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Block Craft Fallout Edition 1
GradeUp Games
A nuclear fallout struck the worldofBlockCraft and you are set to survive in it, explorethedesolatewasteland inhabited by ferocious ghouls, hostilealiens,poisonousscorpions and even robots of this fallen age.Use your surroundings to your advantage and build ahouse,shelteror a bunker to survive these hard times, you canchoose tothrivewith the right crafting decisions which can rangefromarmors, tools,guns, explosives, varieties of foods andmore.Craft yourself a better tomorrow and dominate theenvironmentineither the original survival mode with the new gunssystem, orthecreative mode in case you want to explore the mines,mine someoresor just show off your builds.Features:- Two game modes: survival and creative.- Crafting system with armors, tools, swords, guns,explosivesandmore.- A variety of monsters and enemies to fight off.Enter the world of Block Craft and survivethenuclearfallout.
Block World : Pixel Craft
Are you ready try to survive invoxelpost-apocalyptic world?А lot of biomes: survival island, forest and savanna craft.Meet a free new mystery adventure Block Craft! This attractivegamewill get you into amazing exploration world with a lotofinteresting things. This world will show you all colors ofreallyextreme weather survival, monster fight, island survival andmoremore more. Have you not excited yet? Have you feel boring? So,trybuild a shelter, find a hidden treasures, become a weaponbuilderand learn how to explore mine craft. Only you choose yourstory.But be very careful, because there is a lot of dangerousplaceswith monsters. You may be trapped in the forest, fall intowolfsurvival and other! Survive at any cost in cube world!
Multicraft Miner Exploration 0.6.48
● We created the MulticraftMinerExploration.You are a Builder, a Monster Hunter, a Miner,aCrafting, a Red Stone, a Tycoon, a Farming!● We use C ++ for the Multicraft Miner Explorationdevelopmentlanguage, the most challenging terrain engine for atleast tentimes more than rewriting and dozens of reconstructionandunremitting efforts to break through a number oftechnicallimitations. The performance bottleneck, hope PC-classgrandbuilding, a huge underground world to bring you to enhanceourdevelopment skills.● You can even load a PC-level (1.8.x) map.● You can use ordinary VR glasses with the joystick in VR modetosurvival, craft and building.★ Key Features ★√ Free (It's FREE in a limited time!)√ Use C ++ development to ensure performance√ Nearly the fastest voxel terrain engine on mobile devicestoday,with borderless support for ultra-high and ultra-largescalebuildings (up to 255)!√ Load the 1.8.x archive with 99% terrain blocks√ Cave, rich in the underground world√ Unlimited number of light sources, real-time update light!√ Support VR, Joystick√ Weather system√ day and night system√ Online Battle, singleplayer & multiplayer (Wifi)√ mode Creative√ mode Survival√ Support to load third-party resources (Mod)★ Main content ★√ 300+ Building blocks, part of the box is advertising (Ad)locked,waiting for your to unlock it.√ Rail system√ Redstone System√ Automatic Jukebox√ Mechanical Mechanisms√ Beacons√ Biomes√ Painting√ Explosion (TNT), a large number of TNT explosions support!.√ Hundreds of items including Raw, Food, Plants, Dyes,Tools,Weapons, Armor, etc.√ Compatible with PC Recipes, Smelting, Brewing,√ Enchanting√Villagers√ Dozens of Creatures√ Tame√ Mounts & Riding√ A large number of PC-class buildings can be downloaded(mappack).√ Unknown content awaits you to explore● Multicraft - Miner Exploration breaks all performancebottlenecksby offering PC-level content on your mobile device(Tab), all free(Free), with the support and encouragement ofeveryone (Rating& Reviews), we will as always, continue toimprove the gamecontent for everyone to create a good gamingexperience!You can find us on [email protected]:// can send your comments and suggestions to us by e-mail, wewillreply in time [email protected]----------This is not an official Mojang app. Sichuan BaiQin TechnicalCo.,Ltd are not associated or connected with Mojang AB. Minecraftis atrademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliatedwiththe creator of this game or its licensers.
Sugar Girls Craft: Adventure 1.10
Sugar girls craft game for girls!Exploration& building! Create, craft, mine! For girls!Strawberry cake,chocolate, apple pie, lots of cookies & sugar!Build &create in a world full of sweetness! A sweet game forsweet teenagegirls. Exploration lite for girls craft candy world!Best adventuregames for girls! Build & bake! Explore and havefun in a worldof sweet sugar! Smash blocks to remove them. Use apickaxe to buildusing cubes! Build a cube craft world! Fantasticgirls craftfashion & exploration of sandbox world! Build, craft&explore. Free game for girls, where you can build usingblocks,walk around, make friends with pets. Kittens, puppies orevenponies! Yes little donut can be your friend! Build your ownfairytale! The best adventure game free! Use plenty of cute pinkandcolorful blocks to create anything you want! Candy Craftingforgirls! Mode for girls! donut girls craft exploration - the newway!A game in which you can have a boyfriend, build a house andhave afamily! Build Rainbow or a magic tree! Have a boyfriend,constructa house in this building simulator game! Build a wholetown! Joinyour favorite princess ponies & unicorns in themostprestigious fashion & academy around! Oh my! Little ponnycanbe your friend! Collect them, play with them! Build andcreateanything you want from a spa nail salon, hair salon, shoppingmall,pet shop to castle, princess palace or even a whole city! Belikeprincess, build your own palace using colorful blocks!Plantflowers in the garden, build a pet house! No cooking in thekitchenor sweet baby girl care! Serious game for serious girls! Sograbthe cookies and join us in the best crafting game for girlsevermade!UPCOMING FEATURES:MultiplayerGirls Fashion CraftCrafting itemsBuilding craft modeSurvival exploration lite modeCube Block CraftWorld Craft Story ModeSkyblock free modeCute Story mode (Little donut Quest!)For more crafting games for girls click “see morefromdeveloper”Build a world made of sugar!Explore the sweet landsBe creative!
Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion 1.4
Decorate and design a dream sim house!Interiordesign of a doll house or a real dream home! Girls &boys craftwith furniture & decoration! Fashion, design andcreativity!Extreme makeover! Design girly room or a real man’sroom. Fashion,interior design and creativity! Home decoration gamefor boys andgirls! Use imagination and decorate a sim house! Glamdoll housecraft - the new way! Exploration lite of the sandboxpocket editionworld! Create, mine, craft and be a fashionista! Aglam doll houseclean up and decoration! A sweet baby girls roomdecorated withfunny cute kittens and strawberries as wallpaper.Ultra awesome pinkand colorful furniture. Become an interiordesigner starting with a“Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion”. You canbuild a shopping mall, spaor pet shop! Princess girl house or Nailsalon - a building game forgirls! Mine,craft & exploration.Design your own house! Interiorplanner - game! Be like Sim!Simulate a house of your dreams! Gardenwith flowers! Building andcrafting for girls and boys! Show yourkittens, puppies or unicornshow you love them! Build a 5 starhotel, restaurant or a sweet babygirl daycare room. Crafting gamefor girls and boys for free! Buildyour City island sim,craft &explore! Girls craft way! Play“Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion” -planner app. Feel like a prointerior designer! Be a top model girland create your own fashionshow! Invite your boyfriend orgirlfriend to your own dream house.Furniture for a living room,kitchen, baby room and toilet!Simulate a house of your dream in a3D view, from the first personperspective! Design a garden withtrees and flowers! Cute girlscraft design & exploration! Playwith pets in a pet shop! Startcreating like a sim. City, village -anything! Create a restaurantand design the interior. Build afashion house or a wedding house!Build and design a spa salon! Newstyle of Building games! Craftingand building games in block craftstyle! Free city building gameusing blocks. Build your own house!Exploration and crafting. Storymode of a pocket edition craftinggame!FEATURES:3D interior modelsExterior and interior design - gardens, pools, flowers, parksHouse planner mode (kitchen, living room, baby room)Cute pink and colorful texturesColoring book and sketch bookSandbox worldCustom wallpapers, carpets and furnitureCOMING SOON:Multiplayer Exploration ModeBlocky Craft 3D ModeVR (Virtual reality)Adventure modePixel texture packGirls Craft ModePrincess Craft extension pack (Cute Castle Interior Design)Build Craft Exploration extension pack (custom houses +extrafurniture)
Block World Craft : Mine Build
Are you ready try to surviveinvoxelpost-apocalyptic world?Built and destroy blocks! Play machanic, builder ordigger.Becareful, in this world not only peaceful Animals, butanawfulMonsters too!Block Craft is a game that places the player into a worldmadeofblocks. Blocks can be removed by digging them and new blockscanbeplaced nearby other blocks.А lot of biomes: survival island, forest and savanna craft.You need craft resources to build a shelter until thenightfall.Geta wood, set traps, hunt and get food. But don't forgetaboutweaponcrafting.After the nightfall take a bow to one hand and a sword totheotherone and kill all monster. Or they eat you.Universe of world craft is flexible and open. That even allowsittobe realized at survival forest and pixel craft.Discover interesting and mysterious forests, towns, castlesandcaveswith dangerous enemies.Biomes includes: rabbits and redstone circuits. Fishing,huntingorride a horse.Features of the game:- Multicraft- Large world- 3D pixel world- Different weapons: bows, swords and clubs- Dangerous predators and hunting.- Weather changes: blizzard and storm, change betweendayandnight.- Crafting and building, create everything.- Pixel mod and machinery
Pro Craft : Build Block Free
Simulator(sim game) in craftworld.Craftinggames & building games. Build andcreaterelationships!Exploration lite of a cube block craft worldwith agirl or boy.The world is open - make and create anything youwant .A greatdating game with a creative mode and adventure mode.Cubecraftworld with handsome boys. Home for girls buildcraft. Sobuildyourlove nest, have a pet - kitty or puppy or even a littlepony.Greatfree games for girls. Be a perfect girlfriend. Gameforgirls!Friendship and rainbows! Little sparkle ponies,rainbow,fairy andmagic forest! Build a cute world using blocks.Build acube blockyworld! Lite Exploration, crafting & building.Pocketedition ofPro Craft - a free cool game for girls. Creativegame forkids in aworld full of ponies and unicorns. No silly dollgirlgames. Useyour imagination and play free cool game for girls.Greatrobotsstyle game. Candy colorful world - perfect free gameforgirls.Craft, mine and design for girls. Dream house interiordesignwithblocks and cubes! Creative exploration lite mode!Design&decorate kitchen, living room, bathroom with lotsoffashionablefurnitures. Free adventure game with story ofasuperstar housedesigner! Its not another MCPE mod! Preparetheplans, get theitems and build! Level up and build some more!Girlsandboys!FEATURES:3D interior modelsSandbox worldRotating and savingCraft for girls modeMy unicorn & mini games!Crafting and building - fast (2x)Be tagged! Dating!COMING SOON:Multiplayer Exploration ModeBlocky craft ModeGirls craft Mode
Exploration 10001.EXPLORATION.010
SarlO Studio
★★★★★ PLEASE RATE THIS GAME WITH5STARS★★★★★Start your construction today! Create your infinitefictionalworld!Enjoy this endless paradise.Build, destroy, move, fly, jump and craft. And all this forfree!!!There are over 100 different items in your inventory tobuildseparate rooms including a living room, bedroom, toilet,bathroom,a private garden, a house for animals.Easily place the standard blocks that you want to install andusethem to build something, you can build everything youcanimagine.Choose creativity or survival mode, move through your world andmakeit more remarkable.Move through this endless world in flight, save your work, andplayagain later.Everyone loves Kraft games, they have become popular all overtheworld; You can start with a few blocks and gradually buildanempire.Explore and start developing your dream. You can use manydifferentitems, so you can create your ideal Kingdom. The game isinfinite,which makes it so intriguing.★★★★★ PLEASE RATE THIS GAME WITH 5 STARS★★★★★Enjoy!The game Exploration Prime is an open source project whichissubject to the LGPLv3 license. Before using the code, you mustreadthe entire license and agree to it.
SuperCraft 3D 1.1.0
Refery Games
This is a free game for those who liketoexplore the world, create interesting designs, extractpreciousresources and diamonds in mines.Simple controls and a unique system for creating objects,suitablefor children and adults, boys and girls, play every day andreceivebonuses, save at a convenient time and continue to play andbuildamazing homes, castles, towers and other buildings!Download FREE and start playing:* Build, destroy, create new blocks!* Fight and defend against dangerous enemies!* Save the game and continue to play at any time!* Get daily bonuses!At your disposal:- Large cubic world.- Classic Mode and creative.- Survival System and a simple character control.- Game characters, mobs and enemies.- Several types of biomes.
Date Craft: Girls & Boys 1.8
High school romance dating simulator (simgame)in Minicraft girls craft world! Crafting games & buildinggames!Meet the love of your virtual life! Build and createrelationships!Exploration lite of a cube block craft world with agirl or boy (oryour high school crush!) Chat & date! You cantalk with boys andgirls! Pick up girls! Chat with them! Make yourhigh school bffsuper jealous about your new boyfriend! Handsomeprince awaits you!Cute girls, handsome boys. Game for top girl andawesome boy! Blockylove world! Sim game. Dating game! City &love! Build andcreate, chat and have fun with beautiful girl!Block cube world inan awesome free game for girls and boys!Design, decorate and buildyour love nest. Relationship simulatorfor boys and girls - Lovegame - Minicraft. Block strike mods! Sohave a date (datingsimulator), pick up boys and girls from highschool and college!Build a house and live together! Design anddecorate interior. It’sa game where you can create your owncharacter! Remove all datingapps free you already installed - youwon’t need it! Best love gamesalways from Crafting And BuildingGames studio! Girls craft world.Real life simulator sim game! Agame with REAL CHAT! You can talkall you want! Build your ownhouse with your boy or girl. Have a pet- cat, dog, pixelmon - anyyou want! Explore the world together!Start the adventure! Go toSPA! Create a family (game where you canhave family). ForgetMake-up, hairdresser or spa salon games! Joinus in Date Craft! Bea prince or princess! Here you can be anybody!Build a city andstart dating now! This game has two options:building &creation (and exploration) and DATING the NPC’s (boysand girls -no matter what sex you are! Whether you are gay (gaycraft) orlesbian (les craft) or straight! We don’t judge! Startthemakeover, get prepared for a date - choose one of manyoutfits(dress up games!). Love and dating simulator online! FREEClash oftwo gaming systems - building and dating! Square world,mining(miner) and sweet love! Be a fashion designer or a pro gamer- youchoose your identity. Create a love island or a whole city!It’s asandbox world - do what you want, anywhere you want! Glamdollhouse or nail salon - you can build anything! Be aglamoursuperstar! It’s not 18+ game for adults - anyone can play.It’s asafe game for kids! (boys and girls!). So start crafting yourownlove story! Start the romance! Romantic craft! Fall in lovewithour game! Pixel strike and blocks! Use the editor to create!Freegames for girls! High school love story!FEATURES:Date the NPCs - pick one up and start chatting!Real life chat with NPCs! Get a virtual boyfriend andvirtualgirlfriendBuilding and exploration in a cube world. Build using blocksHave a pet (cat pet or dog pet - even a little pony pet)Dress-up game - pick own skins for minicraftMods for minicraft!Plenty of colorful blocks!UPCOMING FEATURES:Minicraft Multiplayer FREEDress-up modeSims makeover!Real people chat!Date real people through the game!All games for free!
