Top 24 Games Similar to Twirling Astronaut Space Jump

Astronauts 2.2
Astronauts-ZeroG is the ultimate fun spaceappfor kids. It is packed full with Astronauts,Space StationsandRockets!The Missions module features interactive simulations oftheAPOLLO and SHUTTLE missions of NASA and also the CURIOSITYmissionto Mars.Drive the CURIOSITY Mars Scientific Laboratory around Mars anddrillthe rocks for samples!Experience the difficulty of navigating your way throughZero-Gspace!The Games Module features multiple levels ofincreasingdifficulty.Blast your Astronaut jetpack and steer yourself around theSpaceStations in order to collect samples of curious strange SpaceBugs!Don't run out of Oxygen!
Astronauts free! 4.0
Astronauts-ZeroG is the ultimate fun spaceappfor kids.It is packed full with Astronauts,Space Stations and Rockets!The Missions module features interactive simulations oftheSHUTTLE missions of NASA and also the CURIOSITY missiontoMars.Drive the CURIOSITY Mars Scientific Laboratory around Mars anddrillthe rocks for samples!Experience the difficulty of navigating your way throughZero-Gspace!Blast your Astronaut jetpack through the Games Module, andsteeryourself around the Space Station in order to collect samplesofcurious strange Space Bugs !Don't run out of Oxygen!
Brave Astronaut Adventure 1.11
CAMC Studios
Arcade GameIn this cool arcade scenario you are a brave astronaut whoistrying to rescue his wife from the little badass retroalienmonsters. You can take the spaceship to be safe for a fewsecondsin the incredible adventure that will blow your mind awayand willmake you feel like in the 90’s again.Don’t let the little monsters catch you and eat you.Avoidtouching them and try to aboard as many spaceships as youcanbecause that is the only way to be safe for a while. But,becareful, you cannot go further than the red line limitsotherwiseyou will die for lack of oxygen!The amazing pixel art and the retro music will make yousoaddicted to it that you will not feel the time passing by. Allofthe graphics and music was inspired by the fabulous retro gamesofthe 90's. Brave Astronaut Adventure Game was designed carefullyforyour most pleasant experience.The true Brave Astronaut Adventure master will haveasophisticated spatial memory, pattern recognition abilityandtrajectory predicting skill. OR ALSO YOU CAN DEFEAT THE FIRSTBOSSTO UNLOCK THE EASY MODE.Game-Play- Drag the Brave Astronaut with your finger- Avoid the Badass Retro Alien Monsters- Don't go further than the red lines limits, or you willdie!- Aboard As Many Spaceships As You CanOther Features• Brilliant Escape Strategy• Thrilling And Engaging Story• Amazing Retro Music And Effects• 5 Different Bosses And Levels• Amazing suits (Ironman Retro Suit)• All new 3 Different Spaceships• Perfect Pixel Art Graphics 90’s Style• Different dificultiesAre you brave enough to try out Brave AstronautAdventureGame?Our Reviews:• Highly recommended game. It is great, fun and very addictivetohang out hahaha• Best arcade game, very good
Spaceman - Jetpack Astronaut 1
Spaceman - Jetpack Astronaut – isanendlessscience fiction survival jetpack game set in SectorZerouniverse.Take control over Spaceman Zero, who is awakeningfromcryostasisin a year 2077. Try to avoid tractor beams andotherhazards andsurvive in a harsh environment of a strange spacetravelspaceshipusing your jetpack and energy shield.Collect xeno spheres to increase your score.Features----------------------------------------• Immersive 2D graphics• Endless rough survival gameplay• High quality soundtrack• Simple, intuitive controls• Deft adrenaline filled action• No in-app purchaseMore details about Sector Zero universe can befoundat
Astronaut Jamie 1.01
The young astronaut Jamie goes to anexcitingspace travel to study the Solar System. Help him overcomeall thedangerous obstacles."Astronaut Jamie" is an arcade scroller where spaceflightsbetween planets act as levels. Pleasant music andbeautifulgraphics will help you feel the atmosphere of space traveland tryyourself as an astronaut.Explore new locations, score points and gather a collectionofamusing photos. The game has a built-in ratings andachievementssystem based on the Google Play Game Services. Playwith yourfriends and compete with players from around theworld.Make your contribution to the development of the game, e-mailuswith your suggestions. Thank you!
Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD 2.0.11
Deep Silver
[ The eagerly anticipating "AllAndroid"version of Deep Silver FISHLABS' genre-defining 3D openspaceshooter -- including the extensive Valkyrie™ andSupernova™expansions! ]# # # AN UNPRECEDENTED OUTER SPACE ADVENTURE # # #Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is the fully optimized Google Play versionofFishlabs’ multi-award-winning space combat and tradingsimulation.With cutting-edge 3D graphics, an unprecedented depth ofgameplayand 10+MM installs over all kinds of mobile platforms, thetitle isrightfully considered a benchmark of sci-fi gaming onsmartphonesand tablets by fans and media alike!# # # A CONTINUOUS STREAM OF NEW ADVENTURES # # #In the game, you take over the role of the hot-headed spacewarveteran Keith T. Maxwell and save the galaxy from itsimpedingdestruction by the hands of devious alien raiders, ruthlessspacepirates and power-crazy madmen! Besides the 10+ hours campaignofthe main game, you can also take on two additional adventuresbyunlocking the extensive story add-ons Valkyrie™ andSupernova™.Granting exclusive access to tons of new missions andcontent, theyare available via in-app purchase and can be enjoyedright away, nomatter how far you’ve progressed in the mainstoryline!In addition, you can also buy various credit packs andpurchaseyour own space station, the infamous Kaamo Club, in orderto stockvaluable goods and park or even pimp your favouritespaceships.# # # TRUST THE MEDIA # # #The international press loves Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD and says“thatcurrently there is no other game on Android that could rivalGOF2in terms of complexity” ( and that it “takes mobilegamingto a whole new level with its amazing details and richgameplay”( # # TRUST THE FANS # # #The fans have given Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD thousands of5-starratings! According to them, it resembles “Elite on theCommodore64, but with amazing graphics” (E.K. Hartley) and is “soaddicting,I played for an hour and it felt like 15 minutes”(S.Wickstrom).# # # HUNDREDS OF UNIQUE FEATURES # # #• Achievements and leaderboards via Google Play gameservices(GPGS)• A vast galaxy with over 30 star systems and more than 100planetsand space stations• More than 50 customizable spaceships and hundreds ofdifferentweapons systems, power-ups and commodities• A unique mixture of story-driven, mission-based andsandboxgameplay• High-quality visuals including detailed 3D models, hi-restexturesand breath-taking Special FX• 3D sound, orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting• Action Freeze™: Take screenshots from any perspective andsavethem onto your device• Full support of the differing resolutions and capabilities of200+Android-powered smartphones and tablets# # # JOIN THE COMMUNITY # # #Get in touch with thousands of other Galaxy on Fire 2™ fansthroughour official website, forums and social media profiles!We’relooking forward to hear from you!Official Galaxy on Fire Homepage - Fishlabs Homepage - Fishlabs Forums - GOF2 HD Trailer - GOF on Facebook - us on Facebook - us on Twitter - us out on YouTube - # # HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS # # #Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD requires Android 3.0 or higher (i.e.Honeycomb,Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean).
Lost Astronaut 1.0
Our hero is in outer space in search ofaliveform. As he searches for it, he suddenly finds himselfinanasteroid ring. He tries very hard to maneuver his shipfromtheasteroids coming towards him, but it gets harder andhardertododge them, and suddenly a big asteroid hits him; breakinghisshipinto pieces and sucking him out into space. Soon herealizesthatit wasn’t any asteroids belt, it was all done by anevilalientrying to kill him. Now he has to find and fix hisspaceshipandget out of here before he gets killed by thealiens.Your mission is to collect your spaceship parts and avoidthealienfiring at you. If you miss more than 5 parts you arelostforeverin the space and try not to be killed by the alienfiringatyou.Play this awesome space game and don’t forget to reviewandrateit.
