Top 1 Games Similar to Piano Ball

Jump on piano stack 1.3
Jump left or right. Can u? Why not? :))Are you ready to take the BIG JUMP ?Then Jump Jump and watch your step !!! It is aninterestingandskilled micro game. Help white ball reach new heightsinthisaction packed game. The purpose of Jump Left Right is to goasfaras you can by jumping over platforms.In the game, you need to let white ball jump upceaselessly.Whenwhite ball jump, you need to choose right or leftside, leftorright? Step carefully, Step accurately. Bounce fromplatformtoplatform.The higher you jump, the higher marks you will get, youcanalsoshare your marks via leaderboard and challenge yourfriends.Giveit a try, and see how well you stack up against yourfriendsinperpetually jumping from one platform to the next. Greatfuntoplay with friends, who can go the highest in new populargame“JumpLeft Right”.There is 2 skins for this game retro red and retro blue bothofthemin HD version.