Top 24 Games Similar to RuuunAway!

Mad City Rooftop Police Squad 1.0.3
Escape from ultimate police carchaseasracing motorcycle rider in epic cops n robbers adventure.PlayMadCity Rooftop Police Squad newest action series availableforfreein Google Play store.Leaving crime life is hardline for any gang memberswhojoinunderworld mafia to earn some cash with package delivery.Yougotlucky to manipulate your crime lord and he allowed youtoleavemafia driver job and become a good citizen. But yourrivalgangstershooter takes it as ultimatum and feels dishonored.Theytip offthe police spy to get you killed or arrested in NY city.Torevokeyour US citizenship and brand you refugee for life. Runforyourlife and make an attempt to flee patrolling policemotorcycle.Youplay roleplay as a big time gangsta who accomplishedsome bigjobin New York city. Like shoplifting in superstore andriot inurbantown. Drive fast and persistent to escape cope bikechase asrealmotorcycle rider. Police helicopter pilot informingyourlocationfrom hi-tech heli scanner. Get on building rooftopandsneak yourway out of slum area.It’s not some insane parkour training game or mafia drivinggamethatyou played before. Buckle up as police car jump on youwithhi-techshooting weapons. Stay alert sneak out way asinvisiblebecause youcan’t manipulate a true detective with somecash orbribe. Street dogcanine barking on your rooftop jumps.Sneak wayout of cop duty tocomplete city escape. Its police Vsyou, asshooter use shotgun orsniper gun shoot barrels to makediversion.Escape battlefield aliveagainst modern strike grenadesfrom policeofficer. Escape cop bikechase with your motorcyclestuntskills.Features:★Intense police car escape missions★Amazing motorcycle rider game-play★Hardcore shooting mode with modern weapons★Use Sniper rifle, Shotgun and pistols to kill bad cops★High-Octane action based gameplay for parkour skillsDownload Mad City Rooftop Police Squad game and playroleplayasgreat gangster and target police helicopter weak spotandmakecritical striking with assault guns and sniper rifle.
Stalker Run ~Red Riding Hood~ 1.0
Skilach Game.
"Heh, strange figure!? Aiiieee!"Little Red Riding Hood was runningas she could to escape from the wolf."I wonder if I could flee from him with my foot?""I Ja okay, once I fled into the forest's. I could !"Little Red Riding Hood did escape into the woods."How I wonder become ,~oh~o,da~ha ,if Once caught?"Little Red Riding Hood became anxious."Anyway, I ~O~o Yo~o I just run away run away run away!""U~o~o~o~o~o~o !!!"Little Red Riding Hood raised the cry.
Bone Dead Mansion – demon tag 1.0
The rules are simple.Be a demon and catch the humansor be a human and evade the demons.The thrill of the chase will get your heart pounding.Walls are randomly set, depending on your luck they willhinderorhelp.Boosts are dropped on the stage, use them wisely to clear thelevel.- Sounds and Music courtesy of -Vita-chi-Sozaikan, Amachamusic,MaouDamashii,Rengoku-teien,Soundeffect-lab - Support -
Cube Prison: The Escape C20
Cube Prison: The Escape is an extreme blendofunimaginable battles and devastating enemies set againststunning,but deadly landscapes. To escape, you must be preparedforanything. There's only one way out, and that exit is throughenemybase. You are a dead man within these walls, but survivalandsweet, sweet freedom awaits you beyond these seeminglyimpenetrablewalls. Are you ready to break free and make the mostdaring escapeof your life?***PREPARE FOR LARGE MAPS***Cube Prison: The Escape boasts massive landscapes riddledwithunforgiving enemies, powerful weapons and the perks you'll needtoaid in your survival. In this bleak, modern block world, youcanactually use the surroundings around you to help you completethelevel, such as explosive cylinders or rioting inmates. To createagame that caters to elite gamers who challenge themselves tothemost exciting and extreme games, we had to design maps thatarehuge. Because of the sheer size and the magnitude of enemiesineach level, load time can take awhile. We ask that you sit backandenjoy the brief breather and rate kindly. After all, this is afreegame.★ ☆And so it Begins...★ ☆Nightmares present themselves in many ways. Heart pounding,sheetsoaking fear drives these dark dreams. Most will wake up fromtheseterrors none the worse, but others are captive prisoners tothesehorrors in both sleep and wakefulness. For longer that youcanremember, you've fed off these fears. They've driven you toconquerrealms beyond the imagination. In your journeys, you've seentheunimaginable, experienced the cruelty and madness of the worldandnever once looked back. It's an addicting, adrenaline rush thatyoucould no more walk away from if you were forced at gun point.Thelap of luxury and creature comforts of home, family andfriendsbelonged to Others, not you. Perhaps you were just wireddifferent,or perhaps it was due to circumstances. But as ineverything, therecomes a time when you must wake up from even themost euphoricdream...You've spend your life storming the muck slung floors of deathcampsand haunting the halls saturated in the metallic stench ofbloodbelonging to one