Top 24 Games Similar to Sniper 1-On-1 Shooting Clash

Sniper vs Sniper Online 1.0
Verse your friends in this fun snipervssniperFPS!
Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter 0.8.6
Sniper! Enter the arena and become the#1SHARPSHOOTER in this thrilling ‘sniper vs. sniper’ LIVECOMBATgame! Compete against more than 500K SNIPERS worldwide, climbtheleaderboard, and ENJOY EVERY BATTLE in this premiermobileexperience! Feel the pure adrenaline rush, and lifelikecombatemotions in the heat of the battlefield, right in your handsonyour mobile screen. Jump into the action and join the battlerightaway, it’s FREE TO PLAY!• Enjoy breathtaking 3D GRAPHICS: the world’s best SNIPERRIFLES,superbly realistic and authentic in every little detail, and4spectacular combat locations with authentic sniperfiringpositions, beautifully designed in terms of game logic andthebalance.• Try intuitively easy controls - SWIPE, ZOOM, SHOOT! Compete in3game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Domination with upto8 real opponents on the map, whoever shoots the most enemieswinsthe round.• Develop your SNIPER CAREER, from recruit all the way to therankof Phantom, with a variety of daily tasks and a detailedrankingsystem. Unlock and upgrade modern PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT:sniperrifles, ammunition, camouflage and special equipment.• Ally with your friends and create an UNSTOPPABLE SQUAD! Leadthemto the top of the leaderboard, defeat other teams andwinterritories in Domination mode.This game requires stable INTERNET CONNECTION to play. Thegameplayinvolves real-time online match ups with players across theglobe,shared server for any mobile device, and LIVE-CHAT.For more info and all the latest news checkout:
Sniper Fury: Top shooter -fun shooting games - FPS 3.0.1a
The time to take action and counter strikeisnow!We’re calling for the best sniper in the world to take aim atevil,wherever it hides. There’s no room for remorse, so shoottokill…THE MOST STUNNING OF ALL SNIPER SHOOTING GAMES• Over 130 missions.• Unbelievable 3D sniper graphics to make this one of the bestgamesfor FPS run & gun fun.• This isn’t one of those ordinary gun games. You’ll use your3Dsniper shooting games skill against soldiers, vehicles&more!• “Bullet time” effects that shoot all the other FPS gun gamesaway.See your amazing sniper shots from your top games.• Weather effects unlike any other shooting games around.MODERN & FUTURE FPS FIREPOWER• Take your gun games to the next level as you shoot 3Dsniperrifles, railguns and more.• Upgrade your battlefield arsenal to counterstrikeopponents!• Custom options make your best games even better.PVP MULTIPLAYER BATTLEFIELD• Steal resources from players in PvP Multiplayershootinggames.• Build a strong shooter squad in one of the best gamesonmobile.EASY TO PLAY, TOUGH TO MASTER• Like all the best games, Sniper Fury rewards you for joiningthisshooting games free and action-packed events.• Varied AI behavior makes each enemy unique and challenging asyourun & gun games to victory.• Connect to our FPS community for content, contests, rewards&more top games!TAKE AIM AT THE BEST FPS LEAGUES• Earn a high enough score and aim to enter the top games leagueandunlock the best rewards!TEAM UP IN A CLAN• Join a 3D sniper Clan with other top games players.• Trade, chat & share resources with your Clan-matestostrengthen your fellow shooters.CLAN HQ• Establish a home base for your 3D sniper Clan tounlockbattlefield perks!CLAN WAR• The best games are online as you team up with your Clan.GEAR SETS: As you play your gun games, collect shooter geartounlock unique powers to counter strike any opponent.PROTOTYPE WEAPONS: Rush the battlefield with the latest,moststate-of-the-art hitman tools you could ask for in anyshootinggames.IMPROVED BULLET SKINS: Try the new bullet skins to killyouropponents in style in one of the top games around!CLAN LEADERBOARDS: Check your Clan’s FPS victories and shoot tothetop to win your gun games!This is one of the best games for fans of FPS action,shootinggames, gun games, being a hitman, launching a counterstrike on thebattlefield, war, and any of the top games for freemultiplayerfun!You can download and play this game for free. Please beinformedthat it also allows you to play using virtual currency,which canbe acquired as you progress through the game, or bydeciding towatch certain advertisements, or by paying with realmoney.Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performedusinga credit card, or other form of payment associated withyouraccount, and are activated when you input your Google Playaccountpassword, without the need to re-enter your credit cardnumber orPIN.In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting theauthenticationsettings within your Play Store settings (Google PlayStore Home> Settings > Require authentication for purchases)andsetting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutesorNever.Find out more about the game -- our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Hidden Shooter - Sniper Gun 3D 1.0
