Top 7 Games Similar to Don't Get Eaten

King of the Fish Tank 1.0.1
Zero Flag
You are the King of the Fish Tank. Butyou'renot the only shark on the block and they're out to topple youfromthe throne. Assert your dominance by continuously eating fish.Onceyou've grown large enough send out a real message to yoursubjectsby eating your rival sharks!HOW TO PLAYEat smaller fish and sharks, look for the green clues if you'renotsure.Keep eating to maintain or increase your dominance, if lose allyourdominance you lose the game.Avoid the sea urchins, they make you smaller.Don't get eaten!Music by TeknoAXE: US: http://www.zeroflaggames.comFIND US: US:
Zombie Slayer 2 1.2
Zombie Slayer 2 is an amazing fristpersonshooting game on Android!Just take up your weapon and kill the evil zombies as muchaspossible!How many head shots can you get? Let's do it!FEATURES:-Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!-Experience the sensation of firing wildly!- Classic 3D action control- Realistic 3D graphics- Dynamic effects- Very scary and dangerous deadsDefend Yourself !Don't get eaten !
Keep Eating 1.0.9
You are a small piranha lost in the bigocean.You are known as the Hero. There is a long journey for theHero,and it must finish all the levels to find its family… but thatwillnot be so easy.In its road, the Hero will need to eat in order to grow up, butatthe same time it has to pay attention to not be eaten by biggerorstronger aquatic animals. 2.2.0
Junglee Games
*** - It's Fishy but It'sTasty!Download the NEW Multiplayer Game for Free Now! ***What the Fish! That might be your first reaction when youstartplaying '' - An action packed underwater livemultiplayergame. Pick a fish from a menu of 15 fishes that matchesyour taste(Slurpp!) and eat others to grow bigger in this freeaddictivegame. But watch out! In this fish game, the bigger youare, theslower you will be. So, use your best strategy and protectyourselfby "Pooping" or "Splitting" to escape the carnage of otherbiggerfishes!In this multiplayer fish game, control your fish either bytappingon the target location or just use the on-screen joystick tomakeyour fish swim wherever you want. Instead of eating shapelesscellsin agar or modified cells with skins in agarabi, eat sea weedsandother smaller fishes while you take your journey betweenenormouslyspread area of coral reefs and sunken pirate ships.Also, pick coins while you are munching on your opponents tounlocknew fish tanks and bowls – Who knows, you might win thedeadliestfish in the ocean! If you are too small a fish, you canhide behindstun bombs just like how you do it in agario, osmosis,mitosis defend yourself and to stun the big fishes chasingyou.Join the three-minute aquatic action and eat maximum fishes totopthe leaderboard. Unlock Google Play Games achievements byshowingoff your munching strength in underwater battles and competewithyour friends. Also, share your best scores via any of thesocialmedia apps installed in your Android smartphone ortablet.So, jump in and start eating whoever you can in thisfun-filledonline multiplayer game! Download the fantastic fish gamefor freefrom Play Store and start playing on the Go!Features► Beautifully Crafted Ocean Theme & Graphics► Multiplayer Games - Up to 100 Players per Game► Multiple Touch Controls - Tap or use Virtual Joystick► Poop on your Opponents that are chasing you!► Score more & Take a Lead on Leaderboard► Share your Score via Social SharingWhat’s New► Eat and Get Rich – Collect Coins while you Eat!► New Fishes - Use your Coins and Unlock 15 New Fish!► Respawn yourself with 80% Health upto 3 Times► In-app Purchases for Coins – Why wait when you can Buythemall!► 20+ Achievements on Facebook and Google Play Games► Unlock New Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks with CoinsDownload the game for free today and have unlimited fun playingthisreal time multiplayer game on the go. Also, invite yourfriends toget extra rewards as coins!Let’s Eat ‘em All!
Munchy Mo - Free Game 1.01
Munchy Mo is a cute little gameaboutsurvivaland character growth, literally. You play as a punkylittlemonsternamed Mo who must chomp his way up the food chain andavoidgettingeaten in the process.The fun of this game is the satisfaction you get when youarebigenough to eat anything you want, and you can have yourrevengeonall of the monsters that ate you when you were small.This game is full of cartoon humor and charm, that willkeepyoucoming back for more.Game PlayNormal Mode: Eat to level up and grow bigger whileyourenergydrains.Frenzy Mode: Start off as the biggest monster and eat tostayalivewhile your energy drains.action, arcade, casual, game, free
Scary Maze Endless Jungle Run 1.0
You have gone on an adventurebutaccidentallylanded in sudden remote lands where there is nohumancivilisation.The place is surrounded by deep forests withthemysterious thingshappening all over. The worst still, youhaveforgotten everythingabout your past and the world from whichyouhave come. You notonly have to survive but have to find yourwayout amidst thisstrange land and also protect yourself fromthealien attacks.This is “Maze run,” a game that will keep you in suspensealloveras you find the clues from the maze. You will findyourselfrunningthrough the dense jungle and maze finding cluesthat willhelp you tofind your true identity and your way out.Whilesearching for theclues, you have to cross through manyhurdles anddangers with thebiggest one are the attacks from thealiens. Youhave to protectyourself from the alien attacks too andbevictorious.This is a true spirited game that will keep you gluedtillyouhave not gained success. With amazing realistic environments,HDGraphics, stimulating sounds. You need to collectthesuspiciousalien fuel cells and save yourself from the attackofthealiens..This action packed adventurous game comes with• Realistic Sounds• Suspense filled environment• Crazy Power ups• Alien AttacksDownload Maze Run today and make you way through theevilforestand the strange maze..
At the end, Zombies Wins
It’s time to lock and load and totakeeverything you can use as a weapon. Confront masses ofdisgustinglyabsurd zombie in a post-apocalyptic universe with “Atthe end,Zombies Win”. Put your reflexes to the trial, as well asyour speedand your management ability and prove to the world thatyou willnot let yourself get eaten!It’s not every day that you end up being the only survivor ofazombie apocalypse… well yes, it’s become a cliché now butanyway…To survive, you’ll have to find a way to leave the city andto killall the zombies on your way before you end up as afull-course mealfor a group of those putrefied freaks.“At the end, Zombies Win” is an arcade game in which youhavemultiple weapons to kill an infinite number of zombies that trytokill you in a closed arena. You must avoid being caught bytheundead as long as possible and also manage you stockofammunitions. The longer you survive, the more money you cancollectto upgrade your arsenal.Survive an infinite succession of waves of zombies that getsmoreand more intense and in which the creatures will becomestrongerand stronger. Destroy as many zombies as you can and provethat youare the king of survival.CHARACTERISTICS- Multiples weapons- Hundreds of zombies- Best score