Top 48 Games Similar to Sniper Hunter 3D

Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D 3.9.4
Jungle (Forest): place of your horrordreams,magnet of your imaginations, your fantasy place is here. youcanachieve here what you can not in your real life, hunt injungle.You have the best Sniper Shooting gun, Enter the jungle forhunt,the wild animals you have dreamed of, you have wished andimagined.In this dangerous forest, select the target animal of yourchoice ,take the aim and shoot right at the head. Get the winningtrophy ofanimal head, and brag about.You must have played other hunting games, jungle games,snipershooting games, but this game is unique in the sense thatitprovided you all in one. Whether you want to hunt Boar, Wild pigs,Stag, Deer or Bear , this forest gives you all, and invites youtotake the challenge if you can. Test your sniper shootingskills,your jungle survival skills, your temperament, your staminain thisdangerous forest game.★★★ STORY ★★★You love to hunt, and are entered in this dangerous jungle withyourbest sniper shooting gun. dangerous animals are out there,chooseamong deer, stag, bear, boar, pig, take the aim and shoot.You have8 levels to play with each animal. never ending fun ishere.★★★ Best Game Features ★★★1. Dangerous Realistic Jungle Environment2. Wild animals out there to hunt3. Hunting among different animals4. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt5. Different animals to select as target6. Multiple levels with each animal for easy to difficult7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Jungle★★★ How to Play ★★★1. Select the animal to target from Deer, Boar, Stag,Beer,Deer.2. choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next3. take, zoom,shoot at target with Sniper gun4. navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone5. use zoom and shooting buttons for hitPrivacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: @rationalverx★★★ Note ★★★This game contain ads.
Sniper: Traffic Hunter
Do you have the sniper skills to destroythetraffic cars on highway? Sniper Traffic Hunter gives youtheopportunity to kill the cars on highway using your sniperweapon.You can even buy a semi-auto sniper to increase yourfirerate.Hold your breath and fire your weapon to destroy as muchtrafficcars as you can. Enjoy the #1 most modern first personsnipershooter game in the universe.- Realistic and modern 3D graphics- Upgradable weapons- Semi-auto sniper option- Variety of traffic cars to destroy- Amazing modern sound effects- Free to play!How to play:Target or aim your sniper gun either by tilting your deviceortouching the screen to take down any traffic car you want. Youhave100 seconds to take down as much cars as possible.Enjoy!
Shooting 3D 1.11
i6 Games
Sniper Shooting 3D is brand new,realisticaction shooting game. You take the role as the sniperbased in asniper's nest, taking out the enemies that are coming toattackyou. To complete the level, you must use your sniper rifle toshootall the enemy soldiers to advance on to the next level. Ifyoudon't get all the enemy soldiers before your health isdepleted,you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldierswho willmove into position to take you down. Harness you sniperskills andbecome the greatest sniper to defeat the enemysoldiers.An addition to the game is the new game mode 'Zombie Shooter'.Youtake the role as the sniper in an arcade points style shooterwereeach shot to a zombie will build up your high score. Shoot asmanyzombies before the time ends to get a high score, see if youcanbeat your best with each try. Stop the zombie horde withyouramazing sniper skills.
DEER HUNTER 2018 5.0.2
From the creators of Deer Hunter 2014!Returnto the wild and hunt across the globe in the world’sgreatesthunting experience.HUNT AROUND THE WORLDPursue trophies in unique and beautiful locations that spantheglobe from Alaska to Zimbabwe.BAG BIG GAME ANIMALSHunt animals so real they nearly jump off the screen! Track downandbag the world’s most exotic and elusive game.SHOOT LIKE A PRODevelop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skillstotake the perfect shot.GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOUTake down predators before you become the prey.COLLECT TROPHIESCompete for bragging rights and bag the biggest animals withGooglePlay achievements and leaderboards!BUILD YOUR ARSENALCollect and customize your firearms with scopes, magazines,barrels,and stocks as you perfect your weapons for eachhunt.It’s Open Season - join the hunt today!Deer Hunter 2018 is free to play, but you can choose to payrealmoney for some extra items.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Sniper Commando Assassin 3D 1.3
i6 Games
Sniper Commando Assassin 3D puts youstraightinto the action as the elite sniper in this all new firstpersonaction shooter.Follow orders from command and get to the best vantage point totakeout all enemy targets. Take out the enemies army soldiersthatoccupy the area to secure it and make to safe for your alliestoget through with helping the civilians. Complete each of the25professional sniper mission objectives using your tacticalM24sniper weapon system rifle, perfect for getting directheadshots!Eliminate all enemy soldiers before your health bar empties, oryouwill lose the mission. Each mission is filled with dynamicsniperaction against enemy soldiers with more guns who will move totakeyou down. Become the sniper elite with you marksmen skills inthecombat shooter, Sniper Commando Assassin 3D, available todownloadnow for free!
Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS
AIM and SHOOT! Download now for FREE one ofthebest fps shooting games!Start the killing: FIGHT the global war on crime and becometheULTIMATE SHOOTER.The rules of survival are simple: don't let the bad guys runandfire up!Get yourself a gun and start shooting.Sniper 3D Assassin® in 7 words: great gameplay, awesome visualsandentertaining missions. And best of all? It's a free fps gametopass the time!- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations- HUNDREDS of thrilling MISSIONS- Tons of letal GUNS and mortal WEAPONS- ADDICTING gameplay (FPS)- EASY and INTUITIVE controls- FREE game: play it both on your phone and tabletDOWNLOAD the app for FREE now and don't miss amazing NEW CONTENTonperiodic UPDATES. If you like fighting games, you will lovethecool Sniper 3D game!Forget those dumb, repetitive shooting games. Here, your dutywillinclude racing against time, exploding helicopters inamericancities, killing zombies and quite a few shots in slowmotion. Butcan you solve the puzzle, save the victims and kill onlythe righttarget hidden in the crowd? Can you stop the virusfromspreading?Read what millions of extremely happy players have say aboutSniper3D. Check out our reviews!Sniper 3D Assassin® is brought to you by Fun Games For Free.The best first person shooter (fps) action game! Be thebestprofessional sniper in every environment!● Hundreds of mission:"Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, do you copy?" Find the target, aim,andshoot.Save the state secrets from the rogue agents and spies, andstopthem from spreading a terrible virus. Do you have the skills?Helpyour country in the massive nuclear competition. Be accurateandsave the hostages and victims of the enemy.● Start racing to kill a zombie army and prevent global waranddestruction. Don't leave any zombie alive: start to shoot andkillthem all! Are you prepared to all the action and adventure inthisawesome fps shooting game?● Unlock awesome weapons and upgrade them with evolutions inthearsenal:Buy the best Sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns or Pistolsthatexist with the gem you earn in the game! Upgrade the ammo, thegrip,the calibre to get bullets that inflict more damage, betterrange,scope, stability, or zoom. Will you choose the huntingrifle, theawesome assault mp5 or a gun Glock or colt in thearmory?● Play it anywhereSniper 3D does not require you to be always online in order tohavefun. You can enjoy it offline in the subway, while flying ona(real) plane, in the car on the road, during services in atemple(or maybe even on toilet!). From time to time, it may benecessaryto download additional (free) content online.● PvP modeTry out the pvp mode: prepare your gun and hunt your enemy.Youshould kill him first. The pvp mode will test your speed inkillingand hunting. Take long and you will be dead. Get into actionnowand enjoy the adventure in this top shooting game!● Limited data usageOur game will not consume tons of data from your mobile planthatyou'd want to use instead to surf the web, watch youtube videosandlisten to free music. Have fun with limited data usage.● DisclaimerSniper 3D Assassin® is a free game but it contains maturecontentand optional in-app purchases for real money. You may wantto keepaway it from your kids and younger boys
Deer Hunting – 2015 Sniper 3D 2.7
Its winter season, snow has coveredthemountain fields, its freezing out there, perfect field forthehunter. Grab your shooting gears and come out in search ofyourprey. It’s hunting time! Deer Hunting - 2015 Sniper 3D will letyouhunt deer & lion in the wild jungle on snowy mountain top.2015is near with Christmas & New Year just around the cornerit’stime to be a sniper assassin and hunt deer in this snipershootinggame. The game is filled with action, hunting &shooting. Thosewho love to be a deadly hunter will love to killdeer & thewild lion. The angry lion is also among us somewherein themountains and if he gets in your way don’t hesitate to pullthetrigger and shot him dead. It’s wild out there with huntingseasonof wildlife animals. You will see the most thrillingwinterscenarios in the game – the sound of the weapons,animals,wildlife, forest, mountain & birds. Sniper 3d shootingskillsshould be enough to hunt your prey all alone. Don’t let thedeerrun away and be the ultimate hunter. Become the modern sniperofthis era using best weaponry. Plan your hunt as if it is asecretassassin mission because this is what real hunters do!★★★ STORY ★★★Life spend in army always comes handy in hunting. An ex-armymendecides to live inside the wild jungle, in search of its PREY.Onlyan army soldier can survive the excessive snow falling.Suddenlyyou heard the voice of a deer. It’s the voice of your prey!Grabyour sniper rifle and let’s hunt down deer in this sniper3dshooting and hunting game. It’s not only you and deer outthere.You suddenly hear the roar of a beast LION. Now is the timeto showhow well you snipe both of them. Aim, shot and kill!!!★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• First Person Sniper 3D Shooting• Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Winter & Snow Filed Environment• Real-time Lion & Deer Hunting★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. Youcanread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse 2.4.2