too many penitentiaries. The only personbraveenough to break into a prison. It is in a cruel twist offate, youare wrongfully accused of terrorism and end up withinthehigh-security prisons where you are on death row for yourcrimesagainst the capitol.For a man who has spent his life on the outside, looking in, youarenow suddenly thrust into the position of the man on theinside,looking out. These brutal confines are a nightmare all theirown,with means of torture and extraction far beyond the imaginingsofeven the devil himself.To survive... to escape, you must fight your way to survive anddothe unthinkable to escape. You must be prepared to doanything,even if it means pulling the trigger or getting to thewardenbefore you are to be executed. Confront endless mobs ofguardsarmed with the most elite modern weaponry and gohead-to-headagainst inmates who will stop at nothing to see totheir ownfreedom. Battle these barbaric warriors hand-to-hand, thenwieldyour own epic weapons against them as you amass your ownartilleryfrom among the living and the dead.★ ☆SEE AND FEEL THE ACTION★ ☆Immersive tablet and Android game play are at your fingertips.Fansof free online action games will fully enjoy this explosiveworldcraft style 3D block world. Stunning visual effects andeasy,intuitive touch screen controls allow for a gaming experienceoflegendary proportions. Quest to destroy all who dare standbetweenyou and freedom until you can claim the title ofultimatechampion.Features:-Entity map for aerial view of oncoming enemies-Choose weapons easily or fight hand-to-hand-Weapons: Katana, M1911, M4, MP5, Shotgun, Sniper, AK-47-Adjust movement and aim sensitivity on the settings menu
City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D 2.2
The City Traffic is under threat andcriminalare snatching cars and escaping. Take the best kill shottoeliminate each escaping criminal in the car.This City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D is a realistic FPS FirstPersonShooting Game, in traffic and car sniper shooter game, youhave toplay the role of a deadly marksman and an ex-army SWATcommando andbravo sniper hunter with elite kill shot skills andcollateraldamage to the criminals, don’t let your oppositionrunaway in thesnatched from innocent city people. Remember, you area masterassassin has been hired to infiltrate secure locationsandeliminate high-profile targets with lethal strikes. Take yourbestslingshot.In City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D, your are assigned toeliminatethe terrorist and other enemies of the state, the enemiesandcriminals are using the local cars and transporting in policecars,trucks, taxi and other vehicles, your task is to blow themaway onthe way and don’t let them escape, take the perfect killshot andkill them all, your mission is your top priority, be abravo sniperkill shot skilled traffic hunter and finish your job.Prove thatyou have the best sniper and hunting skills to shoot downthetraffic cars running on the city roads. You are an eliteassassinsniper shooter and traffic hunter with modern snipertechniques,get ready to play your part in hunting down thecriminals indangerous attacks and silent assassin missions.Eliminate cars withenemies at street level or take out the eachsingle high-profiletarget.Aim, Shoot and Kill, be the perfect marksman and rouge army inCityTraffic Modern Sniper Shooter 3D, use your modern sniper gearandrifle to take the extreme headshot, this sniper rifle isespeciallydesigned for assignment like this, it has an extremepowerful zoom,unlimited ammunition with powerful piercing bullets,deadly muzzleand perfect barrel to take the best and extreme realkill shotcriminals and enemies escaping in the cars and hiding inthe citytraffic. This is the perfect way to take the revenge ofyourcountry and proving to be the best marksman to hunt downandinitiate the war of revenge leading in crazy city trafficsniperand eliminating the criminals in killing andhuntingbrutality.Being a hunter and elite SWAT command master sniper assassinandbest criminal traffic hunter, equipped with a sniper rifleengagein stealth mission, long-range targets and a mob of enemycars makethis a perfect traffic sniper hunter 3D and sniper furyassassinshooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminate criminals, cars,jeeps,suv, 4x4 and some escaped prisoners while you watch out thecarsaround the city in search of your targets in this trafficandhighway car shooter and sniper modern combat game thissnipershooting game gives you the opportunity to kill and hunt downcarsin traffic by using the latest Sniper Weapon on the roadwayandhighway passing by the city.This game of traffic and car city hunter and sniper shooter isallabout testing your shooting and sniping marksman skills. Canyoushoot fast moving traffic and other armored vehicles, do youwishto destroy the enemy escaping in cars and armored vehiclesonhighways and city roads? This is city traffic sniper shooterandhunter game gives you the opportunity to hunt down the carsandvehicles by using the latest American rifle with sniper gear onthehighway entering by the city.
