Top 47 Games Similar to Pokémon GO

ROBLOX 2.299.137632
* LIMITED-TIME OFFER (7/12 – 7/20): PlayRobloxHigh School now to get exclusive deals on special in-gameitemswhile this offer lasts!PLUS – For a limited-time, get 75% off on the exclusive,all-newPhoenix Backpack on Roblox! Wear the Phoenix Backpack whileplayingRoblox High School to get access to a lunchbox that grantsFREEitems and power-ups! *Welcome to the world’s largest social platform for play.Everymonth, over 55 million players imagine, build, and playtogetherwithin immersive 3D worlds. Everything in Roblox isuser-generated.Our growing community of 1.7 million creatorsproduce millions ofunique 3D multiplayer experiences using RobloxStudio - ourintuitive desktop design tool. It’s the reason we’recalled “TheImagination Platform.”THOUSANDS OF USER-GENERATED GAMESPlayers can create the ultimate theme park, compete asaprofessional race car driver, star in a fashion show, becomeasuperhero, or simply build a dream home and hang out withfriends.In this safe and moderated environment, imaginationrulessupreme.MASSIVELY ONLINE MULTIPLAYERHang out with your friends and millions of other virtualexplorersacross computers, mobile devices, tablets, consoles, andVR in awide variety of social games.CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERSTake on a new persona and dress up your avatar with thousandsofdifferent hats, shirts, faces, gear, and much, much more!CHAT WITH FRIENDSConnect with your friends online with in-game chat features,privatemessages, and groups!FREE-TO-PLAYRoblox is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.PLEASE NOTERoblox is free to download and install, but players can alsousereal money to purchase Robux (our virtual currency on Roblox)tospend on in-game upgrades or accessories for their avatar.Playerscan also purchase an optional “Builders Club” membership,whichprovides extra privileges and a daily Robux stipend (tap the“More”tab at the bottom of the screen in the app, and then“BuildersClub” to learn more).A network connection is required to play. Roblox games workbestover Wi-Fi.ALREADY A HAVE AN ACCOUNT?Login to your existing Roblox account and play on the go!SUPPORTHelp: POLICY’S GUIDE
Poke Fight 1.1.5
Ciklet Games
Super Poke monsters are waiting for you!Pixlef, Kaktus, Magma, Cino, Woden, Sandbo, Kloston, Ocpo,Ayce,Elektmas, Gowast, Gunlizer, Ciklet, Galfi, Xgeridho and manyPokeCharacters.★★★ FEATURES ★★★✔ Impressive Ultra HD Graphics✔ Excellent Places✔ 19 Awesome Poke Characters✔ Surprise Bonus Poke Characters✔ Special Abilities and Powers★★★ JOIN US ★★★✔ Facebook :✔ Twitter :
EvoCreo - Lite 1.5.0
Play EvoCreo for Free!Adventure through the land of Zenith filled with monsterscalled,Creo.Battle and trade with friends across platforms.Test your skills at the first arena in this demo versionofEvoCreo.Upgrade to the full version of the game to unlock all ofEvoCreo'sfeatures.The full version of the game includes:-Over 130 monsters to capture & evolve!-Fully animated monsters and characters-A massive open world to explore where Creo roam-An epic adventure over 40 hours long-Cross-platform multiplayer-Challenge other Evokers and become the ultimateEvokingMaster!-Customize your Creo’s moves, traits, and abilities to suityourvery own strategy!Like us on Facebook for more news andupdates:
Motu Patlu Game 1.1
Nazara Games
Celebrate the festival of Holi by joiningMotuPatlu and the gang in epic races against each other in a newthemefilled with colors and joy. Use awesome powers to slow downyouropponents and speed yourself up.Activate your characters favourite vehicles in the race for aquickboost. Upgrade the Scooter, Cycle, Bullet and the M80 with ingamecurrency rewards.Need a quick boost for a mission using Dr Jhatka's latestinventionsfrom the lab.6 levels and hundreds of exciting missions in thisexcitingplatformerShoot Exploding Rockets, use slow down waves and send out portalstoteleport players behind, use the magic hourglass to slow downtimefor your opponents.Drop deadly punch boxes in your wake to slow downyourcompetitors.FEATURES- Collect and use awesome power ups on your enemies.- Race in exotic locations from all over the country.- Earn coins as you win races and buy new characters and weaponstorace with.- Gain trophies by racing and try to top the leader boards.>> Install Motu Patlu Game today for Free.Motu Patlu game is bought to you by Nazara Games andJuneSoftware.Thanks for playing with us. Wish you a very Happy Holi*****************************************************************Game Requirements****************************************************************Motu Patlu Game respects your privacy, does not store anypersonalinformation and does not allow you share thisinformation.We do require a few additional Permissions to function:1. GET_ACCOUNTSThis permission uses your google account for In-App PurchasesandBilling Purposes only.2. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThis permission is needed to cache and read video content duringthegame play3. READ_PHONE_STATEThis permission is used to Detect Phone State duringGameplay,Pause, Incoming Call, and handle Internet issueselegantly.
Cats GO 2.5.8
Cats GO! Catch pocket cats in reallife!Augmented Reality! Find all the kitties in the city, buildingsandstreets! Search cats, go on geo map! Explore environment aroundyouto catch all the pocket cats creatures! Cats go is builtonAugmented Reality technology! Catch tricky pets at geolocations,reach the point on map and use the yarn ball to catchfurry pocketcats! Catch different kittens! Catch pets in real lifeand makeyour own Cats GO collection! Your aim is to catch as manypocketcats as possible! Catch kitties in the environment aroundyou!Catch them with friends! Find out which collection ofcaughtanimals is bigger! Learn catching cats in the AugmentedReality andtry to catch all the pocket cats!Cats GO features:- Augmented Reality Technology- Catching pocket cats & kittens is as interesting assearchingfor their geo locations on the map- Catch as many pets as you can and fill up your own CatsGOcollection- Explore the environment around you to catch pocket cats
Pikashu Dash 1.0
By force, the new game "Pikashu Dash"isanadventure game. The storyBegan when all pokemons of the camp become enemies of thepikashuthegladiator,Besides, he is also angry and will decide to fight them alltoliveandContinue his way to his master.How to play :- In your screen you will have:* Button A to run fast or launch an attack* B button to jump* Four arrows to move left or right- Try not to approach your enemies- Jump on your enemies to kill them, but be careful not all!- Collect as many hearts as you can to increase your scoreCharacteristics :- High quality chart- Easy to control joystick- Over 70 levels with increasing difficulty- Compatible with all smartphones and tablets- Play for all agesSo, are you willing to help Pikashu? If yes ... So you must beagoodteacher for him! ...Download the game "Pikashu Dash". Enjoy and sharewithyourfriendsGood luck for this adventure.
