Top 1 Games Similar to American Bridge Hero

Superhero Sky Jumper 1.0
Superhero Sky Jumper is easy to playevenforkids bridge-builder type game to jump from one columntoanother.Be fast and smart like true Ninja to correctlycalculatethelength of your board-plaque and do not fall down.WARNING: if the plaque will be too short or too long -yourSuperheroSky Jumper will fall down and die...Pass as many columns-points as you can and collectmaximumscoresin the Free Superhero Sky Jumper Game.Another thrilling feature to the Free Superhero SkyJumperGamethat makes it even more awesome then just abridge-builder game-is 3D view with a nice graphics and amazingmusic!Your best scores is saved inside the game and you canshowthebest achievements to your friends to prove your skillsandhighspeed reaction!Be patient and do not give up after your first falls-continueplay and surprise your friends and familiar withnewachievementsin the Free Superhero Sky Jumper Game!Have Fun and get maximum points as true Ninja in yourFree3DSuperhero Sky Jumper Game!Rate this game and ask for the new features for thenextupdatesof your Free Superhero Sky Jumper Game.