Top 24 Games Similar to Knock Down Pong

Knock Down 2 1.03
Download Knock Down 2! A simple onetouchMultiplayer Arcade game that is impossible to put down.Challengeyour friends to play this fun & addictive game andbeat theirscore. If you like knock down game or you are addicted toball'sgames you will find the best all of them here and more.The game is to knock down the boxes using a slingshotandballs.This is a level game. It has many unique and interestinglevelswhere you have to knock down all the boxes using your logicalandaiming skills to complete a level.Game interface:- Color balls- The game is simple- Beautiful Minimal Art StyleFeatures:- Simple one touch controls: touch left and right- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master- Stunning graphics: beautifully detailed world comes to lifeonAndroidRating 5 * if you like Knock Down 2 and do not forget commentstous about this amazing game!
Apple Shooter 4
Want to have fun shooting and knockingdownapples? Then, Slingshot Apple Shooter is the game you mustbelooking for.Slingshot apple shooter is an exciting and a must have game onyourphone. Using, a catapult for shooting, makes the game evenmorespecial.Use the slingshot and aim at the apples to knock it down. Youcanknock down the apples only by hitting the target.This is an ultimate game for the shooting lovers, who love to aimatthe target. Also, they get an altogether different experiencebyplaying this game.Knock down as many apples as possible to get a good score.Beat your highest score, by shooting the fruits and knockingthemdown.Key Features of slingshot Apple Shooter1. Stunning graphics to add to the beauty of the game.2. A very engaging game.3. Real fun and easy to play.This is one of the best shooting games. Download this topappleshooting app for free, to have some ultimate fun and knockdown asmany apples as possible.
Knock Down Town 1.5
Slingshot the balls and knock down theblocksin Knock Down TownLaunch basket balls from the slingshot and try to knock down allofthe blocksDownload and enjoy this addictive slingshot game now
Golden handi Knock down game 1.15
The game is to knock down the allgoldenhandies using a slingshot and balls.It is simple action game.In golden handi knock down game multiple levels are designed.In each level there is certain number of balls.If you fall down all the golden handies using these ballsandslingshot that level will complete otherwise level willfail.If you complete level next level automatically unlocked.Initially first 9 levels unlocked and remaining levels locked.Features -• 100 % free game• 100 % addictive game• Up to 19 amazing game play levels• Nice graphics and friendly user interfaceAre you like gold then download golden handi knockdown andfalldown all the handies using slingshot and balls.It is completely free game.shortly we will provide beautiful themes for game play.
Cars Knock Down game 1.0.9
Do you want to play game with carsthendownloadthis cars knock down game.The game is to knock down the cars using a slingshotandballs.In each level there is certain no. of balls.The goal is toknockdownall the cars with slingshot and limited balls. When allboxesfalldown level will complete.If you complete level next level automatically unlocked.Initially first 9 levels unlocked and remaining levelslocked.This game contain total 19 levels.This is a level game.we design total 19 levels withinterestinggameplay and user friendly interface.Features -• 100 % free game• 100 % addictive game• Up to 19 amazing game play levels• Nice graphics and friendly user interfaceAre you like cars then download cars knock down and falldownallthe cars using slingshot and balls.All car lovers will love this game.
