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Bubble Shooter 4.4
Classic Bubble Shooter is an AddictiveGame.And our Bubble Shooter is not just that. It is more SimpleandAmazing! It is a Single-player Game and No Network Required.Onceyou start, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, youwillfind Endless Fun!---WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE IT?---★-->A lot of Challenging Puzzles!★-->Exquisite Game Interface!★-->Cool Animation Effects!★-->Download for Free!★-->Applicable to Any Ages!★-->Applies to All Android Devices or Google Play Users!★-->Any time at Any Place!---HOW TO PLAY THE BUBBLE SHOOTER?---★-->Drag Your Finger can Move the Laser in the Direction!★-->Tap on the Bubble Above to Determine the Target!★-->Lift your finger to have a Shoot!★-->Match 3 or more Bubbles to Burst!---WHAT YOU WILL GET IN THE GAME?---★-->Get Relaxation and Happiness!★-->To Kill the Boring Time!★-->Develop Your Brain and Exercise Your Fingers!★-->Share with Your Friends!Tips: Please Enjoy Our Bubble Shooter!The More Play and TheMoreExciting!!! Believe us and Download it. You will neverregretit!
Bubble Shooter Legend 2.1.3035
Aim, tap and shoot to burst 3 ormorebubbles of the same color! Objectives differ in morethan100 bubble bursting levels. This is your bubbleshootinglegendary world. Come and join to pop now!✪ Never get bored from all bubble popping puzzles and newonescoming out all the time✪ Aim and tap to shoot bubbles✪ Match 3 or more same bubbles to pop✪ Save lovely puppy!✪ Burst all bubbles to level up✪ Pop bubbles strategically to make more combos and power-ups✪ Venture in stunning worlds. Burst bubbles in Jebel,Desert,Hoodoo, Lawn, Iceworld✪ Rainbow Bubble, Fire Bubble, Boresight, Shield and more propstoskyrocket your fun✪ Master bubble shooting joy by collecting interestingbubblepopping props in sprees for FREE✪ Small size bubble shooting game (around 10MB)Stay tuned for upcoming addictive and entertaining new levelsinBubble Shooter Legend!
Bubble Shooter 1.0.0
Just Aim and Shoot in one tap tosolvepuzzle!Bubble Shooter, the most classic bubble games and match3game toshoot bubbles and make bubble burst~ Let’s join inthebubbleadventure and solve all bubble pop puzzles!How to Play:1. Drag finger on screen and find the best directionwithhint.2. Shoot bubbles strategically and touch your target3. Match at least 3 bubbles to pop4. Shoot bubbles with less bubble to get higher scoreKey Features:Totally free bubble shooter game.Various map themes and magic bubbles.Two playing modes of Puzzle and Endless.Fresh interface and stunning effect.Kill your boring time and exercise brain as well as finger.Addictive game that you must be obsessed with.Applicable to Any Ages!It’s a game that super easy to pick up, you can shootbubblestokill time.It’s also a strategically game with Puzzle and Endless modetodobrain training and finger exercising for bothadultandchildren.Come to the magic bubble world and make bubbles Pop!
Bubble Shooter Pro
It’s time to get Pro! Had enough fromeasywinning Bubble shooter games? Try this new challenging andskillfulrequired Bubble Shooter Game! There are more than 800professionallevels filled with Bubbles, Boosts and this Bubble Shooting, fun filled follow up to the classicBubbleShooter. You goal is to use the properties of the bubblesandboosts to match at least 3 colored bubbles, complete the levelandearn three stars. Can you do it? There are over 800 tocomplete.With Awesome Power ups and boosts!✪ Fireball – pop 7 bubbles in a row. It’ll burn every bubble ontheway✪ Bomb – drop 10 bubbles or more. It’ll explode allsurroundingbubblesEncounter these awesome bubbles:✪ Stone Bubble – you can’t pop it but you sure can drop it✪ Chained bubbles - you have to break its chains before you canpopit✪ Slime Bubble – fear the slime, can it be contained?✪ Diamond Bubble – only bomb and fire bubbles can help onthisoneAre you ready to take your place in the bubble popping pantheon?Tryit out now! It’s Free!
