Top 7 Games Similar to Dual Warriors

Amazing Titan Warrior 1.45
Amazing Titan Warrior is an addictive andfunaction game perfect for kids!Play as Titan Warrior and win each world by jumping from one geartoanother, get the highest score and make a streak combo hits!Originally, the Amazing Titan is a human which have Monsterlikestrength because of an laboratory accident. Fortunately, hestillhas a good mind, and wants to fight the bad guys just likeTheMonster with his strength. Collect all special power up orbooster,to gain more power then destroy all enemy with it.Amazing Titan Warrior is an arcade action games withsimplegameplay for everyone. Adopted from Super Heroes Games thatkidswill love to play. Designed with marvelous graphic andgreatcharacter to make an unforgettable gaming experience. Thisgame istotally free! This is a must have item in your smartphone oranydevice!Features :- Artistic graphic design- Real sound effects- Dynamic gameplay- Endless gameplay
Black Warrior 1.1
Plunge into improbable vaults, in newRPGBlackWarrior! Smart machine intelligence, unrealdesign,excellentgraphics! Thus good optimization!Features- Clever artificial Intelligence (AI)- Well worked and detailed levels- Beautiful effects- Action!- Graphics... and not only!If you want to have a good time, and to fight with monstersoftheterrifying vault, then Black Warrior is created for you!
Tai Panda Warrior 1.4
Tai Panda Warrior is one amazing game!Inthisgreat great game, you must draw bamboo lines and thepandawilljump to these bamboos.The main purpose of the game is, to collect as many fruitsasyocan.AVOID the black spots. They will kill your speed, andyourpandacould fall, if you are not fast enough to draw bamboos tosaveit.In this amazing PANDA HIGH game, you will findtheseamazingfeatures for you:● Amazing gameplay!● Fruits collecting system.● Highscore system!● Different level landscapes. (The far you go, thedifferentthelandscape would be)● Super experience and lots of fun!Don't forget to collect capes for bigger jumps. And HITtheflyingbirds in order to get turbo speed.Enjoy playing PANDA WARRIOR!-------------------------------Check out my website for the Best Free AndroidApps===> app contains Advertising.
Crossbow Warrior William Tell 1.2
MobyDick Games
He runs!…He Jumps!…He Shoots hiscrossbow!…Hechomps down snacks and slays invaders! He is one of thegreatesttrue-life heros, William Tell, and he’s at your command!!Are you ready to carry the honor of a nation into battleagainstWilliam Tell’s archenemy Hermann Gessler and his hordes offootsoldiers, the Reeves? The safety of your son depends upon it!Thatscoundrel Gessler snatched up little Walter while you weregettingsupplies! DUN DUN DUN!He picked the wrong respectable mountain farmer to messwith!CROSSBOW WARRIOR GAME FEATURES:• NO IN-APP PURCHASE!!! Play the game once and have funwithoutpaying all the time!!• 34 exciting levels with jump n’ run action!• Super-quick: open app and play!• 4 different game types!• Experience the whole story behind the legend of William Tellwitha multitude of lovely graphics!The hopes of your son and an entire nation rest onyourshoulders, your steel nerves, and your steady aim! Strap onyourcrossbow, pump up your biceps, and…CHARGE!You’ll run fearlessly through the picturesque cobblestonestreetsof the Swiss alps, but these little villages are not socalm as thesnow capped peaks around them…Gessler has unleashed wolves, bears, and of course his armyofReeves. Plus you've got sheep, cows, and barrels in the roadanddangerous rivers and canyons to navigate! LOOK OUT! But youareWilliam Tell! The villagers have left you cheese to make youfast,chocolate for energy, flowers to help you to the next village,andarrows to load your crossbow. Shoot the apples off the barreltoget a bonus level.In the ultimate showdown, can you shoot an apple safely offyourson’s head, and then leap to safety onto a rock ledge of theAxencliffs?!!No problem…you’re WILLIAM-FREAKIN’-TELL!HOW CROSSBOW WARRIOR WORKS:• Open app for instant gameplay• Simple controls, thrilling results• Dash through the villages and wilderness defeating dangers• Discover each level’s hidden feature and unlock a bonus levelbyfinishing in expert time!• Navigate your ship through dangerous canyons and lakes.• Prove your skills as a marksman by fighting wildanimals,Habsburgs, and the nasty boss Gessler!Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening toyoursuggestions to improve Crossbow Warriors! If you have anyissueswith the app, just contact us and we will help you!** Are you loving Crossbow Warrior? We’d love to hear aboutit!Please take a moment to leave us a nice review. It reallyhelps!**While you’re in the sharing mood, go ahead and throw us a likeonFacebook too, THANKS!We appreciate your support greatly! You inspire us to makemoresuper cool apps like Crossbow Warrior!
