Top 7 Games Similar to Sky Castle Run

Stickman Fight Rage of Warrior 1.1
Stickman Fight Rage of Warrior -Newfuriousaction that will not let you get bored!Torn countless waves of enemies to pieces. Use theenvironmenttogain an advantage in battle. Reaching the end to showeveryonewhois a true warrior!Features:- Easy and convenient controls- Good looking animation- Continuous action- Favorite style of stickman
StickMan Fighting 1.1.2
New StickMan is coming!!!This is small game, device with one core cpu and 512M RAM can play.The game will be update more background and morelevelslater.
Stickman Fighter Training Camp
You like fighting games and stickmangames?This game is made for you!Train to be the fastest stickman fighter in the world.Blast away an endless iron column in the fastest game ever. Putyourreflexes to the test, unleach your skills and climb theleaderboardsfor global domination!Stickman Fighter Training Camp is a beautiful game that willtestyour speed and reflexes. Get the highest score and impressyourfriends.HOW TO PLAY?Move right or left to hit the column. Do not touch the obstaclesoryou will die..GAME FEATURES- Endless mode- Numerous weapons and obstacles- Fastest and most difficult game ever- Amazing stickman animation- Fun sounds and soundtrack- Play with your friends
StickMan Fight 0.0.1
Stickman Fight is fun, easy and fullofaction.This game will have you on the edge of yourseatwithintense punch throwing and kicklandingexcitement.
StickMan Master Kungfu 3.0
In the game StickMan Master Kungfu,yourmission is to decimate all the aggressive brigands and winavictory over a bulky and wicked chief of bandits.Please usetheskills as punching, kicking and shooting to killallbrigands.You must defeat those brigands and the chief of bandits toproceedto decimate the other brigands. There are many challengesfor youto conquer.Please download the game StickMan Master Kungfu to fightandwin.
Modern Stick Battle 1.7
Modern Stick battle is an uniquegamewhichoffers you destroy the enemy in one to one fight. You havetopassall the 4 levels to completely destroy them. Bothofthecompetitors are well equipped with multiple attackanddefenseartillery. Just remember its "EASY TO PLAY BUT VERYTOUGHTOMASTER"
Anger Stick Death Fighting 1.0.2
Anger Stick Death FightingOur Stick hero continues to fight them off with a widearrayofdeadly weaponsUnknown enemies emerge in the city- Jump Jump: Where you must go up and keep jumping toavoidfallingbehind, while defeating enemies at the same time!- Survival: Kill all the enemies and survive as long as youcan!Special Features:MapWalk through deserts, cities and forests in your quest toridtheworld of these menacing stick figures! You can evenfightinsidebuildings!ActionFeel the fast action of Anger of Stick 2, with itsrealisticfightingand more than 130 combat moves! Perfom the newlyaddedspecial aircombo to defeat all enemies at one time!Tips:- An infinite combo attack is available with Hero air combo!- To avoid attacks from enemy guns and robots you willneedtopress the button on the key to move to the left.