Top 4 Games Similar to Chess Board Awareness

Blindfold Chess Training 2.3.2
Improve your blindfold thinking bysolvingchesspuzzles without diagrams. Read or listen to eachpuzzledescriptionand try to find the best move. Train yourselfwhilewalking, joggingor in transportation.In Opening Puzzles try to visualize the position thatarisesafterthe first moves. In Endgame Puzzles you can do thatbynoticing thecoordinates of the pieces.1000 puzzles organized according to the number of half movesorofthe pieces on the chessboard. All puzzles are fairly easytosolveeven for a beginner.Use the volume keys on your device to listen tothepuzzledescription. Volume down key describes the puzzlesentencebysentence, while volume up key starts over the top.
Chess Eye 1.01
People tend to lose "sight" whencalculatingthe moves in their heads.When making a search for "blindfold chess" on the internet yousoonfind information that one of the most important advances inyourchess life is to master the art of visualisation.That's why we programmed The Chess Eye !You get 10 step-by-step exercises which help youto increase your chess visualisation.The app is ad-free and works offline (no internetconnectionused).
Chess PRO Free 4.2
Classic Games
Chess PRO is the most advanced Chess gameforAndroid. Chess PRO has the strongest Chess engine everdeveloped,making it extremely had to beat by even the most skilledworldclass professional players. Normal players can adjustdifficultylevels, making if fun to play for beginners, intermediateplayersand making it a tough challenge for even the best chessplayers.To play select figure you wish to move and double tap whereyouwant to move it.Chess PRO app contains all features any chess player wouldeverneed. From different themes to advanced analytical features.ChessPRO can be played against computer or in two player mode.Chess PRO app is the best, the hardest to beat and mostadvancedfree chess game on Google play!
Chess - Online 11.3.0
Chess. The game of chess is very popular intheall world. It is played on an international level, attournamentson-line, as well as in real time. Game trains yourlogic andstrategic skills.The application contains powerful algorithm of game andfriendlyclassic interface. Challenge your strategic skills withthisrelaxing game. With 10 levels of difficulty and on-lineplayersprovide a fun and challenging game for beginners and expertsalike.Now you can enjoy the game anywhere you may be, directly fromyoursmart phone.Features:* On-line and Bluetooth multiplayer* Accessibility - Adapted for people with visual impairments* Ability to compose own figures position* AI engine with 10 difficulty levels* Parental control - control your children progress* One or Two player mode* Auto-save* Boards: wooden, marble, flat* Undo move* Ability to save games and continue later* Ability to analyse saved games* Games statistics* Export chess game to PNG format* On-line ELO and Scores, leaderboards, achievements, chat,playerinvitationsYour comments will help to improve this application inthefuture.