Top 22 Games Similar to Emoji Bash

Emoji Up! 1.0.1
CAN YOU BEAT MY SCORE? Emoji Up! is a funnewadventure featuring some of your favorite viral Emojicharacters.Dash through moving platforms and Dodge the Haters asyou make yourway to the top score. Collect stacks of cash and otherprizes. Canyou find the 100 Emoji? Patience and timing is the keyin thissimple but addicting One Touch game.You will see characters like Pou - Rocket - Alien - Skeleandmore. Your enemies will fly and circle around you to blockyourpath. It's your job to jump through and make it out alive.HOW TO PLAY -- Tap To Jump- Collect Cash-Dodge the Haters
Emoji Run 1.2
This is a exciting game about escape.The good game called emoji dodge.You can slide bar to avoid the obstacle.How many score can you get?
Emoji Jump 1.0
Emoji Jump is a fun endless jumper gameinwhich you have to get as high as possible, with changingemojifaces and avoiding evil emojis.☆ Make the emoji jump by tapping.☆ The emoji face changes every time you jump.☆ Over 60 different emoji faces.☆ Gather points by collecting cookies and going higher.☆ Dodge the evil emojis.☆ Fun Sound and Music.☆ Soothing Graphics.☆ Tap to hop as high as possible.☆ Unlock 5 different achievements.☆ Emoji provided free by☆ Compete with your friends the world using leaderboard.
Emoji Match 1.0
Select a game type and match the emojisinthefastest time. The fastest time is saved for each gametype.Thereare three game boards - 16 block, 36 block, and 64block.There aremore than 30 different emojis to match. Match twoemojisat a timeto clear the game board. Notice: The emojis areprovidedbyLeChuck80 ( commons 3 license ( made to the emojis.
Amazing Emoji Stack 1.0
We all know those yellos emojis, buthowhighcan YOU stack them? Help those cute yellow guys to climbashigh aspossible. Beat highscores and join players all overtheworld!- 4 different difficulties- Amazing graphics- HighscoreGet it now for free!
Emoji Rush 1.0.5
Are you up for the challenge?Use your favorite emoji and avoid dangerHow to playSimply tap to jump and avoid as many obstacles as you can.Obstacles include:>ghost emoji>fire emoji>spikes>spike wheelGame Features>Unlock new emojis- collect coins to unlock more emojis>Double jump>Power-ups>Fun musicConnect with us on facebook and instagram:
Emoji Dodger 2.5
Chaos Webs
Emoji Dodger is a free &simplegamedeveloped by Chaos Webs for desktop and Androidplatforms.Emoji Dodger is currently in public beta so some featureshaveyetto be added.Emoji Dodger is open source under the GNU GeneralPublicLicenseV2: source code can befoundhere: using this app you agree to our privacy policyEmoji Dodger is free, open source software and noinformationisused for commercial use. When you submit a score totheserver,your IP address may be logged in order to prevent abuseofthesystem. Your username you submit may be visible by allotherswiththe software. (however, no sign up is required to usethisfeature;so anyone can use any username, even if such usernamehasalreadybeen in use)The artwork used is from Greenfoot (GNU General Public license V2)Music used is from StoneOcean: (Creative common, permissiontousegranted) will do my best to keep the servers running for the highscoreandrelated Emoji Dodger material but there is no guarantee ofuptimeor functionality.
Find The Emoji 1.0
In this simple yet addictive game, thereisonesimple rule. Find the emoji that is not moving! Fromthebeginningwhere there is only few emojis moving, things getquicklytougherwith lots of ones!When you’ll get addicted, you can compete with the worldbymakingthe best time to win 10 levels!Don't wait a second and join our community!-------------------- 125+ levels- Campaign and Chrono mode- Funny and addictive for young and less old- Challenge your friends to beat your score-------------------If you like our game, rate it and write a reviewtosupportus!NB About Authorizations: we request the networkcommunicationandyour phone ID to identify you in the onlineleaderboard.