Hidden Shooter is a war game dedicatedtosnipers. Only snipers vs snipers.Here you will become one of the biggest snipers in the worldandshould eliminate all the snipers across on their way ..The enemies are very well camouflaged so it need a hawk eye andfastreflexes and accurate.You can also use camouflage to protect you from enemies.Get a rifle with night vision, to annihilate the enemies thatattackyou at night.Game Features:- Excellent graphics- 10 different battlefield- Camouflage for each level- Rich weapon system- Realistic visual effects and the world's best battle music.- Amazing weapons with Night VisionHow To Play:- touch screen to enter shooting mode.- moves the look with Gyroscope- hit the enemy- improves pulse with the button "lungs"- regenerates life with the button "syringe"compete with your friends to be the best sniper of all time.Download Hidden Shooter and show your hablidades!
Elite Killer: SWAT 1.3.1
Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behindinthis action oriented first person shooter game! Elite Killer isthe#1 realistic 3D FPS game available on Google Play.You are a well trained elite member of special weaponsandtactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper riflesandstun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across theglobeto eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way ofapeaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms and get your5star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!Game Features:- Boasting spectacular graphics and blisteringactionsequences- 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozensofworldwide themes- Local Mission mode and online PvP mode
Sniper Time 2: Missions 1.28
Pipetka Games
Sniper Time 2: Missions is the sequel toSniperTime: the Range.The shooting training camp has ended and now you're armysniperperforming missions in differentlocations around the globe facing real enemies. Select properweaponfrom an inventory of sniper and assault rifles.Eliminate terrorists, criminals, and zombies. Aim carefullyandshoot your targets from different weapons.Realistic graphics and believable atmosphere of war makesitabsolutely gorgeous to play.
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
War has evolved, and so has the best onlineFPSon mobile!Step onto the battlefield and answer the call with the titlethatraised the bar for first person shooter games with itsgreatgraphics, high-powered guns and intense online multiplayeraction.Create a squad from 9 classes, add your friends for teamplay andtest your skills in dynamic warfare against online rivalsfromaround the world!Prefer to work alone? Then feel free to step into the thrillingsoloplay campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situationafteranother to save the world as you launch an attack againstalunatic’s apocalyptic plans.You won’t find more first person shooter fun in a freegameanywhere!9 CLASSES WITH UNIQUE SKILLS> Customize and level up any of the 9 classes across soloplayand team play modes.> Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy,Recon,Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph,orKommander.> Activate class-specific skills by earning and spendingSkillPoints.HIGH-POWERED ONLINE MULTIPLAYER> Watch players engaged in live online FPS battles andeSportscompetitions with all the great graphics you expect in thenewSpectator mode.> Epic guns-a-blazing team play in Squad vs. Squadmatches.> Talk to other players to plan your onlinemultiplayerstrategies and coordinate an attack in the Global andSquadChats.> Top the individual and Squads leaderboards as you masteryoureSports skills.> Win free rewards and cool prizes in limited-time events.UNIFIED GAME PROGRESSION> Accumulate XP and level up by playing both solo playmissionsand team play matches.> Unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons bymasteringlower-tier guns.> Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachmentsandjump straight into the free game action.INTENSE SOLO PLAY CAMPAIGN> Engage in fast-paced story missions where the call willtakeyou from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of first personshooterchallenges.> Play the new Spec Ops missions for a real online FPSadrenalinerush.> Great graphics, music and voice performances perfectlyadaptedfor a first person shooter game.HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS> Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can playthegame just the way you want.> Modern Combat 5 supports HID game controllers. MOGA Pro isalsosupported, in mode B (HID Mode).Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection.So if you’re ready for the online FPS of your dreams, dive intothisunparalleled free game that takes online multiplayer to newheights.Perfect for anyone hungry for solo play first personshooter fun, orteam play eSports competition._____________________________________________Visit our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