► MultiCraft ― Free Miner! 1.1.8
Welcome to the MultiCraft ― worldofunlimited opportunities! The real Adventures are waiting forYOUhere!Built and destroy blocks! Extract Resources and different Stuffthatwill help you easier to survive!Choose your side in this world – a Builder (mode Creative) oraRuthless Hunter, who will do everything to survive(modeSurvival)!► Be careful, in this world not only peaceful Animals, butanawful Monsters too! Win a battle with them and you willgetpriceless resources!► Swim across the seas for new lands and resources –landsare unlimited. Exploration their!► If you decided to survive – keep eye on hungerandfill out it in time! Search for food, grow plants andkillmobs for meat!► Built your shelter from the monsters and you will survivethisnight! They are coming for you… Zombies, Skeletons,HugeSpiders and other hostile mobs.► At any time you can fly to the skies with the mode“flight”or become fast as flash with the mode“acceleration”. Butremember, it will take your time!In this game your actions are unlimited only by yourimagination!With MultiCraft you can spend good time everywhere andevery minute!And it’s totally FREE!Do you want to play with your friends? Create your own server(LocalServer) or join one of the servers of Minetest. In thenearestfuture we plan to launch a large number of the non-stopservers ofMultiCraft.In this game they are waiting for you:⇒ Huge Spiders;⇒ Insidious Skeletons;⇒ Strong Zombies and other hostile mobs;⇒ Red ore and mechanisms;⇒ A realistic game process;⇒ Cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs;⇒ Hens lay eggs;⇒ Stable FPS and drawing card without lag;⇒ High game optimization and the generation of the world forallmodern devices;⇒ A lot of different biomes and the unique topography;⇒ Incredibly easy operation;⇒ Completely revised for easy management of the game;⇒ Single player;⇒ Multiplayer mode and accelerated flight.This is an original MultiCraft Open Source Project OpenSource,licensed under LGPLv3. License and source code can befound onthis site. Before using any part of the project MultiCraftYou mustfully read the license (attached to the source code).--- --- ---Official site
Benji Bananas 1.35
Benji Bananas
The best action adventure game on yourAndroid!And it's free!Exciting and fun physics based adventure game!Fly from vine to vine, but watch out for dangers lurking inthejungle. Earn bananas to get upgrades, specials and powerups.Features:- Beautiful cartoon & hand drawn like graphics- Fun physics based gameplay (swing a monkey along ropes togetforward)- Make your run through various landscapes (temple ruins,waterfallsand jungles)- Collect fruits like bananas and chilis to gain moreupgrades- Unlock special powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boostandeagle ride- Cloth your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask)- Different kinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burning ropesetc.)Download now and experience the joy of flying along thevinesthrough various environments!If you have any issues with the game, please contact our supportatsupport@fingersoft.netCheck out the Benji Bananas websiteat Bananas is developed by TribeFlame Ltd. and publishedbyFingersoft Ltd.
Subway Princess Jungle Run 3.0
2015 Subway Princess Jungle Run Game .This is the thrilling and exhilarating Subway PrincessJunglerunning game. Enjoy the run through the mysterious junglewith oursubway princess.You will be faced with unknown dangers, unthinkable obstacles,fearand much much more...So what are you waiting for? Subway Princess is waitingonYou!The Subway princess jungle running game will have you playingforhours. The subway princess runs, the princess races and you havetoensure she gets through all those obstacles! So are you gamed?Andready to play Subway Princess through the hours and hours ofgameplay!All your friends will be playing our Subway running gamewithyou.There are many levels and you will graduate to higher levels asyouget better with Subway Princess. We guarantee that thisPrincesrace game will keep you busy for hours and hours regardlessif youare a casual or an expert player.The game has tense rhythm, amazing graphics, and smoothcontrolfeelings.Are you itching to find out how to play with Subway Princess?-Simply install and open Subway Princess Jungle Run game app.-Click the start button and enjoy a quick fun game.Help the subway princess reach her goals now!We welcome all comments and idea on how to improve oursubwayprincess jungle game, so please feel free to contact us viaourdeveloper contact button and share your ideas.Please don’t leave game change requests for Subway Princess inthecomments, instead contact us. We try to read each and everycommentbut sometimes with many comments coming in we might missyouridea.
Masha and the Bear Child Games 2.5.1
Indigo Kids
A girl in an exceedingly pink sundressisasking you to play learning games for toddlers! This can be asetof thirteen mini games free for kids based on famouscartoonsseries «Masha and the Bear». If your child love baby gamesforgirls and boys then this one is should have!If you wish good games for free for your kid, you may love it!Mashaand the Bear have many funny things to do in the forest andtheydefinitely need some help from your kid in these fun gamesforkids.Collect berries and sort them to create jam in kidseducationalgames! Keep the hungry bees away from honey. Saveanimals from theriver in our learning games for toddlers. Don'tforget to sort thelogs (good - for construction, bad - forfireplace) in these fungames for kids. Dinner preparation isanother cool task in babygames for girls and boys - you need tosearch for food all aroundthe house inside our mini gamesfree.The world of Masha and the Bear baby games for girls and boys isamagic place where children can fly an airplane. Walk withMashainto amazing forest, count butterflies and help her beatPenguin inhockey and other kids educational games. And once eveningcomes,it’s concert time!You can find all the characters of the «Masha and the Bear»cartoonin these good games for free - so children will love to bethe partof favorite story.13 mini games free provide children with many hours of joy andfun,moreover learning games for toddlers weaved into the gameplayandstories. Baby games for girls and boys assistdevelopconcentration, visual memory and investigation skills withnumbers,thus adults don’t have to be worry regarding their kidshanging anexcessive amount of time with a tablet and learn nothingnew. Ourkids educational games contain a baby intuitive interfaceandappropriate for boys and girls from two to nine.So what is on the agenda nowadays, Masha and the Bear? There’shelpcoming back from toddlers in fun games for kids!Before downloading Masha and the Bear good games for freepleasemake sure you have empty 250 MB on your device. Thankyou!App features:- 13 mini games free- talking Masha with the genuine phrases from the cartoon- learning games for toddlers aged two to nine years- fun games for kids train memory and visual memory- good games for free which based on «Masha and the Bear»cartoonseries- all characters from the cartoon in mini games free- kids educational games develop cerebration- teaches numbers and basics of math;- baby games for girls and boys develop reactionandcoordination- intuitive interface in these learning games for toddlers andgoodgames for free with Masha and Bear.We create fun games for kids about Masha and the Bear. IndigoKidsis a whole world of kids educational games and quality babygamesfor girls and boys! We believe that education should be freeandaccessible, and the knowledge gained through mini gamesfreeabsorbed quickly and for good. We have confidence that thetimespent by a baby with a tablet and learning games for toddlerscanbecome an extra supply of new discoveries.If you have questions write us!E-mail: support@indigokidsgames.comWebsite:
Monster City 7.33
Tap Pocket
Bored with all of the monster game??? Welltimeto say goodbye to boredom, a new, exciting game of monsters isjusta click away. Play “Monster City” and get cute, adorable,andfriendly monsters.A life time experience with monsters in the land of adventureiswaiting for you. Feed your monsters; train them for battleagainstopponents all over the world. Crossbreed to get new, rare,exotic,legendary monsters. Explore lands full of fun and adventure.Assignthe villagers to feed the monsters. Build your land ofimagination.Explore different kinds of land. Free to play inandroid and allIOS devices.Features:- Free to play in android and IOS device.- Cute, rare, adorable, legendary monsters.- Battle against opponents and win the ultimate battleofmonsters.- Crossbreed the monsters to get rare & exotic ones.- Add multiple habitats to evolve your monsters.- Build your own imaginary land.