Cube Legends: Warriors Vs Orcs C6
Welcome to Cube Legends: Warriors Vs Orcswhereyou will face unimaginable forces which will aim to stop youatevery turn. You must overcome these obstacles and dominate thelandas the ultimate warrior. Face brutal orcs as younavigateunforgiving lands that can either help or hinder yourmission. Armyourself with a devastating selection of weapons or goall out andtake down the enemy hand-to -hand for the ultimatefightingexperience. However you lay waste to these barbaric foes,do itwith both skill and speed, lest they overcome your defenses.Thisworld is all about survival. Live, and win.PLEASE NOTE THE LEVEL SIZE: In order to bring you thebestexperience possible, Cube Legends: Warriors Vs Orcs has levelsthatare extensively large and loaded with extreme challenges. Wejampacked each map with endless enemy clans, fast-pacedshooteraction, and extensive weaponry to locate and utilize.Because ofthis, load time can often take awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-starreview,after all, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted everylevel tobe an adrenaline filled battle. We've pushed past theboundaries ofmobile gaming and invite you to join us.✱DESTROY THE ENEMY✱The gods are angry with the people. They want to destroytheworld of the mortals. They gather all their army of orcs andlosetheir might into the realm.A shrill cry echoed in the mist. A plea for mercy or thescreechof death no doubt. Death was everywhere, the earth overrunwith thearmy of the gods. All around villages were being plundered,theirinhabitants murdered, their villages burned to the ground.Thekingdom that was once a virile land, was crumbling before theworldlike the broken spine of a thoroughbred horse. The king wasforcedto pull his soldiers from many of the distant lands, focusinghispower closer to home in an effort to target his remainingstrengthon defeating this enemy, even if it wreaked havoc on hismainholdings. Without the protection of the king, the outerrealmsperished quickly. Now, as the ground shakes with theveritableforce of these great beings, the war has moved withdefining forceto the kingdom. As the clock runs out, the kingrealizes he mustrequest the help of a superior being once banishedfrom the landsfor his power. To fight fire with fire, you need asorcerer.Without much time, the king dispatched his most fiercewarrior toenlist the aid of this magician.You have braved many battle with numerous enemies, but nonesuchas these barbaric beasts who stop at nothing and destroyeverythingin their path. In your journey to the sorcerer's castle,you willconfront these foes and in order to survive, you will needto takethem out before they take you down. This quest will demandyouwield a selection of powerful weapons and collect essentialperkssuch as health packs and ammo. Annihilate these orcswithdevastating effects when you utilize a exploding powder kegsfoundthroughout the map. The race is on. Battle orcs on thecastlegrounds, then blast through them in a terrain blanketed inwinter'sicy grip. Finally deal the ultimate damage at thesorcerer's castlewhere the true test of your strength will beproven.Features:-Health packs and ammo-Entity map-Health meter-Hand-to-hand combat-Exploding barrels-Night and day game play-Touch screen controls-Pixel graphicsWeapons:Knife,Katana,M1911,M4,MP5,Shotgun,Sniper,AK-47
Ant Warrior 1.0.0
A Journey to discover the dangeroustemple,anAnt was lost in the world Monsters-Kong. It’s time for youtouseall of your skills to put him out of the kingdomofMonsters-Kongbrutality.After the events of Ant Warrior, Ant Warrior becomeapeacekeeper,but new threats emerge regularly all around theglobeand Ant Warrioris the only one who can take care ofthem.Get ready for intense action in this free, addictive,endless3Drunner!THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE MOST AWAITED SUPERHEROMOVIE,FORFREE!?Fight against rising A.I.M. forces around the worldduringamazingruns?Discover 3 different locations offeringendless,self-generatinglevels: Malibu Shores, New York City andChinaBECOME Ant Warrior AS NEVER BEFORE!?Complete various missions in fast-paced flying battlesandepicone-on-one confrontations?Unleash Ant Warrior's superpowers with amazinglyresponsiveswipecontrols?Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edgegraphicsandanimationsCOMMAND STARK INDUSTRIES?Research and develop up to 18 suits from the differentmovies(MARKII, MARK 42, Silver Centurion, etc.)?Upgrade your armours and powers in the research Lab to wipeoutyourenemiesFor all fans of superhero games, runner games, actiongames,arcadegames, and for all of those who want to fight as AntWarriorduringamazing and intense free runs.
Ninja Strike Warrior 1.8
Game Logic
Ninja Strike Warrior is a crazyactiongame. You are the ninja, the one who walks in the shadows.You willface the ultimate challenges in this game. You have tofightwith the enemies and destroy them otherwise they willdestroy you.There are a lot of enemies who are waiting for you. Toclear thepath , you have to destroy each enemy.In Ninja Strike Warrior, you have to be smart to clear allthelevels. Controls are very easy. Joystick to move andbuttonsto jump. A lot of different types of moving, slidingfloorsare there to make the game play interesting for theplayer.Destroy all enemies, clear levels and be the champion.NinjaStrike Warrior is a great game for all the age groups.Features:1) Interesting Game Play.2) Different worlds to explore.3) Easy Controls.4) Fantastic levels5) Totally Free.Download Now …