surprising to you because ofhertrue grace. The thing is that she needs you to help her getreadyfor the big reveal! You’ll help her with a spa and amakeoverbefore going through a wardrobe full of princess dresses tohaveher wear before she reveals her secret identity to everyone.Areyou ready to shock your entire class?How to Play:• Your high school friend has revealed her secret to you• She’s a royal princess!• She’s ready for the world to know who she is and needsyourhelp• A spa treatment or two will help her relax and make her skinlookflawless• A fun makeup makeover will help her sparkle• Time to dress up in a beautiful princess dress• Just wait to see how shocked all of your high school friendswillbe when they learn the truth!Everyone dreams of having a secret identity, and finding outyourfriends with a princess is a huge deal. You’ll have so muchfunhelping her get a royal makeover. Download today!
Star Cheerleader 1.1.5
~~> Do you have what it takes to becomeaSTAR cheerleader?! Cheer your way to the top!~~> Compete against other cheerleaders in tryouts to win aspoton your high school team!~~> Show off your cheering skills then get points forcreativityand performance!It's your chance to be the STAR cheerleader! Cheer your waytothe varsity team by building amazing routines and thenperformingthem! Earn adorable cheer outfits along the way andunlock awesomemoves that will make YOU the best cheerleader in highschool. Giveme a G! Give me an O! Ready? GO!!!Features:> Choose from a selection of beautiful STAR cheerleaders!> Dress up your STAR cheerleader in the mostadorableclothing!> Follow routines and make your way through challenging andfunhigh school tryouts!> Make your own amazing routines - get creative withyourmoves!> Save routines in your cheer playbook to remembereachroutine!> Earn ADORABLE cheer outfits so you can look yourverybest!> Collect points to unlock awesome new STARcheerleadingmoves!> Uncover mystery high school uniforms with the mysterypack!ABOUT SunstormSunstorm is the pioneer of the popular "Maker" and"Sunnyville"series of games. Founded in 2009, Sunstorm providescreative andfun experiences for kids and parents to enjoy together.Sunstorm isa subsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visit us: us: us:@TabtaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment.. You may restrict in-app purchases by disablingthem onyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
High School Fashion Story 1.3
iProm Games
Graduation day is here! You've worked hardformany years to learn and grow into a smart, prepared adult! Therealworld is ready for you, but first you get to walk across thebigstage and hear your family celebrate your awesomeachievement!Before you step out to accept your diploma, get yourown specialmakeover for the big day.Visit the salon and get a new look that shows how grown youarenow that you're a college graduate! Sit in the spa to clean upandget your makeup fixed. It's very important to choose the righteyeand lip makeup because that's what they'll see most with yourcapand gown! Don't forget to choose a beautiful gown foryourcelebration after the ceremony. With tons to choose from,you'llhave the perfect look and feel like the accomplished adultyouare!Product Feature:Cool graduation celebration themed salon game.Easy to use controls for girls of all ages.All the salon tools you need for a proper makeover.Tons of lip and eye makeup to choose from.Gorgeous gowns to wear under your cap and gown!Take a beautiful picture on your big day!How to Play:Use interactive controls to play.Choose the perfect makeup and gown to wear at graduation.Take a picture to celebrate your accomplishment!We want to hear your voice!Check out ourFacebook! our Twitter: more on our website: www.ipromgames.netLove fashion & glam shots? Come visit our Instagramhere!
Girl Hoverboard Simulator 1.0.2
The princess is going to play hernewhoverboard. Please help her put on some protective gears suchashelmet, elbow pads and knee pads to make her safe.Now let’s start playing. There are 4 roads for the princess toplay.Choose your favourite road and help her control thehoverboard.Don’t make her fall from it.She has a lot fun with the hoverboard, but she is reallytired.Could you please give her a full SPA to make her relax?At last, please change her some beautiful clothes and makeherup.In this game, you need to:1. Help the princess put on the protective gears.2. Help the princess control the hoverboard.3. Give her a full SPA after playing.4. Make up.5. Dress up.Find more free online games, please browse thewebsite No need to download!