Knock Down City 1.4
Knock it down, master the sling shot andknockdown the skyscrapers in Knock Down City.With moving land and obstructions knocking down the city isnotsimple.The aim of the game is to knock down the skyscrapers toproceedto the next level.Aim and fire and watch the carnage unfold.Knock Down City is a great way to Knock buildings down
Monster KnockDown : Slingshot 1.0.4
Complete interesting challenges here :" Knock down monsters to the ground. don't break thepreciousbottle! "-shoot the monsters with slingshot-monster died when it knocked down to the ground-this game use real physics 2D slingshot-each level has different number of slingshot stone-finish a lot of levels-simple interesting gameHow to play :*Shoot monster use slingshot, until all of them fall to the ground(knocked down ) .*Don't break the bottle. level failed if bottle break / fall totheground.*You have a limited stone in each level
3D Can Knockdown: Tin Shooter 1.6
Can Knock Down: The Most addictive and100%FREE game on Android Market and become a cold blood smasherwhileaiming at and knocking down piles and pyramids of cans!Startplaying and you just won't put down this marvelous title tillyoudrain your battery empty! Just throw a baseball, football and oratennis ball into the can pyramids and enjoy! Set high recordstocompete your friends!Features:• Toss a ball into the can pyramids Find the unlimited FUN!• Multiple challenging levels in beautiful 3D locations• Amazing realism, perfectly-tuned physics engine,easy-to-usecontrols• Several puzzle type levels to unlock!• Just blast a can with a bomb in it and see theexplosiveaction!• Show off your skills and challenge your friends!• Unlock new levels, open new locations, and discoverhiddensecrets!• You will have five balls, you should not destroy a shoot.• Get extra shoots and bonus on smashing a specific can.Smash as many cans as you can and get more bonus and thrill!Amazingand rewarding game modes which will keep you playing allnight long,high-resolution eye-catching gorgeous 3D graphics, trueto lifephysics, realistic sounds and so much more!Ready… set… THROW! Smashed IT!Notice:If you see the game lagging, please continue playing. It shouldgetsmoother as you replay the same level again. Fans of CanKnockdownwill LOVE this fresh new gaming experience… tell yourfriends, rateour game and give your feedback, thanks
Knock down Birds 1.0
ZEE Games
FREE FULL GAME – DOWNLOAD NOW!Knock down Birds is a very interesting andonetouchcontrolling game. You have to knock down the all birdsbythrowingenemy bird. Each and every level has different scenery.Soyou willenjoy during play Knock down Birds game.Knock Down birds game introducing “BOMB”, it blast inmoreareawhen player hit bomb. Challenge your friends to play thisfun&addictive game and beat their score.Features• Simple one touch controls: touch left and right• Many unique and interesting levels.• In each level have different scenery & difficulties.• Use physics in this game is very accurate.• Easy & full of fun to play.• You will get stars based on your performance.• You can get Reward as “BOMB”.How to Play• Start the Knock down Birds game.• You have to sling the enemy bird on Angry birds.• You will complete the level using your aiming skills.You will just download Knock down Birds interestinggameandplay.
Fruit Wars 🍎 1.0.31
Game hard but not impossible, you havetoovercome different levels throwing fruit as a catapult /slingshotas an archer with his arrow and destroy and knock down allenemyobstacles and angry fruits, score points and treasure up thebestscores. Ten different types of fruit: banana, pineapple,pear,apple, orange, grapes, melon, lemon, strawberry and cherry.Therewill also be levels where you have to use logic of physicswith theeffect rebound. You have markers of stars, depending on thescores.It is a fun game for moments in which you have some freetime andyou want to play a simple and quick game.🎃 Halloween special level: Smash pumpkins and candy also in30seconds. 🎃🎄 Christmas special level: Santa Claus throws presents tothechildren at Christmas, get those that contain surprise, somegiftsare empty. You have 30 seconds. 🎄🌟 20 different levels.🌟 2d graphics coloful.🌟 Kids and adults.🎮 Mode Bonus (rain fruit) : a rainbow of fruits which will havetoget as many points as you can. Leaderboards and achievementsGooglePlay Service.🏆 +100,000 Downloads. 🏆Share the game with your friends on facebook, whatsapp,twitter,etc.DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND REVIEWWeb: (Subscribe):* This application does not have any viruses or subscriptionsanddoes not require permits. *
Knock Down Zombie 1.1
Fire balls from the slingshot and knockdownthezombiesHit each zombie and destroy it before they take over thetown* 20+ Levels* Ragdoll Zombies* Bones Crack* Heads RollDownload this addictive slingshot classic now!
