Top 24 Games Similar to NY Police Truck Criminal Case

Mad City Rooftop Police Squad 1.0.3
Escape from ultimate police carchaseasracing motorcycle rider in epic cops n robbers adventure.PlayMadCity Rooftop Police Squad newest action series availableforfreein Google Play store.Leaving crime life is hardline for any gang memberswhojoinunderworld mafia to earn some cash with package delivery.Yougotlucky to manipulate your crime lord and he allowed youtoleavemafia driver job and become a good citizen. But yourrivalgangstershooter takes it as ultimatum and feels dishonored.Theytip offthe police spy to get you killed or arrested in NY city.Torevokeyour US citizenship and brand you refugee for life. Runforyourlife and make an attempt to flee patrolling policemotorcycle.Youplay roleplay as a big time gangsta who accomplishedsome bigjobin New York city. Like shoplifting in superstore andriot inurbantown. Drive fast and persistent to escape cope bikechase asrealmotorcycle rider. Police helicopter pilot informingyourlocationfrom hi-tech heli scanner. Get on building rooftopandsneak yourway out of slum area.It’s not some insane parkour training game or mafia drivinggamethatyou played before. Buckle up as police car jump on youwithhi-techshooting weapons. Stay alert sneak out way asinvisiblebecause youcan’t manipulate a true detective with somecash orbribe. Street dogcanine barking on your rooftop jumps.Sneak wayout of cop duty tocomplete city escape. Its police Vsyou, asshooter use shotgun orsniper gun shoot barrels to makediversion.Escape battlefield aliveagainst modern strike grenadesfrom policeofficer. Escape cop bikechase with your motorcyclestuntskills.Features:★Intense police car escape missions★Amazing motorcycle rider game-play★Hardcore shooting mode with modern weapons★Use Sniper rifle, Shotgun and pistols to kill bad cops★High-Octane action based gameplay for parkour skillsDownload Mad City Rooftop Police Squad game and playroleplayasgreat gangster and target police helicopter weak spotandmakecritical striking with assault guns and sniper rifle.
Navy Police Speed Boat Attack 1.0.3
Get ready to enter in warzone withNavyPolice Speed Boat Attack 3D simulation game. Play as coastguardofficer, sail your speedboat to exotic paradise islandwhereterrorist are active. Use your sniper rifle and Gatlingmachine gunto target enemies mercenary and gunship helicopter.Navy Police Speed Boat Attack 3D game offers you to becomecaptainof this watercraft vessel sail fast through ocean waves andtargetenemy soldiers with your sniper rifle and Gatling machinegun.Steer high-speed powerboats feel life reckless crazy racers ontheocean wave’s quest. Your naval captain assigns your duty tosweepthe area from criminal activities. Your trained scubadiversvisited the location and informed you with enemy weaponsfirepowerwith heavy machine guns, AK47 and gunship helicopters.Ensure thesafety of passengers and swimmers in the pacific waterregion asriver coast guard officer. Navigate your racer boat to theport ofthe dockyard; take precise aim with sniper rifle to killruthlessmercenary and killers. If you failed the admiral willsendsubmarine convoy to destroy the island.Clean the shores of this beautiful exotic island like CancunandBahamas enjoy sailing your marine cop vessels againstwaves.Mayday! Enemy gunship chopper sited use your Gatling machinegun todestroy combat helicopters in warfare. You played cruise shipandspeed boat parking simulator games in android play store. It’stimeto show some best driver and shooter skills with this actionpackedsimulation game. Sail your cop watercraft vessel with turboengineand armored with arsenal. As naval law enforcement officerit’syour duty to keep peace in the oceans from criminals andpirates.Park your sea vessels to the deck and destroy terroristbase campwith your weapons firepower. Download Navy Police SpeedBoat Attackgame in your android Smartphone and tablet for thrill ofarcaderacing and FPS shooting game play. The admiral will sendsubmarineconvoy to destroy the island.Police Boat 2015 Features:•2 police speed boats for combat race over theoceanwaters•10 breathtaking crime scene locations engage battles againstarmedenemies•Real water physics for waves and boating experience•Smooth onscreen touch controls for driving cool boats•Best shooting experience with heavy machine gun and rifle•Superb sounds for police siren and shooting enemies onisland•HD graphics to enhance your gaming experience
US Army Training School Game 1.0.5
Private! Follow the DrillSergeant'sinstructions. Dare to clear assault course army basictraining andbecome a soldier from simple citizen. Join nationalguard militaryacademy to pass initial entry training in US ArmyTraining SchoolGame.Enter military academy boot camp for combat training that willleadsyou to clear physical and mental training. Step into shoes ofacommando one man army see how tough is to step up from ordinarytoextraordinary. Battle in leaderboard with troops across theworld toshow which country army is best. Test your physicalfitness andmental disciplinary level by playing this obstacle basefun game.It’s not easy to become soldier as national guard. Clearintenserigorous assault course. Don’t let your country getdishonored andhumiliate. Clear obstacle course across differentarmy posts terrainlike dense forest, arctic snow and hot desertfield. Escape the highschool life and plunge into craziest parkourobstacle course on armybase. Can you jump over ten foot wall, swimin arctic frozen weatherand climbing net in desert heat? Some madand crazy guy can pullthis nut job but a normal person can’t.Become one man army and faceworld armed forces to prove whichcountry army forces are best. Isit USA or Russia? India orPakistan?Enjoy this newest action game with army basic combat trainingoverdifferent army posts. Enter in boot camp get online with firstcallfor military training. Avoid your uniform get dirty in mud.Play asnew recruits in platoon, follow the chain of command overroughterrain. Your uniform is your dignity wear it with prideandhonour. Don’t let mud marks and stains dishonored you in frontofyour superior Generals. Everyone can enjoy some wipeout andninjawarrior games and face your family and friends to beat yourscoreon leaderboard. Exhibit fitness with physical training andmentaltraining follow instructors drill sergeants first call.Clearmilitary training camp by passing the commando battalion testinthis action filled simulator game. Complete intense obstaclecourseand follow chain of command from platoon instructors. It’seasy tobuild 6 pack abs and gym fit body but it’s hell job to passspecialoperation forces course. Show real disciplinary andphysicalfitness by climbing net or ten foot wall and more.Traineedo thedrilling,grounding,grinding to enhance your Marinesoldierskills.US Army Training School 3D Game Features:Best army simulation game with real military schoolobstaclecourseRealistic military training with swimming, jumping, stealth,rollingand moreBattle against world’s best military forces like USA,Russia,Pakistan and IndiaCollect maximum medals to honor your forces within timelimitsIntuitive controls with battle engaging music to enhance yourgamingexperienceThree different army bases for clearing obstacle courseYou’ve played high-school and military truck simulatorgames,download US Army Training School Game and make yourcountrysoldiers proud who fight with dignity and valour.