Drop Eraser 1.6.7
◇◆◇ On the coattails of all of you3000,000downloading, thank you! ◇◆◇I have a great reaction led by a school and the workplace!In addition, I raise the ideas of the challenge mode atanytime!I want to adopt the interesting idea positively!Flick! Hit! Push!Good old DropEraser comes up by application!Flick the eraser of the enemy to the outside of the desk!The usable eraser more than 150 kinds!I defeat an enemy, and let's leave all erasers open!A play is possible to up to four people with theMulti-playmode!It is certain that I liven up with a friend and a family!◇ ◆ SAT-BOX app ◆ ◇Pen series clamp500,000 DL breakthrough totalMonsters Coin400,000 DL breakthrough totalGalaxylaser series300,000 DL breakthrough totalDark Knight Story Series100,000 DL breakthrough totalOther popular series number!Total 7,000,000 DL breakthrough app!Send by mail the following inquiries about this [email protected]
Can You Escape Haunted House? 1.0.4
You are awakening on strangedesertasylum,don’t remember who you are and how you got here! Findyourway out,dare to plunged in the alternate reality whereyoucannotdifferentiate between dream and reality. Who is saint andwhoisthe devil? Play the first ever psychological 3Dactionandadventure game, Can You Escape Haunted House?Get ready to play most thrilling and challenging simulationonGoogleplay store. Prepare to roam inside scary hauntedasylumruins andtrack your way out of the unlocked doors. Completeuniquemysteriesand deadly traps long forgotten to be solved.Thedangerous obstacleswill always keep you over adrenalinefilledrush to understand thecreative puzzle with intriguingenvironment.Desperate time breakingup and it will force you toclear thispsychopath thrilling mysterieschecking your mentalhealth. Followthe intriguing script and watchout for the hiddenclues. Can youescape from the day dream andmanipulate odds in yourfavor whenyou are losing sanity?Are you focused enough to remain saint or get stuck inthisnostalgicsurvival and creative puzzle game? Enjoy 3rdpersonsurvivalsimulation as protagonist follow clues and get thehellout of thismaze. Solve riddles and enigma enjoy best timekillingfun simulatoron your mobile and tablets. Escape obstaclelikeparkour, look outfor hidden keys to unlock doors.Escape the impossible architecture by solvinggeometrypuzzles,uncover hidden paths for escaping death. Let yourfeardiagnoseyour weakness and become your strength in thislushuncoveringgameplay. Challenge your scary behavior in the timeofcrisis,killer clown fears will hunt you down on every corridorandturn ofthis mental hospital building. You will searchforparanormalactivities and some devil or zombies. But the creepymythwillremain locked till you finish this innovative scaryadventuregame.Feel lost hearing echo and sounds like nightmare.Loosing hopeforhumanity and stopover to save ancient artifacthidden indeadlytraps. Who knows?Features:Look for correct doors among more than 100 roomsacrosshospitalbuildingInnovative game-play with intriguing nightmareandescapingsimulationBest physical puzzle game full of curiosity andmystiquecraftsIntuitive touch controls for first ever thirdpersonadventuregameCaptivating music with insane challenges like never beforeA must play game for all mystery lovers toexperiencecrazyvoyageDownload Can You Escape Haunted House? Become guardian ofdreamworldand escape the illusion and mysteries.
Yokai Escape for Yokai watch 1.8.0
It is a fan of simple games to kill time“Yokaiwatch” can play for free.Fan game to devote for “Yo-Kai watch” lovers to thewholeworld!While escape the looming wall down, compete for highscoresgame!More and more get away down by operating the popular character!You can choose from the control are two different ways.・Touch・TiltFan of “Yo-Kai watch” is pleased! You get the word of praisefromJibanyan to the end of the game!■ How to Play1. get away down by moving the Jibanyan to left and right!2. score is added to the time you run away under!3. hit the wall and the game is over!■ this specter watch like to recommend· I love free games made to kill time!Nintendo 3DS In addition to the game and who want to enjoythespecter watch!※ This app is an unofficial game app.※ This app is the yokai watch not there any relationship.
