Top 9 Games Similar to Fairy Forest Fantasy

* This app is not compatible with"FINALFANTASY II (Portal Version)."FINAL FANTASY IIThe highly anticipated follow-up to the original FINALFANTASY,released in Japan in 1988.FINAL FANTASY II features the bitter and beautiful tale offourwar-orphaned heroes who become embroiled in the conflictbetweenthe hostile Empire of Palamecia and the rebel resistance.Eschewingconventional leveling for a proficiency system that allowsplayersto tailor their characters' growth, and incorporating a keytermmemory system that makes dialogue integral to gameplay, thisgamesparked the spirit of innovation for which the series hasbecomeknown.This edition also contains the bonus dungeons added tolatereditions of the game--the Soul of Rebirth and theArcaneLabyrinth.The memory minigame is not featured in this application.Additional Information (reference only):ESRB Rating: E10+ with Alcohol Reference, Mild FantasyViolence,Mild Language and Mild Suggestive Themes
Fantasy Breaker 1.4.0
Become the King or Queen of block smashinginFantasy Breaker! Keep your mighty wrecking balls moving todestroyall the obstacles in your path!Grab your mighty wrecking balls and lay siege to a medievalworldfilled with fantastic characters, colossal castles andmagnificentmonsters! Fantasy Breaker brings classic brick-smashingactionkicking and screaming into the 15th Century with moredestructionthan you can shake a crossbow at! Forests, fortresses,towns, towersand more are all waiting to be mercilessly demolishedin thisaddictive, arcade-style smash ‘em up.Features:- Highly detailed graphics: lay waste to your enemies inFantasyBreaker’s full-colour, high definition world- More than 100 unique levels filled with danger, destructionandtreasure- Fantastic characters: face off against knights, wizards,goblins,cyclops, pirates and many more!- Amazing power-ups: Cause even more destruction with an arsenalofupgrades including speed boosts, protective ropesandcrossbows- Unlockable achievements!- Online Leaderboards to compare your skills against the world
Fantasy Conflict 1.0.1
Fantasy Conflict is the new adventure gamefromcreators of Modern Conflict that brings the player tothefabulous faraway Kingdom of Baldoria.As usual, there is a petty tyrant King in a dressing gown andhisNo. 1 enemies are the greedy dwarfs. And there is a crystal,themost valued sovereign possession, without which the alarm clockofthe King cannot ring. Add to this wooden ballistic missiles,battleairships, as well as dark and light magic as weapon and youget afun, entertaining and exciting cocktail calledFantasyConflict!Nothing suggest the impending trouble on the clear, freshOctobermorning when the King Flabbian IV failed to wake up at hisunusualtime. Yes, the King overslept, and all because the dwarfs(whoelse?) have stolen the precious crystal that for many yearskeptthe passage of time in the Kingdom. Retribution will beinescapableand the enforcement of peace lightning fast. The valiantRoyalGuard is already swiftly pursuing the thieving pipsqueakswhilebringing enlightened monarchy to neighboring provinces.The brave Royal Guard of Flabbian IV, armed with thelatesttechnological advance, lead by the most experienced militarychiefsof Baldoria and, most importantly, wielding long-lost magicspells,will fight for the King until the last dwarf flees thebattlefield. But is this the right path for the superpower and isOdinvon Sneezmark the bulwark against the national threat toBaldoria'sstock of crystals? The answers to these questions awaitthe mostcourageous and persistent players!In Fantasy Conflict, you will find:- Adventure filled with fabulous characters, magic and humor- Interesting and addictive campaign with 35differentmissions- 6 risky missions in Survival Battle mode- Your own castles that can be built further, expandedandarmed- Your pocket army with soldiers, dwarfs, cannons and evenbattleair balloons- Range of original magic spells and amulets that you can be useinbattle and further enhance- Many game achievements and awards, as well as achievements intheHeyzap network service
Fantasy Princess 1.0
Fantasy PrincessFantasy Princess is not like other princess game that you canseein google play, Fantasy Princess is a very fun platform gamebecauseshe can run, block and jump.and at the same time Fantasy Princess also can always changeherhair style and color just like princess game makeover stylefromother princess game.All you need to do is play the game and try to collect as manycolddrinks as you can because you'll gain coins from the cold drinkandwith that coin you can use them to purchase ingame itemsuchas,Princess Anna and Princess Elsa hair from the game frozen.While ejoying playing the platform game at the same time youalsoplay princess hair makeover game. You dont need to go to thesalonlike other salon game because in this Princess Jasminne gameif youwant to change your hair style or colorall you have to do is just simply touch the pause button andyourpause screen will pop up and from that screen you can purchaseallkind of hair.You can also touch the "shop" button to get special hair suchaselsa hair, anna hair, rapunzel hair from tangled, brave redhairand many more.Everytime you start the game you will have a bold characterofFantasy Princess but dont worry you can get all kind of hair innotime by touching the pause button and start your princesshairstyle salon,and inside you will simply start to makeover your hair, anycoloryou want red, yellow, black, grey or brown.
Candy Fantasy 1.9
Jumbos Games
FUNNY CANDY CLEAR GAMES UP TO 300LEVELS!A group of candies are staying together and they are standinginyour way,there are several colors of them,and some of them canbeturned into magic canides,e.g. bomb candy,verticalcandy,horizontal candy,your only way out is to eliminateall thesecandies by making use one of their magic features: theycan vanishonce you connect them together!This app is a candy clear game which has more than 7 themes andmoreare coming soon.Rule is simple,match 3 or more candies of thesamecolor,and magic things will happen! Create blasts! Startsoutsimple, but things get more and more interestingandchallenging.This apps is more than 300 levels. Start your sweet journey inthispuzzle adventure!Game Features:• Sweet and shining candies, very delicious!• Over 300 interesting levels• Multiple game goals, time mode, move mode, and more• Create a high score in your friends circle
Flying Fairy 1.0
Shield Apps
Flying Fairy - Help the PrettyLittleToothFairy to collect as many teeth as possible whileavoidingtheobstacles in the way. Flying Fairy is a fun flying gameforkidswith a challenging course. You control the fairy bytiltingyourmobile and can boost her speed using the boost button.Features:- Tilt your mobile to move the fairy up or down.- Press the boost button to increase her speed.- Do not hit the Towers.- Collect the good teeth!- Avoid bad teeth.- Cute graphics.- Fun background music.- It's FREE!Flying Fairy is free, easy and for everyone! DownloadFlyingFairytoday and help the tooth fairy to collect the teeth!Fly upand diveto dodge the castle towers and bad tooth! How farcan youfly?
Bubble Rival: Fantasy Shooter 1.0.10
Save Blubbles from Count Weevil and useyourBlubbles against him! Tackle cunning foes; squeeze pastsneakyobstacles and race against the clock! Match, aim, shoot,pop,battle, bobble, bust a move and race your way through300+addictive bubble popping puzzles! The most unique BubbleShooter todate.( '-' ) Bubble Rival Features ( '-' )• Unlimited lives and more gems to collect.• Challenge new Rivals along the path to Count Weevil.• Collect the cute "Blubbles" then use them againstyourRivals.• Explore Bubbletopia and meet new friends and foes alongtheway.• Use Rainbows, Bombs and other special power ups foraddedhelp!Are you ready to meet some Rivals?!Get the whole collection Blubbles. Go through the Bubbletopiaandfind new Blubbles from:Bubble Rival - Horror ( )Bubble Rival - City ( )Bubble Rival - Fantasy ( )Bubble Rival - Summer ( )Join the thousands of fans in our community on facebookandtwitter.Its Adventure time.
Fantasy Climber 1.0.4
Make you way up and climb as high asyoucan!
Archmage lite 2.2.0
Vitali Smyk
Archmage is fantasy turn-based cardgameinspired by original Arcomage and the simplest alternative ofMagicthe Gathering (MTG) for Android.- more than 200 cards to play- good AI (Artificial Intelligence)- any mobile devices supported- multi-player mode available- building your own decksIt is powerful reincarnation of the old game well knowasAcromage.Game requires touch screen.Move the card UP to play. Move the card DOWN to discard it.Good luck!!Full version difference:- No advertise- Private messages available by default- Upload own avatars- All cards available in standalone modeJoins us on twitter: @twittarchmageWhat players speak about our game***** 5 stars BogdanAwesome Very nice game! Totally recommend!***** 5 start PiciSehr gutes Spiel! Also es ist fast wie Yu-gi-oh! nur dasmanresourcen braucht um anzugreifen... Mit Zauberkarten kannmannatürlich auch seine resourcen aufstocken! Macht echt Spaß!***** 5 stars antonyPerfect Perfect game! Thank god I found a good trade card gameandit has offline mode!good work!***** 5 stars BarboraBasha Tuhle hru jsrm tady dlouho hledala a jsem rada, ze jsrmnasla.Presne jako v MaM. Opravdu doporucuji :-)