Candy Knockdown : Slingshot 1.0
The game is to knock down the candy boxesusinga slingshot (pellet-bow) and balls.Game knock down is a level game. It has many unique andinterestinglevels where you have to knock down all the candy boxesusing yourlogical and aiming skills to complete a level.The physics used in this game is very accurate and interesting.Youwill surely enjoy it.In this game we are using candy's to knock down by usingslingshotand balls.Challenge your aim, hone your precision, and pushyourpuzzle-solving skills to the next level in this insanelyaddictivegame.The goal is to knocked down all the candy boxes withpellet-bow(slingshot) and balls. When all boxes fall down levelwillcomplete.In each level there is certain no. of candy boxes and limitednumberof balls, When you fall down all boxes with in limitednumber ofballs level will complete.This is a level based game, it has total 19 levels. Firstlevelopened (unlocked ) and remaining levels locked.If you complete the first level with limited number ofballsautomatically second level unlocked.If you complete secondlevelthen 3rd level unlocked...If you complete the one level then automatically nextlevelunlocked.Gulel is an Indian word which means Slingshot.knock down means fall down, candy knock down means fall downallcandy boxes using sling shot and balls.Through ball using wooden pellet bow and knocking candy boxesandfall down all candy boxes.Candy is one of the sweet recipe.Candy also called sweets or lollies.Candies are sweet products that are daily used by billions ofpeopleall around the world.So download this candy knock down game and fall down allcandiesusing balls and gulel(Pellet-bow).Fall down all candies and test sweetest of this game play."Features:"• 100 % free game• 100 % addictive game• Up to 19 amazing game play levels• Nice graphics and friendly user interface• If you complete level next level automatically unlocked.• Initially first level unlocked and remaining levels locked.If you like this game please give rating and share to yourfriendsusing social network sites like facebook, twitter, gmail,whatsappetc...Candy knockdown game is Absolutely free to try.
Shoot Apple Gulel 1.5
Mobi Games
"Shoot Apple Gulel" is a level game. Ithasmany unique and interesting levels where you have to shoot alltheapples using your logical and aiming skills to completealevel.Each Level Have Unique Puzzle. You Have To Shoot Apple UsingYourMind And Skills.Play And Enjoy This Amazing Game In Your Mobile.....!
Slingshot Knock Down 1.1
Do you wanna have fun by knockingdownjellybeans using a slingshot? Then Slingshot knock downchallengeis thegame you must be looking for.Slingshot knock down challenge is an exciting,addictiveandchallenging game for the game lovers, who are lookingforwardforsome real gaming experience. The stunning graphics inthisgameadds to the excitement of the gameplay.In this slingshot knock down game all you have to do isknockdownall the jelly beans visible on the rock crust.What makes this knock down game special is the number oflevelsitoffers. This catapult game gives you an opportunitytoexploredifferent levels thereby making the gameplay veryengaging.Have anultimate knock down gaming experience, by playingthisslingshotgame.Develop your catapult skills, by playing this knockdowngame.Become a master in using a catapult by playing thisknockdowngame.Knock down all the jelly beans, at a particular level, byusingacatapult, to move to the next level. As the game goes,withincreasein level, different challenges posed to the player,makesthiscatapult game even more special. Enjoy the wholeexperienceofknocking down, the jelly beans, just like you used todo inangrybird games.You can knockdown jelly beans at different levels, byplayingthisgame. Here, you not only get the experience of usingaslingshot butalso can knockdown jelly beans.In this game it requires you to develop your slingshotskillssothat as the difficulty in levels increases, you canknockdownthejelly beans quite easily. By playing this game, youcanknockdownjelly beans and get an amazing experience likeneverbefore.What makes this game unique from other games is hereyoucanknockdown jelly beans placed at different angles.Slingshot knock down challenge is one of the bestslingshotgames.Download this top slingshot game for free in orderto knockdownjelly beans and to kill your boredom.
