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Snake 1.6
Classic Snake Game on Google Play withmoderninterface. Eat apples and catch bonuses when it appearsbefore 5seconds. Swipe your finger to control snake. Unlock newsnake typesand share your best scores with your friends. Manylanguages aresupported.Sign in via Google+ account to see your high scores andchallengewith your friends.Features :- Easy swipe control- 30 Snake Types- Leaderboards and Achievements- Sharing scores with your friends- Localization, 30 Different languages are supported- HD Graphics- Extra Point Bonus- Slow Bonus that makes your snake slower- Cut Bonus that cuts your snake a little- Compatible with tabletsGet longer and make your best. ENJOY!!!
Classic Retro Snake 1.0.5
GNS Games
A fully redesigned version of the classical Snake Game thatbecamepopular on Nokia phones in the '90.You eat apples, the snake gets longer and you have to tryavoidinghitting your tail. As the snake gets longer and faster itgets moredifficult to avoid the tail. There is also a specialbonus(scissors) that will shorten the snake.
Pizza Snake 2017.08.07f
Pizza Snake is a fun snake game inspired byanMS-DOS classic game: Pizza Worm, probably the best snake gameever.You can even play it offline.Hint: keep your finger away from the snake's head to gethigherscore and more stars.- Control the snake to eat as many pizzas as you can. Eachpizzagives you points.- Leaderboards and Achievements- 8 original levels to play- Beautiful HD graphics on phones and tablets- Original Music- Fun and challenging gameplay- Perfect for all ages- No violence, all the family can play- Offline play. No internet required.Available levels: classic, midnight, winter, jalapeño,maze,snooker, abstract and big classic.If you love snake games, try Pizza Snake and rate it 5 stars!★★★★★Pizza Snake Pro (noads):
SNAKE 2.5D 1.6.6
It's an old classic snake game whichcombinesbest of 2d and 3d world. Snake 2.5D received simple cubicvoxelgraphics which still has the retro feel of the oldsnakesgame.Notes: if fps drops too low shadows will be disabled as theyareperformance demanding.Features:* fps 30/60 choice.* snake Speed,Size and Width adjustment* 10 color schemes* walls:activated by special cube, always on, always off* controls : 4-buttons, 2-buttons snake relative, 2 buttons,swipes(short,medium,long)* Minimalistic cube voxel graphics* classic snake gameplay* a mix between 2d and 3d* Leaderboard and Achievements* looks better than rewind ;)
Snake Rewind
The creator of the original mobile Snake is back!Taneli Armanto and Rumilus Design have joined forces to bringyouSnake Rewind! Iconic elements and intuitive gameplay fromtheoriginal Snake are combined with cool visual effects, soundsandmany new features. The result is a game that willentertain,challenge and delight you time after time!Features include:- Rewind the snake to continue the game even after crashing!- Many different types of special fruit, with unique powersandeffects!- 12 levels with distinct visuals and music, unlocked bycompletingfun and challenging missions!- Fruit store where boosters and items can be upgradedandpurchased, using fruit that you collect while playing!- Compete against other players for higher scores and rankingsonthe leaderboards, connect with friends on Facebook andGameCenter!- Fill the whole screen with the snake and find out whathappensthen!Happy playing!
Snake Classic 1.13
This is a new version of the classicsnakegame, which was added to the "hard mode" there is a timelimit.PC game classic game of snake.Move the snake to eat food that is a simple game.Rules without touching the walls or live long enough in the bodyofthe snake is.Features:- Normal mode of the classic snake game- Hard mode with a time limit on food- Provides online rankings (Google + link)Classic arcade games, snake games, please enjoy a lot.Thank you.----------keywords: snake, snake original, snake classic, snake ranking,snake97, snake game
Snake WiFi 1.7.3
Hello everybody, i am usual student fromnotsafety Donetsk city. This is my first app. This game forpeople,who doesn't like casualty but like challenges andcompetitions. Iguarantee that you will sweat a lot trying to defeatcomputer.Also there is a multiplayer via WiFi, where you can get a lotoffun with your friend. For this you need just create a wifiaccesspoint on one of the devices.I maked this app for me and friends, so there are noadvertisement.Also will be glad to see your proposals to improvethe app!
Snake Classic 1.0.0
Snake Classic is a simple and addictiveandroidsnake game.This is a remake of the original Snake with new android style.Swipewith your finger,you control the snake now.Eat the red apple and don't hit the wall, what score could you get?Attention: snake can't eat itself too.Playfree and start challenge.
Realm of Snake 2.1.0
Realm of Snake is a traditional andfungamethat can not miss on your phone or tablet! Thegraphicsareattractive and the gameplay on touch screens is veryeasy.It is fun for all ages!*5 snakes.*4 maps.*resolution: 800x480.IT'S 100% FREE NOW!! ENJOY!
Black Snake 1.2
Black Snake is really hungry! Helphertosatisfy her never-ending hunger by navigating her to moreandmorefruits... But be aware of her tail, make sure thatshedoesn'ttouch it with her head! Oh and... Just by the way...hertail getslonger and longer the more fruits she eats. A smallcasualgame forall retro fans. You can select the pad from left,middleand rightfor your best handling in the main menu into thesettingsbutton.So let`s play Black Snake and have a lot of retrofun.
