Top 24 Games Similar to Winter Forest

Zombie Hunter Sniper Killer 1.3
Roadster Inc.
The boldest & fresh new zombie huntgameisupon you. Zombie hunt 2016 is the newest &sickestadventuresunleash your passion against these stupidzombies.Zombie hunt 2016brings action to life with survivinghorrorelements of the gameplay. Get grip of your deadly sniper gun&prove you are themaster of kill shot & Headshots. Cityisburning in flames dueto zombie outbreak, the walking deadareeverywhere. Game is designin amazing zombie apocalypseenviourmentwith horrifying sound &creepy music tracks. Push thedeadtrigger & start the snipershotgun. You have to survive asyouare stuck & these bloodyzombies are attaching from allaround.Show your passion & rageagainst this outbreak &survivethis zombie night. Prove thatyou are the best zombie smasher&professional zombie hunter of2016. Can you be the bestzombiesniper?In the game play player have to survive different levelofzombiewaves with intense shooting. Don’t let these zombieshuntyou downbecause today you’re not going to become one of them.Easy&user friendly controls are introduces to pleasure yourgameplayingskills. Every coming wave is worst & more deadly letmesee howquick your finger moves. Zombies can attach you fromanydirectioneven above from sky and beneath the muddy dirt, buttounlock thatlevel you have to clear first few levels withprohunting skills.Kill more and earn more rewards and unlockbestweapon that suitsyour zombie killing style.Zombie Hunt 2916 is your ticket to mayhem ofzombiefrontier,become the legend & top zombie killer of 2016.Provethat youare the best zombie shooter in town & capable ofwipingoffthis bloody zombie highway. Zombie Hunt 2016 is actionpackwithroad kill hype & tons of new gameplatmechanics/elements.Survive or become one of them! Deal isonFeatures:* You are contract killer hire to hunt, so be on top ofthingsbeforethis deadly virus catches you.* An immersive first-person sniper 3D adventureblendingamazinggraphics, excellent music and realistic soundeffects tocreate ahighly detailed open world.* Every weapon has a unique feel and performance.* Horrifying sounds addictive nostalgic zombie music.* Lots of Zombie enemies to challenge your skills. Thewavesofundead will keep you on the edge and your finger onthedeadtrigger.* The outbreak virus is stronger; the zombies aregettingmoreharmful. You need to keep fighting to rescue survivorsand savethecity.Unkilled ZOMBIE HUNT 2016 challenge is justoneclickaway……………………………………..
Zombie Survival Escape Mission 1.1
Haxon Studios
Play & Survive as Terry, themaincharacterin this game who’s a fearless hunter ready to takedown acityinfected by an outbreak in Zombie Survival EscapeMission. Heis amember of a group named the zombie wrecking crew whowill helpanysurvivor being affected by the virus during thisunexpectedzombieapocalypse. The city has just turned into asurvival island.Thislatest in 2016 zombie games will test yourcombat and hunterskillsas you walk in a city where you are on azombie kill quest.You are on an escape mission as there are no survivors leftinthecity. You are out of ammunition weapons. Beware ofthosewalking deadcreatures in a sudden outbreak with bloodlustwandering on thestreets. Use your wild axe, flip, dodgeagainstthose creatures andexecute a perfect zombie kill. The virushasspread over the entirecity and there is no cure left. Some ofthezombies include clownattacks in the city. Zombie SurvivalEscapeMission like other zombieapocalypse games will give youtheultimate combat experience bybeing a lone hunter. Your onlywayout of this zombie world war is tobe a true survivor and notdiein this outbreak. This is not somezombie paintball game. Planoutyour wild escape carefully &survive successfully inthisapocalypse. It’s time for some seriousscore this Halloweenbymaking a zombie kill!!So Download now and enjoy zombie world war actionunlikeotherzombie shooting games. Make sure you survive tilltheend!!Key Features of Zombie Survival Escape Mission:- Realistic outbreak creatures like in zombie survival games- Survive by using an axe with flip combo to kill enemies- Fluid & Intuitive attack controls- Feel like a true survivor by slashing them theoldschoolstyle!- Hunt all creatures like in 2017 zombie games!