Genera Games
The new real zombie war game with incredible3Dgraphics. Your goal is to survive from the undead apocalypse inthisfirst-person living dead shooter. Annihilate the waves ofzombiesbefore the infection spreads and the zombie tsunamibecomesunstoppable. Adjust the zoom in your rifle, keep your fingeron thetrigger and make awesome headshots. Can you stop the epidemicandbe the real zombie hunter?FPS action in this zombie shooter game: A game with a combinationofweapons, strategy and gore zombie style. Take control of asniperand clean up the streets of the walking dead's. Killingzombies andstop the zombie assault, equip the guns and unleash themassacre!Stay alert to the actions of the undead, select yourtarget, aimwith precision and shoot. Annihilate hordes of livingdead, withsimple movements of your finger you will have to destroyyourenemies!Every second counts, and a bullet in the right time will bethedifference between a living human and a living dead. Upgradeyourshooting arsenal and increase their destructive power withtherewards that you win on each mission. Use your sniper rifle,killall those waves of zombie and become the ultimate combatkiller.Aim faster, shoot better!The horde of living deads is coming and the zombie assault isalmostunstoppable, are you ready to be the ultimate zombieassassin andstop the undead waves? Will you come out alive to savethe world andprevent the impending apocalypse? Boost yourfirepower and rid theworld of this plague of zombies. Select yourdead target, hit andshoot!Shoot a hail of bullets with your powerful weapons and rid theworldof this plague of zombies. Use the bazooka to destroy largehordesof living dead. Bring death to the dead and survive inthisZ-war!GAME FEATURESORIGINAL AND FUNA zombie shooter game with stunning 3D environments andgraphics,missions available in different categories: Campaign,Weapons Test,Speedy Zombies, Super Zombies…Intense action packed horror game through unique maps:InfestedCity, Abandoned Theme Park, Dead Port, Arctic…The zombie apocalypse is claiming your skills, so put yourselfintothe dead zone and stop the undead tsunami in the bestshootingzombie experience.GAME MODESExplore and enjoy exclusive helicopter missions: fly over thezombiefrontiers, slay hordes of undead and eradicate thisinfection ofzombie.Special Event: Be a zombie! The roles have switched, you can walkasone of the undead. Leave the graveyard, create your zombiedefense,catch the humans and feed on their juicy brains in a newzombie epiccampaign.Superzombies missions where you have to kill the zombie bosses.Usethe sniper tools like the radar to locate them before theydevourthe defenseless citizens. All type of zombies are in thislivingdead shooting action simulator!Create your own maps and challenges in the mission editor andsharewith your Facebook and Google Play friends. Become a gamedesign inthis FPS and shooting game!SHOOTING ARSENALPowerful and lethal weapons: Sniper Rifles (Barret M82,M90,Dragunov...), Machine Guns, Assault Rifles (AK-47, M16...),RocketLaunchers ... and special guns such as crossbows orfuturisticsnipers.Upgrade your equipment, increase their damage power, range orfiringrate to kill this zombie outbreak. Boost your firepower anddefeatthe zombie army!Try the bullet time to achieve headshots and be the bestZombieCatcher in a new zombie action game.Level up your military rank and get access to more impressivegearand gadgets to annihilate the zombies waves.Your wild dogs are hungry and don't doubt to kill any livingdead,so let them go to the Zombie War in a new 3D the undeadkillergame!Have you ever felt the terror so close? Check out the officialgamevideo to the zombie 1 game in Google Play!: US:
Deer Sniper: Hunting Game 1.00
i6 Games
Sniper Game Deer Hunting is a realisticsnipershooting simulation game. Become a skilled hunter by usingyourtrusty sniper rifle, exploring the huge open woodlandenvironmentto find your mission target. Complete each sniper hunterlevel byusing your sniper rifle to shoot all the deer, you willalso haveto navigate your way through the open wilderness so don'tget lost!Walk around and explore the huge woodland environment,wildanimals roam around, see all the hidden details or continue onwithyour hunting mission. Each hunter sniping mission will bringyou tobrand new and exciting areas of the forest wilderness andmake youtest your shooting skills and deer tracking skills. Getready tobecome a most skilled sniper hunter in the realisticsnipersimulator game, Sniper Game Deer Hunting!GAME FEATURES:- First person shooter sniper action missions- Realistic movement and fully functioning sniper rifle- Intelligent bullet tracking, know where exactly where you hityourtarget!- Dynamic bullet cam, follow the bullet hitting your target- Exciting action adventure sniper mission- Easy to play game controls- Fully authentic lights and sounds- Huge open woodland environment to explore
Army Sniper Shooter 3D 1.07
i6 Games
Army Sniper Shooter 3D is an exciting,new,realistic action shooting game. Taking the role as a elitesnipersoldier, you must defend an army base from the oncoming wavesofenemy soldiers. Your mission is to use your sniper rifle andsniperskills to take out each enemy to protect the army base inorder toget onto the next level. With the help of the cool-downmechanic inthe game that steadies the sniper rifle to help you getyourperfect shot on the enemy.If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your healthisdepleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemysoldierswho will move into position to take you down. Harness yousniperskills and become the greatest sniper to defeat theenemysoldiers.
Return to the wilderness in the mostvisuallystunning FPS hunting simulator on Android!Travel from North America’s Pacific Northwest to the SavannahofCentral Africa in an epic journey to hunt the world’s mostexoticanimals!BRAND NEW CLUB HUNTS!Join your friends in global cooperative challenges where teamworkiscritical. Work together to complete hunting objectives andcollectrewards!EXPLORE A LIVING WORLDImmerse yourself in diverse environments filled with over 100animalspecies! Watch out for attacking predators including bears,wolves,and cheetahs! Hunting deer is just the beginning!MAXIMUM FIREPOWEREnjoy endless customization as you perfect your weapons.Upgrademagazines, scopes, stocks, barrels and more! Take hunting tothenext level!COLLECT TROPHIESCompete for bragging rights as you bag the biggest animalswithGoogle Play achievements and leaderboards!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!It’s open season join the hunt today!Developed for fans of FPS games, Hunting Simulators, and theDeerHunter franchise.---------------------------------------------PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoneyfor some extra items, which will charge your Google account.Youcan disable in-app purchasing by adjusting yourdevicesettings.-This game is not intended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- This game may permit users to interact with one another(e.g.,chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending ontheavailability of these features. Linking to social networkingsitesare not intended for persons in violation of the applicablerulesof such social networking sites.- A network connection is required to play.- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data,pleaseread our privacy policy at: If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s“Help”feature.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Sniper Killer Assassin Shooter 1.3
i6 Games
Sniper Killer Assassin Shooter is a brandnew,realistic first person action shooting game. Your role as theelitesniper based in hidden sniper's nest, take out enemiesarmysoldiers that occupy the area to keep the town safe. Completeeachsniping level by using your tactical M24 sniper weapon systemrifleto take out all of the enemies in the area to advance to thenextzone.Take out all the enemy soldiers before your health bar isdepleted,or you will lose. Each new combat level comes more enemysoldierswith more guns who will move into position to take youdown. Becomethe sniper elite with you marksmen skills and becomethe deadliestsniper to defeat the enemy army soldiers.
hunting Jungle Animals 3.8
Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when oneisa professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his lifeintrying to kill furious beasts.This game is a brand new real hunting and sniper shootingexperiencewhich you might not been able to get in your real life.Those whocannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoyreal huntingexperience by playing this game.You are avatar with a special precise sniper gun to shootfuriouswild animals. For the time being you have three options, youcankill bear, stag and wolf but in next versions you will be abletokill fast animals like cougar, bobcat and tiger.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someonegetsinto it they take it as an invader. So the sniper should holdhisbreath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf be aware,theywill become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire and willattackon you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast will takenotime to kill you and the game will be over.While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound. The targetofsniping running animals is a little challenging. So use yourarmysniper shooting skills to kill these animals before they attackorrun away. You have to select one animal at a time and then gointothe levels which are five in number.Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shooting actionadventureandGood luck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate hunting action.- Gameplay is simple yet entertaining.- Efficient gun control.- True to life hunting experience.- High fidelity cool graphics.
