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Permission Administrator 1.0.1
The only comprehensive permission management tool available atthemarket - also for non rooted devicesThis experimental app is able to reduce any permission in an app-while enabling the user experience.With the access to "Permission Administrator", you cancontrolthe permissions of each app installed on your device. Toprotectyour privacy, you can revoke any suspicious permissionsgranted bya particular app.Permissions can be controlled by the "PermissionAdministrator"menu include:- location- read calendar- modify calendar- read contacts- read call log- modify contacts- modify call log- read SMS- write SMS- receive SMS- receive MMS- send SMS- receive WAP push- vibrate- modify settings- access notifications- call phone- record audio- camera- draw on top- post notificationKey word: Permission, Permission Manager, PermissionAdministrator,Phone Security
Pocket Admin 1.6.0
The application contains a set of admintoolsfor system administrators and IT staff. Here you can find helpinmany aspects of IT. The application contains suchusefulutilities:* IP calculator* Network Tools* My IP tool* iptables rule generator* "Device ID" client* BSOD helper* BIOS BEEP codes* BIOS Post codes* RJ-45 helper* Network Services List* Linux, Windows and MacOS tips* MySQL CLI tips* IT Problem Solver* RAID info* BIOS BEEP codes* BIOS Post codes* OSI model...and other IT guy tools and tips.
AdminZilla Net Administrator 1.3.7
The AdminZilla Network Administrator isasimple application that allows you to monitor live screensofremote computers.You can take control of a remote computer by controllingthemouse and keyboard. This way, you can always watch whatyourstudents are doing and help them if needed. This turnstheapplication into powerful classroom monitoring andclassroommanagement software.Several tools allow you to turn off, restart, lock,hibernate....remote computers with one click.Starting a program or showing a webpage on remote computersiseasy.You can see which applications are running on remotecomputersand stop them on all computers at once if needed.Installation and use of the application is very easy since allofthe functions can be accessed with a few taps.Application provides you with a live picture of theremotecomputer screens. The live screen (due to some optimizations)doesnot use a high bandwidth, but even when the lower networkbandwidthis required the refresh interval can be adjusted.The remote computers' screens are represented in the table withacustomizable number of rows as thumbnails.Before you can start controlling remote computers you needtoinstall an agent on a remote computer. You can find an agentanddetailed instructions here:
Google Admin
Google LLC
Google Admin lets you manage your GoogleCloudaccount on-the-go. Add and manage users and groups,contactsupport, and view audit logs for your organization.FOR WHOM? - This app is only for administrators of GoogleCloudproducts, including G Suite Basic, G Suite Business,Education,Government, Google Coordinate, and Chromebooks.It provides the following features:• User Management Features - Add/Edit user, Suspenduser,Restore user, Delete user, Reset password• Group Management Features - Add/Edit Group, Addmembers,Delete group, View group members• Mobile Device Management - Manage Android and iOSdevicesfor your domain• Audit Logs - Review Audit logs• Notifications - Read and Delete notificationsPermissions NoticeContacts: Needed to create a User from yourphonecontacts.Phone: Needed to call a User directly fromtheApplication.Storage: Needed to update User's photo via Gallery.Accounts: Needed to display the list of accounts onthedevice.
Office Admin 1.33
Bushel Tech
This application allows you to view and administer your Office365subscription.* Supports delegated administration and multiple tenants* Add user* Reset user passwords* List users, groups, contacts, applications and subscriptionsinyour organization* Delete existing users, groups, contacts and applications.Office Admin can be used to manage the following plans:Office 365 for Business - Small Business (P1), SmallBusinessPremium (P2), Midsize (M), Enterprise (E1/E3/E4),Enterprise Kiosk(K1)Office 365 for Education - Education (A2/A3/A4)Office 365 for Government - Government (G1/G3/G4),GovernmentKiosk (K1)Office 365 for NonprofitNote: Office 365 is a registered trademark of MicrosoftCorporation.This application is not endorsed or sponsored byMicrosoftCorporation.