アクションゲーム「ダッシュでバトル」 〜暇つぶしゲーム無料〜 1.43
意外に人気でシリーズ50万DL突破!!!・簡単で走るのが楽しい!・ストーリーがあって面白い!・育成とかRPG要素もあってハマる!無料なので暇つぶしに最適!!!ただの走るゲームじゃない!◆ アプリ紹介頂きました! ◆◆◆◆◆育成要素、ガチャ、ストーリーもアリ!CPUと競争する対戦型の横スクロールアクション◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ストーリーなぞの組織にとらえられた主人公…そこである肉体改造をされてしまう。この「なぞの組織」とは何者なのか?一体、何が目的なのか?そして一番の謎である、「なぜボクは走るのが速いんだろう・・?」主人公はこの謎を解き明かすべく、今、立ち上がる!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■遊び方「ビルの上で競走だ!!!」・コンピューターとタイマンバトル・キャラは自動的に走り出します・ジャンプでビルの間を飛びこえよう・敵より先にゴールすれば勝ち勝てば敵のシューズをゲットできる!それを装備するとさらに速くなれる!育成要素も満載のアクションRPG!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■操作方法操作はとっても簡単!・タッチでジャンプ!・二回タッチで二段ジャンプ!!・タッチしたままでローリングジャンプ!!!ローリングジャンプとは空中を飛び続けることができる便利な技です。ビルとビルの間が長くて飛びこえられないときに活用しよう。はじめに練習タイムがあるのでご安心を。━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■勝つとお楽しみタイム「敵の持ってる強いそうびをゲットだ!!」このゲームの一番の面白いポイントです!「ぶんどりタイム」といいます。敵によってそうびが変わるから面白い!レアアイテムをゲットした時は超楽しいよ!ぶんどりでハマる方多いです!アイテムに応じたぶんどりポイント(略してBP)が必要です。BPはバトルをこなすと貯まります。BPを貯めてお気に入りのシューズをゲットしよう!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■シューズ基本的な強さはシューズで決まります。ボスに勝つには強いシューズをゲットしよう1バトルで1経験値が貯まります。レベルアップすると、より強くなります。RPGよりもルールが簡単!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■スパイクシューズにはめて使います。弱いステータスを補強したりできます。スパイクによって色んな効果があります・能力アップ系・加速力アップ系・全体能力アップ系・コインアップ系・コイン値切り系・特殊能力追加系シューズとスパイクの組み合わせは無限大で、最高のそうびを見つけるのはRPGの醍醐味です!ステータスの総合力を競うランキングもありますので、自信のある方はぜひ!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■おすすめシューズ攻略に迷った方は参考にどうぞ。・序盤…ハイパーシューズ・中盤…レクストライブ・終盤…スーパーカー━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■おすすめスパイクやっぱり強いスパイクってのがあります。持ってるとバトルが格段に楽になります。・ターボ系スパイク・業物系スパイク業物はわざものと読みます。どれもレアものばかりですが強いです。━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■主人公のレベル上げ広場でモンスターをタッチすると経験値がたまり、主人公のレベル上げができます。・ついでにコインもたまる・アイテムが手に入るときがある・モンスターが意外に人気色んな面でお得なので、暇をみて空き時間にコツコツレベルアップしよう!暇つぶしにもなります。━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■コツ・ビルが高くて飛びこえられない→二段ジャンプで乗りこえよう!・ビルとビルの間をこえられない→ローリングジャンプで飛び続けよう!・敵に勝てない→広場で簡単にレベルアップできるよ!・ボスが強すぎる→BPを貯めて強いシューズを手に入れよう! 序盤ではハイパーシューズがおすすめ 中盤ではターボ系スパイクがおすすめ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■おまけ要素RPG上級者の方は簡単に感じるかもしれないので、やりこみ要素をご用意しました。・最強のシューズ「ディアブロ」・強敵とバトルできる「道場」レアシューズはホーム→合成屋で作れます。他にもレアスパイクも作れます。レアシューズ、レアスパイクを装備すると暴力的に速く走れるようになるので、ぜひご体験あれ!ランキングでも上位を目指せます。暇潰しじゃなくなるかもしれませんが…ぜひトライしてみてください!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■課金アクションゲーム「ダッシュでバトル」は、完全無料で最後まで無課金で遊べます!(↑これ重要です)基本無料ですが以下のような方向けに、課金アイテムを提供しております。次のような方におすすめです。・強くなってサクサク進めたい人・社会人なので時間短縮したい人・純粋にガチャのワクワク感が好きな人必要な方のみご利用ください!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■アプリが起動しないとき動作が重い、アプリが起動しないときは「GooglePlay開発者サービス」をアップデートしてください。「GooglePlay開発者サービス」はランキングや実績でも利用されます。━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■あとがきこのゲームはランニングゲーム「ビルダッシュ有」の続編となります。前作の楽しい部分をそのまま残しつつ、育成などRPG要素も取り入れ、より面白くよりハマるゲームになるよう心がけました。主人公がなぜランナーになったのか、なぜ走り続けるのか、ストーリーで彼の過去が明かされますので、ぜひインストールして遊んでみて下さい!一応イミフ・ゲームズの作品となります。アクションゲーム「ダッシュでバトル」は無料アプリですが、みなさまの応援で成り立っております。いつも遊んでいただきまして誠にありがとうございます!Unexpectedlyseries500,000 DL breakthrough in popularity !!!- easy and fun to run!- is interesting if there story!And training Toka RPG elements are also there and addictive!Since the free best !!! to kill time'S not just the run game!◆ I had app introduction! ◆◆◆◆◆Training element, Gacha, also a story ants!Competitiveside-scrolling action to compete with CPU◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ StoryHero caught in the mystery of the organization ...So it would be a certain body remodeling.Does this "mystery of the organization" and who thing is?Together, what is the purpose?And is the most mysterious,"Why I will do it fast to run ...?"Hero to unravel this mystery,Now, stand up!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ How to Play"!!! 's race in the top of the building."Computer and negligence Battle· Character is automatically started to run· Attempts to exceed jumping between buildings in jump· Win if the goal before the enemyWin the enemy of shoes can get it!Become even faster and to equip it!Training element is also full of action RPG!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ Operation methodOperation is very easy!Touch the jump!- the second time touch two-stage jump!Rolling jump !!! while touchingThe rolling jump is a useful technique that can continue toflythrough the air. Trying to take advantage when between thebuildingand the building can not be more than flew long.The worry beginning there is in practice time.