Secret Agent Rescue Mission 3D 1.0.4
Play as Agent MAX Stay Invisible inSpyStealth GamesAgent Maxximus! Secret service agency had recruited and trainedtokeep our nation security intact. Operate under the radar,livespy’s life; complete secret missions kill or be killedinchallenging spy stealth game. Trained as ghost in publicforstealth operation, exhibit quickly move and sneak skills tostealinformation. Shoot spotlight, pick lock and move from ShadowtoShadow to strike enemies with deadly force. Show marksman aimwithsilencer weapon, assault suppressor rifles and snipergun.Infiltrate City Hospital Taken by CounterIntelligenceMercenariesAgent Max! Keep cover in dark shadows for stealth Operations.Becomea ghost remain out of sight from enemies and cams in spyStealthgame. Stay behind wall cover and obstacles for melee attackonpassing guard. The mercenaries took office staff as hostage,theyaretrying to steal sensitive information. As dark night sneakbehindenemy guards and snap their neck with swift move. Infiltrateenemysecurity zone take down server before the information goesonline.Training missions over now show elite spy skills and stopthemstealing blacklist files. Save fellow spies from gettingdishonoredby nation. The intelligence office want you to kill allpossiblethreat with zero civilian casualty by all meansnecessary.Help Hostage Escape and disarmed C4 planted insideCityAsylumFellow Secret Agent Tennyson hacked satellite and got allschematicsto assist you disarming c4 bombs planted in cityhospital basement.Search all floors, IT room and patient wards todisarmed all plasticexplosive to save mental asylum building.Enemy secret serviceagency plan a network hack to stealingsensitive information bydecoding the encrypted data in Deen officesystem. Kill theterrorist splinter groups from stealinginformation and selling tocrime syndicate. Eliminate dangerousterrorists cell members andsave innocent hostages in emergencysituation.Battle Trained Espionage and Rival Secret AgentAgent X lockdown all mission coordinates in your GPSnavigationsystem for terror cell. Follow the tracks and keep yourcoversecure as police officer for recon mission. Use night visiongoggleand silencer MP4 SMG and pistol for silent kills.Use ninjawarriorskills to take down enemy guards on rooftop and hallways.Keep ourtop agent secret identities safe from rival agencies spyagent. Assilent hit-man secure main office building and don’t letthem blowalarm or you mission get failed.Secure American Intelligence Fellow Agent DataSome convicted traitor inform your enemies about this asylumthattrains best spies for United States. Now enemies infiltratemainbuilding and trying to steal files and locate information.Theywant to plan jailbreak and help fellow double agent escapingourhighly secured prison facility. As elite spy trained facedangerousoperations. Agent Ten your job is to stop enemies stealingmilitaryintelligence collected data. Clear underground basement uselift tomove on top floor. Remain in dark shadows picklocking doortasks.Kill high profile target to get passcode for electric locks.Picklock doors in real time.Secret Agent Rescue Mission 3D Features:★ Highly challenging stealth game mission for real Espionage★ Real time lock picking and door hacking game-play★ Spy Gadgets silenced weapons, night vision and melee attack★ A.I based armed enemies with Semi-Auto rifles★ Brake light to keep in minimum visibility★ Intuitive FPS and 3rd Person ControlsAfter success of Secret Agent Stealth Spy Game we offer youitssequel the newest game.Feel the drama and intense gameplayavailable in Play Store for free. Download Secret AgentRescueMission 3D to re-live life of spy agent and stealingorassassinations missions in stealth spy game.
Police Squad Chase Ghetto City 1.0.2
Play Police Squad Chase Ghetto Citybethehonest law officer in this thrilling driving simulator!Chasetoarrest most wanted criminals of Mexican cartel in thecityofcrime. Work under Police SWAT special force on thishotpursuitkeep chasing and arresting the gangsters that pose athreatin cityglitz.Amazing Police Car Chase Adventure Sim:Experience more fun with the cops vs robbers vendettastorywithpolice chase car adventure. The crime city need an honestandloyalpolice officer to arrest badass criminals. Track themostwantedthugs in your police car. Dive car fast to weavethroughthesuburban ghetto traffic. Be careful while drivingfastavoidhitting civilian cars parked. Follow the fast pacedcriminalsandbang into the rival cars: smashing and crashing them todeath.Be apro car driver and test your driving skills. Be a greatcopchase& arrest crooked gangsters and protect your city.Fly Police Helicopter and Become A Real Pilot:Fly real chopper to chase the criminals escaping out ofcity.Jumpinto the cockpit of police helicopter and shoot targetsontheground with your sniper gun. In this real policevsgangstersbattle: fly real gunship copter through the skieswithdifferentrobber chase missions. Thrilling helicopter flying:trackdown thecriminals. Shoot them or run to arrest them byemergencylandingthe helicopter on helipad. Enjoy action packedflying withthe bestHelicopter flight simulator.Fulfill Traffic Police Duty as Bike Rider:In busy traffic when it’s impossible to catch criminalsridepolicebike to chase robbers. Be the bravest cop ridingbike:performinsane motorbike stunts to catch thugs. Do not letmostwantedcriminals escape city. Ride bike fast in the mad cityforvengeancefrom these crooks. Get your hands over various armsandammunitionfrom arsenal like pistol, assault rifle to kill thebadguys.Enjoy best police car sniper with criminals arrest. Drivefastonasphalt roads for police pursuit missions to arrestandlockupthugs behind the jail bar. Show your shooting skillsandbecome thebest police swat sniper. For unending thrilldownloadPolice SquadChase Ghetto City free.
