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BlackJack Trainer Pro 3.0.3
Blackjack Trainer Pro will teach you to howtoplay your hands with the highest possible probability ofwinningusing the basic strategy. You will be dealt a hand and seethedealers card. It's your turn to decide to Hit, Stand, Split,Doubleor Surrender.User reviews:★★★★★ Amazing - This app is a must have!★★★★★ Worth the $$$ - Made learning the basic strategy very easyandfun.★★★★★ Good Teacher - The dealer will be impressed with yourquickplay★★★★★ Excellent training device - Simple way to refreshblackjackstrategy that was second nature to me forty yearsago.★★★★★ Allows for all variations of blackjack. ItsOutstanding!Specifically practice soft hands and pairs and see how well youdidin the statistics-table.Black Jack Trainer allows you to set your exact tableconfiguration,so you can learn the basic strategy for your game.No otherapplication allows you to set as many configurations asBlackJacktrainer.This app allows you configure any table, from 1-8 decks, withorwithout dealer peek, with or without Surrender, and whetherthedealer hits on soft 17 or not.This is NOT a black jack game, but an application that teachesyouthe right play. Use it to prepare for your next Vegas triporbefore visiting your local casino. Regard this app as yourpersonalblackjack school helping you to master the game oftwenty-one andthe basic strategy without the need to countcards.Any further questions/feedback/suggestions? Don't hesitatetocontact us at [email protected] user reviews:★★★★★ I like it. Very good practice before visiting casino.★★★★★ Great app, great explanations. Definitely pay the fewdollarsto gain access to all settings. Well worth it if you'd liketo makea little extra at the casino.★★★★★ Solid trainer. Great app. Just what I was looking for.Theability to practice just soft hands and pairs sets it apartfromthe rest.★★★★★ Very good for learning basic strategy★★★★★ Super, best Blackjack Trainer. My favorite BlackjackTrainer!Improved my game a Lot!
Blackjack Coach 2.5
Blackjack Coach trains you in basicBlackjackstrategy. By using what you learn here, you will have thehighestprobability of success in a real casino.Features:* Basic Blackjack strategy coaching informs the player ofthebest move when a mistake is made.* Configurable Strategy Options- 1, 2, 4+ decks in shoe- If the dealer hits or stands on soft 17- If double after split is allowed* 1, 2, and 4+ deck shoe model mimics the exact way cardsaredealt at a real casino.* Pairs and Soft Hands mode helps the player mastertheadditional complexity of these types of hands.* Speed round mode helps prepare the beginner for the actionofplaying at a real casino.* Simple user interface is easy for the beginner tounderstandand utilize.* High resolution graphics and sound make game playmoreenjoyable.* Strategy Map shows the player what the correct movesshouldbe.* Graphical charts show the player's progress over time.* Card Value mode helps the beginner instantly recognizethevalue of their hand.AKA: Blackjack Trainer, Blackjack Tutor, Blackjack Helper,BlackjackBasic Strategy
Blackjack 21 1.5
Banana & Co.
Play the best free Blackjack 21 game ontheplay store. No chip buying, just jump right in and playBlackjackcompletely free!Also called 21, Blackjack is one of the most popular casino gamesinthe world. With a beautiful and intuitive design, you will lovethismodern take on the classic casino card game.- Popular Las Vegas rules just like at the casino.- Intuitive hint system.- Our fair table dealer never cheats - unlike other games, inoursyou can actually win.- Beautiful table customization with HD graphics.- Double Down, Splits, Insurance and Surrender for anauthenticBlackjack experience.- Deck shuffle animation lets you know when the deck isbeingreshuffled.- Tons of chip denominations from singles all the waytomillions.- Large cards and table display for easy playing.- Easy, simple to learn controls makes this the sleekest cardgameavailable.- Stat tracking shows your performance over time.- Informative help screen for those who don't already know therulesof 21.- The object of the game is to reach 21 or to reach a scorehigherthan the dealer without exceeding 21.- Practice your Blackjack skills to become a true Vegas vip!We'll be adding some awesome new features to soon, sostaytuned.