Secure Settings 1.3.6
Secure Settings is a Locale/Tasker compatible plug-in forAndroid2.2+.ATTENTION: Introducing the new System+ Module! The nextevolutionof the Helper for Android 4.1+.Secure Settings has tons of features for super users or thosewhojust want more out of their devices.Conditions:• Failed Login Attempts• Google Now Shortcut [4.1+, Pro]• Outgoing Call• Secret CodeActions:• Airplane Mode [System+ required 4.2+]• Airplane Mode Radios [System+ required 4.2+]• BT Connection [4.0+]• BT Tethering [4.0+, Pro]• Execute Shortcuts• Adjust Font Size [4.0+]• Toggle Hardware Keyboard [4.0+]• Enable/Disable Keyguard [2.3 and below]• Launch any Activity (Root required for some activities)• Change default system language [4.0+]• Enable/Disable Mobile Data [2.3+]• Run any GNU Linux commandº Capture output infoº Use root to execute privileged commands [Root required]º Output return values to user-defined Tasker variables[Taskerrequired]• Show Touches [4.0+]• SIP Options [2.3+]º Toggle Receive Callsº Change Call Option• Keep device awake while charging [System+ required 4.2+]• Wake Device• Change Wifi sleep policy [System+ required 4.2+]• Wifi Hotspot [4.0+]Dev Admin Actions:• Enable/Disable Camera [4.0+]• Lock device• Toggle Lock Screen Widgets [4.2+]• Set/Reset device Password or Pin~Root functionality~If you are rooted the following is available:• Toggle Accessibility Services• Set Background Process Limit [4.0+, Pro]• Toggle Background Data [Pro]• Toggle Data Roaming• Set Active Day Dream• Toggle Day Dream State• Toggle GPS• Force GPU Rendering [4.0+]• Toggle Hardware Overlays [4.1+, Pro]• Change Input Methods without the prompt• Set Default Launcher [4.4+, Pro]• Toggle Location Services• Set Location Mode [4.4+]• Set Lock Screen Timeout [4.0+, Pro]• Update Lock Screen Owner Info [3.0+]• Toggle NFC [NFC Adapter]• Toggle Notification Listeners [4.3+]• Toggle Package Notifications [4.1+]• Manage Package Data [Pro]• Enable/Disable user or system apps• Toggle Power Button Lock [4.1+, Pro]• Toggle Pattern Lock• Answer,End and Silence calls [Pro]• Reboot Options (uses built-in functions) [Pro]• Toggle Unknown Sources• Toggle USB Debugging (ADB)• Toggle USB Tethering [4.0+, Pro]• Connect/Disconnect VPN Profiles [4.0+]• Toggle Wifi Optimization [4.2+]• Toggle Wifi Scanning [4.3+]• Toggle Wireless ADB~Custom ROM functionality~• Toggle ADB Over Network [CM9+ only]• Toggle Expanded Desktop [CM10/PA only]• Toggle Fast Charge [Custom Kernel with Fast ChargeRequired]• Toggle Kill App Back Button• Toggle LTE [CM9+/AOKP]• Toggle HTC Power Saver [HTC ROM]• Toggle Samsung Modes [Samsung ROM]Any issues or questions? Check out the XDA thread: of Permissions:• Device Administrator Access - Required to lock the deviceorset/reset the password• Superuser Access - Required to execute privileged commands• Storage Access - Required to write to the SD Card• Full Network Access - Required to download/check for updatesforthe Helper application• System Tools - Required for the Keyguard and WakeLockfunctionality• Write Secure Settings - Required for performingSystem+functions• Change Configuration - Required to change Locale• Change Network State - Required to toggle Mobile Data• Change Wifi State - Required to toggle Wifi Adapter forWirelessADB• Wifi Access - Required for the Wireless ADB function• NFC - Required to toggle the NFC Adapter• Bluetooth/BT Admin - Required to Connect to BT Devices• Boot Complete - Required to install Helper on bootifmissing• Process Outgoing Calls - Required to use outgoing callsasconditions
Справочник админа 2.2
Справочник несколькихраспространенныхкоманд/действий для системногоадминистратора.В нем перечислены команды, которыми я пользуюсь наиболее частоикоторые не выходят по первой ссылке в Google. Если проектбудетинтересен - буду добавлять как функционал, так инаполнение.Directory ofseveralcommon commands / actions for the systemadministrator.It lists the commands that I use most often, and which do not goonthe first link on Google. If the project is interesting - Iwilladd both functionality and content.
