Top 24 Games Similar to War of Worlds

Jail Attack: Counter War 1.0
San Andreas prison is full ofrobbers,murderers, gangsters, thieves and mafia guys, someprisoners triedto break the jail and escape from police custody.they are accusedfor murder attempts, theft, robbery and smugglingkind ofcrimes.Police clans are out in crazy crime city to catch them and sendthemback to jail. some of them are underworld dons and theyareresisting the police with heavy weapons like AK 47, shotguns,pistols , bazooka and many armors.Download a brand new theme in jail break and jail attackgameswhere you will take control of an amazing police car in thebigcrime city. In this police chase prisoners game you are thetopprivate Russian police officer who as a heroic cop need todrivepolice car to catch and chase down most wanted criminal groupwhoattacked and broke into the city central jail and made theirfellowjailbirds escape from the prison. Now they are trying tohidesomewhere after breaking into the city and also trying to dobankrobbery and running their cartel . Keep following the maptoapproach them and remember not to lose them as they arecleverenough to deceive you. On sighting, prisoners will run fastand tryto fade but you need to run speedily and catch them with inthespecific time before they stole anything. Play somethingdifferentfrom a simple police chase games or police vs thiefgames.Enjoy an electrifying jailbreak counter attack with one oftheawesome jail break games. The game has the concept both policejailattack games and police chase games with thefullattention-grabbing missions. So get set to start the fastpacedaction with jailbreak counter attack in one of the brand newjailattack games to become a daring cop. JAIL ATTACK COUNTER WARwillmake you believe it unlike other bad games!Isn't this jailbreak counter attack one of the best jailbreakgames? Yes definitely it stands out in police jail attackgameswith crazy police car. PRISON ATTACK: COUNTER WAR, theultimateaddition to police chase games.
Pixel Block Survival Craft 0.616
You play as a first person survivor fromworldwar between human and zombies. To survive in this world, youhaveto collect items. You can craft various items from inventory,buildhouses. You have two weapons - axe and gun ( desert eagle )thathelp you stay away from death. You have to mine metal toproducebullets into your shooter gun. To survive a night, you haveto hidein tower or house (own or already built buildings). Makingyour ownhouse is really intuitive with placing blocks. The aim ofthis gameis to stay alive from undead people. Game consists of twominiworlds for exploration. This edition of game is made mainlyforpeople who love pocket cube style games.- save / load game- survival, craft, building features- pixel block cube retro style- 3d graphics- achievements
Robots army warA free Sci-Fi robot war on play storeRobot army war is a free first person Sci-Fi shootinggame,available on Google Play Store. It’s an epic robot combatandfighting game, where gigantic robots attack with their modernandfuture firepower. Equipped with modern weapons of massdestruction,their mission is to eliminate the human race.It’s an epic war between the earth and the other planet;whoeverwins will dominate on the entire universe. It’s an excellentFPSfight against the aliens. Your enemy’s have unique skills thatyoumay find it challenging while struggling.Dungeon showdownAlien Robots are trapped in their spaceship landed on earth.Don’tlet them get out of it and destroy them in theirstronghold.Get fightingLet’s give them a surprise and strike with full power. It’s aclashof robots so make their own home into a battlefield.upgrade & synergisePlenty of different and well-structured robots with varietyofdifferent moves and deadly weapons so upgrade your weapon systemaswell as use the powerups to overcome their supremacy.robots army war features*** unbelievable 3d graphics, animations and environment*** unique Personalization of Sci-Fi Weapons*** power Ups*** latest FPS controller*** rewards for achieving goals*** next-gen war style*** amazing sound effectsfacebook:
Monster War 1.2
Italy Games