Mental Hospital IV Lite 1.02
Are you ready to accept the gift of madnessandunderstand the secrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental HospitalIV” iswaiting for you.Your intellect is thirsty for non standard tasks, and nervousfora “tickle”? Than horror-action “Mental Hospital IV” fromAGaming+will shake you to the core! Cut the lights, connect yourheadphones.And watch out, because he is the only one to help youto get out ofthese horror paws!Our history started a short time afterwards, after the eventsatMental Hospital III. The principal character’s mind washauntedwith a story that happened in the St. Peter Hospital. Policesatback on its heels, big newspapers kept quiet. And then, onefineday, a stranger called us and said that he could telleverything indetails in a face-to-face meeting. And you are goingto a specifiedplace... What can be simpler?!.. That is what youthought also. Butyou will remember till the end of our life aboutthe story, you gotinvolved to. After you had crushed into an orphanhome you got toclose quarters with its inmates. And realized thatwhat you sawthere cannot be described in words, it may be erasedfrom acassette, but never from your memory.And it rests with you only, whether you will be able tosolvethis tangle of chaos and horror.
Mental Hospital III Lite 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to manygamers.4Pda★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survival horrorwithastonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere.Our story started quite ordinary. The main character got anofferto record a video of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatrichospitals where secret experiments were supposed to becarried out.Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.But he will forever remember that night. The nighteverythingwent wrong from the very beginning: Horrible weather,problems onthe news, and the car breaking down appeared to beinevitable, aswas missing the start of the clinic captureoperation. Havingarrived at his destination late, the maincharacter decides to findLieutenant Sidorov as soon as possible,hoping to film at leastsomething. After the main character getsinside of the hospital andis introduced to it's inhabitants heunderstands that it will benearly impossible to describe what hesaw there. You can of courseerase the footage, but there is nooption to erase yourmemories.This is reality. Will the main character emerge from thisfatefulhospital alive, or will he too, like it's residents, betrapped herefor the remainder of his life.
Yukon 0.3.7
Prove your mettle with the newSurvivalHorrorgame on Android, Yukon. Beautifuls graphics,improvedmaneuverability-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's a Alpha version, there are some bugs. If you see them, sayitonthe commentary or contact me.There will be update all days.Contact: [email protected]
Survival Island - War Prisoner 1.2
Survive the prison break mission in anislandamong stranded deep forest. An ultimate survival adventure!Escapefrom a maximum security prison along with other war prisonercellinmates before a spy catches you and shoots you. Plan astrategy toescape and survive the mission. It’s going to be a hardtime toescape as an enslaved war prisoner. The Island prison isprotectedby armed soldiers, trained intelligence agents, spy andexpertsecurity team. The enemy caught you in an attack andimprisoned youin this hidden island. Now its time to start yourstealthoperations to get free from this enemy forces hell. Moveasinvisible as a ghost. As a brave military officer you havebeentrained to escape the prisons and jails even in toughestofconditions. Cross layers of security with difficultpasscode,strong lockers and patrolling armed security officials.Fight likea ninja, search for weapons to kill the enemy. Be carefulabout thesecurity CCTV cameras monitoring the sensitive areas.Kick, punch,shoot and kill!Escape from an Island jail like a real commando. Go foryourfreedom. Survival Island War Prisoner adventure begins with ahardtime to escape from an Island Prison along with the otherwarprisoners, play survival missions in a dangerous jungle withwildanimals and use your driving skills to drive a boat to escape.Seekhelp from your cell inmates prison breaks expert for aprisonbreakout mission. Run for your life, meet your notoriouscellinmates, fight the brutal targeted missions in a forest,escapefrom the inescapable Island security chase and use yourdrivingsimulator to drive a speed boat, first person shooting andthirdperson shooter skills. Escape, Run & Shoot securityofficers inSurvival Island War Prisoner shooting simulator! As amastermind,recruit villains to help you attack your rivals. Use allthepossible tools to defend yourself from thugs and kill the cops.Thehard time will pass away once you breakout free from theprison.Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Running fast canmakeyou farther from being caught and getting back to jail. Givethem ahard time. Bang the rivals and thrash into wardens. Have asafeescape from your cell! Fight the brutal guards and wild dogswithhints and tools. Grab your weapons, make use of your archeryskillsto fight for your survival.Survival island war prisoner features:√ Amazing 3D Island Prison Environment and jungle theme√ Multiple gameplay challenging prisoner escape missionsincludinggun shots√ Real Thrill of Escaping the Island Prison guards and chasedoggame√ Thrill of Playing the Role of a war prisoner√ A Complete Prison Escape Story to Accomplish√ Action packed challenging prison break missions with drivingaspeed boat√ Realistic jail environment with prisoners, criminals,snipers,machine guns, police, chase dogs√ Super fast & smooth controls of fire gun shotandarchery√ Escape gun shot√ Excellent shooting sounds
Titans Robin adventure 2.1
Titans Rush Robin, it is game is aboutamanlost in a scary dark world trying to pass all the evilsandtheobstacles using the your super pawer ,go help robin toescapethatworld, it will be nice of you assist it, you have touseplaycarefully.This game is one of the best Titans Rush Robin Adventuregamesthemost incredible one, go score the highest distance andgold youcangather.This game contains :-An open level game- Smooth user interface with the best graphics.- Phone and Tablet support- Music and sound effects- Play for all ages (especially teen )- the game is free, no purchase required.- No Violence, crude pictures in the game (Suitableforraven,children and teens) No doubt that this is the numberonebestAdventure and action games ever made Download to playyournewarcade game.hope you enjoy Titans Rush Robin Adventure, good luck.
The Exit of Hell 1.0
Android 16
The Exit of Hell is a differentgamewithdifferent gameplay.You will be challenged to test your limits of survival,nottoscore points, but to see how far you can stay alive ...The goal is simple, find the pentagram symbol. This is thewayoutof a nightmare what is reborn each level ...The only way to show your record is to take print screenofyourgame ...If you choose to enter the hell, your only hope is tofindtheexit ...
The Silent Dark - Horror Game 2
Upfront Applications gustaría presentar otrodesu diversión líder lleno emocionante GRATIS PARA JUGARjuegosexclusivos!Experimenta el primer juego de survival horror persona queincluyerompecabezas increíbles.Si te gusta Slender, te gustará too.Search una vieja casaabandonaday recoger los objetos de valor, pero tenga cuidado - hayrumores deun fantasma rondando el edificio.☠ Experiencia miedo y profunda atmósfera horrible.☠ juego de terror extremadamente adictivo.☠ juego más terrorífico alguna vez ha jugado en Android.☠ atmósfera espeluznante y fantasmagórico.☠ juego más difícil con los rompecabezas enigmáticos.☠ Nunca has jugado historias paranormales espeluznantescomoeste.☠ Nunca has jugado un juego indie como The Silent Oscuro.☠ No como otros horrores indie.☠ Verá el origen del exorcista.☠ No puede abrir los ojos cuando juega The Silent Oscuro.☠ Es el lugar para hombre.☠ El miedo está detrás de usted.☠ Sostenga el dispositivo con cuidado, ya que puede caerse!☠ Un juego para Android como ninguna otra cosa que han visto enelformato de la fecha.☠ Se agarraba, juego de terror atmosférica y deelegantediseño.☠ Para una mejor experiencia recomendable para jugar en laoscuridadcon los auriculares.☠ El juego se basa en un hecho real story.You debe viviresahistoria realista y verdadero como actor de la cabeza.☠ Smooth controles con teclas de toque.