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Toodle's Toboggan 1.0
Grab your toboggan, snowboard, or skisandjoinToodle the Raccoon and his friends, on an endlessepicdownhill runin Toodle's Toboggan: Wintry Slopes!Playingthe game issimple: drag your finger to steer, from theground tapto jump, andtap in the air to trick! Combo tricks andweavethrough slalom flagsfor a high score. Collect coins andunlockToodle's friends. They'veall got different abilities andboosts tohelp you score higher andearn more coins!Ride your toboggan through windy forest paths, skithroughslalomcourses, and jump your snowboard off ramps for massiveair.Do hugetrick combos for a ton of points!Before your jump on your sled, use the boost spinner togetanedge. There's boost multipliers for increasing yourslalom,trickscore, and coins.Use your coins and unlock more boost spinners. Or useyourcoinsand unlock Toodle's other friends like Boobam the Pandaandhis sonBam Jr and so many more!Toodle and his friends are more than looks. They'vegotdifferentjump and speed abilities and come with extra booststoscore higherand get more coins!There's more characters coming this fall and winter!Therewilleven be variants of characters on snowboards, sleds, andskis.andmore endless runner tracks coming this fall and winter.Soevenwhen you think you've got it down, there'll be more todo!The game is free to play with in-app purchases.Come snowboard, toboggan, and ski with Toodle,Ollie,Mollie,Flip, and friends!Social MediaLearn more about us at (link)!Instagram: @prismawavestudiosLink: @prismawaveLink: Page: Prisma Wave