Knock Down : A Slingshot Game 1.5
i3 Games
Do you enjoy playing sling shot game? Kidsallover the world enjoy shooting things with catapult.Knock Down : A Slingshot Game is a sling shot game of shootingandtargeting other objects in 3 fantastic worlds.Take your adventure craze of Knock Down : A Slingshot Game totheworld of candy land, Birds Island and the Pot(Dahihandi)world.Fun with physics is the motive of this game. In this platformgameyou will learn to imply projectile physics and enjoy this withyourfriends and family. Take into account the hurdles whichwillobstruct your shots. Hurdles may be some wooden flock,stonebarrier and others.How to Play:Simple game rules no complicated physics. Drag finger overthescreen, aim to perfection and release for perfect slingshot.Let’s start the adventure with sling shot. There are three worldsinKnock Down : A Slingshot Game lets enjoy playing through allofthat.1) Candyland: Aim, project and boom all the delicious candy inthiscandy land. Knockdown all the candy to move on to the nextlevel.There are 30 different levels of implementing the funnyphysics andgrab all the sweet candies in this candy land.2) Bird Island: Rescue birds as all of them are stuck by themagicof witch in this island. Your job is to rescue all the birdsandset them free. You have catapult in your hand. Show them thepowerof your sling shot and the physics you know.3) Pot world: Pots better known as dahi handi. These are theearthendahihandi and all of them colourful. Take shot and destroyall thedahi handi to enjoy this pot world. There are 30 levels inthis gameof knock down dahihandi with sling shot.Knock Down : A Slingshot Game Features:• Wonderfully designed knock down game.• Three amazing worlds of candyland, Birds Island and beautifulDahihandi world.• 90 levels of action packed fun game.• Beware of hurdles• Entertaining and magical graphics in the gameDownload it today and enjoy physics with Knock Down : ASlingshotGame!
New Gulel : Craft Games 1.4
The game is to knock down the boxes usingaslingshot and balls.Gulel Crafts is a slingshot shooting game again from the makersofShoot Girl's Fruits : Gulel.In this game you need to knock down the fruits, apples,boxes,glasses, balloons, stones, all of them which are put as stackinthe environment. There are different levels with uniquearrangementof the objects. Just smash them to the ground to cleareachlevel.The physics used in this game is very accurate and interesting.Youwill surely enjoy it.[How to Play]- Knockdown all the breakable objects in the surrounding.- Do not shoot fruits or balloons.[Online Map Store]- There is an inbuilt map editor to create your own levels andletthe world knock them down.- Google Plus ID is used by default when uploading newlevels.- Play thousands of innovative levels created byotherplayers.
Lego Knock Down 2015 1.0
The survival of the Lego is at stake. Dishoutrevenge on the box who stole LEGO eggs. Use the unique powersofeach LEGO to destroy the Boxes . Game featureschallengingphysics-based game play and lot of replay value. Eachlevelrequires logic, amazing skill, patience and force to solve. Ifyouare crazy about playing mind games like angry birds andlogicalgames series also love other shooting games this game isworth ashot. You will enjoy it a lot a perfect game for time passand toincrease your focus. This version of Knock Down Lego.Thisapplication may require internet connectivity and subsequentdatatransfer charges may apply.
Angry Catapult 1.0.2
Nature Droid
Shoot giant birds with fire ball catapult!Funbirds shooting game!Sling shot fire ball to knock down the birds!Pull the fire ball to aim flying bird. Then release to shoot.Bird's speed will increase over the time.Added 2 players mode. Now you can play with your friends.Challenge your friend and see who can shoot down thebirdsaccurately.Both of the players have 10 chances. Miss shoot or let the birdflyover will deduct 1 mark.Enjoy the game.