Snaky 360 - Rewind Snake Game 1.0.34
Save Snaky the snake by helping it toescapelevels all more original and evolved than the others inthisunclassifiable game: between arcade, puzzle, actionandskill...Remember the good old Nokia Snake in 1997? Take this classic andputit on steroids: you get this new original snake game. But weare notin 1997 anymore:Features★ Rediscover the Snake game thanks to 8 leveltypes:snake-invaders (my personal favorite), bomber-snake (aclassic thatnever ages), pac-snake (game rules have evolved),breakout, course,pong, modern and classic!★ Experience hours of constantly renewed fun in hundreds ofevolvedlevels spread across six campaigns★ Move the snake freely through 360° with intuitive andcustomizablecontrols★ Rewind a few seconds back in time when you fail a level★ Go at your own pace by speeding up and slowing down thesnakeduring game★ Unlock two other game modes, including the diet serpentmode★ Relive the emotions of the original Snake with the classicmode90°★ Master the 10 snakes. Each snake has its own character: sloworfast, long or short, easy to handle or more spicy... Masterthesesnakes and you will be rewarded!★ Avoid pitfalls: energy balls, spaceships, ghosts, lasers,rottenapples, poisoned darts, mobile scaffolds, picks, oneways...★ Use power-ups wisely: resurrection packs, shields,teleporters,hexagon fragments, flying apples, switches andgates...★ Arm yourself with missiles and bombs: it will be explosive!Unlessyou're afraid to kill... Real snakes are never afraidofanything!★ Destroy the enemy ships and destroy the walls in the levels★ Cast out all bonus points in time and perform combos to makebigscores★ Win all 2,590 medals (you will have to eat a lot ofapples!)★ Take up the challenges of the 39 special achievements (a lotmorefruits to eat!)★ Compare your scores and achievements with friends or otherpeoplein the world★ Earn 40 bonus videos★ The intuitive controls make it easy to guide the snake thanks toajoystick wheel. You can also change the way you drive thesnake:wheel at the right, clockwise or anti-clockwisearrows,accelerometer or in a more classical fashion withdirectioncross.♥ A Wide Variety of Levels ♥Levels can sometimes be puzzles, sometimes requireaddress,sometimes require speed. Play peacefully with ease like thegoodold time, or choose a more intense level. Choose an advancedlevelor a more sober classic...Do you feel interested in exploring mazes? Hungry of action?Wantingto be zen? Hungry of demolishing everything with bombs orexplodingthings with missiles? Do you want to hunt ghosts? Or tochase flyingapples? Yes, you read that right...Some game plays will be fairly easy, while others will requireskillto master a long snake like in Tron.You have it all in this game of snake, both classic andoriginal.Each level is different: levels will surprise you bytheiroriginality. Much more exciting than the old days, in 1997!Rewindback in this exciting time, but in better :-)Note: you can pronounce the game "snacky" or, in a moreoriginalway, "snakey".The Bottom Line: if you're hungry, eat apples: it is goodforstaying healthy ;-)☺ The Game is Fair-Play ☺The first 20 levels are totally free: more than 2 hours offunwithout spending a single penny!All other levels are unlockable with a single purchase at lessthana dollar...NO NEED to pay to win: it's free!The in-app purchases only let you cheat to progress faster.Paying players are not advantaged in the rankings.☀ In a Nutshell ☀A completely revamped and highly addictive snake game, withsomeoriginal game types like Pac-Snake or Snake-Invaders, movingfreelythrough 360° and with over 10 hours of intense gameplay inhundredsof levels all extremely original.
Snake 2.0
Snake free Game.Eat food blocks.
Snake Game 1.0.4
Quarzo Apps
Now available with an improved naturalswipecontrol.You can play solo or play with your friends (coopanddeathmatch).This game version includes more than 200 levels inspired inTron(Cycles) and Snake's classic games. Includes a level editortocreate your own maps that can be shared via text (e-mail,whatsapp,...)Features:✔ Minimalist "retro" style graphics. (pseudo 3D)✔ One or Two players on the same device. Up to 4 snake players.(vsIA)✔ Intuitive and easy control (swipe with sensitivitysettings)✔ Very few permissions needed, no ads during the game.✔ 180 single player levels and 60 levels for twoplayercooperative.✔ Custom games against the AI (up to 4 players), setting thesize,scenery, obstacles, speed, etc.✔ Level editor: Build your own levels and share them withfriends.Up to 60 slots to create levels.✔ Soundtrack and sound effects (can be disabled at any time)✔ Stats, Achievements and Rankings.✔ Swipe game control (customizable)✔ Tutorial includedJust one more thing...ENJOY IT !!!