Hunt or be hunted! Embark on thedinosaurhunting expedition of a lifetime to kill the ultimate gamein DinoHunter: Deadly Shores.HUNT DINOSAURSJourney to a hidden, untouched Jurassic island and kill themostferocious animals in history. Encounter Jurassic beastslongthought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus to the terrifyingT.rex.VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments liketheshipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle anddinosaurboneyard!EQUIP POWERFUL WEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons like therocketlauncher and shuriken crossbow. You’ll need a powerfularsenal andan expert shooter strategy to kill thesedinosaurs!MASTER A UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGE SERIESProgress through varied shooter series to win rifles, shotgunsandassault rifles. Make your kills and complete them all forevengreater rewards!EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-res textures and realistic Jurassic modelsallcombine to make this one of the most beautiful dinosaurshootergames on your mobile device!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!“It’s as if Glu Mobile was listening in on my mind as I imaginedhowgood Deer Hunter 2014 would be with dinosaurs.” – Kotaku“… I am totally, absolutely, 100% completely behindblastingdinosaurs with guns until they explode, and happily that'sexactlywhat Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores will let you do.” –AppSpy“Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores dishes up tons ofbehemoth-shootingaction. It’s an easy game to enjoy.” –Gamezebo“Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a solid shooter. The dinosaurs inthegame are very well detailed and the game allows you to jumprightin…” – ModojoPLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoneyfor some extra items, which will charge your Google account.Youcan disable in-app purchasing by adjusting yourdevicesettings.-This game is not intended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- This game may permit users to interact with one another(e.g.,chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending ontheavailability of these features. Linking to social networkingsitesare not intended for persons in violation of the applicablerulesof such social networking sites.- A network connection is required to play.- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data,pleaseread our privacy policy at: If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s“Help”feature.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Safari Hunting 4x4 1.0.7
Oppana Games
Safari Hunting 3D simulator is anunforgettableadventure for real guys on the African continent,where you willmeet face to face the four-footed owners of theseplaces and huntthem.If you are a hunter - get your gear and go hunting right now intheluxury offroader.In your garage, a 4x4 offroad is waiting for you. Grab yourhuntingrifle, jump into the off-road car and get on your way toSafari tohunt various animals: rhinoceroses, lions, buffalos,zebras andmany other animals indigenous to Africa.Game features:- Hunting animals. Best hunting simulator SAFARI 3D.- Driving off road on luxury 4x4.- Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery.- Realistic animated animals to be hunted.- Sounds of Africa, enhancing the reality effect.- Best hunter score table.Tips for a successful hunt:1. Be careful, wild animals are dangerous and canattackpeople.2. For best shooting results - use the scope.3. Do not approach your prey too close - you will frightentheanimal away.4. Having shot the prey, do not forget to load it into yourtrunk.This way your purse will be replenished.5. The larger the prey, the more money it will bring you.6. Use the money earned to buy new cars that would allow you togetto inaccessible places full of animals.4x4 Safari Hunting - your best choice!Have a good hunt and sharp shooting!Thank your for playing with us, follow the updates, writereviewsand leave comments!
Hitman Sniper 1.7.102079
5/5 - "Now that it’s here, I can’t stopplayingit, which is remarkable for a title that is much moreconcerned withshowcasing how much you can do within certainconstraints instead ofreveling in any kind of excess." -GamezeboBECOME THE ULTIMATE SILENT ASSASSINStep into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and discoverthemost compelling sniper experience on mobile.TACTICAL MISSIONS IN MONTENEGROHone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfectassassinationkill shot.SURVIVOR CHALLENGE IN DEATH VALLEYNon-stop action as the zombie hunter in a true test of yourskillsand speed of execution.MORE THAN 150 MISSIONS AND 10 DIFFERENT CONTRACTSImprove your skills for the perfect assassination as youuncoversecrets and subterfuges.16 UNIQUE GUNSEliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprintstounlock the most powerful guns.COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS FOR THE FIRST PLACE INTHELEADERBOARDSBoost your score and climb up the contract killer ranks tobecomethe world's finest silent assassin.
Hunter 3D
Timuz games
The staggering sniper Hunter 3D is here.Jointhis jungle hunting adventure. Hunter 3D lets you hunt thebiggestand most dangerous animals in the world.If you're looking for a sniper game where you need to hunt forallkinds of animals, from wolves and deer to bears, whitetail.Withaccess to powerful guns you will rely on your marksman skillstokill and trap to hunt animals.Each level gives you a set of animals to shoot. Your goal is tokillall animals in your range.Master your multifaceted hunting missions – sneak up onbears,boars, crocodiles and even monsters, and slay them!Use your sniper shooting skills to kill these animals beforetheyattack or run away. Embark on a lifetime hunting andsnipershooting action adventure. Prove your tracking skills,stalkingyour prey, and putting your hunting skills to the test inpursuitof real wild animals. Do you have what it takes to become ahuntinglegend? Take your rifle. Set your scope and hunt!HUNTER 3D GAME FEATURES:Fleeting hunting experiencewell organised weapon upgrade systemEfficient gun controlTrue to life hunting experienceDozens of real world weapons and upgradesINSTRUCTIONS :Touch and Drag to move sight and aim. Click the Fire buttonatbottom right to fire. Use the bottom left button to zoom.
Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 1.0.5
One Man. One War. Now You Are The HotSniperKiller.*There you play the game was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As thesolesurviving special forces of a renegade attack against aruthlessterrorist organization, you are stranded on the battlefieldandhell-bent on payback.You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaughtof the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Facedwith thissituation of you have no choice but to grasp thenettle.From the M16to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access toa variety of lightand heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenadetoo!In the battle youwill be sent to different locations toperform the difficulttask.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City.Game Features:**Fight in difficult terrainYou will face different environmental challenges spacingcase.Butnothing can stop you to destroy the enemy'sconfidence.**Providing advanced weaponryMany full power firearms will be available to give a fatal blowtoterrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400.**Experience the perfect touch operationThe awesome 1rd person shooter with stunning consolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physics anddestructibles. Jumpin the heat of battle and push your Androiddevice to thelimit!**Complete Dangerous MissionsThe number of enemies and the AI you face are different dependingonyour selected tasks in each level.In short, the more theenemykilled, the more reward you get.What are you waiting for, let's take a journey andstartkilling.