━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ win and enjoy time"It's for sale, strong equipment you have the enemy!"It is the most interesting point of this game!Referred to as the "spoil time".Interesting because the equipment is changed by the enemy!When you get the rare item is super fun!It is many people hooked in the plunder!Spoil point according to the item (abbreviated BP) is required.BPwill accumulate and do a battle. Try to get your favorite shoestoaccumulate BP!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ ShoesThe basic strength is determined by the shoes.Trying to get a strong shoes to win the boss1 experience will earn in one battle.When you level up, you will be more stronger.Easy to rule than the RPG!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ spikeUse is fitted to the shoes.Or you can reinforce the weak status.There is a lot of effect by spikeAnd capacity up systemAnd acceleration force up system• Overall capacity up systemCoin-up systemCoyne haggling system· Special abilities add systemThe combination of shoes and spikes in the infinite, to findthebest equipment is the best part of the RPG!Since there is also ranking compete for the overall strength ofthestatus, by all means If you are self-confidence!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ Recommended shoesIf in doubt to capture pleasing to the reference.Jobin ... hyper shoes· Middle ... Rekusuto live· Late ... Super Car━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ Recommended spikeAfter all there is to me a strong spike.If you have battle will be much easier.Turbo system spike· Sharp sword-based spikeSharp sword will read a sharp sword.None just rare thing, but is strong.━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ level-up of the heroAccumulate experience points to touch a monster in the square,youcan level up the hero.- incidentally accumulate also coinItem there are times when entering the handMonster is surprisingly popularSince you pay in many ways, trying to diligently level up tothefree time at leisure! It will also be to kill time.━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ TipsNot exceed flies Building is high→ will climb over in a two-stage jump!Not exceed between the building and the building→ tries to continue flying in a rolling jump!• Do not win the enemy→ can be easily level up in the square!Boss is too strong→ try to get a strong shoes to accumulate BP!Recommend hyper shoes in the earlyRecommended turbo system spike in the middle━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ bonus elementSince the direction of RPG advanced users might be easy to feel,wehave provided a crowded element.- the strongest of shoes "Diablo"- it can be formidable and battle "dojo"Rare shoes can make at home → synthesis shop.The other to also make also rare spike.Rare shoes, because so can run violent fast and equipped with ararespike, there come Experience! Also aim the top intherankings.Although it might not'm killing time ...Please try to try by all means!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ billingAction game "Battle in the dash" is,Until the end you play in a non-charged at thecompletelyfree!(↑ this is important)Is the basic free but for people such as the following, weprovidean accounting item.It is recommended for those such as the following.· Become strong people who want to advance crispAnd social person because I want to reduce the time people· Purely like the excitement of Gacha peoplePlease use only those who need!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ When the application does not startOperation is heavy, please update the "Google Play services"whenthe application does not start. "Google Play developerservices" itis also used in the ranking and performance.━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ AfterwordThis game will be a sequel to the running game "Bill DashYes".While leaving the fun part of the previous work, alsoincorporatesRPG elements such as training, I was willing to becomemoreinteresting and more addictive game.Whether the hero is why became a runner, why keep running,becauseit is revealed that his past in the story, try playing withallmeans install!It once made the work of Imifu Games.Action game "Battle with a dash" is a free app, but we made upineveryone cheer. Thanks for choosing me is always playing!
