Top 1 Games Similar to Block Invaders!

Aphelion Run 1.2.2
@MrTom Games
The year is XXXXYou play the part of a new recruit; a "volunteer" taken byamysterious corporation, placed aboard a fast moving ship andsentto the far reaches of our solar system. Your mission - tonavigatethrough endless tunnels within planetoids in order togather asmany gems as you can.Collect enough gems and a power-up will spawn. They'reallhelpful, don't be afraid of them.A highscore game with a twist - you can end up with nothing.Ifyou crash you lose the ship and all the gems within. You onlykeepyour score by using your hyperdrive to jump to safety, but ittakes10 seconds to spool up and your ship is getting fasterandfaster... How long can you hold your nerve?This is my first game, created using Game Maker: Studio asahobby project rather than a "serious" attempt at making a game.Itis in what I consider a finished state, but I do have ideas onhowto expand the game further (using some sort of progressionsystem,unlockable ships etc) so this may be updated in thefuture.This apps asks for the following permissions:External storage access: In order to save high-scores.Network access: Because it is ad supported.I am not collecting information. I don't want to know what'sonyour phone, where you are, what you're shopping for or whoyou'resexting. I'm doing this as a hobby, not for business!