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Touch N Glow Cyan
Test your speed in thisvibrantlyglowinggesture game. As each arrow falls from the top ofthe screenswipeor pinch in the direction it points. When youcomplete theactionthe symbol will explode in a shower of glowingfireworks.Eachround starts slow, but will be racing beyond yourlimits innotime. Touch N Glow is speedy revolution in touchbasedgaming.Compete against your friends and the world on a globalhighscoreslist. This addicting free game will have yourfingertipsdancingand your mind racing. The race is on fingerdancers!GESTURES:Up Arrow - Swipe UpDown Arrow - Swipe DownLeft Arrow - Swipe LeftRight Arrow - Swipe RightInward Point Arrows - Pinch InOutward Pointing Arrows - Pinch outTouch N Glow is brought to you by HomeWorld Arts,LLC,thecreators of Super Narwhal Boy, Jetpack Jumper,andJurassicQuest.Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, and Feathers UI.Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.