Top 45 Games Similar to Caveman Run

Run 1.12.0
Run.Do not slow down.Do not fall off.Do not give up.Run, the hit game from Kongregate comes to mobile for FREE!FEATURES
* Find seven different allies and gain access to theiruniquetalents!* Watch out for breakable tiles! (Or don't. Repairing themissomeone else's job.)* Run and jump through a galaxy-spanning network of tunnelsinExplore Mode. Good luck finding an unbroken path home!* See how far you can get and climb the leaderboards throughtheever-changing tunnels of Infinite Mode! It's not like you cangetany more lost after Explore Mode...* Rock out to a stellar soundtrack!
Impact - Fitness + Charity. Walk - Jog - Run 2.7.8
The Impact App tracks your walks and jogstohelp you reach your fitness goals.The real magic happens, when with every stride taken, youraisemoney for a charitable cause of your choice.The money doesn't come from your pockets, but from the CSRoradvertisement kitties of companies who sponsor our causes.On reaching the charity milestones, sponsors fund the causeswhichour community has sweat for.To ensure complete transparency, we share reports ofthecause-campaigns with every Impacteer.Welcome to the family of Change-makers.TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. TRACK YOUR IMPACT.Stay on track of your daily jogs or walks. Our GPSplusaccelerometer algorithms ensure the most accurate measurementofyour distance, calories, time and impact.Your profile page gives a glance into your fitness andimpactstatistics, with workout history and calorie burncount.INSPIRE YOUR FRIENDS. THEN OUTPERFORM THEM.Share your walks and jogs to let your friends know of the Impactyouare creating. Soon, you will also be able to invite themto'Friends' leaderboard' and stay ahead of them always :)IMPACT LEAGUE. FOR HONOUR & GLORY.Ultimate fitness charity championship where you and yourfriendsform teams and compete globally. With a chance to winexcitingprizes, medals and badges along the way.So go for a jog. Or simply a walk. For someone else. Someoneinneed.Let's do it!Get fit. Do good.
Ultimate Jungle Run - OZ 1.0.1
Ultimate Jungle Run - OZSurfs, dash in the ancient jungle temple, explore the cluesandsurvive from the monster is ready to catch and kill you. Runasfast as you can to escape the chase of the dragon.Mysteriousancient castle is full of danger, vibrant lava, surfacecollapse,drop rocks and a variety of traps. Rush, surfs, drag up tojump,drag down to slide, turn left or right to change the lane,avoidhitting obstacles, advance bravely and escape the chase ofthejungle monster successfully.Run through mysterious & magic dark tomb. Slide, swipeandorcs.Run in dungeon temple, keep the direction in mind where yourun;oryou will get lost in this maze?Ultimate Temple Jungle Run -Oz is abrand-new 3D endless run game. Get more exhilaratingjumping,turning, running, and sliding with captivating gameplayandnumerous rewardsNew features just for Ultimate Jungle Run - OZ- Swipe to Move & Jump- Magical,dangerous and stunning golden temple map to explore- Free to play snow temple spirit run- Run in oz jungle temple to escape- Stunning environments inspired by the film- More powerful roles as a secret agent run in temple- NEW Fallen Temple Wolf and Lion King heroes- Endless Jungle run - ozUltimate Temple Jungle Run - Oz is the sequel to the smashhitendless run lost temple. You will explore different Ozworlds,including running world.
Craft Ben Ultimate Run 9
it's time for his biggest adventure in averycrazy world!Run, jump and slide to be the best in the world ranking!Buy new skins in game, run with your favorite hero!- Play in 3D;- Coins handles only ingame;
Run with Map My Run 18.2.3
Track and map every run with MapMyRun andgetfeedback and stats to improve your performance. Discover thebestrunning routes, save and share your favorites, and get inspiredtoreach new running goals with a community of over 40millionrunners. Whether you’re a beginner looking to log your firstmileor a seasoned runner, you’ll find the features and tools youneedto stay on track and motivated along the way.- Named one of the 25 best lifestyle Android apps of 2016byPCMag.- Featured in the NY Times, TechCrunch, Wired, & TIME.- Voted Best Running App Readers' Choice on AND MAP YOUR WORKOUTS- Log over 600+ activities with the largest selection ofactivitytypes, including: running, cycling, walking, gym workouts,crosstraining, yoga, and more.- Get audio feedback on every GPS-tracked run, withcustomizablevoice feedback for stats like pace, route, distance,calories, andelevation.- Connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all your datainone place.- Add your running shoes and track mileage with Gear Tracker.Getnotified when it’s time for a new pair and avoid injuries.- Use Routes to find nearby places to run, save your favoritepaths,add new ones, and share them with others.CONNECT WITH APPS AND WEARABLES- Track your runs with the Android Wear app and view yourprogressat a glance.- Let your shoes do the tracking with UA Record Equippedconnectedshoes that automatically track your runs and sync yourdata withyour MapMyRun app.- Sync your data with the hottest apps and wearables,includingGoogle Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, andmore.- Take control of your nutrition by connecting with MyFitnessPalfora comprehensive look at your calorie intake and burn.JOIN THE COMMUNITY- See what your friends are doing on your Activity Feed.Whetherjust getting into fitness, or competing to win—there’salwayssomeone there to motivate you.- Get social and share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter.- Join Challenges to compete with others, climb the leaderboard,andwin awesome prizes.TRAIN LIKE A PRO WITH MVP PREMIUM FEATURES- Become a premium member for an ad-free experience withspecialfeatures.- Get Training Plans and reach your running goals (e.g., 5K,10K,Half Marathon, Marathon) with personal training plans thatadaptdynamically to your fitness level as you improve.- Monitor & analyze your Heart Rate zones to adjustyourtraining based on your goal.- Set a target for your run and stay on track with audiocoachupdates, including pace, distance, duration, calories&more.- Use Live Tracking to share your real-time running locationandgive loved ones peace of mind.- Access additional premium features on you upgrade to a premium MVP subscription, payment willbecharged to your Google Play account at confirmation ofpurchase.The monthly subscription costs USD 5.99 per month, whilethe yearlysubscription costs USD 29.99 per year, or USD 2.50 permonth. Yoursubscription renews automatically unless canceled atleast 24 hoursprior to the end of the current period. There is noincrease incost when renewing.Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off inAccountSettings under ‘Subscriptions’ in the Google Play Storeafterpurchase. Once purchased, the current period cannot becanceled.Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited ifyouchoose to purchase a premium subscription to MVP.Find the full terms and conditions and our privacy policyat Continued use of GPS running in the backgroundcandramatically decrease battery life.MapMyRun is part of the world’s largest digital health &fitnesscommunity, Under Armour Connected Fitness, which includesUA Record,MapMyFitness, Endomondo, & MyFitnessPal. These appswere builtto empower healthy and active lifestyles with onemission – to makeyou better.