You are a master assassin, hired toinfiltratesecure locations and eliminate high-profile targets.Perform lethalstrikes and follow your only rule: Honor TheContract.A new threat as appeared! Cyborgs and Mechanized Combat Unitsareinvading cities around the world. Behind this nefarious act isasecret military organization which have been kidnappingscientistsfor use in developing their once-secret nanocrystaltechnology,which is at the heart of their cybernetic augmentationproject. Youhave been hired to push back this invasion, at allcosts!Face enemies with new powers and deadly tactics in thisexcitingnew campaign!CHOOSE YOUR CONTRACTSEliminate a mob of enemies, destroy entire bases or take outthesingle target that matters most. The next objective is uptoyou.STAKE OUT & TAKE DOWNTake on over 250 missions and campaigns with unique goals. Stakeouttargets from long-range, take them down with well-placedshots,assault enemy bases head on or infiltrate enemy lineswithoutcompromising your identity.ADVANCED CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPONRYUpgrade your weapons and base defenses to protect your stash.Loadup on sniper rifles, assault rifles, heavy guns, tesla guns,rocketlaunchers, throwing knives, med kits, armor, and more.BATTLE FOR PvP SUPREMACYAssault other players’ bases, steal their resources, and becometheundisputed champion of PvP.MASTER YOUR ENVIRONMENTChoose your path through each mission and use cover toyouradvantage. Disable sentry guns, detonate explosive objectsandavoid incoming fire.TRAVEL THE WORLDMove unseen from one location to the next and take on thenewestinternational contracts. It’s up to you to become theultimateglobal assassin.CONQUER THE ELITE CAMPAIGNFight back the Cyborg Invasion! Destroy opposing MechanizedCombatUnits and devastating bosses! Collect Nanomaterials to evolveyouroffensive and defensive game. Reign supreme usingadvancedabilities, devastating weaponry, powerful MechanizedDefensiveUnits, and more.High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoneyfor some extra items, which will charge your Google account.Youcan disable in-app purchasing by adjusting yourdevicesettings.-This game is not intended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- This game may permit users to interact with one another(e.g.,chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending ontheavailability of these features. Linking to social networkingsitesare not intended for persons in violation of the applicablerulesof such social networking sites.- A network connection is required to play.- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data,pleaseread our privacy policy at: If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s“Help”feature.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Mountain Sniper Shooting: 3D FPS sniping Missions 6.9
Mountain Sniper shooting 3D is a verypopularcommando shooting simulator game with a very smooth armyshootinggameplay. This commando shooting simulation game revolvesaround aspy commando agent who has assigned to clear the enemyfront linesby using his gorilla commando skills. As a real eliteforcecommando trained with world best force commandos to stoptheenemies before even they try to infiltrate on your base camp.Thismodern Sniper shooting game is an action adventure, firstpersonshooter game that has been developed for the fans of snipershootergames. Time to become a frontline sniper commando to stopthe enemyconveys and to infiltrate the enemy base camps. Snipershootingadventure has some very impressive graphics. The player canenjoydifferent missions in the multiple tricky terrains withsomeimpressive weaponry in this first person shooting game.This is probably the best ever FPS game and it is the bestsnipersimulator game due to its different amazing commando missionsandchallenging mountain terrain. Commando shooting game is anamazingsniper simulation game, just like ordinary sniper shootinggames orsecret agent encounter, but with new and unique commandosimulationfeatures in 3D FPS army combat shooting arena. In thiscommandoelite force game, you have various different militarymissions tocomplete. The hard mode is included in this modern wargame whichis for the pro gamers and for those who took armytraining beforein FPS training zone of our previous army game.Strike hard foryour survival in this 3D sniper shooter game. Snipershootingadventure is a tactical spy game that employs stealth andelitesniping