Cheerleader QUEEN - Girl Salon 1.5
Beauty Inc
It's March Madness in thisexcitingcheerleading themed game.Prepare the lead cheerleader for the big game to keep theteammotivated to win. High school sports are fun and thecheerleadingsquad has a big job ahead! Play through three designlevels to getthe girl ready for the game.Take the cheerleader to the spa for a lovely facial usingonlythe best products. Cleanse, scrub and moisturize her skin.She'llbe glowing when you take her to the beauty salon for awonderfulmakeover.Play with cosmetics. Apply lipstick, mascara and blush. Stayinthe lines! Choose from all sorts of styles and colors to createtheperfect look for your athelete. Pick an awesome hair styletoo!When she's ready, choose a uniform from your favorite teaminvarious colors. Pick matching socks and pom poms. Don'tforgetjewelry to match! With your help, this cheerleader will bequeen ofthe school.Product Features:Sports themed backgrounds and cheerleading inspired looksandfashionsThree cool levels: spa, salon and dress upLots of clothing and makeup choicesHow to Play:Tap to choose makeupSwipe to apply cosmetics and lotionTap to pick from various uniforms******************************************STAY TUNED with our social media!Come join ourFacebook: us on Twitter: see our website! you an Instagrammer? Check our our postshere:
High School Girls Beauty Salon 1.1
Make-up Inc
It’s time to head back to high school, and asateen girl, you’ve got to hit the beauty salon first! Get anamazingnew look for the new school year!Back to school is always so much fun for you because itmeansyou’ll get a chance to see all your friends and show offyourawesome style sense. That means it’s time to find your newstyleusing the hottest fashion trends. The beauty salon is whereyouneed to be! You’ll be able to change up your look with amakeoverfeaturing the best fashion trends for makeup andclothing.How to Play:• The back to school season of getting ready is in full swing• Start your high school year off right by getting a makeover• The beauty salon is the place to be• Your makeover starts with some facials to make your skinlookperfect• Try out some new makeup styles for a makeup makeover• Dress up in the coolest fashions to impress your friends• You’ll look totally glamorous for your first day at school• All of the other teen girls will be jealous of your new styleYou love the start of the new school year because it meansyou’llbe able to show off your high fashion sense. It’s fun to seeothersand be seen, and you’re going to make this year in highschoolcount.Download today to start getting ideas!
Magic Descendants Good Vs. Bad 2.5
There’s a fantasy magic high schoolwherevillain and hero descendants all live together. In school,badgirls and good girls always fight and compete for their beautyandmagic power.Do you wanna succeed in the magic beauty world and be a coolbadgirl like Eda or a sweet girl like Grace? Join them andexperiencethe magic school for a wicked fun adventure here! Here wego~Creating your own unique style will be needed to stand out fromthecrowd. You have tons of two different dark and lightstylefashionable combinations to choose. Sweet girl or Cool girl?Youdecide! You will use the best tools to show your beautytalent!Don’t forget hang out with your BBF in this amazing magicschool,you will love it!Oh, here’s the most exciting part: as a magic school student,havinga magic wand is important here. Use your magic wand and showyourpower! And there are poor pets locked in the cage waiting foryourhelp. You will find the matching keys and dispel the darkmagic andhelp the poor pets free! The descendants magic worldawaitsyou!Product Features:- A fantasy magic high school themed makeover game- 4 different good girls and bad girls to play- A fantasy magic world with special tool effects highlighted- Tons of two different styles makeup with creative beautiesoneyes, faces and lips.- Stylized creative dark and light style dresses to wear- Various trendy and thematic accessories to put on- Special bath and spa features for cleaning and relaxing- Interesting new BBF photography with self-made or selectivescenesto choose from- Magic wand making and decoration for fun- Mysterious pets rescue to see wicked fun adventureHow to play:- Use interactive controls to play the game- Start by choosing your good or bad girls- Enter different thematic houses for bath, spa, make up anddressup- Take photos with BBF and share it with friends- Save the pets locked in the cage by dark magic and letthemfree- Make your unique magic wand to experience the fantasy magichighsschoolWanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bearhugmedia.comFor more information about Magic Descendants Good Vs. Bad,pleasevisit
Can You Dab On A Hoverboard 1.0
Woozy Games
Ever thought about dabbing while cruisingonahoverboard? Well now you can! Zip through the streetsbutbeware!The oil spills are coming for you and you need toescapewith yourboard! Can You Dab On a Hoverboard will ultimatelytestyourreflexes!You're riding through the city streets in your hoverboardwhenyousee a huge oil spill! Find the right exit to escape beforeyougetcaught! Don't forget to dab while dodging thedifferentobstaclesalso on the streets. Download now and Dab!![How to Play]►There are 4 exits, use your finger to swipe up, down, left,orrightwhen the light shows the correct exit!►Collect coins to unlock new and exciting characters►Use power up packs for help on your journey!►Don't get lost! There are many different & unique levelstokeepyou on your heels![Features]►Sleek and easy to play game mechanics. Perfect gameforanyplayer!►Great casual game for all ages! Entertainment valueforbothchildren and adults►Fun & addictive gameplay that will leave youfrustratedyetsatisfied!Don't wait, download right now and dab on the hoverboard!![Note]►Can You Dab on a Hoverboard is free to play game andbutoffersin-app purchases for real money.