World Blackjack Tournament - WBT 0.9.122
NEON Games
▶ Compete in Tournament Mode* Real Blackjack Tournaments with Official Casino Rules!* Tournaments at Casinos around the world: Rio, Las Vegas,Sydney,Macau* Compete with 3 other players in 8 hands* 2 out of 8 hands are Elimination Hands(The player with the lowest chip count is eliminated)* Test your luck and exchange a card if you dare* The player with the most chips wins and moves to thenextround* See how you stack up against players around the world▶Get Lucky in Spin & Go Mode* The top chip-holder gets the prize!* Open to all levels* 4 rounds with no elimination hands* Compete with 3 other players* The player with the most chips wins the prize▶Hone your Skills in Free Bet Mode* Play Blackjack with friends and people around the world* Open up a private Blackjack table and play with friends* Multi-Bets & Pair Bets: Bet in up to 3placessimultaneously* 3 Splits & Double Down after a Split* Surrender to save chips* Double Pay Gauge: A full gauge doubles your payfor the next hand* Rank up and play more advancedtables:Beginners/Amateurs/Advanced/Bigshots/Highrollers/Billionaires▶ Earn Free Bonuses & Complete Missions* Connect with Facebook: Get $200,000 in chips* Welcome Bonus: $300,000 in chips* Time Bonus: $15,000 in chips every 3 Hours* Daily Bonuses: Chips up to $3,500,000* Weekly Bonus: Tournament Ticket or chips up to $1,500,000* Invite Reward: Tournament Ticket* Daily / Weekly Missions: Free casino Chips upon completion* Various Seasonal Events & Special Blackjack Missions!For suggestions and help, please contact usat: Us on Facebook for Updates and FreePrizes:*Disclaimer: The games are intended for an adult audience. Ourgamesare meant for amusement and entertainment purpose only. Thegames donot offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to winreal moneyor prizes. Practice or success at social casino gamingdoes notimply future success at "real money gambling.”----개발자 연락처 :+82-31-698-3448▶ Compete inTournamentMode   * Real Blackjack Tournaments with OfficialCasinoRules!   * Tournaments at Casinos around the world:Rio,Las Vegas, Sydney, Macau   * Compete with 3 other players in 8 hands   * 2 out of 8 hands are Elimination Hands     (The player with the lowest chipcountis eliminated)   * Test your luck and exchange a card ifyoudare   * The player with the most chips wins and movestothe next round   * See how you stack up against players aroundtheworld▶ Get Lucky in Spin & Go Mode   * The top chip-holder gets the prize!   * Open to all levels   * 4 rounds with no elimination hands   * Compete with 3 other players   * The player with the most chips winstheprize▶ Hone your Skills in Free Bet Mode   * Play Blackjack with friends and peoplearoundthe world   * Open up a private Blackjack table and playwithfriends   * Multi-Bets & Pair Bets: Bet in up to3places simultaneously   * 3 Splits & Double Down after a Split   * Surrender to save chips   * Double Pay Gauge: A full gauge doublesyourpay      for the next hand   * Rank up and play more advanced tables:Beginners/ Amateurs / Advanced / Bigshots / Highrollers /Billionaires▶ Earn Free Bonuses & Complete Missions   * Connect with Facebook: Get $ 200,000inchips   * Welcome Bonus: $ 300,000 in chips   * Time Bonus: $ 15,000 in chips every3Hours   * Daily Bonuses: Chips up to $ 3,500,000   * Weekly Bonus: $ 1,500,000 Tournament Ticketorchips up to   * Invite Reward: Tournament Ticket   * Daily / Weekly Missions: Free casino Chipsuponcompletion   * Various Seasonal Events & SpecialBlackjackMissions!For suggestions and help, please contact usat: Us on Facebook for Updates and FreePrizes:* Disclaimer: The games are intended for an adult audience.Ourgames are meant for amusement and entertainment purpose only.Thegames do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity towinreal money or prizes. Practice or success at social casinogamingdoes not imply future success at "real money gambling."