仮面ライダーエグゼイド×チャリ走 1.4
【仮面ライダーエグゼイドがチャリ走でレベルアップ!】仮面ライダーエグゼイドがチャリ走に吸い込まれた!?仮面ライダーブレイブに仮面ライダースナイプ、そしてポッピーピポパポと協力してバグスターを倒そう!【簡単操作で気分爽快!みんなが遊べる新型アクションゲーム!】タップだけの簡単操作で遊べる華麗なアクションと好きな時に自由に遊べる放置ゲームが融合!放置している間も爆発的に増えていくポイント、君はどれだけ集められるかな?【チャリ走の沙汰もポイント次第?カードを集めてレベルアップ!】チャリ走から脱出するにはベルトに封印されたカードが必要だ!ベルトの封印はコース上にあるポイントを集めると開放できるぞ!カードの力でエグゼイドをどんどん強化しよう!【ガシャコンブレイカー!シャカリキスポーツ!!】ガシャコンブレイカーを開放すれば、ハンマーモードとソードモードがタップだけで簡単に使い分け可能!バグスターを叩き潰して切り裂け!さらに、劇中で仮面ライダーゲンムが利用するシャカリキスポーツゲーマーが利用可能に!圧倒的パワーでバグスターを跳ね飛ばせ![Rider Eguzeido is arunbike level up! ]Rider Eguzeido has been sucked into the run bike! ?Rider Kamen to Brave rider snipe, and overthrow the bug Starincooperation with Poppipipopapo![Refreshing and easy operation! The new action game toplayeveryone! ]Free to play left the game is fusion at any time andbrilliantaction to play in the simple operation of just tap!Point even while you are left go exploding, how you arecollectedmuch?[Chari rumor also depends on point of the run? Level upandcollect the card! ]To escape from run Chari is a need a card that has been sealedinthe belt!Seal of the belt can be opened and collect the points that areonthe course!Trying to steadily strengthen the Eguzeido by the force ofthecard![Gajah Con Breaker! Shakariki sport! ! ]If open the Gajah Con Breaker, easy to distinguish with ahammermode and the Sword mode only tap! Kirisake crushed beatingthe bugstar!In addition, Shakariki sports gamers available that KamenriderGen-time to use in the movie! Bounce bug star in theoverwhelmingpower tantivy
おいかけっ紅魔館 1.5
お風呂をいやがって逃げるフランちゃん。あなたは咲夜さんになってフランちゃんを追いかけてください!Androidを左右に傾けての移動と、画面をタップしてジャンプするだけのシンプル操作。障害物をよけてLet'sおいかけっこ!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ver.1.5アップデート■「タイムアタックモード」を追加しました。■Webページのチュートリアルへのリンクボタンを追加しました。 それにともなって、インターネットアクセスの権限が追加されています。-------------------------------------------------------------------------------※このアプリは上海アリス幻樂団「東方Project」の二次創作作品です。※Andorid4.0以上対応です。動作確認はGalaxyS3とNexus7で行っています。Fran-chanescapesreluctantbaths.You please chasing Fran-chan Become a Sakuya-san!The movement of the tilt from side to sideAndroid,simpleoperation that only jump by tapping the screen.The chase Let's move out of the obstacles!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ver.1.5 update■ I added a "time attack mode".■ I have added a link button to tutorial Web page.Along with it, the authority of Internet access hasbeenadded.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------※ This app is secondary fictional Phantom Shanghai Alice樂団of"Touhou Project".※ It is the corresponding Andorid4.0 or more. I'm goinginwithNexus7 GalaxyS3 operation verification.
Survival: Prison Escape 1.8.3
Survival: Prison EscapeYou were sentenced 10 years imprisonment in a horrible prison.Breakout & escape the jail to chase your freedom in this freeto playprison escape action adventure game!The jail prison you are sent to is located outside the City inthewoods for a crime you never committed. It’s a high securityprison,a jail just like Alcatraz. The corrupt warden has assignedpolicesniper shooters, police security guards, k9 dogs, cops patrolcars,cctv cameras etc to keep an eye on you but you know youdon’tbelong here with all the criminals. It’s time for you to plan&break out of this jail in order to get your freedom again. Inorderto run away from this high security Alcatraz like jailyoubefriended other criminals & prisoners which helped youinblending in & collecting the information as well astheresources required.The Police warden has the maximum security like alcatraz in hereandescaping from the Jail guards only seems to be a dream. Buttobreakout is your only mission now. In order to successfullybreakout of the jail you’ll have to devise a grand &greatplan.The police sniper shooters & polices guards are equippedwithmodern weapons & guns which means they won’t hesitate toshootyou if you try to run away. It’s not just a jail break it’s awarfor survival. You’ll have to move stealthy & use yourstealthskills throughout this special mission in order tosurvive.Stealth, fighting & gun shooting is what you’ll needthe mostto survive & break out of here. Kill the police guardsbeforethey shoot, fight & kill you & pick up their modernweapons& guns to combat back. Strike hard & counter theirattacksbecause that’s what your success depends on. You’ll face alot ofshooting during your escape break out mission so be ready toaim& shoot accurately & swiftly. Use melee weapons or handtohand combat where necessary. Get ready to execute your grandprisonescape plan by killing the corrupt police men who are tryingtostop you. You are being watched through Cameras and security isallover. Police is equipped with all sort of modern weapons,guns& they can also call the helicopters for the search ofescapedprisoners. So run for your life and Survive thePrison.Immersive environment and real life sound effects would not letyouleave this game ever!Please follow us:facebook: We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected] Action Games Team
Gingerbread Dash! LITE 1.9
Ateam Inc.
★ This is a demo of Gingerbread Dash! ★Gingerbread Dash! is a new side-scrolling jumpinggamedevelopedby Ateam Inc. Gameplay consists of helping theGingerbreadManrunaway from the Giant Fox without falling into thewater orbeingcaught by other animals.The Gingerbread Man! is controlled by tilting theAndroiddevicein the desired direction, with greater tiltequalinggreatermovement speed.When playing, collect stars to make power items appearthatwillassist the Gingerbread Man's flight from his dark fate.
クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ 炎のカスカベランナー!! 2.5.5
あの『クレヨンしんちゃん』が誰でもカンタンに遊べるジャンプアクションゲームとして登場!◆ゲームの特徴◆・操作は超シンプル!画面のどこでもタッチするだけ!・猛ダッシュするしんちゃんをタッチで障害物をかわしながら、お菓子を集めていこう!・どんどん走ってメダルを集めれば、いいことたくさん!・新しいコスチュームをゲットしたり、かすかべ防衛隊を仲間にできるぞ!・なんとしんちゃんがしゃべる!操作するたびにいつでもあのセリフが聴けちゃう!◆おはなし◆カスカベの街に異変が?お菓子が街中あふれかえって飴玉、ドーナツ、ケーキ、そしてチョコビも取り放題!しんのすけも、たまらず外に飛び出すとなぞの飛行物体がお菓子をまき散らして飛んでいた。「あれは、きっとうわさのチョコビ星人のUFOなんだゾ。チョコビ星からオラを迎えに来たんだゾ」こうしてしんのすけとUFOの追いかけっこが始まった!短時間ですぐに遊べるからいつでもどこでもクレヨンしんちゃんとダッシュ!!***対応機種***必須環境:Android 4.0以降ただし、一部機種には対応しておりません。©臼井儀人 / 双葉社・シンエイ・テレビ朝日・ADK©臼井儀人 / 双葉社・シンエイ・テレビ朝日・ADK 2014©bushiroad All Rights Reserved. Powered by Applica
Survive for Money 1.4.11
Terrors of chasing by hunter!Irresistible temptations of money!Dare you to challenge the hunters in black!Come to experience the excitement and win the big prize!
School Run Away 1.2
Can you run away 90 secs?Play tag in a high school!Mates believe they're physically strong.Their jumping ability are extremely high, jump over thebuildinginone kick.All mates except you will be hunters.The time limitis90seconds.See an eraser, pick it up because it will protect you.Get a drink, dash and shake off the hunter!Ok, now the time to run.
Cat Adventure
Cat Adventure starts here!!A cat was born in this mysterious world.Explore the world and complete this enormous world!------- About this world -------Somehow, a mysterious food is hanging from the sky.And mysterious mice who prefer the food come together.There are many kinds of food.There are mice that prefer each food.Foods have their own level, and you can raise the level.As the level of food rises, more unusual mice willcometogether.What you need to raise the level of foods are coins.Coins can be obtained by touching and destroyingmysteriousmice.You can make new foods.If you want to make new foods, you need to gather eggs thatarenecessary materials for making.Eggs can be obtained by touching and destroyingmysteriousmice.You already understand?To know this world deeply, you should repeat theprocessbelow.1. Hanging a food.2. Get coins and eggs from mysterious mice.3. Raise the level of food with coins, and make new foodswitheggs.4. Change a food and lure new mice.By repeating these, you can encounter more and moreunknownmice.There are many mice in this world.It is the purpose of this game to meet all mice and reveal allthecollections.The secret of each mice is stated on the collections.Now, from today you are a resident of this mysterious world.Please do not return to the original world until youknoweverything.Here we go!■ TIPS 1The point to advance the game is to make new foods.Check the "make food" menu in advance, and know the types of eggtobe required for making.■ TIPS 2If you touch a image of mouse on the collections, you can seetheinformation of mice.There is a description about the mouse appearance time zone.This means that some mice only appear at a certain time!The time is linked with the real world, and the color of skychangeswith time!■ TIPS 3When a food level is maximized (Lv.6), something weirdwillhappen!
アルパカ逃走中!! - お尻フリフリ簡単かわいい無料ゲーム! 1.3
Sachiko Amano
ある日、突然農場を脱走した1匹のアルパカ…農夫に捕まらずにどこまで逃げられるか!?【遊び方】・ボタンをタップして方向転換・・・それだけ!【高得点のコツ】・アイテムを駆使して高得点を狙おう!・アイテムは2種類!巨大化するキノコと、無敵になれるスター!?超シンプルな操作だから片手で簡単に遊べちゃう!可愛い演出で暇つぶしにぴったりだよ!One day, alpaca ofoneanimal that escaped the farm suddenly ...How far can escape without getting caught in the farmer! ?[How to play]• Only the change of direction ... it by tapping a button![Art of the high score]· Let Nerao a high score and making full use of the item!Item is two! Mushrooms and that huge, the star becomeinvincible!?It would play easily with one hand because it isultra-simpleoperation!It's good to pass the time in the cute rendition!
逃げるぽちゃこを押せ! 1.0
うようよ逃げるぽちゃこをすばやく押してください。Please press thecrawlingescape Pochako quickly.
Jump de Coins 3D 1.2
Extra edition of "Jump de Coins"hasbeenreleased !Let's get a coin on the stage in 3D ![How to play]Let's take a coin to operate the hero of the left andrightbuttonsand a jump button!I'm gonna do it game over fall in lava below, there arenophysicaltouching the needle.Let's go over any terrain with poor footing by making fulluseoftwo-stage jump![About the Coin Shop]You'll collect coins and buy a coin shop!Or make up your strength, and strengthen your jumpingEarn coins because more and more useful items they sell!Take a magic coin shining, I'm rushing to the supercointime!!