techniques.Mountain Sniper shooting 3D has got four new modern combatarenasfor sniping which are a desert arena, Rocky Mountains,snowyterrain and dark forest. You must have played many armyshooting orsniping games but the desire of action and the fantasticanimationjust like American movies will make you forget snipergames likeaction fury, shooting hunter or even hit-man sniping, andsuspenseyou will experience in this sniper shooting simulator gameis notpossible to get from any other front-line shooter game.Thiscommando simulator game gives you an intense battle zoneactionjust swat squad or police combat. An addictive game for thosewholove action games.You can also enjoy this video game by connecting a videogamecontroller (aka Joystick) via Bluetooth to your android device.Usethe D-pad (directional pad) on the console controller forthecommando’s movements and configure the mobile gamepad keys fortheshooting and other actions. Experience the smoothcontrolleremulation for the first time and double your fun in notime.  HOW TO PLAY:With Gamepad:• Complete user guide and tutorial for playing game with joy padisprovided within the game.Without Game Controller:- Touch and swipe on the screen for aiming.- Tap fire button to shoot- To start counter action, you have to shoot first.- Use your gun scope for long-range shots.- The gun reloads automatically.Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D Features:- A realistic 3D environment with super views.- HD graphics and high quality textures.- Amazing mountain sniper game with modern weapons.- Commando game for all ages.- Impressive gameplay with action camera.If you like this game, please try our other commando gamesandsniper games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visitingourpublisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.We don't collect any personal information; anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements.
Zombie Frontier : Sniper 1.27
FT Games
After release Zombie Frontier I & II,thisis our new generation 3D Zombie Killer Game. enjoyyourselfDescription:A virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread likewildfirearound the city. Everyday people going about their businesshavebeen transformed into creatures that will kill any livingthingthey come across. Survivors have fled, hoping to escape, butthisis now a city of the dead. Those lucky enough to still be alivearehidden in warehouses, supermarkets or anywhere else they canfind,waiting to be rescued.Features:* An immersive first-person 3D adventure blending stunninggraphics,excellent music and realistic sound effects to create ahighlydetailed world.* Over 16 classic weapons to choose from including Crossbow,P90,Katana and Dragunov. Every weapon has been realisticallyrecreatedand each has a unique feel and performance.* Multiple Zombie enemies to challenge your skills. The hordesofundead will keep you on your toes and your finger onthetrigger.* Smooth, intuitive controls allow you to navigate the citywithease. Precision aiming will help you take down zombies and rackupkill streaks.* The virus is getting stronger over time and the zombiesaregetting more powerful. You need to keep fighting torescuesurvivors and save the city.If you have any suggestion/comment/problem, please mailto:[email protected]
Shooter Sniper CS - FPS Games 4.0
Shooter Sniper CS - FPS GamesAim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to becomeaMaster Hitman.Best FPS Game!A top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army! Shoot alltheterrorists, who appear in front of you.Try to kill youropponentsbefore they defeat you.Good luck and have fun!There are well-trained army fighting elite sniper. You havetoeliminate the threat of their hostility, and return thehostagessafe! You will be able to save them?Battle your friends in the game center rankings!SWAT sniper crisis - triggered the shooting time free is back!Playthe most realistic shot to kill the game!You want to become a sniper master? Let's see, let your gun!One pair of robots most addictive shooting game! You willloveit!This shooting game 100% FREE! Addictive game!You will love challenging shooting game!...Click on the screen, and your friends to play with, with ourbestshooter shooting game!Free to play!Download free game and start playing the game.First person shooter, context-aware system!Your concentration changes depending on your ambient noise andlocalweather.Kill all the enemies!Saving buildings and hostages terrorist threats gunsandbombs.Sniper Hitman download our games and enjoy it!Tags: sniper shooting game, sniper training , shooting game.★ immersive games.★ instinctive, a very simple game controls.★ Shooting Games give players a super cool peaks and killing★ The game has multiple scenes and experience, so you can beindifferent battlefields facilities do.
