Top 12 Games Similar to Mummy Ancestors

Mummy Maze Deluxe Adventure 1.0
Fireboy Mibo
Mummy Maze Adventure is a fun puzzlegameandbest game Ever!Do you love adventure in Pyramids Mummy and Mummy’s Tombthis game made for you : Mummy Maze Deluxe AdventureOutwit the Mummy and find the treasure of the Pyramids!The Golden Mask of Tutankhamen awaits discovery, but onlyadaringand crafty adventurer can overcome the curse ofhistomb!This new PC game is sure to delight fans of the web puzzler!Check out some of these features:Brand new Adventure Mode will challenge master adventurers!Defeat 30 of the most devious pyramids we could devise!The objective is to get your explorer to the end of themazewithoutbeing caught by the mummies.To move your explorer you make a swipe gestureonscreen.However,when you make a move the mummy also moves twicethedistance(unless it's stopped by a wall).Also, the mummy always tries to take a direct path toyoufirsthorizontally, then vertically.So, in order to escape, you must use that fact and thepyramidswallsto trap the mummy and reach the end of themaze.World Famous Logic Game Mummy Maze Deluxe Adventur On Androidnow!Get it Free!Rate 5 star if you like this game !
The Mummy Dark Universe Story 5.0
The legend of The Mummy continues in thisglobetrotting supernatural mystery that picks up where the movieleavesoff.Choose your fate in an immersive visual tale filled withdynamiccomic book style illustrations that spin you throughanaction-packed adventure.Unlock hidden secrets in every interactive episode as youtriggerunique puzzles and uncover multiple endings. Everyspellbindingturn reveals a high-stakes decision that changes theoutcome of thestoryline.Play as the film’s protagonist, Nick Morton, and travel the worldtodecode an ancient spellbook in order to destroy an evil curse.It’skill or be killed in a desperate attempt to combat dark forcesandescape the clutches of Prodigium agents who will stop atnothing toprotect their own interests.New chapters are planned to take you even deeper into theDarkUniverse.CONTINUE THE STORY- Explore the mythology of The Mummy as you journey beyond thefilmexperience CHOOSE YOUR PATH- Chart your own adventure and make dramatic decisionswithlong-term consequencesUNLOCK HIDDEN SECRETS- Expose the mysteries concealed within the environment anddiscoverthe motives of your fellow adventurersSOLVE ANCIENT PUZZLES- Interact with unique puzzles that will challenge your attentiontodetailThe Mummy Dark Universe Stories™ is developed by NightSchoolStudio, a critically acclaimed indie games studio thatfocuses onthe intersection of story and interactivity. NightSchool’s priorwork includes Oxenfree and Mr. Robot.1.51exfiltrati0n.apk(Writer’s Guild Award nominated).© 2017 Universal Studios. The Mummy, Dark Universe, The MummyDarkUniverse Stories and their respective logos are copyrightsandtrademarks of Universal Studios. All rights reserved.
Tomb Of Mummy 3D free 3.0
With more levels and more challengingThetombof mummy 3D is the best adventure and puzzlegame.Isthecontinuation of the series but with better graphicsandbettergameplay . You must find the exit of each room until yourichthetreasure. Play and enjoy it .
Ninja Vs Mummy
This game is made for entertainment, andcanbeplayed for all ages from children teen or elderly.How to play the game Ninja Vs Mummy is fairly easy,playersareexpected to move the Ninja by running as soon aspossiblethat is not touched by the mummy and the mummy and the weaponsoftheobstacles that exist in the game Ninja Vs The Mummy.If Ninja touched Mummy, weapons or obstacle of this game,theninjawill die and the game will be repeated fromthebeginning.And do not forget to take the key to open the lock or the keytogoto the next level, collect as many coins and shoot themummyandinsects as much as possible so that your points moreandmoretolevel to the end and you will be a winner.Once you have completed level do not forget press SAVE inordernotto repeat the level again and just press the LOAD tocontinue.function keys :- button towards the left => to move the Ninja to the left- Right direction button => to move the Ninja to the right- A key => to move the Ninja so jump- Shoot button => to move the Ninja order to shoot- B button => to launch Ball Boom, unlock andpushbuttonswitch- Screen toolbars => provides information weapon usedbyNinja
Bungee Mummy: Reborn 2.0.5
The King is Reborn! Bungee Mummy Reborn isanawesome, fast-paced, instinctive adventure mystery gamewhererisk-taking, sharp reflexes and sheer determination areessentialfor victory! Swing, skitter and bungee launch throughthefascinating world of Hagareem and complete crazy fun challengestocause jeopardy and claim the throne of the mighty king. Why notwinsome real-life 3D printable rewards while you’re smashingthroughthe levels?- Gorgeous graphics that bring the game to life in yourhands- Mind boggling puzzles increasing in difficulty- Upgrade your character with sheer power-ups and superskins- Two encapsulating yet funny worlds to conquer - Sharpen your reflexes- Fun, instinctive and addictive warfare gameplay- Win real-life 3D printable collectable rewards- Battle brutal bosses and outsmart your enemies- Amazingly realistic physics and mechanics- The King’s secret treasures, mystery boxes and thronetouncover riddles- Challenging and funny achievements- Come back every day for your daily rewardsFacing countless baddies, tricks, traps, skitter throughthetoughest riddle, learn warfare tricks and the mission of alifetimewith sheer grit - King Phero calls upon his loyal buddyMadu tojoin the ride andlight the path to victory. Collect vital scarabs to get yourhandson super power-ups and fantastic skins to make youradventurousquest even more awesome!Be warned, a challenging evil boss awaits you at the end ofeverymystery but guess what?! We will reward you with a 3Dprintabletrophy for each boss you defeat! There are lots of otherfantastic3D printable rewards for you to find and win! Do you have quick reflexes and instinctive moves that can puttheopponent in jeopardy? Do you have what it takes to reclaimKingPhero’s stolen throne, escape the hazardous and mysteryworldofHagareem and free your beloved people by getting victory? Grabyourmobile phone or tablet and overcome anything that tries tostopyou. Show the baddies there’s only one true King in town!The moment of truth has finally arrived…To get the latest on Bungee Mummy news check out thelinksbelow:- Facebook: Twitter: Google+:
Oh Mummy !! 1.1.3
REVIVES THE OH MUMMY CLASSIC ONYOURANDROID!!!You have been appointed guide an archaeological expeditionsponsoredby the British Museum and you have to explore thepyramids foundrecently.Your team has 5 members. Your mission is to enter thepyramids,retrieve the royal mummies and all the treasures youcan.Unfortunately they are awakening the guards who let Pharaohtoprotect the royal tombs.Each level has 2 guards, one is hidden and the other is walkinginsearch of the intruder.The excavated portion shaped maze with 20 cells. To viewcontentsmove your computer around the cell. It is not necessary todiscoverall the cells to go out and go to the next level.Each level contains 10 treasures, 6 empty cells and the restamummy, a keeper, a key and a certificate.If you find the cell viewed with caution because guardian willgoout and pursue you.The magical scroll will allow you to remove a guardian withoutyourteam suffer casualties. The scroll works only at the level thatyouhave found and just destroys a guardian.When the cells of the lead and the royal mummy have beendiscoveredcan change levels.The remaining guards will follow you to the next level.ANKH MAY-SUN-AHMUN guide your steps.Good Luck!
Super Sonic Mummy World 1.0
Super Sonic Mummy World Adventure Run isabrandnew game with the style Racing.Super Mummy World Adventure Run is a brave, agile and lovely.This game is a nice and cool Super Sonic Mummy World inabeautifulplace ,You Will spend a good and Amazing timeplayingthisGame,There is many levels and You can Chose levelspackbetweenEasy Medium and Hard , it's easy To Control YourTheHeroAdventurethe Hero of the Game and also is You The player SoWould you like to join the Super Sonic Mummy World AdventureRuntostart the exciting adventure ?Game Features are :1. Easy To Play and smooth control and beautiful animation.2. More levels you can play and more levels will beaddedinfuture.3. Great Graphics for the winter and lovely animation forSuperSonicMummy WorldTo play Game You need :-Touch Screen to make Super Sonic Mummy World Collect coinsasmanyas you can,do not fall off the ground.-Race to the end of the jungle to pass the level.- Very fast paced gameplay- Really challenging-ideal for your children because it will train their brain- Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking-imagination and creativity while having fun- Different difficulties
mummy run 1.0
nafia studio
**How to play**1. Just tap the screen to let the mummy jump.2. Collect a lot of gifts and chilis to gain coins3. Run to the end of the icy winter to pass the level.**Features**- Simple and fun game mechanics- Beautiful graphics- Different worlds- Multiple levels- Multiple heros- Multiple obstacles- Smooth touch controls- Tap the screen to make evil mummy jump.- Collect all the gifts for the mummy.- Run and finish all the levels.- Have the music and sound effects.- Lots of challenging levels- Relieve stress on the go! You can play whenever andwhereveryouwant to;- Entertain your children for hours. Just give them yourphoneortablet and watch them go;- Encourage counting in younger players by playing thisgame.Studiesalso show that tablet game- Our app is free for you to download and useDownload free the game now and Make sure that all goodkidsreceivetheir presents just in time for the Holiday.
Mummy Zombie 1.1
Let's play exciting and fun adventure gameplayand help Bravo to collect roast beef on Mummy Zombie.This game is games of mummy in dealing with variousobstaclescollect roast beef as point, let us help him every level.The gameconsists of 3 main levels, namely beginner, evolutionandexperience in which each level has different difficulty levels.Features Mummy Zombie game features:- The game is very easy to play,- There are 3 choices levels of difficulty: beginner, evolutionandexperience- There is help {help} in order to facilitate game- The number of levels in each level- Graphic images of interestNote:The game is not official, just for the entertainment of childrenandfanslet's help bravo be a catch pumpkin as much as possible
Mummy Treasure 3 1.0.3
Here comeThe mummy's treasure a funnygamewitha lot of puzzles inside.Have a lot of different levels and when you advance to thegamemoredifficult is. You must collect all the treasures fromthelevel topass the next .Hope you enjoy play the game and don´t forget to rate it ...
The Lost Maze 1.99.2
Yannick Comte
A door opens and gives way to a large,darkandwet entry ... Enter if you dare!The Lost Maze is a first person exploration game where youneedtopick up treasures and find the exit but be careful to thetrapsandmonsters !Note: The episode 2 must be out later this summer.Features:- 10 levels- Combat system (ATB like)- Two control modes- French and English languages- No ads, it's free
Scooby Devil : Mummy Run 1.0
Scooby is an adventurous dog.In one expedition, A witch witchcraft him became one devildogwithterrible strength.To return to his original body, the witch catch him to findthemagicstones.Scooby must fight the demons and zombies.Let's help Scooby destroy all zombies and evil demons,findmagicstones to return to his original body.****** HOW TO PPLAY *****- Tap left button to jump.- Tap right button to attack.- Shoot and pick the item in the sky to upgrade heath andmorepowerfire.Scooby Devil : Power of Magic is very funny game ! Let'splaynow!!!