Emoji Escape 2.1
M5 Studio
Don't miss one of the most addictivegamesof2015!Keep the tiles crushing help emojis escape! Can yousolvethecrossword puzzle?Emoji Escape is a brand new game to test your reflexandstrategy.It’s simple and challenging.- Tap 2 or same color tiles to crush.- Tap 1 single color tile to change color.- Complete the puzzles to level up.Once you tap, you can't stop!It’s easy to play but tricky to master. Get thehighestscoreamong your friends!Features:- Challenge mode to level up- Classic mode to test your true skill- Arcade mode to archive the impossible goal- Lots of levels to challenge- Cool and fun effects- Beautiful design and audio
Flappy Emoji 2.0
Tap the emoji carefullythroughobstacles.Timing is really important to go through bricks.Fly highin thesky with your emoji.
Emoji Dodging 1
John Stout
Choose your EmojiPick from 13 Emojis,and score high to add more toyourselectionTouch the blue on bottom on screen to control your EmojiZig and Zag your finger to move and dodgeDodge the Devil EmojisHow many Emojis can you dodge?Find these Emojis at
Emoti-kill 1.02
Tired of seeing Emoji,Smileys,cuteexpression-bearing icons in general? Can't haveaconversationwithout a grinning yellow circle butting in ontheaction? Thenjoin the evil Emoji rejects and KILL THEM ALL!• Team up with outcast Emoji like EvilGrinningClownface,Slightly Dumb, Mr. Outrage and CaptainSuspicion!• Exterminate all the cheesy, smug Emoji that plaguetheworld!• Leave only ugly Emoji misfits that will makeemoticonspammersworldwide... slightly uncomfortable(MUAHAHAHA)!!Oh... What's that? You actually like cute emotionsymbols?Wouldn'twant anything bad to happen to one?Then come quickly! The evil Emoji are here and theylook...well...evil, slightly dumb, outraged and suspicious!• Team up with classic squishy smileys like Smiley,WinkFace,Sticky-out Tongue and Dr. Grin!• Defend these charming balls of love... by splattering alloftheevil Emoji!• Relax and feel good because you did the right thing...(yawn).- Use guns, blenders, sharp pencils, industrial fans andmoretodeliver justice to your chosen enemy!- Unlock new expressions with killer high-scores!MINI-GAMES:- Headshot!- Emoji Kebab- The Smiling Sausage- Pleased to Melt You- Cut the Parachute- Dumb Faces to Fry- Chunky Smoothie- Fans of ExtractionWarning: Use EXTREME care around any implements depictedinthisgame!Music by
Emoji Crush - Free Fall 1.0.0
TiTi Studio
The funny game ever and completelyfreetoplay!Take on this Emoji's alone or play with friends to see whocangetthe highest score!Game features:- meet the Emojis characters- challenging levels- Complete adventures levels- Easy and fun to play, challenging to masterEmoji crush - Free Fall is a brand new game from the makersofthelegendary Emoji Crush Pro. New smiley, more divinecombinationsandchallenging game modes brimming with purple smiley!This lips-watering puzzle adventure will instantly quenchyourthirstfor fun. Join Laping123 on her Smiley journey to findJimmyYap, byswitching and matching your way through new dimensionsofmagicalgameplay. Take on this crushing smiley alone or playwithfriends tosee who can get the highest score!Are you already a fan of the new Emoji Crush - Free Fall?Ifsothen visit our website, like us on Facebook or follow usonTwitterfor the latest news:Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyonewhohasplayed Emoji Crush - Free Fall!
World of Emoji 1.77777
Ape Samurai
Help emoji to eat all the yummy coins andfoodas possible from all over the world. Don't worry, he hasanenormous appetite ;)Other games and funny features will appear soon on World ofEmoji.Keep updated! ;)Invite and challenge your friends to make a better score thanyou!:P
Flappy Emoji Extreme! Free 1.0.1
Flappy Emoji Extreme! Is a flappy styleemojigame. Welcome to Emoji Land. That little place in your phonewherethe emoji's hide. Little did you know that when an emojiisselected for a text it must overcome a series of obstacles!Todayyou will be the person piloting the little psycho emoji pastallthe obstacles! I know how joyous this must be for you!Downloadthis free emoticon game today! Your emoji awaits!