The most REALISTIC and AUTHENTIC huntingsimreturns. It's time to RELOAD your rifles and take to the wildsofNorth America to bag the BIGGEST GAME out there.- First Person perspective with visuallystunningenvironments- New X-RAY mode to target specific organs- Move between strategic vantage points to line up theperfectshot- Customizable player avatar with a variety of jackets,vests,boots, and hunting glasses- Complete challenges to collect trophies for yourtrophyroomPLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoneyfor some extra items, which will charge your Google account.Youcan disable in-app purchasing by adjusting yourdevicesettings.-This game is not intended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- This game may permit users to interact with one another(e.g.,chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending ontheavailability of these features. Linking to social networkingsitesare not intended for persons in violation of the applicablerulesof such social networking sites.- A network connection is required to play.- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data,pleaseread our privacy policy at: If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s“Help”feature.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Wild Hunter Jungle Shooting 3D 1.1
Are you a fan of a Hunting Games? Getreadyforthe best hunting and survival game in mobile.The most exotic hunting simulation; this game takes youtothedark jungles of Africa where you can huntLions,Panthers,Elephants, Buffalos and lot more. Use modern weaponslikeBeretta,UMP, and the AK-47 rifle to hunt down. BEWARE the teethandclaws;you won’t get a second chance after attack! Play asanexperthunter in this FPS hunting game and put your skillstochallenge.Use camouflage suit to hide in the wilderness andshootbig gamewithout being noticed. You can use medical kits toheal ifyourhealth is down or you can special high power bullets tokillbiggeranimals quickly.Wild Hunter Jungle Shooting 3D Features:•Thick 3D Forest, Open to explore!•3D Animated African Animals.•Choose from among six different weapon types.•Binoculars to locate far away animals.•Realistic sound and graphics effectsAbout TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) designs, develops, and publishesgamesonmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over180mobilegaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over160milliondownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. Formoreinfo,visit
Big Hunter 2.7.3
◆ Popular game that achieved 10milliondownloads worldwide!​An intense hunting game of starving tribal people!Hunt the primeval gigantic animals!Long time ago, a bushman tribe lived in an outback town.People were starving to death because of continuous droughtsThe leader of the tribe goes out for hunting every dayforliving.....Big Hunter is a dynamic physics game that hunts giganticprimevalanimals with spear, axe and boomerang. Become the world'sbesthunter with a variety of weapons!Big Hunter Features:- Easy control with addictive touch of hitting- Hunting game based on dynamic physics- Simple but outstanding graphic design- Rhythmical game sounds- Challenge to the 100 levels with the near impossible!- Show off your Hunt skills to all your friends via SMS,Facebook,Twitter, and more!Big Hunter supports high resolution for an optimal gamingexperienceon both phones and tablets.Are you already a fan? If so then visit our website, like usonFacebook for the latest news: but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasplayed Big Hunter!---------[Optional Permissions Guide]* External storage read/write access(Will only be used when user shares the screenshot of the game,inorder to temporarily store the image)- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThe service is available without having to accept theoptionalpermissions.
Russian Hunting 4x4 1.5.2
Oppana Games
Russian Hunting 4x4 - hunting on the SUVinrussian forest. Move around from point to point on theRussianoffroad suv.Your goal is to kill all animals in your range. Use sniper viewforbetter precision. During the game, you will enjoy therealisticgraphics of the russian forest.Hunt different animals: bear, wolf, deer, fox, hare, elk andotheranimals hid from you locate and kill them all!Hunting 3D features:- High quality graphics.- Off-road simulator 4x4.- Open 3D environment.- realistic animated animals to hunt.- Realistic sound effects.- Full 3D - 360 Degrees Action.
Animal Hunter 3D: Africa 1.0
Bit of Game
If you loved the first Animal Hunter 3D game then you're in forareal treat with this follow up. We have jumped on a plain toAfricafor some big game hunting and something a little more exotic.This is a sniper game like no other. If you're looking forthatreal hunting feel then this is exactly what you need. With alargevariety of animals to shoot, from Lions and Zebra, toElephants andHippos you will not find anything else like this freeon themarket.Spot your prey, tap to zoom the scope and then shoot and goforthe kill. You can zoom in more by squeezing the screen oncethescope is open. To give your gun more accuracy, like arealsniper.Features:- Amazing 3D graphics build just for your Android device.- 12 huge levels. Each with a new challenge.- Real sniper physics.
Block City Rampage 1.3.4
i6 Games
Crash, blow up and demolish everythinginyourway in Block City Rampage!Armed with a rocket launcher and a whole load of missiles,itsupto you where you want to go and cause mayhem, allgameplaystylizedwith help from created cubes to a style you canfeelfamiliarwith.Our pixel hero is ready for action, with the weapon at hand,itisup to them to destroy all of the steel robot mechsterrorizingthecity. To help you go on a mechanical robot buttkickingrampage, youwill also be able to use as well as unlock evenmoreupgrades toboost your level and high score:FAST BIKE RIDINGDeploy your very own drop-pod that can change into bikeforquicktransport around the city environment. Cycle around thebeachsidecity and cruise by while you fire rocket after rocket.CYBORG ROBOT ALLIESLow on ammo? No worries, look around for more or ifyouwantsomething even better call on your cyborg robot ally tohelpblastat the enemy droids. Watch in amazement as theydestroyyourtargets using rockets and help collect ammunition foryour gunwhenyou're running out.ROCKET POWERED JETPACKSWant to explore more of the city? find more items on top ofroofsofbuildings like ammo for your rocket launcher or morepower-ups.Easyto use jetpack makes flying high over the city in thesky.HARPOONS AHOY!Need a quick getaway from the enemy robots, harpoon your wayout-the best way escape to safety. Harpoons are the quickestwaytomove more quickly in pixel block city.To get a really highscore in Block City Rampage shoot asmanycarsand enemy robots as quickly as possible, this willkeepthemultiplier up and help get even more points on theboard.Watch out for your health, too many hits from thelasersandrockets and you will die and it game over for you, soplanyoumethod of attack and have a escape plan.Steel cyborg robots are being made in south city.Thefactoriesare located close to the highway, easy to travel tobywalking overthe highway close to where you start. Conquer thecitybydestroying all the factories, clearing it free of all thebadmechsthat roam the streets.Take the matters into your own hands and show them evilrobotsyoucan turn them in to scrap in Block City Rampage!
F18 Airplane Simulator 3D 1.0
i6 Games
F18 Airplane Simulator 3D is thefun,exciting,new jet fighter plane attack mission basedflightsimulation. Taketo the sky in super realistic army fighterjetairplanes. You haveto take out your enemy's bases andvehiclessituated on tropicalislands! Use your fighter jet so youcan takethem out and returnback to base safely accomplished. ALL 20LEVELSUNLOCKED!Amazing 3D Army Fighter Jet modelsSelect from variety of fighting jets such as F-18,FA-22,andFA-38!20 New Diverse Fighter Jet Flying Missions, AllUnlockedforFree!F18 Airplane Simulator 3D offers 20 levels to play frominthisflying sim, you earn in-game money to earn faster,betterfighterjets so your flying experience can get even better!With allof theexcitement and thrills packed into this flyingsimulation,you'llbecome the best airplane fighter pilot around withF18AirplaneSimulator 3D!Early on in F18 Airplane Simulator 3D, missions startoffeasy,like basic training to fly the army fighter jets andgettingusedto controlling the airplanes.As you progress through this army jet flight simulation,missionsgetharder, testing your fighter jet flying skills in ordertocompletethe missions!Once all of the levels are complete in F18 Airplane Simulator3D,youwill truly become an expert army fighter jet pilot!Are you looking to test you flying skills and have anamazingtimeflying around in a realistic army fighter jet? Wellthen,buckle upand learn to fly army fighter jets in F18AirplaneSimulator 3D!
Stunt Bike 3D 1.05
i6 Games
Stunt Bike 3D is a game about a guynamedVince, who is a stunt bike rider. Unfortunatly he's broke thefrontwheel on his motor bike, so its your job now to help Vinceriderhis stunt bike all the way home on just one wheel. You can tapthescreen the screen to get him riding,however you only have a few seconds before the wheel falls offthemotor bike. Let's see how far you can get him and hisstuntbike.