☠ historias espeluznantes Bienes☠ Increíble ambiente.☠ juego largo.☠ modelos realistas y verdadera historia basada.☠ grandes mapas.☠ Auto función de ahorro.☠ rompecabezas asombrosos para resolver.Laberintos ☠ duro.☠ Fantástico recoger y jugar diseño.☠ Fácil de empezar, difícil de dejar los secretos de TheSilentOscuroCONSEJOS Y TRUCOS☠ Cuando se salta la intro usted está en el jardín.☠ En el jardín se debe encontrar la llave.☠ Cuando encuentre la llave que tienes que caminar alrededoryencontrar una gran puerta que va al Haunted Manor.☠ Tienes que resolver laberinto.☠ Cuando a resolver el laberinto debe golpee la puerta de la casayque ahora está en.☠ historia principal comienza en el manor.You embrujadaharemosnosotros asustado.TRY THE SILENT OSCURO HOY !!!Siga con nosotros en Facebook para obtener las últimasnoticias,actualizaciones, contenidos especiales, y mucho más! nuestro sitio web: para actualizaciones!Por Upfront Applications
Survival Horror 1.1
Survive from enemy with spirit snipergun------------------------------------------------------------------------Survive from enemy and get a highscore..Specification :OS Gingerbread 2.3 or higherRequired ConnectionFeature :Highscore rankScoreRare Ghost and zombieHow to play :Just use and move a gun to enemy.Get your highscore
Desert Trip: Buggy Driving 1.1.2
A hot desert, mighty hills and steepravines.Amazing inspirational view of nature. A car capable ofovercomingincredible reliefs. In this desert joyride, full ofracing fever,race your powerful off-road buggy, conquer the hillsof the desertbarren land.In this photo-realistic video game you are abuggydriver, racing a vehicle through the wildaridenvironment, far from city and without city traffic.This location isn't like plain beach, it has hardterrainrelief.This simulation has no race track, the full unlimited landscapemapis available for extreme high speed driving.Climb and jump over the hills, push the limits of your car,burneach wheel without doom.If your automobile ran out of fuel, there isautomaticrefueling.Exciting huge desert world with beautiful 3D graphics likerealright on your mobile device.In this super simulator, dive into the epic action adventureofstunt driving in the traffic-free desert non urban areawithoutasphalt road.Drive like crazy at lightning fast speed, be a furious pro raceronthis gorgeous outdoor scenery in this incredible journey.
Winter War: Air Land Combat 1.0.2
Play Winter War Air Land Combattofightterrorists and defeat mercenary troops before theyconquerarmybase. Become an army helicopter pilot and flycombathelicopterover the arctic border.Attention Soldier! Army headquarters received a battlealert.Enemymilitia has attacked military battalion on snowmountains.Gosnowmobiling on arctic land and sledding over ice inyourspecialvehicle. Be valiant & defend your troops inbattlefield.Ashelicopter aviator engage in air attack againstdeadlyadversariesflying Comanche heli chopper. Armed forcesrecruitcourageoussoldiers to protect motherland. Soldier you arefirstsergeant inthis mission to obliterate rivals tank convoys inepicbattles.Drive snow car mounted with Gatling guns, and armoredjeepstosnowy hills and demolish terrorist base. Free army campfromfiercearmed militia and upgrade your rank to sergeant major.Shoottokill and take total domination over rivalswithuprisingstrategy.Become airforce pilot to fly army helicopter over enemybaseandlaunch gunship strike. You are not a test flight pilot,flyingforfun in commissioned military. Use tactical skills&extremeshooting to wipeout adversary forces. Join heroes clubandget inaircraft cockpit. Fly rescue helicopter toambushdisputedterritory. Fire missiles to blow up vehicles anddestroymercenarywarheads like real shooter strikers.Winter Wars - Air to Land Combat Features:Challenging world war missions to crush enemy battalionDrive contemporary vehicles like snow sled car, 4x4 jeepsandarmoredtanksTake off in gunship helicopter to assault ravage inepicairstrikesHeuristic physics for smooth driving &helicopterflyingexperienceRealistic battle field environment around snow mountainsImmersive 3D graphics and engaging gameplayDownload Winter War: Air Land Combat, the latest 3Dactionpackedgame for unending war adventures in helicopterandsnowvehicles.