Monster War is the #1 acclaimed action fantasy defensegameavailable on Google Play.The Undead Horde of vampires, werewolves and mummies are atyourtown gates, the villagers are on the brink of death, and onlyyourtroops stand between the enemy and complete annihilation! Useyourfinger to slide a vast arsenal of weapons together and flicktofire at your command before the monsters break down yourdoor.Now get ready for an epic journey to defend your town!How to Play:- Slide the weapons together in a group of 3 or more- Slide the group of weapons to the front launch area- Flick the weapons forward to fire at the monstersGame Features:- Hours of gameplay with 60 levels & more to come- Extra Endless game mode that will challenge your tacticalskillsto the limit- 5 specialized weapons and 5 uniquely designed power-upstocustomize your strategy- High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art
Wolf Online 2.1.1
Raise a wolf, only your own. The best epicwolfgame! Wolf Online[Game Overview]A cruel and gruesome war among three wolf species begins. Arealnetwork survival game to survive not only from animals huntingforfood but also from battles against other wolf species for yourownspecies’ survival. “Wolf Online” is the best online animalgamefollowed by the “Life of Wolf” series, reaching 5 milliondownloadsthroughout the world. We are now waiting for you, the bestwolfwarrior, to join the fight.[Game Theme]The wolves’ hunting for survival and prosperity has started. Youcanselect one wolf from Mountain Wolf, Snow Wolf, and Wild Wolfandparticipate in hunting as a member of one of these packs. Tosurvivein a dangerous, rough hunting environment, you have toendlesslyhunt animals and master your own skills.Also, you can only grow faster if you win in the battles amongthewolf species and get trust from your own wolf pack. In thehuntingground that is distinguished by 6 characters, thereareplant-eating animals such as rabbits, deer, and giraffes, butthereare also many other scary beasts and wild animals such astigers,lions, and rhinoceros that can threaten and attackyou.When you meet monsters from legends, you should ask for helpfromyour wolf colleagues because they will make your strong teethandsharp claws useless. Your colleagues will come to you rightafterhearing your cry.If you are ready and all set, let’s leave to the hunting groundofthe wolves.[Characteristics of Species]Mountain Wolf : Living in Stone Mountain, rough anddangerousmountainous area, the Mountain Wolf has the most balancedabilitiesamong the three species.Snow Wolf : The Snow Wolf, living in Snowstorm that is coveredincold ice and snow, is the species with the fastest speed andthebest agility when hunting preys.Wild Wolf: The Wild Wolf, which settled in Wild Land of livingandbreathing souls of ancient beasts, is notorious for being themostbrutal and aggressive out of all three species.[Features of Game]1. The best real hunting game with three wolf species.Harmonious Mountain Wolf, coldhearted and fast Snow Wolf, andscaryand cruel Wild Wolf. You can choose one from a total of 12wolves,consisting of 4 kinds for each of the 3 species.2. Various battle mode systemSingle-play hunt, fighting other wolf species (PVP), acooperativeraid fight with wolf players from all over the world todefeat thedragon, etc.3. The best wolf is always with his pack.You can enjoy hunting animals and share food with other wolvesofyour species.4. Summon your wolf friends immediately when you are tired.When you get too tired while hunting or fall in a danger, youcanimmediately call your wolf friends around you through thenetworksummon function.5. Character growth system through huntingAttack, defense, moving speed, stamina, and skill developmentsystemaccording to animal hunting and by winninghonor/credit.6. Various animals for hunting and monsters from mythsHerbivores such as rabbits, deer, giraffes; predatory animalssuchas lions, tigers, and bears; Monsters and creatures from mythssuchas Cerberus, vampire, chimera, and dragon.7. A total of 6 different combat/hunting maps offered6 different, highly realistic combat/hunting maps withvaryinggeographical features and backgrounds: Snowstorm, ArcaneRiver,Wildland, Combat Field, Dragon Lava, Stone Mountain8. Other functionsEnergy supplement system through the self and dead bodiesReal-time multi-chatting function with other players online※ If you delete the game, all the data will be gone andnotrecovered.※ Please visit our Facebookpage( orYouTube( channel if you wantmoreinformation.Wolf Online is a must play a game for all fun lovers!