My Love Quiz - Classroom Crush 1.1
iProm Games
Have you heard? A strange machine hasbeenfound outside of your high school. Rumors are flying that it’salove calculator and your secret crush just asked you on a datetotry it out!You’re super excited as it’s almost time for your highschoolcrush to pick you up to try out the love calculator. You wanttoput your best foot forward with your cute crush, so you decideonhaving a fun spa day to get ready. The spa treatments will putyouin a relaxed frame of mine. A beautiful makeup is next followedupby dressing up in the perfect outfit that matches your newmakeuplook.How to Play:• A mysterious machine has shown up at school.• Your secret crush invited you to check out the new lovecalculatoras part of a date.• Look your best with a relaxing spa day.• Pamper yourself with a facial spa treatment.• Have fun using a beautiful makeup palette to turn up yourhotnessfactor.• Dress up in a chic little outfit that will blow his mind.• Get ready to see what results the love calculator gives youbothas a couple.The love calculator has come at the perfect time. You’refinallygetting a chance to spend some time with your high schoolcrush.Download today to check out this cool new machine.Check out our Facebook forMORE! our Twitter: more on our website: https://www.ipromgames.netLove fashion & glam shots? Come visit our Instagramhere!
High School Crush for Girls 1.0.3
Welcome to the “High school Crush forgirls”Kissing game for girls, boys and teens. It is the first dayofschool and there are lot of new girls and boys who do not knoweachother. Every one wants to look more gorgeous and charmingonhis/her first day at school. May be you will find the guys ofyourdreams. Boys are looking for their first love and girls arecuriousabout their first crush. There are lot of places in schoolwhereyou can spend some time for your true love like in cafeteriaandgarden as well.How to Play the High School Crush for Girls?* A boy is going to propose his girlfriend in high school* Boy is getting ready with dozen of outfits and accessories* Girl is also very caring about her boyfriend and have crushonhim* Boy usually offers some tea to girl in cafeteria* Girl looks very happy to receive some beautiful flowers fromherfirst crush* Girl wants to design dresses with her own expectations* Choose some accessories for designing of high school girl’sdressto look more fashionable in her first dateFeatures:- High quality game for Kids, girls and high school teens- Easy to touch and control- Fun for children of school children and teens- Different gorgeous dresses to choose for girls and teens- Dozens of dress accessories for High school girls and boys- Lot of beautiful clothes colors- Fun accessories to complete the makeover are ready forendlesscombinations- Share your creations easily by Save in your images galleryIn these games the girlfriend had a crush on the boy in thesameclassroom.The boy tries to seduce the girl because has fallen in love too,andfrom an appointment to flirt in the cafeteria.The girl blushes at first kiss in this romantic game where is bornalove story as a fairy tale.They exchange hugs and kisses hidden in the school garden andwillcontinue to smooch.This game will give you the realistic experience of first loveinSchool. You can show your fashion designers skills to yourfriendsand family by making this boy and girl more gorgeous withlot ofoutfits. It can be the best educational game. You can waitfor ourupcoming cooking, dress up,makeup and makeover games.Remember, Itis the FREE Game to have some real Fun.TinyBit games, tiny masterpieces !
Water Bottle Flip Colors Match 1.0
The 2016 Water Bottle Flip Craze hastakenoverthe world by storm. Take your water bottle flip skills andtrytheextreme Color Match Challenge in Water Bottle FlipColorsMatchChallenge. Are your reflexes that good? How long canyoulast?Brought to you FREE by Top Crazy Games, the makersofHoverboardRush Race Simulator and Trump Hoverboard Sim.[How to play]- Tap to flip that bottle up.- The flippy bottle color will change and switch.- Tap again to clashy through the right color and landsafely.- Collect water drop for awesome prizesFeaturing 30+ unlockable flippy bottles, cocacolabottles,vibrant colors, and mystery ak prize wheelMore coming soon in this Extreme Water Bottle FlipColorsMatchChallenge game.Follow Top Crazy Games
High School Princess 1.0
princesses Amy and Lily are best friendsinhighschool. They are preparing to get back to school. Couldyouwork astheir stylist and choose the most cute high schooloutfitsfor thegirls? Have fun!
High School Fashion Salon 1.0.3
No girl could resist the temptation of beingashining star on prom. Join this wonderful game, take aluxuriousspa, get the hair styled, take off the machine-madeuniform anddesign a unique dress for yourself. Say goodbye to thebookishgirl, and show the beautiful side of you to all of people.Nevercould you miss this high school fashion salon game! Let’senjoy theprom!Find more free online games, please browse No need to download!