Minecraft: Story Mode 1.37
Episode 1 - FREE - THE ADVENTURE OF ALIFETIMEIN THE WORLD OF MINECRAFT***Continue your adventures with the New Order of the Stonebypurchasing the Adventure Pass (via in-app), which includesaccessto download Episodes Six, Seven, and Eight***In this five part episodic series, play as either a male orfemalehero named 'Jesse,' and embark on a perilous adventure acrosstheOverworld, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond. You andyourfriends revere the legendary Order of the Stone: Warrior,RedstoneEngineer, Griefer, and Architect; slayers of the EnderDragon.While at EnderCon in hopes of meeting Gabriel the Warrior,you andyour friends discover that something is wrong… somethingdreadful.Terror is unleashed, and you must set out on a quest tofind TheOrder of the Stone if you are to save your worldfromoblivion.• Created by award-winning adventure game powerhouse TelltaleGames,in partnership with Minecraft creators, Mojang• Featuring the voices of Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn,AshleyJohnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Dave Fennoy, CoreyFeldman,Billy West, and Paul Reubens• You will drive the story through the decisions you make: whatyousay to people (and how you say it), and what you choose to doinmoments of thrilling action will make this YOUR storyMinimum specs:GPU: Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, PowerVR SGX544, orTegra4CPU: Dual core 1.2GHzMemory: 1GB- - - -Examples of supported devices include:- Galaxy S5 and up- HTC One (M7)- LG G2/G2 Mini and up- Motorola Moto XExamples of unsupported devices include:- Galaxy Tab 4 and below- Galaxy S5 Mini and below- Nexus 7 2012- Droid RAZR
Ice Age Adventures 2.0.4a
Scrat's nutty pursuit of the cursed acornhasworld-changing consequences.Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herd are suddenly floatingoutto sea at the edge of a continental cataclysm. Left all alone,Sidneeds your help to rescue his friends and save the entireherd.Get ready for ICE AGE ADVENTURES!EPIC ADVENTURE• Explore the unknown with Sid, Manny & Diego asplayablecharacters• Discover incredible environments like snowy islandsandtreacherous lush lands• Overcome extreme hurdles and encounters with threatening foesinorder to find the missing herdRESCUE THE ENTIRE HERD• Play a match-3 mini-game to save the animals• Sled with Sid and rescue the herd's babies• Recruit Precious and bring the herd together quicklyA COMPLETE SCRAT-ASTROPHE• Help Scrat escape an avalanche in an exciting and addictiverunnermini-game• Use rescued animals as power-ups• Compete against friends in daily/weekly challenges and earnbigrewardsMOVIE-LIKE EXPERIENCE• A unique storyline featuring the official voices of thethreeplayable characters• Beautiful 3D graphics will immerse you in the world ofICEAGE• Fun animations give life to all characters_____________________________________________You can download and play this game for free. Please beinformedthat it also allows you to play using virtual currency,which canbe acquired as you progress through the game, or bydeciding towatch certain advertisements, or by paying with realmoney.Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performedusinga credit card, or other form of payment associated withyouraccount, and are activated when you input your Google Playaccountpassword, without the need to re-enter your credit cardnumber orPIN.In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting theauthenticationsettings within your Play Store settings (Google PlayStore Home> Settings > Require authentication for purchases)andsetting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutesorNever.Disabling password protection may result in unauthorizedpurchases.We strongly encourage you to keep password protectionturned on ifyou have children or if others could have access toyourdevice.This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or somethirdparties which will redirect you to a third-party site. Youcandisable your device’s ad identifier being used forinterest-basedadvertising in the settings menu of your device.This option can befound in the Settings app > Accounts(Personal) > Google >Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt outof interest-based ads.Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connecttothe Internet._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Discover our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Clumsy Ninja
Meet Clumsy Ninja, the most hapless ninjaeverto grace a touchscreen!Train him, throw him, tickle him, and even tie balloons tohim.Everything you do will make Clumsy Ninja more skillful, andhelphim find his missing friend Kira.Clumsy Ninja is the next generation of interactive characters!Hecan sense, feel, move, and react uniquely every time. Prepare tobeamazed…oh, and please take good care of him!BELT UPTrain your ninja to learn new tricks and super-special NinjaMoves!Impress his Sensei and earn new Ninja Belts on your way tofindKira, or just have fun with over 70 unique interactiveitems,including trampolines, punch bags, ball guns, a chicken and…asquirrel!ADVENTURE TIMEYou and your ninja will travel to new locations, play newgames,meet new characters, complete quests and unlock fun new itemstoplay with. How many will you discover?CUSTOMIZE & SHARECustomize Clumsy Ninja’s suits, belts and headbands to matchyourstyle. Take photos of your ninja’s craziest stunts, and sharethefun with friends instantly. Keep your eyes peeled: there aremanysurprises waiting for you!UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTSClumsy Ninja is a living virtual friend who thinks and actswithreal intelligence - and a lot of clumsiness! You’llexperienceunique moments with your ninja and his companions everytime youplay!FIRST ON TOUCH DEVICES!Clumsy Ninja is the first game on touch devices to ever usetheEUPHORIA simulation technology – producing the mostbelievablecharacter you’ll have ever seen.----Make sure you play online to gain access to the latest contentandfeatures, and to ensure that your profile is backeduponline.Requires Android OS 2.3 or later.PLEASE NOTE! Clumsy Ninja is free to play, but it containsitemsthat can be purchased for real money.To prevent unauthorised purchases, select “Set or Change PIN”fromthe Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the“UsePIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required to enteryourPIN before every transaction.Requires Android OS 2.3 and aboveClumsy Ninja is published by NaturalMotion Games--------------------------------------Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: to our YouTubechannel: of Service: Policy:
Danger Dash 3.0.3
*** Are you a real adventurer? ***Run and escape from evil tigers!UNLOCK COOL CHARACTERSCollect coins and run for your life as the hero Chuck Ace,theadventurer Miranda Rose, or the powerful Blowing Wind.Completemissions, escape danger and become a Real Adventurer ifyou've gotwhat it takes...PUSH YOUR SPEED TO THE LIMIT IN EXOTIC SETTINGSRun through the jungle, survive a rush of obstacles in a lostcity,and hold on for dear life in the mysterious temple! A realrunnercould do it!JUMP & SLIDE PAST DEADLY TRAPSRush past wild obstacles in a super-fast dash, jump over columnsorbroken trees, and slide fast under dangerous traps!.GRAB POWER-UPS FOR A SUPER CHARGE!Use powerful upgrades like the Revival Ankh, The Tiger, orJungleFever to become more powerful, increase your speed, unlocknewlevels and grow your capacity!LEAVE ALL YOUR FRIENDS IN THE DUST!Track your ranking on the online leaderboards and mark yourfriendsto follow their scores. Make sure you leave them all inthedust!A game made only for real runners who are not afraid ofpushingtheir speed to the limit in a dangerous dash to victory. Doyouhave what it takes to be a Real Adventurer? Run and proveit!_____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.__________This app may contain third party advertisements that mayredirectyou to a third party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Dragon Land 3.2.2
Social Point
Social Point welcomes you to Dragon Land,thebrand new 3D platform game that’s packed with stunninglevels,arcade action and awesome dragons! Expand your dragoncollectionand set off on the adventure of a lifetime!Jump, dash, climb and glide your way through every episode.Unlocknew dragons and learn different skills!When a mysterious evil appears, it’s up to the plucky dragonBlazeto save his friends and return peace to the world. Inspiredbyclassic games, Dragon Land is a thrilling and fun platformerforeveryone!DRAGON LAND FEATURES:3D Platformer Campaign- Jump through over 100 levels full of rewards andsecretitems!- 3D graphics and gameplay, just like your favoriteoldschoolgames!- Secret levels: find keys to unlock theseextra-tough,extra-rewarding areas.- Multiplayer challenges where you race against friends in realtimeto climb the rankings!Dragon Collection & Upgrades- Collect dozens of unique dragons, each with their ownspecialskill!- Dragons get even more impressive when you level them up!- Customize dragons with unique skins.Challenge Levels in Quick Play- One hit, infinite levels. How far you can get?- Beat your friends’ scores in this challenging mode!Stay tuned for regular updates. New levels and featuresaddedconstantly!Adventure and action awaits in Dragon Land, the episode based3Dplatformer from Social Point! Take control of Blaze and savethedragons!Download Dragon Land and enter the world of dragons today!Are you enjoying the game? We’d like to know! Leave us a nicereviewsharing your thoughts!Having an issue? Go to Menu > Support, we’ll try to help youthebest way we can!Dragon Land is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, youcanpurchase in-app items with real money. If you wish to disablethisfeature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phoneortablet’s Settings.