Secret Agent Stealth Spy Game 1.0.4
Play as Agent MAX Stay Invisible inSpyStealth GamesAgent Maxximus you are recruited and trained by secretserviceagency to keep your nation security intact. Live spies lifeoperateunder the radar; complete secret missions kill or be killedinchallenging spy stealth games. Trained as ghost in publicforstealth operation, exhibit quickly move and sneak skills tostealinformation. Shoot spotlight, pick lock and move from ShadowtoShadow to strike enemies with deadly force. Show marksman aimwithsilencer weapon, assault suppressor rifles and sniper gun.Infiltrate Enemies Intelligence Office StealSensitiveInformationKeep cover in shadow for Stealth Operations behind walls; remainoutof sight from enemies in secret agent game. It’s vital tobecome aghost and stay behind obstacles to past a guard. Sneakbehind enemyguards in dark night and snap their neck with onesmooth movementlike ninja. Agent Max you infiltrate enemyterritory Shoot Lights towalk shadow to shadow. Get inside IT roomand plant a network hack.It's not some training mission proof yourelite spy skills and getsthe blacklist location by terror cellsand syndicate.Get Fellow Agent Escape Intelligence Office Prison By AllMeansNecessaryTerrorist splinter groups caught your fellow secret agentTennysonand our secret service agency dishonored him as convictedtraitor.But the blacklist shows Agent X name lockdown in samefacility.Keep your cover secure the recon mission is now becomerescuemission. Use your gear Night Vision goggle, silencer pistoland MP4SMG to take down enemy guards. Become silent hit-man andinfiltratemain office building. Keep absolute silence anyone seesyou thealarm will blow and missions get failed. It’s an impossiblemissionbut the secret service agency wants their top agentsback.Infiltrate Main Building Steal Files Locate PrisonAmerican Counter intelligence trained you as one man armyusestealth highly secured areas. Attack frontline or makemeleeattacks. If any guard see a dead body they will raise alarm.Youcan pick lock doors, hack server gather all the informationyourequire from the enemy counter intelligence service office.Locateunderground basement prison and gear up to make escape planforAgent Ten. Walk like phantom in dark shadows take downdangerousterrorists cell in counter terrorist missions.Plan Jailbreak Help Fellow Secret AgentEscapingFacilityAs professional spy trained get ready to executedangerousoperations. Rescue fellow Agent Tennyson escape fromprison afterstealing military intelligence collected data. Get onrooftophideout and secure location for agent Ten till he reachhelipad.Take down enemy rogue sniper and foot soldier armed withassaultrifles. Digital technology is taking countries in modernbattlefield. Spying and assassinations play key role to serveyournation. Keep balance of power normal life is dream for aspyagent.Secret Agent Stealth Spy Game Features:★Highly challenging stealth games mission for real spy★Real time lock picking and door hacking game play★Spy Gadgets silenced weapons, night vision and melee attack★A.I based armed enemies with Semi-Auto rifles★Brake light to keep in minimum visibility★Intuitive FPS and 3rd Person ControlsGet best stealth game full of drama and intense game playavailablein Play Store for free. Download Secret Agent Stealth SpyGame andlive life of spy agent breaching enemy hardline andstealingsensitive information or assassination mission for highprofileperson.
Western Cowboy Gang Shooting 3D: Wild West Sheriff 1.1
Howdy cowboy! Saddle up and go horseridingfor a showdown in wild west frontier. Face your enemies,outlawbandits and wicked gunslingers in cowboy shooting game. Joinyourrodeo friends in epic battle to protect western town.Western Cowboy Hunter 3D Features:★Play deadly gun shooter missions with addictive gameplay★Explore enormous map including railway station, gold tunnel&old village★Purchase fastest and ruthless cowboys, more to come★Realistic wild frontier locations and epic midday shootoutCowboy Hunter Western Bounty is no ordinary rodeo adventure togrowranch or maintain a stable. It's wicked cowboy war againstviolenttownsfolk and lawless posse who lurk in the shadow andkilltownspeople to collect bounties. Maintain your marksmenprestige indueling against filthy scum gangster. Keep revolversteady andalways prepared for shooting gun without any heads up.Ride horseto abandoned outpost and kill most wanted robbers chiefbefore heescapes. A real cowboy don’t need a sidekick partner toshoot thegangster who is wanted dead or alive. Seek redemptioninstead ofcommitting crimes. Pay respect in fierce formagainsttroublemakers. Use knuckle force if you have to stop badcowboysfrom smuggling black gold and money in form of weapons inwild westpoint.Cowboy Hunter Western Bounty revolves around the life of aolddashing cowboy who used to be a sheriff for good reasons. Soonherealized that it is time for sheriff to retire and become abountyhunter. Give up your badge & holster to buy a doublebarrelshotgun. Prepare the cowboy horseback of your mustangstallion andstart riding horse when it is high noon. Bang outlawsgang andbuild reputation of a deadly gunslinger with bestshootingaccuracy. Collect your ammo from salon, grab revolver andvisityour old town in Western Arizona desert to shoot out heinousscum.In a duel against cowboy foes hold the trigger close andreloadchamber after firing six bullets. Master skeet shootingskills& go for bullseye targets.Download Cowboy Hunter Western Bounty 3D game and enjoyactionpacked gameplay. Play endless shooting cowboy adventures inwesternfrontier.