Can Knockdown: Tin Smash Hit 1.1
Can Knock Down: The Most addictive and100%FREE game on Android Market Challenge your aim, honeyourprecision, and push your puzzle-solving skills to the nextlevel inthis insanely addictive game. Just smash and knocking downpilesand pyramids of cans! Be accurate! Be smart! Be quick! Ready…set…THROW!Start playing and you just won't put down this marveloustitletill you drain your battery empty! Just throw a baseball,footballand or a tennis ball into the can pyramids and enjoy! Sethighrecords to compete your friends! This installment takesthecritically acclaimed Can Knockdown series to all new heights-thephysics-based carnival gameplay you know and love. A SMASHhitseries!Stunning Features• Toss a ball into the can pyramids Find the unlimited FUN!• Multiple challenging levels in beautiful 3D locations• Amazing realism, perfectly-tuned physics engine,easy-to-usecontrols• Just blast a can with a bomb in it and see theexplosiveaction!• Show off your skills and challenge your friends!• Several puzzle type levels to unlock!• Unlock new levels, open new locations, and discoverhiddensecrets!• You will have five balls, you should not destroy a shoot.• Get extra shoots and bonus on smashing a specific can.Tell your friends, rate our game and give your feedback,thankyou!Powered By: GamesOutlet
Aircraft Wargames | 3 3.6.0
Aircraft Wargame is a scrolling shoot emupvertical.Para the mission will take control of an aircraft andhaveto go knocking down all enemy ships,aircraft and helicopter.Besides firing like madmen, we will have the ability tocollectcoins and powerups that we improve the aircraft in order toavoidimpact with the enemies and their shots. Fighter, air,world,planeAt the bottom of the screen looks perfectly so much lifeandshield that we have as total coins collected so far. War, combatin1942.Aircraft Wargame In March our ammunition is unlimited and allyouhave to worry will reach the final phase. The bullet shot 1 isdueout over our plane in a straight line and can shoot 3 orless.Each location is comprised of 4 phases or levels and aboss,which makes the game more total 50 stages or levels. As weadvancethe level of difficulty rises, becoming exasperating atcertaintimes. Gunship, battle, games.The enemy planes are as varied, with a wide variety ofsizes,designs, training and flight patterns. Normally, for eachenemyaircraft shot down we will be rewarded with coins orpowerups.Loslarger aircraft need several shots to be destroyed.With coins collected at the beginning of each phase or levelcanwhen we can increase our skills improve them infinitely.Wargame,3, airplane.We also found a medium-sized aircraft that need several shotstobring them down, while for the larger need many more shots. Wewillalso have to deal with small planes that will from time to timebythe bottom of the screen, which will accelerate quickly tothetop.Every 4 phases we will face a kind of final enemy, aJapanesebomber Ayazo, inspired by Nakajima G8n, which have todestroy tocomplete the level.The powerups are:Ships friends: this POW get that our plane will join inthebattle and side 2 small planes. These will be of great helpwhenfacing against enemy aircraft.Extra life: as its name suggests, we will gain a life if wegetthis item.Pumps: to pick up this item or powerups, one creating manyshotsin 360 degrees from our aircraft bomb was detonated.Energy Shield: to pick a shield that will protect us fromenemyfire until exhausted is created.
Block Game 3D 1.1.9
This is a simple physics based gamethatrequires the player to knock down flags perched on top ofblocks.The flags must be knocked down and must touch the ground inorderto disappear. Sounds easy right? Well it’s not! As youprogressthrough Knock the Flag's 50 starting levels you will noticeyouwill be progressively challenged by new and intricate scenarios!Knock the Flags is all about choice. As you progress furtheryouwill unlock new cannon balls and encounter different blockswiththeir own special traits and attributes. You are given acertainamount of ammo in each level, but how you use that ammo isup toyou! Do you want to collapse those blocks with flags byhitting aweak point with the Mega Ball or do you want to try goingdirectlyfor the double flag knockdown with a well placed hit fromtheStandard Ball? The choice is yours!For the ultimate challenge try achieving 3 gold cannon ballsoneach level! You can achieve 3 gold balls by having 3 or moreammoremaining. Two ammo remaining gives you two gold balls, and 1ammoremaining gives you one gold ball.No hidden microtransactions or IAPs…. JUST PURE HOURS OFFUN!!COMPLETELY FREE!!!!Support for Windows/iOS coming soon!!Like our Facebook page at Features:- Dozens of levels- Full developer commitment!- Knock down the flags!- Dynamic physics- Toony graphics and cool effects- 4 different cannon balls and 3 different blocks- Realtime shadows (not currently supported on any Tegrabaseddevices, not recommended for lower end devices.)- High replayability- 3 star rating system (stars are actually gold cannonballs)- Presents a good challenge, lots of fun!Permissions:- Network access: Used only to notify you of a game update.- Storage: Grants ability to write to SD card.- Phone status and identity: Google Analytic requiresthispermission. This will help us trace crashes and glitches inthegame. Thanks to this we can fix issues faster and improveyourgaming experience!