Girls Crafting and Building 1.23
New style of Building games for girls!Craftingand building games for girls in block craft style! Freecitybuilding game with blocks. Build your own house! Explorationandcrafting. Minicraft mod for MCPE. Build city and create fromsimpleskyblock or savanna to the whole city or a jurassic park!Build andconstruct city the whole planet! Home design theinteriors andexteriors! It’s a world of craft! This Pocket Editionlite game forboys and girls lets you construct anything you want!Build a simplehouse for your family or castle for king, queen andprincess! Theworld of craft is open world! Explore and survive inwinter, desertor savanna! Free games for girls! Create medievalbuildings ormodern skyscrapers.No high school romance or shoppingday fun!Creative game for creative girls! Take your BFF and createa roomfor them! Create Pixel art - pixelmon or pixel gun in 3D!Creativemode lets you create dinosaurs, mineskins. Meet a princessgirls!Blocky cars and weapons! Fun sim game! Crafting simulator!FashionGlam Doll house clean up and decoration! Deliciousstrawberry cakein the kitchen, cute pink living room. Ride aprincess horse! Sweetbaby girls room decorated with funny cutekittens and strawberriesas a wallpaper. Ultra awesome pink andcolorful furniture. Dragonsand monsters! Cube sandbox world!Infinite design possibilities!Interact with animals - horse,panda, cute cats and other pets!Build simple!Craft whatever youwant! Pocket Edition game lets youcreate adventure craft gamescenarios. Real chat - date guys!Talking to a real NPC’s (withchatbot)! Become a castle crafter!Crafting for girls and boys!Create portal levels (teleportincluded!) or western wastelands!The sandbox world you can playwith and share with your friends!Pocket edition minicraft for girlsfor free. Become an interiordesigner starting with a dream dollhouse decoration! Use toolboxand create story mode for yourminicraft game for free! Create azombietown and play hide and seekwith zombies! Use blueprints tobuild perfect minicraft building!Create skins and models! Girlscraft mine exploration and PrincessWorld! Multi craft is comingsoon - tell your friends! Minicraft forgirls!Play in creative mode with unlimited resources pack or minedeepinto the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor tofendoff the dangerous mobs. Create, and explore. No need to gotominecon, everything is here! This free game is brought to youbycreators of crafting games for girls! Girls Crafting andBuilding:City Adventure is a free game for the whole family: fromkids, boysand girls to adults! Fun Games For Free Craft!FEATURES:Use blocks to build, craftExplore the sandbox world craftOver 500 block textures & elementsCraft, mine and build!Flying in creative modeDay & NightMultiplayerSpa salon modeFashion craft (design)minicraft for girls modeMy unicorn & mini games!Decorate a Doll House!Build & explore a blocky world!Create a fashionable world!AnimalsUPCOMING FEATURES:Block Craft modeCrafting and building - fastmodeMultiplayer with chat!Multiplayer coop survivalCustom texturesVR (Virtual Reality Game)
Craft Pixelmon Catch 2.0
Get ready to go play this mega-hitgame,loadedup in the beautiful crafty world fully of block andpixelmonsters.When game start, you have to run and jump intheadventure world inorder to survive. Your game mission istodiscover the rarestmonster in this game and capture itbeforeanyone those. You need tobe careful, the pixelmon can bereallystrong monsters, you need tocontrol and train your fastreflex inorder to win the game. Butthankfully, several amazingpower-upsand hidden treasure will helpyou to complete the missionand thatis why is this a must-try gamefor your android today!Download and start battle today and do rate us if you likethisnewfree game!There are 5 different world to explore- Jungle, Forest, Sea, etc..- Start journey, collect pixelball- Run and jump around and complete the challenging levelsFeatures:- Tons of NEW pixelmon mod- Never-ending fun battle- Collect as many coins along the road for higher score- Great cartoonish graphics, game animation- EXTRAS: Unlock the last map to fight the final battleJoin us in this epic adventure!Download now!
Block Craft DangerLeopar 1.0.2
Block Craft DangerLeoparA building adventure in the forest ...Do your immediate defense, develop weapons and showyourbuildskill.A lot of dangers are waiting to hunt you while completingthetasks...* Killer swamp creatures,* Legendary monsters,* Night sweepers and death watchers,* The motivated forest guard,The underground world and the mines you'll see for thefirsttime...
Build Craft Exploration 1
Build your dream home with BuildCraft!Useallyour skills hunter and miner for mining andconstructionresourcesto find refuge. Turn imagination and build thebest housein theCube World! There are over 100 different items inyourinventory tobuild separate rooms including a living room,bedroom,toilet,bathroom, a private garden, a house for animals.Also in thegamethere are several ready-built houses with which itis easy tostartbuilding your own village. Good luck and fun!
Block Craft (Early Access) 1.0
IGEL Games
- Dirt & Grass- Trees - 2 types- Hills- Seamless world
Penthouse for Minecraft build ideas 155
Brutus Games
This app is not an official Minecraftproduct,not approved by or associated with Mojang.Penthouses are small but luxurios modern apartments, they areeasyto create and look amazing.Install this game and play all levels to explore and learn tocreatethe most amazing penthouses ever created in MinecraftandMPCE.Explore amazing penthouses ranging from modern, to traditionalandretro themed.
AdventureCraft Survive & Craft Block Craft Edition 2.6.1
AdventureCraft is a sandbox constructiongamewith 3D procedurally generated world. Create and breakapartvarious kinds of blocks, explore the environment, gatherresources,craft weapons, build shelter and take part in combat withdangerousopponents.The game offers two modes – Survival and Creative. InSurvivalplayers have to collect resources, construct buildings,fightagainst enemies, manage hunger and explore the word to surviveandprosper. In Creative mode you focus on breaking new groundsofcreation by building the most elaborate structures you candreamof.AdventureCraft is a game for adults and kids, it will entertainyoufor a long time and earn an unforgettable experience.• 3D Sandbox construction game;• Huge world to explore;• Craft and destroy everything;• Build your own shelter;• Go deep into the mines;• Gather resources to survive;• Fight your enemies;• Creative mode to set your imagination free.
Home for Girls - Build craft
MG17 Games
The game for girls! Build your dream homeforabachelorette party. Many interior, a large city, a lotofcuteanimals for home, kitchen, bath - a private gardenwithplants.This game will not let you get bored! Also the freeplaymode, andfor the creative players.
