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Castle Ninjas 1.06
Use your ninja abilities to lay siege toaJapanese castle! This fun physics game is based on theJapanesewooden block puzzle game called Daruma Otoshi.Your Mission:Raid the castle with your team of two ninjas. Throw ninjastarsfrom the left or right to carefully knock out the block atthelowest level of the castle and gradually decrease its height.Buttake care to maintain its balance so it doesn't topple over!To succeed at your mission, clear every block except thetop-mostlevel of the castle.Easy to Play but Hard to Master!At the earliest levels, a few strong attacks may be all thatisneeded. But as your skills increase and you move up tohigherlevels, the castle tower grows increasingly taller! Adjustthestrength of your throws carefully to keep the tower inbalancebefore sweeping the lowest block away.Consider Your Strategy!Plan your strategy before firing each star: a small nudge oraconfident strike?Hints★ Throw from both the left and right sides to prevent thetowerleaning too far to one side.★ Throw gently to make fine adjustments the position oftheblock★ When the tower has stopped moving, its position will berememberedso you can try again from that point if you accidentallycause thecastle to crash down.★ Press the Pause button to replay the level from the beginningifit has become too poorly balanced to progress.
Turtle vs Ninja - tic tac toe 1.0
Turtle vs ninja tic tac toe xo fun gameforfree some of the best games for kids and more fun replacing Xand Owith cartoon characters turtle vs ninja , the must look ofthisreflexion and family game is out of the simple theme X O gameorsimple tic tac toe glow .And play with a different themewithturtle vs ninja .** Feature **★ free kids games★ One player Robot Vs Human★ Two Players Mode★ Ninja Music For More fun★ Nice and simple design★ Mute Button For off All sound effect and music★ Player 1 and Player 2 Score for a big match★ Clear Button for Clear Scoreninja and turtle tic tac toe is a very fun free game for kidsandadults i wish you like this new proposal of tic tac toegame,leaveyour opinion about this fun games for kids .