Top 21 Games Similar to Monk Adventure 3D

Adventure Games 1.0
Jacob Fowler
Collection of all adventure games withthiscomprehensive Search of easy and fast quality.It is difficult to find excellent adventure games in theandroidmarket. We have chosen the games meticulously from theandroidmarket and gathered in this collection to make access totheadventure games easy. Install the games to play, they arenotplayed on the list directly. Don't forget that it requiresinternetconnection.The most played ones are collected in featured, and thegameschosen by the editor are collected in star. Also, you can findfreeand paid categories to filter your search more.This collection includes different kinds of games. Some kindofrunning games, action games, even some hidden object games canbecategorized as adventure games. The common trait of them isbeingexciting.Features:- Free and paid categories- Games' videos- A complete list of adventure games- Daily update- Similar games recommended- Star category including the best games chosen by the editor- Most popular and new releases games- Impressive screenshotsWhat's new?- Game reviews are added so you can gain insight intothegames.- You can write your comments about the app and games inspeechbubbles.- Game trailers and walkthroughs are added to indicate howtoplay.Functionalities:- All kinds of adventure games in one app- Ease of access to the latest and most popular games- Friendly user interface design- Subcategories of the games- Similar games recommended- File size under 1 megabyte- Fast installing- Compatible with nearly all android versions of phonesandtabletsAbout the games on our list:- Free kids adventure games with famous cartoon characters- Action adventure games where you control an avatarjumping,running, collecting- Escape games with dungeons, mysterious places, prisons- Some kinds of mystery games with hidden objects and secrets- Fantastic worlds and heros in adventurous quest- Journeys full with secrets and adventures- Eerie and horror environments such as graveyards,abandonedplaces, haunted mansions and ruins- 3D platforms with surprises- Adventure games including puzzles and mazes
Survival Island Primal 1.03
When was the last time you were alone onthelost island? Without food, water and home…Something terrible happened. You don’t remember anything,andwoke up in absolutely unknown place. You feel a headache,yourstomach is empty and sunset is near. What you gonna do? Trytosurvive, of cource!You have to learn from scratch skills of resource andfoodproduction at the Survival Island: Primal. Ruby trees,collectrocks, grass and all that you find! Create tools, weaponsand otheruseful stuff from this materials. But don’t forget aboutfood, youneed to hunting for it.And at the night ... At night you will find much moretroublethan during the day. You have to build a home with stongwalls forsleep and rest. You’re still not scared? Then go to playinSurvival Island: Primal!***FEATURES***3D graphics with a first-person viewReal survival simulatorA great variety of animals - from the chicken to thebigdinosaursGathering, food and cooking. You can make your best diner!Collect and processing resourcesHuntingBuilding. You can build own house!Advanced crafting systemRegular updatesOfficial community of BIK Mobile Games.Facebook - -
Lucy's World Adventure 3D 1.5
Demo of our game Lucy's World Adventure3D!Check out next week's update!