Emoji Drop 1.0.3
The new game that bare mandem andbaregaldemare playing in their endz.It's Emoji Drop!Truss me, no wasteman are caught playing Emoji Drop.Emojis come dropping down the screen, all you have to do ismakethe'word' indicated by the emojis at the bottom byhittingtheappropriate emoji as it drops. That's why it's EmojiDrop!Sounds easy right?It's going to me a mad ting, ya get me?
Emoji Hell Drop! Emoji Game 1.0
Emoji Hell Drop! Is a fun simple to playfreeemoji drop game. Bad emoji belong in only one place. EmojiHell.Drop as many bad emoji as you can into the depths of emojihell.Make sure to avoid the fire bricks on the way down, and rackup ahuge score! Each level gets more difficult so beware! This isafree emoticon game that is perfect to break up the stresses oftheday.
Emoji Tap 1.0.5
Doidera Apps
It's simple, just tap the emojis andgetpoints,unlock achievements and compete against your friends.Emoji provided free by
Bouncy Emoji Jump 1.0.1
Meet a Bouncy Emoji Jump who dreams ofsoaringthrough the skies!Little Emoji like the jelly need you more than ever before!Theykeep drowning over and over again. Only you can keepthemsafe...Jump higher, survive longer and never give up!Challenge your friends in this ambitious game!Meet a happy Emoji like the jelly blob who dreams of soaringthroughthe skies!Help our friendly dessert reach new heights in this actionpackedgame. Bounce from platform to platform, collect the meancoins, andgrab everything you can to get the highest score.Overall Top 2 free appTop 2 maze and puzzle games[Introduction Game]The best addictive maze gamesYou collect the coins to all the way. It's easier thananygames.Various obstacle/trap will be the best control games to testyourcontrol.And level of more than 20 world and 10 will be a greatbraingames.[Control]To touch the left and right button on the screen to controltheBouncy Emoji Jump.Bouncy Emoji ball is a most simple game.You can feel the addictive nature of the best user simplicity;wedid a lot of effort.[Features]1. 100% free maze games2. endless updates3. So many various item.4. Jump higher, survive longer and never give up!5. Challenge your friends in this ambitious game!6. Meet a happy Emoji like the jelly blob who dreams ofsoaringthrough the skies!7. HD graphics with sonic music sounds.Great fun to play with friends and family! Who can jumpthehighest in happy Bouncy Emoji Jump?Addictive maze game has selected 10,000,000 users!!Hurry!!! Download and play our addictive bouncy emoji happyface.Don’t missed it!!!Note: Bouncy Emoji Jump is best killing time game. You willnotstop the moment you begin.
Pipe Emoji 1.1
A simple and fun game, with every tapmakingyou want to play more.- Tap to move your player- Avoid the pipes- Watch out for the pipes changing positions.- Get a high-score and enjoy!Bright and colorful, fun for all the family!How far can you get?
Emoji Rush : Loop Circling 1.1
—Note—This is a very addictive game!Emoji Rush is a beautiful and easy to play game that willmakeyou play for hours.—How to play—Touch the screen to speed up your ballRelease the screen to slow your ball downDodge the colorful balls rush on the other circles—Features—- Addictive dots clash & rush on circles game- Fun, challenging and unique gameplay- 3 difficulty mode- Leaderboards & Achievements- Beautiful bright candy-like colors with a modern theme- Awesome animations and sound- Optimized for all android devices—Dots rush & clash on the circles—This is a clash about the dots, come on and to challenge tomediatethem!
Catch The Emoji 1.0
Very funny addictive game.You can practice concentration by playing this game.How to Play :* Select game level : easy, normal, medium, or hard* Tap buttons to change their color and catch the emoji.Features :* Every time you catch the emoji, beautiful bell sounds.* While playing, you are also making some music.* Easy to play