Top 19 Games Similar to Space Shooter

Space Shooter 1.2.2
Space Shooter is a simple gamekeep your ship safe from enemies and rocksFor each rock or enemy you destroy you get scoresHow to play:(sensor)-Tilt your device to move your ship-Tap on the screen to shoot(touch)-touch and drag to move your ship and shoot*Tap with two fingers to shoot bombsFeatures:-100% FREE-beautiful graphics-2 Play modes-3 kinds of asteroids-3 enemy ships-bombs-coins-compatible with all devices
Hyper Nova - Space Shooter 1.0.10
Classic top-down Space Shooter (Shmup)If you're a fan of free shooter games, space ships, shoot-em-upsorepic action games,Hit the install button Now!In a departure from many bullet hell type games, Hyper Novagivesyou a large arsenal of weapons from the start while requiringyouto keep vigilant of enemy weapons. No tiny dotin the centre of the craft to defend. The whole ship cantakedamage.Play through the Story Mode missions to earn XP. Spend the XPtoupgrade your shipscapabilities (health, shields, fire rate, special weapondurations,etc.)Begin by saving earth from the imminent threat of anasteroidcollision with an unexpected twist, a potential invasion.Battlestreams of enemies across unknown and uncharted star systemsallover the galaxy and beyond in an attempt to discover and rootoutthe cause of the invasion, to destroy the real enemy and endthethreat to earth once and for all.Features- No forced Ads - watch Ads for rewards only- 48 levels with more added over time- Unique boss for every level- Over 40 enemy varieties with more to come- Challenging difficulty ramp- Survival mode with endless waves of enemies- Earn XP in Survival and Singleplayer- Unique soundtrack for each system
Galaxy shooter 2: Invaders HD 1.26
Bitron Games
Galaxy shooter 2 invaders HD is afast-pacedtop-down perspective shoot'em'up space war game. Requiredskillsare more than fast reactions and memorising enemy invaderattackpatterns.This space shooter is an exciting addictive epicgalaxywar game with 120+ missions, 100+ invaders and a lot ofspaceshipupgrades. The player must also have strategy skills toequip properupgrades and use the appropriate skills during specificspacemissions over 16 star systems to guard the galaxies.Start your spaceship engines and join to this ultimate galacticwargame.Features:# High quality images optimised for tablets and large screens# Different alien races, guardians, hundreds of invaders tofightagainst# 120+ missions in unlockable galaxies with multipledifficultylevels# Ability to use active skills during the space battles# Fully customizable spaceships with hundreds of upgrades# Exciting boss fights# Achievements and Leaderboard# Galaxy shooter 2: Invaders HD is a sequence tospaceinvaders
Space Shooter Ultimate 1.2.3
Fight against waves of alien ships inthegalaxy in this fast paced shoot'em up action game similar toshmupgames.- HD graphics and breath-taking explosions powered withadvancedgraphics engine- Boss fight at the end of each level with various mechanicsofmovement and shooting!- Classic retro style, fast-paced and addictive gameplay- 25 missions to complete in different sectors of the galaxy- Farm credits by defeating alien invaders- Use credits to upgrade attack and defense: basic weaponattack,laser beam, droid support and ship armor- Original soundtrack- Unstoppable action!
M.A.C.E. Space Shooter 1.17
Description:MACE is a classic space shoot 'em up, inspired by thelegendaryAmiga games of this genre. Handdrawn 2D graphics in HDresolutions,parallax scrolling, explosion effects and optimizedgamesmechanics, combined with the proven gameplay are transportingthe"Spirit of Amiga" in today's Age.Gameplay:In MACE, the player navigates a spaceship across threedifferentworlds with 6 vertical scrolling levels and variousenemies, tryingto destroy or avoid them. Hidden items (weapons,bombs,energy),upgradeable weapons and accessories, such as rocket andcompanionshelp to defeat the enemy in difficult battles.Features:- 3 different worlds- 18 levels- 3 big end bosses- endless waves with unique enemies- 3 difficult levels (easy, normal, hard)- 3 gfx details for lower and faster devices- fantastic gameplay for many hours- brilliant handdrawn graphics- 30 minutes epic soundtrack- Achievements- online highscores- 15 different weapons (5 types, 3 upgrades each)- additionals: companion, rocket, shield, smart bomb- hidden Items für weapons, lives, energy, rocket,companion,bombDefinition M.A.C.E.:Military Alliance of Common EarthFounded after the first alien invasion on earth in the year2048.M.A.C.E. is the epitome of the new cohesion of all peoples oftheearth to fight against the aliens to serve life on earth inamilitary path.History:While heavy fights rages on earth against incoming alien shipsandthe M.A.C.E. units are to prevent the construction ofadditionalland bases for the alien ships, a group of speciallytrained fightpilots whith space warships try to prevent the arrivalof morealiens and distroy the alien mother ships and troops ofaliens.Your mission:Fight in an exceptional space mission by foreign galaxies topreventthe arrival of more alien swarms on the earth. Yourspaceship is oneof the first one which is built by people usingalientechnologiesincluding engines, weapons and shields to survive againstthealiens.M.A.C.E. - the ultimate space shooter !Programming: Frank MenzelGraphics & Levels: Thomas Clausspecial thanks for greate Music: Sascha Theel [email protected]
Space Shooter - Pixel Force 1.4
You are last hero of Earth after our galaxyisunder attack of invaders, take control of a lone spaceship, gettheforce from space and strike swarms of galaxy invaders. Inthisspace shooter game, you will be faced an increasingly largenumberof enemies and deal with many epic bosses in space war. InSpaceShooter - Pixel Force, you can enjoy pixel-style aircraftandspecial artistic effects. If you like space shooting andsurvivalgames and like to simulate sky shooting in for glory andduty, thenSpace Shooter is the one you should be shooterplaying.Features:* Simple controls that don't need a tutorial.* Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.* Various difficulty levels for everyone to enjoy from beginnerstoveteran.* Multiple extreme boss battles in sky.* Upgrade your guns, missiles, lasers and mega-bombs.* Thrilling fun maximizing the space shooter game feeling.* Full sound effect and incredible electronic music.* Amazing pixel graphic design for this sky shooter game.How to play:* Touch the screen to move your plane. The spaceshipautoshoot.* Collect sky force items of supplies to upgrade yourweapons.* Collect sky force items to switch aircraft bullets.* Release the bomb to clear the enemies in space.* Charge after the release of the full value ofsuper-bullets.Come to the pixel world, get ready for the fight of your lifeinSpace Shooter - Pixel Force.