Blackjack 21 HD 1.0
Blackjack 21 HD brings the classicblackjackcard game to your mobile device.In Blackjack21 HD the goal is to reach the closest value to21.You need to make sure to not go over the value of 21, as thiswillautomatically make you loose the game.At the end of each round, if the dealer's hand total value iscloserto 21 as yours, the dealer wins.If your hands total value is the same as the dealers, theroundresults in a push.The cards value are as follows: Cards ranging from 1-10 countasmuch as their value says, so 7 of Heart count as 7, 9 ofSpadescounts as 9 etc. Every face card (Jack, Queen, King) countsas 10.An Ace can count both as 1 and 11.If you have 2 cards of the same value, for example 10 ofSpadesand 10 of Clubs, you can split your hand, resulting in twouniquehands!You can also choose to "double down". In this case youdoubleyour bet and are no longer able to draw any more cards, sobecareful with this option!In Blackjack 21 HD winning and loosing goes hand in hand, it isamatter of skill and chance, sometimes you win, sometime youdon't.The cards are randomly shuffled and you can also decide howmanydecks of cards should be used!In Blackjack 21 HD the rules are as in the classicBlackjackgame:- Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s- Blackjack pays 3:2- Insurance pays 2:1Some features:- Amazing HD Graphics- Georgeous animations- Simple Controls- Classic Blackjack 21 experience- Surrender to get half of your bet back- Buy Insurance to save your bet from a dealer's blackjack- Choose the amounts of decks- Optimized for mobile & tablets- Watch a short Video to get more chips- freePlease note: Blackjack 21 HD does not offer real moneygamblingor an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
Blackjack Offline 1.07
Play the best casino game on your phoneortablet for free, with the only blackjack mobile game thatisdesigned to be played offline, on the road where no internetisavailable (or wanted).With our new Offline Blackjack game you can take yourfavoriteblackjack gaming experience to a whole new level, playwhere ever,whenever with no worries of being on the internet forthe game tooperate!Blackjack is one of the whole time favorites when it comestogambling and free casino game. You don't need to lose realmoney,simply play our gorgeous game with virtual chips and improveyour21 skills.Remember, blackjack is not a game of luck, rather it requiresskillsso mastering the game takes time and it's possible to getbetterover time, getting your winnings bigger!Blackjack Offline Features:- Smooth graphics with great looking playing cards.- Virtual money that gives unlimited chips, reset your balancewhenin need of more money.- Easy game controls.- You play against the dealer one on one.- Easy to understand blackjack 21 rules.- Easy to play offline blackjack that will work on all phonesandtablets.
BlackJack 1.32.0
Blackjack, also known as Twenty-oneorVingt-et-un (French: "twenty-one"), is the most widelyplayedcasino banking game in the world. Blackjack is a comparingcardgame between a player and dealer and played with one or moreFrenchdecks of 52 cards.The player is dealt an initial two card hand with the optionofdrawing cards to bring the total value to 21 or lesswithoutexceeding it, so that the dealer will lose by having alesser handthan the player or by exceeding 21. Since the 1960s,blackjack hasbeen a high profile target of advantage players,particularly cardcounters, who track the profile of cards yet to bedealt, and adapttheir wager and playing strategy accordingly. Whilein ourimplementation we do not teach counting, we do offer basicstrategyhints to train you on how to improve your odds.Many rule variations of BlackJack exist. Our implementationoffersmost common casino rules:- Play with 4 decks- Decks are reshuffled when there is less than 20 cards left.- Dealer stands on soft 17- Player can split twice- Neither surrender nor insurance are offeredWhen hints are enabled, player would need to confirm his choiceifit's not the most optimum action.When you running short on credits, feel free to use our buildinslot machine - truly the loosest slots in town!Don't forget to check our Game section for other fun games...
Multi Hand Blackjack 4.4.0
Naive Code
Multi-hand Blackjack, supporting up to 3hands(or up to 3 players in multiplayer mode): triple the action,triplethe excitement, triple the fun!♠ This game is a great way to get more familiar with BasicStrategywhile enjoying playing with friends in multiplayer mode, orplayalone on multiple hands at the same time. Take the fullpleasurewhen dealer busts, and get three times the thrill whendealer getstwenty-one!♣ Choose between Serious Mode and Fun Mode. Practice yourskillswhile having fun!♣ Simulating real decks, with statistics showing what cardsaredrawn.♣ Completely offline game. No Internet connection required!♣ Great graphics, animations and sounds!This is the full version. It's completely free!
