Top 7 Games Similar to Home Sweet Home

Jungle Haunted Rush 1.0
Ever lost in the jungleandfeelinghelpless?Download Jungle Haunted Rush now to get full experience offearandasylum in the jungle!Jungle Haunted Rush offers realistic experience injunglewhereyou need to escape from jungle to be safe and back toyourhomesweet home. It is not entire just a scary plain game asyouneed tohelp Jane to accomplish side quests such as coinscollectingandexplore as many levels and unlock them as much aspossible! Beafearless girl and escape out from the junglenightmare! Rush tothedestination point without horror obstacles tryto harm you oryouwill lose the game!!It is cold, it is silence, and it is midnight……..will you beabletobe fearless and get the running done?That’s if you could escape…try now and beat JungleHauntedRushtoday!
Match 3 - Home Sweet Home 1.0.6
Nothing beats the comfort one's homebringsandthis is what exactly Difference Games brought in itsnewestmatch 3game!"Home Sweet Home" is a fun and relaxing gem matching gamefullofstunning background images. Play through 20 levelswithcarefullycrafted layouts and challenges.Bond with mom, dad, your big brother or little sisterandenjoythe comfort of Home Sweet Home!Features:- Relaxing gameplay mechanics- 20 different puzzle layouts- Trigger awesome powerups and combos- Stunning background images- Earn coins to unlock more contentThis app is certified Actually Free(c) which means yougetthefull game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases.Signupnow for our newsletter or learnmoreathttp://actuallyfreegames.comFACEBOOK US: US: US:
Grocery Store Cash Register 1.0.3
Everyone wants to grow up as early aspossible.But there are many responsibilities of being an adultsuch as homedesign, cooking, shopping for kitchen & otherthings etc. So youshould be capable of manage all these things ifyou want to grow up.There’s a golden chance to know what we needto complete our homesweet home. Grocery store cash register is ashopping simulator andcash register game for kids. In this Grocerystore there are lot offood items like cereals, coffee, sugar,salt, spices, meat, coladrinks, cocktail drinks, mineral water,juice plus milk, vegetableoil, fruit jam with different flavors,vegetables and fruits andmuch more. You may try different ricerecipes or vegetable recipesby the products available in this partof a supermarket groceryshop, where a bundle of bakery items arealso waiting for you.You’ll help the shopping mall girl forselecting required things.It’s not only a shopping game but you’llhave to manage allmaintenance in the store also i.e. you’ll haveto repair damagedshelves as it’s a good hammer simulator for aclean master like you.You’ll also keep in mind the healthyenvironment of the store, thereshould be no insects and germscaused by the pollution. Virus canboost up itself if you’ll notuse insect killers on proper stage.It’s quite necessary forprotection of the store and yourperformance. So let’s go! dash tothe food street to complete theitems of grocery shoppinglist.Features:- Huge number of groceries- Heavenly designed that make you feel yourself in aparadiseisland- Time clock to make you responsible- Different levels- Best place for foodiesGrocery Store Cash Register is best ever food game for free,withits unique game play and gorgeous graphics. Try our othergamesalso and give your feedback at [email protected]
Delicious - Holiday Season 8.0
Have yourself a hot cocoa, and get comfy bythefireplace while you enjoy the perfect game for a coldwinter'snight! Emily puts all her energy in preparing thefamily'sChristmas party, but things take an unexpected twist as shemeetstwo interesting men who both eagerly vie for her attention!WillEmily fall for slightly caddish Richard, or will shechoosehopelessly romantic Paul? Or...?Game features:- enjoy the 5th season of the Delicious time managementgameseries- skate through 50 exciting levels in a winter wonderland- put up sparkling decorations and prepare for the Holidaystogetherwith Emily- help Emily choose her Mr. RightEnjoy other Delicious - Emily games:- Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home- Delicious - Emily's New Beginning- Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise- Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding- Delicious - Emily's True Love