My Horse Racing: Girls Craft 1.4
My horse heaven & girls craft game forboysand girls! Ride a horse, take care of it! Build your ownracingtrack! Own a horse! Ride little pony or a blocky mustang!Care foryour horse by grooming, feeding and treating it. Build abondtogether in a wide range of interactive 3D activities.Have a virtual pet: Horse! Have fun and run horse run!Building,mining (miner game) and exploration lite! Sim girls craftgame forgirls with animals! Be a princess with horse! Become asupermodelgirl owning a whole stud farm! Running game for girls,buildinggame for boys, crafting game for kids! All in oneapp!Creative app for creative girls and boys! Build a horseheaven.World of horses needs exploration! Have a horse quest, haveavirtual pet! Have fun at horse derby! Build own Zoo! Take careofanimals! No unicorn or little pony! No dress up game for kidsorprincess make up games for little girls! Serious game forseriousgirls! This blocky / crossy game gives you opportunity totake careof virtual pet, make friends, build and explore. Use pixelblocksto craft and build your own horse world! Feel like in girlscraft .Design home or whole world! Build a palace or whole city(citybuilding game). Candy craft game with lots of sugar! Greatgame forgirls of any age! Free horse simulator in a blocky world!Mine,explore and craft! Adventure game with cute animals! So takeyourgirlfriend or boyfriend on a horse ride with “My HorseRacing:Girls Craft”FEATURES:3D interior modelsSandbox world of cubesRotating and savingCustom wallpapers for girls, carpets and furniture modExterior design home - gardens, pools, flowers, parksHouse plannerCute pink and colorful texturesColoring book and sketch bookCOMING SOON:Multiplayer Exploration ModeBlock Craft 3D ModeGirls Craft ModePrincess Craft extension pack (Cute Castle Interior Design)My Own Horse - Story ModeBuild Craft Exploration extension pack (custom houses +extrafurniture)Enigma adventure modePixel texture packSEE OUR OTHER GAMES like coloring book or archery games for boysandgirls!Ride a horse of any kind!Build and create anything!Make friends with horses and ponies!
Build Farm 🐮🐑🐷🐔 1.RANCH.007
SarlO Studio
★★★★★ PLEASE RATE THIS GAME WITH5STARS★★★★★Start your construction today! Create your infinitefictionalworld!There are endless possibilities for you in an infinite world.Withmany surprises and various difficulties. Search and buildnewmaterials to build everything you want. Farm animals and buildafarm. Here everything is possible.Enjoy this endless paradise.Everything you can imagine. Digging, building, collecting,hunting,fishing, breeding, fighting, exploring, flying, and more..And allthis for free !!!there are several animals you can either breed or leave alone.Theycan be fed and raised. Cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, andmanyothersThere are over 100 different items in your inventory tobuildseparate rooms including a living room, bedroom, toilet,bathroom,a private garden, a house for animals.Easily place the standard blocks that you want to install andusethem to build something, you can build everything youcanimagine.Choose creativity or survival mode, move through your world andmakeit more remarkable.Move through this endless world in flight, save your work, andplayagain later.Everyone loves Kraft games, they have become popular all overtheworld; You can start with a few blocks and gradually buildanempire.Explore and start developing your dream. You can use manydifferentitems, so you can create your ideal Kingdom. The game isinfinite,which makes it so intriguing.Try out the game and tell us what you are doing.Of course the game is further developed and constantly improved.Soif an error occurs we ask you forgiveness. There will soon beanupdate.★★★★★ PLEASE RATE THIS GAME WITH 5 STARS★★★★★
Build Craft 2 1.0.1
Sequel of the hit game Build Craft! The newmapand new adventures are waiting for you! Cubic world and anamazingsandbox with a full range of entertainment: Explore mines,collectresources, create tools and weapons, and ensure yourselffullprotection from predators and thieves.Several types of biomes and beautiful places where you can buildahouse, castle, or find complete buildings for settlement.Startplaying in the classic mode with survival, craft anddevelopment,or give rein to your imagination and play creative,where all unitsare available for the construction and creation ofuniquearchitectures.Dedicate your life for the Build Craft!Features:- New maps and biomes.- Game characters and mobs.- Two game modes: creative, classic.- Simple creation of different items, weapons, armor.- Pixel 3D blocks for construction.- Special items from Herobrine mode: a pick and a sword.- Game shop and daily bonuses in the form of coins.
Survival: Island Build Craft 1.5
Feel like a block head castaway onpixelisland! Survival in the wilderness is the main task! Buildshelter,craft items and survive! Build your own cube ship or raft,build acamp, prepare fireplace and palisade! Mine,craft &buildfortress! Feel like Robinson Crusoe! Monsters come in thenight sobe prepared! Hunt wild animals to eat, defend your camp!Use blockswhile building your fortress! Free survival crafting gamebased ina cube world with Caribbean islands, ships and ‘paradiselost’environment! Survive at the World’s end! Exploration of theislandis the only way to survive! Build,craft & explore!Islandsurvival craft simulator in a cube world! Swim, hunt andexplore!Sail and discover unexplored lands! The only limit isyourcreativity and imagination! Crafting game & survivalsimulatortaken to another level! Play one of the best free robloxsurvivalgames for teenage boys & girls! Create an Adventure!Nodungeons and dragons! Just you, a treasure island and yoursurvivalskills! This lite pocket mine block craft game for boys andgirls,inspired by the popular cube & voxel based pocketeditioncreative games, lets you craft & build your caribbeanblockyworld! Survive on the lost island made of pixels and cubes.Makethis place your home - build a shelter! Craft & build aperfectcube castaway story! Exploration world craft is here! Playin acreative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into thecubeworld.Craft, and explore! Enjoy tropical island views - cubeocean,pixel animals and jungle! Exploration of randomly generatedcuberoblox terrains, build and create amazing & perfect thingsfromthe simplest of shelters to the grandest of cubefortresses,castles and mine to the earth core! Become anadventurer! Become amaster survival expert. Dive into the water,swim, sail and be apirate! Beware of hungry sharks! This game willnot bring you onlyjoy and relax! This game for boys and girls willget you addicted!Pirates, tropical islands and survival world craftmode. Cuberoblox world and your infinite creativity! This lite gamefor boysand girls contains: block placing, cube world, real timeworldcraft generation. Building and survival!Craft & Explorethecube world - build a maze! In this incredible and totally freegameyou can destroy all the blocks, collect resources, surviveandbuild cube/pixel buildings. This pocket edition game (PE)containsa large number of different blocks with which you can craftyourown cube block head Robinson world!Craft & explore!Soplungeinto the fantastic world of ‘Survival Island CraftExploration:Lost Paradise’ - with new cube pixel worlds andadventures! Placeblocks / cubes move voxels, dig and mine to findthe dead man’schest with treasure! Go beyond your wildest dreams,make your owncube robinson roblox island, castle or city! Transformthe surfacein a 3D environment! Build shelter, fight, battle anduse blocks tocreate whatever your creativity brings! The only limitis yourimagination! Start a cube world craft! Explore, mineresources,craft tools and weapons. Make traps and grow plants!Tailor clothesand hunt animals! First of all - try tosurvive!COMING SOON:Multiplayer (multicraft)Crafting itemsBuilding craft modeSurvival exploration modeCube Block CraftWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeStory modeInterested in other crafting free games like Girls Craft orMedievalCraft? See our other games!1. Survive on a desert island2. Build a shelter and explore the island3. Defend your camp! Enemies come in the night!