Jungle Safari : Wild animals escape adventure game 1.2
We bring you one of the best Safariadventuregame of 2015. If you like jungle Safari adventures on your4x4Safari jeeps then you will definitely enjoy our Safari game asitprovides you with the best jungle SafariAdventureexperience.In Jungle Safari Adventure you have to escape yourself fromdeadlyraptors, like rhino, bear, elephants, lion, wolf and lionessetc.,to reach your target destination safely. Save yourself fromthedeadly wild Animals as they don’t spare those who enter theirlandwithout having a deadly fight. Try to escape from this fatalfightwith wild predators and save yourself from the StaticObstacles toget to the Camp to complete the level. Be careful whileyou driveyour Jungle 4x4 Safari Jeep in a dense forest. In thisJungleSafari game, there are multiple levels which can be unlockedbycompleting earlier levels. Then there is survival mode, trytodrive your 4x4 Safari jeep endless as far as you can andgetescaped from deadly & dangerous animals especially lion&rhino as much as you can to score High. The animals whichareunlocked in the level panel will be available in survival mode.Sofor more thrill and adventure unlock all the animals and daretocross the jungle without being attacked by the deadly andfierceanimals as its one the deadly games.Jungle Safari Adventure brings to you the most thrillingandadventurous game experience of a Jungle Jeep Safari of 2015.Inthis Safari Games series, explore amazing 3D environment,realisticgraphics, beautiful animal’s animations with animalssounds. JungleSafari Adventure provides you with the PerfectEnvironment forSafari ride across the Beautiful yet deadlyJungle.Save yourself from animals, get to the camp to complete theleveland unlock more levels. Take Fuel from the path to keepdriving thejeep, and mushrooms for the health of the player. Saveyourselffrom the static obstacles and don’t enter into the water.Unlockmore animals to get them in the survival mode and score asmuch asyou can by covering more distance.Download Jungle Safari Adventure 3D, let‘s begin jungle adventureon4x4 Safari Jeep!Features:>> Stunning Jeep Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds>> 4x4 Safari Jeep with full power>> More than 20 Static Obstacles>> Deadly and Fierce predators.>> Great Environment>> HD Features>> Attack Sounds and animations of Animals.>> Multiple animals.
Run Ron Run: Fast Sprint Dash 1.0
** Ron is in trouble – his ex-girlfriendischasing him around town and he must "run and jump" as fast ashecan in order to escape her in this awesome adventure jump andslidegame! Be the ultimate speedrunner in the most exciting cityrunningaction adventure game!** "Run fast" with Ron, the running man, and prove you'reanamazing runner in the fastest city surfing game with crazyjumps,sliding and infinite running! First person running games arethemost exciting running and jumping games with an endless runnerwhois trying to complete his running adventure and avoidendlessobstacles!** Download this incredibly "fat guy" free fun run game andthisadventure running game will soon become your favouritefreerunningand crazy jump game! What's more fun than a runningstick man? Arunning chubby womanizer, of course!** Action game with infinite running, high jumping,crazyobstacles and even crazier ex-girlfriend! Run, jump, slideandswiftly switch lanes to avoid obstacles and collect coins&power-ups!** Don't forget to grab the power-ups along the way:* 'Shield' will make you invincible!* 'Spring' will get you jumping sky-high!* 'Magnet' attracts all the coins you pass by!* 'Kisses' ensure you a long life a.k.a. you may continueplayingwhere you left off although you died!*'Double the coins' does what it says!** Fun arcade games and classic obstacle games where you needtojump and slide like a pro fast runner and parkour expert arethebest free running action games that will provide endless funandexcitement as you run, jump, dash and slide across the citytoavoid obstacles and escape your ex and her husband!** Fast-paced running game for kids and adults that canmakeanyone fall in love with running, jumping and action games!Escapegames are must-have apps for adrenaline junkies who love funspeedrun games and obstacle games – but, this free running andjumpinggame is special, because your "running man" is a helplessandhilarious casanova with a few extra pounds!** Best run games are the ones that can entertain you andmakeyou smile – that's why our fastest running and surfing game isaperfect free thrilling and fun running adventure game for kidsandpeople all ages! Our action game is combined with the cutestlovestory to create the most amazing "free runner game" ontheAppStore!** In addition to all the excitement of this addicting funrunaction adventure game, you'll also get the chance to customizeRonand style him as you like – make him look as a realPrinceCharming! Free running games for kids must be eye-catchingand fun,and we guarantee that our endless runner and city surfergame willgrab your attention in seconds! Classic runner game &fastracing game with a funny twist! Running and jumping gamesandobstacle course games never get old or boring, and neitherdofabulous "dash games" – join the first person running gamesmaniaand jump and slide all day long!** 1st person games are super exciting because you canexperiencethe fast-paced running and jumping action as if you arethe actionrunner dashing, sliding, jumping and surfing to save hislife fromthe angry ex-lover! Be the crazy runner in our 3D runninggames withmany obstacles to avoid and enemies to escape!** Running and jumping games for kids with levels andobstaclesare the most addicting racing games nowadays so do notmiss thisaction arcade fast speed runner at any cost – downloadfree game **Run Ron Run: Fast Sprint Dash ** and take part inultimate runningand racing action on the city streets!
