Top 8 Games Similar to Caveman Run

Super Caveman 2.3
Super Caveman!The year is 1927. Robot Dinosaurs have conquered the moon!Youplayas Cro Magnon, a Caveman kidnapped through time and left torotina lunar science-y facility. Use your trusty laser blastertoblastaway the mecha-dinos and return to Earth!
Mr Caveman 1.10
Asaf Gibor
Mr Caveman is an 2D run & jump gamewitharetro design.-Use jump to evade enemies, tap the "hit" buttontoneutralizethem!-Play as Mrs Caveman & Mr Caveman's friendsbygettinghighscores!-Collect coins to gain access to exciting andnewworldenvironments!-Use upgrades to increase your chances of survival.
Caveman 1.0.1
Collect as many coins as you can, throughtheworld of the caveman jumper! Jump as many times as you wantanddodge all the random spikes that get in your way to become thebestof the best!As you progress through the game more and more spikes will getinyour way, but as the difficulty increases also the reward foreverycoin you collect. if you get as higher and higher the coinsyou getwill increase, making you rich and rich, by the second!You can then buy more characters with the coins you collect,atthe game shop!, all these characters will have certainabilitiesthat make the game experience unique.some can change thegravity,and others the coins you get, can you buy them all?!- Challenge your friends and try to get the highest score- Unlock awesome characters with special powers
Caveman Run - Prehistoric Run 2.0
Poderm Ltd
Welcome to Caveman run. A Prehistoric runandjump game. Our hero caveman just like known heroes (tarzane.t.c.)living in rough places desert, jungle e.t.c. (where wildanimalslike dino live) is trying to feed himself with meat whileavoidingobstacles. Its just the jungle rule "survival ofthefittest".Caveman runner - an exciting prehistoric running game wherelonelycaveman has to travel through the wild to reach his Meat.HelpCaveman run and jump and fly to reach his food. Feed some meattothe Caveman. He is not on diet. This fun, free CavemanPrehistoricgame lets you help the Caveman run to his meat avoidingobstaclesalong the way.Our Caveman, we call him Tom, overslept and now has to run togethis food. Help Caveman Run and Jump and fly to reach his food.Tapto make Caveman jump and pass obstacles like stones,firee.t.c.Let Tom run from cave towards his food. It is free and you donothave to create any account to play the caveman adventure. Helphim,cause its not a walk in a prehistoric park, but a run for yourliferunning game!How to play:Click on the screen to make Caveman jump.Features:- FREE to play!- Hours of fun.- Endless scrolling game.- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.- BE WARNED: Insanely addictive Run game.- Exercise your fingers and achieve high score.- Great music and sound effects.- Amazing graphics.- Endless pleasure.- Current caveman run theme is themeforest (Forest theme)Once you start, you can't stop!Rate whether you like our game or not.Have a nice day.
Caveman: The Animal Saga 1.1
Do you love playing arcade running games?Ifyes, you will surely love the running and jumping arcadegameCaveman: The Animal Saga. It is a free android game and willofferyou never-ending running saga to play at yourfingertips.The story of the app:The cavemen hero is out of his cave and he is on the missiontorescue all captivated jungle animals. He has no other way toreachat his destination other than by running and jumping. However,hisrunning track is full of ups and downs and there arehoveringnaughty enemies around. If he collides with any of them, hewill bepenalized for his life. You have to help the caveman runnertosurvive on the running track and collect gold coins as many ashecan.More the distance the caveman hero will cover and more coins hewillget to collect, you will accumulate more score in youraccount. Youhave to tap on the arrows to maneuver the running andjumping frenzyof the caveman. The app has a simple game plan nodoubt, butmastering the control over its action plan is quitechallenging. Whydon’t you try now?The app’s features:You need to download the app to enjoy caveman’s story!Before you download the entertaining running game at yourandroiddevice, take a look at the in app features:> Beautiful wild forest theme and lovely animated graphicsofferreal hang of a jungle story of a caveman hero,> The musical track is stimulating for playing therunningfrenzy,> The app offers simple game control,> The app offers in-app purchase to unlock furthergamelevels,> It is a multi-level game: all the levels of game will offeryouto collect coins.The app Caveman: The Animal Saga is suitable for both kidsandadults’ play. The game can be played offline.Want to initiate in app purchase for unlocking more fun?Contactdeveloper at [email protected]
Caveman Bubble Shooter Classic 1.0.2
Welcome to the best online bubbleshootersagaof all time …..Caveman Bubbles! Caveman Bubbles isastrategyadventure to blast as many eggs out of the sky fromyourcutelittle caveman as possible. This quest follows ajourneythroughthe life of a caveman and his impossible effort toprotecthisvillage from falling eggs. The strategy is to match atleast 3ormore eggs in a row to pop them until their are no moreleft!Playwith your caveman on your tablet or phone. This game isfreeand isfun for children,adults, girls, and boys alike!- 120 deluxe levels- Epic Gameplay- Non-stop funDownload NOW and enjoy hours of addicting play!
Angry Caveman 1.02
Carl Van
Kids and children love this simplebutaddictivegame because its easy to understand the rules. Jumporduck theobjects to reach the end and save the Cavewoman. Thegameisreminiscent of the old classic 80s side scrolling gamesbutupdated alittle. Few people have mastered and finished the gametosee theclimatic final level! It's not quite Angry Birds,howeveryou'llcertainly get angry if you aren't able to win!
Caveman Fall down 1.1
Caveman. Falling down as far as you can! trytoskip from the Volcano exploding and Rampaging dinosaurs !.its Classic Falldown game with great graphics andenticinggameplay.This game is a simple, Easy to play and really entertaining.touchscreen or tilting your mobile device (depends on selectedoption)to control the Caveman .You have to Run fast to Escape Evil deadly Explosion VolcanoandHungry Rampaging dinosaurs. Fall down through the holes andavoidthe dinosaurs. Help Caveman run away as you can try to foundtheMeat to Give you the power and speed to Kill the dinosaurs andrunfaster.if you love Falldown games you will love this game. It’stheSTONE AGE and Volcano is exploding, the fire got the dinosaursandmake them crazy. they run everywhere and can kill you. theCavemanNeeds Your Help to Run away. This is no walk in the parkthis is aVolcanic eruption,There are two types of world, one inside the volcano andoneoutside(depends on selected option). try to get highestScorepoints by staying alive as long as possible.Caveman Falling down Featured:- So simple game, fast gameplay.- Beautiful and Colorful Characters.- Addictive gameplay.