Bank Robbery Crime LA Police 1.11
Game Unified
Bank Robbery Crime LA Police is thenewestbrilliant sneaking FPS game. Los Angles police on high alertforgrand theft and planned robbery in town. Cunning group isrobbingcity banks to steal money and making getaway with diamondHeist. Notime to make police arrest shoot the rob don’t let themrunawatown.Crime control department don’t want police arrest forcunningcriminals master in grand theft. Play ultimate angry copgameagainst chasing for planned crimes. Prison break and escapefromjail and now they are robbing as burglars going for bigloot.Police scanner alert you for railway station and banksunderattack. Secure hostile situation and release all hostagesfromterrorists custody. Kill the bank robbers before they runawaywithsuccessful robbing. Don’t let them steal money in ultimaterobberymission. They make bank cashier hostage to secure theirescaperoute from town. Other gangsters are planning for stealinglockersfrom subway station in Los Angeles city. Release passengerandcashier from hostile situation with sneaking police attack. Nomorecar chasing with police siren it's hardcore FPS game forshootinglovers to kill robbers before they runaway. As cops in LAshowaggressive strategy to eliminate planned robbery with youarrested.Use heavy weapons for shooting gangsters.Kill the hostile bank thief syndicate and save the hostage attherailway station. Shooting robbers is the only way to rescuehostageat the subway station. Police shooter need to take realactionagainst these sneaky gangsters. Police Crime alert calls forasniper due to this shooting exhibit of heist and diamond theft.Areal cop combat and hostage rescue mission is about to start.Jumpinto this thrilling combat mission shoot with sniper scopeatsubway station. Get ready for the biggest shootout in LosAngles!Enjoy the thrill being badass cop in FPS gameplay with realpoliceshooting experience. Criminals break prison and nowstealingdiamonds and trying to escape. Officer grab your sniperrifle andstart shooting armed gangsters stealing diamonds andgetaway. Keepchasing robber and map their escape route. Break theirescape planand arrest them at the crime scene. Shooting hostilerobber is theonly way to rescue hostage at the subway station.Join cops for this killing mission against hostile robberandrescue hostages. Rescue hostage at railway station. Shoot andkillthe robbers in this first person shooting chilling game.Features13 Thrilling Levels of FPS gameplayBrilliant action killing and hostage rescue missionsRealistic movement of shooting and firing weaponsThrilling action game sound effects
Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break C20i
Integrate yourself into a world of highstakesdeception and heart pumping action when you download, CopsVsRobbers: Jail Break. It's time to run, shoot and dodgefellowinmates and vicious prison guards. Feel the danger as youblastthrough three intense landscapes and enjoy amazing 3D graphicsandpixel game animations. Download for FREE today and experienceaclassic block game for the ages.The Underbelly of the Justice System...Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man has been lockedawaybehind bars at a super-max penitentiary, his terminationimminent.He insists he's innocent, but there is no proof or ounceofhuman-compassion to support his claim. This man, is you.Meanwhile, his absence from the capitol has opened up the seat toademonical politician whose corrupt beliefs have the capabilityofupturning a nation.Time is of the Essence...It's time to take drastic measures and claim your own freedomandprove your innocence before the government is overtaken bydoublecrossing politicians and the nation as you know it isturnedupside-down.Think Strategically, Fight for Survival...When the time is right, you make a break for it, knowing theinnerworkings of the system. Understanding this will be no easytask,but an exhausting feat of brute and intelligence, you beginthefight for your life.Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break is a challenging first personshooteraction game that is a thrill a minute experience. Fromthecollection of hidden melee and firearm weapons and thescatteringof helpful pickups to the mobs of savage enemies and thetrickylandscapes, this game is ripe with intense play. Enjoyintuitivecontrols and massive levels that boast dangerous battlesthat willrequire quick thinking and fast reflexes. Fight your wayagainstdozens of foes and take control over the justice system asyoubattle your way to freedom. The fight starts now.Features:-Hidden melee & firearm weapons-Collect health and ammo pickups as you exploreyoursurroundings-Prepare for enemies to increase as levels progress-Entity map-Choose from a variety of weapons-Expansive levels to explore
Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery 1.0.1
Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery isallaboutextreme auto theft in deadly criminal world of Miamicity.Playthis crime simulator to become thief mafia boss andtakerevengefrom ruthless police officer by ruling streets ofcrimecity.Get ready for ultimate gang war crime game in mad cityAfter passing hard time in Alcatraz jail, youhavesuccessfullymanaged prison escape from high security policesquadcell. Spareno mercy on crooked cops who ruined your life&arrested you.Make your mafia gang stronger to execute streetcrimelike autotheft & knockdown cops in real combat fighting.Writeyourcrime story in Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery. ShootSWATpoliceforces, help city gangster escape from bad cops beforetheycaughtyou again. Along with other notorious grand gangsters,beatcitycops and grab sniper rifle to shoot police cars. Attackrivalcopsin aggressive crossfire to become real mobster inMiamicrimeinfested Andreas city.Grand theft missions with challenging police car chasePlay newest cops vs robbers game, get inside carshowroomforstealing cars before police sniper shooter kill you.Stealcarsfrom real Miami saints & help crime lords byperformingextremeracing car stunts on grand gangsters crime city.Dodgepolice carchase and shoot cops in extreme combat fighting.Inrealistic carracing through streets, turn left and right torunawayfrom citypolice car driver. Make a kill shot withprofessionalsnipershooter gun in real gangster games and destroypolice cars insincity gang war. In this shooting game, get pointsbychallengingauto car chase missions, followed by extremekilling& violencelike never before. Test your criminal gangstertheftcar drivingskills in evading cops and shooting policeforces.Increase yourunderworld crew of reckless thieves, spreadingcrimeto becomethief mafia boss in California mad city. Plan newbankrobbery ingangster city, snatch jewelry & steal moneyinstealth hitmanaction. Beware of police helicopter, flying highinsky with spotlight to catch underworld most wantedcriminals.Police men arelooking for you from flying helicoptercockpit andthey can makeemergency landing on helipad to arrestgangstersquad.Features:Test your real driver skills with amazing police chase&carparking experienceOutstanding sniper assassin missions to counter attackDifferent types of sports cars and racing auto vehiclesforinsanedriving mania.Realistic city environment with HD graphics &excitingsoundeffects.Experience the thrilling driving simulator & racing game.Download Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery right now formindblowingadrenaline filled action of car theft simulation&policechasing driving game.