BlackJack 21 1.1.8
The Best Addictive Casino Game for you! Letyoufeel the excitement of winning big, and train your blackjackskills.It's easy, beautiful and intuitive for your phhone ortablet.Features:* Vast Variety of Blackjack Rules to Play With! (Vegas,AtlanticCity and Europe Casino)* Realistic casino games scene* Free Daily Chips, Level Up Bonus Chips and More Free Chips!* Gorgeous, beautifully animated cards* Touch and interact with all of your chips* Split hands or double down to win big* wealth Leaderboard* Gaming Technology Statistics
The Simple Blackjack 3.1.2
No special permissions!Don't worry about your account and real money.This App have No internet connections.And very cute icon.enjoy!***************free game***************06/17/2012 credit bug fixed.★06/17/2012 sound effect enabled!★★04/28/2012 background design renewed!resolution/displaysizeadded!(480x320~1280x800:portrait)★New background design! Enjoy!Added support for Android Tablet.A very simple game of **Blackjack**.Easy rules for beginners!You can play your own BGM. (app doesn't include music player)◆Special Rules- No SPLIT.- No INSURANCE.- Pay half on SURRENDER.- MAX BET 2,500.- 6 decks shuffled (shuffled once after 60% of the 6 decksareusedin play)(shuffled after 187.2 cards are played).- BLACKJACK rate:1.5- Dealer stops drawing cards when he reaches 17 or above.- Dealer draws until he reaches 17 or above.◇Features- No ads.- You can change preset background graphics(red, blue,yellowandmore).- You can choose HANDEDNESS (right handed or left handed).- Simple local rules applied. No SPLIT, no INSURANCE.- Probability of card occurrence is purely statistical.- Six decks of cards are shuffled in the pile.- Winning solely depends on your judgment and luck.- This app will reset CREDIT to 5000 if your CREDITvaluereacheszero. (no need to reinstall)Can you defeat my Dealer?historyminer bug fixed (05/30/2012:ver3.0.3)changed primary install location to external memory(secondary:localmemory) (05/30/2012:ver3.0.3)enabled BACK KEY during play (05/04/2012:ver3.0.1)renewed background design (04/28/2012:ver3)addedresolution/displaysize(480x320~1280x800:portrait)(04/28/2012:ver3)fixed minor bug (04/08/2012:ver2)renewed card and background design (04/08/2012:ver2)fixed minor bug (03/04/2012:ver1.0.2)fixed minor bug (03/03/2012:ver1.0.1)tested Android version:1.6 & 2.3.3+■Twitter!/Pooh3MobiPlease feel free to contact me about this app. Thanks!
BlackJack Trainer Lite 3.0.1
Learn how to play BlackJack, when toHit,Stand, Split, Double or Surrender. BlackJack Trainer Litewillteach you to how to play any hand, such that you maximizeyourchance of winning by playing the basic strategy.Features:* Hit, Stand, Split, Double or Surrender to the cards dealt* Get feedback on your decision* See the strategy table for the selected black jackhouserules* Share your achievements on Facebook* See your overall correct decision rateThis is NOT a blackjack game, but an application that teachesyouthe right play of blackjack. Use this app to learn playingBlackJack for your next trip to Las Vegas.**************************************************Reviews:★★★★★Excellent training device - Simple way to refresh blackjackstrategythat was second nature to me forty years ago.★★★★★Good Teacher - The dealer will be impressed with yourquickplay★★★★★I like it. Very good practice before visiting casino.★★★★★Amazing This app is a must have!★★★★★Best Blackjack Trainer out there. I have tried them all. this oneisby far the best.★★★★★Very helpful and straightforward. Self-explanatory. Especiallylikethe question mark link to the strategy table.★★★★★Very good for learning basic strategy**************************************************Any futher questions/feedback/suggestions? Don't hesitate tocontactus at [email protected] black jack:Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is the most widelyplayedcasino banking game in the world. Blackjack is a comparingcardgame between a player and dealer, meaning that playerscompeteagainst the dealer but not against any other players. It isplayedwith one or more decks of 52 cards. The objective of the gameis tobeat the dealer.
Blackjack Square 1.0
Scoring for the various Blackjack handsisbasedon how close the player comes to 21 in each hand. Facecardscount as10. Aces can count as either 1 or 11.A Blackjack is two cards that total 21. A King, Queen, Jack,or10combined with an Ace.HAND -- POINTS---------------------------blackjack -- 1021 -- 720 -- 519 -- 418 -- 317 -- 216 or less -- 122 or more -- 0The final score is the summation of the scores fromallninehands.Share with friends and see how many points you can get!
Vegas 21 Blackjack 1.05
Sharpen your Blackjack skillsandplayingstrategies with our latest Vegas 21 Blackjack offlinegame.This is the only blackjack game where you don't need realcashtoexperience a real Vegas 21 game. Play one on one, youagainstthedealer without the worries of losing real money.Practice your skills in the safest blackjack game onthemarket.Unlimited money and the ability to play no matter youhaveinternetmakes this blackjack app your best choice to become atrue21master.Vegas 21 Blackjack Features:- Classic blackjack playing cards.- Easy game controls.- Split hands or double for a better win.- unlimited free playing chips, Reset your balance fromthegamesettings when needed.- Some quick rules: Blackjack pays 3:2, Dealer stands on all17s,8Decks of cards can be used.- Easy and fun to play, will make you a real Vegas proinnotime!