Sniper Survival Horror
Poo And Play
In a mountain village an abandonedgoldmineresurface zombie ghosts of the past with a formerMarinemilitaryequipment are taking Sniper rifle telescopeSurvivalHorrorswimming in a terrifying atmosphere movies opening infearFeaturing a high precision target is a realisticsimulationwithunpredictable movements increasing theanticipateddifficultyzombies elite weapons with night vision soyerready toface yourlittle in this simulation Sniper Survival Horrorrelivethe bestscene films at the cinema on your mobileAfter the rats cats and dogs, little by littlehumantransformsinto zombie monster no longer control their hungereatseverythingin the village is in the hands of a SniperSurvivalHorror is afree action game download emergency!After Vampire Halloween studio poo and play Snipersurvivalhorrorpresents a show worthy of a 3D zombie movies of highqualityThankyour stars are valuable we add your comment this gameisfree
Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles 1
In WINTER FUGITIVES 2: CHRONICLES you'llbeescaping from an isolated prison in the mountains, finding yourwaythrough an ever-expanding number of levels on the road tofreedom!Be a part of the biggest prison breakout in history anduncoverthe REAL story behind it all...* 4 characters in the initial launch, and more to come!* Sneak past the guards or attack them by surprise!* Explore the surroundings and steal coins, keys and suppliestohelp you survive!* Each level has 1 main goal plus 3 secondary missions:completethem all to unlock the challenging Hardcore Mode!Follow us on Twitter & Facebook:
Zombie Sniper: Winter Survival 1.0
Zombie Sniper is a 3D shooter / shootingrangesurvival game. You as a sniper should kill the zombies thatcome toyou. Your task is to score as many kills as you can. If youmake afew headshots in a row you will get a bonus semi-autorifle.Survive!Follow Us on Facebook for the latest news, updates,specialcontent, and much more! our website: back for Updates!By Upfront Applications
Elite Winter Sniper : Commando 1.0
My name is agent Conner 47 and my planewasshot down. Now I am stranded inside the enemies base. I needtomake my way to the hangar but its surrounded bysoldierseverywhere. Guess ill have to kill them all. Aim and shoot,EliteWinter Sniper is an extreme action base game with classicwinterweather, lots of snow and blood , Having shooting effects,gameplay and controls that will blown you away. You have to playsafebecause you have limited health for many waves ofenemies.No time for diplomacy; time for war action. We are calling forthebest sniper in the world to join us as we take aim to end theevilwith . This is not sniper fury action . There is no roomforremorse here, so shoot to kill.In this sniper 3D shoot game ,shootand shoot all the elite enemies commandos . Equip yourselfwithmost modern latest Modern sniper 3D weapons and play indifferentsniper 3D region with most addictive sniper Modern SniperFuryLevels .You have to sniper shot the army war soldiers . Modern SniperFurycontains realistic 3D graphics and real battlefield soundeffects .Sniper kill all army soldiers in deserts , mountainsandcity.Its winter season, snow has covered the mountain fields,itsfreezing out there, perfect field for the hunter. Grabyourshooting gears and come out in search of your prey.Game Features:- Excellent Winter environment- Fabulous sound effects- Easy GUI and controls- First person shooting- Multiple functional Weapons- Take out your enemies with head first kill shot- Control by Gyroscope system or turn the screen to aim attheenemy- It is the killer game and completed the mission- It is the general sniper game, easy to play , uncomplicated- Graphic, 3D and shooting sound- Defend your military outpost from oncoming attackers ofarange- Terrorist Counter Strike Attack- Varied AI behavior makes each enemy unique and challengingtoshoot & killDon't Forget to Rate and Review us. We appreciate your feedback!Regards and Good Luck winter sniper !!