Delicious - Tea Garden 6.0
Especially for you, a true Deliciousclassicthat's an absolute must for your collection! Emily hasalwaysdreamed of running her own tea garden, and now the time hascome tomake her dreams come true. She'll have to work incrediblyhard andnavigate formidable bumps along the way, like the dauntingtask ofgetting a loan… Does Emily have enough courage to face allthechallenges ahead?Game features:- enjoy the 3rd season of the Delicious time managementgameseries- complete 50 exciting, yet curiously relaxing chapters set incozyrestaurants- serve delicious dishes to hungry customers while you helpEmilymake her dreams come true- meet cool characters like Francois, who will help you pickoutperfect decorationsEnjoy other great Delicious - Emily games:- Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home- Delicious - Emily's New Beginning- Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise- Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding- Delicious - Emily's True Love
Build a Cattle House & Fix it 1.0
Want to enjoy a new farm adventureofflinewithno WI-fi? Then Download Build a Cattle to complete yourdaystory bybuilding house for Moo Moo’s and sheeps. Yes! This isanewaddition in builder games by Funtoosh Studios rightaftersuccess ofBuild a Tree House & Fix It and buildFarmHouse. Littlecustomers like farmers from different farmlandsare waiting andordinary cattles need home sweet home. So grabkeysof yourconstructor tractor and be a little builder to giveashelter tocows in big farm. Make wooden house step by step inthisbuildergame and be best repairman of a dream farmland withyourcreativeskills.🐑 Drive Tractor trolley to dig sand for buildingconstructionIn large fields, dig the sand to make a strong base withyoursandexcavator. Yes, once your have made space forconstructionapplyCement and make a concrete base. This will makeyourcattle’sfarmhouse strong. In Wet cement, be an architect andadjustwoodenpoles to make house frame. With this yourbuildingconstructionwill be strong and farm animals will be safe inspeedywinds andrainy days. After making poles for walls, make aroof ofcattlehouse to cover beams with steel shed so that your cutefarmanimalslike, goat, cows, bulls and sheeps can eat hay &behappy intheir farmland. Lastly, Fix it! Yes wooden planks tomakewalls& complete house building by applying walls of wood.Thenisyour job to be fixing windows with which this farmingbuildingiscomplete. Paint walls of the building once allconstructionhasbeen completed by our little builder.With this different farm craft items to decorateinterioroffarmhouse by tapping hay stack and making your cattle’srelax!Hopebuild a cattle house was fun but with this we havecertainlearningactivities for little toddlers as well in NewFeatured Minigamesas:--- Hey little kids! Learn counting by telling how manyMoooMoo’syou see.--- Make sweet baby cow reach her mother by making yourtoddlertapdevice in free game.So let your child enjoy this mind-blowing story offarmerbuildinggame, and have an awesome time. Make them learn thatthesefarmanimals are the most profitable creatures of village lifeandneedsecure home. So download this free game i.e. Build aCattlehouse& learn building in villages.
Burger University(tycoon game) 1.25
• Coupon Code = 1. [ burger ] 2.[ damyo]Bonus Gold Gift!• A burger tycoon game with a fascinating story!• Complete the customer’s order in the given time!- Click on the ingredients to make the burger and simply giveittothe customer!• Complete the customer’s order in the given time!- Click on the ingredients to make the burger and simply giveittothe customer!• Make money in the infinite mode! - Only level more than25canenter the infinite mode!• You can earn 20% of the profit after completingtheinfinitemode! / In the infinite mode,if you complete the order of the boss of the story mode / youearn30additional seconds!• Complete tasks and earn money!- Additional gold is given when you get all the starsineachstage!- Try getting 3 stars in every stage!• A poor guy that has his life depending on a job!!- Making a new life for a poor guy!! A guy that gets rejectedbyallcompanies!- He applies to Burger University hoping for a last chance…• Get good grades in Burger University!/ Burger Tycoon game! / unique story/ Hamburger /HandmadeBurger/