Black Jack 1.0
The basic premise of the game is that youwantto have a hand value that is closer to 21 than that of thedealer,without going over 21.Each cards has different values. Aces can be 1 or 11, whichmakesthe game become more interesting.
Blackjack Solitaire Supreme 1.3
An amazingly addictive card gamewhichcombinesthe best elements of Blackjack and Solitaire alongwithexcellentgraphics and sounds.How to play:You are given a shuffled deck of 52 cards and have tocreate5Blackjack hands by placing the next face up deck card ontoanyofthe 5 stacks. The amount of the 5 hands totals up to ascorewhichmust meet or exceed an ever increasing target total.You have 2 discards to remove cards that you do not like.Ifyoubust or miss the required total across the 5 stacks forthelevelthen the game will end.If you score 21 in all 5 hands you will earn a free lifewhichcanbe used as a 2nd chance to repeat a level. StandardBlackjackrulesapply for the hands.Features:- Fantastic gameplay that is intuitive,responsiveandenjoyable- Great graphics, sounds, and music optimized fortabletsandphones- Card sizes optimized for phones
AE Blackjack 1.3.1
Love casino games?The famous table game in casinos Blackjack comes to your Phone now!Real and clean design, awesome vivid sound, as well assmoothgameplay, which will give you a real and addictivegamblingexperience.The goal of the player is dealt an initial two card hand withtheoption of drawing cards to bring the total value to 21 orlesswithout exceeding it, so that the dealer will lose by havingalesser hand than the player or by exceeding 21.Tap chips to bet,then deal to start the game. You can pullupfrom chips to place max bet. Pull down from the bet place totakeback all your bet.Any feedback please email us. Thanks very much for allyoursupport in our games.Special bonus gives you an extra income. You will get 100freechips every 1 hour when your credit isn’t plentiful.Get it now! Have a good luck!
Blackjack 1.0.1
Try your luck and test your BlackJackskillsinthis fun game.Features:1- Standard “Soft 18” / “Hard 17” Dealer AI2- Shuffle every hand or at intervals3- Use single or multiple card decks4- Five card draw limit5- Standard Rules:- Natural Win- Win- Push- Lose6- Side Rules:- Double Down- Insurance- Surrender- Split
Black Jack 1.3
The card game Black Jack or 21 isthemostpopular casino game in the world.If you are unfamiliar with the rules of BlackJack,need to get practice before start playing for real orsimplylove21,you’ve come to the right place!Black Jack Basics:The basic premise of the game is that you want to haveahandvalue that is closer to 21 than that of the dealer,withoutgoingover 21.* An Ace can count as either 1 or 11.* The cards from 2 through 9 are valued at their face value.* The 10, Jack, Queen, and King are all valued at 10.The value of a hand is simply the sum of the point countsofeachcard in the hand.Pretty easy, yeh?Doubling DownExciting option is available only with a 2 cardhand,beforeanother card has been drawn.Doubling down allows you to double your bet and receive one(andonlyone) additional card to your hand.Great way of gambling!Main Features :✔ HD graphics✔ Real casino feeling✔ StatisticsIf you are casino games lover such as Pocker,BlackJackandBaccarat then you'll love it!We are always glad to receive your feedback.Leave your comment here or write to:[email protected] our goup on
Blackjack Vegas 1.0
Experience Blackjack Vegas on yourphoneortablet.Play this popular game for free as if you were playing intheworld'sgreatest casinos.Combine techniques and strategy and play your luck!For even more play, Blackjack Vegas offers several waystoacquirechips:- By playing without spending a single buck!- By offering you additional chips once a day when you runoutofchips- INCLUDES: a slot machine that allows you to accumulate chipsWill you be the next to get the magic number and wintheJackpot?*** Do not hesitate to leave us a comment if you liked thegameorsuggest any improvements***
Blackjack for Tango 5.14.33
Blackjack is an exciting game that anyplayerissure to enjoy. Place a bet, get more points than thedealer andwinchips. Feel the risk as you dive into a casinoatmosphere andcatchfortune by the tail. Play online with peoplefrom the worldover!Game features:* GET REWARDS – Raise bets, win deals, go all inandunlockachievements.* TALK TO OTHER PLAYERS – Use our convenient chatandmessagingsystem to discuss the games you've won and shareyourexperienceswith friends and rivals.* FREE CHIPS – Visit the game every day and get free chips.* LEARN TO PLAY – Are you a new player and have youalwayswantedto test your mettle in Blackjack? We can help you takethefirststep.* NO REGISTRATION – Use guest mode to play21withoutregistering.* SINGLE USER ACCOUNT – Your account is linked toPokeristTexasPoker and Roulettist, allowing you to usecontacts,achievementsand chips in all three applications.* CONVENIENT INTERFACE – The game's simpleandentertaininginterface gives you the ability to split, standordouble with asingle tap.