Hospital Escape - Total Horror 1.0.4
Seven Bulls
Note: We recommend you to play the gamewithheadset.Due to extremely high - end graphics Hospital Horror supportsonlyHigh End devices.Total Horror is made to be hard, we did not include tutorialinorder to maximize the horror experience.Our game reviews:"Totally amazing game! Graphics are FIVE STARS! During gameplayabsolutely no glitches. Keep up the awesome work! This wasexactlythe game I love" - our Fans"Escape the Hospital is a definite must-have for any fanofhorror games." - Bunch of Gamers"Surprisingly innovative and great fun, this game will besoonknown by the most of the indie gamers out there, it deservesit." -Creepy GamingYou woke up in a bloody hospital with no memories why.Your only weapon is a flashlight, try to find out what happenedandSTAY ALIVE at all cost!Can You Escape the Hospital resolve the mystery and survive?HINT: You must collect batteries and sanity pills in order tostayalive and have the chance to escape from the hospital.Join our community!Facebook: blog:
Winter Hunter 3D ™ 1.0
Winter Hunter 3D - Hunt, Explore &Survive.This game offers you the unique & enhancedhuntingexperiencein winter season featuring fast-pacedcombat,dead-coldenvironments, and over-the top action. This gamelets youhunt thebiggest and most dangerous animals in the world.Takedownpredators before you become the prey.EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-res textures and high- poly 3d modelsallcombineto make this one of the most beautiful huntersimulatorgame on yourmobile device!HUNT WILD ANIMALSImmerse yourself in lush environments filled with varietyofwildanimals from small to giant, from herbivorestocarnivoresincluding Deer, Gazelle, Bear, Hyena, Tiger andmanymore. Huntingdeer is just the beginning.WIDE RANGE OF ARSENALWild Hunter is equipped with wide range of guns, which allowthemtostay away from the claws and teeth of frozen jungleanimals-Pistol, Revolver, Machine gun, Assault Rifle,Shotgun.Aim and Shoot!GAME FEATURES- Intense FPS shooting and deadly environments.- Over 20 epic carnage hunting challenges to complete.- Dozens of real world weapons.- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome sound effects.- High-end, immersive tablet game play!- Map and radar to locate and track forest animals.Winter Hunter 3D is free to play game from the creatorsofPrimalDinosaur Hunter 2016 & Deer Hunter Simulator.Downloadnow andexperience the greatest hunting ever!Return to the wild and become a real hunterAbout"Leocap Studios" is a leading global developer andpublisheroffree-to-play games for smartphone and tabletdevices.FOLLOW US
Winter Ninja 1.1
Find and defeat all the evil ninjas onthemap.- Press the up arrow to Jump- Press A to attack- Press B to throw a kunai- Move left or right and down to Slide under ninjasthrowingkunai
Kill Sniper Winter 1.0
Kill Sniper WinterWinter Sniper kill - this app game in which you'll seek outandkillthe sniper in the winter in the forest and forestmountains.Killthe sniper , winning this war is not easy , gettrophies inthe formof stars for murder !Be careful not easy to find in a snow camouflage sniper.Theyusuallyhide behind bushes or trees, or just under the snow.Simplecontrolsthat would pass to the next level you need to findthe warand pushit with your finger , then you'll see the blood andget tothe nextlevel! If you do not find it , do not worry , youcanalways tryagain later ! Play the speed with friends or lovedonesin thefamily!Download it for free now! You can use the applicationanywhere,since the application does not need an internet connection!Thankyou for choosing our games , leave us your feedback andwewill tryto help you all and make our game more enjoyable andfunforyou!
Navy Seal Sniper Winter War 1.0.4
Commando! Guard the military campandprotect your troops on arctic hill war. Play Navy SealSniperWinter War to eliminate terrorist group in a brutal combat.Drivearmored jeeps, fly gunship and kill enemies after intenseshootingover frozen hills.Enemy alliance with terrorists plan to breach your borderdefensewith ambush attack on arctic snow mountains war. You aretrained byspecial Navy Seals to fight on land, air and in deepseas. Moveinto battlefield on foot where co-pilot is waiting foryou ingunship chopper. Take off in army helicopter and fly overwarzone,start shooting armed militia and blow up their vehicles.Infiltrateenemy war base on arctic mountain range as army driver.Drive 4x4army jeep to attack with mounted Gatling gun into occupiedcityarea and kill all terrorists in snow war. Grab sniper gunandautomatic assault rifle to end conflict.In this epic warfare you are driving advanced ice vehicle onsnowyterrain, take aim shoot enemy soldiers. Use elite sniper scopeandshow extraordinary sniping skills in siege war. Take flightcontrolwhile with helicopter pilot flying above snow clouds andshootingrivals on ground. Enemy is driving armored vehicles mountedwithlatest weapons like semi auto machine gun. Strive in battlefieldand unleash maximum firepower to recapture occupied base campfromthe control of militia.Navy SEAL WAR 2016 Features:★15 highly intense and challenging winter war missions★Drive armored cars, offroad jeep and fly army helicoptertoattack★Advanced weapons like sniping rifle and AK-47 gun★Realistic war field environment around snowy hills★Smooth controls for precise shooting and helicopter flying★Immersive 3D graphics and exhilarating soundsDownload Navy Seal Sniper Winter War, the newest 3D action gamefor2016 on your android smart phones and tablets. Use NavySealtraining to shoot armed rivals. Show extreme skill as sniperschooltrained shooter with deadly headshots.