Secret High School Love Story 1.5
"Bella Olsen used to be a normal highschoolgirl. One day, a terrible car accident happened to her, shethoughtshe’s going to die. Unexpectedly, she woke up and foundherselflying in her bed with no wounds at all. Later, she foundherselfbecame a vampire!Bella decided to keep her secret and go back to school. One day,anew student, Zac Stanwood enrolled in her class. Zac is socool,cute and fun. They soon become close. However, weirdincidentsstarted to happen one by one. Some hidden secrets of theschoolbegan to reveal itself…"You play the coolest new vampire girl in this game.You can write the story of these high school sweetheartswithmysterious secrets.You are Bella.Features:-Zac finally asked you out for the very first date!-Hide your secret identity! Hurry up!-Give yourself a head to toe makeover started from arelaxingSPA.-Choose from tons of stylish makeup items.-Put on the trendiest outfit for your date!-Dye your hair and have colorful highlights! DIY lipstickandeyeshadow.-Oh ! Zac is nervous about the date - help him to get readyforit!-Dinner date at your dream restaurant. Receive the mostromanticflower, light beautiful candles, have greatdesserts...Everythingis so perfect!-Oops! You accidently expose your vampire face duringthedate.-Will you scare him away? How would Zac react to yourdeepsecret?And so much more are waiting for you to find out at SECRETHIGHSCHOOL!Wanna have more fun? We would love to hear from you!Find us on Facebookat more information about Beauty Salon Games, pleasevisit
High School Cheerleader Salon 1.3
Cheerleader Salon is here! Come get dressedandcheer for your favorite team! It's March Madnessbasketballseason!Product Features:• Get ready to cheer for your team!• Three characters to choose from: Brianna, Alexis, Samantha• Includes the makeover stage: Dress up and prepare for thehottestcheerleading performance ever!• Includes the design stage to allow players to design theirownteam logo to put on the clothes!• Finally, the photo session! Take shots in the basketball courtofyour final cheerleading costume!How to Play:- Use the touch screen to select different models.- Give each one spa treatments so they're as pretty as canbe.- Cut, style and color their hair.- Change outfits until you find the perfect one!- Make your friends jealous of your hot cheerleader outfitsWe want to hear your voice!Like us onFacebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon™ on officialwebsite:
High School - Life Story 1.1.2
Hurrayyyy! It’s your first day inHighSchool.Create your own story here. High School Life Story givesyoumanychances to make your life in school as you want.Choose character of your choice and play with it.It’s always interesting to wake anyone up. You havemanyoptionsto try like lamp light, glass of water, windowshades,alarm, roomlight and so on to wake up. Try all these andfeelfun.A lot options of decorations for your dorm room. Youcanselectbed shapes, bed colors, pillows, wallpapers, paintings,quiltandothers of your own choice.Hurry up time to get ready don’t be late brush yourteeth,combyour hair, a lot of options for dresses, shoes,accessories.It’syour first impression so choose wisely.Amazing class room meet other girls and guys andbecomefriends.the more you have friends the more you are famous.Try tomakestrong bond with your friends.Here’s your interest you have chemistry, biology, mathandotherclasses select the subject of your choice and study it.Incase ofdifficulty you have your own library study as much asyouwant.Canteen is full of tasty and yummy stuff buy food ofyourchoiceand make your tummy happy. Offer the food to your friendsandmakeyour bond even stronger and gain more fame.Wow! You have your own playground play as much as youcananddon’t hit the wrong ball.High School Life Story offers you Disco Night Partiesplaywithrhythm and dance with your friends.High School Life story, Have many exciting levels withfullofmini games its total fun package by Baca Baca Games 2016.
Arm Surgery 2 Doctor Simulator 1.7
Time to be a crazy surgeon once again inthisblockbuster surgery simulator "Arm Surgery Doctor 2". Youcanperform a number of crazy surgeries on your patients. There aresomany patients they require surgeries and they want you to betheirsurgeon. Diagnose and start treating the patients byperforming armsurgeries and much more. Your hospital is very busyand somepatients require new organs and emergency surgeries. Thereis apatient that requires an arm surgery, wrist surgery, legsurgery,so be the crazy surgeon you have always dreamed of and bethedoctor and start treating your patients right away.Features:- Time to be an arm doctor again and perform surgeries- Realistic surgeries with real surgery tools- New patients requires so many surgeries- Exciting game play and graphics.About HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around the worldforproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids.Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational gamessothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games.Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creativeandimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Likeus: USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to giveanysuggestions? We would love to hear from [email protected]:All our games are totally free to play. Just click on theinstallbutton and start having lots of fun!
