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Mission IGI: FPS Shooting game 1.2
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Get ready for a fun and addictive FPSsniperchallenge action game to take on the biggest retaliation ofalltime. This one of the best Sniper elite FPS Shooting Gamesincludesall types of Special Forces survival warfare of gunnerylegends andArmy sniper shooter scenarios and wipeout Opsmissions.*** SPECIAL TROOPERS FORCES GROUP ***In this one of best combat of sniper killer shooter war games,AgentJason Dash is a top US IGI Commando Marine Corps and a specopstrained sniper, also known as the Chris Kyle of the new era ofwarof legends. The Strike IGI Combat Agency got some lead about adealof heavy nuclear missile weapons between two terroristorganizationson an industrial site from their militants’ commandand controlcenter. The terrorist red alert threat is on its way.GunnerySergeant of Green Beret, Agent Jason Dash is assigned thewipeoutretaliation and terrorist hunt Mission to destroy the deal,and killand conquer over all the terrorists and the head ofterroristorganization.Halting the heavy nuclear missile deal before completion will notbean easy mission in this arena, as the warrior terroristorganizationis very vigilant and will break an ambush onto MarineCorps IGIagency, if its identity is compromised. There might be anuphillslam battle from there. Your shooting skills and trooperssurvivalinstincts will be tested in this wipeout retaliation FPSShooterGame.This game is one of the best sniper rifle and military troopersOpsstrategy game which has lots of ultimate action of snipershootingand assassin thrill missions against deadliest militants.Fromsniper war city to urban army sniper and fury of the sniper inthedesert ambush, it has many different new scenarios and slamwarmissions.*** BATTLE IN EPIC FPS SHOOTING GAME PLAY ***In this one of the best epic games of shooting, ready yourassaultgear of sniper shooter to battle in the most intenseshootingsurvival showdowns, combating terrorist organizations in afastpaced FPS exchange, where your Agent Jason Dash, the IGICommandoMarine Corps Sniper is equipped with a mega damaging sniperrifleand a dexterous shotgun and handgun for swift attacks, youalsohave to take out all the RPG launchers. You have to recoverthenuclear missile arsenal from going into the wrong hands.** One of the Best Army Shooting Games **In this new sniper game of legends, play in 5 epicchallenginglevels, where your sniper spy will tasked to crush theterroristorganization’s attempt to accomplish weapons deal.The progressing danger levels will phase the commando sniperofSpecial Forces with more daunting tasks, taking on army tankswithRPG bazookas to engaging in a finale ambush battle withtheterrorist organization leader of the biggest and mostdangerousmilitants group, as he attempts to crush your down withhis massivemachine gun in this mastermind military strategygame.GAMEPLAY FEATURES>>> Exquisite FPS weapon controls>>> Weapon Swapping Action of Soldiers>>> Two Primary Weapons1- Pistol handgun2- Assault rifle>>> 5 Objective based levels>>> Intense smash and shooting action
IGI commando forces elite war 1.6
Thats the missions of commandos intomountainhills and caves missions of IGI commando , IGI commandoequipedwith multiple weapons like as rockets , ak47 , mp5 and manyotherssimulation of guns and practise session included into themissionof IGI commando , These forces have highly trained by troopsofseniourity based levels , thats why they become heavy dutycommandoand enter into war zone for mission ecomploshed. So be wareofterrarist attack into mountain island war , beacuse they are alsoaheavy contract killer with modern weapons , so are you readyforassassin commando igi missions ?? Yes i know you are ready Socometo arena and take new weapons to kill the enemies into themountainand hills , you are also trained as a ninja warriour fighttowithout with enemies without weaponsEnemy Attack Missions Area1 : Snow mountain mission2 : grassy green mountain mission3 : desert mountain missions4 : under mountain / Cave mission5 : City S treat missionHow to Play this GameIn FPS Mountain Commando War 3D use the following toolstosurvive.1: pickup the following weapons:Sniper Rifleak-47MP5Shot GunKATANARambo Knife2 : In FPS Mountain Commando War 3D Use joystick to move theplayer, and swipe the screen to aim for enemies3 : In FPS Mountain Commando War 3D Keep an eye on RADAR todetectthe enemies position.4 : In FPS Mountain Commando War 3D Use the Zoom button to aimtheenemy from far distance?5 : In FPS Mountain Commando War 3D Use fire button to shoot?6 : In FPS Mountain Commando War 3D Use pickup button to attaintheweapons.7 : In FPS Mountain Commando War 3D Use Drop button to throwtheweapons.8 : In FPS Mountain Commando War Use swipe button to changeorreplace weapons.