Sniper SWAT FPS 1.0
sniper SWAT FPSaim and shoot, shoot to killSniper Assassin was a first-person shooter (FPS) of thesnipingtype. Provided you’re ready to ever wanted in order to be acovertspecial ops soldier, subsequently our game are a very goodway tosee how it is without putting yourself in actual danger.They’reexclusively a bit too fast paced for me, and I do not trulyknowwhat I’m doing. But when I came across Kill Shot, I appreciatedthefact that our wasn’t a straight up FPS game, ratherexclusivelyfocusing on the sniping aspect.Eliminate the mob of enemies, full of passion that youcan’tresist, can’t stop shooting until you kill them all. Be one oftheBest Sniper with cool head, who analyze the thingsfaster,aggressive and most important – Accurate shooter. Pickupweapons ofyour own choice to complete the missions, different typesof tasks,do not hesitate to track and kill all criminals down thestreet.But be careful, even they can put you down with theirweapons.*Amazing playability which is sure to keep you entertained*Animations which are both comical and realistic*Slow motion action shot*Airstrikes*Tilt or touch controls*Hone your skills and prove yourselfLoad up your sniper guns, fight back with your skills andgetready for the blood pumping sniper shooter experience.Wellplacedshots, high tech guns, stealth and head shots are the onlyway togain edge and survive in this city.
Master Sniper : Crime City 1.6
Master Sniper : Crime City is the citybasedgame set in the urban landscape, rooftops and sidewalks ofyourcity where terrorists have wreaked havoc and created chaosbymaking citizens their target. Master Sniper : Crime City is the3Dgame where you get to play the assassin, killer and shootertobattle,kill and eliminate the terrorists and destroy thetargetgiven to you and ensuring no terrorist is able to kill ormaketarget a simple citizen of your city. Master Sniper : CrimeCityenables you to display and showcase your sniper skills withthelevel of expertise that a professional assassin, killer andashooter can have. Master Sniper : Crime City provides an amazingindepth view of your city by giving details on where theterroristsare hiding, holding citizens on gun point, creating chaosor arebusy in breaking law and order of your city. Master Sniper :CrimeCity is your chance to shine as a responsible citizen ofyourcountry by eliminating the terrorists and theirterrororganizations. Be the best assassin for your country and showallother criminal assassins that you are the best of the bestassassinout there.You are a retired sniper who has worked with government onseveralmissions to target terrorist organizations around the worldandmaking this world a safer place to live. With the rise of thesenewterrorist organizations in your area and city, government hasaskedyou to come back to duty and help them get rid of theterroristorganizations who are breaking law and killing innocentcivilians.With Master Sniper : Crime City your job is again to bethe killer,shooter and assassin and clean the street, rooftops andsidewalksof your city from these terrorist organizations and theirkillerterrorists and keep them in your target all the time anddon’t letone single target get away without getting a bullet intheir headas a headshot from you. Master Sniper : Crime City is thegamewhere you get to play the hero by getting rid of theterroristorganizations and their terrorist killers and be the heroof yourcity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the game to kill, targetandeliminate the terrorist organizations in your city by becomingthebest shooter in the country. Being the best shooter is nowpossiblewith Master Sniper : Crime City 3D game that gives youtheopportunity to point, target, shoot and kill theterroristorganizations and their terrorist criminals who kill theinnocentcivilians of the city and who don’t think twice before thekill andtheir shooter and other killers are destroying the peace inthecity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the stage to showcaseyourassassin like skills, show the mastery of the art that a killerandan assassin must have and must possess if they want to thebestassassin, killer, shooter in the city.Master Sniper : Crime City is the best 3D game availablewithamazing graphical details of your city where crime is on theriseand terrorist organizations are wreaking havoc but you are theheroof the city and you will play the best shooter, sniper, killerforthese terrorist organizations and their law breakingterrorists.Master Sniper : Crime City is for the brave users whowant to bethe best shooter, assassin, killer and marksmen byensuring theykill, kill, and only kill the terrorist organizationsand theirkillers who are breaking law one day after another in yourbelovedcity.