Leg Surgery 2 Doctor Hospital 1.6
It's time to be a crazy surgeon once againinyour hospital. So start preparing patients and give thempropertreatment and perform awesome leg and foot surgeries atthehospital. You are the doctor in this game so it’s your jobtoprovide treatment to all your patients. You can performbasiccheckups and diagnose what the problem is. Later on you canstartthe treatment and cure your patient. These kids wereplayingtogether and hurt their foot & legs requiring surgery,so givethem proper treatment at the hospital and make themwalkagain.Features:- Perform real time surgeries on your patients- Start treatment and make these kids walk again- Be the doctor you have always dreamed of becoming- Use doctor tools to perform realistic surgeriesAbout HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around the worldforproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids.Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational gamessothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games.Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creativeandimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Likeus: USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to giveanysuggestions? We would love to hear from [email protected]:All our games are totally free to play. Just click on theinstallbutton and start having lots of fun!
Face Painting Salon 1.5
Ever thought of being a face paint artist?Nowis your chance to be one and fulfill your dreams. Design yourowncool, adorable doodles and make the model's faces look pretty.ThisKids face paint game will keep you hooked so that you canpaintusing different colors and themes. Get your models ready forasplendid face paint party using your creativity & colors.Givethese cute beautiful girls a makeup followed by awesome facepaintdesigns.
Twin Baby Grows Up 1.1
In a decade a woman grows in to amother&being a mommy is full of excitement, fun andfatigue.Thisbeautiful mommy has had twins and needs help to takecareofadorable twins babies. You can feed the babies, play withthemandeven bathe them using water to make them squeaky clean.Twinbabiesgrows up is an amazing game full of entertainmentandexcitement.Twins are always a joy to have, so take care ofnewbornbabies andhelp mommy ease up a bit.Share their experiences in the house with playing the dogandevenpainting your own house. You will have different stagesinlife andhow the lives of these young girls evolve withtheirtimeline.Enjoy high school, college and even their professional jobattheHospital.Twins want to become a tattoo artist or a tailorfashiondesignerand want a degree from college. Help them achievetheseawesomedegrees. Design fashionable clothes as a tailor ormakegreattattoos with these twins.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around theworldforproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications forkids.Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educationalgamessothat all the kids can learn something daily through ourgames.Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be morecreativeandimaginative so try out our games and start havingfun!Likeus: USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need togiveanysuggestions? We would love to hear [email protected]
High School Dress Up Salon 1.0.5
Ma ma mia! This is a high schoolfashionsalon/spa app to convert an average student girl to anextremelycharming, star prom night beauty queen~Hi girls & kids you dress up and makeover right? But whatifyou have to makeup and dress up an ordinary girl intocelebritymiss world? Come on make her as beautiful and attractivestar girlas possible. Just think you are the creative director ofsomeHollywood movie and you have the task of creating suchacharacter.There are a lot of options from eye colors, eyeshadows,lipsticks, makeup and dress up to hair styles, jewelry,bags, shoesand hand objects etc. to completely change her looksfrom head totoe and then either set your lovely creation aswallpaper on yoursmartphone or save in the picture library of yourAndroiddevice.Features=========• Easy tap and drag gameplay• Glamour & fashion makeup dress up beauty salon• Amazing dresses, bracelets and objects• Superb makeup and makeover options• Kids friendly content• No violence, horror, sex or nudity• Unlike other monsters, dragons• Clans, pets , dress up or makeover games• No doctors, hospitals, dentists or sicks• Outstanding HD visuals and graphicsCreate the looks you have seen in your best happy dreams.Yourcreativity is the limit, the sexy the better! So go aheaddownloadthis free game and we hope you would love it.There are some exclusive news, updates and secret tips andtricksfor you about our games at Facebook, do give us a visit there guys and have a hot cup oftea/coffeewith us. Also try other games like bride dress up,princess hairdress up salon, Princess toe & nail art dress up,cover girl,angel fairy & little mermaid dress up, movie starmakeover,pizza maker, soup, noodle, pizza maker and popcorn makeretc. Orfollow us on Google Plus,Mobile Games & Apps - Google+ Policy:-----------------------We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. Youcanread our privacy policy here: (in-app purchase):---------------------------------This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money.OnGoogle Wallet, you can configure parental controls toavoidunintentional purchases.App supports Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.x Ice CreamSandwichand Jellybean.Disclaimer:---------------This free game contains ads.Be happy & have fun. Ok then good day and get some timetoplay, oh la la!