Pirate Crafts Cube Exploration 1.18
Feel like a square head pirate!Caribbeantreasure islands need to be explored! Build your own cubepirateship, be a captain and fight your way to the treasure!Mine,craft& build the Pirates den! Use blocks while buildingyourfortress! Free survival crafting game based in cube worldwithpirates, ships, gold treasures! Sail to the World’s end! Hidethetreasure at Dead Man’s Island! Exploration of the CaribbeanIslandswith pirate ship! Prepare for sea battle! Build,craft &findthe hidden treasure! Island survival simulator in piratestimes!Swim, hunt and explore! Sail and discover unexplored lands!Hidethe treasure, create a treasure map. The only limit isyourcreativity and imagination! Crafting game taken to anotherlevel!Play one of the best free pirate games for teenage boys&girls! Create a Pirate Adventure! ! No dungeons and dragons!Justyou, a treasure island and a pirate ship! This lite pocketmineblock craft game for boys and girls, inspired by the popularcube& voxel based pocket edition creative games, lets youcraft& build your caribbean pirate world! Survive on the lostpirateisland made of pixels and cubes. Make this place your home -builda shelter! Craft & build a perfect cube piratestory!Exploration world craft is here! Play in a creative modewithunlimited resources or mine deep into the cube world.Craft,andexplore! Enjoy tropical island views - cube ocean, pixelanimalsand jungle! Exploration of randomly generated cube terrains,buildand create amazing & perfect things from the simplestofshelters, homes to the grandest of cube fortresses, castlesandmine to the earth core finding the hidden treasure! Becomeanadventurer! Become a master pirate. Dive into the water, swim,sailand be a pirate! Beware of hungry sharks! This game will notbringyou only joy and relax! This game for boys and girls will getyouaddicted! Pirates, tropical islands and survival world craftmode.Cube world and your infinite creativity! This lite game forboysand girls contains: block placing, cube world, real timeworldcraft generation. Build a cube pirate world!Craft &Explore thecube world - build a maze! In this incredible andtotally free gameyou can destroy all the blocks, collect resources,survive andbuild cube/pixel buildings. This pocket edition game(PE) containsa large number of different blocks with which you cancraft yourown cube square head pirate world!Craft & explore! Soplungeinto the fantastic world of ‘Pirate Crafts: CaribbeanIslandExploration’ - with new cube pixel worlds and adventures!Placeblocks / cubes move voxels, dig and mine to find the deadman’schest with treasure! Go beyond your wildest dreams, make yourowncube pirate island, castle or city! Transform the surface in a3Denvironment! Build shelter, fight, battle and use blocks tocreatewhatever your creativity brings! The only limit isyourimagination! Start a cube world craft! Survive in thepirateCaribbean Island as dead men tell no tales!COMING SOON:Multiplayer (multicraft)Crafting itemsBuilding craft modeSurvival exploration modeCube Block CraftWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeStory modeInterested in other crafting free games like Girls Craft orMedievalCraft? See our other games!Find a treasure on Dead Man’s Island!2. Be a Caribbean Pirate!3. Build using blocks!
Blockly Craft
Узнайте рецепты крафтов для игры BLOCKLYМногие просили сделать такое приложение, теперь оно доступновGoogle Play :)Find recipes tocraftgames BLOCKLYMany asked to make such an application, it is now availableinGoogle Play :)
Girlfriend Craft: Love Story 1.2
My Virtual girlfriend in a girlscraftworld!Dating sims! Real chat! Talk to girls! High schoolcrushgame! Havea girlfriend in a cube world! Build, mine, createandexplore onValentine’s Day! Girlfriend and boyfriend games!Pocketedition ofthe girls world! Dream girlfriend mode forMinicraft!Girlfriendsimulator games! Creative game for teenageboys! Make asweetscandal or become an Office lover! Seduce yourbest friend!Have acollege love story! The world is infinite - makeandcreateanything you want! A great dating game with a creativemodeandadventure mode! Cube craft world with pretty girls!Thebestboyfriend & girlfriend games! Have a virtualgirlfriendandmake your ex jealous! Let your school crush love you!Be anawesomeboy and pick any chick you want! Dating simulatorwithcrafting andbuilding. Build, design and decorate a dream houseandlivetogether! Have the best wedding ever! Dateway! Explorationliteofthe cube world with a handsome boy and sexygirlfriend!Build,create, mine & craft! Meet and chat withbeautiful girls!Loveand exploration lite. Create a crazy lovestory! Make aparty,invite your best friends and have fun! This gamelets youcreateanything you want! From dream girlfriend to boyfriendlovestory!Love and romance in a block world! So build your lovenest,have apet - kitty or puppy or even a little pony! Great freegamesforboys and girls! Be a perfect boyfriend! Be a perfectcouple!Stopbeing single! Find your romantic princess! Dating craft- thebestgame for boys and girls! Boys & Grils craft.Storymodeminicraft based on high school and college love story!Beaprincess of the prom party! Plunge into the world ofcraftingandbuilding. Create and build structures from small housestothewhole city! City building game! Build a princesscastle!Makefriends with pets (puppy, cat, pony). Create the bestlovestory!Create a fashionable world! Blocky craft - girledition!Highschool dating in a blocky craft! Sandbox girls craftworld!Simgame - decorate, design! Minicraft pocket edition ofstorymode!Girlfriend simulator, love games for boys! The bestValentineapp -surprise your girl with a Valentine gift!Upcoming features:MultiplayerChat - real! Talk and date!Spa salon modeFashion craft (design)Craft for girls modeMy unicorn & mini games!Love calculatorCooking in the kitchen mini gameLove testerMy love story modeCrafting and buildingBe tagged! Dating!Decorate a Doll House or man’s cave!See other apps for more girls crafting games! Princessandfashioncraft games are available for free!Meet the girl of your dreams. App for singles!Build and explore together!Create your own love story!Have a beautiful girlfriendReal chat! Talk and date!Explore the world together!
Pixel Labyrinth 2.4
Pixel Labyrinth - game made in ablockystyle.You will find 8 different mazes and lot of movable cubes! Youcanalso demolish some buildings or walls!Also we offers you 6 characters with different skins!You can unlock all of them if you have enough gems which canbefound during labyrinth exploration. Look for the greenones.Labyrinths are also haunted by ghost!Blue gem will give you special shield which protects youfromthem.If you want to run fast, look for red diamonds! They will giveyounice boost!
Tropical Craft 2: Jungle Mine 1.1.0
Refery Games
Immerse yourself in a journey throughthemysterious jungle. Explore underground mine, getpreciousresources, and challenge the ancient tribes.The game for lovers of adventure on tropical island!* Want to feel the danger and amazing survival?* And love construct and destruct? Love block worlds?* Then this game is for you!You will explore the uninhabited island and settle on it.Buildhouses, plant trees, spend a nice time on a tropicalisland.At your disposal:- Large block world- Fairy story and easy craft- Building and destruct everything that you want- Many kinds of enemies (aborigines, mad men, nomads,sharks,Herobrine)- Day / night cycle- Dangerous jungle and caves
Train Craft Sim: Build & Drive 1.13
X Construction lite of a train tracks!Build,craft and explore. Create your own railway system! Craftingandbuilding game for boys and girls! Minicraft withtrains!Exploration lite & train simulator in sandbox world. Useblocksto build a huge train tracks system then ride a train to testit!Create and build a train station or a tunnel through themountains!Rail builder game free! Train simulator in blocky sandboxworld!Boys craft! Build and construct bridge, city, tunnels orevenunderground metro! It’s not train mod for it's a full freegame!Pocket edition of crafting games! Exploration lite. Build atrainstation and design and decorate the interior! Make yourownadventure - train racing? Maybe an indian railway? Anythingyouwant! Be a train conductor, train operator or bridgeconstructor!Train operator simulator game (train sim). Euro trainsuper fast orretro choo-choo? Locomotive or a super moderncarriage? Connecttracks, build and explore! Endless possibilities!Train simulator2017 is the latest cutting edge train simulator thatwill allow youto become the best train driver ever! Crafting games,buildinggames and trains! For the first time! Indian trainsimulator orTGV! Be a conductor, railway constructor or trackytrain driver!FPS simulator! Sim & city train simulator! Get onboard! Tinypocket trains right on your mobile! Pixel choo-choo forkids! Youcan build many railway tracks and start train racing!Travel withcommuters! Check the tickets and build the wholeinfrastructurefrom London undergound to New York or Tokyo subway!No subwaysurfing! Just you and the infinite sandbox blocky world!Craftingand building! Indian train simulator! Be creative - freecraftingand building games! Train Minicraft with locomotives!Mining,building and being awesome! Exploration lite - the new way!In thisgame you can drill the tunnel through the mountain or buildabridge! First FPS Train simulator not TRAIN MOD! Mine, craftandcreate! Story mode of a pocket edition crafting game! Minicraftforboys! Best hobby game!FEATURES:Building and constructing infinite railway systemBuild tunnels and bridges in a sandbox world!FPS Train driver simulatorFPS Railway system constructor simulatorSandbox world - inifinite - generate world to explore!ALL FOR FREE!Mini train games for free!Game for adults and kids!UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer (multicraft)Train racingSnow, sandstorm, rainAnimals and petsCars and traffic!Brazilian minicraft mode!