Sniper War Apocalypse Mission 1.0
Terrorists Apocalypse has eruptedeverywheredue to a deadly terrorist outbreak in city. Conquer thehome landand slaughter the infiltrators to hell.Intergalactic Terrorists destroyed earth, battlefields andwarbecomes everyday experience for everyone. My Hometown Citiesareburning and nations vaporizing. Only true commando can find hiswaythrough nightmares of war start fighting his way to Glory.Deathlies around when trained terrorist invaders wandersarounddestroying our legacy and homeland.Spooky skeletons are invading in country area for human bloodandmassacre. This plague has infected everyone around and thediseaseis spreading fear in streets. Today in world of technology,thenations are insecure even in mountains, desert, city andurbanareas. You have to be ready to take revenge as front linestriker,desert sniper master, and mountain sniper shooter withGunshipBattles and Navy Wars. So are you ready with your Xsniper?Take out your assault rifle and sniper guns to shoot an armyofinfiltrators. Military and other forces have been failed todestroythis savage army. Gather courage to stand againstbrainwashedhorrible creatures and put an end to this madness toshut downtheir gateway. Play as a lone survivor and eliminate thesesavageforces with advanced warfare weapons. Scavenge these spooksandsnipe from a safe distance without any horror. Take head shottoblow their brains out before they smash your skull.Since Criminals have proved guilty of executing horribleterrorattacks that are illegal and punishable by law like, serialkiller,prison escape, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking /Distribution,child kidnapping, Robbery, Money Laundering, traitorto the nationetc., these lawbreakers must be wiped off with yourtop snipershooting skills and training and multiple high profilesniper gunsand assault rifles.Finish the crucial and hard responsibilities by using sniperweaponsof your own choice to kill the enemies to save city. Enjoyhuntingthe multiple targets at a time. Try for More head shotswith sniperguns to earn more.It’s not a war on terror but rather a more dangerous game ofwarwith criminals hidden within society so you must play your roleasits call of duty from the country and your state is in stateofemergency so your role is key to combat any riots and tragedyincase these criminals succeeds in executing their plans.Game Features:• Best Shooting packed Adventure Sniper Game• Multiple Weapons in coming Updates like M-24, SR-25, MachineGun,Galileo Sniper rifles and Assault Rifles,• Tough and Challenging Missions. to become a real sniperhunterhero.• First-person tactical shooter zombie killer game• Highly Addicting and polished game play• Option of locking dead target.• Easy shooting on a press of button• Realistic graphics of 3D trucks, tanks, blood zombiesandairplanes• For best time " try one evil enemy, one shotgun"• Top Action game of 2016 is FREE to PlaySniper War Apocalypse Mission will be constantly updatedandimproved. We welcome your valuable feedback.
Tank War 6
AKS Platform
-Technology is very advanced in the21stcentury.There are tanks and heavy weapons technology inyourcountry.many countries with warplanes and tanks want to stealthistechnology.Come for a fun and exciting game that started thistankbattle.-Game consists of 23 nice levels.-Tank War, World war-Let's Collect gold and silver can buy weapons and health.-Controls-You can view the controller part of the game.
Tank War 5
AKS Platform
In 2015, many states declare war onyourcountry and their technologies more advanced fromyourcountryOn the other and,You are a smart commander.Let's capture theirtanktechnologies and dominate the worldI live in a medium-sized country and improve the tanks.Game consists of 23 levels.Come on all levels of finish and rule the worldTank, tank war , world war , war gameCollect gold and silver can buy weapons and health.