IGI 2018:Top Action Shooting Game: Project 1.4
IGI OPERATION -YOU ARE INA new threat as it seemed! Mechanized combat units areinvadingcities all over the Europe & Africa. Behind thisnefarious actthere are secret military organizations that havekidnappedscientists to use them in the development of theirAtomictechnology, which was once secret, and which is at the centeroftheir cybernetic increase project. You have been hired torepelthis invasion, whatever the cost!people have been killed and some of them transferred to thenearbytown for the sake of their lives. There may be some hostagesaswell, This is your mission times slightly different thantheprevious ones, as you have to move carefully in the city youcanfind the enemy at any time.IGI 2018 is a Thrilling ACTION PACKED 3D shooting game.Features:• Difficult to master, but easy to understand• A great FPS games• Primal Target completion• super stunning 3D graphics• Over Beautiful Desert environment
IGI Commando: War Mission 2016 1.0
IGI Commando: War Mission 2016Duty IGI Commando Shooting 3DCommando is a complete war machine but still moderncombatbattleweapons great to kill enemy territory.Duty to Stop Terrorist Attack is front line first personsniperarmyshooter game against most wanted criminals.You must becarefulandKill out all criminals before they kill you and safeyourarmyperson from them.Battlefield frontline commandoadventureshooterfree 3D game-play. The walking dead triggerwarriors delta force with shooter war fighter, droidbattlewarriorsis jigsaw game around the world. Droid PoliceYouhavechoice of usemore sniper Guns to use in battlefield and killallyourenemies.IGI,Commando games,igi commando games 2016Features:Semi automatic weapons (M4 gun, G3 rifle, Ak-47).More Battlefields Levels.Kill all enemy to Unlock next mission.Real and more battlefield fight against enemy army.It is single player FPS 3D ideas.How To Play::Tap fire button to fire the enemy.Sniper zoom in/out to get the target close.Shoot to target quickly either you could be hurtbyopponentbullets.Health bar at top left will show your life line.
IGI Commando Jungle Strike 1.2
IGI Commando Jungle Strike is acombinationof all the commando and mission based games, you aregoing to actlike an expert cannon, a sniper and a commando at thesame time.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is a 3D FPS (First PersonShooting)action game, which provides the user with an extremeaction packedgame environment and full thrilling Hi-techshootingweapons.IGI Commando Jungle Strike Army commando warrior completedgreatmodern combat missions as ultimate front line commandomilitarysoldier of his Army. Army man never fear with deadlyassault onarmy warship aircraft carrier, gunship helicopter andmodern combattank mission on high mountains sniper shooting areaand in desertshooing field even most dangerous refugee city SWATrescuemissions. This time commando assigned hard target at highabove themountains. Navy man picks his long range sniper gun forlong rangesnipe target, short range guns and pistol.The most advanced and thrilling Army Battle Shooting missionGameis here. Fight with the best armed forces with full of heavyweaponsand bombs. You have to fight with courage and bravery andwin thebattle for your Country. Fight with best weapons and defeatall theenemiesbest battleAs first line army facing the enemy commandos, who is the oneleftin the Heli destruction as the story goes and isolated nearborderforces in the deadly operation. You are assigned a mission tokillenemies step by step as per instructions so wander around theplaceand find the enemies one by one and kill them all to completealllevels. You have to get a radio and synchronize it to theheadquarter and get instructions about your missions. At the endyouwill be picked up by your own army crew at the safeplaceindicated. Kill the enemies and ambush against them beforetheycould kill you. You have the map and locations and movementofenemies provided on a radar system. Use your army skills andkillthe enemies wandering across your way. Encounter the enemieswitharms, Ak-47, Snipers, and Shotguns, Mini gun, Bazooka andnewdestructive weapons. You are the brave Assassin commando and ahopefor the nation. Aim perfect to shoot the head shots of yourrival.Accurate and precise aim practice will lead to more accuracyandeliminate terrorism in frontier shooting showdown. Keep in mind;heis the vicious terrorist you are going to swat & kill.Staredown your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify thetarget.Take a breath...and pull the trigger to kill your enemies.Prove tobe a Commando adventure assassin in this real war game.You, as anelite sniper and soldier of fortune, a real contractkiller sniper,are the last line of defense of Nation against theinvaders. As theonly surviving commando of an attack against theterrorists, youmust use all of your specialized skills to survivethe tons of theenemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is a decent mix offirst-person-shooterand tactical strategy action and war game. Inthe heat of battle,players go through outrageous missions. There’sa ONE MAN ARMY fullof relentless and brute firepower.