Deer Hunting - Sniper Shooting 2.9
Let’s go hunting with Sniper Deer Hunting2014.This is an amazing and addictive action pack game to take youto anultimate adventure in the most realistic environment withtrees,grass, outdoor, mountains etc. Those who love hunting willlove thisfirst person sniper shooting game where you don't have asquad &you need to do it all alone. Grab your gun, test yoursniper skillsand don't let the deer escape. Let’s go hunting inthe real junglewilderness environment. Do you trust your snipershooting skills?Let’s show how to hunt. The game gives you anawesome experiencewith real 3D graphics, sound effect and theenvironment. The deermight be unaware of your presence so takeyour best shot to becomethe best huntsman of the jungle.★★★ STORY ★★★The army career is over now; The soldier decides to live inhillsidejungle between mountains to spend his life enjoying hishuntingpassion. Currently he posses one sniper rifle which can beused forhunting but if he uses his army shooting skills, he cansuccessfullyhunt some deer’s and rewards to buy more differentguns. You willsee the most beautiful summer scenes in the game -the sounds ofweapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountains &birds.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• First Person Shooting• Efficient gun control• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Real Time Jungle Environment• 10 gameplay mission with different tasks★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★• Easy touch and drag gameplay to rotate axis• Camera zoom to get accurate shots• Mission based gameplay to complete all mission• Shooting accuracy and skills★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. Youcanread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Mountain Sniper Shooting: 3D FPS sniping Missions 6.9
Mountain Sniper shooting 3D is a verypopularcommando shooting simulator game with a very smooth armyshootinggameplay. This commando shooting simulation game revolvesaround aspy commando agent who has assigned to clear the enemyfront linesby using his gorilla commando skills. As a real eliteforcecommando trained with world best force commandos to stoptheenemies before even they try to infiltrate on your base camp.Thismodern Sniper shooting game is an action adventure, firstpersonshooter game that has been developed for the fans of snipershootergames. Time to become a frontline sniper commando to stopthe enemyconveys and to infiltrate the enemy base camps. Snipershootingadventure has some very impressive graphics. The player canenjoydifferent missions in the multiple tricky terrains withsomeimpressive weaponry in this first person shooting game.This is probably the best ever FPS game and it is the bestsnipersimulator game due to its different amazing commando missionsandchallenging mountain terrain. Commando shooting game is anamazingsniper simulation game, just like ordinary sniper shootinggames orsecret agent encounter, but with new and unique commandosimulationfeatures in 3D FPS army combat shooting arena. In thiscommandoelite force game, you have various different militarymissions tocomplete. The hard mode is included in this modern wargame whichis for the pro gamers and for those who took armytraining beforein FPS training zone of our previous army game.Strike hard foryour survival in this 3D sniper shooter game. Snipershootingadventure is a tactical spy game that employs stealth andelitesniping techniques.Mountain Sniper shooting 3D has got four new modern combatarenasfor sniping which are a desert arena, Rocky Mountains,snowyterrain and dark forest. You must have played many armyshooting orsniping games but the desire of action and the fantasticanimationjust like American movies will make you forget snipergames likeaction fury, shooting hunter or even hit-man sniping, andsuspenseyou will experience in this sniper shooting simulator gameis notpossible to get from any other front-line shooter game.Thiscommando simulator game gives you an intense battle zoneactionjust swat squad or police combat. An addictive game for thosewholove action games.You can also enjoy this video game by connecting a videogamecontroller (aka Joystick) via Bluetooth to your android device.Usethe D-pad (directional pad) on the console controller forthecommando’s movements and configure the mobile gamepad keys fortheshooting and other actions. Experience the smoothcontrolleremulation for the first time and double your fun in notime.  HOW TO PLAY:With Gamepad:• Complete user guide and tutorial for playing game with joy padisprovided within the game.Without Game Controller:- Touch and swipe on the screen for aiming.- Tap fire button to shoot- To start counter action, you have to shoot first.- Use your gun scope for long-range shots.- The gun reloads automatically.Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D Features:- A realistic 3D environment with super views.- HD graphics and high quality textures.- Amazing mountain sniper game with modern weapons.- Commando game for all ages.- Impressive gameplay with action camera.If you like this game, please try our other commando gamesandsniper games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visitingourpublisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.We don't collect any personal information; anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements.
Please use WIFI to download 250MB+.ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? The ultimate Deer Hunterexperiencehas arrived, and it's ALWAYS open season!The most popular and realistic hunting franchise takes youtoextreme wilderness environments in search of the biggest,mostprized game around the world. Use the GPS map to track andtrainyour sights on black bear, reindeer, cougars, moose and more.Thinkyou've got what it takes to become a master huntsman? Thechallengehas been issued... become a hunt legend in DEERHUNTERCHALLENGE.• Earn experience points and become a more skilful hunter inthenew career mode• Experience far-flung hunting locations in extremewildernessenvironments• Choose from a variety of customisable weapons such as theBoltRifle, Shotgun, Crossbow and more!• Earn trophies for bagging the biggest game and reliveyourproudest moments in the Trophy room• Play additional mini-games and bonus roundsUse of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.DEER HUNTER CHALLENGE is free to play, but you can choose topayreal money for some extra items.
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD 1.7.0
Tatem Games
Hunting simulation that is completely truetolife! Open and explore a huge 3D world in HD quality inhabitedbyvariety of dinos. Use a unique hunting accessories!Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a console-quality lifelikehuntingsim where the players track down a variety of dinosaurswhileexploring huge non-linear locations. The dinos boast withsome ofthe most advanced AI on the platform, evolving from“pea-brained”dummies to dangerous creatures that are able to see,hear and sensethe adrenaline in hunter’s blood.Distinct 3D environments including pine forests, muddymarshesand rolling hills give room for different hunting tactics,whichare important because the hunter may easily end up becoming aprey.Wind direction, scent and the use of a special dinosaur callareall key elements in tracking the dinosaur and not beingcaught.Game Features:* Huge 3D world, open to explore!* Console quality HD graphics.* 3D dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous (plant eating) fornovicehunters to the Carnivorous (meat-eating) for experts.* Two exciting game modes:– Hunting: a non-linear close to reality hunting experiencewhereplayers roam through vast landscapes, tracking and huntingavariety of dinosaurs.– Survival: a timed, frenzied affair where dinosaurs run ontotheplayer in waves with a clear intention to fress him.* Choose from among six different weapon types – from a sniperrifleto an X-bow.* Map and radar to locate and track dinosaurs.* Hunting accessories for smart hunting.* Interactive Dino Trophy Room.* Online leaderboards by Openfeint.Supported on devices with OS 4.0 and up.Become a fan of Carnivores onFacebook: you for playing our games! Stay in touch for
Sniper Shooter Assassin Siege 1.09
i6 Games
Sniper Shooter Assassin Siege is the allnew,first person combat sniper shooting game. The city is underthreatfrom the enemy forces that have taken over, keeping the cityinlockdown until their demands are met.Become the elite sniper, make your way to a hidden sniper spotandtake out all the enemy army soldiers that are holding the cityandthe airport hostage. Perfect the ultimate head shot as youcompleteeach sniping level using your tactical Remington MSR sniperrifleto take out all hostile military soldiers to advance throughthelevels and the ranks.Watch your health bar isn't going down, or you will lose healthandfail the mission. Each new combat level put you in some ofthetoughest situations other snipers dare not to be in; but youhavewhat it takes to go against more enemy soldiers, more gunsandstill get the mission objective done. Be the sniper marksmenwithall the expert skills to become the deadliest sniper and onceagainfree the city from oppressing forces.