Elixir 2 - Admin add-on 2.37.6
Tamás Barta
This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.It is an add-on for Elixir 2 and contains features whichrequiredevice administrator permission.- Lock the screen permission: makes it possible to turn screenoffwhen you click on the Screen toggle in an Elixir widget- Change the screen lock permission: makes it possible to turnlockscreen on/off when you click on the Lock toggle in anElixirwidgetIf you enable device administrator permission then thisapplicationcannot be uninstalled in the usual way. You have todisable thispermission before uninstall.Languages: english, hungarian, russian, greek, german,polish,french, spanish
Office 365 Admin
Are you an Office 365 admin? Then you needtheOffice 365 Admin app.Check out all the things you can do from your phone ortablet:• Connect to the Office 365 admin center from anywhere• Add, edit, block, and delete users• Reset passwords• Assign product licenses• Turn on notifications to get service alerts and newmessages• Contact Microsoft support• Sign in to manage multiple Office 365 organizations• Read the latest messages from the Message center• If you're a Microsoft Partner, manage your Office365customersThe Office 365 Admin app supports Azure ActiveDirectoryMulti-Factor Authentication and includes the option to seta uniqueapplication-specific PIN code.We're listening. Tell us what you like, what we can do better,andwhat features you'd like to see next. Send your [email protected]: You need to be an Office 365 admin with an activeOffice365 business subscription to use this app.
baramundi Mobile Agent
With baramundi Mobile Agent, you can useyourAndroid device as an end user to access a self-serviceportal,which your system administrator provides through yourcompany'sbaramundi Management Suite. In this portal, you canrequestsettings and apps with baramundi Mobile Agent and checkthecompliance status of your device.Please note that: baramundi Mobile Agent requires theclientmanagement software baramundi Management Suite to beinstalled andthe baramundi Mobile Devices module to be licensed inyour company.Your Android device must be managed through baramundiManagementSuite in order to use the app’s features. For this thisapp usesthe Device Administrator permission. This permission has tobeaccepted during the first start of the app. To create aconnectionto your company, you will need access data from yoursystemadministrator.Proceed as follows:1. Download baramundi Mobile Agent. The app is installed onyourdevice.2. Use the access data provided by your system administratortoconnect to your company’s baramundi Management Suite.3. Confirm with "Activate" and the following dialogs.4. baramundi Mobile Agent is now active. Now you can selectthe"Kiosk" from the selection at the bottom of the screen torequestapps or settings provided by your systemadministrator.5. You can now select the "Compliance" item from the selectionatthe bottom of the screen to check the compliance ofyourdevice.If you need support or help using baramundi Mobile Agent,pleasecontact your system administrator.About baramundi Management Suite:baramundi Management Suite is a software solution for managingandremotely maintaining your PC clients, servers, and mobiledevicesin corporate environments. Among other things, itsservicesinclude:- Installing and cloning operating systems- Distributing software, updates, and patches- Automated inventories of hardware and software- Integrated management of mobile devices- Energy management for PC workstations- Automated backup of data and user settings- Protection of data and data carriers againstunauthorizedaccessThe manufacturer is baramundi software AG, an independentGermancompany from Augsburg. The German and European dataprotectionstandards are taken into account and met duringdevelopment.If you have any questions on baramundi Management Suite andmanagingyour Android device with this solution, please contactyourcompany's IT department.
