Top 6 Games Similar to Ambulance Parking Simulator

Drive Ambulance on Snow 1.1
Roads closed by snow and a mountainroadambulance is ready to patient recovery!Get ready to enjoy a unique game experience with Full HD qualityandrealistic driving physics ambulance!Gorgeous model and ambulance sirens, ambulance lightsambulancewith real creep.General Features* Real ambulance model* Ambulance siren lights and sirens* Turbo NOS system* Super controls* Profitable Land weather conditionsFor more you can play by downloading our game driveanambulance.
Russian Crime Car Theft 1.3
GS Games
You have been assigned a list of fast cars byafat obnoxious client demanding the best cars on the road tobestolen by you and your team! Steal fast cars from the highwaybymaneuevering and aligning your Semi-Trailer with them; allthewhile avoiding traffic! They will instantly climb the extremerampand drive into the trailer from where you can stealmorecars!Inspired by great fast car movies and their racer cars, you havetotest your driving skills and race against time to steal thebestreal racing cars on the road. This is not RC racing, butFastRacing where you will race against time to drive a semi trailertosteal the best cars on the highway before you wipeout!You will find speed roads and drag racing cars that will leavethenormal traffic racer in the dust. So be sure to chase thenitroracing cars and get them into the trailer! This is extremecardriving at its best!Features★ Time Trial ModeLets see how many cars you can steal in the given time!★ Campaign ModeYou'll get a list of cars to steal from the client; sticktoit!★ Weirdo ModeYour client wants you to be creative and steal cars in thesequenceof colors and car models he dishes out to you. Don'tannoyhim!PS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected] you love to play our games and would like more addictive gamesorwould just like to say hi, please like our facebook pageat
Grand Car Robbery 1.1
Hey Pro!The underground mafia leader wants you to be his driver.Themoney and power are waiting for you but to get that you needtoprove yourself by stealing best cars as much cars as you canandshow them that you are the only great and clever car theft inthiscity.Grand Car Robbery is an excellent and adventurousdrivingchallenge especially for expert drivers with beautifulgraphics andmaps. It is a fun and addictive car robbery game.The owner has allowed you r to have possession of or easyaccessto the keys. Break into a car and find that the owner hasleft aspare set of keys in the glovebox, and use these to drive thecaraway.Steal various makes and models of vehicles, which are varybyseveral factors, including region and ease of theft. Thesecuritysystems in these vehicles are not up to the same standardascurrent vehicles, and learn their weaknesses. Scrap metal andsparepart prices are high and older vehicles are highlyrewarded.Features:- Drive with traffic- Simple and intuitive control- Amazing 2D graphics- Explore a detailed open world environment- Cool cars- Cool soundtrack- Accurate physics- Easy to playMotor vehicle theft is the criminal act of stealing orattemptingto steal a car (or any other motor vehicle). This gameis onlydesigned for fun purpose and doesn't support any action ofrobberyby any means.