Alien Spaceship Invaders 1.5.1
Fly super powerful spaceship and destroytheaircraft and spaceship in this galaxy war. This spaceship warisquite interesting and challenging for the beginner players.Save the earth and fight for the environment. You have no alliesinthis air combat of thousands of powerful spaceship and jets.Useyour resources smartly and collect coins to unlockpowerfulspaceship and get extra weapons. Finish each level and geta bonusmissile at end.Alien Space Invaders has four shooting missions. At the end,everymission has one dangerous enemy fighter. Save your missilesandrockets to finish the shooting monster quickly. Transformthespaceship into a robot to destroy infantry and tanks. Watchfulforflying drones and dangerous jets of their Air Force. The robotcanshoot down jets and drones from the ground.Alien Space Invaders may contain some ads.Follow us on FacebookandTwitter for more shooting games. Your feedback will help ustoimprove Alien Space Invaders. @HawksGames
War Tank Battle Zone 3D 1.0.1
Commander get alert! Enemy infantry has started an uprisinginvasionin your territory. Play as army commander and defend yourmilitarybases. Use supreme strategy with heavy artillery blitz inTank WarBattle Zone 3D game. Drive war tanks and start bombing onenemytrucks, apache helicopter,humvees, drones, jeeps andmilitaryvehicles. Code Red! your troops are under heavybombardment, engagein brutal tank war to show extreme tanks drivingand bombingskills. Rise as a hero that your nation needs in warfareand storminto enemies’ stronghold.In this tank war game storm into battle arena with artilleryandsoldiers to wipe out enemy troops camps. Become a part of worldwarsimulation game play and destroy enemy military base withyourweapon firepower. Fight for the glory and spare no mercy onenemytroops to clear the war zone from all kind of threats.Drivemilitary jeep, big trucks, rocket launcher and missilevehicles.Deliver weapons and ammunition to your armed forcescommandos whoare in a monstrous tank war with enemy. You aredriving warheadthrough the war field and armed terrorists want tocapture it.Ensure safe approach of nuclear weapons and bomb acrossthebattlefield and swipe aiming of the tank turret.Your neighbor empire broke strategic alliance andmakingresistance on your homeland territory to plunder yourlandresources. Their mission is to capture and demolish yourdefenseartillery. World leaders are doing worthless efforts toavoid majorclash between super power nations. It's your mission tostop enemymovement and uprising domination with precision anddestroy theirinfantry with extreme brutal firepower. Startbombardment atenemy's military base camps, hit bomb on theirbunkers and conquertank battle. Use powerful military arms andcrush your enemies.Stop rival forces from stealing ammunition andinfantry movementwith blitz and fire power.Rival soldiers crew is hiding in bunker, drive monstroustanksand start bombing enemy hideouts with precision in this 3Dtankbattle game. Red alert situation; destroy enemy helicoptersanddrones flying over over your base camps dropping bombs. Engagetoshoot down drones and helicopters with furious tanks attack.Followcomplex, powerful strategy to defend your empire and become atankhero.Battle Features 2015:15 intense action packed and challenging tank war missionsMultiple military vehicles, drones, helicopters, jeeps andtransporttrucksAttack various army base camps in desertStunning warzone environment and armorsIntuitive on-screen controls for easy driving and shootingRealistic 3D graphics for real life war experienceDownload Tank War Battle Zone 3D game to enjoy unlimitedwaraction.
Dead Memories : Zombie Quest 0.21
Where am I? ... What's happened here?...Hey,there is somebody? ...But what if things will change one day?Exciting text comic quest will get you to the head inatenseatmosphere with a bunch of scary dead. Your main task istosurviveat all costs in this apocalypse ...----------------------------------------Choosing the storyline depends on youA lot of happy endings games and casualty losses.The time has come to test themselves for survival amongthewalkingand crawling wild zombies.Subsequent updates will open the next chapter.-----------------------------------------For all questions and suggestions you can writeonemail:[email protected]
Navy War Battle Gunner 1.1.1
Hey hero, your country rely on yourlegendaryfight against your enemy. Enemy is attacking from seasidein orderto capture eastern Russian coast cities. They believethatdemolition of Russia must start from east. So you RussianHero,defend your country against invaders! You are the only chanceforyour nation!The enemy has attacked your marine base and with the help of oneofthe largest air craft carrier, they are about to enter in yourseawater. They need to be stopped before they invade thewholecountry. Enemy is backed by the apache helicopters andtheirspecial team is on the motor boats.Your duty is to protect your countrymen from the ruthlessarmy,attacking everyone. Being equipped with the latest machine gunandrocket launcher, you need to destroy their carrier, soldiers,motorboats and fighter planes. There are waves after waves thatwon'tlet you settle down. Its insane and mad max fury.Loosing this battle is not acceptable, you need to win at anycost.Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoever wins ,will beremember as king of the seaçThe mission is called “Navy defend warzone”***Top game features***-Multiple new weapons-Shields to protect-Life kit-Air strikes-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, motor boats-Challenging missions-Machine gun and upgraded RPG-Optimized controls-Realistic 3D environment-Real sound effectsThis game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latestFPS,shooting, simulation games. Never before will you havefoundyourself being a Navy shooterPS. If you encounter any issue which doesn't let you enjoyourgames, please report it to [email protected]