Crazy Craft : Survival Island
Digger awoke in the cubicworldwhereTinyMonsters. Try survive in hardcore 3d blockworld.Crazy Craft combines best open worldgamesandsurvivalsimulator.You can create armor and weapon collectingdifferentresourcesincaves and do your buildings morebeautiful.Discover interesting and mysterious forests, towns,castlesandcaveswith dangerous enemies.Biomes includes: rabbits and redstone circuits.Fishing,huntingorride a horse. Play craft game for you, If youlikeadventureorbuild construction.Features of the game:- Huge world- Weather conditions- A lot of blocks- Mining resources and craft weapons- Building construction- Farmer activity: you feed cows, collect milk. Ridehorsesandgrazesheep.- Weather conditions, rain, snow, cataclysms!- Zombie, mines, caves, evil spirits and unique locations!
City Craft Deluxe 1.0
★★★ City Craft Deluxe ★★★Do you like crafting games, building, fast carsandsimiliarthings? If so, do not hesitate and download thisfree,amazingminecraft exploration game. You will appear in the bigandluxurycity, where you can do really whatever you want. You canfindheremany different things like stores, police station,firestation,cinema, big shopping mall, huge inner park, where youcanfindexcellent resting zone for citiziens of the city.In the whole city, you can also find luxury cars,oldvehiclesetc. If you want, you can fulfill the tasks likehelpingthe policeand catching the criminals, who are hidden allover thecity.★ Mini Game★ Block Craft★ Car Mode★ Different weapons★ Driving vehicles★★★ How To Play ★★★* Explore whole city!* Choose your favorite car!* Pick up yur weapon!* Catch all the criminals!* Visit some stores and malls!
Block Craft game - Emergency 1.0
Imagine that you will be a policeman.Thisemergency simulator will bring you to the epic game. Try toexploreyour city and build a new parts of it. You can build blockcity,whoch looks very nice. During walks through the city, you willseepolice officers, firemans, soldiers and many citizens. Therearealso robbers and thieves. You can build a prison forconvicts.There is a section, where are army units and theiruniquetechnique. Also you can find a neighberhood with houses.There arealso interesting shops in the city. Not to miss policestation andfire station. Emergency units have their cars in thestreets. Tryto build a new part of the city thanks to new craftblocks, whichhave great graphics. Your dreams come true in thisgame and you canbe builder, police officer, fireman or a soldier.Police games willbring you a lot of fun. So don´t hesitate and trythis craft gameon your device.✔ Unique emergency environment✔ Awesome graphics✔ Great ingame possibilities✔ Tremendous experience
Cat Pet Shop: Girl Craft Story 1.6
Cat, kittens and pets with craftingandbuilding in one game! Build, craft, mine (for girls) in aworldfull of cute fluffy cats! Remember rainbow cat, grouchy cat,Georgeor other famous animals? All the pussies are here. Best ofall catgames! Now you can meet them in one game for girls! Playcool “CatCraft Story: Girls Game” - the best building and craftinggame forgirls for free! All the cats in one place! Cute animals allaroundyou. Pocket edition of exploration lite! Play with them,build thema house using blocks. Exploration lite of an infiniteworld full ofkittens! Cat sounds in the game include; Meowing andtalking!Ginger, dark, colorful - all the cats are here! Become aprincessin a girls craft game! Meet the piano - keyboard cat, thelong cat,puss in boots - say to them: hi! Kitty is the main animalin thisgame. Use your imagination to build anything you want. Buildawhole city or a small house. Girls craft with cats -cutenessoverload! It’s not another talking cat - Tom game, notanothervirtual pet game - it’s a sandbox world game where youbuild, dothe exploration and crafting. What’s more, you can makefriendswith cats, have fun with them. A great adventure game forgirls.With us you will find only free games for girls! Bestquality. Useyour imagination and create! Build a Nail Salon, PetShop or Hairsalon!This game is not really a cat simulator or a game for cats - it’sablocky world simulator game full of kittens and other pussycats!Make friends with the talking cats! Name them Tom, Angela -givethem nicknames like Ginger or George. Meet them all from NyantoKittler Cat! From Venus to Long Cat or Keyboard Cat! All forfree!The best free games for girls! Let the cat princess craftadventurebegin!UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer (multicraft)Crafting itemsBuilding craft modeWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeCute Story mode (cat Quest!)Survival exploration lite modeCube Block Craft modeExplore the world full of kittensBuild, craft and have fun!Be creative!
Pixel Block Survival Craft 0.616
You play as a first person survivor fromworldwar between human and zombies. To survive in this world, youhaveto collect items. You can craft various items from inventory,buildhouses. You have two weapons - axe and gun ( desert eagle )thathelp you stay away from death. You have to mine metal toproducebullets into your shooter gun. To survive a night, you haveto hidein tower or house (own or already built buildings). Makingyour ownhouse is really intuitive with placing blocks. The aim ofthis gameis to stay alive from undead people. Game consists of twominiworlds for exploration. This edition of game is made mainlyforpeople who love pocket cube style games.- save / load game- survival, craft, building features- pixel block cube retro style- 3d graphics- achievements
Savanna Safari Craft: Animals 1.9
Crafting and building squaresavannahworld!Free exploration lite of wild savanna! Discover cube cuteanimals.Minicraft for girls and boys! Bring your boyfriend orgirlfriendand find a wild safari pet! Craft unique items!Exploration lite ofa square cube world! Safari adventure with cutesquare animals.Journey to savanna and start a safari adventure!Exploration liteof a world of wild blocky cube animals! Pixelsavannah sandbox!Build city from blocks on savanna, desert orjungle! Travel blockycube 4x4 jeep in a vast universe sandbox! Wantto fly? Get a freesquare air plane and enjoy safari love adventurefrom high! So manywild animals to meet! Lion, rhino, elephant,monkey, zebra and manymore! Cute blocky pocket pet animals fromsavannah, desert andjungle! They’ll become your pet friends!Fantasy safari adventurewith your boyfriend or girlfriend! Chat anddate with NPCs (notreal people!) in 4x4 jeep or in plane - love andsquare air, nohigh school romance! Change clothes to impress boysand girls! Bethe cool boy or cute top girl in this exploration liteadventuregame! One of the most addicting game for girls and boys!Becomefantasy savannah hero! Create anything you want! From a zoowithanimals to doll house! Craft items and explore the endlessworld!Become a miner in Africa! Mine deep into the blocky world!Plantflowers, ride wild animals, build and create! Creative craftgamefor boys and girls! One of the best zoo adventure games!Exploration lite of savanna - in a 4x4 jeep or plane!Craft and build with blocks in this epic quest to changewildsandbox world! Realize your safari fantasy in this freecreativegame for boys and girls! Jump to blocky cube 4x4 jeep orsquareplane and visit savanna, jungle or desert! Learn about newcraftingmaterials from tribal village! Mine resources! Pixel questto craftand build new wild world! Build a city or house anddecorate!Exploration lite of open-world African sandbox universe!Bestadventure game for family and kids, high school friends, boysandgirls! Your boyfriend or girlfriend will love it! Change clothestolook like an African king or queen, prince or princess!Blockydress-up for girls - teen and high school! Animals won’t besowild, they’ll become your blocky pocket pet friends! Easycraftingand building from blocks in beautiful, retro pixel artgame. Noanimal hunting! Only cute pets! Boys and girls craftforfree!Crafting and building blocky cube wild worldBe creative! Mine resources and build an fantasy home, shelter,highschool, tribal village or city - like in city builder! Designanddecorate your safari house! Live with your boyfriend and petfriendslike king or queen, prince or princess! Chat and date insavannah,desert or jungle! No desert island! Cute animals willfollow you!Lion, rhino, monkey, zebra or even elephant! Chooseyour blockypocket pet! Beautiful, retro pixel art landscape awaitsto explore!Change clothes! Ultimate dress-up! Bring your kids andfamily! Forfree! Fantasy adventure safari without animal hunters!One of bestcube sandbox pixel art games! Extreme fun on squaresavanna!CORE FEATURES:Exploration lite of savanna!Crafting and building house!Meet cute animals!Craft and change clothes like savannah prince or princess!Find a boyfriend or girlfriend!Date on safari!Beautiful retro pixel art graphics!Build mini zoo with animals.UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer mode! (multicraft)Co-op mode! (date craft)More desert and jungle worlds to explore!More cute pets to choose from!More materials for crafting & building! (design craft)Enhanced jeep and plane!Minigames!