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is an Extreme challengingreallybloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassin sniper attackwith fistof fury, huge destruction of army including gunshiphelicoptergunner and enemy military troops.Last IGI Commando Jungle Strike is shooting Free game, thatisbest battle yearing Fight game against enmy, best Battle gameiscombined Military game, much military force is there, andmilitaryyearn is much possible1- Realistic Graphics2- 3D Environment that gives the real commando feeling3- First Person Shooting4- Excellent city Environment for military attack5- Realistic effects and new challenges to your mission.6- Outclass sound effects, Background and shooting sounds.7- Easy and intuitive controls8- Multiple addictive levels9- Use you left and right controls to play this game
The Last I.G.I Commando 1.1
The last IGI commando is a free armyshootingand survival game with your strategy and brain skills.Veryshortlya free commando shooting game.In the game the commando isthe lasthope... You are shown as an elite commando in the game whohas beenassigned to complete certain tasks. Some time elitecommando has towork like an assassin, some time as a savior andsome time as athief.Your job is to clean the camp , eliminate theterrorists. andclear the whole area.You are equipped with assaultrifles andsnipers. But for the very first mission you will have tokill anenemy with a knife.Half left side of your apple device is for moving the soldierandhalf right side is for controlling the view, to spot the enemyandfor clear scene visualizationYou are well known for your commando duty, now accomplishyourcommando duty. This modern army game is actually a test ofyourshooting and combat skills. In this modern army game youareprovide with modern machine guns and all kind of RussianandAmerican sniper guns. So take your sniper guns, find yourtargetenemy and kill them on the sport.If u ike igi commando games and u love igi strike andcommandomission games then last igi commando id for you.Go for itandstrike your enemies like a hammer is a gun and strikegamewith military strategy missions.Go and choose yourthrillingmissions to play this military commando game.The adventureiseverlasting.Tap the fire button on the right bottom corner to shoot and scopeisalso on the right bottom corner. To crouch tap the leftbottomcorner and to run tap the middle bottom button onyourscreen.Mission I.G.I is a go..when you find an enemy, simply swipe and shoot.Shoot to kill.That'syour job as a soldier..Realistic graphics and weapons areused tosimulate real life scenario.Snipers and deadly guns areused but forthe very first mission you are going to have a sniperto kill thesharp shooters on the towers.So do or die. The game isthe test ofyour shooting and your combat skills.Please Note...This game is free to play..Advertising do appear in the game..Features.......- Amazing 3D graphics.- Deadly weapons.- Addictive game play.- Thrilling missions.- Brutal action military game.- Efficient weapon controls and movement.- Smooth game play.- Amazing sound effects.- Challenging levels in different battlefield environments
IGI Commando Warrior Shooter 1.0.5
One person army sniper shooter likeasfrontline commando warrior at the military area with highrangeshooter guns.It is very fantastic and attractive graphics commando actiongame.groundbreaking,collaboration,crowdAssassins creed game sniper attack on enemy and kill them andnotenter your secret mobile action games,multiplayer shooting games,webagency,webdesign agency,web design agenciesweb development agencies,web developer agency,agent,Demolish,commando sniper skillsmercenaries,raining bullets,Become conquer in the war ofyourright.Quotes Health,Health Insurance,Health Fund,private health insurance plans,health insurance quote,family health insurance,group health insurance,best health insurance,short term health insurance,travel health insurance,health plans,health plan,health care plan,medicare health plans,, intense shooting showdowns, thrilling 3D shooting game,migrated,hostages,Addictive game playcar insurance compare,compare car insurance ,compareinsurancequotes,compare auto insurancecompare life insurance quotes,auto insurance compare,comparecarinsurance quoteFist, Unidentified Dead body, Revenge, Love, SET, SETINDIA,CrimePatrol, tv, Sony Entertainment Television,channel, Soap, Serial, Shakti Anand, Reality,the criminals are with very high explosion ardics and highrangeguns and rocket lunchers and also tanks and gunshiphelicoptergunner.********How To Play***************1::Tauch fire button and firing on enemy.2::Tap the zoom button and zoom the Sniper gun in/out to geteasilytarget.3::Digital Radar is used to find the enemies.4::Health bar show the heath of your player.Play this IGI Commando action battlefield Game; download nowthisour game.don’t forget to rate and review us.