City Ninja Assassin Warrior 3D 1.0.6
City Ninja Assassin Warrior 3D isfast-pacedaction packed game, climb your ninja hero on wall withrope andstairs, zipline from rooftop, swim through river it’s timeto showyour martial arts and Kung fu moves with lethal weapons.Afterkilling all soldiers in forest fortress it's time to attackSpecialForces in the city.Ninja Warrior 3D Features:★Realistic stealth and combat movements between ninjashinobifights★10 breathtaking missions of assassination and war againstarmedSpecial Forces soldier★Smooth onscreen touch buttons for shadow fighting game★Amazing swimming, jump, weapon strike animations★HD graphics with beautiful city locations to exploreCity Ninja Assassin Warrior 3D is game about blood revenge,enemyninjas burnt your village kill your wife and companions. Playasperiod Japanese hitman infiltrate enemy territory, startslashingenemies with your samurai sword. Enemies are unaware aboutyourstealth infiltration skills like a hitman or a spy. Sneak upenemyninjas with stealth techniques, soldiers are well-armedavoidmaking any noise. Climb wall with rope and stairs, jumpsfromrooftops attack enemies from behind. Army sniper hidden injungle,as thief keeps yourself in shadow before fight. Task forcehiredsome evil ninja challenge them in combat fight and kill themall.Guide your hero to rooftop and zipline through rope in enemyareaslike a thief.Special Forces are patrolling city areas with captivehostages;attack them with your stealth and ancient hitman training,Fightfrom shadow use shuriken and katana to slice enemies inthisrevenge saga. No time to avoiding evil gear up with lethalweapons,samurai sword, shuriken and all for epic revenge in androidplaystore. Crush your enemies’ sniper, military soldiers andmercenarywith angry ninja agility attacks. You are trained byshinobi senseibecome a hitman ninja in this shadow fight game.Penetrate militarycamp in the city location. Run up wall; slashevil ninjas withwarrior samurai sword. Humiliate demon bosses withyour master Kungfu skills. Kill them all with fetal strong below ofyour swordblade. Download City Ninja Assassin Warrior 3D is violentactiongame with thrilling and action pack game play.
VELOZ Police 3D
Foose Games
Accelerate, Shoot, Reload and ArrestallCriminals as Fast as you Can!!!VELOZ Police 3D is a free police pursuit game with many missionstocomplete!!!it's easy to Play, you must drive the police car, find andarrestall Criminals around the city, you have Machine Guns to helpyouout!!!- Police Cars to Choose- Police Officers to Choose- Different Machine Guns to use- Many Missions- Many Criminals to arrest- 3D GameDownload the game for free and have Fun!!!
Shark Attack Spear Fishing 3D 1.4
Dive into Deep Ocean and exploretheunderwater sea life for spearfishing adventures. Play SharkAttackSpear Fishing, the latest 3D shark simulator game for huntingangrysharks. Become a scuba diver lure and shoot harpoon fromyourspeargun to hunt hungry sharks underwater.Survive in brutal underwater environment and beware of wildsharkattack. Besides goldfish, lionfish or clownfish, ocean life isfullof ferocious inhabitants like carnivorous shark, orca whaleandstar fish. Ace Scuba divers and white shark hunter go forhuntingaquatic animals in deep sea like seahorse. Put on the scubadivingretreater suite with oxygen mask and grab your fishing gearfromfisherman. Make bait for hungry shark and sail in your steamboat.Fisherman chase white shark and tiger shark while sailing insharkfishing boat. Aim precise and fire harpoon from your speargunbefore the deadliest angry sharks kill you with razor sharpjaws.Become ace shooter enjoying fishing lake with seamlesscrystalwater.The killer shark is furious jaws unleashed aim to huntdownmegalodon in ocean depths. Daily catch the big fish inNorthAmerica Ocean, dive into clear water and start swimmingforcatching the big ones megalodon in shark simulator 2016.Avoidhitting into coral reef and algae in deep waters sharkrampage. Aimto shoot fish, hunt sea monster and dangerous predatorto seekrevenge for human killing. Enjoy the massive gameplay onExoticParadise Island and explore the realistic sea life in 3D openworldenvironment. Get hooked on with this real fishing game, diveinfreshwater lure angry sharks towards you. Anglers can catchesfishdaily feel the thrill underwater with spear gun withoutanglingrod.Shark Hunter 2016 Features:→ 10 amazingly challenging tiger sharks hunting andshootingmissions→ Sail ship and scuba dive into Blue Ocean for spearfishing→ Explore the realistic sea life with big fish around likecrystalfish, trout, starfish and orca whale→ Intuitive touch controls for easy sailing and hunting→ High quality 3D graphics and detailed environmentforspearfishingDownload Shark Attack Spear Fishing 3D simulator game forunderwaterkilling adventure and fight for survival againstferocious seainhabitants.
