Top 2 Games Similar to Host

Microbia 0.1.2
Challenge your reflexes and your friends inafast-paced colour changing arcade game that is easy to learn,hardto master!You play an evolved Microbe who is surviving a hostile enviromentbyeating lesser microbes that keeps attacking you. Your life isalwaysfading, but you must stay strong and be quick to react totheneverending changes of the lesser microbes or they will takeyoudown!20 achievements to unlock and show your highscores to yourfriendsthough Google Play Games!Don't worry if you are color blind. Go into the advancedsettingsand you can individually adjust each color to change thosethat youhave trouble with.
NanoShock - Germ Warfare 1.0
Blast away germs with your tinynanobot!Nanoshock takes classic arcade survival shoot’n’fly gamesand addsa futuristic twist!• Survive endless waves of attacking enemy cells• Collect powerful weapons like repulse andchain-lightningdefenders to upgrade your bot• Unleash a devastating super nova attack• Rack up your score with combos• No ads, no in-app purchases, no permissions and no internetaccessneeded to play