IGI Commando: City War 1.3
THE GLOBAL DESTRUCTIONEnemy has taken control of your City and all theImportantBuildings are guarded by the Enemy Soldiers. The Wall OfBerlin isCompromised. Lots of Good Soldiers have fallen today.Start a CIVILMUTINY within the city and free your city from theEvil Claws OfEnemies.STRATEGIC OPERATION COMMANDThe innocent people have been killed and some are migrated totheneighbor city for the sake of their lives. There might besomehostages as well, this times your mission is a bit differentfromthe previous ones, as you have to move carefully in the cityyoucan find enemy at any moment. A great challenge to kill thebunchof enemy soldiers with your amazing commando skills. Escapeyourcity from the enemy and rebuild life in it. Kill the criminalarmythe guards; bring back the migrated people escape the hostages.Ifyou succeed your duty is done!EPIC CHALLENGING MISSIONSGet into the Most Brutal Army Action in history between evilandgood on your android mobile and join the Clash Of The TribesAndThe Royale Empire. Choose between Primal And Secondaryweaponswisely and according to the enemy incoming wave. Show yourfury onyour enemies and eliminate them using your most furiousweaponslike Sniper Rifle And Ak-47 and highly modern Fire-Power.TheWarzone is filled with Russian gangs. So be careful to strikeonthe enemies. Take cover while reloading your weapon to avoidtheirbullets otherwise you will be dead.SILENT ASSAULT SHOOTING SCENARIOSThe targets are extremely High-Profile, so Change your coverwhenyour cover is compromised. Don’t let them ESCAPE the war zone.Inorder to complete your mission you have to kill them all. Afterthefall of the Berlin wall the enemy has taken the Normandy. Theyareinside the city walls. Wage the gorilla tactic fight on them totakeback the city. Choose your primary and secondary weaponsaccordingto your mission. Earn credit by completing the task andupgrade yourweapons to gain more power. You are Pvt. Jason whowill not stop atany cost until the enemy is finished. You havebeen trained hard inevery style of combat by the militaryexperienced commandos. Useyour commando sniper to defeat theenemies. Make them pay for theiractions to you and yourmotherland.THE COMMANDO IN REAL ACTIONBe the LEGENDARY DEATH SHOOTER and do not pity on them. Takeyourfull Revenge from them and be the most popular avenger foryourcountry. Be the Hero commando of Normandy war and most brutal&trained army sniper by defending your post. Nothing isimpossible somake this mission possible and show your ultrahardcoreskills.Start the sniper war and demolish them with your gun strikebytaking the headshots to kill them instantly. Push the foz oftheenemy to defeat them once and for all. You are igi commando whoisready to strike on the enemies anywhere. Be a desert lone wolfandmake your strategy according to the war plan and go rougeagainstthem. Commando City War is a thrilling 3D shooting game.Features:• Hard to Master, But easy to Understand• A great FPS game• Complete the primal objective• Super amazing 3D graphics• Extremely Beautiful city environment• Highly Addictive game play• Free to download
Commando Sniper killer 1.2
Commando Sniper killer is a boarderwarshooting game, this fight is between two military forces.Bothforces fight on the boarder. One force attack on the otherforce.The enemies force have different backups on boarder.Firstlypatrolling soldiers then a number of solider that behindthehurdles and attack on them.Next step is a number of soldiersinbase camp and the the backup of watch towers. Download thisgameand accept challenge of this interesting game.How to play:- Fire button is on the right bottom corner- Telescope is the top of the fire button- use telescope and increase sensitivity as u wishFeature:- Sniper- Enemies- Watch towers- Desert Environment- Boarder Fence- Good graphics- Easy to play
IGI Commando Sniper Shooter 1.0
this is most commando warrior game in thisgameone man army person that has a sepesific missionand his officer order to complete the mission.In this game you areasniper shooter that kill the enemiesand complete the kill the enemy firstly rather thanthaykill you and your heath is end.this is real commando war game and very lightly and very easytocontrol.this is igi,berlin,frontline,medalofhonor,soldier,compass,news,information,coast guard,army gamesfree,precision sniper , army game , armies games , army ,shooting games free-Real Environment-3d game-excellent graphics-one person shooter-Very Lightly
IGI Commando: Desert Strike 1.7
THE ULTIMATE COMMANDO BATTLEYou have to be the Ultimate and Most ADVANCE CommandoatFRONTLINE to SURVIVE in the Battlefield. You are the CommandofromSpecial Services GROUP and hence behave like a ruthlessDESERTwolf.SUPER ADVANCED & CLASSIFIED WEAPONSanother fascinating feature of this Desert Gorilla CommandoSniperis availability of wide range of weapons. real challenge ofDesertGorilla Commando Sniper is not only coping with enemies,locationchallenges but to choose of weapons at different tasksandsituations. actually this is the part of challenge inDesertGorilla Commando Sniper game.aside this wide range of weapons make player more independentandconfident as he is in charge of Desert Gorilla Commando Sniper.sohis choice of weapons according situation make him to leadDesertGorilla Commando Sniper to victory. fine choice of weaponsinDesert Gorilla Commando Sniper is guarantee to success of team.butit is real hard challenge which can't be fixed with onpersonplayer of Desert Gorilla Commando Sniper will need a team andhewill assign different kind of weapon to Gorilla Commandoaccordingto their position and situation requirement.In this Desert Commando Sniper Mission game player feelrealchallenge with limited resources and multiplechallengingenvironment and real like graphics. All scenes of DesertCommandoSniper Mission and different and unique and looks like realwhichmake Desert Commando Sniper Mission more interesting.Real graphics and challenging missions that will test your skillsonthe battlefields of Desert Commando Sniper Mission.EXTREMELY DANGEROUS MISSIONSDesert Commando Mission game has complete dangerous missionwhichDesert Commando Strike force has to complete by usingdifferentkind of update modern weapons. Desert Commando Strikeforce facethe real challenge when surrounded with enemies ofgreater weaponpossession, only strategies and planning will let theDesertCommando Strike force complete their mission with minimumdeaths ofDesert Commando Strike force.Fight with your whole arsenal and utilize machine