Space Shooter 1.0
Lemon Apps
Space shooter with three gametypes:spaceinvaders, shoot 'em all and freely mode.Game is not yet finished, todo list:- sound,- levels,- scoring,- ads (in menus), to support the development :)
Space Shooter 2017 1.0
Space Shooter 2017 is one of thegenreactionshooter. Unlike the other shooter mini game, to shootthisplanegame you will experience a different feeling than whennewbattlewill take place in the air, your task is down as manyenemyplanesas possible and avoid the bullets flying towardher!
Space Shooter 2 3.0
Space Shooter is a tutorial gamethatwassupported by Unity.The game is a lesson about Unity3D.User will be feel like real when plays game.Please contact with me if you have any
Space shooter 1.0
Unlike other space shooter games,thisoneisdifferentThe earth is at verge of destruction as ufo or maybe alienshavesentbunch of asteroids somewhere from universe areheadingtowardsitOnly you can help the earth by simple strategy whichisstoppingthese asteroids by shooting asteroid downBe a space shooter,move your spacecraft by tiltingyourdevice.Shootthese enemy asteroids before they reach you.Therearethree livesprovided for defending your earth.Just take this game as bubble shooter space.Score high and share it on facebook and twitterwithyourfriends.Download space shooter now and enjoy this crazy spaceshooter.
Sentinel: SciFi Space Shooter 1.043
Intense Sci-fi space shooter combatgame,survive incoming alien and pirate assaults while building upapowerful ship with epic weapons.You have been banished to the out-rim to defend miningtankersfrom pirate raids when a sudden invasion by an alien racedestroysthe worm hole portal and brings havoc to system. You mustbuildyour ship into a powerful weapon, collecting theartefactsscattered about space to build dominating weapons andrepair theportal.Campaign mode:- Galactic campaign where you advance your ship level bygainingexperience- Shoot down an array of alien and pirate ships- Harvest asteroids to upgrade your weapons and ship defenses- Collect artefacts that unlock scifi weapons such as BlackHolegenerator and Chain Beam weapon- Over 200 levels spread over galactic space containing more than40planets- Discover hidden worldsFeatures:- Optional gyroscope or thumb pad controls- Full array of achievements from easy todevilishlychallenging- Leaderboards for bragging rights against your friends- Arcade mode, for quick fire shooting of alien wave assaultsPlayer reviews quote- "awesome game! nice graphics and music, I loved them :)"- "I like it! Playing with the gyro is fun!"- "Best space shooter I have played on my phone. Great!"
Space Shooter 3D 1.1.3
WS net
Take the challenge to become thebestspacepilot in the world!You control a small space ship which has to fly deep intospacetofind diamonds, shoot enemies and fulfil your missionstasks.Maneuveryour ship through some dangerous asteroid fields,energymine fieldsand meteor fire storms. Visit the space stationanddestroy the alienUFO. Collect blue energy to upgrade your shiporsafe your life. Buttake care about the dangerous red energy,whichcan cause radiationdamage on your ship!The game has an amazing camera system whichtransfersyourradiation damage into smooth swing and rotationmovements oftheplayers view. Take the challenge to control yourship whiletheworld turns around to you!Features:- seven different space areas:- asteroid field- space station- meteor fire storm- alien UFO- energy station- energy mine field- interstellar freighters- one hundred mission tasks with ten levels- inventory to upgrade your ship- energy store for upgrade and game restarts- hall of fame with the best pilots of the worldSpace Shooter 3D is a freeplay game. All levels andspaceareasare open to play. There is no registration needed. Juststartandplay!