Sniper Fury: Top shooter -fun shooting games - FPS 3.0.1a
The time to take action and counter strikeisnow!We’re calling for the best sniper in the world to take aim atevil,wherever it hides. There’s no room for remorse, so shoottokill…THE MOST STUNNING OF ALL SNIPER SHOOTING GAMES• Over 130 missions.• Unbelievable 3D sniper graphics to make this one of the bestgamesfor FPS run & gun fun.• This isn’t one of those ordinary gun games. You’ll use your3Dsniper shooting games skill against soldiers, vehicles&more!• “Bullet time” effects that shoot all the other FPS gun gamesaway.See your amazing sniper shots from your top games.• Weather effects unlike any other shooting games around.MODERN & FUTURE FPS FIREPOWER• Take your gun games to the next level as you shoot 3Dsniperrifles, railguns and more.• Upgrade your battlefield arsenal to counterstrikeopponents!• Custom options make your best games even better.PVP MULTIPLAYER BATTLEFIELD• Steal resources from players in PvP Multiplayershootinggames.• Build a strong shooter squad in one of the best gamesonmobile.EASY TO PLAY, TOUGH TO MASTER• Like all the best games, Sniper Fury rewards you for joiningthisshooting games free and action-packed events.• Varied AI behavior makes each enemy unique and challenging asyourun & gun games to victory.• Connect to our FPS community for content, contests, rewards&more top games!TAKE AIM AT THE BEST FPS LEAGUES• Earn a high enough score and aim to enter the top games leagueandunlock the best rewards!TEAM UP IN A CLAN• Join a 3D sniper Clan with other top games players.• Trade, chat & share resources with your Clan-matestostrengthen your fellow shooters.CLAN HQ• Establish a home base for your 3D sniper Clan tounlockbattlefield perks!CLAN WAR• The best games are online as you team up with your Clan.GEAR SETS: As you play your gun games, collect shooter geartounlock unique powers to counter strike any opponent.PROTOTYPE WEAPONS: Rush the battlefield with the latest,moststate-of-the-art hitman tools you could ask for in anyshootinggames.IMPROVED BULLET SKINS: Try the new bullet skins to killyouropponents in style in one of the top games around!CLAN LEADERBOARDS: Check your Clan’s FPS victories and shoot tothetop to win your gun games!This is one of the best games for fans of FPS action,shootinggames, gun games, being a hitman, launching a counterstrike on thebattlefield, war, and any of the top games for freemultiplayerfun!You can download and play this game for free. Please beinformedthat it also allows you to play using virtual currency,which canbe acquired as you progress through the game, or bydeciding towatch certain advertisements, or by paying with realmoney.Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performedusinga credit card, or other form of payment associated withyouraccount, and are activated when you input your Google Playaccountpassword, without the need to re-enter your credit cardnumber orPIN.In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting theauthenticationsettings within your Play Store settings (Google PlayStore Home> Settings > Require authentication for purchases)andsetting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutesorNever.Find out more about the game -- our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D 1.6
"Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D"-Hot shooting gameiscoming now! The graphics delicate, simple operation,endlessfun!Gameplay:As a commando, you need to have great courage to faceferociousenemies. Kill them one by one, you can complete your task!GameVictory can get gold awards, gold can be used to buy moreadvancedweapons. Of course, you are not alone in the battle.“ShootHunter-Killer 3D” has a ranking system, your record will bein theranking system compared with global players. Ready to jointhebattle now? “Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D” will allow you to becomeapowerful shot expert!How to play:Click the map and select a level, click on the play into thegame.Slide the left half of the screen to control charactermovement,slide right half of the screen can be adjusted in thedirection ofthe shooting. Use both hands to control your characterto movefreely. The right half of the screen also provides changegunbutton, shoot button, jump button and a sniper shot button(sniperrifle owned). Come and experience it!
Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting 2.5
You want a lot of shooting andexcitingmissions?We present our best game of the category action games, his name-Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting.Right now, you can become a sniper shooter, here you willlearnshoots with many kinds of weapons.After the call of back there war.Now already played in this shooting games, show what youcando!This first-person shooter where you can develop the skills.In Game Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting, you have to surviveinconditions of unequal battle with the criminal gangs.This sniper game is a simulator of an army sniper who fightsagainstterrorists.Your duty to kill all the terrorists who have given youthecall.And so, you are in the role of a sniper shooter, the USgovernmenthas sent you on a special mission in which you mustdestroy theterrorist groupings.The effect of this 3d sniper game takes place in an abandonedcitywhere criminal gangs hiding, you have to get to him and killhimwith one shot to the commander of the gangsters.- Game First Person Shooter- Many types of weapons- A lot of shooting and action- Realistic graphicsDownload and play this free shooting games.
Modern Sniper 1.10
Candy Mobile
Aim and Shoot! Modern Sniper is #1 firstpersonshooter game that will blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Modern Sniper takesyouon a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. You are amodernsniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacks andsilentassassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies at street levelortake out the single high-profile target. With access toaninventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles, you will relyonyour marksman skills to finish the work. Go for theHEADSHOTnow!Game Features:- Over 50 crime shooter missions to complete- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics- 6 unique maps and stunning locations- 7 different real-world weapons to choose and upgrade
Shoot Hunter 3D 1.3
Shoot Hunter and Shooting Hunter Killer is a3Dthrilling action Bonus Shooting game. Best Sniper action gameBrainBattlefield Shooting Hunting Fury Terrorist who are in armyuniformhave taken over the city and victims many innocent peoples.ShootHunter touch arcade You are a contract killer: snipercommandoShooting Skills and you have been assigned a task torescue thepeople and clean up your city from enemy. Start thekilling: FIGHTthe global war on crime and become the ULTIMATESHOOTER ShootHunter.Attack on these most dangerous terrorist now.Take aim atevil, where it hides.Shoot Hunter touch arcade andKiller stopbreathe think You must kill all the enemies and leaderof theirarms. You are fully trained elite member of specialweapons andtactics teams. contract killer: sniper You equippedwith machineguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and handgrenades. besthunting times Powerful machine guns 狂暴 смертельныйand devastatingmissiles to slay hordes of enemies. iron forceReady to kill shot!Destroy all those peoples who are stand it wayof a peaceful world.헤드샷 You may be face army truck, armoredvehicles and military tankthen you must destroy them with therocket launcher. Leave no enemybehind. Shoot Hunter stop breatheand think Patrolling Enemies readyto kill you, you must saveyourself and keep eye on them also watchtower solders for yoursuccessful complete mission. Prepare theassault and get ready tokill the attackers. It is time to load outyour fire freegames vikings: war of clans Shoot Hunter 3Dgun games for free thiswar of mine fallout shelter modern war ShootHunter Killer mobilestrike action games.“Shoot Hunter 3D” is most immersive and realistic 3D battlegamefree shooting games you’ve been expecting is here. Join the warandstart greatest combat experience now. Don’t forget to rate thegameand share with your friends if you like it.Features: #1 military action game. Variety of Sniping gun, Ak47, assault rifles &Rocketlaunchers. SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE USING DEADLY SNIPER SKILLS Fabulous Sounds Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics andcoolanimations Excellent city and forest environment. 3D environment. First person shooting.ADDICTING game play (FPS) & EASYandINTUITIVE controls Sniper scope views. Different geological locations.How to Play:1. Use up, down and left, right button to control thesoldier.2. Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy.3. The enemy will attack on you when they see you.4. Use your rifle or sniper gun to aim at enemies fromadistance.5. Touch fire button to shoot.6. Guns reloaded automatically.Compatibility:Android 4.0 or later all Android phones and tablets run thegamesmoothly and ready for further improvement if required.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to makemoreenhancements in it.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the Apponlyas per Google Policy.Like and Follow us for new updates on:
Sniper Killer Shooter 1.1.4
Now you have a new mission! A terroristgrouphas occupied the S city, hijacking innocent passengersashostages.As a good mercenary and your mission is to eliminateallthe terrorists and rescue the hostages.Here you need a coolheadanomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurateshootingtechniques, allow your head to calm down, to enjoy thischallenginggame now!★★★ Features:★Level game modes:Game mode for an unlimited levels and therestarrating system that lets you keep cool in the end, to try howstrongyour ability, how far can break it!★A variety of game scenarios: a variety of different gamescenarios,there are docks, City Square, waste warehouse.★Rich weapon system: can be a variety sniper rifle,pistols,submachine guns and grenades replacement.★Full enemy exists: the enemy is everywhere, some in hiding intheground behind the building, and some hiding in the roof,whichrequires your keen eye to detect and eliminate them.★Flexible battle mode: The battle can be purchased orsupplementalmedical kits falling HP, by upgrading the defense andattackplayers get the ability to strengthen, to experience theuniqueprocess of fighting fun.★Simple operation: Full touch screen operation, so you just moveafinger, you can quickly capture the enemy's shadow and shooting,isvery simple.★★★How to play★Touch screen to enter shooting mode.★Slide the screen can be rotated to move the perspective.★Click the icon to the right of the "F" button to fire, rotateiconto switch between different weapons.★Click the button on the bottom right corner of the crosscircleamplification can be switched sight; clicking character iconscanbe standing, squatting posture switching.★Click the icon in the upper right medical kits can add HP,clickthe icon for the grenade grenade bombing.★After amplification mode into sight, By adjusting lever fortheright distance from the lens zoom.The main interface can be selected for the game map, armspurchases,mall gold to buy the game sensitivity testing, gamecontentsharing.