Valiant Hearts : The Great War 1.0.4
Immerse yourself in the touching story of four unsung heroessweptup by World War 1 in this unique interactive graphic novelthatcombines action, puzzles and adventure.Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a 4-part, episodic gameinspiredby letters from World War 1. Additional episodes areavailable asmultipack or individual in-app purchases.PLAY A GRAPHIC NOVELAn emotional adventure game delivered with a unique tone andartstyle.A MIX OF EXPLORATION, ACTION AND PUZZLESMove into action and help your heroes survive the Great Warbysolving puzzles or sneaking through enemy lines…FOLLOW THE STORY OF THESE VALIANT HEARTS…Lost in a maze of trenches, play each of these characters and helpayoung German soldier find his love! All of them will be helpedbytheir faithful canine companion, Walt.RELIVE THE GREAT WARThis fictitious story takes you back to famous WW1locations,revisiting historical battles on the Western Front, suchas theBattle of the Marne or the Battle of the Somme!INTERACT WITH HISTORYIn partnership with Apocalypse World War 1 and theMissionCentenaire 14-18, learn more about the Great War throughhistoricalarticles and share them with friends.Included: FREE Art Book and Interactive Comic Book inspiredbythe game.***Save 20% on additional episodes by purchasing theMultipackdirectly in the game***
The Silent Age
House on Fire
Episode Two now available, the final chapterinthis award winning adventure.The Silent Age takes you on an adventurous journey into adystopianfuture where mankind has gone extinct!Travel through time between the iconic 70's and a desolatepresentday haunted by silence.The Silent Age is an atmospheric point-and-click adventure gamewithstylized visuals and an eerie soundtrack that will keep youinsuspense as you solve mind-bending puzzles.With an interface specifically designed for touch devices,you'llflow through the story without hiccups and frustrations. Sitback,plug in your headphones, and enjoy the adventure.BackgroundStory-------------------------------------------------It’s 1972. Love is free. Flipflops, English leather and bandanasarethe height of fashion. Meanwhile the Cold War is more thanlukewarmand a real one is going on overseas. Movements arehappening.Environmentalists, the female liberties movement, and onthe dancefloors an entirely different kind of movement isovertaking theunderground clubs. The winds of change are certainlyblowing overthe country.Somewhere in the big city, in a tall, faceless governmentbuildingsomeone left a window open. All the winds of change aredoing hereis blowing leaves all over Joe’s newly-swept floor. He’sbeen therefor two years now. Working a dead-end attendant jobmaking sure thebuilding is as spotless as the suits walking thehalls. It’s beenlike this for years, going from one soul-devouringjob to thenext.Our protagonist is Joe in more than just name. He is quiteliterallyJoe Average. Average height, average weight, average IQ.In fact,the only thing remotely remarkable about him is exactlyhow much heconforms to the median of the hypothetical everyman,and up untilthis point, Joe’s life hasn't exactly been biographymaterial.This is all about to change...Reviews -------------------------------------------------Metacritic score: 84*** "You may detect a strong Twelve Monkeys influence at work inthegame's storyline." -- Eurogamer*** "The Silent Age is an absolutely fantastic adventure thatfansof the genre should not miss" -- 148Apps*** "Beautiful and immersive graphics and soundtrack createanuncannily calm ambiance. Logical puzzles make sense in thecontextof the world" -- Gamezebo*** "Smart, mysterious and layered beneath a very welcome doseofotherworldly eeriness, The Silent Age will delight anyadventuregamer who feels that the genre's revival, welcome thoughit is, isjust a little too light-hearted in the 21st century"--Modojo*** "The Silent Age delivers a charming experience, packedwithstylish graphics and sound, simple touch controls and anintriguingstory" --*** "I especially recommend The Silent Age to fans ofsciencefiction, time travel, quirky writing, inner monologues andepicmustaches" -- Indie Love
Tank War in Iraq
AKS Platform
In 2001, many states declare war in Iraqandits technologies more powerfull from Iraq.On the other and,You are a smart commander.Let's capture theirtanktechnologies and save Iraq from enemy-Game consists of 23 different levels..-Come on all levels of finish and rule the worldTank, tank war , world war , war gameCollect gold and silver can buy weapons and health.
