Top 4 Games Similar to monster flow crash dash war

Here Lies Ego 1
Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here topayourrespects to poor little Ego. May he rest in peaceEgo's Dead?!?! Oh No!And he has no where to go but down... to venture into the9levelsof hell itself! In Here Lies Ego,You play Ego's Ghost in this epic puzzle arcade adventureintotheunknown. Help Ego as he takes a scary flight into thedepthsofDante's burning inferno.Your goal is to survive strange creatures, explodingfires,crazyspinning saw blades and more! Travel to the Ninth Circletoanunexpected surprise!This is an addictive flappy bird/Jet Pack JoyRideside-scrollerstyle game full of challenging fun. In the gametheplayer mustnavigate through the 9 circles of Dante's Inferno.Therearedemons, ghosts, freakish bird monsters, fallingrocks,spewinglava, explosions, bombs, and much more.Fly through check points to save your progress, pick uppowerstoshield you from the tougher puzzles.Can you go the distance and live to tell the tale ofthisepicjourney?- Tap to Flap - Avoid Obstacles and Enemies- Pick up Shield Powerups to protect yourselfthroughtoughareas- Fly through check points to save your progress- Watch out for Negative Checkpoints that will throw youbacktoearlier levels.- Get to the Ninth CircleDO YOU THINK YOU CAN GET OUT ALIVE?
Mummy Zombie 1.1
Let's play exciting and fun adventure gameplayand help Bravo to collect roast beef on Mummy Zombie.This game is games of mummy in dealing with variousobstaclescollect roast beef as point, let us help him every level.The gameconsists of 3 main levels, namely beginner, evolutionandexperience in which each level has different difficulty levels.Features Mummy Zombie game features:- The game is very easy to play,- There are 3 choices levels of difficulty: beginner, evolutionandexperience- There is help {help} in order to facilitate game- The number of levels in each level- Graphic images of interestNote:The game is not official, just for the entertainment of childrenandfanslet's help bravo be a catch pumpkin as much as possible
Tap Tap Dush 1.4
- Tap to jump or change direction- Don’t fall off the path- Unlock new characters- Collect gems to unlock new characters.
Afterworld Venture 1.1
Death is dreadful, but not so truewhenparadise awaits you.-----IMPORTANT-----1) Control the character using UP, DOWN, LEFT andRIGHTbuttons.2) Make sure he remains in your view at all times!!!3) Overcome obstacles and bring him towards the gate forangels.At times depending on the game music, you got to change hisspeedand direction in order to survive. So play with music on inorder toenjoy the trip to its maximum!Although the journey is short, it is not an easy one. Still,failureis not an option.Will he reach the paradise? Or stuck dead halfway there?Thatdepends on YOU.