Police Car Sim -Cop Real Drift 1.0.6
*** Have you ever dreamed of becoming acop,chasing, fighting and arresting criminals n robbers? ***If yes, then here is a chance for you to become anAmerica’swildest Police cop duty driver. This Police Car Simulator3D is anintense action racing police chase game which puts yourdrivingskills against robbers, desperate to outrun you in wild carchases.Our police duty driver consists of a top-secret mission inthis carchase simulator game.You’ll play as a police officer in this police car game,listento the announcements coming from the police radio, eachsectionwill chase a different criminal and descending from thepolice carsimulator you find the guilty, you will enter intoconfrontationwith the offender in a real drift. In this cop cargame, you haveto follow your toughest criminals in the police carchase.If you want more police duty driver simulator games, do playourCop car games, Police car games, Police duty simulator, Policedutydriver and Car chase simulator games.***** Enjoy Cop car simulator and ………- Takedown real drift speedy felons in thrillingpolicechase- Escape criminal attacks in heart-stopping duty driving- Stunning 3D graphics- Large, beautiful, Cop car simulator- Physics based on real car chase simulator- Fun for everyoneEasy to use driving controls, Police dutydriver,ultra-responsive and accessible to player of all ages, donot letthe gangsters escape from your grip. In this cop carsimulator,race up to catch the criminals and perform your PoliceOfficerduties.***So now hit the streets and take on the city, full of criminalinthis best fun police chase game.OK then enjoy and Good Bye!***
SWAT Team Counter Strike Force 1.0.3
SWAT Force Captain! There’s asecuritythreat alert from 911 emergency. Members of terroristorganizationare about to rob diamond mine outside city quarry. JoinSWAT TeamCounter Strike Force for action against terrorists andeliminatethreats to security.Terrorists teamed up with underworld gangs mafia to stealdiamondsfrom mountain cave. They are excavating treasure from goldmine viarailcar. Enemy will buy advanced weapons and firepower tospreadterrorism in city. To counter this brutal plan, elite policeforceis very critical. SWAT team is last hope to control thiscrisissituation. Take your killer sniper gun and ammo to engagewithunderworld thieves and murderers, derail their plan to buywarhead.Terrorists have kidnapped foreman and innocent civiliansare heldhostages while some are killed by gunner. Strike withmaximum forceto engage in brutal shooting action and kill all armedrobbers andterrorists.Play as elite killer trained under special weapons andtacticssquad. Rush to diamond mine, smugglers are stealing goldtreasurein wooden cart moving on rail road. Intercept their robberyplanand start shooting terrorists. Aim for head shot and take outenemysniper gunman outside. Create diversion to counter enemy’sescapeplan during hostile situation. In disparate battlefieldlocation,arrest is not an option. Shoot and kill bad guys in mineto saveinnocent civilian and rescue hostages. Kill terrorist squadarmedwith sub-machine gun, stun grande and more.SWAT Force Crime Simulator Features:10 extreme challenging shooting killer missions torescueminersMultiple advanced sniper rifles for battlefield actionReal life crisis situation and massive mine environmentRealistic physics controls for smooth shootingConsole quality 3D graphics and many heuristic featuresDownload SWAT Team Counter Strike Force and enjoy intense actioninthis 3D elite simulator game.
911 City Police Helicopter 3D 1.7
911 City Police Helicopter is an actionpackedultimate adventure based on real physics. Get ready to set onachase mission operating the heavy flying aircraft machine forsakeof city defense. You are a trained helicopter pilot copassigned atpolice HQ to put your flight simulator skills for a goodcause.Criminals are on the run. Catch the jail break robbers.Theassassins, thieves, criminals, murderers & killers areroamingaround after a prison break. The big city has become a pitofthugs, who needs to be eliminated. Work hard for thesurvival.Provide aerial support and strategic back attack aftercriminalsescaped from police arrest. Rank as elite police officerpilot, youare supposed to lead this mission in real time.Jump into the flying action Full of thrill busting chasegamesadventure while eliminating street crime rate in the city.Theinteresting blend of flight simulation and air strike combatbringyou to encounter with most daunting aircraft missions of yourlife.Fly your copter around the city with an aim to gain controlonskipping gangsters and thugs. This criminal arrest missionwilltake you to drift through tricky skyways, edge of top buildingsandbusy streets and highways. Balance between speed and air drivewillbe a real test of your pilot gesture control. Get hold ofyourchopper steering wheel, buckle your seat belt and fly throughtheskies while the police cars handle the criminal streetdrivers.Race around the city chasing gangsters. Fly, Drive, boost,drift,roll, jump, and do not crash like an extreme stuntdriver.911 City Police Helicopter FeaturesIn – flight aircraft shooting adventure in urbancityenvironmentFlight simulation combined in air strike battleSmooth transition of gyroscopic motionStunning 3D graphics in real physic gesture controlAmazing skyline and overhead city environmentAccelerate to the blistering top speed