Cats GO: Offline 2.3.0
Cats GO: Offline! Catch pocket cats inreallife without using GPS! Search and find cats without actualmovingon geo map! Explore environment around you to catch all thepocketcats creatures not leaving home! Cats GO: Offline works justas theoriginal Cats GO, you just can stay in one place to play!Cats GO:Offline is built on Augmented Reality technology! Catch allthetricky pocket pet! Use the yarn ball to catch furry pocketcats!Catch different kittens! Catch pets in real life and make yourownCats GO collection! Your aim is to catch as many pocket catsaspossible! Catch kitties in the environment around you! Catchthemwith friends offline! Find out which collection of caughtanimalsis bigger! Learn catching cats in the Augmented Reality andtry tocatch all the pocket cats!Cats GO: Offline features:- Play as original Cats GO but works without GPS and moving onrealmap!- Play Cats GO and catch pocket cats not leaving home!- Augmented Reality Technology- Catch as many pets as you can and fill up your own CatsGOcollection- Explore the environment around you to catch pocket cats
Swordigo 1.3.3
Touch Foo
An epic 2.5D platformer and #1 Adventuregamein the US and other countries, now also available forAndroidphones and tablets!“Swordigo is a love letter to the platforming and adventuregamesof the past.” — SlideToPlay, 4/4“There’s never a dull movement as you hop between platformsandslash your sword against a plethora of enemies.” —Apple’n’Apps,4.5/5“Honestly, if you only buy one game this week, you shouldchooseSwordigo.” — AppAdviceRun, jump and fight your way through a vast world to defeatthespreading corruption.A GREAT ADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns, treasures anddeviousmonsters.• Gain experience and level up your character.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerful weapons, items and spells to defeatyourenemies.DYNAMIC LIGHTING• Venture into gloomy caves and dungeons illuminated bytheatmospheric dynamic lighting system.OPTIMIZED GAMEPLAY• Precise touch controls designed specifically for smartphonesandtablets.• Customize the controls to your preference.
3D Maze 2: Diamonds & Ghosts💎 2.7
★★★ 3D Maze 2 is finally here! ★★★3D Maze 2: Diamonds & Ghosts it's a new free version of 3DMazefamily adventure and puzzle games.First edition of 3D Maze was downloaded 10 million times!Thankyou!This time you have 8 big levels designed in different ways withnewfeatures. Are you ready for exploration?Collect gems, avoid ghosts and check how fast you can reachtheend!Our game is totally free. There are no in-app payments as inothergames. Each item in game you can buy by collecting diamondsduringlevel exploration. If you want to earn diamonds faster Youcansimply watch a video ad for 10 points!★★★★★ New features ★★★★★★ Jump!Now you can jump and see what's happening far away! Just tapthebutton on the left-bottom corner.★ Maps!New levels are not easy. To avoid you frustration now you cancheckwhere you are in the 2D map... Prepare your memory :)You can move and zoom map using swipe and pinch gesture.★ Collect gems to unlock new characters and features!Yellow Gem - gives you 5 points each gem. Collect them tounlockfeatures or to save you from the ghosts.Violet Gem - gives you shield for 20 seconds which protects youfromthe ghosts.Red Diamond - unlocks Super Speed for 8 seconds. You will runwithfire!Remember - gems are counting to your end score only if you reachtheend of the level.★ New characters!Collect proper amount of gems and buy new sweet characters. Youhavesix new characters to choose: Mazer, Soldier, African,Mazecraft,Doogie and Devil. Characters have different speeds. Ifyou runfaster you will achieve better times.Unlock Soldier by liking our fanpage!★ Shield and Super SpeedIf you earn enough points from gems you can unlock Shieldwhichprotects you from the ghost in entire gameplay. Super Speedgivesyou unlimited increase of speed to achieve better times! Allyouneed is to earn 1000 points for Shield or 1200 for SuperSpeed,press Unlock and turn it ON!★ Ghosts!Be careful, now ghost are wandering in the labyrinth. Some kidssaysthey are scary! You have three options to handle withthem:- avoid or jump over them :)- use shield (you need to find Violet Gem)- if you bump into ghost use "Save Me" functionality which youcanuse if you have at least 20 points (4 Yellow Gems). Shortcartoonbattle will begin and ghost will be defeated.★ AchievementsUnlock all 7 achievements by buying characters and features.★ Gold StarsWhen you reach the end you will see how many gold stars didyouget.3 gold stars? You rock!★ Treat for Minecraft fansIn level 4 you will get to the blocky labyrinth. Survive aroundtheghost in pixelated labyrinth with great 8 bit music.However in this level you cannot craft anything. Sorry :)★ Banner Ads are annoying you?Thanks to ads you're playing for free with no in-apppayments.But you can simply remove banner ads when you earn 100points.Rest of the features:★ LeaderboardsLogin to Google+ by clicking on Google Play Games icon andchallengethe people around the world! Become a king oflabyrinths!★ Enjoy excellent HD graphics and musicThis application is not affiliated in any way with MojangAB(Minecraft creators).--------------------------------------Are you fan of 3D Maze 2? Like us on facebook or follow usonTwitter:
Bounce Classic Game
If you are a fan of the classic bouncegame,Bounce Classic is game for you. Bounce classic game will bringyouback old memories.The player controls a red bouncing ball through 11 levels. He hastoavoid obstacles and collect all the rings to get to thenextlevel.Collecting crystals gain extra points, while crystal balls giveanextra life. Jumping on rubber floors give extra Bounce.Features:- Beautiful HD graphics- Original levels most popular Nokia.- Intuitive controls- Play every where and every timeMost popular mobile classic game: Bounce Classic - now onyourAndroid devices!
Rayman Adventures
The enchanted forest is in trouble; theancienteggs that sustain the sacred tree have been stolen andscatteredacross the world.Embark on an amazing adventure through legendary worlds tohelpRayman and his friends rescue the Incrediballs’ eggs to breathenewlife into the sacred tree!FEATURES· Experience an exciting mix of ACTION and EXPLORATION.· SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the Incrediballs and bringthemhome.· Unleash the POWER of the Incrediballs to conquerepicadventures!· CARE for the Incrediballs: feed them, play with them and evenMAKEMUSIC together!· GROW the tallest TREE in the world and soar abovetheCOMPETITION!· Set off on a gorgeous adventure with AMAZING VISUALSandCONTROLS!Jump into the action and battle minotaurs, bandits and manyothermonsters in Rayman Adventures!Journey through various mysterious lands, haunted medievalcastlesand the mythical worlds of Olympus and unravel theirhiddensecrets!Game available in: English, French, Italian, German,Spanish,Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian,Swedish,Turkish, Korean, JapanesePLEASE NOTE: This game is free to download and play but somegameitems can be purchased for real money. You can disablein-apppurchases in your device's settings.