guns,sniperrifles, rocket launchers and other weapons, anotherfascinatingfeature of this game is the Commando Strike force choosetheir ownweapon of any given type with bullets. Choose your weaponcarefullyand purposefully and eliminate your target and make yourDesertCommando Strike force proud of your leadership. in DesertCommandoStrike cutting-edge graphics and precise controls, you cansee andfeel that you are in action in battle field.In Desert Commando Strike New and improved weapons are at yourhandsto help lead the Desert Desert Commando Strike forces tovictory.whatever Command Mission is assigned to or whatever thechoice ofweapon is Desert Commando Strike force is the frontlineof war orCommand Strike force. this is why you have to skillfulquick mindedand courageous to lead Desert Commando Strike force.As DesertCommando Strike missions are completely dangerous andchallengingDesert Commando Strike force need a fine strategy andplanning andmost important thing which Desert Commando Strikeforce has to takecare of is choosing of weapons according tosituation, as DesertCommando Strike force has wide range ofweapons so which weapon isto choose at what situation is not pieceof cake.DYNAMIC ARSENAL AWAITSHighly Advance Weapons awaits your touch. Show your dominationonyour Rivals and tell them that who is the boss here.It’s the D-day for your enemies so make them pay as theydeserve.Revenge for your fallen soldiers.Be the final ultimatum and nightmare for your enemies.Good luck soldier. ☠HOW TO PLAY:➵Tap Scope button to sight down your weapon.➵Tap fire button to fire.➵Clear all waves.FEATURES:➵Realistic game play.➵The controls are smooth and comfortable.➵A.I. applied is very good with sound effects.➵Face challenges and improvise your shooting skills.➵Clear wave to unlock new levels.
Mission IGI- Eagle Desert (3D) 1.2
Win with the help of highly trainedspecialtaskforce commandos and spies. They are the frontlinecommandoforce,highly skilled deadly men, each of them is a man ofsteel!You canuse their services to clear out the enemy areas fortheforcesfollowing up.Also infiltrate them in highly secured enemy sitesandaccomplishmissions which cannot be performed by regular armymen.Sneak in andwash out! fb2975bb68.Game Features:- Great combination of stealth and action- Realistic enemy behavior- Every mission has different objectives- Two players with different type of weapons like Gun,PistolandKnife- Multiple enemies characters- Use sniper gun for long range- Real military type base environment- Stunning 3D graphics- Unique control system- Excellent sound effects Hope you enjoy!REVENGE BEGINS MISSION 2......
Commando SurgicalStrikeMission 1.2
Try to head shot to kill the enemiesasenemies are very well trained shooter and start sniper 3dshootingon you with heavy weapons right after you open your fire onsome oftheir soldiers. Show yourself immortal and become soldier ofduty.Commando Surgical Strike Mission is an Extreme challengingreallybloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassin sniper attackwith fistof fury, huge destruction of army including gunshiphelicoptergunner and enemy military troops. Frontline army commandospecialforce personal who is willing to sacrifice his life to savehiscountry from the criminal mafia. Your duty will be to performacovert operation and destroy the enemies’ stronghold in junglesandhideouts. Terrorist are equipped with the latest weapons andwillbe ready to crush you. They are roaming around in the bulletproofcars, helicopters are their 24 hours for theirsurveillance,anti-aircraft, AK47 are the standard weapons they haveand skilledin counter attacks. Feel the spirit of best commandogames ofcentury with this IGI Commando Jungle Strikegame.Commando Surgical Strike Mission game is prepare for PakistanwithIndia, there is border and India is trying to cross toborder,Pakistani commando is ready for attack,Duty commando is oneman andwatching everything, commando of battlefield is ready forattack,Elite Terrorist is coming to us for fighting, Moderncommando iswaiting, IGI commando force is ready for every moment,GeneralRaheel zindabad, Narendra Modi want to fight with Pakistanfor newwar and modern war,desert sniper shooting game is aboutarmycommando shooter performing his duty to compete modern armyofenemies by sniper shooting down their lone marine snipercommando.this is real 3d sniper shooter combat right in the warmdesertwhere enemies commandos are equipped with ak-47 , bazooka ,rpg ,pistols , chopper , artillery, m16 , us American snipershooter ,tanks , f16 , f18 raptor jet fighters . While our maincommandoarmy forces got defeated in these island desert storm. Ourarmysniper shooter were not trained for these deadly situations.Weneed some elite killer commando to get out of these deadlyearsituation by sniper shooting from hidden places and made this3dsniper desert as island sniper shooting desert.You might have played games like Commando game, Commandoadventure,Sniper killing, Sniper shooting, Commando mission attack,Army baseattack, Military camp invasion, Army cargo, Militarygunship, Warattack game, but this game is one of its kinds. It is acombinationof all the above mentioned games and once you haveinstalled IGICommando Jungle Strike you are going to love this gamebecause itis a whole pack of mission based, heavy gunship, andmilitaryattack base game. The number of ambulation and frontlinecommandois enormous, FPS (First Person Shooting) is the besttechnique usedin this game that means the one shooting the opponentfirst is theone champion in commando action. Bring your innercommando fury on,you are a very loyal and passionate commando, onthe mission tokeep your country and city safe from anti- peace andcriminalminded terrorists.Some trained terrorists across the border have entered yoursoilthrough heavy mountains and dense jungle and they are realthreatto your army base in the area with dense jungle andmountains. Youare the expert of commando operation in suchconditions, Commandois present in Frontline for Great Mission, Youhave to search eachand every terrorist in the area to shoot them tohell before theycould attack you or your brigade in that area.Enemies are aware ofyour expertise and they will target you beforethey could attack onthe base. So be alert with your sharp shootingskills and modernweapon to eliminate them. Ambush and kill theenemies before theykill you. Digital radar system is there whichshows you thelocations and movements of enemies, there is much upsand
IGI Commando Island Warrior 1.0
IGI Commando Island Warrior is nicegame.