Sniper Shoot War 3D 3.4
WAWOO Studio
Sniper Shoot War is a first-person 3Dshootergame. You will play as a sniper, strike terrorists. Yourtask is tofight against terrorists bases and destroy X Cityterroristremnants, to effectively combat terroristactivities.Simple operation of the game: Slide the left of the screentocontrol character movement, slide to the right of the screenyoucan adjust the target. You can use the sniper rifle zoomlens,adjust the amplification factor by the right side oftheslider.The game has many weapons to choose: Deagle, M4A1, AWP, AW50,AS50,Bomb, Medical Kit. Deagle, M4A1, AWP, AW50, AS50, Bomb,MedicalKit. Kill the enemy can get gold awards, gold can be used tobuyweapons and ammunition. Let you experience the feeling ofdifferentweapons. This is a real sniper war!The game has two beautiful screen map: Military Base and theCity.Military Base gathered a large number of terrorists,extremelydangerous! Must be careful. City map has many remnantsofterrorists, we must not leave one! Each map has a certaintimelimit, you must destroy all enemies within a specified periodoftime!Realistic gaming sound effects, so you have a more perfectmorerealistic sniper experience. You will be a true sniper!The game has a ranking function, you and your friends cancomparewho is the real master sniper. Invite your friends togethergame,right? It will be very interesting.
Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game 2.9.2
Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys andaccomplishmissions to become a Master Hitman.- EASY CONTROLS- 3D graphics- Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREME MISSIONS- Mini sniper puzzles- 13 chapters for you to enjoy. More chapters coming soon!- Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!Don't miss a single Shot....or you will end up losingyourjob!Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!Download Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game now and don'tmissamazing updates!
Real Sniper 1.03
Your hometown is occupied by enemyforces.They’re patrolling city streets, securing the townbut luckily, unaware of you. Use it to your advantage andliberateyour town!Two different game modes; Campaign & SurvivalTwo different scenarios; City & WarehouseMany types of weapons to choose, also armor and health kit.3D First Person ShooterSimple and smooth controlsUser friendly interfaceLanguage optionEndless game mode
Sniper: Traffic Hunter
Do you have the sniper skills to destroythetraffic cars on highway? Sniper Traffic Hunter gives youtheopportunity to kill the cars on highway using your sniperweapon.You can even buy a semi-auto sniper to increase yourfirerate.Hold your breath and fire your weapon to destroy as muchtrafficcars as you can. Enjoy the #1 most modern first personsnipershooter game in the universe.- Realistic and modern 3D graphics- Upgradable weapons- Semi-auto sniper option- Variety of traffic cars to destroy- Amazing modern sound effects- Free to play!How to play:Target or aim your sniper gun either by tilting your deviceortouching the screen to take down any traffic car you want. Youhave100 seconds to take down as much cars as possible.Enjoy!
SWAT Sniper Anti-terrorist 1.2
SWAT anti-terroristIf you would to become a sniper, Trigger Shoot Free is theonlyshooter game you want to play! Your mission is to rescue allthehostages who were kidnapped, you must be careful because therearemany shooters and you can not shoot the hostages. Racked down byasniper glare and kill ! While he did not get to you oryourcomrades ! That would kill the sniper you just need to find himandshot with a rifle will follow after the touch of a finger!Features:A huge array of weapons and equipment to use onthebattlefield.An advanced weapon upgrade system that lets you maximizeyourfirepower.Realistic weather effects add new challenges to yourmissions.Upgrade your skills in the Lab to increase yourcombateffectiveness.Are you going to become the sniper master? Let's find out andgetyour gun!One of the most addictive shooting games on android! You willloveit!This shooting game is 100% free! Addictive Gameplay!You will love extremely challenging shooting game!Grab your sniper rifle and head back out for another roundofmissions.As a professional sniper you need to complete more missions tothebest of your ability!