Bubble Birds 4 - Match 3 2.4.0
The Birds are back to challenge you! Areyouready to shoot capricious bubble birds for free? Match the threebycolor and reunite birdies with their flock. You’ll turn intoacunning bubble popper!Become an eminent ball shooter and get a kick out of thebubbleblaze! It’s time to refresh your memory on the cool match3formula. In the midst of total fun don't let your guard down.Keepthe misbehaving birds in your sights: funny as they seem,there’sstill no mercy for the bubble blaster! Stay cool and you'llberewarded - among match games it's the most enthralling one,whilein the variety of bubble pop games this one guarantees fun!So,match 3 for free: bounce the animate bubble balls from wall towalland relish the clear sky!You've been waiting for such a bubble shooter game,haven'tyou?TWO GAME MODES* Blitz: Weekly bubble-blast tournaments!* Adventure: Explore lots of different colorful islands andmorethan 300 levels in a captivating match three game* Compete in bubble shooting with your friends by connectingtoFacebookBIRDS BOOSTERS* Master all of the special birds, these tiny bubble balls –bombbird, rainbow bird, cash bird, the new lightning and painterbirdsand many others! They're all funny and each is absolutelyworthdiscovering!* Unleash the Firebird in both adventure and blitz modes tospreadthe bubble blaze around!ADDICTING GAMEPLAY* Sync your progress as a bubble blaster across multiple mobileandtablet devices, so you can keep pushing into coolerlevels.* Free updates with new levels of bubble shooting, new cheekybirds,obstacles, power-up boosts and challenges* A bubble game easy to learn, but challenging to master. Doyouhave the ambition to grow as a bubble popper? Test your skillsinall-absorbing bubble ball shooter and match 3 for free. Webelievein you!Bubble Birds strategy:• Birds will try to overwhelm you on every move, creating asmuchfun and fuss as possible• The more birds you match in the bubble game, the more starsyouget in the role of a ball shooter• It's important to aim accurately in match games• Strategically plan your every bubble blast• Use boosters to overcome obstacles and keep having fun!Don’t worry, no birds were harmed in the making of this app fromtheworld of bubble pop games.Please, note! Bubble Birds 4 is a free bubble shooter game,butthere are optional in-app purchases available. If you don'twantthis option enabled, disable it on your device under"AllowedContent".Еmail us at [email protected] with any issues, questionsorcomments. We would love to hear from you!Visit our FB community!
Bubble Shooter 2 1.16
Bubble Shooter Free is the newexcitingsequeltothe highly popular Bubble Shooter game BubbleBust! -loved bytens ofmillions of players!With 5 amazing worlds featuring more than 150levels(allfree!)and more than 30 unique Bubbles you will have tonsofFreeBubbleShooting fun! Fireballs, bumpers and otherpowerfulnewboosterswill help you defeat the 20+ bosses andothergreatchallenges!KEY FEATURES:* 5 worlds with tons of levels of Bubble Popping Fun!* 21 challenging bosses* Over 30 unique Bubbles to discover* Powerful new boosters* 30+ achievements to unlockEasy and fun gameplay – Tap where you want toShootBubbles,makeclever combinations and find the hidden key tofinishthelevel!Do you like to play classic Bubble Shooter games?Thenyouwilldefinitely love this popular sequel to Bubble Bust!-theoriginalarcade Bubble Shooter game which has inspiredthecreationof awhole new subgenre of Bubble Shooters.Bubble Shooter Free is a completely free game toplay,butthereare optional in-app purchases available.Please support us by rating and reviewing!Game On! :)Follow us on Facebook: and published by GameOn
Bubble Shoot 16.5.13
Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!If you like games like bubble shoots then you have totrythisone!Another classic bubble match-three game come to Google Play.Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try toget3stars on each level.How to play:1.Tap where you want the bubble.2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points asbonus.Features:- Puzzle Mode,use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubblesonthescreen.- Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles.- Having 1000 different and challenging saga levels.
