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Floating Islands Crasher 3.1.0
Yiyi Stuidos
Aliens were living on a small planet formanyyears, but in recent years, the power resource of this planetwillbe exhausted. The only way to survive itself is to exploit anewpower resource. This time, the target is the floating islandonearth!Animal kingdom - Floating islands are rich in power resources,butit is not easy to exploit it, aliens need to cut off the islandtoexploit the power resource, but they are not allowed toharmanimals.FEATURES:- 250 challenge levelsAliens now only discover 5 mainland contain 250 floatingislands,these resources have not completed the target, next, alienswillexplore more mainland.- Who is the trouble maker?Animals brought a lot of working trouble to aliens, but thebiggesttrouble is the naughty ground alien, they have their ownspecialproperties, faster, bigger, and invisible.- Amazing Power-upsAlien technology is powerful, the coolest thing is to slow downthetime, and more skills can be unlocked in the game.- Alien Social ClubYou're not the only alien on the earth, for an efficientexploiting,aliens need to build a social network to share sourceinformation!The function of the alien social club will begraduallycompleting.Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear fromyouon Google+.GOOGLE+: support and positive feedback are always much appreciated.Havefun!