Super boy - Super World - adventure run 1.1.1
🐼 An evil wizard appears, he kidnaps allthevillagers except Super boyThe whole village is gone and you’re the only Super boy left!🐰 Super boy - jungle games Is an adventure rungamewith simple controls and great graphics, Super boy run alsohavinggood sound effectsSuper boy - Game Features:🌲 More than 120+ challenge levels and more🌲 12 bosses to fight and more coming soon.🌲 Great graphics and music.🌲 5 different worlds: ice, desert,forest...🌲 Classic platform game and easy to control🌲 Customized props, unlock and upgrade them to help you🌲 Over 20 enemies and power up obstacles🌲 7 leaderboards and 26 achievements🐠 In this super adventure, Control sboy to run, jump and pounceonmonsters🐱 Tap to jump and double tap to double jump and escape thepitfalls.Beware of sign boards and complete all the levels.🐌 Super boy - jungle games is a one of the best journey game🐺Downloat it now!! and start your journey!
Neon Run 1.2
Run with the ball on thissweetadventurethrough the Neon World. Travel through tron world,runningon laserpath and meeting flashy characters!Grab the ball and run in this tron world, made justformobile.Neon run is an addictive game and it will keep youengagedforhours. Neon Run, from the makers of Deer Hunting 2015andZombieShooter 3D!Your job is to avoid hitting any obstacles or missingthegoalpost.-------------------------------Take on this Neon Run and alone or play with friends toseewhocan get the highest score!-------------------------------Neon Run features:● Swipe up / down to change shape between sphere and square!● Swipe left / right to change lanes !● Cute laser obstacles to keep you entertained● Tasty neon graphics that will leave you hungry for more● Helpful magical boosters to help in scoring more● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!● Easily sync the game between devices and unlockfullgamefeatures when connected to the Internet-------------------------------** Game is free to play but the game requirestheLOCATIONpermission to target and deliver video-basedadvertising:The gameimplements opt-in video ads that players canwatch torevive in thegame if they choose.--------------------PrivacyPolicy: : forassistanceorinquiries.Feedback: Share your feedback at [email protected]
Super PJ Hero Masks Craft Run 1.1
Who are hero In the night ? PJSuperHeroMaskCraft. Run and Fight to save the world.The game challenges you with the faster and faster speedofrunning.You have to get much and more balls each round ofrunning.You canexchange the balls for more runner characters. SuperPJSuperherofollowing 3 child 6 year olds boys and girlssuperheroConnor,Amaya, and Greg. However in the night hero willbecome CatCatboyOwlette, and GekkoPJ SuperHero Mask Craft Run is an endless game. You canplayitanywhere you like. This is so addicted with the simpleandcleargraphic, exciting song and your skill in direction control.Donothit any barrier unless. PJ Hero mask will be crashed.Features:- Endless Night running game that everyone can play- Collect special item to upgrade superhero pj- New high statistics is recorded for challengesHow to play- Run the game normally- Tap the screen to start the runner- Swipe on screen to control the running direction- Do not hit any barriers or road edges to avoid game stopIt is free to play. Just relax and have fun. Share your scoretoyourfriends to show your amazing game success.