Duty calls elite sniper WW2 1.2
In Duty calls elite sniper WW2 players takeonthe role of sgt. Robert Ryan, a member of the 101 ndairbornedivision, and the elite sniper of his squat. Sgt RobertRyan thesquat leader of the pathfinders of the 101 nd AirborneDivision.They lead the way on D-Day in the night drop prior to themaininvasion. Clearing the path for the main force that hit Utahbeachbetween St Martin-de-Varreville and Pouppeville.Your objective is to capture two footbridges spanning theDouveat La Porte opposite Brévands. The German force will try toblow upthe bridges to slow down the 4th infantry division fromheadinginland into France. Your objectives are pretty clear holdoff thegerman forces and anything they throw at you tillthereinforcements arrive.Duty calls elite sniper WW2 - game features:- Hold off 20 waves of german forces during this epic battleonD-day- Train yourself and upgrade your skills, increase youraimstability, rate of fire- On of the most epic sniper engines on google play- Global leaderboards and different achievements- Become the hero of D-Day and make sure the german forces cannotclose down the exit route for the 4th infantry Division fromthebeachSo Duty calls soldier, take cover and look through your scopeandhold of wave after wave of german soldiers.Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Playorfollowing us on:Facebook - - -
Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting 2.5
You want a lot of shooting andexcitingmissions?We present our best game of the category action games, his name-Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting.Right now, you can become a sniper shooter, here you willlearnshoots with many kinds of weapons.After the call of back there war.Now already played in this shooting games, show what youcando!This first-person shooter where you can develop the skills.In Game Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting, you have to surviveinconditions of unequal battle with the criminal gangs.This sniper game is a simulator of an army sniper who fightsagainstterrorists.Your duty to kill all the terrorists who have given youthecall.And so, you are in the role of a sniper shooter, the USgovernmenthas sent you on a special mission in which you mustdestroy theterrorist groupings.The effect of this 3d sniper game takes place in an abandonedcitywhere criminal gangs hiding, you have to get to him and killhimwith one shot to the commander of the gangsters.- Game First Person Shooter- Many types of weapons- A lot of shooting and action- Realistic graphicsDownload and play this free shooting games.
American Sniper Shooting 1.0.0
American Sniper Shooting is themostthrillingand dangerous FPS action packed shootinggame.First-person viewoffer you the immersive and realisticshootingexperience. Enemy isjust here, Don't hesitate! Load outyourweapons, hold your breath,pull the trigger, hit on target andkillall dang erous gang sterstobe a real hunter like a hitman.Playerscan become a participantin the gamein order to make sense ofit.Hide in some buildings and corners or behind some trees tonotbefound by these gangster. Shoot them in dark within limitedtime.Armyourself with QBZ-95, AK-47, M16, FAMA Sand otherdeadlyweapons,kill the gangsters across the globe. Buying time tokillmoregangsters and keep the peace for the block. Inthischallenging FPSKiller Shooter Crime, we put some new featuressuchas the lasershooting, zoom in and identify terroristsandrealistic weathercondition add the new challenges tocompletemissions. Fight crimeand protect civilians population!Goodluck!THRILLING FPSFIGHT AGAINST GANGSTERSA bunch of thugs ruin the peaceful and happy life of thiscity,loadout your weapons and kill the gangsters to protectcivilians!In thecorner of a bank, there is an armed robberhijacking ahostage. Agangster run away after attacking a civilian.There is atraitorinside the police station, he told everythingabout you toGreenDragon Committee, kill them all before they reachto GreenDragonheadquarter. Tonight, they have drug deal, you needto killthebuyer. They are ganna fight back but they don’t knownothingaboutyou!ADVANCED WEAPONS WITH MORE THAN 200 MISSIONSArm yourself with QBZ-95, AK-47, M16, FAMAS and otherdeadlyweapons,kill the gangsters across the globe. Shoot sniperrifles,rail guns,assault refiles and top-secret weapons to choosefrom.Gathercomponents to expand your sniper team. Optional andfullcustomizeweapons and equipmentREAL SHOOTING EXPERIENCEFirst-person view offer you the immersive andrealisticshootingexperience. Players can become a participant inthe game inorderto make sense of it. tunning optimized HD graphicsbrings youaninsane feeling of shooting experience. CHALLENGESandSURVIVALtournament capture you very exciting andthrillingsniperheadshots.American Sniper Shooting Features:- FPS action packed shooting game- Realistic 3D graphics in sniper games- Multiple guns- Smooth FPS Controls- Breathtaking music and sound effects- Tough and challenging missions- Free FPS gameplay- Intense battle scene- Easy to play, hard to learnDownload American Sniper Shooting now. Arm yourselfwithdeadlyweapons, , kill gangsters all before they find you!Holdyourbreath, pull the trigger and let the bullets fly! Fightcrimeandprotect civilians population! Good luck for you!
