Top 6 Games Similar to MonsterMap - Go Map

PokeStreet Go 0.6
Find rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO andshareyourdiscoveries!- Find all Pokémon on a map.Discover all the nearby Pokémon in a flash!- Filter the map to find the Pokémon you are looking for.- Find a reliable Pokémon.Each Pokémon is linked to a reliability rate so that you aresuretofind it.  It's a more App to share information about Pokemonsareawithother coaches in your region!PokeStreet is community and depends on the support of each.Donothesitate to vote for or against a Pokémon nearby.Pokémonwithnegative evaluations will be automatically removed.LEGAL NOTICE:PokeStreet is in no way affiliated with or endorsed bythebrandPokémon, Niantic or Nintendo. This application wasdevelopedbyfans to help Pokémon GO community
Real Pokedex for Pokemon GO 1.0.5
RealPokeDex is able to share yourPokemonphotoes with all over the world!!You can search Pokemon and trainners.You can follow favorite trainners and can display only them.RealPokeDex has a lot of other fanctions!Download now!!RealPokeDex is not official application of Pokemon GO,so itdoes'ntrelate to the operating company of Pokemon GO.
PSMap for Pokémon GO 1.2.1
This app is the tool to make yourownPokeSource Map by yourself. This app has two features below...=== SEARCHING Pokémon ===- When you find your target Pokémon on SIGHTINGS of Pokémon GOapp,tap Lock button of this app.- Green circle shows area of your target exists.- Move to any direction and when you lose your target onSIGHTINGSof Pokémon GO app, tap Lost1 button of this app.- Gray circle shows area of your target is not exists.- Now your target is on the edge of gray circle ingreencircle.- If you go to left of the edges and if you are lucky, you willfindyour target there- If you are not lucky and lose your target again, tap Lost2button,Now target is crossed point of edges of two graycircle.- Pokémon stays same location max 15 minutes.=== PokeSource ===- PokeSource is the location where Pokémon appears HOURLY.- If you find Pokémon, the location is PokeSource.- Long press the location of this app, marker will be added.- The color of marker will be changed automaticallyYellow: 5-0 minutes before Pokémon apperanceRed: 0-15 minutes after Pokémon apperance- You can adjust check time from Table view
Journey Pixelmon Ball 1.0
Battle and fight with wild monsterandcatchthem all!Download and start Journey Pixelmon Ball for Android now!!Be the first one to complete all the challenging levels andshowitto your angry friends!!!Your friends are already playing it - can you beattheirhighscores?Face the unknown dangers and fear!Journey Pixelmon Ball is a awesome run and jump game whereyouneedto cross beautiful game environment,capture wild monsterwithpixelball and also collecting coin along the way. Explorethejungle,underground city location and battle with thelegendarymonsters.Features Of Journey Pixelmon Ball :- Beautiful high quality game enviroment- Fun game with great sound effect- Collect pixelball to catch more monsters- Collect coin for high score- Complete a level by reaching end of the map- Share with friends and family- Unlock achievement while playing- Pocket MB size for mobile phone, tablet, android TVIf you are a fan of pixel monster or pocket craft games,thisgameis for you!Start playing Journey Pixelmon Ball right now!------------------This is not an official Niantic app. Journey Pixelmon Ballisnotassociated or connected with Niantic and its gamePokemonGo.Pokemon Go is a trademark of Niantic and it is notendorsed byoraffiliated with the creator of this game or itslicensers.------------------This is not an official Mojang app. Journey Pixelmon Ballisnotassociated or connected with Mojang AB and its gameMinecraft-Pocket Edition & Minecraft Story mode. Minecraft isatrademarkof Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliatedwiththecreator of this game or its licensers.
Catchemon GO 1.0
Sumo Games
In this world, monsters swarm thestreetsofevery city, and it’s up to you to capture and collecteverysingleone of them!Venture into the world and battle strange, unique,andfantasticmonsters! The world outside is yours to take!Traversecitystreets, grassy plains, mountain trails, go anywhereyourheartdesires in order to find every last monster.Are you ready to be #1?Features:- Track your journey through GPS!- Capture over a hundred monsters!- Exciting, timing-based gameplay!- Hours and hours of fun!
Train Monster GO 1.0.0
Wild GameSoft
Run against other trainers to becomethebesttrainer in world wide in Train Monster GO!In Train Monster GO, you as a newbie trainer mustexplorethedifferent maps of world in game to look out for pixelmonsanddonot let other obstacles to get in your way!Collect more pixel balls!Catch and defeat other pixelmons!Be the best trainer in Train Monster GO!Look out for various traps and collect all of the balls inordertoget super power ups to defeat other pixel monsters! Inordertobecome an elite trainer you gotta run to the save pointineachlevels to unlock more levels and worlds andencounterdifferentmonsters in each world! Brand new theme matchingwithrunningplatform just makes this the coolest game of theyear!Download Train Monster GO now!