Police Officer Crime City 1.4
Here we are with a police game thatmarked2016. If you want to be a cop, you wonder how it feels to bepolicein this game is for you.Get ready for a relentless pursuit and confrontation withcriminalsidentified as a result of detective investigation. Get inyourpolice car and chase the criminals, be followed, in your carafterdiagnosis offenders, pull your weapon and enter into conflictwithcriminals. If you want to be a hero you have to be brave.7 will participate in secret missions with different police car,thecar will follow the criminals with police cars, buildbarricades onthe road, you can lie in wait or you may experiencehot conflictsdescend on your car.4 different weapons with the police, the superiorityagainstcriminals, criminals traveling all over the city. Now istime toclean the city of criminals. Be bold, be fast, run yoursecrets andfears the data to criminals.Your ear with a real police radio conversations also get yourradio,consider that good notices. Do Improved police radar systemwillhelp you to locate the offenders.With 12 different languages, all tasks easily understand andfeelwhat it means to the end is not the police.Realistic police car,Realistic police radio conversations that will help inthetask.Easy and user-friendly controls,
Police Dog Prisoner Escape 1.9
"You are the in-charge of a prison, arealpolice dog to do the security job for the jail. It your dutynow towatch out prison escape by city criminals. The security oftheprison and of the city is in your hands now as the theif orthecriminal escaping from prison will be the threat of crime tothecity.You have been hired as a trained police dog to stop and to chasethethugs involved in the prison break crime. Play this police dogvsprisoners game and do not let any prisoner escape the jail. Asatrained german shepherd it is your duty to be alert all thetime.This police dog Prisoner escape is ultimate action packedgamewhere it is your duty to chase criminals breaking the laws.Playthis cop dog game for hours of fun.Features of Police Dog Prisoner Escape Simulator=> Extreme chase game=> Cop Dog Chase Simulator=> Criminals vs Police dog=> Sniff, chase and catch robbers, thieves and thugs=> Big Security officer dog=> Smooth Controls=> Exciting but challenging gamePlay=> Amazing sounds and graphicsYour Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us to keepourselvesbusy in creating more fun in the games to entertain you,yourfamily and your friends. In case if you find any bug thatneeded tobe addressed just send us an email, we will improve it andreply toyour email as soon as possible."
Angry Sea White Shark Revenge 1.0.3
Take control over world most powerfulandbrutal underwater species predator known as white death. AngrySeaWhite Shark Revenge thrilling and exciting new game for oceanandwater lovers. Feel the rage as great angry shark and fightagainstyour arch rival Orca killer whale.Angry Sea White Shark Revenge Features:☀15 breath taking action packed hunter missions☀Free mode to swim, jump and diving like real life sharkinsea☀Realistic fish animation and physics for smooth gameplay☀Intuitive controls with amazing background music☀HD underwater sea life with fish, species, whale, treasureandplantsHuman hunters are boating over surface to kill this seamonsterwith modern weapons make them scare with your jump attackwithoutany mercy.Angry Sea White Shark Revenge offers you 15 underwater missionsforbrutal hunting like great tiger shark. Swim as furious sharkwreckthe ships with this monster fish species. Scare small fish andmakethem your tasty meal. Collect hearts in the deep ocean tomaintainyour life and health bar. Play as crazy evil carnivore inHungryWhite Shark Revenge 3D amazing simulation game in yourandroidphone and tablets.Some fisherman trying to trap you and catch you bring turmoilandhavoc to their hopes. Bring rampage in ocean destroy boat,eathumans, small fishes fight with killer orca whale. Terrorizetheocean world with your mighty jaws, sharp teeth and rageattack.Enjoy diving and swimming like realistic fish in water inAngry SeaWhite Shark Revenge sim.“Enjoy over different animal simulation game for completefamilyentertainment and fun”
Police Bike - Criminal Arrest 1.0.3
Join special police squad and enjoyadventurespolice bike gangster chase missions to secure town fromstreetcriminals. Let’s Move & arrest the most wanted criminalswithcrime control police squad. Drive police bike to chasedowncriminals and arrest gangster vehicles. The citycriminals,gangsters and robbers spread all over the city hideouts.This endsnow as you ride super speed police motor-bike to finishcrimes insin city. Show professional motorcycle riding skills tocompletegangster chase missions. Live life as an honest policeofficer andstop crimes of underworld mafia gang.Enjoy endless action to arrest criminals, robbers andjailbreakprisoners in police bike criminal arrest 3D game. Arrestall citycriminals who escaped from jail and involve in criminalactivities.Robbers are trying to get away from crime scene.Criminals aredriving fast on city highway but your duty is to chase& arrestthem before escape. Now it's up to you, how fast andquickly youget them back to jail lockup. Drive an amazing, supercharged,police bikes. You are the police it’s your duty to stoptherobbers.Police Motorbike riding is an exciting city sheriff heavybikedriving simulator game. You can drive the police motor-bikeinheavy traffic to perform exciting, amazing ride andmaintainfurious speeds like nitro boosts. Your job as a trafficpoliceofficer is to chase & arrest the city gangsters to be thebestpolice motorbike driver. Arrest criminals behind bars and don’tletprisoner escape from jail. Your duty is to control crime inthecrime city. Drive fast to chase the prisoner, criminalsandgangsters crew and save yourself from their counterstrikingattacks. You are the city traffic police of a city, it’sinclude inyour duty now to watch out prison escape by criminalcells. Playthis motorcycle racing & criminal chasing game anddo not letany prisoner escape. Use police traffic bike rush skillsto ridesuper-fast motorbikes after prisoners escaping fromprison.Play this extreme police bike vs. gangster chase game and do notletany criminal escape from the city border. This cop bike chaseisultimate action packed game where your duty is to chase grandcityrobber’s theft & do not let them violate city laws inthispolice auto super rider bike driving simulator game. Keepfollowingthe direction arrows and remember not to lose them fromyour sight.They must try to escape away when sited you so be quickto chase orarrest them. Don’t let the city turn into a crimecity.Police Bike - Criminal Arrest Game Features:• Police Bike Gangster Car Chasing Missions• Police Sargent Heavy Bikes Driving & Drifting• Find, Identify and Chase city criminals• Extreme Thrilling and Challenging Missions• Interesting Game Play in Amazing City Environment• Smooth and Intuitive Controls of Police Heavy Bike• Police Siren, Lights & Multiple Camera Views• Stunning & High Quality 3d Graphics with Amazing SoundsDownload Police Bike - Criminal Arrest to play real copsergeantmotorcycle gameplay. Chase criminals, arrest gangsters andstopthugs to restore city peace.