Bubble Shooter 1.1
bubble saga
Drag your finger to move the target,aim,andshoot!Free download, fun and the most popular casual puzzlebubblebobbleshooter game.This is bubble shooter Color themes, issuitableforkids, toddlers, eve adult.Level and game play base on Frozen Bubble,play game forkillingtimelike waiting bus on city or walking on street city,orrelaxinweekend.How to play:- Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in that direction.- Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them burst.- Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one.- You can even choose to play previous completed levels.Bubble Shooter, the famous game that you all love, firsttimeforyour Android device, Android tablet!
Lost Bubble - Bubble Shooter 2.52
Peak Games
Get ready for the most excitingBubbleShooter of all time! Everything you love about bubbleshootergames and much more! 🍬🍬 Just Like a Candy! 🍬🍬Crush the evil forces and save the world from the dark misttogetherwith the good witch Light Sentinel! Get rid ofPandora'sBoxes in the levels by popping bubbles, but keepin mind thatyour moves are limited and you must not hit Pandora'sBox. Play thisaddictive bubble shooter game to test yourpuzzle solvingskills. It’s fun and simple to play, but it willtake time and skillto become a bubble pop master! 😎 💜Unlock new episodes, and embark on amazing journeys inmysteriouslands. Play now to enter a world full of mysteries, magicandadventures and of course difficult obstacles set by the witchesofthe Dark World. Pop bubbles and help Light Sentineldefeatthe Witches of the Dark World!🎉 Fun Guaranteed! 🎉----------------------------------------Key Features:★ More than 1600 levels with unique layout and challenges 🎁 🎁★ Simple and addictive gameplay!★ 20+ Unlockable Magic Orbs to help you duringyouradventure★ Compete with your friends and help each other withadditionallives and coins★ Constant free updates with new features, new levels inmysteriouslocations★ Pop bubbles 🎈🎈 and discover more worlds and magic thanyouhave ever imagined in a bubble shooter game★ No ads to interrupt you while playing----------------------------------------Follow us in social networks to get the latest updates andwinspecial prizes!All rights reserved by Peak Games.Peak Games
AL Bubble Shoot 3.4
The best classic and interestinggameBubbleShooter!!Three Mode:Pressure Mode(600 Levels):Clear all the bubbles on the screenScoring Mode(100 Levels):Clear enough bubble topasslevel(include6effect bubbles)Endless Mode(20 Levels)::Clear enough bubble topassalllevel(include)How to play:1.Tap where you want the ball.2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.
Bubble Shooter Lost Temple
It’s time for a bubble shootingadventure!Pop every last bubble before your shots runout!Play over 400 fun levels to beat in the mysteriouslosttemple. Match at least three colors to burst chains ofbubbles.Earn special power-ups and solve the puzzle of thelosttemple.* Beehive - Drop 10 bubbles or more and a swarm of angry beeswillclear all the bubbles around it.* Magic beam - Pop 7 bubbles in a row and a powerful magic beamwillcut a path.How to play* Match three bubbles of the same color to pop the group.* Drag your finger to aim with the sights and let go to fire.* There’s no time limit, but you have a limited number of shotstoclear the level.* Once you pop every bubble of a particular color, itwon’treturn.* Special bubble types make it tougher to clear the level.Try to get three stars on every level in this addictivebubbleshooter game. Explore the lost temple, solve the puzzlesanddiscover the bubble popping fun for yourself.
Bubble Shooter King2 1.2.1
Pop the bubbles and clear the missionsforevery level along the way.Overcome different challenges and obstacles in all levels> Game Features- 3 different modes for all stages, Time Mode, Move Mode andArcadeMode- Collect variety of items with stars earned from eachgameplay- Upgrading bomb with different abilities- It is composed with more 500 stages, and it will be updatedmoreand more- Supports your ranking, achievement (Google log in)- support all tablet devicesHomepage: :
Bubble Shooter HD 3.91
Try out the best bubble game you can findrightnow on Google Play! Penguin Bubble Shooter is a special titlethatwill help you pass the time in the best possible way,withoutspending a dime. No matter where you need to go, this gamewillaccompany you at all times and provide you with theentertainmentvalue that you need.Do you love bubble shooting games? Then you will enjoy this titleaswell! Explore beautiful underwater locations with yourpenguinfriend as you try to get the best results.Remove all the bubbles from the game world as fast as possibleinorder to win, in hundreds of unique levels that will testyourcompetitive abilities and skills. Play into the wonderfularcademode where you can solve countless quests or engage in theone of akind survival mode that will test your every skill as youtry tomove up the ranks, trying to get the best score. No matterwhatgame mode you will choose, you are certainly in for a lot offun,as Bubble Shooter is here to help you get the bestpossibleentertainment value very fast.The game offers a beautiful design, as well as a greatbubbleshooting algorithm and cleverly created levels that are heretotest all your skills and commitment to solve the puzzles. Thankstoits one of a kind concept, Bubble Shooter HD manages to standoutof the crowd and offer the ultimate bubble shooting experiencethatyou can find in the gaming world.The control scheme in Bubble Shooter HD is very similar to theonethat you can find in many other bubble shooting games, withfluidtapping methods that you will certainly enjoy. You canevencontinue a game that you previously started withoutlosingprogress, so once you get into the game you are in for atreat. Ifyou are a person that likes all bubble shooting titles,then youdefinitely try this one right away!Instructions:You will need to find the right angle and shoot the bubble inorderto create groups of 3 or more bubbles that have the samecolor.Shooting is as simple as tapping with your finger andblasting awaythe bubbles. Of course, the more bubbles you have theopportunityto pop, the better the score that you will receive intheend.Bubble Shooter is very addictive thanks to the large numberoflevels that it offers, and because each level provides you withacertain number of stars, so replayability is at its best here.Ifyou want to try out a unique, interesting bubble shootinggame,then you need to try this game right away! Use your strategiesandgain the highest score, in some of the best bubble shootinggamesout there!
Bubble Shooter Pop 1.5.4
One fine spring day, Sasa and Bessie onajoyful picnic together, till all of a sudden! Bessie waskidnapedby a monster! And so the adventure begins, Ella and Sasaare on themission to save Bessie.Pop the bubbles and clear the missions for every stage alongtheway. Overcome different challenges and obstacles in all stagestosave Bessie.★★★ Game Features ★★★▶3 different modes for all stages, Time Mode, Move Mode andArcadeMode▶Collect variety of items with stars earned from eachgameplay▶Upgrading pet system with different abilities▶Bonus system by earning keys to unlock▶Hundreds of stages with beautiful backgrounds
Bubble World 2 1.0.304
Shoot bubbles and match colors to pop anddropyour way to rescue the trapped pets! You’ll be addicted to"BubbleWorlds " from the first hit!- 80 of well-designed free levels! Challenging free levels andgamemodes added regularly!- Easy to Learn - hard to master! Can you score 3 stars oneverylevel?
