Top 6 Games Similar to Whirling Balls FREE

Bubble Ball Shooter Marble Pop - Bubble Blaster 2.2
🌟 WITH OVER 400,000 DOWNLOADS - THEBESTARCADE BUBBLE BALL SHOOTER GAME! 🌟Bubble Ball Marble Pop - Bubble Blaster Shooter is anADDICTIVEbubble popper game based in the ancient pyramids of Egypt.Go on abubble ball blast journey. Pop all the marbles!Pop, match & blast all the marbles on your screen to move tothenext level. Boost your score by shooting lines of bubblesatdifferent angles and making them rebound from the boundariesinyour bubble blaster, shooter and marble pop journey!To play - just aim, point and shoot the similar colored bubbleballsand create bubble ball shooter chain reactions to eliminatethe longmarble chains using the bubble blaster marbleshooter.Bubble Ball Marble Pop - Bubble Blaster Shooter is the bestzumustyle bubble popper game for 2017. Download it now andstartscoring big!Bubble ball and marble pop shooting meets arcade marblebubbleblaster gameplay in Bubble Ball Marble Pop, having over 120levels!Your hands will get tired, but you won't want to stop!Pop all bubbles, blast each marble and go on a marblemadnesstoday!🌟 630+ LEVELS TO GO ON A MARBLE MADNESSWith over 630 exciting bubble popping & marble blast levels,youwill keep shooting the bubbles, go on a marble madness andpassthrough bubble blaster challenges of differentdifficulties!🌟 TWO BUBBLE BLAST MODES TO KEEP YOU ADDICTED IN YOURBUBBLEJOURNEY & HELP KILL TIME2 different ADDICTIVE BUBBLE BLASTER LEVEL MODES as youadvancethrough the game - Pop The Marbles and Rescue The BubbleCrush Ballwill help you pass time and go on a marble madness🌟 BUBBLE BLASTER SCORE BOOSTING TIPSFire the bubble balls and match them to eliminate the wholelineusing a series of chain reactions which will increase yourbubbleblaster journey score. Finish the level with more bubbleballs leftin the bag for scoring bonus points!🌟 SPECIAL POWERUPS, UPGRADES AND COMBOSBoost your score in Bubble Ball Marble Pop - Bubble BlasterShooterand earn extra points by using special bubble ball popperpowerupssuch as fireballs, extra moves and the nearby bubble popper- groupeliminator.So, what are you waiting for? Download Bubble Ball Marble Pop-Bubble Blaster Shooter right now and go on a bubble blastermarblepop mania!If you liked Bubble Ball Marble Pop - Bubble Blaster Shooter,wewould love to see a 5 star rating from you! We thank youforplaying and hope that we continue to bring the bestgamingexperience in the future as well. In case of any queriesorsupport, please contact us at [email protected] We’ll behappyto help!
Bob cops and robber games free 1.2
The game, Joan to escape the police. Thegameis one of the many people like to play. And also popular withmanypeople. The game is to allow players to take on the role of theonAfghanistan beams run adventure escape the pursuit of cops.Thepolice will run hunted down and caught the culprit a jewel.Somegames the player who plays Joan heard together with the policetosurvive captivity at various Sometimes the main characters inthemovie to have Joan assembly for fun things to see Joan fightwithpolice. More weapons into. In real life. Is a professionalshouldnot taken as a model because it is a crime to society itself.Within the game vs cop, players will get the. The thief whostolethe money out of the bank. To help the poor. On the way, minetheplayer will have to meet many obstacles a block. Faced withthechase and arrest of police to mobilize from all units to catchgetinside the game players will have to avoid the attack fromthepolice and whack. In take the cuffs in catch a double. And alsothefiring weapons into when the player is attacked, will maketheblood energy decreases and bob. During the escape route andjail,robber can collect various ammunition to address on the way tofirea weapon into the police. And when the distance to the passive,therobbers must meet. Check with talent such as commando unitbreak.When a player is attacking shot energy will decrease andcapturedimmediately, robbery have to start playing again. On theway, theplayer must collect coins. The money dropped and can cometo theshop to buy weapons, sun added. When players must run tosurvivefrom the police that ran in. And can use weapons. Attackedby thepress forming rectangular hand left of screen to use thedarkteeth. And can jump, avoid collect various weapons by pressingacop. Color triangle a jailbreak, the right to make charactersjumpwhen players collect weapons, rectangular top forming suchweaponsThe player can activate it by pressing a kill. The colorsquare torelease weapons and force, this game is for everyone is agame,run, jump and springs, collect coins through the plain fun caratrouble with the players. Can play both online and offline. Donotuse the Internet also play. The game is open to download toplayfor free.More information a survival.1 Play and easy control a rob, suitable for multiplayer, bothkidsand adults trying.2 Graphic, sound design beautiful a fps, quality.3 To collect coins to buy weapons,racers and gun.4 There are a variety of can play ceaselessly a simulator .5 Fun mini play anytime, anywhere.Thank you for the download. Invite friends to play togetheralot.