System app remover (ROOT) 4.1.1017
We provide not only system app remover,butalso user app uninstaller, move app to sdcard, move app tophone,apk on sdcard scan/install/delete, rooting guide help.[System app]Note: uninstall system app need root permission, and we donotprovide root method.Compare to other similar products, System app remover:*******************• Safe, we filter out all apps that may cause unstableafteruninstalled, and had tested hundreds of devices, so you canuse itsafely, but we can not make sure 100% safe because ofmanufacturersmay customized too much, also, we backup all app youuninstalledautomatic, so you can restore them in Recycle Binwhenever youneed;• Clear, we classify all system app as [Could remove],[Shouldkeep], [Key module], so you can choose what app touninstallclearly;• Easy, we provide you a way to uninstall multi app in onetime,make you easy to go;• Small, we release all memory allocated while app exit, and maythesmallest app;*******************[move to sdcard]If we granted root permission, we can move multi-app in oneclick,and can move almost all apps installed.*******************• Move apps to SD card• Move apps to phone internal storage• Sort app by movable, name, size and time• User can custom [Install time] [Package name] [Apk path] toshowin list• Show app details: size, install time, package, apk path.• Open app• Search in market• Search in website by apk name, package name, app name*******************[Apk manager]*******************• Scan all APKs in SD card• Install APK• Search APK• Batch rename APK's filename• Batch Move APKs to directory• Search and delete all duplicate APKs in one click• User can custom [time] [Package name] [Apk path] to showinlist• Show apk details: size, package, apk path.• Search in market• Search in website by apk name, package name, app name*******************[User app]*******************• Uninstall multi-app in one click.• Backup & restore apps.• Scan all apks in sdcard.• Search apps in local, in market and in website.• User can custom [Install time] [Package name] [Apk path] toshowin list;• User app backup directory can be configured in settings;• Show app details: size, install time, package, apk path.• Open app• Search in market• Search in website by apk name, package name, app name*******************If the Ads annoy you, you can remove it from settings, justoneclick.We never say we are the best, but we will try our best to makeitbetter, any comments or suggestions will be nice, please letmeknow via feedback in our app.
RControl Admin 1.15
RControlAdmin provides a dashboardandconfiguration tools that simplify the installation of theM2Mcellular alarm communicators. The installers can checktheconnection status, the signal level of the GSM network, thepowersupply voltage, etc.For installer account, please contact your local supplier.
Network Utilities 7.6.9
First Row
The application is a set of tools neededtodiagnostic computer networks, identifying problems. However,theprogram will be useful not only for network administrators andITspecialists, but also for people who are interested in networksandprotocols, or study their working. Currently available arethefollowing utilities:• IP discover (supports 2 modes of working)• Subnet scanner (scanner with changeable address range)• Ping• Traceroute• Telnet client• Port scanner (tcp, udp)• Netstat (monitoring of connections)• IP calculator• DNS lookup• WhoisIf you have root, next tools also available:• Packet sniffer• Packet crafter (supports ethernet, arp, ip, udp, tcp,icmpheaders)Please note: app may works without root permissions, howeversometools and features will unavailable in this case.As you can see, the app includes not only common andalwaysnecessary tools, but also the means to work with thenetworktraffic at a low level. In addition to ordinary tasks, suchaschecking the availability of the host or trace route, theprogramwill allow to solve unusual problems, and even simulatetheindividual network utilities, if necessary.You may to configure custom ethernet packet and send it.Immediatelyto see network packets at selected network interface byusing asniffer.. Network Utilities makes it possible, withoutletting go ofyour smartphone or tablet from hands. Built-intraffic analyzermakes it possible not only to view the dumps ofnetwork packets inreal time, but also save/open the pcapfiles.Because the application is multi-tool, you can use multiple toolsindifferent tabs (or even all at once), and switch between themduringworking.Sophisticated application interface allows optimum use oftheworking space of the screen, in landscape or inportraitorientation. Ability to work with clipboard and with baseof IP/MACaddresses, which will be filled with network scanners,will save alot of time when using multiple tools together..However, these andmany other features are described in the help,which is included inthe app.