Survival Island Fly Helicopter 2.1
Survival Island Fly Helicopter depictsthestory of the man, that you will be playing, stuck on adesertedisland. The deserted island is full of natural habitatincludingbut not limited to forest, animals and the most notoriousanimal onthe planet, humans. Survival Island Fly Helicopter is thestory ofsurvival, courage, heroism and bravery. Survival IslandFlyHelicopter would test the player to the end in ensuring theynotonly survive but also keep themselves healthy. You will berequiredto fight the beasts and animals in the lush green deepforest inSurvival Island Fly Helicopter.A storm hit your mighty cargo ship in the pacific and everyoneranfor their lives, you barely got hold of a wood plank.Afterstruggling to stay alive for hours, fighting the sea andthefreezing cold water you get dizzy and have lost all track oftime.The Sun wakes you up, and you find yourself at the beach ofanisland that looks deserted and a deep forest covers thewholepanorama of the island. You are too weak to move but you must,asyour survival instincts kick in, you get an try to findsomethingto help you stay alive and energized.Survival Island Fly Helicopter comes loaded withawesomefeatures:- Amazing and beautiful 3D landscape of forest and sea- 3D battle missions with animals- Ability to come out as a hero when you survive- It's FREE!- You can increase your energy by eating apples on trees- Try to stay alive and the struggle to stay alive is going towinthis game
The Way Back: Survive 1.1
OleMilk Games
TheWayBack - survival horror. Survive intheworld full of zombies and monsters.The Game's plot tells about the Main Hero, who was returninghomefrom a business trip. Staying overnight in the hotel, hediscoversthat the hotel is crawling with reanimated corpses andmonsters.The Hero ought to survive in the surging chaos, to returnhome tothe family, simultaneously destroying all mutants on hisway.In "The Way Back" destroying zombies is mixed with a constantsearchfor weapons, ammo. However, the weapon in the game isshort-lived,and after a certain number of applications it willhave to bereplaced.Found protective gear (helmet, armor) and health packs will helptheGamer to stand against the terrible mutants.The Game asks for the following permissions:Write/read SD cards to download and display advertising in theGame(the Game is maintained at the expense of advertising).
Mutant Block Survival Games C10.2.2
Be the humanities last hope! Get youracttogether and fight the demon plague that has poisoned ourblueplanet. Use the state of the art weapons arsenal to fight yourwaythrough victory. Fight against your greatest enemies as wellasagainst time to complete your mission.Be the humanities last hope! Get your act together and fightthedemon plague that has poisoned our blue planet. Use the stateofthe art weapons arsenal to fight your way through victory.Fightagainst your greatest enemies as well as against time tocompleteyour mission.Find the hidden treasures of super weapon, power ups andlifebonuses at every turn. Prepare yourself for an epic battlethatwill decide the future of mankind.Enter the cemetery and find the scene riddled with bloodandmystery. Enter the crime scene to investigate the gruesomemurders,only to find out that this was only the first of many moretocomeFollowing the quest to solve the case, take a dangerous journeytofind out details of gruesome tests performed on human subjects.Asif the crime wasn’t enough, you have to deal with the falloutsofthe illegal testing on humans. Should no one stop theseenhancedhumans, the city will be overrun by these scarycreatures.Hidden in the different corners of the scenes are power upsandpowerful hidden weapons. Use these weapons to inflict heavydamageto your enemies. Enjoy the breath taking 3D graphics thatmakes theexperience ever more stunning.Clear the levels with high score to unlock bonuses. If youareunable to do so, watch a video to unlock perks and bonuses tohelpyou complete the levelsFeatures :Hidden power upsEver challenging levelsTime based missionLatest weaponsFriendly user interfaceImprovised menu style