Wolf Hunting Adventure - 3D 1.1
Hunting is a very popular sport with averylong tradition. Hunting is also involved in animalpopulationmanagement but we don’t encourage hunting animalsunnecessary.Nowadays, especially in populous city area, one candream for thereal hunting to kill furious beasts in a junglejourney. There arestill many people who have not had the chance toexperience thethrill of jungle hunting and the excitement that isinvolved inanimal hunter with sniper shooting guns.The story of the game “Wolf Hunting Adventure” is based uponthereal hunting idea that your farm house is nearer to a denseandlush green jungle full of wild animals. You are keeping somepetanimals in your home but whole of your family is very upset duetooften prey and attacks by the hungry wolves in your nearbyjungle.Most of your pet animals like, goats, deer, sheep, hen andrabbitsetc. are becoming prey of these wolves. Jungle is full ofwild anddeadliest animals like lion, stag, deer, monkeys, Rhinos,snakesbut these predators don’t dare to attack your pets butratherwolves as other wild animals run away with your firingsounds.You are steady and trained Army Sniper Shooting masterhavingprecise sniper gun to shootout furious wild animals near yourfarmhouse. You are determined to get rid of these fast animalsbyarranging pistol, sniper rifle, carabine and AK-47 etc. You haveastrong mission to kill all those beasts who caused a huge lossinterms of killing your pets with your efficient, timed andamateurfiring skills. This is the right time to get rid from thesebloodywolves. Be ready to play this amazing hunting game withyourpowerful weapons but avoid killing teen wolf. Be courageous totestyour accuracy and precision for long range sniper shooting. Itisgood to select a top place in the jungle so as to fix a rightangleto counter your pet’s enemy as it is a best 3D targetshootinggame. Be careful while hunting these wild wolves and avoidgoingcloser to them as they can attack you since you are not indeerhunting mission but on a wild animal hunting adventure so canyousurvive in this hunting adventure mission?In this Wolf Hunting Adventure you will experienceamazinggraphics, full of adventures and passion with full swing. Ifyouare professional animal shooter, you will enjoy this huntergameand being an incompetent hunter you will endanger your ownlife.Remember that the wolf is the largest member of the dog familyandare very intelligent creatures with upright ears, sharpteeth,pointed muzzles, inquiring eyes as hunting them is not likedeerhunter as wolf can attack on you. Mostly, they are found inherdand howl as a signal to other wolves, telling of the beginningandending of a hunt.You have to camouflage yourself to avoid from eyesight ofthesewild animals. The hunter in the jungle has to be affirmed,alert,precise in aiming and shooting. Your goal is to kill allwolves inyour range for which you need an expert shooter strategy.We aresure that with your shooting and sniping skills, you canchase thewolves in a professional way to keep on hunting withoutangry wolfattack. It is a mission control game with realisticjungleenvironment and real wolf sounds. By killing all wolves, youwillenjoy a comfortable sleep at your home and there will be nomoreloss of your pets in future but remember that we are notagainstanimal survivals.So download now Wolf Hunting Adventure to enjoy a lifetimehuntingadventure season and sniper shooting action.Good luck!---: Wolf Hunting Adventure game features: ---• A realistic hunting action game.• Amazing game play and immersive environment.• Efficient and precise gun shooting experience.• HD graphics.• FPS (First person shooter) game.