100 Balls Free Fall 1.8
100 Balls Free Fall:The goal of the game is to see how many points you cangetbeforerunning out of balls.Receive 10 bonus balls every 1000 points!Option to remove ads in game.The game has 3 different difficulty levels:Easy - Buckets are large and close to the chute and theballswilldrop faster.Medium - Buckets are slightly small, and a little furtherfromthechute and the balls will drop slightly slower.Hard - Buckets are substantially smaller and far below thechute,andthe balls will drop significantly slower.Each level the buckets increase speed asyourscoreincreases.You have to be a pro at timing when you open the chute.Don't forget to check out penguin mode!
Bubble Shooter 210.6
Explosive and fantastic ball game. Whichwillbring you pleasure, addiction. A good way to spend your freetimeon an airplane, bus or train. Despite the fact that the gameissimilar to the games frozen bubbles, this one has auniqueadvantage.The rules of the game and controls are the same in both modes, asintraditional classical bubble shooters. The goal of the game is,asusual, for a shot, you need to form groups of identicalcoloredballs, and then shoot them. The more bubbles you burst, thehigherthe score will be. Addictive is that it has manyinterestinglevels, from which it is impossible to tear yourselfaway.Without a doubt, this is a free game that can take you downanymood. The interface is beautiful and clean, not overloaded.Thegameplay is excellent and flawless, with bright effects.Everythingworks very quickly - you will notice it right away. Thisgame is soaddictive that it can cause a mania. At any time you cancontinuethe game without losing the entire previous process.Do not sit back, but start playing right now, enjoying theexplosionof bubbles. There are more than 2000 levels ahead.Features:● Over 2000 interesting and tightening levels;● Puzzle mode;● Arcade mode;● Quick animation;● Explosive effects.
Cool Brick Breaker 1.1
AZS Software
Break thousands of bricks throughlotsoflevelsof increasing difficulty with this classicretrostylegame!- Cool Brick Breaker is an addictive free game withgreatgraphicsandmusic that includes many items, bonuses andpower-upssuchasmultiball, expand paddle, laser and muchmore!- Touch the screen to release the ball and move the paddle.- You can control the trajectory of the ball makingitbounceondifferent parts of the paddle.- Prevent the ball from falling through the bottom ofthescreenandremove all the bricks to pass to the next level.- Try to get the highest score!- Press the Back or Menu button on your phone or tablettopausethegame. You can also enable a pause button in theOptionsmenu.GAME ITEMS AND BONUSES- Expand the paddle.- Shrink the paddle.- Reduce the speed of the balls.- Increase the speed of the balls.- Give the player an extra life.- Split each ball into three balls (multiball).- Add to the score the number of points inside the item.- Subtract to the score the number of points inside the item.- Temporarily obscure the level.- Temporarily make the balls do notbouncewhendestroyingblocks.- Temporarily create a wall of indestructibleblocksatthebottom.- Temporarily stick the balls to the paddle untiltheplayertouchesand releases the screen.- Temporarily make the paddle shoots two lasers.If you enjoy other brick breaking gameslikeBreakout,Arkanoid,Brick Busting, Break The Bricks, BrickBreaking,SmashBrick, BrickBreaker, Block Destruction or BrickBuster, youwilllove this coolgame!
Elola Bubble 21.1
The classic game of marbles, you can choose2game modes are "standard" or "arcade". Game rules are verysimple,create a combination of 3 or more balls and knocking themgoing tonew levels. The game has over 1500 challenginglevels.