Bubble Bust! HD Bubble Shooter 1.071
Bubble Bust! - the #1 bubble shootergameplayed by over 25 MILLION people - is now available on GooglePlayfor free!This amazing bubble shooter features highly addictivegameplay,super-sharp HD graphics, 520 levels of bubble-shootingfun, globalhigh scores, 3 star ranking system and tons of excitingnew bubblesand power ups never seen before!Bubble Bust! features:✔ 3 bubble worlds and 520 levels of serious bubbleshootingfun!✔ Super-sharp HD graphics✔ Breathtaking visual effects✔ Tons of exciting new bubbles and power ups✔ Realistic game physics✔ Captivating arcade inspired music✔ 38 awesome achievements✔ Global high scores let you compete against players from aroundtheworld✔ Three star ranking system✔ Tracks today’s and personal records for each level✔ Accurate controls, with two ways to shoot✔ Excellent replay value✔ Colorblind mode✔ and much much more...The game is easy to play - shoot bubbles, clear the marbles andbustthe hidden key bubble - yet amazingly fun andchallenging!WE WOULD LOVE TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK!Your reviews/ratings are very important to us, and they’ll helpusbring you free updates with more great features and excitingnewgames!If you like other bubble shooter games you will definitely lovetheoriginal arcade bubble shooter game - Bubble Bust!Game On! :)Follow us on Facebook: and published by GameOn
Bubble Shooter 1
Rabo Store
Have a great time playing thisBubbleShootergame for FREE!Our 100+ puzzle levels will keep your engaged for hours. Wewilladdmore levels on future updates.How to play:1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in that direction.2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.3. Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one.4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 1000+ fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so youneedtoshoot quickly to avoid deathShoot Bubble Deluxe Game games free has 100+ levels to play,andmorefree, fun and addictive levels will be added to thisbubbleshooterfree download game!Bubble Shooter graphics suitable for kids, toddlers.Youcancontinueyour game to make sure that you don’t lose anyprogress.So just sitback, relax and alongside those colorfulbubbles.
Bubble Shooter 1.0.3
Magma Mobile
Think strategically, aim, shoot and get ridoffall the bubbles in a stunning Space Environment.Explore hundreds of levels with varying levelsofdifficulties.Be as precise as possible to free up locked objects, minesweepbombs or beat game bosses.The more bubbles you destroy in one shot, the better youroverallscore will get. The higher your score, the easier it willget tounlock powerful bonuses along the way. However, beware ofthemaluses. They will show down your overall progression.We need a Space savior. Are you ready for this challenge?Download Bubble Shooter for free today !
Bubble Shooter 1.1.3
Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!Another classic bubble shooter gameBubble shoot new 2017 free gamesClear all the bubbles on the screen to level up.How to play Shoot Bubble?1.Tap where you want the ball.2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Shoot Bubble Features:- Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles.- Puzzle Mode,use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubblesonthe screen.- Countdown mode, you can switch bubbles that you shootwithdifferent colors.- 600+ different and challenging levels.
Bubble Shooter Quest
G Soft Team
Play a captivating and challenging gameinwhich you shoot bubbles. Form bigger and bigger groupsofbubbles of the same color to get as many points as possible.Thisgame has a lot of exciting levels. Play, have fun anddiscoverexciting bonuses and special bubbles.Download and play now!★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★★ 522 engaging levels, each one unique and suitably challengingasyou move up through the levels. Truly epic experience.★ 2 types of levels: levels with limited moves and levels withatime limit★ 2 game objectives to accomplish: clear all the bubbles andachievethe target score to win.★ 8 special bubbles that will give more flavor to the game.★ 9 magical bonuses that will keep you engaged.★ HD quality graphics that will look great on any tabletorphone.★ Use and combine multipliers to achieve bigger scores. Theycanmultiply your score by 3, 5 or 7 times depending on whatmultiplieris part of the group. If you have more multipliers, allmultiplierswill be used.★ Bubble Shooter Quest is completely free to play. You cancompleteall levels without making a single purchase. However, ifyou wantto speed up your progress, you can make in-app purchases togetextra moves, time or lives. The account owner should alwaysbeconsulted beforehand. By downloading this game, you confirmthatyou agree to our terms ofservice:♥ ♥ Support and FeedbackIf you have any technical problems, please email us [email protected] Please, don’t leave support problems inourcomments – we don’t check those regularly and it will takelongerto fix any issues that you might encounter. Thank you foryourunderstanding!Already a fan of Bubble Shooter Quest? Like us on Facebookorfollow us on Twitter for the latest news: but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasplayed Bubble Shooter Quest!