Bown Revolution 3D 1.10
The most fun action adventure gamebased3Dadventures Bown. The revolution of the world has come, getallthegems and stars to save the world from Bown!Dive into the world of Bown and discover the 5 differentworldstowhich you can face. Get to the end of each level takingalljewelry,purchase items to enhance your skills and highesteverscore in eachlevel.✔ Dive into 5 different worlds with more than 5differentcircuitsin each!✔ Buy items with jewels and stars you collect toenhanceyourskills, you can run more, have more and longerlives!✔ Get incredible effects, fire out, leave a trail oflight,becomeice and more!✔ Get stars in each circuit, the better you do, themorestarsyou'll take!Bown Androtiyas 3D RevolutionIf you have any problems please write to [email protected]********** NETWORKS **************- Official Website: Facebook: Tuenti: Twiter:************ QUESTIONS AND OPINIONS **********- [email protected]
Shardlands 1.2.0
Breathtaking journey into an alien worldfullof mysteries, challenging puzzles and big scary monsters."The spectacular visuals, serene soundtrack andintuitivegameplay make it a sure-fire success" - MacUser Magazine,March2013 (iPad)"Beautifully atmospheric, gently taxing, andthoroughlyabsorbing: Shardlands is the kind of mature gamingexperienceyou'll whip out to validate your pastime to non-gamingfriends." -Pocket Gamer, Silver Award (iPad)"For those looking for a slower, atmospheric experience withjustthe right dash of puzzle flavor, this gets a heartyrecommendation."- AppSpy (iPhone)Shardlands is an atmospheric 3D action puzzle adventure gamewithbreathtaking visuals, beautiful soundtrack and fluid gameplay.Dawnis lost in a desolate alien world trying to find her way backhome.She must activate an ancient machine with keys that arescatteredaround a broken world full of puzzles, monsters anddangerouscontraptions.Features:• Optimized for Tablets• Innovative gameplay and intuitive controls• Gorgeous dynamic lighting engine brings the alien worldtolife• Beautiful and atmospheric original soundtrack andsoundeffects• 25 challenging levels packed with puzzles, exploration andstealthactionMore info: http://shardlands.comFollow us on Twitter: join us on Facebook: Info:* If you feel the frame rate is low, try to toggle onthe"Low-Detail mode" from the Graphics in-game-menu* If you think graphics are too shiny and want more anoldschool-experience, feel free to try the "Indie mode"* If your device has enough power, go ahead and toggle onthe"Bloom"
3D Sky Jump 1.03
A 3D adventure game .Various levels with different terrain.Collect all the gems within the time limit , youcansuccessfullybreak through the barrier .
Pola's Adventure 3D Platformer 1.1
Endure Games
Join Pola in this classic 3DPlatformeractionadventure game. A classic 3D Platformer reminiscentof goodol' PSXand N64 games like Super Mario and Crash Bandicootalongwithphysics based puzzles. Help our cute, adorable hero as hetakesupthe task of saving his village and fight against theDemonofCompound Interest!* Classic 3D Platformer ** Physics Based Puzzle Gameplay ** Gorgeous Graphics ** Unique Levels and Gameplay ** 3 Diverse Worlds to explore with new added every month! ** Adorable Detailed Story and Characters ** Hidden Collectibles ** Challenging Achievements ** Original Soundtrack *More Levels and Worlds added regularly!"Unlike Anything on Mobile""A Masterpiece!""A true replica of the 3D console platformers, mixedwithuniquephysics elements. Must Have!"If you like our game please leave a review. It'llhelpusimmensely.
The Harmony Of Buku
The Harmony Of Buku (Free) is a3Dplatform/adventure game based on classical platformers fromthe90's.THOB is designed with gameplay elements from games likeZelda.This game is developed by an one-man indie developer.Features:* Begin your journey with Buku, a young hero whose job is torestorethe stolen music in the world.* Traditional and classical 3D platform design. Very similar totheold Crash Bandicoot franchise.* Sandbox mode where you can create and share your ownlevelsonline.* Fight your way through 13 levels and 3 huge boss fights inabeautiful cartoon 3D environment.* Search and collect all treasures to buy in-game items intheshop.* Fully customizable controls for platforming. Gamepadsupportincluded.* Try to defeat the developer in a brand new game modecalled"Vinyl" in which you can play each level against theclock.* Different quality settings to improve performance and visualsonolder or new devices.* 3 difficulty modes (For kids, Normal and Hard).* Music is composed by award-winning Swedish composer'ChristianAndersson'.If you would like to contact us for feedback orbugs:[email protected] our Facebook page: follow us on Twitter: @THOBuku.The Harmony Of Buku is developed by Di Martino Entertainment.