Frontline Sniper Warrior - TPS 1.0
Game Canvas
Let the Gun fire bullets fly in thesequeltothe popular third-person shooter, Frontline Sniper Warrior-TPS!Heavy Weapons lovers will be happy to see a largearsenalofdifferent guns and explosives to use in missions of acommandoonmission. Fight brave soldiers from around the globe onthefrenzieddeadly battlegrounds of World War and becomeSergeantWright andexperience a dramatic, life-changingsingle-playerjourney, in theaftermath of the D-Day invasion. Areyou stormtrooper, sniper ordo you prefer stealth operations forsecretmissions? Choose yourrole and weapons in multiple game modesandshow your supremacy.Overwhelming action and ranking systemwouldn'tlet you relax.Betrayed and left for dead on thebattlefield, youmust build yourteam of mercenaries and exact a warof revengeagainst yourenemies.Step into the action of the audio-visual spectaclethatisFrontline Sniper Warrior - TPS. Lead the Resistanceintovictoryover the evil Faction forces and their brutalkillingmachines.Frontline Sniper Warrior - TPS is simply playedoffline.Recruitand train soldiers and lead the ultimate war teamtothebattlefield! Maximize your firepower withmultiple,upgradableweapon classes including sniper rifles, assaultrifles,shotgunsand machine guns. Utilize special war gear onthebattlefield suchas drones, grenades and RPGs. TAKE CONTROL ofanelite team ofcombat soldiers. Upgrade your weapons foreachmission. FIGHTalongside your team in head-to-head battles.CONQUERrival teamsfrom around the world. Fight for VICTORY andbecome thebestsnipest!The “Frontline Sniper Warrior - TPS” is our bestshootinggameaiming to offer you an enjoyable time while playing thegameinrealistic third person shooting combat (TPS) modeagainsttheterrorists. You will join the counter shooting terroristteam,andstart challenging missions against the terrorist forces.Tosucceedthe battle against terrorists, you need to avoidenemiesshootingat you to survive and complete the missions. Try toshootmoreenemies, especially in time limited missions.FrontlineSniperWarrior - TPS is not ordinary shooting game andshootingenemiesalone is not enough! you need to make quicktacticaldecisions,select proper guns and weaponry, dodge incomingfires,and takecountermeasures. Put your shooting skills andstrategicthinkinginto practice and kill the enemies. As you play,yourshootingskills will develop and you will unlock newcharacters,weapons,boosters such as grenades and artilleries, andothersurprises toexperience more challenging battles.AIM and SHOOT! Download now for FREE one of thebestshootinggames!In this age of myth, you are the only hope and the bestshooterofthis era. Our defense system is not strong enough toretaliate.It’stime for our heroes to come forward and respond totheir callonduty, it’s a call to save their homeland. The enemyhas apowerfulrobot army and gigantic gunners. In this combatmission,you need totake their army and high value targets.Download andenjoy FrontlineSniper Warrior - TPS.Aim and Shoot! Frontline Sniper Warrior - TPS war is#1firstperson shooter game that will blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Frontline SniperWarrior-TPS takes you on a whirlwind tour of thecriminalEnemiesunderworld. You are a sniper shooter ready to playyour partindangerous attacks and silent assassin missions.FrontlineSniperWarrior - TPS Street war - Mitch is your primecharacter inthisone of sniper shooting games. You are the new IGICommando onthefront line of the battlefield against the mostdangerousterroristthreats to the global world order!This is amodern warfought by analone commando used to be a sniper in themountainsonce. Movethrough the environments in juicy first personmissionsand takethe all-important Kill Shots!