Jungle Adventures - free 6.3
Rendered Ideas presents classic sidescrollergame "Jungle Adventures". This game bring back memories ofoldschool arcade games with numerous adventure. World of thisgamecontains well designed levels, various enemies, bosses,simplegameplay, nice graphics and soothing music and sounds.On beautiful sunny day Addu and his girlfriend were eatingapplestogether and enjoying life and suddenly "Evil LionMonster"appeared from deep jungle out of no where. That evilmostercaptured Addu's girlfriend and ran away in deep jungle. Adduis onadventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeating Lion Monsterandteach him a lesson.To bring Addu's girlfriend back he needs your help. Run andjumpthrough the deep jungle, avoid traps, clear all enemies in yourwayand defeat all bosses. "Jungle adventure" will give youclassicfeel throughout the game with side scrolling view.Features :+ Classic gameplay+ Simple yet beautiful graphics+ Easy and intuitive controls+ Ability to double jump+ More than 80 unique levels+ Ton of boss battles+ Suitable for all agesIf you really love arcade type jungle run games, this gameisperfect choice for you and your kids.Get "Jungle Adventures" for free today.Remember that we're always reading your feedback and are hardatwork creating new characters, levels,features and also fixinganyissues you may find. Contact us on ifyouneed any help!Official website: Us to get news and updates: watch our gameplay videos:
Survival Island: Evolve 1.17
You don’t remember how you got to thisisland,but now you’re stranded in the wild. Surviving here will benosimple task. First you’ll need to find food, craft someprimitivetools, and build a shelter. Think you have what it takes?Yoursurvival adventure is about to begin…Game features:*Explore the wilderness!*Build your house from the ground up!*Utilize an extensive crafting system with tons of recipes!*Meet the island fauna!*Island survival sandbox simulator.Survivallist tips:★Begin with chopping wood in the forest. Wood is usedforcraft.★Craft armor and weapons for fighting wild animals.★Don’t starve, survivor: collect all available resources tokeepyourself fed.★Craft everything you might need.★Keep track of your health, or you won’t survive…If you like other survival games, play Survival Island: Evolve–it’ll be just what you’re looking for. Begin yoursurvivaladventure now!*IMPORTANT. Online multiplayer is still in development and willbeavailable soon. Follow our newsfeed to be the first to knowwhenyou can play with friends!We’re on social networks:FB:
IV Go(get IV for Pokemon) 10.4
Just simple!IV GO reveals EVERYTHING you need to know about your Pokemoninvarious clear and concise formats.SHADOW BANNED WARNING:**We recommend you to use the offline mode (manually input),whichis 100% safe for your account**If you have problems, please email to yijhen.yang@gmail.comMany thanks to Korean version translators:Baek Su-whan, Kim Yong-juMany thanks to translators:Ken, Luis, Mayke, Étienne, Andrey, Yunes Calore, TommyFlankert,Raymond
Super Adventure Games World 2.0
Super Adventure Games World the bestsupermaker game. It contains many difficult levels to play. Run andgainlots of coins as you can. Download to play and discover.Features:- Many worlds to play- Beautiful graphics and really nice control- Difficult and challenged levels- Try to get highscore
Jungle Monkey 2 1.6.10
New more fun 12 levels, come to play !Jungle Monkey 2 is a cool running and jumping game. It's aneasierversion.Monkey Kong is a brave, agile and lovely monkey, on a beautifuldayhe went into the jungle to pick up fruits.But the jungle is fullofdanger,he needs your help !Would you like to join him to start the exciting adventureinjungle? 1 2 3 GO.***How to play***1.Just tap the screen to let the monkey jump.2.Collect bananas as many as you can,do not fall offtheground.3.Run to the end of jungle to pass the level.***Features***1.Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.2.24 levels and 3 scenes you can play and more levels will beaddedin future.
Jungle Adventures 2 5.4
Super adventuresWinner of 24 FPS International Best Game Design 2016 award!!!The Fruity forest is in trouble, A mighty magician has stolenallthe fruits of the jungle to become immortal.Addu, Our fearless adventurer along with his loyal pet bullionsetout to bring all fruits back to breathe new life into hishomeland.Discover Addu’s amazing new abilities.• Addu could jump, swim and throw stones.• Now he can pick up, throw and glide.• He can ride his pets to assist him in his journey.• Run, jump and explore the arcades.Jungle Adventures FEATURES• Experience an exciting mix between ACTION and EXPLORATION• SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the fruits and bring them home• Set off on a gorgeous adventure with AMAZING VISUALS• Smooth controls• Lots of bosses and super cute enemies to defeat.• A lot of funRemember that we're always reading your feedback and are hardatwork creating new characters, levels,features and also fixinganyissues you may find. Contact us on ifyouneed any help!Official website: Us to get news and updates: watch our gameplay videos:
Recommended for kids aged 5-11.BATTLE THE STONE ARMYThe evil Monstrox and his Stone Army is attacking Knighton insearchfor the Forbidden Powers that will awaken an unspeakableforce ofdarkness. Our NEXO NIGHTS heroes must build and use theirarsenal ofNEXO Powers to rule the battlefield and saveKnighton.BUILD THE ULTIMATE COMBO POWERThere is only one way to stand a chance against theenemy’sForbidden Powers – NEXO COMBO POWERS! By combing threesingle NEXOPowers you accomplish a unmatched COMBO POWER – a key tovictory.Strategize and find the right powers to help build thestrongestcombo you can think of. Scan it into the game and see ifyou canbeat the Forbidden Powers.CONTROL THE NEW BATTLE SUITSThe tech-knights have new gear; collect blueprints for theBattleSuits so you can control them yourself in all-newmissions.HOW TO COLLECT NEXO POWERSUse NEXO Scan to collect awesome battle skills in therealworld.The more NEXO Powers you collect, the more powerfulyoubecome.Collect, battle and save Knighton!LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: MERLOK 2.0 is free to play and offers noin-apppurchases.Compatible with: app support contact LEGO Consumer Service.For contact details refer to privacy policy and terms of use for apps are accepted ifyoudownload this app.Read more on and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2017TheLEGO Group.
Alien Ben Blitzwolfer Lycan 1.1
Are u crazy fans of ben alien andBlitzwolfer(benwolf)?Blitzwolfer, formerly known as Benwolf, is the Omnitrix's DNAsampleof a Loboan from Anur Transyl's moon, Luna Lobo in theAnurSystem.Transform to Blitzwolfer (benwolf), battle and fight in BenAlienBlitzwolfer Lycan.While Ben was transforming into Blitzwolfer for the first time,hisfirst stage of transformation resembles Ben.He had bushy sideburns, sharp claws on his feet and hands,sharpteeth, longer hair, and grey skin.He starts out with the Omnitrix on his left arm, whichwilldisappear by the final stage of transforming.In the final stage of transformation, he resembles hisfullytransformed form but has Ben's clothing and no Omnitrix on hisleftarm.Blitzwolfer's appearance is based on a werewolf. He has grey fur,along flowing mane, and a large bushy tail, with three sharpclawson each hand and foot. The inside of his mouth is green.Blitzwolfer wore the original Omnitrix symbol on his lowerstomachin the original series.Play as Ben and unlock his alien powers as he takes on the evilsofthe galaxy.Ben Alien Blitzwolfer Lycan is an all-new free game whereyouunleash your favorite aliens from TV series.As Ben you must use the skills of various alien forms tostopAggregor and other villains across the galaxy.This scenario in game you will be controling ben creature tocollectomni energy to find another species of alienThis really fun game will be nice for relaxing, with beautifulspacescene and many feature will make you love this gameThis is a real funny game that children can amuse themselves withintheir free time.Prove yourself as a true a professional gamer. Use youromnitrixskateboard to jump over the zombies.Ben Alien Blitzwolfer Lycan is an fighting game in anawesomeenvironment!Use Ben's alien powers and weapons to take down the evil geniusDrpsychobos in a gigantic BEN adventure !Explore the galaxy and battle tons of bad guys in wrathofpsychobos!So after coming from the far galaxy our hero is in a mission tosavehumanity.Feature in Ben Alien Blitzwolfer Lycan :- Amazing gameplay- Easy to Play- Super addicting game for Kid
Draw Your Game 3.3.469
“I wish I could make my own video game.”Whoamong us hasn't thought that at some point? Draw Your Game isauser-friendly application allowing anyone and everyone tocreatetheir own video game in a few quick steps:▶ Draw your game's world on a piece of paper, using fourdifferentcolors (black, blue, green and red).▶ Use the 'Draw Your Game' app to take a picture ofyourdrawing.▶ Wait 10 seconds, while Draw Your Game transforms the drawingintoa game.▶ Play your game, with a character that you can control.▶ Share your creation with other Draw Your Game users.The game is FREE (with adverts)▶ For free, you can finished the game and unlock all features ifyouplay in the campaign mode.▶ You earn a sticker each level you win and you unlock afeaturewhen you finish a season.▶ You need to wait 2 hours between each season unlocked.▶ There is a video advert avery 5 minutes.If you don't want to wait or if you don't want to play inthecampaign mode, you can purchase to unlock features.▶ One by one if you want to consume your stickers.▶ You can buy the "Full Version" to unlock all at once.▶ A special offer is available for the "Full Version" the first24h(30%).Four different colors to create the world of your choosing:▶ Black for stationary floors/ground;▶ Blue for movable objects that the character can pusharound;▶ Green for elements that the character will bounce off of;▶ Red for objects that will destroy the character or theblueobjects.The Draw Your Game app allows you to create an infinite numberofworlds, either on the same sheet of paper or by adding newsheets,one after the other, to create a real story line.There are two available modes:▶ “Create” mode, to create your own worlds;▶ “Play” mode, to play in the worlds created by thecommunity,either in “campaign” mode (worlds selected by our team),or in“catalogue” mode, where you can use search criteria to chooseaworld yourself.There are several ways to play the different worlds, atthecreator's choice:▶ “Escape”: the character must find a way off the paper toescapeand win the game;▶ “Destruction”: the character must push blue objects into redonesto destroy them.Our teams approve each new world before releasing it tothecommunity, and a rating system is used to rank the topworldsagainst one another.[Authorizations]Draw Your Game requires an Internet connection in order to:▶ Access games created by other players;▶ Share your creations.[Limitations]▶ Draw Your Game only runs on smartphones and tablets with acamerathat can be used to scan your drawings.[ Drawing recommendations ]▶ Use fairly wide felt-tip pens.▶ Choose vivid colors.▶ Take pictures under good lighting.