Skull Island: Survival Story 2.2.1
Rockyou Inc.
Welcome to Skull Island! Explore thehiddenmysteries of a wild and uncharted paradise town. Challengeyourselfand build your own adventure town. Create your very ownsimulationvillage where you can grow fruits, vegetables and gardenplants.Venture into this adventurous bay and create your own vividisle.Have fun in this blissful farm simulation game.Search the debris on the bay isle and dig into the woods. Buildthetown with Tarzan and explore the island. Create a township onthebay side. Tinker with fellow explorers.Things to do in this treasure island filled with mystery:● Use a sword, axe or machete to breach through thevividwoods.● Forge royal houses and royal buildings from craftbuildings.● Uncover the secrets of the mysterious surroundingjungleenvironment.● Make your own food by growing and harvesting crops, fruitsandvegetables to survive● Take a joyride to your own blissful bay isle.● Forge your own muddy fortress of venture into the greenparadisecity.● Dare yourself to Team Challenges and other LimitedEditionexpedition.● Get bonus resources during time bound sales events orbyharvesting debris.● Collect rewards like sword, gold, spirit and silver coinstoprogress in the game.● Play mini games, quests and team challenges to bethewinner.● Compete with friends on social team challenges and winbigrewards.● Spawn into your country and escape the digo .● Build a muddy township or skull city on the beach side.Whether you are adventurous or want to pass time... Take timetochallenge yourself down this lush adventure road. Explorethecharacters who seek your help to restore it from a tinyparadisevillage to a great city/town!Enjoy the original of all role play, multiplayer RockYougames(Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, SkullIsland& New World). Supported on most smartphones andtablets.Note: You must be at least 13 years of age to play or downloadthisgame. For more information, please refer to our Terms ofServiceand Privacy Policy.There are no cheats for this shipwrecked game.~~~~~NOTE~~~~~IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free to play, but you can buyspecialitems to use in the game.NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links tosocialnetworking sites that are intended for an audience that is atleast13 years of age; direct links to the internet with thepotential tobrowse any web page; and advertising of RockYouproducts andproducts from select partners.
PK - The Official Game 2.0.6
PK, hai kya? Do you have what it takes toguidePK on an endless journey?Play the Official Game of P.K. The Movie and run as Aamir KhanandAnushka Sharma.An Endless Runner series that takes you through a variety ofworldsand different characters of Aamir as you go along.But wait; don’t forget to collect your power-ups and boosters ontheway.- Double tap Magical Cart, Very Desi in style are theuniquefeatures of the game.- All the power ups are unique; they depict the essence of themovieand India.- VARIETY of characters to choose from as you run along.- DIFFERENT worlds and obstacles to avoid while you speed.An EPIC EXPERIENCE and a MIND BLASTING ADVENTURE.Go on give it a try and experience PK’s EPIC journey.Before you download this experience, please consider that thisappcontains in-app purchases that cost real money and advertisingforIndiagames Limited, affiliates and some third parties.