Galaxy Shooter 2.0 Space War 2.01
Mangata Media
Galaxy Shooter 2.0 Space War is afast-pacedtop-down perspective shoot'em'up action game. Requiredskills aremore than fast reactions and memorization of enemy attackpatterns.The player must also have strategy skills to equip properupgradesand use the appropriate skills during specific missions.***Features:# Different alien races, hundreds of entities* tofightagainst# 100 missions* in 16 galaxies to unlock with multipledifficultylevels# Ability to use active skills during the missions# Fully customizable spaceships with hundreds of upgrades*# Exciting boss fights# Achievements and Leaderboard# Also available in HD. 720p version is optimized for tabletsandlarge screens# Music by Kevin MacLeod (*This version of Galaxy Shooter is free to try, however atsomepoint during the campaign, you must purchase the full versioninorder to finish the game.***Get bonuses and unlock additional unique features by visitingourFacebook page!***Gameplay Tips:# LY (Light Year) is the game currency for purchasing shipupgradesand for unlocking new galaxies to venture forth. Spenditwisely!# If you ran out of LY, you can finish accomplished missionsagainto get more.# Rerunning a mission on Hard difficulty increases theLYgain.# Equipped special modules can be used as active skills oncewithintheir cooldown interval. Equipped upgrades are passivelymodifyyour ship properties.# If you find a mission too hard, finish another mission first!Youmay also change difficulty setting to Easy for thatspecificmission.# Different enemies may require different strategies. Althoughaweapon with great amount of damage can be efficient againstlargeand strong enemies, weapons with smaller damage but fast rateoffire could be better against smaller foes.***
BFS multiplayer 1.3.15
BFS is a real multiplayer action spaceshooterdogfight game that has following great features:- Match up with other players online;- Incredible space shooter experience against real opponents;- Invite friends, share your results;- Get higher rankings by winning opponents;- Improve your results, enhance your level and unlockadvancedspaceships, weapons and perks for free;- Get awards for achievements and compete with other playersinchallenges;- Track your own and other players game statistics;- Challenging maps at advanced levels;- Training mode.Participate in game challenges, shoot more rivals, wintournamentand get special awards and game features!
Space Shooter 4.1
Birgir Games
This is another great game created byBirgirgames. In the game you are a space ship that shoots lasershots andyou are supposed to shoot brown meteorites that fall down.But becareful, there are grey Meteorites that can hurt you if youdon´thave the right tools. This game is 100% free and created by a14year old boy. We would really appreciate the support that yougivewhen you download this app and play it. It will help ustogrow.
Space Shooter Classic 1.0.2
Traditional 2D shooting game.While avoiding enemies attack, Aim for a high score![Operation]Please move your finger on the screen.player’s machine will move linked.This game uses the data such as programs and graphicsprovidedbythe unity Technologies.This game uses the music and sound effects providedbytheMaoudamashii (
Space Shooter 2017 1.0
SPACE SHOOTER 2017If you like space shooting and survival games and liketosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then thisSpaceInvader is theone you should be shooter playing.In thisbullethell shooter game,you will be faced with an increasinglylargenumber of projectilesand enemies. As the game progresses, youwillearn the right toupgrade your spacecraft to bring it tofulllethal capacity. Press onscreen to move and destroy enemiesinyour adventure in space shooter2017!For this you must collect coins destroying as manyasteroidsandenemies as you can.You can also increase thenumberofopportunities you have to finish each level. In AD 3001,theEarthreceives signals from a set of combat aliencivilization.EarthFederation decided to send a reconnaissanceteam,investigating thecase of alien forces. To fight the alienthreat,the World Alliancebring forth their ultimate weapon, theStarFighter. Equipped withweapons such as the Lock-on Laser,SpreadShot, missiles and bombs,the Space Shooter 2017 is theEarth’s onlyshot at defeating theinvaders. To accomplish this task,you musthave the courage andwisdom.Play now, you can do it! The Space shooter 3001, Richscenes&fighter world, Simple and excellent! The Space Shooter2017 isafast fighter game, different scenes, charming sound andmusic,withHD graphics and special game play. Press screen tomove,destroyenemies in your adventure!FEATURES OF SPACE SHOOTER 2017- The game is packed with levels giving you hours of funinthespace with star fighter- Amazing Lighting and Special Effects- Precision controls- charming sound and music, with HD graphics .- Advance different weapons .- Unique different enemy types .- Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations.- unique fighters waiting for unlocking, when youpassedalleasy/normal/hard levels- EXPLORE & CONQUER the Galaxy
Space Shooter 1.0.6
Fast paced bullet hell style shooter. Playasalone space ship and survive as long as possible.
Generic Space Shooter 1.0
Welcome to an epic world ofendlesscarnagewhere to battle alien foes at lightning fast speeds,andengage inmind meltingly epic boss battles. Immerse yourself inabeautifullyhand crafted world, with visually stunning topdowngraphics andunlimited action packed levels. Turn up the heatwith 8uniquepowerups and over 30 unlockable spacecrafts! Thequestion is,howlong can you survive?