Run, dude, run 0.5.1
Stickman Run - Epic Game is asimplegame for testing your logic and thinking speed. Stickman istryingto run from his sad thoughts and always in a run. You have tojumpbetween the floors along the way up by tapping on the screen,justdon't let your Stick hero fall down.▲ Attention: Some floors don't have walls at all, so thinkreallyfast to stay alive on these floors.Each floor increases gameplay complexity, so you will have to putitreally hard to be able to play several consecutive minuteswithoutdying.Features of the "Stickman Run - Epic Game":★ Tests your reaction and thinking speed in our Epic Game★ Daily levels★ Floors with increasing difficulty★ Worldwide rankings for each level★ Cool animations★ Impressive falls★ Let your Stickman to be first
🐳 Run Fish Run 🐳 1.3.0
CR logics
Are you a fan of endless runner games? Ifyes,then you’ll surely like the new Run Fish Run. Not only theendlessrunner game will keep you happily engrossed on your mobiledevice,also it will keep you entertained altogether with the swipe,tweak,and twists of the endless running frenzy of the fish,thehero!How to play the game? The game play is pretty simple butcontrollingits awesome dynamics is really challenging. The runnerfish is thehero of the game and it runs everywhere through theriver, throughthe forest, and against all the obstacles popping upon its runningtrack! You have to help the fish to complete hisforest run, riverswim, jumping, flying, smashing hurdles, fall,dodge, as well as incollection of coins lying on his runningtrack. Enjoy the advantageof power ups and add more life to thestamina and speed of the Fishhero.The features of the game: Before you fasten your belt and getreadyfor a ride downstream with the hero FISH, take a look attheentertaining features of the Run Fish Run:• Awesome colorful graphics in 3D cartoon style,• Collect the coins and increase the score: more score you willearnyou will get to unlock new fish character and other excitingfunitems,• Pick your favorite fish with you favorite colors,• Unlock achievements, get prizes, cups, and more,• There are 6 power ups for making your gameplaylivelier,invincible, and triumphant,• Run Fish Run will offer you unique opportunity to exploreandconquer dangerous regions full of traps, angry crocodiles,andhungry piranhas,• You can create your own unique underworld with 60 beautifulseaplants and animals,• Access leaderboard and check how other players are playingthisendless 3D running game,• Stimulating music will keep your running stamina highandunperturbed!• Compete with friends, share your world with friends andvisittheir worlds• All this for FREEDownload the free app Run Fish Run now and start playing therunningfrenzy at your fingertips. You can log in the game by usingyourFacebook account! Compete with your Facebook friends, collectmoregems, and enjoy more fun with Run Fish Run! HappyGaming!Visit our website - us on Facebook- us on Twitter -
Learn To Run 5.3
Learn to run is a free and modern trainingplanfor weight loss.Using our application you will learn to run step by stepoverincreasing distances and times.We will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and easilywithour application.The race is very important to achieve your goal of weightloss,start running to get a perfect body.With Learn to run, running will become a pleasantdailyroutine.Why do you have to download Learn to run instead of otherfitnessapplications?Different degrees of travel:✓Our app offers you the best training programs to achieveyourweight loss goals:★ Easy program ★This program is perfect for beginners who want to run for 30minuteswithout stopping. You won't run 30 minutes from day one,Learn torun will guide you to get to the goal in a few days in asimple andfast way. Start to improve your physique now!★ Basic program★This program is an intermediate level that helps weight loss.Learnto run for 60 minutes in just 25 days.★ Advanced program ★This program can be an excellent base for running a halfmarathon,it is recommended for those who have already completed thepreviousprograms and will take you from 60 to 120 minuteswithoutdifficulty.Music:  ✓ With our app you won't get bored, you can hear your favoritemusicand we'll alert you with beeps.Free:✓ Learn to run is completely free and it will be for ever, thereareno hidden expenses or paid functions.Chronometer:✓ You don't need to look at the watch or smartphone, we havebuiltin a chronometer and we'll tell you when you run or walk, youjustwant to enjoy the race.What are you waiting for? Download our app now and enjoy thebestfitness app ever!We are always committed to improving the user experience. Ifyouhave feedback or suggestions, please send us an email at"[email protected] ", we will be happy to meet your requests.Permissions:WAKE_LOCK (We use this permission to keep the app active whenyoublock your smartphone screen)
Princess Run Game 1.4
Princess Run Endless Run Game 2017 isanexciting FREE endless running game for Girls and Boys of allages.Specifically designed for children and families who want toenjoy,play with the most magical Princesses in the universe!Choose your princess and dodge obstacles, fly over bridges, inthisendless princess run game!Run as fast as you can as you jump, dash and slide in order tododgetrains, subway and other obstacles in this exciting princessrunninggame for girls and boys.Collect coins as you take your princess to run through thesubwaywhere you can surf, dash and jump along the top of trainsandtemples to collect exciting powerups to help you reachthehighscore in this exciting princess run simulator!Princess Run - After collecting enough coins you can power up foramagic super jump which will allow your Princess to fly throughtheair where even more coins are waiting for you! YourmagicalPrincess can dash side to side in order to collect all ofthe coinsas you fly above the temples and city below.This princess run simulator contains a variety of powerupswillallow you to double jump, collect coins from further awayandincrease your score multiplier so that you can try and reachthePrincess Runner highscore!If running is too slow then simply double tap to jump ontoyourprincess hoverboard, which will allow your princess tobreakthrough obstacles letting you fly and surf through the skiesinthis amazing Princess Run Simulator.After running through the subway and past the temples, takeyourcoins to the shop where you can unlock new princesses, upgradesandhover boards to help you in your next run! Each new princessisdressed up differently in pretty dresses and some even haveprettycrowns and tiaras.Come back to play and surf every day so that you can completenewtasks in order to earn exciting and exclusive rewards.Princess Run Features:- Run, jump and slide to avoid obstacles- Soar through the skies with the coin boost- Choose from 8 magical Princesses for Girls and Boys!- Use your princess hoverboard to break through obstacles- Collect exciting powerups to help you reach the highscore- Pick up coins to unlock new princesses, hoverboards andmore- Complete tasks to receive amazing rewards- Incredible 3D graphics- Free updates: New magical Princess charactersaddedregularlyPrincess Game has been carefully designed for boys, girlsandfamilies to have ultimate fun!Please rate us for future improvements and updates!Invite your friends to play the cute, magical, addictivegamesdesigned for Girls & Boys of all ages created by GreenTeaGames and challenge them to beat your highest score!Visit our official site at www.GreenTeaGames.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeusonFacebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.
