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Cat Survival Simulator 1.1
Survive and thrive in these wildconditions.Compete against other wild animals in this high actioncatsimulator. The game is all about survival of the fittest, justasDarwin wrote about. Control of this wild cat and hunt downtheenemy animals. Help this cat find her next meal on this hugeopenworld 3D jungle and desert landscape. Chase down a rabbit, orracetowards that swallow bird. Watch out for Tigers, Lions, Dogs,Eagleand other enemy wildlife. Super Fun sounds and animationsincluded.This Cat simulator has been designed for all ages. Give ita go andhelp this little kitty thrive!Top Game Features:✓Race across this Huge Open World 3D Jungle Map✓12 Adventures Included to earn Bonus points✓9 Wild Animals to compete with✓Features 6 Head to Head Battles✓4 Different Times of Day, including a rain storm✓Upgrade your Cat's Stamina, Speed and Strength✓Multiple Camera Angles9 ANIMALS INCLUDEDRabbit, Swallow, Eagle, Penguin, Fox, Moose, Doberman, Husky,andPolar Bear.DYNAMIC WEATHER CONDITIONSStray dogs don't like the rain. There will be plenty of rainandsnow in this game.HD GRAPHICS IN 3DStunning High Definition graphics bring this tundra to life.COOL SOUND EFFECTSPlenty of dog barking and other wild sounds!UPGRADE YOUR KITTYWhen you hunt, you earn meat units that can be used topurchaseupgrades for your big kitten.ACTION PACKED GAMEPLAYFun controls and Addictive game play for hours of greatanimalsimulation.KEEP TRACK YOUR HUNTING AUTOMATICALLYThe app records all your victories so you can see how manyanimalsyou have taken down.GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH 6 BATTLESImprove your fighting skills by playing these 6 different 3 on1battles. Be prepared for a flight for survival. You either winorloose, there is no second place in nature.When creating the cat simulator app, we kept all ages in mind.Weare working on creating a new multiplayer version so you willbeable to challenge your friends.Please Like us on Facebook:, be sure and try our other 3D animal sims likeCheetah,Dinosaur, Owl, Eagle, African Lion, Wolf, Crocodile, DogSurvivaland Polar Bear Games. We realize the app is not perfect,and wewelcome your constructive criticism. At Wild Foot we arealwayslooking for ways to improve the app.Please send suggestions to [email protected]