Blackjack Trainer 2.3.0
Manic Apps
Blackjack Strategy Trainer is the bestcardcounting and Blackjack strategy simulator for android. Itgoesbeyond just Basic Strategy. The problem with most of theBlackJackor 21 card counting simulators is they are based on asingle playeragainst the dealer. In a real game of BlackJack or 21the playerwould not only need to keep up with his own cards butalso allcards that have been dealt. BlackJack Trainer solves thisbysimulating a game with five players and the dealer.To better simulate different BlackJack or 21 game formats youcanchange several settings:Play up to 5 Blackjack handsSet number of decks in the shoeDeck Penetration percentageOverall Game SpeedSet Blackjack players starting bankSet Blackjack table minimumSet Blackjack table maximumShow Blackjack card counting statisticsShow suggested Blackjack or 21 adviceChoose from several Blackjack or 21 cardcountingmethodsChoose from several Blackjack or 21 strategies includingBasicStrategyBlackjack Strategies currently included:Basic Single Deck -- Basic Strategy for use when playingsingledeckBlackJack 21Basic Multi-Deck -- Basic Strategy for use whenplayingmulti-deck Blackjack 21Aggressive Multi-Deck -- A very aggressive custom Blackjack21strategy with high varianceSmart Multi-Deck - A less aggressive custom Blackjack 21strategythat weights decisions according to current cardcountCount Methods includedHigh-Low - Most commonly used Blackjack 21 cardcountingmethodCanfield Expert - Made popular in the book "Blackjack Your WaytoRiches". Best used for single deck BlackJack 21Silver Fox - Balanced Blackjack 21 card counting method,greatfor beginning Blackjack 21 card players
Count'em Blackjack 2
Count'em Blackjack 2 - This program hasablackjack game and is also designed as a quick and easy waytomaster counting cards. There are several exercises to helpyoutrain to be an expert. Good luck!!!
BlackJack [card game] 3.2
Card game of blackjack.Blackjack is a relatively simple rules in the card game, butitis profound game.Please play by all means.■ Blackjack RulesThe goalWhile the score of the hand of the card does not exceed 21, andiscloser to 21,If close to the score 21 than the dealer you will win.Game flow ofIt will distribute the two cards each to the first useranddealer.At this point, if the user's score of 21, unless the dealerhas21,Users will win, you will get twice the score of BET.When you press the HIT cards are dealt to the new.If the score exceeds the 21 is a user of losing.When you press the STAND dealer card is the table.If the dealer's score is less than 17, the dealer will draw acarduntil it is 17 or more.This time it will be when the dealer's score exceeds the 21 totheuser's win,.By comparing the dealer's score and the user's score, morecloserto 21 will be the winner.Score is, depth, depending on the BET When the user wins.Also, if you lose, it is subtracted BET worth of points.When the score goes to zero point the game is over.BET You can choose from three types of 5, 10, 20.
BlackJack 2.2.0
M. now Apps
Get Blackjack card game in the newspecialdesign now!GET STARTED WITH 20,000 FREE CHIPS for blackjack cardgame!!!.Play with virtual chips in the blackjack card game.This blackjack card game is just one of our amazingcardgames.Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is the most widelyplayedcasino banking game in the world. Blackjack is a comparingcardgame between a player and dealer, meaning that playerscompeteagainst the dealer but not against any other players.Blackjack isplayed with one or more decks of 52 cards. The objectof the gameis to reach 21 points or to reach a score higher thanthe dealerwithout exceeding 21.
BlackJack.21 1.2.2
Bakumens Inc.