Lion Hunting 3D Adventure 1.0
Here is Lion Hunting 3D Adventure gameonGooglePlay with real 3D graphics.The king of the jungle lionsinthejungle, you have got the challenge to hunt lions as anexperthunter.Lions are considered as most dangerous animals. Themainreason OFLIONS REIGN IN JUNGLE is power, strength andactiveness.If you haveever been a hunter or shooter using Bow andarrow, LionHunting 3DAdventure will really relax your mind if youachieveyour objectivein hunting.The hunter in the jungle has to be active, alert, accurateinaimingand shooting. Lions are wild animals and may attack onthehunter,so he has to be ready to rescue himself in case ofdangerand escapeto the safe point in Lion Hunting 3D Adventure. Thereal3denvironment which give you a real life experience of beingahunterand facing a life time challenge of so close to deathinLionHunting 3D Adventure. The roar of the lions will not letyousettleand will keep you on your toes until you get out ofthisplacealive.There is a timer on top of the screen keep watching it youhavetimelimit to hunt the animals.How to play:• Use Joystick on left bottom to move to & fro• Swipe screen to rotate left or right• Watch on timer• Aim animal and click shoot button for releasing arrow• Clear the level within specified time• Board at left top of screen displaying numbers of animals.• Timer at top center of screenSix different attractive environmentsGame features:• High definition 3D Graphics• Natural archery mechanics• User friendly interface• Multiple levels• Stunning environment• Immerse sound.• Compatible with all devices.
CrumbleRamble: first adventure 1.2
Jack Ramble's grandfather was kidnapped bytheevil Dr. Sordid. Help Jack in this exciting adventure to freehisgrandfather. The adventure begins in Ramble Manor, which isthepossession of the family Ramble for generations. ExploreRambleManor, discover secret passages and solve the puzzle ofthemysterious library. Ramble through the mysterious maze ofthewonderful garden and find your way out by mysterious hallwaysandsolve the exciting puzzles to get to the fabulous laboratoryofRamble Manor. Once you have entered the mysteriouslaboratory,there is no going back! Dive into a 3D adventure worldwith secretsand puzzles and a lot of excitement and action! Exploremysteriousruins of the old Maya, cross dangerous ravines, solvechallengingpuzzles and follow the trail of the kidnapper on yourself-builthoverboard. Explore ancient temples and fight your waythrough thedangerous jungle. Gather Nuts on your way and improveyourhoverboard with them.● Experience the ultimate action jump and run adventure gamewithepic storyline.● Explore 10 unique environments and discover secret areas.● Solve challenging puzzles and experience breathtaking actionlikea true adventurer.● Adjust Jack with different costumes.● Upgrade your hoverboard with various engines, toolsandextras.● Upgrade your hoverboard with additional life.● Experience exciting worlds in an excellent 3D-graphics.● Choose for game control the classic virtual joystick orthetiltcontroll, free choice in every level.● Crumble ramble: 3D adventure is available in GermanandEnglish.● Install the game for free< /b> and dive into a giant3Dadventure.● After installation this game works also in offline mode.● Share screenshots with your friends and show them where you areinthe game.Find out everything about your game! Get latest news,specialsand more ...Google+:
Captain Warner 3D 3
An Endless Runner game based on aWarthemeinspired by soldiers of different armies all around theglobe,howthey risk their lives for world peace. Captain Warner3Dprovidesseamless graphics and interactive game play. we willkeeponupgrading and enhancing this game by suggestions andreviewsofyours."The one interesting thing about soldiers, theyneverstoprunning", .