Archery bird hunter 2.5.2
Archery bird hunter is now for mobileowner!Archery bird hunter is the best and most realistic archery2Dsimulation game for you. Archery bird hunter deliversrealisticarchery experience, amazing and deferent color birds andducks ofArchery bird hunter's make it more interesting. shot arrowsatbirds and ducks to kill them and get coins and the coins areusableto buy hunting equipment from shop of Archery bird huntergame. Formore enjoy of Archery bird hunting game we add burningArrow ingame when player uses this option the arrow will burnhunted birdsand ducks.For every level the number of birds or ducks is shown in a tableinbeginning of level, if you hunt all of them the levelbecomecomplete and another level be unlocked or you can unlockanotherlevel by spending achieved coins.Archery bird hunter consist of four levels, Level one ofArcherybird hunter is a place with a tree and a dog, birds sit ontree,when you hunt bird dog collects hunted bird in a basket.Level two of Archery bird hunter is near to river, ducks flyoverthe river and if you don’t shot for about 5-10 seconds duckswillsit in water and the hunting of duck become easy.Third level of Archery bird hunter is with a chariot whichfollowsbirds in forest and you hunt themAnd the last level of Archery bird hunter is with a boatwhichplayer drive in river and follows duck and hunt them.Other levels of Archery bird hunter will be added soon.Archery bird hunter game also consist a shop which player canbuyhunting equipment.How to play Archery bird hunter game:★ Swipe on bow (arch), pull or rotate it, if you release thearrowis shot.★In each level hunted and achieved coins are show in a table.★ Tap on shop button and buy needs of hunting.
Sniper Shoot War 3D 3.4
WAWOO Studio
Sniper Shoot War is a first-person 3Dshootergame. You will play as a sniper, strike terrorists. Yourtask is tofight against terrorists bases and destroy X Cityterroristremnants, to effectively combat terroristactivities.Simple operation of the game: Slide the left of the screentocontrol character movement, slide to the right of the screenyoucan adjust the target. You can use the sniper rifle zoomlens,adjust the amplification factor by the right side oftheslider.The game has many weapons to choose: Deagle, M4A1, AWP, AW50,AS50,Bomb, Medical Kit. Deagle, M4A1, AWP, AW50, AS50, Bomb,MedicalKit. Kill the enemy can get gold awards, gold can be used tobuyweapons and ammunition. Let you experience the feeling ofdifferentweapons. This is a real sniper war!The game has two beautiful screen map: Military Base and theCity.Military Base gathered a large number of terrorists,extremelydangerous! Must be careful. City map has many remnantsofterrorists, we must not leave one! Each map has a certaintimelimit, you must destroy all enemies within a specified periodoftime!Realistic gaming sound effects, so you have a more perfectmorerealistic sniper experience. You will be a true sniper!The game has a ranking function, you and your friends cancomparewho is the real master sniper. Invite your friends togethergame,right? It will be very interesting.
Deadly Marksman: Sniper Lethal 1.2.9
Sniper Lethal 3D is a free FPS shooter gameforandroid phones. In this sniper games, you have to play as aDeadlyMarksman and terminate the criminals by using your sniperlethalskills. Kill the enemies of the state. Don’t let themescape, killthem all in time. Your mission is your first priority.Your American rifle weapon is especially made for very longrangeshooting. You won’t have any other weapons in the field. Taketheheadshots and save the ammunition. This is among the best fpsgamesavailable on store with HD graphics and cool sfx.DOWNLOADNOW..!!DEADLY MARKSMAN GAMEPLAYThere are 2 different modes:1. Campaign Mode.2. Wanted Mode.You will have three major locations for the termination ofthetargets.1. Airport Sniper Lethal Mission.2. Railway Station Mission.3. Army Base Sniper Lethal Mission.4. City Traffic Sniper MissionAIRPORT SNIPER LETHAL MISSIONIn airport deadly marksman mission, you have to terminatethetargets who are trying to escape the country in the flight.Youhave to kill them before they board the flight. Try to taketheheadshot so that you don’t have to shoot the second time asthefirst shot will create a panic and it would be difficult to aimandshoot.CITY TRAFFIC SNIPER MISSIONIn city traffic sniper mission, you have to terminate the mafiaandcriminal from the roof top. The mafia is trying todeliverbomb-making material for the bomb blast in the city. Theywill beequipped with AK-47, M4A1 and other lethal weapons, so becareful.Don’t kill any civilian during the mission, it will abortand failthe mission.ARMY BASE MISSIONIn this Deadly Marksman mission, kill the given target andcompleteyour mission with stealth as there will be soldiers inwatch towerswatching out 24 x 7 for any kind of suspicious thing orperson inthe area. You may need to kill the guards in watch towersaswell.RAILWAY STATION MISSIONA terrorist and a killer are leaving the city by train. Intelhasinformed about his schedule and train. Kill the target in thegiventime right before the train leaves the station. Don’t shootuntilthe train moves because it will create a deadly chaos.Yourmarksman will have to be very precise with the aim becausethetarget will be moving in the train.If you like our Deadly Marksman, please don’t forget to rateandreview us. Write us at our email to give us yoursuggestionregarding the Deadly Marksman game and updates, yourfeedback isvaluable to us.
As the one and only Sniper X, you’ll teamupwith action star Jason Statham to become the free world’sultimateweapon against the forces of chaos and terror! As part oftheStatham’s elite paramilitary team SPEAR, you’ll work side bysideto dismantle terrorists and rogue states that conventionalforcescan’t touch.BECOME THE ULTIMATE SNIPER• Study the art of the kill under SPEAR’s commander, voicedbyaction star Jason Statham!• As Sniper X, you’ll take on hundreds of military missionsinincredible 3D environments• Innovative upgrades make your sniper rifle into a trulycustomizedkilling machine• Eliminate enemy soldiers, officers, vehicles, and even dronesinthrilling first-person action• Zoom in and slow down time with Focus, built in to everysniperrifle• See your kills confirmed with a dramatic kill-cam• The Perfect Shot system rewards careful aim with bonus cashandmore!• Star in your own action movie, with Jason Statham callingeverykill and conquestJASON STATHAM’S ARMORY IS YOUR PLAYGROUND• Enjoy access to an elite armory where sniper rifles are justthebeginning• Dealing with drones? Switch to a shotgun and blast them withacloud of buckshot• Take down groups of grunts in seconds with your burst-fireassaultrifle• Hone your skills and earn cash for upgrades in SPEAR’sTrainingGrounds• Load up with unique weapons month after month inspecialeventsThe enemies of freedom can run, but they can’t hide fromSniperX!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!Sniper X with Jason Statham is free to play, but you canchooseto pay real money for some extra items.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Police VS Robbers 1.00
i6 Games
Police VS Robbers is a brand new CarDrivinggame. Robbers are getting away after breaking into the citybank,driving fast through the city. Driving an amazing collectionofpolice cars and ramming into the Robber's getaway car to takethemdown to complete the level and the arrest. Make sure not tolosethe Robbers or you will let them get away with the moneytheystole. The Robbers become more cunning and have better sportscarswith each level so make sure your skills of becoming askillfulpolice car driver are awesome, and improve your chances ofcatchingthem with faster police cars so you can get them!
Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game 2.9.2
Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys andaccomplishmissions to become a Master Hitman.- EASY CONTROLS- 3D graphics- Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREME MISSIONS- Mini sniper puzzles- 13 chapters for you to enjoy. More chapters coming soon!- Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!Don't miss a single Shot....or you will end up losingyourjob!Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!Download Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game now and don'tmissamazing updates!