IGI Commando War Zone 1.0.6
this is very intersting ,great environmentlikereal and use GUI Skin and graet models are use in thisgamewe hope you like this our game.this commando war zone 3d gameismore action game.Real environment ,one person shooter use in this thisgameyou are a shooter with great andlong zoomable gun that can shoot the enemy very long distancebeforethat they fire you and kill you.enemies are stand in every place and you walk very very carefulthatthey can't you shoot and destroyyour this game you are a great gun sniper shooter.Feature:-Excellent graphics.-Real and nice environment.-joystick are include to move left,right,forward and back.-touch on fire button and fire the enemy.-zoom the gun to use the zoom button.-you can the enemy on redar system.
IGI Modern SWAT Commando 3D 1.1
Get ready to battle in the mostintenseshooting showdowns, combating terrorist organizationsin a fast paced FPS exchange, where your IGI Commando isequippedwith amega damaging sniper rifle and a dexterous handgun forswiftattacks.Terrorists have quite advanced military weapons in thiswar:unmanned fighter,new rocket launchers, powerful machine guns, and may even havebegunto take shape of nuclear weaponsSave your country from them !!IGI Modern SWAT Commando 3D Features:-Excellent Graphics-Night vision mode-Modern Weapons with unique features-Smooth aiming and shooting experience-3 Different Missions in Realistic environments-Strategic gameplay with real animations-Full action packed game to save country from TerroristsGrab your sniper rifle and head back out for another roundofmissions.As a professional sniper you need to complete more missions tothebest of your ability! Its free Download Now..
IGI Commando On Duty:war 3D 1.0
Aim and Shoot! Modern igi Commando ondutygameis Street war is first person shooter game that willblown you away! Modern igi commando Elite Sniper takes youonaworldwide tour of the criminal Enemies underworld.your mission is that kill your enemies that caught yourarmyfriendsand they want to also kill youbut you go theri area and kill all your enemies and safeyourarmyfriends and also your healthyour friends in iron room locker you unlock this room andsafeyourarmy friends that is your missionyou face many problems mean your enemy have expertsnipershooterthat can shoot you very long have also have long sniper shooter guns that you can useandkillyour enemy and safe your health.graet environment and use GUI skin in this game.You are thebestIGICommando on the front line of thebattlefield against the most dangerous criminals threatstotheglobal worldwide.Features:>BattleField game>Use Gui Skin in game>Fire Button on bottom right of screen.>Zoom button is above Fire Button.>Full functional enemy base environment.>Better battlefield war experience.
IGI Commando City Rescue 1.1
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YOU ARE THE IGI COMMANDO, ONE MANONEWAR.Consider that you are the IGI Commando and a trained sniper, theIGIagency got information about the attack of terrorists on a citytokill innocent people.Get ready to battle in the mostintenseshooting showdowns, combating terrorists, where IGI CommandoSniperis equipped with a M1911,AK47,MP5 and mega damaging sniperrifle totake down enemies accurately.Now the mission is start and you are the top commando in rank,youare being send to the real battlefield to demolish the enemyandrescue the city. Use your commando sniper skills to pin downtheenemies and hit them as hard as you can.Features:* FPS action shooting game* 10 thrilling missions* Many weapons* Smooth control* Good graphics
IGI: War Zone 1.6
Desire PK
You are the army commando sent on averyimportant mission in enemy base which is to kill themall.Use your army training and your ultra commando skills to Flankyourenemies from every side. Don’t let them run away.It is your duty to protect your mother land. So take yourweaponswith you and take the war to their battlegrounds.This is the D-day battlefield. So prepare yourself for anyenemyassault and strike back on them hard.Remember this is your war against terrorism so take your squadandattack on your enemies with full firepower.It’s the final ultimatum to those terrorist. It’s the do ordiesituation right now.Become the legendry commando for your country by fulfillingyourresponsibility.Get into enemy base and follow the mission instructions to getyourtask done with successfully.In first mission you have to infiltrate the enemy base campandclean the area.In the 2nd mission you have to kill every enemy in the base campandthen destroy your target.In 3rd mission you have to find some important documents andescapeon a Jet fighter by destroying the enemy’s base.In 4th mission you have to infiltrate other enemy base onthemountains. And wipe out the area patrolling withenemysoldiers.In 5th mission you have to plant the bombs on the objectives andgetaway from the base before the bombs destroy the base.Good luck soldier.How to Play:Use joy stick to move your soldier.Swipe on the screen to take aim.Tap aim button to aim down your sightTap fire button to fire.Features:The hill environment is very realistic.The enemy base view is very good.A.I applied is very good.Controls are very smooth and comfortable.Controls are very simple.Animations are very action base.