Play Craft : Block Survival ...4
Best Sand App
Digger has awoken in the cube world withminingand hunting.Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep intotheworld of survival mode. Craft weapon and armor to fend offthedangerous mobs.Universe of world craft is flexible and open. That even allows ittobe realized at survival forest and pixel craft.Discover interesting and mysterious forests, towns, castlesandcaves with dangerous enemies.Biomes includes: rabbits and redstone circuits. Fishing, huntingorride a horse. Play craft game for you, If you like adventureorbuild construction.Explore caves, mine ores, craft weapons and cook. At nightavoidmonsters or build shelter.Features:- craft- Multicraft- Open world- Mining resources and craft weapons- Building construction
Little Pony Survival Craft 1.3
New little pony games! Story mode&exploration lite! Friendship, rainbow and ponies! Protect theponyville from evil moon nightmare ponies! Ride a pixel pony andaunicorn! Sparkle! Play a little pony game from morning totwilight!Make friends with animals, build, explore and create.Creative gamefor girls. Little Pony minicraft! Great pocket editionstory modeminicraft sim with good ponies and evil ponies! Ponyprincess mustbe protected! Little pony celebration party is on!Build a sims spaor nail salon and have fun with friends! Create aunicorn and ponyacademy! Rainbow, sparkles and colorful blocks!This is the land oflittle pony! Explore it! Pony craft! Create yourown hero and nameit Coco or Angela! Extreme makeover! Minicraftpony edition! Oh my!Little pony world needs to be discovered!Explore the colorful openworld of “Little Pony Survival Craft”.Blocky world with cute sweetanimals! A great color game for adults,kids! Great game for boysand girls! Crafting and building thefashion world! Play the freegame with your friends or high schoolcrush! Coco (Play) the littlehorse awaits you! Pony simulator (simsgame) for free! Build a nailsalon, pet shop, hairdresser salon or ashopping mall for yourfriends! Tycoon type game! Build a glam dollhouse and decorate itwith colorful furniture! Design and fashioncute games from thebest girls sim games developer! Be transportedto a uniquelymagical place and get into the holiday spirit withLittle PonySurvival Craft FreePlay!Play the world’s most popular life simulation game! Build a cityorexplore the magic forest. Protect the pony ville from the evilmoonnightmares or bake a strawberry cake and enjoy the creativemode!Create your own cute story with ponies and a sweet cubeworld!Building and crafting for girls! Girls craft the new story!Fantasygame for kids! Game where you can have a boyfriend, build ahouseand have a family! Build Rainbow or a magic tree! Have aboyfriend,construct a house in this building simulator game! Builda wholetown! Join your favorite princess ponies & unicorns inthe mostprestigious fashion & academy around! Oh my! Littleponny canbe your friend! Collect them, play with them. Top game fortopgirl! Lite game - pocket edition! Pony games free! Boys andgirlscraft.Upcoming features:Multiplayer (multicraft)Crafting itemsBuilding craft modeSurvival exploration lite modeCube Block CraftWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeCute Story mode (Little Pony Quest!)Interested in other crafting & building free games? Seeourother games!
Crafting For Girls 1.1
✔✔✔ Crafting For Girls ✔✔✔In the north is located small, but very profitable village, whichisliving its own life. Another cities are miles far away, sothecitizens must make do with what they have. The main point inthiscrafting game is the town hall, which is lying in the middle ofthecity. Around the hall are some services like the policedepartment,the fire station, auto repair or petrol station. Anotherdominantpoint here is the church with large cementary. The most oflocalcitizens live in family houses, which are located around thetown.Most of their time they spend in a playground for children,whereyou can find sandpit, climbing place for kids, benches forsittingetc. Near the city, there is a military base, so it is verycommonto watch different fighters for example.✔ Crafting game to your tablet or mobile✔ Special surroundings✔ Many things to explore✔ Different models of cars✔✔✔ How To Play ✔✔✔- Explore parts of the city- Build another buildings- Expand the living zone for another citizens- Make better conditions
Shelter Free Craft: Mine Block
Help Steve survive after apocalypse.Youwillhave to survive on an island among the monsters andzombies.Youneed to build a house of 4x4 blocks, and learn how tousethecrafting system. To survive, you need to build ashelter,becauseat night all the monsters begin to hunt you.Free Craft offers you the opportunity to buildanythingfromblocks and the resources that you can gather,exploringtheworld.For the construction from blocks to collect wood andstone,ofwhich you can create your first things, and weapons. Foramorerapid extraction of resources use: pickaxe, axe andshovel.Free Craft includes all needed for a comfortable game modes:- Mods for mcpe- Weapon mods- Animal mods- Food modsIn game you will find the best generation of maps,whichincludesall the biomes.Highlights:✓ Farming and Cooking✓ Red, Gold, Black Smith✓ Weapon-Armor system.✓ Inventory system.✓ Basic Shelter✓ Vanilla Item Pipes✓ Eat system.✓ Crafting system.
DinoCraft Survive & Craft Pocket Edition 2.6.1
Dive into the world of prehistoric timeswithdinosaurs nearby. Play in Survive or Creative worlds fullofdanger. You can fight against wild reptiles in the sandboxcubeworld or construct giant buildings next to them. Anyway,dinosaurswill surround you.Plunge into a world full of danger. Walk around, discover andbuildyour own world.You can find many different reptiles in the world inhabitedbypredators of ancient times. Try to become apredatoryourself.Collect resources to be ready for any situation, createdifferentbuildings and weapons, explore the world and fight againstwildprehistoric animals. Choose will become your food andavoidbecoming a victim. Try to survive in this madness!You have to look around because predators are watching you.Startyour journey into the cube world of dinosaurs and try to stayonthe top of the food chain.Features:- Face many different dinosaurs.- Be survival and creative in dangerous conditions.- Craft different items, weapons and armor.- Use game shop and daily bonuses in coins.- Many types of construction blocks.- Changing the daytime- Play from first and third person view
Forest Craft: Building 1.0.4
Refery Games
Super simple system for creatingandconstructing of your world. This is a free game for those wholiketo explore the world and underground mines in search ofpreciousresources and diamonds.* Build, destroy, create new blocks!* Fight and defend against dangerous enemies!* Save the game and continue to play at any time!At your disposal:- Large cubic world.- Classic Mode and creative.- A new system of survival and simple character control.
