Top 6 Games Similar to Fairy Funny Adventure 3d

Maze Adventure 3D 1.6
Radso Apps
Maze Adventure 3D isn't simply amazegame,there are many challenges that you will be faced with it.The objective is to escape from the labyrinth, but tofulfillit,a few things must be done and you will have to discoverthem onyourown.- 27 levels in 9 worlds.- Every world brings new challenges, new placesandnewsounds.- Labyrinths with 1, 2 and 3 floors.- Collect fruit to advance to new worlds. There are 5, 10or15fruits to collect on each level.- Tree branches help to mark the way.- There is dynamite on a few levels, it can destroywalls.Findthem in the labyrinths.- In the final levels, the labyrinth is overrun by water,sobequick to find the water regulators and close them!- If you like hard challenges, try to finish thegamewithoutusing any item.- Or if you prefer smaller challenges, there is a storetobuywhat you need or you can get items by watching a video.Have fun =DFollow us on Facebook: Twitter:@RadsoApplications
Lucy's World Adventure 3D 1.5
Demo of our game Lucy's World Adventure3D!Check out next week's update!
Maze 3d Adventure 2
3D maze adventureblock cityAmazing 3D maze game is now a available for FREE for androiddevicesand is suitable for everyone.Enjoy unlimited fun with a self generated 3D mazeEvery time you play, you will have a unique 3D maze that hasnotbeen created before. You will enjoy a new challenge every timeyouplay3D maze features beautiful graphics and a lot of challenge.Find your way out of the labyrinthare you ready for the most exciting maze craze game available?thenyou should show your ability to find the exit in 80 seconds inthisnew amazing free 3D simulation game machina maze!the simulation game 3D maze car is an incredible maze carsimulatorgame that requires the utmost precision!situations Maze Car in the simulation game 3D maze labyrinthrequireyou to show the best skills in steering, accelerating, andobstacleavoidance to get those vehicles parked in the drivers parking, you have to drive with incredible accuracy.Thismeans you have to drive like a boss in this 3D maze gamecarking.Maze car 3D features:runner runner
Crossing Road Adventure 3D 1.0
Crossing Road Adventure 3D, Controlsacharacter cross road and to keep items. You can controlyourcharacter by pressing left, right, up, down to controlthecharacter to walk along the desired path. Making the playerfeellike they've really crossed the road. With a dynamic game withfunand realistic thriller with control a character cross road.Greatgraphics and physics simulation, character and cars that runon theroad. Cross road skills for keep items and escape zombies. Soyouhave to do the best time for each scene. Add a fun adventuretoescape the zombies chase and keep items asrequired.Importantly,Controls a character cross road will notcollision with cars on theroad or crash zombies during thecontroller to keep items asrequired. If a collision with cars onthe road or crash zombies thegame is over and start a new game.Controls a character to keepitems as required will make you excitedevery second to make timeto a minimum until the victory.You can get it free from Google Play!How to Play- Controls by a button pressing left, right, up, down.- keep items as required due to the pass.- Controls a character cross road will not collision with carsonthe road or crash zombies during the controller to keep itemsasrequired. If a collision with cars on the road or crash zombiesthegame is over and start a new game.- Count time to controls character and show the time when youreachthe victory.Features- Easy to play and controller- Test controls character cross road skills- Real 3D graphics for cross road and escape thezombieschase.- Shows highscore of controls character cross road.- Show minimum time in the controller.- Training cross road- Beautiful Graphics and GUI- Physics simulation, character and cars that run on the road- Difficulty Level- Different camera angles advanced.- Real Time dynamic game- Mobile and Tablet Support- Full hd graphics with high quality
Cube Robot Speedy 1.1
Go on a platformer journey with theCubeRobotSpeedy. Jump and run through many diversifiedlevels,dodgeobstacles, and speed it up, to get all the stars.Thiscubeadventure is an unforgettable adventure for CubeRobotChampions.Be fast to get all the stars. Did you know, thatcubesare theanswer to every question? This platformer is more thananormal 3Dplatformer. This real game will make you sweat.Manylevels arewaiting for you, and many are to come with thenextupdates. Willyou be able to get all the stars? Or will you dielikea noob?Cube Robot starts easy, but gets more and more complexandhard.Jump and Run in many speed levels, the clock isalwaysticking. TheCube Robot dies, when you are slow. Be a fastchampion,that iswhat you are meant to be!Dodge lasers, and don't let the Cube Bombs touch you,orelse,guess what, you will die. Why are you still here readingthis,youshould be downloading this great adventure 3D gamealready.Musthave for speed action fans! That is what the speedCubeRobotmentality is all about. This adventure game is so hard,thatnoobswill lose their pants. But pro gamers will be thechampions oftheplatformer world. The clock is ticking and you arebecomingthenext Cube champion.The first 3D platformer for Android that is only forpowergamers.Yeah, the power gamers will take over the world, andthepower noobswill be bashed. Did you ever jump on a rotator, orrunthrough lasercubes, and falling cubes? What are you waitingfor?The clock isticking and the Cube Robot dies if you are tooslow.This fast 3Dplatformer game is an Android revolutionaryspeedadventure.The world is waiting for the Cube Robot, because it needstobesaved. But the world won't be saved by the cube robotinthispowerfull time attack adventure, because it is not hisjob.Someoneelse can do it. No, the cube Robot is only here, tobeplayed as anadventure master Jump and Runner and becomethechampion ofplatformers!
Monk Adventure 3D 1.2
GoMaD Team
A 3d adventure of a monk and his goaloffindingthe ancient warlocks cult and its secret powers.The monk ventures in to their dimensional hopping portaldeviceandfinds himself moving in a pathtowards the hidden powers he seeks.You'll enjoy:- 3D Environments.- First person view.- A well optimized game that will run on most ofthedevicessmoothly.- Different variety of mechanics in each level.- Very enjoyable adventure theme.- A challenging game: each level in your adventure willnotbeeasy to overcome.- Comfortable controls: First person viewcombinedwithsemi-hidden joysticks makes it easy to move around.- Storyline: for a mobile adventure game, it has astorylinetotell.- Alot of content for a small weight: The game hasfarmorecontent for it's 15 mb weight, due to its optimization.- Will not burn your battery as fast as 3d games mostly do.- Free.In summary: A 3d first person adventure game about a monkthatisfree, light weight, not a battery burner and will runsmoothlyonmost of the devices.Enjoy your play.