SWAT Team Counter Strike Force 1.0.3
SWAT Force Captain! There’s asecuritythreat alert from 911 emergency. Members of terroristorganizationare about to rob diamond mine outside city quarry. JoinSWAT TeamCounter Strike Force for action against terrorists andeliminatethreats to security.Terrorists teamed up with underworld gangs mafia to stealdiamondsfrom mountain cave. They are excavating treasure from goldmine viarailcar. Enemy will buy advanced weapons and firepower tospreadterrorism in city. To counter this brutal plan, elite policeforceis very critical. SWAT team is last hope to control thiscrisissituation. Take your killer sniper gun and ammo to engagewithunderworld thieves and murderers, derail their plan to buywarhead.Terrorists have kidnapped foreman and innocent civiliansare heldhostages while some are killed by gunner. Strike withmaximum forceto engage in brutal shooting action and kill all armedrobbers andterrorists.Play as elite killer trained under special weapons andtacticssquad. Rush to diamond mine, smugglers are stealing goldtreasurein wooden cart moving on rail road. Intercept their robberyplanand start shooting terrorists. Aim for head shot and take outenemysniper gunman outside. Create diversion to counter enemy’sescapeplan during hostile situation. In disparate battlefieldlocation,arrest is not an option. Shoot and kill bad guys in mineto saveinnocent civilian and rescue hostages. Kill terrorist squadarmedwith sub-machine gun, stun grande and more.SWAT Force Crime Simulator Features:10 extreme challenging shooting killer missions torescueminersMultiple advanced sniper rifles for battlefield actionReal life crisis situation and massive mine environmentRealistic physics controls for smooth shootingConsole quality 3D graphics and many heuristic featuresDownload SWAT Team Counter Strike Force and enjoy intense actioninthis 3D elite simulator game.
Russian Police Vendetta 1.5
In Russian Police Vendetta you will play asaRussian Police officer looking to avenge the death of hisfamilymembers also called a vendetta. You start out in the cityofMoskovia in Russia, knowing that the killers of your familyarerunning their cartel here. Moskovia is a small city andiscontrolled by the Cartel Members. You will begin the game withatutorial so you can start the game with the knowledge what todoand how to do it. How the story will go in this game is all uptoyou. So choose your missions to earn money and take back thecity.You now can begin with your territory establishing. Earneasymoney with the simple missions like eliminate the gangstersorretrieve stolen cars.Can you survive the dangers of the criminal underworld in thisfunopen world game. Use the hard earned money to buy coolRussianpolice cars like a jeep, sports car and muscle car. Buy orrenthouses and flats, upgrade your armor or improve youraccuracy.Every car in the city is drivable in Russian PoliceVendetta.Features of Russian Police Vendetta•5 different police cars like a jeep, sports car, muscle carandmore.•Buy extra armor or health to survive the hard missions•Improve your character during the game•Missions like, Collect & Drive, Retrieve Stolen cars,Eliminatethe Furious Criminals•Play as a Russian Police officer•Unlock special eventsSuper simple and easy controls and super advanced realphysicsengine.Russian Police Vendetta is set in a massive open world city thatisfull of different mission types, making this game one of themostfun crime games ever seen on mobile or tablets. The City feelslikean open world, that is full of different missions and questsforyou to take on. This game is not only a crime game, but also arealdriving simulation game. The game isn’t a level by level gamebutthe game offers a massive amount of different missions.Themechanics of Russian Police Vendetta feel like a basic thirdpersonshooter.We hope you will enjoy Russian Police Vendetta and off courseourother games and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Google+orlike us on Facebook so we can keep you up to date with ourlatestnew games.👉
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
War has evolved, and so has the best onlineFPSon mobile!Step onto the battlefield and answer the call with the titlethatraised the bar for first person shooter games with itsgreatgraphics, high-powered guns and intense online multiplayeraction.Create a squad from 9 classes, add your friends for teamplay andtest your skills in dynamic warfare against online rivalsfromaround the world!Prefer to work alone? Then feel free to step into the thrillingsoloplay campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situationafteranother to save the world as you launch an attack againstalunatic’s apocalyptic plans.You won’t find more first person shooter fun in a freegameanywhere!9 CLASSES WITH UNIQUE SKILLS> Customize and level up any of the 9 classes across soloplayand team play modes.> Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy,Recon,Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph,orKommander.> Activate class-specific skills by earning and spendingSkillPoints.HIGH-POWERED ONLINE MULTIPLAYER> Watch players engaged in live online FPS battles andeSportscompetitions with all the great graphics you expect in thenewSpectator mode.> Epic guns-a-blazing team play in Squad vs. Squadmatches.> Talk to other players to plan your onlinemultiplayerstrategies and coordinate an attack in the Global andSquadChats.> Top the individual and Squads leaderboards as you masteryoureSports skills.> Win free rewards and cool prizes in limited-time events.UNIFIED GAME PROGRESSION> Accumulate XP and level up by playing both solo playmissionsand team play matches.> Unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons bymasteringlower-tier guns.> Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachmentsandjump straight into the free game action.INTENSE SOLO PLAY CAMPAIGN> Engage in fast-paced story missions where the call willtakeyou from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of first personshooterchallenges.> Play the new Spec Ops missions for a real online FPSadrenalinerush.> Great graphics, music and voice performances perfectlyadaptedfor a first person shooter game.HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS> Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can playthegame just the way you want.> Modern Combat 5 supports HID game controllers. MOGA Pro isalsosupported, in mode B (HID Mode).Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection.So if you’re ready for the online FPS of your dreams, dive intothisunparalleled free game that takes online multiplayer to newheights.Perfect for anyone hungry for solo play first personshooter fun, orteam play eSports competition._____________________________________________Visit our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Russian Submarine Navy War 3D 1.0.3