Ben Samurai - Ultimate Alien 1.0
Baby games
Are you crazy fans of samurai andbenalien?This game : Ben Samurai Warrior - Ultimate Alien is anfightinggamein an awesome environment!Its hero time! Help Ben on a secret mission to save theworld.Use Ben's alien powers and weapons to take down the evil Kenkoinagigantic BEN adventure !Explore the galaxy and battle tons of bad guys inwrathofpsychobos!Ben go feedpire the mixture of the huge feedbackandwhampire10.So after coming from the far galaxy our hero is in a missiontosavehumanity.Players can enjoy as Ben alien ten move through adventuretriptocollect as much coins you can.Transform, battle and fight in Ben SamuraiWarrior-UltimateAlien.Play as Ben and unlock his alien powers as he takes on theevilsofthe galaxy.Ben fight Universe Alien is an all-new free game whereyouunleashyour favorite aliens from TV series.As Ben you must use the skills of various alien formstostopAggregor and other villains across the galaxy.This scenario in game you will be controling ben creaturetocollectomni energy to find another species of alienThis really fun game will be nice for relaxing, withbeautifulspacescene and many feature will make you love thisgameThis is a real funny game that children can amuse themselveswithintheir free time.So are you able to hit your new score? Then show us whatyoucando.Prove yourself as a true a professional gamer. Useyouromnitrixskateboard to jump over the zombies.Power Surge Feature :- Nice Graphic- Many alien creature- Amazing gameplay- Easy to Play- Super addicting game for Kid
Monster World - Fire 1.0.7
Monster World: Story about a thousand yearswarof 2 Gods, one manage Heaven, one manage Earth. Who will win?Monster World: World of Pet and Legendary Monster. With theboy,Neil, find his childhood girl friend and discover the bigmysteryabout her life.Monster World: Carry your monster in a Pet ball, batlewithothers and catch wild monsters to train. Lets become the bestpettrainer - Golden Pet Trainer.Monster World: More then 100 pets, divided in 7 types.Ainteresting world is wait for discovered.
Fly and survive through the 🏆 Game oftheYear -winning action adventure BADLAND.More than 50 MILLION players and counting!★ 5/5 - AppSmile★ 4/4 - Slide to Play★ 5/5 - AppSpy★ 9.2/10 -★ 9/10 - Destructoid★ 4.5/5 - TouchArcade"BADLAND is one of the most beautiful games on Android and oneofthe must download games of 2013." -- AndroidAuthority“BADLAND is a standout game that we can’t stop playing.”--AppSmile“BADLAND’s unique gameplay and atmosphere make it amust-download.”-- Slide to Play“BADLAND doesn’t simply look pretty, it’s an absolute treat toplay”-- AppSpy“A hallmark of excellence.” -- Destructoid🏆 Outstanding Mobile Game -- Satellite Awards 2014🏆 Grand Prix -- the International Mobile GamingAwards2014🏆 Nordic Indie Sensation Award -- Nordic Game 2013🏆 Apple Design Award 2013🏆 Apple iPad Game of the Year 2013OVERVIEWBADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric side-scrollingactionadventure platformer set in a gorgeous forest full ofvariousinhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest appearsto beright out of a beautiful fairy tale, there’s somethingterriblywrong. The player controls one of the forest dwellers tofind outwhat’s going on, and discovers an astonishing number ofimaginativetraps and obstacles on the way.BADLAND takes side-scrollers to the next level with itsinnovativephysics-based gameplay combined with stunning,atmospheric graphicsand audio.BADLAND also features a highly original local multiplayer modeforup to four players on the same device, where the name of thegameis survival of the fittest with no rules. It’s totally OK topushyour rivals in front of spinning circular saws to survive. Or,ifthat's too rough for you, you can also cooperate with yourfriendsand play the modified single player campaign with up tofourplayers.FEATURES• SINGLE PLAYER campaign with 100 truly unique levels andmorecoming in updates• MULTIPLAYER mode for up to four players on the same device in23levels and more content in future updates• COOPERATIVE mode for up to four players - Survive themodifiedsingle player campaign with your friends• LEVEL EDITOR: Create levels, share & play!• LEVEL WORLD: New levels to play all the time• Intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovativeleveldesign• Full support for game controllers 🎮• Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience• Designed for Android phones, tablets and Android TV• Supports Cloud Save and Immersive mode• More levels and content coming in updatesNow featured on NVIDIA TegraZone. Plays great with fullcontrollersupport 🎮 on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet,and AndroidTV.Follow usFacebook - - / www - http://www.badlandgame.comBADLAND Forum -
Crafting and Building 2.4.3
Do you like building games? CraftingandBuilding is a new free building game. Download now the FREE gameof2017!Start building and show the world your best game andconstructions.Crafting and Building is a free game for the wholefamily: fromkids, boys and girls, to adults.Features:- Building game: Build your own constructions. Who will havethebest building?- Fun game: Play with villagers and animals it is so fun!- Cool game: Find a hidden cave with your friends, multiplayermodeis cool!- Perfect game for the family: boys and girls will love it.- One of the best simulation games: start constructing yourhouseand meet your neighbors.- Cool graphics: enjoy the best pixel graphics with high fps.- Free game: play the game for free!- Choose your character: boy or girl? Custom skin ?- Build anything: house with a room and a kitchen? A castle?- Multiplayer games: you can play online and help yourfriendbuild!The gameplay:Learn to build by building your house in a fortress or amine.Decorate your building with friends furniture and your ownskin.Learn more and more and you will be capable of buildingmassivestructures castles and temples in no time!Exploration:Tired of people? Play with pets! Adopt a wolf or a cat, rideahorse! Unlike in other games, there is no monsters in craftingandbuilding you can focus on constructing your buildings orexploringthe world.Play with friendsStart exploring! You can visit a world built by your friends!Who'sgot the biggest structure? Check if they finished their newcastleand give them a hand, they will repay you later! Multiplayeris somuch fun!Many block types:There are many block types ranging from grass block to diamondandeven temple stone. You have many options when it comes tobuildingyour empire.Crafting and Building it is an innovative free building gamewhereyou can play with pets, start incredible construction and playinmultiplayer.Disclaimer:Not an official minecraft product. not approved by orassociatedwith mojang.