Blackjack is the most popular casino gameintheworld.Now Bakumens' Blackjack.21 offers you the mostsimulatingmobileenvironment to give you the full casinoexperience.Blackjack 21 follows the basic rules of standard Blackjackalongwiththe house rules most commonly featured in casinos.Features:- Realistic - Vivid casino animation to enjoy the firstclasscasinoenvironment.- Very fast card handling to let you enjoy thesmoothestgamblingexperiences.- Travel around the world's top luxury casinos. You can playinLasVegas, Macau and on luxury ocean cruise.- Gameplay advisor: Our High-Low card counting system allowsyoutoleverage risk based on the exact cards already played.- Get help from friends. You can ask your friends, or helpthemifyou run out chips. The more friends you have, the morechipsyoucan get.How to play Blackjack 21:- Select your destination on the World Map.- Select your table. Please note casino house rulesmaydiffer.- Sit at your table, select your combination of chips andstartthegame.- Players play against the dealer. The aim is to scorehigherthanthe dealer without exceeding 21.- By, twist and stick to do your best to beat dealer.- You can select double, split and use insurance toincreaseyourwinning chances.- Use tools to analyse the cards in play on the table togainanadvantage.- Free chips every four hours when you play.How to win:- Double Down : If you're fairly sure that your hand willbeatthedealer's, you can double your original bet to gain thechancewinmore.- Split : When you get two starting cards of the same facevalue,youhave the option to split and play two hands, sodoublingyourchances.- Insurance: When the dealer's face-up card is an ace,eachplayergets the chance to bet on whether the dealer has ablackjackornot.If dealer has Blackjack, a winning insurance bet willbepaiddouble.- Surrender : If you have a bad hand compared to thedealer'shand(judging from what you can see of it,) you can give upthe handandreclaim half your bet.- Odds : Blackjack is 3:2; Insurance is 2:1.- Soft Hand : If a player holds an ace valued as 11 thentheplayercannot go bust by taking an additional card.- Shuffle : When a Yellow card is on the table that is noticeofacard shuffle. The card counting system will be also re-set.
Blackjack 1.0
Haolan Qin
Simple and casual fun game of 21 . Have agoodtime in the HeadsUp Casino!
Blackjack Expert 1.7
Play Blackjack with advanced casino optionsANDlearn to count cards at the same time! Blackjack Expert teachesyoucard counting while you play against the computer, or using oneofthe many training modes.Get the best, professional Blackjack training software byacompany that has specialized in advanced card counting productsforover 10 years. Nothing is better to help you play the best youcanat the tables.Blackjack Expert is a game and testing tool combined inoneeasy-to-use program. As you play blackjack, your decisionsaretested: actions, index plays, bet sizes, and insurance.Thesoftware is packed with advanced features for masteringeveryaspect of card counting. Whether you're just looking for agreatBlackjack game or looking to learn card countingtechniques,Blackjack Expert is the fastest way to improve. CardCounting cangive you a statistical edge over the casino.FEATURES:- 11 unique training modes with configurable options.Everyfeature and mode found in Blackjack Mentor is also includedinBlackjack Expert.- Play Mode: Play Blackjack against the computer, whileyourdecisions are checked along the way. Test yourself on thecorrectbets, actions, index plays and insurance.- Drill Mode: Random blackjack hands are displayed, and youhaveto pick the correct action. The program remembers which onesyouget right or wrong, and tends to pick the ones you are havingthemost problems with. Add count values to help master index playsaswell.- Table Mode: View all of the basic strategy plays. The handsarebroken up into hard hands from 8 to 16, soft hands, and allpairs.You can select specific hands to be tested on, and view yourerrorstatistics from Drill mode.- Memorize Mode: Displays an empty blackjack strategy tableandlet's you fill in the correct plays one cell at a time. If yougetthe action wrong, it tells you and marks the error.- Count Mode: Configurable count-down deck drills help youtrackthe count quickly and correctly without errors. Many useroptionsto setup your training, such as timed or un-timed drills,test forbets, number of cards, table or hands display.- Rules Mode: Choose from a wide range of includedblackjackrules for DAS/noDAS, S17/H17, surrender, ENHC, number ofdecks, anddouble restrictions. A matching optimal basic strategytable isautomatically selected for you. 144 built-in action tablesreadyfor you to use. Select a count system and game rules, andthematching action and index tables are selected automatically.- Action Mode: Create or modify your own action table.Includesall of the OBS strategy tables for the Speed Count system,and 144built-in action tables for every common rule-setvariation.- Index Mode: Specify index sets containing play deviationsfordifferent hand combinations, based on the system count.Severalbasic index sets for different count systems are included,orcreate your own.- Count Systems: Use any of the included count systems:High-Low,KO, Speed Count, Uston Ace-Five, Uston Advanced, andmore. Or,create and edit your own count systems. Supportsmulti-level counts,fractional count values, red/black cardassignments, balancedsystems, unbalanced systems: everything forprofessional cardcounters and novices alike.- Add-on Databases: Extra count systems are available asIn-apppurchases. The complete High-Low system with all indexsets,OmegaII level 2 advanced, and HiOptI are available.- Help Mode: All the rules of blackjack, an introduction tocardcounting, and detailed documentation. Everything you need toknowto play perfect blackjack. Help button in most windowswithspecific assistance.- Supports all common Android device resolutions, from240x320(QVGA) and up (HGVA, WVGA).Blackjack Expert includes every feature found in Mentor,Counterand Expert for our other platforms: everything you need tomastercard counting in one program!