Commander order your uboat crew andnavigateyour naval submarine out of sea mine traps. RussianSubmarine NavyWar 3D takes you on combat simulation for warfare inpacific regionacross enemy territorial waters.Russian Submarine Navy War 3D About:Submerge your battle submarine underwater for silent attack,useheavy torpedoes and periscope to target enemy vesselscarryinghelicopters, jet fighters and all modern weapons. Encounteryourrival battleship with your precision navigation skills. Try tocomeleast or water surface if you spotted enemy helicopter andfighterjets will attack you with airstrike bombardment. As silenthuntercruise your uboat underwater surface, in deep sea terrain.Engageto shipwreck enemy cruisers, vessels with your torpedomissileattack in this sea war.Gameplay:Experience underwater as naval commander of ship for USpacificfleet or Imperial Japanese convoy. Feel like participatingin worldwar 2 feel the thrill and excitement of sinking enemy boatsin thepacific rim and avoid touching any mines in minefield inocean orthe heavy explosion can sunk your submarine in deep oceanrim.Enjoy raging through water in this warship the ultimatemilitarysecret weapon to target and attack both sea and aerialcrafts withperfection.Download Russian Submarine Navy War 3D in your android tabletandphone to enjoy battle in arcade style like never before.Cruiseunderwater craft engage with your rival convoy with firepoweranddestroy their fleet.Russian Submarine Navy War 3D Features:◆Experience amazing ride in underwater craft like neverbefore◆Fully armed u-boat with heavy torpedo missilesforbombardment◆Intuitive touchscreen controls to steer the u-boat with controlstodive and rise in water◆Thrilling warfare gameplay with full of action and strategy◆HD graphics under ocean with fish, mines, boats and cruisers◆Realistic sounds for blast and attacking enemies
Grand Gangsters 3D 1.8
Welcome to Sin City! Where it all began.Rollup on a dangerous new trip through the city in San AndreasFault inGrand Gangsters today!Grand Gangsters puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world ofthecity’s street crimes on your phones. You can tackle 6differenttypes of motor vehicle theft missions to take over thecity andoutrun the police, or just obey every traffic light.Stealing autocars, evading cops, racing through streets, andshooting down othergangs… Do you have enough guts to rise to thetop of the criminalpiles?Game Features:- Unique mixer of a shooter, punch game and auto racing!- Incredible 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls- Tons of missions and possibilities in 4 areas of the city- 15+ weapons and auto vehicles
Police Shooting car chase 2.1.9
Sunstar Games
Get ready to hit the dirt in this XtremePoliceShooting Car Chase traffic shooting police battle experiencethattakes you to the edge of the action with its epic highwaypolicechase with turrets and guns on the road in this endlesstrafficshooter game. The fighting mafia criminals are on the runand youneed to catch or shoot them down in an xtreme dirt roadtown withturrets and guns in this traffic sniper police battle.Equipped withthe city attack fully charged super cars andcustomized cars, havingmachine gun and missile installed on it,the big fight of hittingthe dirt road & overtaking doesn't getany more xtreme than thiswith free gun and run. The drug mafiawars, mob wars, crime citytraffic sniper mafia and the terroristsare out there on the publicplaces, disturbing the justice &peace of the city. Your duty isfighting mafia & bringing thepeace back and crack down, enforcethe law and be a real actionhero in this the big fight & free3D action car battle endlessshooting game, before the crime citygangsters getaway and stop thetraffic shooter mob wars.You must have played many xtreme racing getaway endlessshootinggames but the excitement of this free 3D action racingdeathmatchdemolition game is that you get a chance of testing yourepicwarfare driving overtaking and shooting bullet skills alltogetherin an explosive way to be a real action hero.So let’s forget asphalt and hit the dirt road and drive like a3Daction hero and shoot like a road warrior to chase downprisonbreaking criminals before they getaway. Police shooting carchasedelivers xtreme exciting car battle demolition gameplay,amazingshooting mechanics and a chance earn the points to upgradeyoursuper cars. Moreover, the game also offers almost an onehandedcontrol system, where the players can easily customizetheircontrols to their liking with tilt or swipe. You will also gettocollect a lot of pickups on your grand snake io chase ofthecounter terrorist enemies gangs escaping prison and chance to beareal action police fastest hero. Beware of the obstacles !! It’sapublic place, mob criminals & counter terrorists gangs willbedriving through the desert vegas city causing heat, dirt offroadtownships, shopping malls, schoolyard, hospitals, publicparking,so make sure you don’t hit any innocent.This is one of the top free games in racing that packs quite apunchwith it solid action packed 3D game play where you cantransformfrom a racer to a killing machine.The mission is called “real racing chase deathmatch”Top game features-Challenging tracks, including Xtreme dirt offroad track-Easy to Difficult missions-Realistic city environment-Cool physics of cars-Machine gun and missile attacks and huge explosions-Optimized tilt, steer & swipe controls-Real sound effects and musicThis free action racing game is for hardcore gamers who enjoythetop latest Shooting, Racing, FPS, simulation games. Neverbeforewill you have found yourself being a real racingshooterPS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected]