Top 2 Games Similar to Puppy Hero: Pug in Puppy Land

Wild Cat Survival Simulator 1.0
You asked for it, and we listened. Afuncontinuous play game where you try and rescue your familymembersand defeat all 5 bosses. Come play the game that takes youon anepic journey into the world of the African Wild Cat. . Yourfamilymembers are being held captive by the giant bosses. Yoursecondtask is to defeat all the giant bosses. Start this ultimategame ofsurvival now! This animal simulator has been designed withall agesin mind.Top Game Features:-- Continuous game play--Refill your energy by defeating your enemies--Defeat all 5 big boss characters - Giant Horse , Deer, Bat,Bear,and Snake--Find all 4 members of your Wild Cat family--Upgrade your Strength, Stamina, and Speed--10 Forest Animals included-- The weather and time of day is dynamic. The longer yousurvive,the more changes you will experience.--Massive Open World 3D Map
We have created a huge open world game with many lots toexplore,loads of animals, and plenty of challenges. Find the SnakeIsland,the Bear Cave, the Horse Sanctuary, and the Bat Cave. Allthefeatures you would expect to see in a top quality 3Danimalsimulator. Thrive and survive as you take on all thechallenges ofa huge forest map. Animals include bear, wolf, dog,deer, bat,horse, duck, and croc Come and play the latest game inthe Wildfootseries of Super Simulators.HINT : The bats only come out at night. Use the call buttontothe other cats. Your family members will help you defeat thebigbosses. Its a really cool feature. The more you hunt, the moremeatpoints you earn.Please find us on Facebook:
Checkoutour other 3D animal sims - We realize the app is not perfect,and wewelcome your constructive criticism. Please send yoursuggestions [email protected] Foot we are looking for things we can do to improve theapp.Enjoy!
Battle Tails 1.0.7
Enter the world of renowned vinyl artistHuckGee, and discover Kinausu, home of the acclaimed "GoldLife"series!★Ever Wanted to Live the Gold Life?★- A 2D Tower Defense Battle game with controllable Heroes- Heroes and units based off of real Hand-crafted figures byHuckGee- Multiple clans to discover and utilize, each with theirownstrengths and weaknesses- Use flame, machines, and even electricity to youradvantage!- Find and equip weapons of unimaginable power!- Execute ground-shattering Ultimates in the heat of battle toturnthe tide of battle!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lead the adventures of Shirokuri, the famed hero of the ClanSixTails, as he travels far and wide across the world to conquerandunify all the clans of the land! Eventually, he is to be knownasGeneral Shirokuri, Lightning Incarnate, but even his own clanneedsconvincing of THAT point.Discover and utilize many different units from the Clans,and"persuade" them to join your ranks! Fight and choosefromcharacters such as the savage Clan Boso Ichiban, known fortheirstrange body-painting, unique haircuts, and insane mobmentality orthe technologically advanced Clan Ten Thousand Winds, aproud prideof Samurai Cats with a flair for the metallic.Find and defeat the unique Champions of the lands, includingsuchheroes as Yamahonda, a champion Sumo Wrestler who certainlythrowshis weight around, and Felonius, a tiny cat with giantmetalaspirations.Plunder new items and towers to equip your heroes and armieswiththe best in defense and skills!