Bollywood vs Zombies 7.0
bollywood vs zombiesIn this game you have a team of bollywood stars likeshahrukhkhan,amitab bachan, salman khan, amir khan, sanjay dutt,akshaykumarand nana pakaykar, you have to defend your lustfullivesalthoughits better not to, satan is providing money to thesesocalledworldly stars to feed them, zombies are playing key roleasheroesto destroy evil doers now lets see who can win.* 12 levels* 7 bollywood stars* Amazing gameplay* high graphics* beautiful enviromentOfficial Website :
Bollywood: The Game
Get famous and live like an A-list celebrityinBollywood:The Game.Dazzle the WorldStar in blockbuster movies, music videos and model for theworld’sbiggest brands. The sky's the limit for your fame.Rise to the TopRank up from amateur to A-lister by growing your fan base andgetfeatured on the covers of the hottest magazines.Party Hard and then Party HarderHit the hottest parties at the most happening clubs in India,whilehanging out with some of the country’s biggest stars.Take Over BombayBecome royalty in the heart of Bollywood as you take thecelebrityworld by storm.Deal with the H8ersGet into Twitter wars with your rivals in Bollywood and be rightinthe middle of the gossip.
Zombie War : The Revenge 1.4
Welcome to Jungle, where fortunes are madeandlives are lost with a roll of the dice!Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the Jungle of Sin intheopen-world action game!Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun zombie wars!Zombie War is an open Jungle, survival game where yourobjectiveis to survive in this hostile environment. Hunt, exploreand craftto survive! Use your building, crafting, exploration,battling andsurvival skills to stay alive at all cost.
You arestranded on alost Jungle and to your horror you have no idea howyou got there.It almost feels like apocalypse. Explore the vastcity and salvageanything that may help you survive before nightcomes! Are you asurvivor? Survivors only last.GET READY FOR A VISUAL REVOLUTION
Amazing real-time, full 3D graphics with special effects.
-Epicfights full of impressive enemies and stunning specialpowers.
-The action simulation really comes to life as destructible3Denvironments splinter and explode.Game Storyline:In this First-person shooter action game, you will play as arisingthe survival champion. Framed by the Zombie, you are supposedtothrow your bout at the fighting event of the year. But whenyouropponent beats you to the punch and goes down first, famouscrimelord The Big zombie’s perfect plan goes down too. You havejustbecome the most wanted survivor in the Jungle. In a placewherecrime is everywhere, you will have to hold your gun tightlyandtake part in the wildest zombie wars ever!A Zombie War is an island with no people, where nobodylives& an undiscovered island.The many dead bodies of animals on Zombie War.Zombie War sand is red, rumored to have absorbed much bloodfrompast conquests. The lifeless trees rustle with dry breezes. Yetbeever careful, for even the water that lap at the dying tideisblack. The evil of this island is ancient. Too ancient. Evenfortime to conquer...It stood like an omen. Dark vibes radiating from the veryshore.Trees swaying as if to warn off any who come near. Ash it wastheash of thousands of dead bodies scattered from thepastTypically, aZombie War is denoted as such because it exists ina state of beingabandoned.If you are looking for the ultimate shooting game, Zombie isforyou. You will also love this game if you like: action,gunshooting.Zombie War Key Features:- Console quality 3D graphics- Play Offline.- Real physics.- Fast paced, intense gameplay.- FREE download – and completely free-to-play- Beautiful & feel the handling and style!- Various locations and difficulty levels- Realistic 3D graphics.- Easy of use
- Challenging Levels
- Realistic MechanismThe war against the dead has begun. Zombie War is apivotalmilitary operation to secure a zombie-infested jungle. Youare amember of an elite military team that will blast through thedeaduntil the zombies are annihilated, and the jungle is secure.Youwill carry out missions to defend assets, protect theinjured,gather supplies, provide sniper support and above all, huntandkill the zombies.In this thrilling zombie shooter, you are armed with gunsandweapons, tech, and armor, to help you survive the hordes ofdeadswarming this jungle. To become the ultimate zombie destroyer,youwill need all of your military skills to fight the dead inuniqueenvironment.This game supports smartphones and tablets running Android4.0and up.Download it today and see what the buzz is about!