Circle Run! 1.0
John Marker
The obstacles ahead! You Need Tokeeprunning!!The goal is to Jump from Circle to Circle ,Tap on the screen,butnottoo Fast,at the right time and jumpGet more gems , Survive and Keep Running ..
Suneo Boy Anime Gang Run 3D 1.0.0
Suneo and Dora Cat gang Run 3D is a 3Dgameyoucan show off your jumping, running, and sliding skilltocollect thehighest coins for upgradings. The friends he hangsoutwith mostlyare Nobita, DoraCat, Gian and Shizuoka. Run anddashthroughout thecastle, temple and subway. Rushing the endlessgameand pick up freespecial items you must not miss out. Enjoythehigh quality graphicand exciting music.- For the first time playing, the game will train youthedirectioncontrol- Avoid hitting any objects. If the game stops, you canchoosetoresume or restart the game- Keep collecting the coins and free special items.- You can buy more upgrading from coins you have
Squirrel Run 1.7
STEM Studios
Squirrel run!!! Is an adventurous run gamewithsimple controls and great graphics Squirrel run also havingbestsound effects, our little squirrel lost all its nuts, which istakenby crazy thief dog, help the little squirrel to run andcollect allthe nuts back from the thief dog. Just click the screento make ourlittle squirrel to run and jump over obstacles andcollect all thenuts. This Squirrel run is one of the bestadventure run game withbest graphics and control and music.***Features***1. Tap the screen to make squirrel jump, double tap fordoublejump.2. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.3. Have two worlds each of having 12 challenging andinterestinglevels.***How to play***1. Just tap the screen to jump.
Kitchen Run 3D - Running Game 1.1
Tired of running on a subway and templerunninggame. Tired of jumping trains with fake high jump sneakers.Wepresent you Kitchen Run. Kitchen Run is one of the top andhighquality running game. Run through the cabins in the kitchenandavoid hurdles like spoon, bottles, refrigerator, plates, packofmilk and many more. Kitchen Run is multi level runninggame.Kitchen Run running game has task every level. Every levelisdifficult than the previous one in this running game.Trainyourmouse to:1) Avoid hurdles2) Eat cheese3) Collect coins4) Beat your best score.Download and enjoyFeatures:Multiple LevelsFull of adventuresSwipe controlsLong Jumper SpringLevels MapHD Graphics
Dark Lands 1.3.1
Mingle Games
"[...] Dark Lands comes with a bold,moody,silhouetted visual aesthetic". - 148Apps - 4/5"The inclusion of combat into a side scroller/runner stylegameserves to add a depth to the game [...]". - Capsule Computers-8,5/10Run through enemies and dangerous traps! Dark Lands is anepicbattle runner action game. Develop your hero to survivethisinfinity battle and run as long as possible!Dark Lands is an addictive mix of an infinity runnerfantasyhorror game with a dynamic combat system. Take your hero onan epicjourney of defeating evil forces who corrupted the land.Beat enemies like goblins, orcs, skeletons and monstroustrollsand ogres! Fight unique bosses like the fierce Currusor orthedeadly Minotaurus!Avoid dangerous traps and treacherous corrupted terrain!Show other players that you are the best warrior of themall!FEATURES- Overcome the 40 missions of the adventure mode and survivetheendless mode.- Run and Fight through easy to use controls withsharpreactions!- Develop your hero! Improve stats and buy mighty weaponsandarmor!- Fight hordes of fantasy enemies! - Get into epic fightswithmighty bosses such as the minautorus or the giantscorpio!- Learn to avoid deadly traps and use them in your favor tolureenemies into them!- Enjoy beautiful, original, atmospheric music and greatsoundeffects!- Artistic silhouette graphics with a changing environment!- Unlock more than 50 achievments and write your name in the halloffame pantheon of Dark Lands.
Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk
Everyone. Every run. Join the communitythathelps people get out the door and stick with running forever!Trackexercise, set goals, sweat, and see progress along the way.Whetheryou’re working your way up to tracking a 5K goal or deepintomarathon training, use the GPS app trusted by 50 million usersandcounting.OVERVIEW• Track Workouts - Go for a run, walk, jog, bike, or anyactivityreally. With GPS, you’ll get a clear view of your trainingin realtime.• Set Goals - Have a race, weight, or pace in mind? We can coachyouto get there.• Follow a Plan - We have personalized routines to fit intoyourbusy schedule. And helpful reminders, just in case.• Stay Motivated - Join challenges, snag exercise rewards, andshareachievements with your friends.• See Progress - This whole running thing works. You’ll seethesweat and we’ll show you the numbers to prove it!TOP FEATURES• Running Groups - Create a custom challenge, invite friends,trackeach other’s progress, and use the chat to cheer eachotheron.• Audio Cues - A motivating voice that you can customize torelayyour pace, distance, and time.• Training Plans - Make major progress by following a plan. We’llbehere for you every step of the way.• Routes - Save, discover, and build new routes with GPS.• Challenges - Stay motivated with exclusive workout experiencesandrewards.• Partner Apps - Keep moving with the music you love withourSpotify integration. Connect with other top health appslikeFitbit, MyFitnessPal, and more.• Bluetooth Connectivity - Wireless headphones and heartratemonitors make great workout companions. Also, sync AndroidWear,Pebble, and Garmin watches in seconds.• Stopwatch Mode - Easily add indoor cardio (treadmill, cycling)andgym workouts to keep full exercise log all in one place.• Social Sharing - Upload your activities and more with yourfriendson Facebook and Twitter.RUNKEEPER GO (Premium)• Prescribed Workouts - Get a weekly workout schedule tailoredtoyou.• Progress Insights - See how your runs stack up to each otherandget a full view of your fitness journey.• Live Tracking - Whether it’s training day or race day, shareyourlocation with family and friends.