Clan of Rhinos 1.1
✦✦✦ Build your Clan of Rhinos ✦✦✦A young rhino awakens in the wild. He is your responsibilitynow.You have been chosen to take care of him and help him rebuildhislost family. Can you help him? This young rhino is lastremainingmember of the mythological Umkhombe Family. Possessingspecialmagical abilities, these are not your ordinary animals. Itis up toyou to help him rebuild his tribe by finding new members.Since thedefeat of the great Umkhombe Clan, other competingfamilies havetaken over. The ultimate goal of the game is toregain control andrule the territory again. With the rightstrategy and skill, victorycan soon be yours!Carefully navigate the wild safari terrain 🌿, explorecrocodileinfested rivers 🐊, and fight off big cats like leopard,cheetah,and lion. Defend against hyena, elephant, hippo, snake andotherdangerous animal attacks in this high action animalsimulator.The game is part 3D animal simulation, part role playinggame,and part adventure game. Clan of Rhinos will take you on anepicjourney as you rebuild the great warrior clan, establish yourhome,use your magic skills, survive against enemies that attack,clashwith 4 enemy clans, and ultimately defeat all 6 SuperBosses.Enter into this wild world of both epic adventure and magic.Youwill unlock special magical spells as you locate variousmagicbooks. These magic abilities include: invincibility ,fireball,⚡lighting bolt, and healing . It is these magic elementsthat makethis game unique and, we believe, best in class foranimalsimulator games.Top Game Features:✦ Part Animal Survival and part Role Playing Game✦ Ultra Realistic Safari 3D Landscape✦ 4 Enemy Rhinoceros Clans to defeat✦ 6 Super Giant Bosses✦ Dynamic weather including thunderstorms ☔✦ 4 Magic Spells to unlock - Fireball, Invincibility,LightningBolt, and Healing✦ Dynamic Time of Day - from Sunrise to Sunset✦ Fight against big Cats : Leopard, Cheetah, and LionUseful Game Tips:1. As you defeat the bosses, more bosses will appear. Alltheenemies are not shown on the map in the beginning of the game.Themore you play, the more enemies will appear.2. Use the Mini Map in the top right corner of the screen tohelpyou find things on the map. It shows the locations of clanmembers,bosses, magic books, and other enemies. Members - "M",Bosses "B"and Books "b".3. Find the magic books to unlock the magical skillsincluding:Healing, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Invincibility.4. Earn adventure points by defeating enemies. Use thesepointsto Upgrade your strength, stamina, and magic.5. The Call button will call the family members when youneedhelp against the enemies as you race across the huge WildSafariopen 3D world. This is ultimate animal simulation like youhavenever seen it.6. Seek advice from your spirit guide - a ghostlike figurefoundnear your home base.7. The 3D graphics are in this game are very processorintensive.For best performance, try restarting your device beforeplaying.If you enjoy playing this game, please be sure and check outourother 3D animal simulators. We understand that the game isnotperfect and we welcome your constructive criticism, just emailyoursuggestions. Or, you may post them to our Facebook page. Helpusimprove! Evolved is a series of games from Wild Foot. So far,theresponse has been great for this new series of games. Let usknowwhat you would like to see next!We love hearing from our fans. Please stop by ourFacebookpage: This Rhino needs you! Start building your clan!
Sukhu Dukhu adventure 2.09
Bengal's first folk story basedgame.Monster,Adventure, Casual, Action gameThe best monster game on mobile!Action & Run & defensive type of gameperfectcombination- Simple control, attack monster- story mode, up to 25 Levels- 27 different worlds- Guarantees you many long hours of fun- Shop SystemThe game sets a village ambiance with folk music backgroundscore.Kids game, Bengali Mythology based game.Sukhu Dukhu is a single player, adventure mobile game. With 25gamelevels, Sukhu Dukhu starts with a simple, 15 year old poorvillagegirl player who is running after the wind to catch thecottons thatthe wind takes away from her.While running after the wind to reach the cottons, the littlegirlfaces numerous hurdles including a cow asking for help and thegameplayer now has a choice whether to help the cow or to ignoreandrun behind the wind to take back the cottons.If the user helps the cow, wins a prize and then goes on to thenextlevel of the game and the journey continues. As the gameprogresses,the character starts to become beautiful or ugly,depending upon thetimes she has helped the animals or whether shechooses to skiphelping the animals.
Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers
As struggling author and bookstoreownerGabriel Knight, investigate a series of savage ritual killingsinNew Orleans and their connection to voodoo’s sinistermysteries.The deeper he dives into master storyteller Jane Jensen’stale ofterror and suspense, the closer he'll come to discoveringthesecrets of his own family history–and unfolding hisdestiny.Experience one of adventure gaming’s most stunning masterpiecesallover again in this blockbuster retelling of the award-winning1993murder-mystery, which adds all-new puzzles, scenes, andHDgraphics! Blending the best of yesterday and today, itre-imaginesthe 1993 original, voted one of the greatest games ofall time, foran entirely new generation of fans.Product Features:- Relive one of gaming’s greatest adventures of all-time:AdventureGamers' 20 Best Adventure Games, Computer Gaming World'sAdventureGame of the Year 1994, and Honorable Mention in The A.V.Club's Top100 Games of All-Time- Experience the award-winning voodoo murder-mystery instunninghigh-res 3D- Explore the colorful world of New Orleans, from Jackson SquaretoBourbon Street to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain- Adds new puzzles and scenes to familiar challenges**PLEASE NOTE: This game is optimized to work with tabletdevicesand may not be compatible with all Android phones.**
Mr. Ball: Free Cool Game 1.0.17
Are you looking for something new and wanttoplay in innovating game? Then it’s game for you. Lots offun,awesome gameplay and amazing jumping mechanic. Cool runadventuregame where you should think hard solving difficultpuzzles. Play itnow and help a little ball to survive in thisantagonistic world.Addicting one touch game with good atmosphere,music and sounds.Best time killer ever for boys, girls, kids,toddlers, teenagers,adults and all family where you should fightfor ball’s life!Fighting for your life is begin.KEY FEATURES:• 1. All graphics are made in 2D with good white and blackcartoonanimation style, motion and elements of 3d! Addicting musicandaddictive sounds!• 2. Play the hardest game with just a single tap and don’t allowtokill you in this saga!• 3. Journey and adventure to the fantasy world. Win the day,week,complete all levels, and get the double fun. Amazing funjumpingsimulator for every top only rated player. Very good virtualskillsare needed for survival purposes.• 4. Save a mad ball from death and gain as many coins,diamonds,gems as you can and show the way which bring you a toprank. It’swalking quest game is more easier and funniest then rolerpg,shooter, board or card games.• 5. Up to 20 levels most of each contains complex puzzles.Justcontrol over your hot hero and survive in that hell.• 6. Funny horror story where you should survive and escapetheboxes, lasers, and different objects that could prevent youfromyour winning strategy. Don’t allow the land to beat or smashyourrolling ball.Requires Android 2.3 version and above. It works perfect offline:nointernet, wifi or gsm connection is required. We are workinghard tobring you more free and latest updates of app and skins andalso onthe new awesome freeplay addons and mods of this amazingtoy!Download it now and have prank!If you like this casual game then you can share it with yourfriendsand relatives.privacy policy: by Fire Plus Team. 2014
Death Pit
Death pit is an Unique fantasy adventuregame.Discover surrealistic worlds of thrill, mystery &adventure.Explore all the dark & beautiful environments of theDeath Pit.Get yourself ready to face and overcome enemies likeViciousSnakes, Hungry Vampire Bats, spooky Giant Spiders,Creepysalamanders & Monster bees......WHAT MAKES THIS GAME SPECIAL -Unique Game play Mechanics--First of its kind.Hand crafted fearsome levels .Simple and intuitive touch controls.Stunningly detailed 3D Environments with dynamiccamerasystem.Flawlessly integrated high quality 3D sound effects andmusictracks..STORY -Long ago, there was a fabled king named "Saka", who was knownforhis kindness. Under his rule the people of the kingdom"Kikata"were very cheerful and flourishing.One evening, Evil king of Jaitra, attacked on Kikata. He killedSakaalong with his people and the Prince "Kripalava" was throwninto theDeath Pit.Prince need to come out of the Death Pit and conquerhiskingdom.GAME PLAYBegin a heroic journey, playing as the smart and fearlessprincewhere you climb out of the most dangerous pit of ancientworld.Prove you are the ultimate hero! Escape from the unfriendlyworldof the Death Pit.Death Pit features spectacular visual effects,smooth controls,andimmersive gameplay which would give you fantabulousgamingexperience ever.Show your unusual skills and tactics. Climb the walls ofclosedworlds of the death pit using ropes, stones, ladders &batholes and flee from the dangerous Pit of Death in thisthrillingadventure puzzle game.WATCH OUT FOR DEADLY CREATURESDodge the dangers that are lurking in the depths of the pit.Avoidvicious snakes, evade hungry vampire bats, spooky giantspiders,dodge creepy salamanders & escape from the stings ofmonsterbees.CUTTING EDGE 3D GRAPHICSWith high end 3D graphics, death pit sets new standards forfantasyadventure puzzle games.Play the game now to experiencecutting edgegraphics as you explore the surrealistic environmentsof DeathPit.EXTEND WITH SOCIAL CONNECTIVITYAchievements - Mark Your accomplishments byunlockingachievements.Leaderboards - Compete with your friends to know who is thebossplayer!Challenge your Facebook friends for best levelcompletiontime.DARE TO PLAY -This game has no less amounts of exhilaration; Moreover it wouldbechallenging to ultra-careful players to complete thefearsomelevels without dying even a single time.INTUITIVE CONTROL FOR TOUCH SCREENS -Swipe Your Fingers on the screen to move the character.Tap & hold on Right half of screen to move character up onropesand ladders.Tap & hold on Left half of screen to move character downonropes and ladders.Save your progression at checkpoints by double tappingonFlag.Download Death Pit for free now !!!Enjoy one of the most immersive adventure game ever made!!!
White Island: Season 2
'White Island: Season 2: The Broken LeadHeart'※ Once you make an in-app purchase, you can enjoy thereleasedepisodes immediately without any latency.※ But if you want to play for free there is a long waitingperiodafter clearing each episode.Hospital taken over by the terrorist! What will you do to saveyourkidnapped sister?Your mystery adventure starts with downloading the app!-The truth is revealed by the choices you make.-A real, traditional adventure–not just another “find thehiddenobject game!”The most cinematic mobile adventure game.- Fully immersive design and execution, pushing the envelopeofwhat's possible on a smartphone.- We invite you into a game-world as suspenseful as anythrillermovie!Two scenarios, intricately interwoven...- The ones who try to protect their friends, and the ones whojustwant to survive until the end.- The two characters' stories unfold before colliding in adivergingtruth.Detailed and realistic screens.- A dark blue sea with 3D effects, pouring and flowing rain,andcharacters who change depending on the location.- We're proud to present a unique gaming experience.Both classical and stylish music and sound effects…- Original music and sound effects to heighten the suspense toitsmaximum!- Sounds worth wearing earphones for.Shocking twists and evil revelations, one after the other…- You choose your own destiny!- You can enjoy a variety of exciting episodes andothercontents!※ VisualShower® Official Facebook page
Adventure Games 1.00
Pinemo Bya
Quick to get the best adventuregamescollectionin just one app on Google Play Store and thepopularityranking basedon the number of downloads.This app helps your to finding the best and topadventuregames.Rankings and expert feedback from market thegamedecidedrankings.Application include best adventure games, different kindsofgames,Some kind of running games, action games, shootinggames,even somehidden object games and adventure game forkids.Free Adventure Games app added the game images to help youselectforexcellent graphics.Feature:- Most popular and new releases of adventure games- Ease of access and installing- 2D platform- Full HD Games- Full 3D adventure Games- Excellent Screenshots- 2 Player and Multiplayer Games- Running Games, Action Games, Shooting Games,HiddenObjectGames