Slingpin - bowling with a slingshot 1.8.2
Slingpin is a fun and addictivearcade/puzzletype of game. The goal is to knock down all bowlingpins by aimingand firing your bowling ball with a slingshot. Soundseasy,right?The difficulty increases as you progress through the game. Youmustcarefully aim and shoot - it requires great skills and timingtoget three stars on all levels!Slingpin is not your regular, ten-pin bowling game. Watch outforexplosives, magnets, lasers, tennis ball cannons, pinballbumpersand other creative obstacles. Pins could be nailed to thewall,hanging from chains, attached to moving platforms orteleportingbetween different locations. Use your slingshot, aim andshoot atthe right moment to knock 'em down.To hit them all you must fire your bowling ball throughwoodencrates, bounce of stone walls, sneak through narrow passages,pushbuttons and use pinball flippers or soap bubbles to expandyourreach. Only using a slingshot!If you get tired of the single player game, you can alwaysunlockthe local multiplayer part for some head to head action.Challengeup to four friends in a bowling tournament on your phoneor tablet.Get ready for some sick bowling fun with friends andfamily!Features- 100% free! Smash as many bowling pins as you want!- 110 fun and challenging levels!- Addictive! Can you get a strike on each level usingaslingshot?- Puzzles of varying difficulty (easy, medium, hardandINSANE)- Simple gameplay! Easy to learn, hard to master! Anyone can play-kids, teenagers and adults!- Solve the puzzles, unlock new levels, collect all stars andbecomethe Slingpin king!- Lots of obstacles! Laser fences, magnets, explosives,cannons,bumpers.- Play with friends! Local multiplayer (unlockable viain-apppurchase)!- Frequently updated with new levels and features!All levels are free and ads can be removed via in-app purchase.Tellall your friends, rate the game and don't forget to follow usonsocial media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! The game isalsoavailable for Windows Phone/Windows 10.Thank you for playing Slingpin! Get in touch withMonkeyworks:Like us on Facebook: latest news on Twitter: and more on Instagram: are you waiting for? Get ready for some wild, slingshotactionand knock down some pins in this crazy physics game!
Play Can Knockdown Tin Smasher 1.2
Can Knock Down: Smash as many cans youcanwhile aiming at and knocking down piles and pyramids of cans!Startplaying and you just won't put down this marvelous title tillyoudrain your battery empty! Tin Shooter: The Most addictive and100%FREE game on Android MarketJust throw a baseball, football and or a tennis ball into thecanpyramids and enjoy! Set high records to compete your friends!Ready…set… THROW!• Toss a ball into the can pyramids Find the unlimitedFUN!• Multiple challenging levels in beautiful 3D locations• Just blast a can with a bomb in it and see theexplosiveaction!• Amazing realism, perfectly-tuned physics engine,easy-to-usecontrols• Several puzzle type levels to unlock!• Unlock new levels, open new locationsThank you for your support and feedback with ratings.
Play Real Can Knockdown 1.1
If you are really up to a great can knockdownchallenge. Then here comes your chance. Play Real Can Knockdownisone of the most addicted aiming games .You can knockdown thecansin much smoother manner then ever been provided. Play RealCanKnockdown is a 3d aiming game with great amazingenvironment,Beautiful 3d objects which give a sense of realism andthrill toplayer. In this game there are three types of cans silver,blue andgreen, green can give you extra ball and blue can havespecialaffects when you hit on it can explode and destroy allcans.Features:- Can knockdown consist on four different environment andthrowingballs- Beautiful, eye capturing 3d graphics- Stages full with new complex structure of cans.- Great background sound effects.- Control of the game is very simple and everyone can play itPoint scores to enter in next level which will be a lotmoremesmerizing then previous one. Just hit the play button, sitbackand start to analyze your precision of aim and ability tohandletricky situation.