Device Administrator Info 0.5
Ever wondered what app hasdeviceadministratorrights and what policies it enforces? Then thisappis exactly whatyou need!Sometimes you run into the situation where a certainapp(e.g.TrustedWiFiNetworks) does not work because of certainpassword/PINpoliciesthat are enforced. Or maybe you are wonderingwhat app youinstalledthat disabled the use of the camera. Withthis app you caneasily seewhich app enforces a certain policy,like for example:passwordpolicies, ability to wipe your device,disable camera'setc.This app does not require any permission.
Admin Alarm 1.3.19
The application allows you to monitor stateofservers defined. It's simple, but does the job. If yourserverfails, you'll be first to know!Admin Alarm helps you to be sure that all your servers are OKbyperforming invisible background tasks - or by operativelyshowingthe information about the servers on-screen. No matter ifyou aresystem administrator or simply an owner of small homeserver, theapplication is always with you on your Androiddevice.* Background mode doesn't cause any significant effect onthebattery discharge. The traffic consumed is very small.However,using a mobile network you should consider yourtariff'sfeatures.* User manual is availableby: development has stopped, sorry! The app is still usableevenewith Android 6, so enjoy it while you can :) Thanks everyoneforthe support!====================================================================================
U-Admin 1.6.2
Urbiotica has developed the applicationformanaging Urbiotica’s sensor system. U-Admin is the toolforconfiguring, installing and maintaining devices deployedon-street.It provides tools for configuring and operating thenetwork basedon historical and real time information.U-Admin, available in Web and Smartphone version, has ausermanagement system that enables self-management within anorganism.Working with U-Admin is very easy and intuitive. The maintoolsare:- Installation Configuration, to configure the locations wherethedevices are installed.- Network installation to register and activate theUrbioticadevices quickly and securely.- Maintenance to determine the status of the devices at alltimes,replace and uninstall elements and remotely diagnoseand.- Sensors Information to visualize valuable information basedonreal time data captured by the sensors.
Music Sleep Timer 1.1
Adam Chýlek
Do you often fall asleep while listeningtomusic and when you wake up you find your battery is deadbecausethe music kept playing all night?Well, it doesn't have to be like that all the time.Set the timer on this app and it will turn off the musicafterthe time runs out. And not only that.You can mute the media altogether and/or turn off thebluetoothas well as wifi. You can even turn your device off (ifyour deviceis rooted).Some apps unfortunately don't support the 'stopplaying'functionality. If you like to listen to the music viaYoutube appor via browser, you can at least mute the sound so itwon't disturbyou later on.If you experience any problem, please send me an email andIwill do my best to help you.Tested and working:• built-in Android Music player• Google Play Music• Winamp ("Control headset" must be checked inWinampsettings)• Vanilla Music ("Headset/Bluetooth Controls" must becheckedin Vanilla Music "Audio" settings)• Power Amp• MortPlayerOther apps may work as well. If it doesn't work on firsttry,please try to find in your music app's setting somethinglike'headset control' and activate that option.███ UNISTALL: To turn off screen after the time runsoutthe app needs to be a so called 'Device Administrator'. If youwantto uninstall this app and you allowed it to be adeviceadministrator, please make sure you removed itfromSettings/Security before uninstalling.███
Mobo WiFi - WLAN Cipher Tools 2.2
