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Tap A Wau 1.5.6
IMN Studio
How long can you fly this Wau?ManoeuvrethisWau through flocks of bird and tree at the same time.You needtoplan the Wau move to survive in this game.How to play:- Just tap your finger on your mobile screen to make theWauflyhigher.- The longer you tap your finger the higher the Wau will fly.- Release your finger to make the Wau go lower because ofthegravitypull. But remember there is an air drag which slowerthegravity pulland make the Wau flies in the sky.- You have to plan the Wau move by analysing thespaceavailablebetween bird flocks, tree and estimating the gravitypullwhicheffected by the Wau air drag.What is Wau?Wau or Kite in Malay is a uniquely designed Malaysiankitethathas flown since times past. It is called 'Wau' becausetheshape ofits wing is similar to an Arabic letter (pronounced"wow").It is amarvelous tradition inherent to the culture ofthepeople,especially in the Eastern States of the MalayanPeninsula.Today,the kite is still widely found in the traditionallyrichstates ofKelantan and Terengganu, especially duringharvesttime.