My Hero Jump 1.1
S7 Design
Meet a happy astronaut who dreams ofsoaringthrough the skies!Help our friendly space explorer reach new heights in thisactionpacked game.Bounce from coin to coin, dodge the obstacles, and grabeverythingyou can to get the highest score.Great fun to play with friends and family! Who can jumpthehighest in My Hero Jump?HOW TO PLAY- Tilt the device to move astronaut left and right- Avoid obstaclesFEATURES- Nice graphic, fun & very addicted- 10 missions to accomplish- Simple tilt control, easy to play and suitable for all ages
Hippo Astronaut: Space adventures 1.0.4
The boundless sky full of stars attractswithits greatness. Take a special suit with a jet pack on andlet'sstart our adventure to the endless space. Stars are calling.Hippois a spaceman today! Our star adventure starts now. Like arealspaceman, you will be in the real space. Are you ready for aspaceadventure? Then let's go! Family games for boys and girlsabout thespace are waiting for you.Exciting arcade is renewed with classical games about spaceandseries of educational family games. The earth is left far awayandour spaceman is moving bravely between all the possiblespaceobjects. As you may have understood, Hippo is a spaceman inourgame. She is meeting planets, asteroids and mysteriouscoinsartifacts. Avoid planet collisions and asteroids whilecollectingcoins. Hippo has only three lives but it is not aproblem. The morecoins you have, the more additional lives youget.It seems to be very easy, isn't it? But our game for boys andgirlsis not so easy. Family games are good at the case, when theyareeducational games. And our game refers to this kind of game, itisa reaction game. This interesting game really developsattentionand reaction of the player. There isn't any time to relax!Thereare a lot of obstacles and they are getting smaller. Hippycouldhardly manage to avoid tricky asteroids. Help her to fulfillhermission. But, as well as all family games for boys andgirls,except of education, our game will make you happy.Excitinggraphics and funny music will help you.Try our new game from the series of family games for boys andgirls.Have a lot of positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay withus. Ourfree games for boys and for girls will make youhappy.
Space Parkour: Portal Run 8.2
Bitron Games
In Space Parkour: Portal Run you need toescapewith 2 astronaut stickmen from invaded galaxies and find thewayback to Earth. You need good command skills to encounterobstacles.This is an exciting, arcade-style game which requiredexcellentreflex skills and fast reactions. Explore all the 10galaxies withspace portals.This game has an infinite play mode and it's easy to figure outhowto handle it. Avoid dashing over all obstacles. How long canyourunning alive? The space stickman jumpers brings all you speedandvelocity to this pixel game. While you need to parkour inplanetgravity space fall you also need to avoid enemy's attackvectorpatterns and all deadly obstacles.Are you an experienced parkour runner? Then test your reflexusingyour stick man spaceman pilots in this infinite running game.Yourmain goal is to fly with your astronaut pixel man. Yourgalaxyheroes are also able to falling to the planet ground ifdashingover dangerous obstacles. Try to reach all stars systemsbyoutmaneuver the enemies with superior tactics in this uniquefreeparkour game.Features:- More then ten types of obstacles- Zero gravity parkour moving- Unique futuristic vector graphics- Endless and campaign play with infinite obstacles- Simple commands (touch the buttons in the lower part of thescreento slide and jump up and down on the screen)What are you waiting for? Try to escape in zero gravitystratospherenow. It is not easy, you will need good reflex toavoid enemiesattack vectors, traps and reach the final portal gateto back toEarth.
Cloud Jumping Bird 1.2
Test you skill in bouncing birdverticallyfromcloud to cloud without falling! How high can you gobeforegravitygets the better of you?Cloud Jumping Bird is also very easy to play. Just tapthescreento start the game. Then tilt your device from side tosideto enablethe bouncy bird to leap from cloud to cloud. Thehigherit goes themove points you'll get. The game ends when youmiss acloud and freefall. Jump on the other birds along the way togetextra points.However, be sure to avoid the black angry bird orthegame is over.Use trampolines and hot air balloons for power uptoadd an extralift. If you like diddle jump, you will enjoyplayingthis game!