Nike+ Run Club
Nike, Inc.
Nike Run Club - Your PerfectRunningPartnerWhether you’re just getting started or getting ready foranotherrace, the Nike Run Club app surrounds you with everyoneandeverything you need to run better. With the motivation ofmillionsof runners behind you and expert guidance around everyturn, we'llhelp you reach your goals—and have more fun doingit.• Tracks And Stores All Your Runs And Records • Audio Guided Running Workouts with Nike Coaches andAthletes• Personalized Coaching Plans Now Adapt To Your ScheduleAndProgress• Trophies and Badges To Celebrate Your Achievements• Compare And Compete With Friends On Leaderboards• In-Run Cheers from Friends• More Fun And Customizable Post-run Sharing With FriendsTRACKS AND STORES ALL YOUR RUNS AND RECORDSGet all the detail you need—pace, location, distance,elevation,heart rate and mile splits— and greater control over whatyou seeduring your run.AUDIO GUIDED RUNNING WORKOUTS WITH NIKE COACHES AND ATHLETESGet guidance, motivation and inspiration directly throughin-earaudio from Nike’s coaches as well as elite athletes like MoFarahand entertainers such as Kevin Hart. The workouts aredesignedto help runners improve strength, speed and endurance andhave fundoing it. Additionally, intervals areautomatically markedalong the way so all you need to do ispress start and go. Each Audio Guided Run is paired with aspecific playlist, so besure to connect to Apple Music or Spotifyto get the bestexperience.PERSONALIZED COACHING PLANS ADAPT TO YOU Whatever your goal, your Nike Coach has a plan for you. Onethatstarts with your goals and fitness level, and adapts asyouprogress.TROPHIES AND BADGES TO CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTSGet motivated and earn trophies when you smash Personal Recordslikeyour fastest 5K or longest run. Challenge yourself to earnmonthlymilestone badges or see how long you can keep your runningstreakalive.LEADERBOARDS LET YOU COMPARE AND COMPETEEasily compare and compete with friends and fellow runners onthedistance leaderboard.IN-RUN CHEERS FROM FRIENDSA little support can go a long way. You can receivemotivatingin-run audio cheers from friends during your run to keepyou goingstrong. And if you want to cheer your friends back, that’scool,too.CUSTOMIZABLE POST-RUN SHARING WITH FRIENDS Personalize your activity posts by adding photos, statsandstickers, then customize who sees it—your entire social network,orjust your Nike friends. 
Craft Pixelmon Run 11
Ash, it's time for his biggest adventure inavery crazy world!Run, jump and slide to be the best in the world ranking!Buy new skins in game, run with your favorite hero!- Play in 3D;- Coins handles only ingame;Disclaimer:This game has no relation to minecraft game, or the cartoon.All is own creation, not infringe copyright because it isourproperty.
Zig Zag Speed Run 3D: Cute Cartoon Animals Tap App 1.272
René Müller
Tap to switch the direction and collectcoins!Every 10 coins the speed of your character will be increased.Howfast can you react?Challenge yourself in this fast-paced new free arcade game !Features of Zig Zag Speed Run 3D:- arcade game with cute cartoon graphics and smooth animationsin3D- 3 difficulty levels: hard, very hard and extrem hard- 4 different run styles, inclusive amazing rolling- 38 unlockable sweet animal toon characters like thepenguin,turtle, cat, bear, fox or the ninja-monkey- simple but challenging gameplay that need quick reactions -easyto play hard to master- fun and addictive endless running games- free to playI hope you have fun with Zig Zag Speed Run 3D: Cute CartoonAnimalsTap App! If you have any issues, suggestions or criticism,pleasemail me at [email protected]
Granny Subway Run:Christmas 1
Granny Subway Run is very funny game.InthisChristmas, the Santa Claus is coming to town to give kidssomeChristmas gift. In the way there are many obstacleslikesnowman,reindeer,avalanche,... and you must help him topasstheses. Play this game and you will get invincible fun. Youhave todash as fast as you can if you do not want to bedefeated.*******GAME FEATURES*******+Nice graphics and sounds.+Many items and bonus.+Get more xmas gift.+Easy to control.*******HOW TO PLAY***********+Swipe left,right to turn left right.+Tap to throw snowball.+Drag down to roll.************************************Enjoy!
Just Run 1.1
MOVE as fast as you can!GET RID OF deadly islandsAre you ready to have a pleasant time playing Just Run?How to play Just Run:★ Press the screen to move left or right★ You should jump to the right place without being outsidethemainscreen★ Must be careful! Because if you jumping to deadlyisland,youdie★ If outside to main screen, you die★ When you on the right island, you can win gold or life★ You can play the game with different hardlyLet's start the game and make your best score!
Angry Caveman Run 1.2
Angry Caveman Run , is a 2D Endless runnergamedeveloped by Creative Toons. The story follows a caveman runsandkills dinosaurs in the dinosaur world. Our caveman have to facealot of wild and different types of dinosaurs.Angry Caveman Run isasimple 2D game with addictive graphics. even a small kid canplaythis simple run game.Our caveman is so angry on dinosaurs astheyare making jungle so noisy.Caveman need to throw bones to kill dinosaurs and need to jumptoavoid obstacles like stones and spikes and make the junglepeacefulplace for his family .Angry Caveman Run is very addictive and time killer game forgamers,you will like this for sure.Good luck and have fun !