Gold Craft -Space gold rush! - 1.8.7
☆ now, white before it becomes theuniverserich! ☆Collect gold from the universe, please try to become the best oftheuniverse Commander! The universe is waiting for you!☆ convenient game property- Gold Craft, press and hold anywhere on the screen, is anewgame where money is collected early.- Will was ongoing strike clicker game very?Even Gold craft is just to sit still touch, moneygatherimmediatelyIs the clicker game you put a convenient system.- Money is now well balanced gathered much faster!- Did you find a handy game to enjoy easier? It is exactlythis!Download and please try ^^☆ new content!- Method game also simple and is simple ? No no! PuppetSCbul,upgrade the base in the collected money, please defeat themonster!that aim the gold to produce the troops!- Higher the level goes up, you will see a more powerfulenemy!However, please do not worry! We also can produceencouragingsoldiers.☆ Please participate in the War of the Space!- You can participate in the War of the Worlds to produce aship!Let's break the enemy to upgrade the attack power! Each timeto fallthe planet, taxes will increase!- The emergence of a powerful boss and a variety of stage! Tryingtoproduce a powerful battleship welcomed the enemy graduallybecomestrongerCommander to become the best of the rich man in space, isperfectfor you!※ also is preparing confrontation between the future users!Along with gold craft now Get out on a journey to thevastuniverse!
3D Dilwaale 2015 1.0
Have the adventurous journey of junglesubways.Be the best Dilwaale of the year and run as much as youcan.Jump over the bigger obstacles and survive your self. you canalsoslide to survive from hurdles and obstacles.Don't forget to collect the diamonds laid on the subway.Make your character the biggest star by collecting morediamondsand crossing the longest distance. compete with yourfriends.
Sandstorm: Pirate Wars 1.19.2
Discover a sci-fi action RPG set inapost-apocalyptic desert world inhabited by fearsome piratesandmutant scavengers.“The combat is suitably fun, strategic, and tense, and theworldis a genuine joy to explore. There's a Fallout mixed withPiratesaesthetic here, and it really draws you in.”-Pocket GamerAs the Captain of a flying Sand-Cruiser battleship, you are aboldsurvivor in lands ruined by war, pollution andnuclearfallout.Sandstorm: Pirate Wars features an epic single player story setinthe not-so-distant future, an online PvP battle arena, aformidablearsenal of weapons, and a fleet of hover ships armoredliketanks!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fight Real-Time Pirate Arena Battles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Defeat pirates from around the world on Local andGlobalLeaderboards• Plunder defeated enemies to find resources to customizeandupgrade your fleet• Complete daily Pirate Arena missions for extra loot• Invite your friends and crush them in PvP battle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Create and Modify Powerful War Machines~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Choose from a huge variety of weapons including Lasers,Drones,Mini-Guns and Cannons• Strategically select combat systems to destroy youropponentstactically• Upgrade your weaponry with materials obtained from explorationandsalvage• Customize your Ship by swapping out pieces and changing skins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Survive Desert Wastelands~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Journey through arid desert space, gritty suburbs, ruinedcities,and more• Encounter treacherous enemies and mysterious allies ofdifferentfactions• Complete smuggler missions to earn resources to improveyourflying Sand-Cruiser• Loot and plunder fallen shipwrecks and discover rarecombatSystemsJoin our Community of Pirates!Facebook - - Forums -***AWARD: The Best Music and Sound 2015 from theSpanishInteractive Arts & Sciences Academy ***Internet connection required for play. Strong Wi-Ficonnectionrecommended for best performance.Game availabe in: English, French, Italian, German,Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese,SimplifiedChinese
Baahubali 2 : Fight Back 1.0.2
Baahubali 2 : Fight Back is not anofficialgame of any movie or character, this game is just developedfor funand entertainment.Press that install button above and get 2 fantastic fighter onyourandroid device.Both the fighters have their capabilities and strength. selectyourfavourite player and experience the exciting voyage ofthekingdom.Survive your fighters from upper, lower and all side obstacles,andalso survive from the enemies coming on the way.Survive for the longest period you can and get your name ongoogleleader board.Play more, play long and be the top in player's list andfeelgratitude of being best player of Mahismati.Also share your scores and experience with your friendsandfamily.