Shoot The Moon
Shaun Coleman
THE MOON WILL NOT STOP SINGING!Shoot rockets at him to make him stop.Hmm. That only annoyed him ... Good! KEEP DOING IT.Take an animated journey through the weirdest reachesofspace...* Shoot rockets at the angry cartoon moon as it sings tothemusic.* Balance risk vs reward. Longer shots = more points. But donotmiss!* Reach goal milestones for extra score bonuses. Try to beatyourhigh score and climb the leaderboards!* Unlock a bunch of silly costumes! :]* How mad can you make the moon? Can you make himstopsinging?It's you versus the moon. As you always knew it wouldbesomeday."A very approachable concept with a whole lot of personality andasurprising amount of nuance." - Touch Arcade"Anyone will be able to pick up the game and have a blastplayingit." - Modojo"I had a lot more fun than I expected to, which is no small featfora casual free-to-play arcade game." - 148Apps- This is the original Shoot The Moon by Pipsqueak Games. Simplebutchallenging! Play this fun high score chasing game for free,now! :D-
Planet Surfer 1.5.0
Get amped up for a deep-space puzzleadventureexperience like no other! Planet Surfer is the latestrelease fromThe Mascoteers and it’s all about quick wits,split-seconddecisions and rocket-ships - truly a match made inheaven!Interplanetary exploration is the name of the game - thefurtheryou travel through space, the higher your score becomes. Thegoalis to successfully jump from planet to planet before they areoutof reach, avoiding obstacles in the way and doing so beforetheplanet shrinks down to an unworkable size.Timing is key here and navigating your way through spacejunk,other rocket ships and ‘dead’ planets quickly becomes achallengenot every space adventurer is cut out for.Collect star fragments for analysis along the way and pickupextra points, but be careful because going after them in thewrongsituation can cost you your life. Also keep in mind that youneverknow what the far reaches of the galaxy hold, so always be onguardfor strange phenomenon.If you like a quick, intense fast-paced brand of smartphoneapps,you’re going to love Planet Surfer! Download for free todayand letthe deep space fun begin!
Space Jumper 1.35
Space Jumper - Help Mr. Jumper survive aslongas possible.You play as an astronaut jumping over boxes and ducking fromlasersin the roof, running through a space station. Help himsurvive foras long as possible.FeaturesUniversal App - works with smart phones, 7 inch and 10inchtabletsGoogle Play Achievements & Leaderboards
space jump 1.5
**Download the Arcade hit game SpaceJumpforFREE today on Google Play and get jumping!!**Brings a new way to Jump without breaking your phoneorthrowingit against the wall.Accept the insanely addictive challenge of hardest yetsimplestgameever.Meet Space Man. He’s a small astraunot who just wanttocollectcoins in space using trampolines but he needtoavoidasteroids!Experience the adventure of a space men in this supersimpleyetattractive game play with nice graphics and digital sound.Allyouhave to do is to just Tap on the screen to Rise andJumpthroughthe world by dodging asteroids in a fast paced game. Andifyou doenough points you will receive a space shield !Key Features:Unique and original- Requires skill & timing- Simple one-touch gameplay- Addictive quick-fix casual game- Hardcore gaming , you will die a lot- Highscore system to track your progress against your friends.Tips for becoming a Space Jump Pro:- Touch the screen to change the direction of the space man- Avoid asteroids- Get as many coins as you can- Try to pass a the right moment , look at how theasteroidsaremoving- Have fun- At some amount of points you will receive a shieldI hope you'll give it a chance and enjoy the game, I'llwaitforyour feedback!
Space Jumper 0.0.9
Space Jumper is a real cosmic conqueror!Hismission is to conquer as many planets and galaxies as possible.Youneed to help him with that! But remember one careless jumpandSpace Jumper will fall into the depths of space.Space Jumper is an addictive thumb-candy game withold-schoolgraphics and funny characters.It will give you tons of fun in every free minute.How to play?Jump when your charcater is facing a planet.Seems easy?Try it and you'll see it's really not!The game features:- old-school graphics with amazing space taste- the more planets you conquer, the more characters you havetochoose from- 7 funny space jumpers to un-block and use throughout the game
Space Jumper 1.0
Fly with your spaceship through a invasionofalien ships. Try to get the Highscore!
Moon Mission
Fly your lunar lander to completethemissions.Land at a moonbase, refuel at a refueling pad ortake-offand rejointhe command module in orbit. The physics arerealisticand thecontrols easy to master. Space games are awesome!!Although the paid version is not yet available, Iwantedtorelease the free version to get some feedback. Iamcurrentlyworking on a paid version for this game, with at least6furtherlevels :o)Although only available on Android at the moment, thefinalgamewill be released on iOS, Blackberry and WindowsMobile.The game features:- 6 challenging levels (more in the coming paidversion,includingastronauts who will perform tasks for you!)- realistic physics- three difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard)- easy controls- localization in eight different languages (English,French,German,Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish). Someofthetranslations are not perfect! If you can help improve them,Iwouldbe very grateful!