鬼ごっこ 逃走中のひよこ 1.0.2
Smash The Glass! 1.0.0
"Smash The Glass" is a veryexcitingandaddictive game.Hit and smash approaching glasses, and get coins!You can change coins into power-ups.Power-ups make your game more exciting!What level can you reach?--------Music by Maoudamashii
Play with Cats
Heal yourself by playing with cute cats!You can see cute cats and play with them every timeandeverywhere!-How to Play-Cats will come close to you, if you put your finger onthescreen.If cats are tamed, they drop coins and kittens.If cats are tamed or not, It's depends on how your fingerisattractive.If you want your finger to be more attractive, you need toplayside-scrolling action Mini-Game and level-up your finger.Playing Mini-Game, your finger and cats level-up.If cats level-up, they drop more coins.Get many coins and upgrade lures to attempt rare cats!You can live with kittens in some rooms, if you get kittenswhichcats drop.You can get coins by stroking kittens in rooms, so collectmanykittens!See all kinds of cats, and make friends with them, and see allkindsof kittens, and complete the game!Now, let's start the 'Play with Cats' life.Here we go!
金魚の達人 暇つぶし無料金魚すくい釣りゲームRPG 16.09.00
神社に潜む伝説の金魚を倒し達人を目指そう!仲間と協力し様々な生き物を釣る基本無料の本格派金魚すくいゲーム!子どもから大人まで楽しめるシンプル操作♪<公式キャラ(まきちゃん)登場!>はじめまして♪案内人の“まき”です(^○^) 皆で一緒に金魚の達人を遊ぼうね♪( ^◇^)ゞ ヨロシクオネガイシマス♪★ゲームの特徴★操作は簡単♪タップで紙を潜らせ、離すとすくうお手軽プレイ!真ん中でキャッチすると破けるリアルな再現♪ポイを育成し進化させ様々な魚を釣ろう!仲間と協力プレイでボスを討伐するバトル♪毎週開催されるイベントで超レアアイテムを無料でゲットしよう!暇つぶしにも遊べる簡単フィッシングゲーム♪★達人の世界に5つの神社ステージが登場★①お祭り お祭りを荒らす悪の金魚出現♪②清流 数百年前の凶暴な渡りカニが!③海原 出没した海賊はイルカですって?④溜池 皇帝の異名を持つ最強ペンギン!⑤深海 地球の奥深くに金魚の神様が♪⑥クエスト 強敵が潜むクエストモード出現!⑦仲間と一緒に協力イベントで大物をフィッシング!★新機能の追加★金魚の達人が大型アップデート!アップデート第2弾となる「進化合成」機能が実装!素材を合成して、高レアリティの超強力なポイに進化させよう!6月はじめに実装されたアップデート第1弾では、超絶ダメージを与える「クリティカルヒット」や、時間を止めて攻撃できる「タイムストップ」など特別なスキルが登場!さらに「バリア」や「機雷」「煙幕」などを使う巨大魚も新出現!仲間と一緒に白熱する達人の道を極めよう!★ジャンル★無料アプリ 釣りゲームRPG (アイテム課金あり)Aim Guru defeatthegoldfish legendary lurking in the shrine! cooperation with fellow fish a variety of creatures basicfreeauthentic goldfish scooping game! simple operation can enjoyfromchildren to adults ♪Nice to meet you ♪ is "sowing" of the guide (^ ○ ^) I Let's playthemaster together of goldfish in everyone ♪ (^ ◇ ^) Isuzu BestregardsOnegaishimasu ♪★ Game Features ★Operation is to dive the paper in simple ♪ tap, Easy play scoopandrelease! To foster torn realistic reproduction ♪ POI catchevolvedin the middle will Tyre a variety of fish! In the event,which isBattle ♪ weekly held to subdue the boss in cooperative playwithfriends trying to get an ultra-rare item for free! Simplefishinggame ♪ can play even to kill time★ world intofiveshrine stage of master appeared ★① festival evil of goldfish appearance ♪ rougheningthefestivalFerocious over crab ② clear stream hundreds of years ago!③ was ocean infested pirates What is a dolphin?④ strongest with the nickname of the pond Emperor penguins!⑤ God of goldfish ♪ deep in the deep sea EarthQuest mode emergence ⑥ quest formidable enemy is lurking!⑦ fishing a big fish in cooperation with the event along withthefellow!★ adding new features ★Goldfish master a large update! Update is the secondinstallment"evolution synthesis" function implementation! Bycombining thematerial, trying to evolve into a super powerful POIhighrarity!The update first series that has been implemented in earlyJune,giving the transcendence damage "critical hit" and, can attacktostop the time special skills, such as "Time Stop"appeared!Furthermore "barrier" and "mine" is also huge fish to use,such as"smoke screen" new appearance! Let Kiwameyo the way of Gurutoincandescent together withfriends!★ genre ★Free app Fishing game RPG (Therebillingitem)