Sniper 3D Assassin Shooter 3.5
Sniper is a sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooterorsniper shooting allows you to buy or upgrade sniper rifles,assaultrifles, shotguns , ammo, the grip, the calibre to getbullets thatcause more damage, better range, scope, stability, andzoom.Modern sniper, Maintain close visual contact with the enemyandShoot him from concealed positions that exceeds thedetectioncapabilities of your enemy. Sniper Shooting.☛Download Now for free the best shooting game andsnipershooting.☛Smooth GamePlay.☛Ultra Realistic 3D Graphics for modern sniper.☛ High Sensitive and Intuitive Gameplay.☛ Various Sniper Rifles and Weapons.☑ Play it anywhere:Sniper, 3D Assassin Gun Shooter does not require internet networktorun it. Enjoy it everywhere.☑ +100 mission:
The Nation needs your help : Find the target, aim, and shoot foreTerrorists, Suicide Bombers, Criminal , dumb gangsters, thugsoreven corrupted cops...Fulfill your contract to get paid Or Killed!☑ Compatibility and support:We're continuously working (hard) so that all Android devicesrunthe game smoothly. Please report any issue youmayexperience.
☑ Disclaimer:Sniper is 3D Assassin Gun Shooter is a free game but itcontainsmature content .You may want to keep it away from yourkids.026628c6e6
Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2017 1.2.1
Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2017Soldier! Its a war city, a city on fire. Welcome to the War&Kill 'em all !Soldier! Its a war city, a city on fire and the evil empirehastaken over the charge of the kingdom very cunningly. Theenemiesare roaming around like their own planet & a survivorisrequired to save the nation from the menace of theevilfoe's.War Commandos are needed in such grieve moments and Now is thetimeto show your kingdom that You still are alive and theretoeliminate the angry armies of the enemies from the countrywhichwas a peaceful place one. The nation needs a Hero, more ofasaviour and you are the one we have chosen.Thinking about weaponry ? Well this time you are equipped withthemodern weaponry of Sniper Riffles and we want you to provetheperfect shooter. You are a sniper Commando with astrategicapproach and we know you have been taught war techniquesto snipethe targeted enemies.Welcome to the War & Kill 'em all !!!FeaturesFPS3D Real GraphicsReal life sound effectsdifferent various missions and levels
Shooting 3D 1.11
i6 Games
Sniper Shooting 3D is brand new,realisticaction shooting game. You take the role as the sniperbased in asniper's nest, taking out the enemies that are coming toattackyou. To complete the level, you must use your sniper rifle toshootall the enemy soldiers to advance on to the next level. Ifyoudon't get all the enemy soldiers before your health isdepleted,you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldierswho willmove into position to take you down. Harness you sniperskills andbecome the greatest sniper to defeat the enemysoldiers.An addition to the game is the new game mode 'Zombie Shooter'.Youtake the role as the sniper in an arcade points style shooterwereeach shot to a zombie will build up your high score. Shoot asmanyzombies before the time ends to get a high score, see if youcanbeat your best with each try. Stop the zombie horde withyouramazing sniper skills.