Astronaut Space Game for kids 3
Akimis inc.
★ Welcome to the Space Galaxy young Astronaut★Astronaut Space Game for kids is the new space game whereyouneedto save Tim the astronaut from the danger of thestargalaxyuniverse. Dive into this highly addictive intergalacticspacegamewhere you need to control the astronaut to crosstheentireuniverse. You will need to dodge dangerous meteorites,avoidbigplanets and stars of the universe and avoid electriclaserbeams.All you need is a single tap the help the astronautfromavoidingthe danger of the solar system and go to yourspacestation.Designed for kids of all ages, this game will alsopleasetheadults. Graphics of high quality, beautiful soundtrackandsoundeffects are part of this fun astronaut game. End thewarandcollect all the stars!How to play Astronaut Space Game for kids:★ Press on the left side of the screen to make theastronautmoveleft★ Press on the right side of the screen to make theastronautmoveright★ Avoid all the dangers: Meteorites, Planets, Electrical beams.Features of Astronaut Space Game for kids:★ HD graphics★ Easy gameplay★ Infinite game mode★ Many hours of funDownload and play Astronaut Space Game for kids now!
Monstii Space Jump Jam 1
Take Monstii back home with Space Jump-beyondgravity...He has landed on earth and just needs to get home anywayhecan,navigate him as he jumps with your device landing onplatformsandcollecting boosts as you get higher and higher.How to PlayHit play, tilt your device left to move left, and righttomoveright.Don't let Monstii come down, as gravity is a pain.. gobeyondthestars and back home!Best of luck!
Mad Gravity Guy 1.0
In Mad Gravity Guy, you are aveteranastronautand this is your last mission in space !Your goal is to survive as long as possibleoutsidetheshuttle.This mad mission would be easy but there are a lot ofsatellitesandasteroids flying around you in the space.Try to master the gravity, avoid deadly collision, and youwillgetto survive long time in the space.To help the mad gravity guy in his mission, just touchtheastronautand drag him everywhere on the screen to avoidmeteoritesandvarious space objects.Be sharp and fast ! The game get quite tense when you want tomakeahigh score !Features in Mad Gravity Guy :* Very simple "Touch and Drag" controls* Very easy to play but hard to master !* Challenging and addictive gameplay* HD graphics* Compare your score on the worldwide leaderboardMad Gravity Guy is so addictive and so nerve wracking thatitwillmake you mad ! You have been warned !
Space Jumper 3.0
In this game you can get in spaceman´sshoes,the system is simple.- Touch the left screen you will be able to shot.- Touch the right screen you will be able to jump, so you willbeable to prevent the death.Each level you will need to kill the final boss, to defeat ityouwill be able to obtain a necesary score, lead with his livesandthe most important think....REACH TO THE SPACESHIP SAFE AND WELLLanguages:- English- SpanishFor any suggestion or comment, please don´t hesitate tocontactus:[email protected]
Space Survive 1.0
G A Castro
Use the space shuttle to rescue theastronautfloating through space. Avoid colliding with the asteroidsandcatch the shinning star to wipe-out all the asteroids. Yourspaceshuttle moves respectively as you move your finger.The longer you survive, faster you need to move.Features:-Attractive graphics and game play-Real 3D experience with slow-motion-Compare score on leader board and challenge friends-Share score on social media
Rocket Craze 1.5.0
Build your own rocket and launch it intothespace. Fly as high as you can and up to the Moon. Help yourcountrybecome the dominant power on the Moon by landing yourrocketseveral times on its surface. Compete with your friends forthebest time in the journey to the Moon. Use your abilitiestomanoeuvre between the obstacles and your strategic skillswhileupgrading rocket's components. Upgrade rocket's engine, wings,fueltank and more with the usage of coins collected during eachflight.Remember that without those improvements you will have ahard timeflying anywhere near but the ground.Astronaut, are you ready? 3... 2... 1... Lift off!