Top 3 Games Similar to Space Game

Space mission: Moon Expedition 2.3
Space simulation flight where you flyspaceshipSpace Shuttle to the Moon in outer deep space with ouragency. Landon a Moon and return to our planet Earth asap.Instructions:Your main objective is to reach the Moon in shortesttimepossible.You control your spaceship by moving your finger on the screenassoon as the indicator turns green.The greater the distance between the indicator and the Shuttle,thegreater the speed.However, the Shuttle doesn't respond instantly, especiallywhengoing fast.Also it is limited by amount of fuel, top speed and health.During your flight you'll encounter planes, satellitesandcomets,asteroids which will lower your health on impact.But there will also be fuel, repair and money bonuses.In each attempt your highest point in that flight andcoinscollected will determine the money you earned.With it you can upgrade your Shuttle, Boosters and Extras.When boosters are still attached the speed isgreater,butmaneuvering is impaired. After detaching it is usuallytheopposite.It all depends on how you decide to split your moneyonupgrades.If you run out of fuel, you're given an opportunity to selfdestructor you can hope to collect more money on your waydown.That is just about all you need to know. You can reset yourprofileby pressing reset button in options.Features:- 3d realistic models of Space Shuttle, satellites, cometsandasteroids- A lot of upgrades(top speed, fuel, armor, maneuverabilityandcoin, fuel and armor bonus)- Background music(sounds are from real space launchesfromNasa)- Cool explosions and fireworks when you end your journey
Space Mission 2
Space Mission - a colorful and excitingarcadegame. Are you ready to conquer the depths of space?Because of the accident at the interstellar spaceship,astronauts are in trouble - you are their last hope ofsalvation!Remember, oxygen and fuel are running out - plan yourmovement inspace, but do not delay!You will encounter many dangers - black holes, gravity ofplanets,asteroids, space dust and stars may destroy your ship in amatterof seconds. Are you courageous enough to completeallmissions?Your Space Mission has begun!Features:-30 Unique and original levels (New levels - infutureupdates!)-Colorful, beautiful 3D graphics - Feel plowing expanses oftheuniverse!-System of in-game achievements - can you get them all?-Original atmospheric soundtrack.
Space War 1.14
Space War is the best space arcadegameavailable in play store.Fly through various space galaxies and destroy waves ofattackingaliens.More than 20 levels to challenge you throughout the game.Excellent graphics and sound effects make thegameastonishing.Simple and intuitive controls.This game contain ads to support development.Please don't rate negative.If you experience any issues orwouldlike to offer feedback, please drop us an [email protected] , we will surely look at it.Yourfeedback is important to us in improving game.Thanks