Smash Run 1.07
Smash Run is a colorful cube dash gameforAndroid!Exquisite graphics!Omnidirectional dash!Exciting electronic music!Everything can be broken!Challenge infinite levels!game instructions:◉ Slide the screen to control the role of turning and moving!◉ Avoid obstacles and collect gold coins!◉ Avoid running out of the road.◉ use props to break the obstacles to change the game color!◉ Stop time when necessary!◉ If you are crushed, do not be discouraged, pay goldcoinsimmediately resurrection!◉ how far can run far, beyond their own beyond everything!Smash Run is completely FREE to play!contact us:Website: http://www.crystalrover.comE-mail: [email protected]:
Run Ball 1.0.3
Play now and enjoy with Run BallforFREE!Run away from the red balls and earn coins to get highscoresandshare it with your facebook friends!
Panda Run 2.2
"Panda Run" is an adventure game . A longtimeago a panda lived in the jungle tried to escape from thevillainsand he found himself in another dimension , so he needs torun tosurvive and return to his natural jungle.You have to help thepandato avoid blocks (Prickly rocks , Wood boxes , lazy bunnies ,ironnails ......) by running and jumping over them also collectheartsto earn points . There are some boost Powers in the game likethespeed zone start rabbit , speed zone and snail , the superjumpingzone also the best jungle graphics.How to play Panda Run:1‣ Install jungle run adventure panda.2‣ Run it .3‣ Select the level (Easy , Medium , Hard) .4‣ Tap The screen to start running then tap again to jump .5‣ Clear the level to go to the next jungle place .6‣ Enjoy and give us a feedback .Features of Panda Run:• Beautiful graphics and good jungle backgrounds .• The game is easy to play by children and adults .• Very entertaining and addictive .• There are a lot of jungle stages so you will have plentytimebefore finishing all levels .• It become very difficult on advanced levels .★★★★★Please rate us and provide your feedback for thefurtherimprovements★★★★★Note : If you have any suggestion or question please kindly sendusa private message or contact us via email below.
Cocoman: Run for food! 1.2.0
Prehistoric times, food was always the hardest part of human life.One day, the volcano woke up! Little boys and girls arehungry!Our poor caveman, Mr. CoCo has to run out to harvest hisfavoritefood for his children!Go papa, go! Rush with the time, race with fireballs on ashortbut incredibly difficult walkway.How many delicious fruit will he collect? How fast onyourtapping and timing skill can be?****the Hilarious rule****Rule 1: Simple tap control! With each tap on the screen,theprehistoric caveman changes direction while running. You havetopick up the fruit and bring back to the cave to gain points.Wait!Avoid falling rocks.Rule 2: Don’t be angry, don’t angry too much, a little crazinessisacceptable. Remember keep smiling when you get points andlaughingevery time the hot rocks burn your ass! Enjoy your coldcoconutafter playing game will make you an awesome, delightfulfelling!This is a giggle game!****The ridiculous features****• Cool graphics and sound• Simple addictive gameplay with single tap control• Facebook leaderboard• Golden medal for the #1 game playerCome, tap and run your way, break the score, get the goldenmedaland enjoy your coconut with Mr. CoCo!
Alone Run 2.0
MSB Games
This an Infinite 2.5d Running Game.DodgetheEnemies and make some Score.Run as far as you Can. And usespecialPowers to kill enemies.The enemies got bomb stick on them astheywill touch you they will Explode.
Crossy Road Maze 1.0.3
New exciting game - Crossy Road has beenout.Run Crossy Road away from devil through amazing mazes! Don'thitthe brick and keep running as long as you can.• Be careful to Versus Run with the devil in the Maze• Run with highest speed as the best maze runner.• Versus Run, let the Angle Versus the Devil.• Tap the right half of the screen to jump right• Tap the left half to jump left• RUN AWAY in the right Crossy Road to get out of the maze.Every one let's play Crossy Road Maze.Download Crossy Road Maze NOW for Versus Run!
Temple Dancer
Temple Dancer : Endless Run is anadventurousrunning game, so run as fast as you can just like insubway run !Rush for Temple, jump sky or jump across the largeboulders; divein air and make subway rush through hazardous cliffsand flyingislands.You are welcome in temple dancer game. Tutorials,as thegame starts tutorials will help you in sky dance as well assubwayrush to become the best dancer in sky.Temple Dancer : Endless Run is a type of skywalker games to rushforgold. Just swipe to jump in sky, turn and slide left right toavoidfloating obstacles of galaxy.Dance! Run! Cliff! With these Dancers, who is running &rollingin the open sky as well as subways rush. The way you jumpsky willdecide yours winning for this one of the best sky ,run-nergames ofAndroid.Love #1 runner+ challenges? Go with this toughest game toplay!Temple Dancer is a new rush runner game where falling is justasimportant as running!Features:- Amazing game play with simple controls;- Fantastic unique endless running game;- Endless thrill from extreme rush runner!- Super crazy & skywalker game- #1 Fun runner+ gameRun as Dancer in sky or Dance With run or dance with subway run!temple choose what you like more to grab the freerunner+challenge!