High School Girls Craft: Story 1.7
High school girls story! Create your ownlovetale! Have a boyfriend, build, explore! Be the top girl atschool!Have a BFF, become a prom queen! The best high school gamesforgirls! Date your crush! Have a high school romance! Creativegamefor girls. Building, exploration lite, craft, mine for girls!Be aprincess of the prom! Build a nail salon, spa, hair dressersalonor pet shop! Be fabulous! Let other girls be jealous of yournewboyfriend with a sports car. Crafting and building game forgirls.Creativity, high school story romance and an infinite world!All inone game for girls! craft, mine & create! Design theblockyclassroom, make the school of your dreams! Become aninteriordesigner, a fashion girl. Make your dreams come true!Pocket edtionof a famous crafting game in the high schoolenvironment. So makenew friends at school, be the famous highschool top girl! Build,create - make your own high school story!Build your home withcubes. Design interior, build and design akitchen - start cooking!Build a whole city with a SPA, Nail Salon,Pet Shop, Make-up &beauty salon! No princess dolls for littlegirls! No cute animalsfor babies! Serious pocket game for seriousgirls! Build your ownshopping mall and take part in a fashion show!Wear high heelsshoes and explore randomly generated cube worlds,build and createamazing & perfect structures from the simplestof homes to thegrandest of cube fortresses and castles! Create yourpink kingdom!Use pink - girlish - blocks to build beautiful pinkand colorfulstructures. The best creative adventure game for girls!Go beyondyour wildest dreams, make your own cube blocky house, minecastleor kingdom! Transform the surface in a 3D environment. Buildashelter, fight, grow, the only limit is your imagination! Startacube craft! Build a SPA, Beauty Salon, Hair Salon and PetShop!High School Girls Craft: Story is the next game providedbyBuilding and Crafting Games for Girls Adventure, enjoy thegreatexploration experience!UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer (multicraft)Crafting itemsBuilding craft modeWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeCute Story mode (Little Pony Quest!)Survival exploration lite modeCube blocky craft modeInterested in other crafting and building free games? See ourothergames for girls and boys!
Girls Craft Music: Exploration, Singing & Crafting 1.7
Cube blocky world of music awaits!Becomethe most popular pop star girl or rockstar queen! Freeliteexploration sim game with dating, singing, dancing, crafting&building! Party hard or go home! Crafting, building &dancingat high school party!Build a house of musicGirls craft - new pocket edition! Mine sound from the depths ofyoursoul! Craft & build cube, blocky scene to perform cutegig! Yourfriends, cool boys & girls, will love it! Play guitarand singlike a famous pop star or rockstar! Design & craftunique musicand become a queen or princess of this square, blockyworld! Goshopping and dress up like a star! Boys will love yournew squareclothes! Meet prince from high school and date him! Finda love& chat with your boyfriend! Build a home and rock ahouse party!Best free dancing game for girls with crafting &sandbox liteexploration!Exploration lite of an endless cube worldSing & dance, chat & love! All in this free, cute dressupsim game for sweet girls! Find a pet and make him a friend!Cutelittle animal - dog, kitten, pony and many more! Take himtocinema, SPA, shopping, high school - everywhere! It’s notyourboyfriend, but still a friend! Craft & ride a cute pink caronthe rainbow road to blocky cube mine. Dress up, make a party,gigor concert! You decide it in this free crafting & buildinggamefor girls! Build unique style of music & dancing - like apopstar or rockstar! Fans will love it and your boyfriend too!He’lldate you! Pets are nice, but you deserve true love! You canfind itin this exploration lite crafting game for girls! Dress upsim onlyfor best girl!Girls rock the party! Extreme fun!Rock this gig! Gather a party of high school friends, invitethemfor an extreme dancing fun! Perform a concert of your dreams!Inthis sandbox music world you can not only sing and dance, butalsocraft new square clothes, find a cute boyfriend, date himandbefriend a sweet animal pet! Care about your lovely blocky cubepetlike a dog, kitten or pony, and date your boyfriend prince!Squarepop star dancing queen or princess! Extreme fun inexploration litefree crafting & building dress up sim forgirls!CORE FEATURES:Many instruments to play - craft unique music!Design new clothes! Dress up and become a pop star queen!(designcraft)Find a pet to care & love!Make a concert, a gig or house party!UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer mode!Co-op mode!More instruments! (rockstar craft)Enhanced relationship with your lovely boyfriend!More cute pets!
Craft Exploration Survival PE 2.0.3
Start your survival and exploration game ontheinfinite randomly generated 3D maps or create your own 3Dworldsfrom blocks with thousands of random players or friendsonline inMultiplayer mode.Create your own survival game on the infinite 3D map! Finddifferentresources, craft new items, craft blocks and build yourown shelterto survive the nights! Watch out zombies, pumpkin headsand othermobs to save your health and hunt down eatable mobs tofight yourhunger.Features:- The final generation of the world is completely worked outforevery detail: the unique biomes, Voxel mountains and caves,wildtropics, the Sahara desert, savannah and even the snowySiberianmountains!Craft Exploration Survival PE It's a Free Games .. but hasnumerousfeatures you love in the PC version of Minecraft on yourAndroidphones and tabletsCreate whatever you want with the new system of craft itemsfromblocks, ores, and other resources that you can find in thevastnessof the game world. The crafting system simple and adaptedformobile devices.
Craft Games 1.0
No need internet or wifi for singlemodeplayer, so you can play with your friend via local server,buildyour own castle or modern house, anything what you dream youcanbuild it, and stay survival from hostile mobssource licensed GPLv3:drive{dot}google{dot}com/open?id=0BzbzEojsXJotaWVwZERJdmxmLUU
Merry Craft 2: Gold Edition 9.1.6
Merry Craft 2: Gold Edition - this is thebestgame in the style of 3D sandbox! Millions of players aroundtheworld fell in love with this game, and you will love it too!Now,you can much more! Completely free game will bring youunlimitedfun only.Here you will feel the freedom for your creativity. You can dreamtothe max! You are not limited to, there are no limits!If you like extreme sports and you're not looking for easy ways-then play in the survival mode. Here you get a lot of usefulskillsfor survival and a lot of adrenaline!If you want to do all what you want without restrictions -morelikely to create a world in creative mode!And be sure - saved every world that you have created, and youcango back whenever you wish!Invite your friends to the game in multiplayer mode - toplaytogether more fun!Have a good game!- Free- Without the purchased content- Nice gameplay- For all ages- Easy operation
Craft World - Exploration 1.0
The best game in the craft style! Openthedoorsto an unlimited cube world, enjoy the beautifulweather,highmountains, bright trees. Build unique high houses,breedanimals,start a family, fish and all this Craft WorldExploration!Manyitems for the construction and decoration of houseand home, alotof weapons and clothing, animals and predators,zombiesandvampires. In this game you do not have to be bored!
Play Craft - Pocket Edition 1.0
MG17 Games
Explore the world oflimitlesspossibilities.Build your dream home on more than 3 mapsready withlots of newunits, and items for interior decoration, withnewfeaturesgardening, farming, hunting and fishing, beautifulviewsarewaiting for you! Survival & creative ready.
Raft Craft And Survive 1.0
raft craft survivale is a simulationappduringyour expedition your raft was broken and you are lost inthesea,you need to survive Also, in order to survive it needsfoodandfresh water Build axe, hammer, rope and other staff tocraftraft orcrate new walls, But beware of shark a lot of sharkiscoming foryou be preparedThe game has an advanced crafting system and willbeinterestingto people who loves craft and survival gamesStart to build your raft or craft your own island!...Repairyourraft and go home!... It's your Survival time...