IGI Commando:Fury War Action 1.0
It it complete full 3D action mission is Thrilling is super surprise our attacking.The verylone easy brave andpowerful Commando soldier that is atfrontline, they will fight for the honor of your countryfreedom.Soldier are brave person they are fight in thebattleground of the world war 2 in the stunning battle.itis most challenging action navy game where are differentmany enemies who is located at differentplaces and positionslike as warship and helicopter and also in the jungle andalsoon the are a first person sniper shooter havemany different kinds of guns which shoot forvery long distanceand kill the enemies.your mission is to safe your solidersandyour countryand get your freedom from your enemies.your enemiesis very dangerous that they can kill youat very long distance becausethey many kinds of weapons and long sniper shooter guns.they havebrave and excellent sniper shooter soldiersthatremainsattentionevery moment in a day.Military assigned the target to cover theterrorist area and safe all things and project.The name of thecommandos one is of the warrior fury at front position,secondis elite which lies at the helicopter,third is Assassin sniperwhich is located at the jungle mountain with target riflegun,It is a FPS game as WW2.All Guns Auto Reload along walking killer.Easy Controls and GUI move.Fantastic Environment belong 9APPS.
Sniper Shooting Gun Strike 1.6
You are an Military combat Sniper prooperatingundercover in a Western mountain range.As a shooting Marksman your job is to kill the Enemy Soldiersthatare Hunting You down.Base camp is set use the Army helicopter or Gunboat to CrushtheArmy enemysor Sneak in to the Military Base With your Sniper RifleAssasinstyleSniper Shooting Gun Strike Game Features- Free to play Gun Shooter- Fight Army Enemy Soldiers- Awsome Graphics- Helicopter and Gunboat- Realistic Military Weapons- Free Roam Gameplay- Easy Touch Screen Buttons
IGI Forest Commando Adventure 1.0
STRONG STORY >>>>>>We Have Introduce New 3D Game Streath Forest Commando WarHaveTotally New Idea . Different materials are used.that are TankOils, Oldest Buildings , Different Weapons,Different Enemies andFirstPerson. Where we used the first person and different enemies.allenemies are lies on land,Buildings and Oil Tanks. therearedifferent materials are used and Different weapons that areGuns.Army have different warrior as a frontline commando war,mountainswith sniper gun shootings:: We have introduce Plus shapeway likeas Road like as warship Battle . my person have move fromone sideand He saw the enemies.Enemies only attack when my commandois in10 m distance away otherwise they not attackFallennation,Sea,mountain.Each have a changeable.Forest and Furyactionhave the First Attack Assassinates and warrior,heli .lastarmysniper including gunship helicopter war and enemy militarytroopswar have a large Detail.Great navy commando StreathultimateFronlines commandos military soldiers.most user used IGIHavebecause this Game is more efficient to other Games.freedom isveryimportant to expand her life shadow fighter,sea,Modern andunkilledenemies that are Glu and Bubblo . Animal is the part of thelife ,Lion ,cat ,deer Hunting ,wildHunter,safari,Duck,Real,Russiananimals,american animals, Australiaand other countries.Peoplesplaying more type of applications thatare Shhoting,loneKiller,Contract killer,Robocop,MissionImpossible,IronDeath,Zombie,clash war,1965 war. and many otherpeoples like thepuzzle Apps include Candy,Farms,HerosDigger,Alphabetty,Pet,Rescue,BubbleWitch,Diamond,Charm,calaputt,Soda,Xperiatheme Papa and other farmof Pyramid ,In This 3D Game i haveintroduce Differentfunctionality,That are>>>> Radar Circle Where we find the enemies>>>> Fire Button Player used the fire Button tokillenemies.>>>> Scope Button where player have Zoom in and Zoomoutthe Scope and Target the enemies.>>>> Health Bar This is the life of Player.>>>> Pause Game , Menu Game , Win Game andLoseGame>>>> Joystick is Also used . where Player Have a movetodifferent location. move to left Right and Down, Up.How To Play >>>>>>>>> To Move Commando Left Right ,Up and DownUsingJoystick.>>>> kill the enemies using Fire Button.>>>> To Target The enemies using the scope.>>>> To Find The enemies using Radar.Full Game Features>>>> Nexus Sound .>>>> Action thrilling likes as Commandos war .>>>> Full thrilling Action Game with First PersonGame.>>>> Download free Game likes as IGI First .>>>> Reload Automatic Gun.>>> Wonder Full Sound and Music>>>> Different Types Mission each have ChangeableNote : This 3D Game is Tottaly Free and It available ToGooglePlay Store and i have Requested To All user That Give meourFeedback so i have update in next version . Thank you ForAllYou.Best Luck andEnjoyIt>>>>>>>>>>>>
Jurassic IGI Commando war 1.0
Thank You reading our Story about this GameandWelcome to Commando army.Our Buildings search itself besiegedill bybelligerent at terrorists warship. Now we have Equipped withyourgunner that are weapons.You can take out the waves ofdeadlyterrorist Gunship that are descending upon your tillpeacefulcountry is Thrilling is super surprise ourattacking .Thevery lone easy brave Commando soldier that is atfrontline, theywill fight for the honor of your country wisdom andThe free rebelsthe people world war two and covering thebattlefield of an intenseshooting war on the helicopter between thearmy and boats strangerhaving good control.