Epic Run 1.0.0
Mobile Force
Time for a legendary runner: Epic Run!Get ready to have the most epic run! Get anexhilaratingrunning,escape deadly traps and shifts and make yourway to victoryin thisamazingly addictive runner!Enjoy this fast-paced skill game with amazing graphics!Becareful,it is easy to play but hard to master! If you are readyfora funchallenge in a mysterious island, Epic Run is tailoredforyou! Donot worry, you will get plenty of support with giftsandboostersalong the way! How far can you run?Compete with your friends and family with your bestscorewhippingyour way through the challenging obstacles! Time foranEpicRun!
Princess Sky Run 1.0.4
If you like others our princess game,thisgameis for you.Princess start her new journey on the sky.Jump across hazardous cliffs, flying islands, large boulders;diveinthe air and land like a superhero as you try to beattheendlessabyss.Both running and falling are important. Jump right timeandlandingright place.Run as far as you can but watch out for the drop!How to play:- Hold left or right to move left or right on land and air.- Swipe up to jump.- Keep safe from many obstacleLet download and enjoy!
Dross Run 1.7
ART Projects
In this game you'll play with Dross, averyfamous Spanish-speakingyoutuber( have to travel the furthest distance, the problem isthatthe ground is not continuous and you have to jump or you'llfall,also you need to shoot the zombies along the way or they'llthankyou... eating your guts.The game is very addictive and entertaining. But of courseitdoesn't end here. With the money that you earn killingzombies,you'll be able to buy several items, from weapon upgradesto newlandscapes.As time goes by there'll be new updates that let you buynewitems. The game will not make short!The sound of this game has been able with freesound.Music:"Arcade Music Loop.wav" byjoshuaempyre( effects:"Enerjump.wav" bycoby12388("gun shot5.mp3" bycoolguy244e("Filth squash.wav" bygelo_papas("8-bit noise.wav" bymeroleroman7("pixelade" by net (
Caveman Run 1.2.20
《Caveman Run》 is a story of parkour games,thehero in the game is a naughty and crazy boy, the story tookplacein one day in the primitivesociety, the little boy learned that dragon mother justgavebirth to the egg, so hungry of his belly, just broke intothedragons' den bravelypicked up the big dragon egg, rushed out of the dragoncave,being chased by the dragon king...In the original forest all sorts of strange poisonous flowers,wildanimals, birds, insect ants, colourful grass,wood stab, and soonhavebecome a primitive way of dangerous obstacles, of course, theboyalso can collect all kinds of equips to enhance the abilities ,andgoldcoins. Craving for the dragon egg dinner? Hurriedly activityonyour finger, simple operation, convenient jump at a touch,muchmorechallenging tasks and breathtaking scenes, use a crazy stufftohelp you run list!The game features:★You need to pay attention to the wood stab will kill you★You need to pay attention to the occasional small monster★You need to pay attention to nearby have a wild boar can ridetospeed up★Use crazy stuff to challenge a greater distance★In the store you can buy upgrade the strengthening ability forthenext round of the dominant crazy baby
Super Panda Runner 1.6
3D Games Era
Run Infinite with Super Panda Runnerthroughmaze full of obstacles and tough terrain.Features:- Run infinite- Tap to jump- Double tap for higher jump- Run through rocks and use skills to avoid falling into void- Run as fas as you can- 12 levels- Collect coins while running- Avoid obstacles.- Run infinite and win.
Puppy Run 2 - Beagle World 2.0
Kasidej K.
Help the little beagle dog run, jump andslidethrough various obstacles and collect coins, bones and steaksinthe big city. Fantastic game for kids and everyone in thefamily.especially family with dog or other pets.☆ New feature in version 2.0★ Multiplayer - Run with your friend around the world !, Up to4players in multiplayer mode. (required google play sign-in.)★ Pet Shop - Use collected coin to decorate you puppy, Newpets,collars and cloths are available.★ New Map - WALK IN A PARK maps featuring 10 all newexcitinglevels.★ 20 levels in single player mode plus 8 multiplayer levels.☆ Features★ Running adventure arcade style - staring a famousbeagledog.★ Simple controls - Jump and Slide button controls.★ Jump in the air to preform a double jump.★ Powerful booster - Magnetic Dog Skateboard and PowerfulDogJetpack.★ Save your progress in the cloud with Google Play Games.★ Compare your high score with your friend and other playerwithLeaderboards feature.★ 20 exciting levels in single-player mode, 8 multiplayerdedicatedlevels (randomly selected).
Talking Panda Run 1.1.2
Funny Talking
Talking Panda Run is a free panda runninggamewhere you can meet you new best friend and go for a run!Runningadventure with funny panda in the subway and desert. Runningon therailways you need to avoid crazy trains and deadly obstacles,andyou can run the process to collect gold coins.Talking panda lead you to explore this endless runner. Play asyourfavorite cute panda and help lucky panda s to rush through thecitystreets and park paths! Take your cute panda for a run andtrainyour panda by playing with him in the city and park.Explore the city and desert. Run, slide and leap your way acrossthesubway and desert! Dash forward as fast as you can, dodgeobstaclesand collect coins! Take a trip down a jetpack reach megaheights!The city is your panda show, and the obstacles are youragilitycourse!Panda Run Features:★ Run, jump and have fun with Talking Panda.★ Run across the subway or through the desert.★ Grind trains with your cool crew.★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics.★ Paint powered jetpack.★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics.★ Explore different worlds in a single run by passing throughsubwaytunnels.★ Earn secret loot and prizes in this action packed, familyfriendlygame.★ Challenge and help your friends.What You Get With Panda Run:★ Run, jump, and fun with the funny panda.★ Run across 2 cool locations.★ Many obstacles to jump over and avoid.★ Use 8 power ups and boosters.★ Win daily prizes and rewards.How To Play :★ Slide on the screen left and right, change the pandarunway.★ Slide your finger up and the panda jumps.★ Slide your finger down and the panda scroll.Panda Run is free to play. You can contact us any time to shareyourcomments or questions.Join the most daring chase withpanda!