Mobo WiFi is your WiFi password hacker&cipher tools, a free shared WiFi widget that allows youtoautomatically connect to password protected WiFi hotspot sharedbyothers. Mobo WiFi, your auto swift WiFi master.Mobo WiFi Features:✓ One click to connect anywhere a free shared WiFi hotspotisopen✓ WiFi hacker & cipher tools✓ Auto sync WiFi password between multiple mobile phone✓ 100,000 free shared WiFi hotspot increasing everyday✓ Widget to boost mobile phone and Wi-Fi✓ Your pocket WiFi assist & portal WiFi assist✓ Free WiFi connection covers 90 countries✓ 100% safe, guarantee mobile phone and WiFi network securityMobo Wi-Fi is especially useful in public spaces likeparks,coffee shops and at large gatherings like conferences wheretheWiFi hotspot is meant to be free open but passwordprotected.After installing Mobo Wi-Fi, you can choose to share passwordofa WiFi hotspot in range which allows nearby Mobo WiFi userstoautomatically connect to that WiFi hotspot when they're inwirelessLAN range. Cipher tools breaks information for each letterup andspreads it out in the encoded message.We are a free shared WiFi community, if you are satisfiedwithour service, the best in return is to become a swift WiFimaster toshare other Mobo Wi-Fi user a new free WiFi hotspot. Orshare it onyour Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wechat community.Launch Mobo Wi-Fi on your Android mobile phone, go tothe"Connect" tab, click "WiFi Key Search" to search for availableWiFihotspot nearby. 100,000 hotspot are shared and can be connectedforfree.Once an encrypted WiFi hotspot is shared by owner, a bluekeyicon will appear next to the hotspot listed. swift WiFimasterHotspot can be connected by retrieving secure encryptedpasswordfrom our clound database.Auto Connect can be used after you search for a WiFihotspot,saving time of re-typing WiFi password. Feel free to shareMoboWiFi hotspot for fast and easy Auto Connect, so that yourfriendsand family won’t need to seek WiFi hotspot again.Tapping WiFi hotspot and select Manual Connect, you can typeinthe WiFi password to get connected. In this case, Mobo WiFiservesas your one stop swift WiFi master, without troubling you toopenthe other Wi-Fi menus.Mobo Wi-Fi is also wireless LAN cipher tools. You can alsotrybreaking a WLAN with weak password with Mobo WiFi assist. It'sapretty strong cipher tools. WLAN cipher tools will not invadeyourprivacy, after breaking a WiFi password, WiFi widget willdeletethe password from server.New cipher tools features:remote WLAN cipher tools, local WLAN cipher tools, one clickWLANcipher tools, violent swift WiFi master, WiFi password hacker,hackWiFi password, block cipher widget, Samsung WiFi assist, HTCWiFiassistMobo Wi-Fi is completely free to use, visit us to know moreaboutMobo WiFe, your favorite swift WiFi master, download freeWiFiwidget:Webpage: http://www.mobowifi.comFacebook:
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Kaspersky Lab
FOR CORPORATE / ENTERPRISE / BUSINESS /B2BUSERS ONLY!This application is intended for corporate users with thelicensefor Kaspersky Lab enterprise products.---------------------------------Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 is purposed to strengthen securityofAndroid CORPORATE MOBILE DEVICES used by employees to ensuretheirproper usage in corporate environment. Management withpowerful MDMand MAM configuration is given for Kaspersky SecurityCenter orKaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud EMM consoles.• The app protects your personal and corporate data againstviruses,adware and other malware in real time.• The app prevents your data from being stolen while you browsetheweb or on root device.• The app blocks unwanted calls and SMS.• The app will help to locate it and protect your data whenyourdevice gets lost or left behindstolen.Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Android realizes BYOD (BringYourOwn Device) mobile policy of your company. AfterinstallingKaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mobile, you will beprompted toenter the connection settings to Kaspersky SecurityCenter (KSC)provided by your system administrator (IP address ofthe remotehosting server, server connection port, and name of thedevicegroup in the system). You will also need to specify yourcorporateemail address. You have to enter this information onlyonce afterinstalling the app.Once installed, the app can be configured remotely by yourcorporatesystem administrator to provide him MDM (Mobile DeviceManagement)and MAM (Mobile Application Management)capabilities.According to the security policy in place at your company,theadministrator can also remotely control access to other appsandfunctions of your device.PROTECTION AGAINST MALWARE• Anti-virus scanning of files as they are opened, saved,orexecuted.