Strategy: BEN 10 Ultimate 3D 1.1
Learn More About Strategy: BEN10Xenodrome3DThank you for Install, Please give me rate 5 star..!
Chaves Adventures 2.2
Chaves Adventures is a super classicadventureand legendary side-scrolling arcade platformer.+ addictive, thrilling and challenging jungle adventure hit+ old school jump and run platform / obstacles runner+ classic platformer for kids, children and adults+ side-scroller gameplay with easy game console pad controls+ easy and free to play - hard to master+ classic jungle retro junning and jumping adventureChaves`s princess is being kidnapped by evil crocs, spidersanddragons and brought to dark castles. It is up to Super Chaves,thelittle kid to rescue her!But take care! Lots of enemies, troubles, obstacles, trapsandbosses are defending your way through the jungle andwonderworlds.To get to the loveley princess, Chaves will have to run andjumpover obstacles, fight and shoot against angry bees,crocs,crawfishes, snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs, mushrooms,skeletons,leps, snails and many other dragons and monsters.Climb up huge mountains and stairs, fight againstperhistoricenemies, avoid falling bricks, find hidden blocks andlevels,collect coins and diamonds, swim through dangerous seas,explorelot of challenging and addictive jungle worlds and lands anddefeatall cruel enemies and bosses.This cool Jump and Run is an addictive non-stop old schoolarcadejungle adventure game!Features of Chaves Adventures:+ 4 different addictive worlds (wonder land, crazy forest,egyptworld and cave land)+ 80 beautiful, well-designed and challening levels withincreasingdifficulty+ 8 awesome boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerous spider, beegolemand crocodile boss) in 8 different castles+ many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items+ over 20 different, great animated enemies such as crocs,frogs,spiders, snails and many more+ high resolution graphics - great mix between 2D and3Dgraphics+ retro arcade music and old school sound effects+ perfect, intuitve game control through retro control pad likeonconsole games+ special chaves skills hidden in destroyable blocksandbricks+ awesome gameplay reminding to retro classic games+ sea and water worlds - jumping, running and swimming !+ try to unlock all achievements and to be number oneofleaderboards!How to play Chaves Adventures:+ for moving the chaves character click on right or left onthecontrol pad!+ click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to get to abonuslevel!+ press B-button to make Super Chaves jumping!+ press A-button AND right or left for running; press A andBtogether for a higher and wider jump!+ after eating an apple you become Super Silver Chaves and willbeable to destroy bricks!+ after eating a golden flower you become Super Golden Chavesandwill be able to shoot balls - press B-Button for shooting!+ chaves swimming: press A-Button multiple times to swim higher...release your finger from button to go down!Enjoy this brand new super jungle adventure platformer game!
Hero kid - Ben Power Surge 1.0
Baby games
Hero kid - Ben Power Surge is an shootandflygame in an awesome environment!Use Ben's alien powers and weapons to take down the evilgeniusdrpsychobos in a gigantic BEN adventure !Explore the galaxy and battle tons of bad guys inwrathofpsychobos!Transform, battle and fight in Hero kid - Ben Power Surge.Play as Ben and unlock his alien powers as he takes on theevilsofthe galaxy.Ben fight Universe Alien with Power Surge is an all-newfreegamewhere you unleash your favorite aliens from tvseries.This is a real funny game that children can amuse themselveswithintheir free time.So are you able to hit your new score? Then show us whatyoucando.Prove yourself as a true a professional gamer. Useyouromnitrixskateboard to jump over the zombies.Power Surge Feature :- Nice Graphic- Many alien creature- Amazing gameplay- Easy to Play- Super addicting game for Kid
Jurassic Dino Water World 7.35
Tap Pocket
Welcome to Dino Water World where you canhavedifferent ocean dino species, build underwater home, and buildyourJurassic underwater World. Explore the mysterious lost worldofprehistoric animals. Collect exciting sea dinosaurs likeMosasaurusand Megalodon the shark. Raise, Crossbreed and Battlewith your seamonsters.Features- Free to play!- A wide variety of exciting sea dinosaurs to breed- Fight in underwater battle arena- A crossbreeding mechanism- Manage your water world as you would in real life- thisincludesfeeding your water Dinosaurs, and arranging foodresources
Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game 2.32.2
If sorcery is your cup of tea, if youthinkthat the things that go bump in the night should go bump inthetwilight and day too, then welcome to Ghost Town! Not long ago,itsethereal population had been enjoying their quiet lives… whenalongcame the Playwright, and things went from spectral to spookyin ahurry. Little is known about him, but many have been caught upinthe fear-and-dread play he is staging. Like any good play, itisloaded with bad, dreadfully bad villains. Who do you think aremadeto act them out? The good ghosts. These gentle apparitionswhowouldn’t hurt a living thing now follow the Playwright’s leadinhis mystical spectacle... and nowhere in Ghost Town issafeanymore. Spirits and souls, spectres and apparitions, and whoknowswhat else are being forced to act in unwilling malice—for whoknowswhat dreadful purpose!You and the young sorceress Anna are Ghost Town’s only hope,thebest and only heroes the ghosts have this side of thetwilight.Together with the sorceress, you will overcome challenges,connectdots and crack cases, until you ultimately unravel thegreatestmystery of all! Then and only then will the spectral beingsknowpeace again, the good triumph over the evil, and the dreary fogofa thousand heartaches dissipate into so much nothingness… Sotarrynot! You are the dreadnaught hero Ghost Town needs, and theone itdeserves!Game features:• Spectacular, state-of-the-art graphics to impress even themostdemanding of players!• Ghosts of all kinds: Apparitions, spectres, souls, spirits…Youname ’em!• 20 ghostly locations, each filled with the twilightofmystique• Hundreds of challenges that will test you to your limits, andthenmake you glow with the satisfaction of having overcomethem!• Enemies galore—the most villainous, nefarious types you’veevergone up against. Do you have the guts to brave the twilightandgive them what for alongside the sorceress?• Over 30 unique characters, each with a personality alltheirown• Stirring action-driven dialogue—now witty, now poignant—andsobelievable you won’t believe it.• A fast-paced phantasmagoria of a story arc withexcitinglyunpredictable plot twists that will take your breathaway!
Ben XLR8 2 1.0
Ben goXLR8 2 is an adorable game inthedesert.So, coming from the distant galaxy our XLR8 is on amissionto savemankind. Players can enjoy Ben Alien Run tenmovementthrough theadventure trip to collect as many coins as youcan.This is a reallyfunny game that kids can have fun with intheirfree timeBen is back for a fourth adventure, Transform yourselfintovariousaliens including Articguana Gravattack InfernoShocksquatchandAXLR each of them has an exceptional power to helpthemBen.How to Play your been XLR8 :1: First choose your level2: Selection of your capacity3: Choose your aliens XLR8 - Garavattack ..4: Start your own adventure level
Batman v Superman Who Will Win 1.1
Mankind faces a new threat as darkness fallsonGotham and Metropolis. A personal vendetta has been made,sidebetween Batman or Superman to set the record straight.Race against time and go the distance. Dodge obstacles,collectpower-ups and battle against your opponent.Who Will Win is an endless runner and the Official Movie GameforBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.* Choose your character, play as Batman or Superman.* Explore your environment within Gotham and Metropolis.* Control the Bat mobile, or fly with Superman.* Collect free gifts when you go the distance.* Stunning graphics and gameplay.* Official Movie Sound Track and and awesome sound effects.* A variety of power-ups and pickups to upgrade.Privacy Policy:
Devil Ninja 2 2.9.4
Droid Studio
New battle on the devil's land,It's timeforthe ninja to action,In this fast paced ninja game,Your task istofight against the monsters,kill the king of monsters,Collectingmore energy ball and items to get powerful weapons. Havefun!FEATURES:√ Hundreds of weapons and Power Up!√ Achievement system to stimulate you game.√ Great sounds and stunning graphics, particle systemsandanimations.√  Leader boards√ Two game play mode to choose√ Weapons shop√ Fast paced and simple control.WHAT'S NEW:- Powerful BOSS: The king of Devildom- More weapons- New devil's world- Support Tablets,HD ResolutionTIPS:- Try to jump over the cliff.- Double jump to jump higher.- Long press fire button to charge energy.- Long Long press will get an exciting weapon :)- Reward more energy balls with a nice combo kill.- Collect energy balls to exchange weapons from store, andtheweapons store is FREE for ever :)- Get items to have more weapons.- Fast mode to get more exciting (game options)* Please email us if you have any feedback or meet anyproblem,thank you very much!