Nut Run 1.1
Nathan Khoury
Hailed as the greatest digital innovationsincedigital sliced bread, Nut Run is an extremelyaddictive,entertaining, lighthearted, supple exploration into thelife of themysterious Australian Aviator Squirrel. Help thishigh-speedrunning Australian Squirrel dodge dangerous tree brancheson arotating log with unpredictable movements .Guide the littlefellawith your thumb around the branches and try and score as manynutsas you can. Train the squirrel to stay on the tree-log . Surfanddodge the branches.Along the way help him collect the magic 3D nuts that givehimpowers of invincibility and turn him into a hero.★★ This is the mega-game of 2015 ★★***** Dodge Much Branch ********** Eat Many Nut ********** Be The Squirrel *****Such fun, much happy. Get now play fun.Made by Nathan Khoury and brought to the market by SkordouMobileMedia Group!
Mad Caveman 7.2.3
Back to the stone age, let's beacaveman.Simple game play. Just jump run and throw your weapon tokilldinosaurs. Collect Coins and have fun.Nice GameEasy ControlGood MusicThis addictive and fun game will have you hooked fromthebeginning!Your goal is to jump on the necessary blocks without fallingdown...Sounds easy? It's not!Every level brings more challenges but also tricks you canperformto reach your goals!With amazing graphics and effects get ready to use yourlogisticsskills to the max!Ready caveman? Goooooo!!!!
Run or Die 1.09
DDD studio
Enjoy the Run or Die game with newfantasytheme and environments.FEEL the amazing gameplay.How far is your run, Let's see?Play! Unlock new armors and new weapons!Game Features:-Gorgeous visual effects and Excellent HD graphics-Smooth game control feelings-Rich background music and sound effects-3D fantasy game play-Best 3D environment!-Upgrade New armors, weapons-Exciting and Fun PLAY!-Share your best score on leader board-Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices-Best HD gameplay in tablets!-It's a FREE game!How to Play:*Swipe your fingers to move left and right and change line.*Swipe your finger to jump.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make new gamesonGoogle Play. Please do not forget to leave your valuablereviewsand give us a quick +1...:)Thank you
Bunny Run 2.6
STEM Studios
Bunny run!!! is a simple andaddictiveadventurous run game with simple controls. Our bunny andits smallkids are starving in this Easter, help the little bunny torun andcollect carrots from the farm without being caught by thecruelfarmer. Just click the screen to make our bunny to jumpallobstacles. This Easter bunny run is the best adventure gameforthis Easter. It has the best fun run game with good graphicsandmusic.***Features***1. Tap the screen to make bunny run.2. Collect all the carrots without being caught by farmer.3. Run and finish all the levels.4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.5. Have two worlds each of having 12 challenging levels***How to play***1. Just tap the screen to jump the bunny.2. Collect carrots as many as you can, without being caughtbyfarmer3. Run to the end of the levels to reach our bunny's hometocelebrate Easter.
Temple Road Run 1.0.2
Temple Road RunThis game is the most excited 3D running game. Lost in templeandkeep running to survive. Temple Road dash in jungle is anendlessrun game, surfs in winter road, rescue the princess toescape thedanger monsters.Temple Road Endless Run is easy to master but very interesting.Youjust need to slip screen to dodge various meltdowns and tiltyourmobile to change the run direction. You will enjoy a lot offunwith the elaborate & perfect levels and challenges. Duelwithyour friends during Christmas holiday to see who will be thebestin the running!Temple Road Run- More fantastic than fairy tale, beautiful fantasy world- Epic 3D visual effects, exquisite animation effect- Simple but fun operations, tap or steer to control- Various obstacles to challenge the limit of yourimagination- Collect coins to store your energy and boost your skills- Collect cute animals to accompany you- More players to unlock- Get on the balloon and travel- Forest, Castle, Temple and Village for you to avoidtheattack- Totally free to enjoy your adventure- No Wifi,No problem!
Shizuka Anime Girl Run Rush 3D 1.0.0
Surf adventure through a subway run mazeroadinjapan city with cute shizuka girl and dora friends.Surfing, running, dashing and jumping your lovely hit herobluecatrobot and nerd kid.You rush, jump, surfers slide through the 3D castle withoutclashanyobstacles to gain more and more coins and dorayaki to buymanyitemsand shoot the rivals.collect as much dorayaki sweet as you can for FREE today!Railing along the exciting temple and subway trainsceneswithvarious enemy.Have fun with this endless game with endless fun.- Open the game and pick various level, normal or survival- Have a training session for the first time play. Swipeup,down,left and right to control and the surfing. Tap toshoot.- Collect the coins & sweet as many as you can. Usethemforupgrading or unlock new heroes.- The game will stop after clash. You can choose to resumeorplaythe game from start- Do not miss out the free special items along the game
Stay on path and go forward. don’t touchthefalling space rocks. Try to escape from the rocks and runthroughthe gaps. Mostly we need to move in zigzag directionsdepending onthe space availability between the falling space rocks.It’s realfun right. :)Just tilt your device left and right to change the directionofthe ball. Try not to fall off the edges!All you need to do is, run run run...... to experience3Dgraphical environment changes in this game.Hope you will enjoy your space run game.Let’s see how far can you go….. :)