Bubble Shooter Classic Free 3.4.4
Bubble Shooter is an extremely addictivematch3 puzzle game for anyone from the age of 5 to 95. Playing thegameis really easy: shoot at like-colored bubbles to make thempop.You'll spend hours exploding bubbles on your device in twogamemodes.Choose the Story mode and display both logic and bubblepopperskills to pass numerous tricky levels. The goal changes witheverylevel, as well as bonuses scattered on the board. Collectkeys,break through frozen and stone balls, shoot the lightningtounleash a bubble avalanche or burst virus bubbles as you trytobeat your friends' score!Bubble Shooter features:♦ Make your way through multiple puzzle levels♦ Enjoy classic arcade bubble shooter gameplay in CollectorandSniper modes♦ Tailor game difficulty to your matching skills♦ Challenge your friends and share your achievements♦ Customize bubble skins and backgrounds in this bubbleshootergame👍The fans of classic bubble shooter games may choosebetweenCollector and Sniper modes. Sniper mode obliges you toconsiderevery single tap.🏆 Improve your shooting and targeting abilities: the fewer shotsyoumake, the higher score you get.🏆Collector mode is a bubble shooting game with the aim is to getthehighest possible score. When you miss to burst bubbles a numberoftimes the row moves down. Bounce marbles with similarcolorsline-by-line until nothing is left. Explode all of them andcollectthe highest score.❤ In a word, if you enjoy free bubble games, this arcade is suretoabsorb you!Enjoying Bubble Shooter Classic Free? Learn more aboutthegame!All rights to Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon DynamicsLtd.Facebook: http://absolutist.comYouTube: Contact our tech [email protected]
Bubble Shooter 2
Play the great Bubble Jam game forfreeand experience hours of entertainment ! Featuring over800challenging levels packed with amazing boosts andpower-ups!Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to pop and win withlessshots to get more stars!🔥 Fireball- pop 7 bubbles in a row and the fireball will burnupbubbles on the way!💣 Bomb- drop 10 bubbles or more and the bomb will takeoutsurrounding bubbles!Special Bubbles💎 Chained bubbles - Break its chains before you can pop it💎 Stone Bubble – Fireballs and Bomb will work on them💎 Diamond Bubble – Don’t bother trying to pop it, try to dropitinstead💎 Slime Bubble –It slips and spreads, can you do somethingaboutit?Super fun and addictive bubble shooter game you won’tstopplaying!
Bubble Shooter 209.1
The explosive and addictive game balls.Formgroups of colored balls, and then devour them. Aim by movingyourfinger across the screen for more precise targeting, we havemadethe sighting line. Once you aim at a specific group of balls-remove your finger from the screen to shoot. Clear all ballstoadvance to the next level. With each new level the game willbecomemore complicated and more difficult.The game has the usual puzzle mode and arcade mode. You arewaitingfor more than 2000 interesting and exciting levels.Features:● Over 2000 interesting and tightening levels;● Puzzle mode;● Arcade mode;● Quick animation;● Bright and explosive effects.
Bubble Shooter Classic 1.3.5
This is bubble shooter game containsbothPuzzleMode and Arcade Mode.Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Popallthe bubbles to level up.Game Features:- Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles. Play forbothkidsand adults, girls even boy- Puzzle Mode - 500+ fun levels of saga puzzles, to playthegameSweet bubble shooter 2016: enjoyHope you like this bubble shooter funny game.Bubble Shooter is new bubble shoot games 2016, classiccasualpuzzlegame really fun to play in all time.Complete all 500+levelsand getbonus levels. Play for hours and even dayswithoutworrying,thereare plenty of levels coming withfutureupdates.Challenge your friends to play, see who gets themostlevelscompleted. This bubble shooter game even has timechallengeso youhave to be your best if you want to succeed. Thetimechallengeoption can be disabled from the menu if you findituncomfortable.Shoot Bubble also has colorblind mode for thosewhocan'tdistinguish colors. FREE, Fun and Addictive bubbleshootergame!This classic bubble shooter game will keepyouentertained.? 500+ challenging levels ?How to play:1. Tap where you want the bubble to go.2. Group 3 or more bubbles to make them pop.3. Clear all the bubbles on the screen to get to a new level.