Anaconda Invictus rattlesnake 1.0
B.Unes sarl
Swipe dodge and eat food mouse venom.Butthereare many renegade hindrances for hunting; trapwolf,crocodile, frogand wallow eagle. Your role is to help thesnake byrunning andjumping to avoid the barriers. The original andtheBest androidSnake game.The free snake game isn't like the famous Nokia Snakegame(Snake'97) or snake game original or snake game classic, it'sanarcadegame.This is the popular snake game. Tap the screen to help thesnakebyjumping to avoid the barriers.The Snake game runs in beautifully full screen in cleardefinitiononthe android phone.Details about the snake :Supports Android 2.1 onwards.3 level packs and 105 levlesAuthentic GraphicsGame Kit help and support.Unlimited Free Upgrades & Fun New Features.Please feel free to contact us for any suggestion orquestionsthefree snake game.
Snakes 97 1.5
Inkling Arts
I'm sure everyone of us had played snakegameonyour first Nokia Phone?We Bring You Back the joy of playing Old Classic Snake 2as:SNAKECLASSIC'97This is a remake of the original Snake, completewithdot-matrixdisplay and monotone sounds.Make the snake as long as you can by feeding itbutdon'tdouble-back on your own tail or it's game over!!FEATURES:# Simple Controls as old ones# Mobile mode and Full screen mode# 8 levels to play# Original sounds# Catch the bonus creatures for extra points# Share your highscore with your friends via Facebook# Leaderboard: Compete with your friends over Facebookandcheckoutyour rank globally & within your friends.Don't forget to share your views about the game.. foranyfurtherassistance, feel free to contact [email protected] latest news on new games released :-- Like us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter :
Snake Game 1.32
It's the Year of the Snake Game and timeforsome good luck in 2013 and beyond.The best way to do this is by feeding it lots of sushi Ifyoulike a classic snake game, you're going to love this app!Snake Game was made special for your Android device. We triedtostay true to the original genre while giving it our own twist!Wetook the classic '97 Nokia version and brought into themodernworld.This is the Year of the Water Snake so be sure and try yourluckright on the Android! This version of Snake Game will haveyoudreaming of distant shores, foods and good times. Doodlearoundwith this app and get old school.FEATURES:- Retro style- Relaxing music- Nice Sounds- Oceans- Sushi- Scoreboard- New Food & Zodiac updates forever!Let us know of any improvements you'd like to seeFOLLOW US on [email protected]_snakeLIKE US on Facebook
Snake the Original 13.0
Unreal Labs
Play this old school version ofSnake.Withdifferent levels, and many more coming.You will be able to pick the difficulty of how you wouldliketosatisfy the endless appetite of the snake.A game with the old school nokia snake visual effects.Now you can play snake on your android phone!Snake Features:-Pick whether you would like to play with or without a wall.-See your top score.-You can also share yoru score on Facebook.-Amazing 8 bits sounds.What are you waiting for. Press Play and Have Fun withSnake!App made with Corona SDKkeywords: snake eater; doodlesnake; doodle snake;amazingsnake;snake bite; snake 97; snake world; snake original;appetite;supersnake;
original snake classic game 1.0
★ ★ Over 10 Million Phone Players! Join in! ★★original snake classic game is a remake of the snakegameswithsome new game elements and fancy effects and moderninterface.Indulge yourself with your old school game days, I'msureeveryoneof us carry very good moments with our old daysgameswhich are bigwith classic screens Rewind time and get a dosisofnostalgia that isas addictive (like Snakes and Ladders ) astheoriginal.the snakegets longer and you have to try avoidinghittingyour tailbet and share your best scores with your friends. Manylanguagesaresupported.I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simplegame.Let’s experience the past in the present with this amazinggame.Features--Excellent sound effects- Online High Scoreboards- Music and Sound- 4 Game modes- Leaderboards and Achievements- Compatible with tabletsGet longer and make your best. ENJOY!!!
Snake. Survival 1.7
Plumbum Artz
Snake game variation withsmoothanimation,artificial intelligence and minimalistic retrostylegraphic. Thereare 3 game modes:CLASSIC- Just like in original snake game. Roam alone in the blackbox,grabgoodies and try to avoid hitting the wall or tail as longasyoucanESCAPE- Kind a 'story' mode. Travel through different mazes,collectkeysto open portal to next level. Now you are notalone,computercontrolled rivals who hold keys are also there.Entrapenemy snakesto get the keys and proceed to next levelSURVIVAL- For the strong spirit. Start with one enemy snake andnewappearsevery 10 seconds. Slay as many snakes as you can and stayaslongas you can for the high score.There are 16 levels for now. Play 'escape' modetounlockthem.There are 3 different types to control snake:- D-Pad. 4 buttons- Relative. 2 buttons. turn snake relative to his head- Swipe.Now with google play game servises support (Leaderboard)Check out the latest reviews about this snake game: (Russian),276553/
Swipe Snake 1.2
Ivo Kacharov
Classic snake game controlled by swipes.Game Features:- Nice smooth snake movement- Cool swipe control- Eat food blocks to grow and avoid hitting walls andsnaketails.- Choose between walls and no walls mode.- Set your snake starting speed- Track your high scores.
Dark Snake 1.0.4
This snake game contains:- Nice design- Original graphics and game system- 40 stages- Mazes- Enemies- 3 difficulty levels