👽 Ben Super Ultimate Alien Transform 10.3
Bent Studio
Do you love ben? Are u crazy fans ofbentnalien?ben Super Hero boy Transform to Heatblast,humungousaur,blitzwolfer, stinkfly, ghostfreak, echo echo, FourArms, benwolf,Swampfire, Big Chill, Diamondhead, Shocksquatch, XLR8omnitrix,Omniverse, gwen tennyson, Vilgax, kevin levin, benmummy,You areAlien Ben Heatblast Transform, the superhero benalbedospend a lot of evil skeleton, Wariors, Grey Matter, 10(ten)Sharksand also go through castles, But be careful! Lots ofdangers,Jetray reboot enemies, troubles, obstacles, difficultOmniversetraps, you have watch TransformationTo complete the platformer ben games Super ben's 10(ten) willjumpand run up to speed on many obstacles, fight and shoot againstfirefly ninjas, the bats, reboot, ten, Heatblast,humungousaur,tennyson, skeletons, toys, kevin 11, Sharks, forceomnitrix andOmniverse many other monstersClimb the huge Ben Super Ultimate Alien Transformbridges,Cannonbolt, dr. animo, Vilgax, Rook Blonko, armodrillo,grandpamax, stairs, Charmcaster, Four Arms, kevin e levin,Wildmutt, avoidfalling bricks, reboot gwen tennysons find hiddenblocks andlevels, collect coins with ultimate way big, swim throughdangerousseas, explore lot of challenging and addictivetransformation andomnitrix force lands and defeat all enemiesThis Jump and Run up to speed is an addictive adventuredashgame!👽 watch classic gwen tennys platformer for children, adults andkidstoys👽 Side scroller ben alien game with simple controls games👽 Easy and free to play but difficult to master👽 classic retro running up to speed adventure dash games1) Features of Ben Super Ultimate Alien Transforming :* watch ben's 10(ten) Omnivers differentaddictivetransforming* Super animated enemies like fly fire, Sharks, Wariors...* Super monsters transform watch like psychobos,aggregor,Heatblast, tennyson* 50 challening levels and ben's 10(ten) available withslowlyincreasing game difficulty* water and sea transformed - jumping, Rath running 10 up tospeedXLR8, fighting AND swimming with Ripjaws!2) How to play Ben Super Ultimate Alien Transform:* click button hand for attack with hand fire and movingOmniversben 10000 super hero boy!* swimming: press Jump to swim Ripjaws higher, release fingerfrombutton to go down!* Jump: Jump Up & Jump To ten other Side withSpidermonkey* press Jump to make Super Ben's jumping!* click button XLR8 to speed runningtry to unlock all Levels for super adventure transform game, andtobe number 1 of Score, not 10000!Enjoy Your Time with ben and this cool ben Ultimate Alien,supercool adventure transform games!
Monster Warlord 4.1.0
The best monster collecting battle gameonmobile!Collect hundreds of unique monsters and battle them infriendlycompetition!"If you love collecting monsters and battling with them you'lllovethis game." (Gameteep)"Some of the monsters (like my little tiger thing) aresimplyadorable." (148apps)■ COLLECT ■- Catch rare and mysterious monsters by questing andbattling!- Discover all 6 types - Fire, Water, Air, Earth, DarknessandHoly!- Each monster has its own special attributes and abilities- sothemore the merrier!■ COMBINE ■- Combine two monsters to create a leaner, meaner, betterone!- With over 20 monster tiers, the possibilities are endless!- Combine for a chance to receive a special Plus monsterstrongerthan normal monsters and dominate the competition!■ COMPETE ■- Engage in epic World Boss battles and climb to the top oftherankings!- Raid mysterious Dungeons and return with large rewardsandpowerful monsters!- Compete in the Arena to see who is the top Warlord!■ BATTLE ■- Battle players from around the world in Global PvP!- Avenge fallen allies and collect large bounties!- Battle others in the Battle League and rise to the top forgreatrewards!■ SOCIALIZE ■- Play with players from around the world!- Form vast alliances and join close-knit clans!- Fight it out in the Global Boss where all servers compete forthetop spot!
Terraria 1.2.12785
505 Games Srl
This is the TRIAL version of Terrariafortablet and phone. DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millionsofTerrarians!“Terraria so damn engrossing. And it makes those comparisonstoMinecraft seem a little half baked.” - Pocket Gamer"This is the full version of Terraria, built from thegroundup... If you loved it on PC or consoles, you’ll love ithere.” -Slide To Play“Terraria takes a different approach to a formula provenbyMinecraft in perspective, combat, immersive-storytelling and –mostimportantly – moments of discovery.” - Touch Arcade**Requires Android OS 4.0.3 and above and 512MB RAM (1GBRAMrecommended).*****If your device has less than 1GB of memory, you mayexperienceperformance issues if you create an Expanded World. Theoption tocreate Expanded Worlds is not available on devices with512MB RAM orless.***In Terraria, every world is unique -- from the floatingislandsin the sky to the deepest level of The Underworld. Adventureto theends of the earth, and battle villainous bosses along theway. Theworld is your canvas and action-packed, sandbox adventuresare justa pickaxe swing away!- MULTIPLAYER - Local WiFi games support up to 4playerscross-platform on any mobile device!- 1360+ CRAFTING RECIPES - weapons, armor, potions, andmore!- 450+ ENEMIES!- 100+ BLOCK TYPES to build anything you can imagine!- 30+ PETS!- 20+ BOSSES!- Over a DOZEN environments to explore!- Dynamic water & lava, day/night cycles!- Create worlds as large as 4200 x 1200 tiles ("Small" worldsonPC)!Every pixel of Terraria has been crafted for the BESTpossiblemobile experience!Follow us on Twitter @Terraria_Logic and @505_GamesLike us on Facebook at us on the web at
Aladdin's Adventures World 1.3.2
Story of Aladdin's Adventures Worldgame:-The story talk about a poor boy, whose name was AdinNext day,Mutafar Witch went his home town and lies Adin to gettheLamp magic for him.Mutafa is Sinister Witch.He stolen the Lamp magic from Adin andtakeLuna Princess.Adin is very sad.But He is hero.He went Mutafa's castle torescueLuna princess.He fight with Mutafar witch.Finally,Mutafar was killed byAdin.Aladdin with his lovely wife Luna, they lived long and happylivesafterwards enjoying their good fortune.Aladdin's Adventures is interesting platform game.You will havetheextremely experience that only have in Adin's Adventures.Play now!Game features:-3 Beautiful World: Desert,Castle and Cave World-Many many Monsters-3 Bosses in 3 World-Nice graphics and good ConceptsHow to play Adin's Adventure:-4 buttons go along with 4 directions, up, down, leftandright-Press the buttons to control-Double tap to jump higher