• Scanning of new apps after installation.• Detection of adware and riskware that can be exploited byhackersto harm the device or user data.• On-demand or scheduled scanning of the device file systemforviruses and other malware.• On-demand or scheduled anti-virus database updates.CALL & TEXT FILTER• Blocking of unwanted incoming calls and texts.PROTECTION OF STOLEN OR LOST DEVICE DATA (ANTI-THEFT)• Get the current phone number via SMS or email when your SIMcardis replaced. Configure the device to lock automatically whenyourSIM card is replaced or the device is turned on without aSIMcard.• Lock the device remotely when it gets lost or leftbehind(stolen).• Wipe user data from the device remotely when it gets lost orleftbehind (stolen).• Get the device GPS coordinates remotely.Attention! This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.PROTECTION AGAINST ONLINE THREATS• Blocking of malicious and phishing websites, websitecontentfiltering by administrator-specified categories.DATA PROTECTION ACCORDING TO THE CORPORATE SECURITY POLICY• Remote configuration of app settings by the administrator.• Remote start of Anti-Theft by the administrator. When yourdevicegets lost or stolen, contact your system administrator so hecanprotect your personal and corporate data stored onthedevice.• Control of access to apps installed on the device.Theadministrator can create a list of allowed and blocked appsandspecify required apps.• Control of device functions (such as the Wi-Fi module orcamera).The administrator can restrict access to certain functionsof yourdevice.SUPPORTED LANGUAGESEnglish, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, MexicanSpanish,Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChinese.
Permission Manager - App ops 60
It doesn't support above Android4.4.2!!!PLEASE DONNOT USE IT ON YOUR ANDROID 4.4.2 DEVICE ANDABOVE,THANKS!!!!Shortcut for launching the Android's Hidden App PermissionManager.Control Permissions For Individual Apps!Just only a quick launcher for App ops;NO ROOT;LESS PERMISSIONS;NO LIMITATIONS;Just work above Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean, Kitkat, etc.).If you like me, please share to your friends, thanks!ATTENTION, PLEASE!!!KITKAT is supported NOW, please UPGRADE it, thanks!!!Thanks for Eaggle Tian's great help to support android 4.4(Kitkat)!!!
SA-MP Admin Tools 1.1
You can control your San Andreas -MultiPlayer servers with there Admin (Rcon) Tools from yourAndroidPhone.Features:- Server's info & rules list- Player list (kick, ban)- Rcon console- Rcon commands- Store more SA-MP server accountScrolling down will refresh the data in the Server's info'smenu& Players's menu.Tapping the player will create a dialog to kick or bantheplayer.Tapping the server's row for a longer time will pop up a dialogtoedit or delete server.
Remote Admin For Minecraft (F) 2.121
Remote Minecraft management for android.Manage your Minecraft servers using any android device withthishandy app !The application allows admins of JSONapi enabled servers orserversusing the McMyAdmin wrapper to control and interact withtheirMinecraft servers on any android V3 and above devices.Please note this is the free version, some Pro featuresareunavailable.Optimise for either tablet or handset layoutsManage multiple server connections via JSONApiand/orMcMyadminView current server detailsView online and offline server playersChange players server roles (OP/Whitelist/Banned/Game mode)Inspect and interact with players inventoryView Dynmap (if installed/running)Interactive Chat and Console (Pro version)Calladmin command and chat notificationsMinecraft item DatabaseSupport and a full list of features for this application canbefound at WWW.GEEWIZTECH.COM.Feel free to join our test server at minecraft.geewiztech.comJSONApi infomation and linksat information at is a trademark of Mojang, we do not claim to own, nordowe own any part of it.