Mountain Sniper Frontline War 1.0
REALISTIC AND NATURALSHOOTINGENVIRONMENTThis game is an elite commando game is new addictiveshootinggame.In this game the key feature, which makes this elitecommandogameunique is the availability of modern weaponry. Inthiselitecommando game the modern weaponry includes modern machinegunsandmodern sniper guns. There is reason of providing youamodernsniper gun and modern machine guns. The reason ofprovidingyoumodern snipers and other modern guns is that your enemyinthiselite commando game is very smart and is ready forcombat.Yourenemy in this elite commando game is supported withtopsecretagencies, the only way to eliminate your sniper enemy isbyusingmodern weaponry, modern sniper guns and moderntechnology,andother Russian and American guns aside from the theweaponsyourstrategy can cheat your enemy. So go out against yourenemywithworld class weapons and best mission strategy. Inthiselitecommando game you are given a modern sniper gun so youcanshootyour target from the right distance, by using longrangesniper gunyou can kill your enemy without getting in the rangeofyour enemy.With the help of this sniper gun your chances ofsuccessfor thismission are greater, so do not get worry about thepower ofyourenemy.ADDICTIVE SHOOTING GAMEBe the part of army force and save your nation byfightingagainstdeadly enemies. If you want of be the part of armyforcethendownload army force game and be a commando striker. Youenemyhavebecame the biggest threat of your nation, and now is thetimetoteach them lesson with stick, you army force is going tobegintheoperation against these militants. In this army forcegameyourenemies are these militants, who are threat to the peaceofthismission. In this army force game the army force wouldbeassistedby commando strike. With one commando strikethesemilitants willstart begging their life. You are also the partofthis commandostriker operation. This commando strike game isquitechallengingand shooting game. Actually in this commando strikegameyou allalone would fight against these militants. You arehighlytrainedsniper assassin and you can do this all alone, so takeyoursnipergun and start eliminating these militants from yourarea.Thoughthis mission army force game is quite tough butwithproperplanning and proper use of weaponry can leads youtowardthesuccess.MODERN DUAL BETWEEN ARMY AND MILITANTSThis is a shooting and killing game; actually this commandodutygameis a sniper based game & is a killing spree game.Inthiscommando duty game you are free in killing; you can killasmuch asyou can as you have a sniper gun. In this commando dutygameyouare in the enemy territory where there are onlyenemiesanywhere.The good news in this commando duty game is theunlimitedweaponry,so find a safe place where your back is totallysafe andstartshooting any enemy coming toward you from the front.In thismodernarmy game you are the part of commando force &Sniperteam, thecommando force assign you a duty, your duty is tofind andshootall militants wandering your city with your sniper.You arewellknown for your commando duty, you accomplish yourcommando dutyina good manner. This modern army game is actually anopportunityofkilling spree for youthful energetic youngsters. Inthismodernarmy game you are provide with modern machine guns andallkind ofRussian and American sniper guns. So take your sniperguns,findyour target enemy and kill them on the sport.Key feature of game:Challenging EnvironmentMultiple Challenging MissionsPlay it Anywhere, Offline Shooting GameCombat Enemies in this Snipe GameThrilling Fights between Commandos and TerroristModern weaponry especially SniperReal Shooting ExperienceStunning graphics and realistic Environment
American Sniper Assassin 7.7.1
American sniper assassin is a FPSactionpackedshooting war game.Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, longdistanceshotrifles with fatal damage, machine guns andlatestmilitaryequipment.American Sniper Assassin is one of the most thrillingfirstpersonshooter sniper shooting game. With other elite swatsniperforce,infiltrate a mob of evil syndicates andhigh-profiletargets.As a well-trained elite sniper from special weapon andtacticsteam,take secret dangerous missions, eliminate terrorists.IntheAmerican Sniper Assassin World, experience the lasershooting,zoomin and identify terrorists and realistic weatherconditionsduringdifferent missions. Hold your breath, pull thetrigger andlet thebullets blow them all up!BREATHTAKING FPS WAR AGAINST TERRORIST-real fire and sniper scene-Stunning optimized HD graphics brings you an insanefeelingofshooting experience-search, aim and shoot escaped prisoners, save hostagesHigh Quality Weapons-Various sniper rifles, real guns, assault rifles andsecretweaponsto select-Collect components to expand your sniper teamTrain yourself well. Go search, aim and shootescapedprisoners.Save hostages! To be a real sniper hero
Sniper Special Warrior 3d 1.3
Sniper Special Warrior 3dSniper Shoot War is a first-person 3D shooter game. You will playasa sniper special, strike terrorists. Your task is to fightagainstterrorists bases and destroy X City terrorist remnants,toeffectively combat terrorist activities.You can use the killer rifle zoom lens, adjust theamplificationfactor by the right side of the slider.Kill the enemy can get gold awards, gold can be used to buyweaponsand ammunition. Let you experience the feeling ofdifferentweapons. This is a real sniper war!Realistic gaming sound effects, so you have a more perfectmorerealistic sniper experience. You will be a truesharpshooter!The game has a ranking function, you and your friends cancomparewho is the real master sniper. Invite your friends togethergame,right? It will be very interesting.In the application you will see - the city , the ruined city ,thewar , sharpshooter scope , killer rifle , highlight, the ruinsofthe city .Aim of sharpshooter war 3d mission is to kill each andeveryterrorist from this planet. Its the Best FPS contractkillershooter war game!Simple operation of the game: Slide the left of the screentocontrol character movement, slide to the right of the screenyoucan adjust the target. You can use the sniper rifle zoomlens,adjust the amplification factor by the right side oftheslider.This is the first commando mission of Terrorist Sniper Shooter.Wehave to destroy the swamp base camp of Terrorists group havinggunsand ammunition storage at the base.Here you will become one of the world's top contract killer,youneed a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive,accurateshooting practices.Quickly pick up the weapon in yourhands, makeyour blood, do not let the terrible criminals out ofyour sight, donot hesitate to experience the excitement of the gameandpassionate sniper thrill it!Play with your children. Very simple operation ! Give your phoneortablet to your child and you will not be able to detach fromtheprocess !What would contract killer , you do not need the Internet. PlayKillrifle War for free , you can now !Start the fight and you can not stop!Thank you for choosing us! Write to feedback and we will trytoanswer all !key features:=> Excellent city 3D environment=> First person Shooting=> Sniper scope view=> Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!=> Full addictive control of latest shooting sniper rifle
Sex Hunter - Free Sex Game 2.0
V Studio
You are the Sex Hunter, your mission isshootall the gender symbols moving on screen. 20 mission willchallengeyour shooting skills.Let download and play for free!How to play:1. Target the sex symbols2. Pull the trigger button to shot4. Don't worry about the bullet, it's infinite5. 20 missions, become a legend hunter manThere are 3 different rifle weapons... Don't miss a single shot,tryto shot them all.How to survive a sex attack?--If you got any problems with Sex Hunter Game, please leaveyourcomment or send us an e-mail, we will do our best.
Lone Army Sniper Shooter 2.01
End is near, Face the challenge of wartimes,You have to enter in enemy area it may be jungle,desert,mountainous or enemy waters. Enemy is invading too, settingupbases after bases in your territory. You are the Lone Sniper,witha lot of mission to complete, Mission that may cost you yourlifebut can save your nation. It's test of your skill, yourstamina,your temperament, and your sniper shooting training. Don'tworryabout munitions, concentrate on the attacking enemy, shootthem allto get your positions back. If you love shooting games,then thissniper shooting game is the ultimate fun. move left,right,forward, backward. position your aim, find the enemy hidinginbunkers, sack bunkers, fortress, jungle hid outs and shoot them.★★★ Game Story ★★★As best sniper shooter, You are given a number of missions.Eachmission has number of levels, Win the level to play next,completethe mission to get your next. Ultimate trophy is at the endof allmissions. Enjoy the never ending thrill and adrenalinerush.★Mission 1★Dangerous jungle, Enemy has occupied your forest valley baseandguarding it closely. Free it alone.★Mission 2★Mountainous area base of enemy, beware enemy has dangerous gunsandyou are lone shooter.★Mission 3★Jungle enemy camp, danger is more, storm is coming, rainalreadystarted.★Mission 4★Enemy has occupied your desert fortress , shoot the guards tofreeit.★Mission 5★It's water wan now, Enemy attacking in boats. Can you defenditalone?★Mission 6★Water war continues. Enemy boats are moving fast in lake,hittingthem is more difficult.★Mission 7★Heavy Storm, rain in this jungle lake camp, can you stillshootthem.★Mission 8★Enemy has encircled you in lake, shoot them all to get out ofthishell.★★★ Top Game Features ★★★- Variety of different type of missions including jungle,desert,mountains and water.- Each mission with multiple levels to enjoy in full.- you are the lone sniper shooter.- Keep eye on health, you have limited time of each level- Play one level to play next- Best Sniper shooting rifle- kill and keep counting enemy soldier heads- Jungle, Valley, Mountain, Deserts Water 3D environments.★★★ How to Play ★★★- Swipe left center of screen to move the aim- tap zoom button to set the aim at target- tab shoot button to send enemy to hell- keep eye on health of yours.Privacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: @rationalverx