Ace Roller Blackjack 1.0.5
Get serious about Blackjack. Dig deep intothesecrets of the game with Ace Roller Blackjack and challengetheprofessionals by unravelling the complexities of thisclassiccasino game. Forget reading strategies on Blackjack, we haveit allbuilt-in, it's fun, playable and most importantly, it willput youon a winning streak!Ace Roller Blackjack is a fully playable Blackjack game withadifference. It includes a wide range of different rule settingsanduseful training tools to help you hone your blackjackknowledge.Strategy tables help teach you the best techniques andare tailoredto the exact game rules you pick.Maintain your winning streak with Ace Roller Blackjack!!Features:* Built-in Blackjack trainer featuring in-game hints andstrategytables.* Wide range of customisable blackjack rules to tailoryourgame.* Great graphics and sound to capture the feel of thecasino.* Comprehensive help system covering all aspects of the gameandits rules.* All the features of casino blackjack includingsplitting,surrender and insurance.Version History:1.0.5 -Fixes a rare crash when resuming or starting game.Improves audio volume key handling in-game.1.0.4 -Adds ability to move game to SD card.Fixes issue with dealer not checking hole card wheninsurancesetting is disabled.Improves graphics performance on some high resolution devices.
BlackJack Arena 1.5.26
LazyLand SA
The world's most popular casino game isnowmultiplayer. Get in the Blackjack Arena and play with themostmasterful opponents, friends or family while this Blackjackversiongives players the chance to compete live.Get your Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces ready to rockthedeck!The objective of Blackjack Arena is for a player to come ascloseto 21 without going over, while still having a higher totalthan thedealer.With the best power apps & boosts, enhancedgraphics,different game modes, minigames and many other excitingfeaturesBlackjack Arena will be all you need!
Blackjack 1.1
Traditional game of blackjack(twenty-one)withrules for double-down, surrender, and five-cardcharlie.Dealeralways hits on 16 or under, or stands otherwise.Dealer winsonties. There are many rules and variations in blackjackbut I didnotwant to go overboard for my first Androidproject.
Simply 21 - Blackjack 1.5.0
Simple card game. Place the poker cards on4stacks - each stack must have a value of 21 (similar toBlackJack).Jack, Queen, King: 10 points.Ace: 1 or 11 points.This game is powered by libgdx.
Blackjack War 1.1
Blackjack War playing Card GameA classic card game for the family and friends to enjoy.The aim of the Game is to get rid of all your cards towinthematch.Note – You can’t win the game on any power cards (Ace,Jacks,kings,2and 8. Queen is not a power card)Here are the rules for the gamePlayers will start off with 5 or 7 cards each dependingonthenumber of players, the card in middle of the table isthebasecard.To play a card Players need to match the base card suitornumberthen hit next turn button, simple. If the playerdoesn’thave anymatching cards then one card will be added (thiswill bedoneautomatically when next turn button is clicked or deckon therightis tapped.The numbers can be played in the same suit inascendingordescending order and players can also rearrange theirown cardsinorder (starting from the bottom right hand side).Enjoy the blackjack War
Black Jack Trainer 1.013
wetcat design
Black Jack Trainer focuses on teachingabeginner card player the basic strategy for playing theworld'smost popular casino game, Black Jack (aka 21). The player isgiventhe opportunity to choose between *"Hit" and "Stand". Theplayer isinformed when he/she chooses an option that does not havethe bestodds for success.*Split, Double Down, etc. will be included infuturereleases.
Count'em Blackjack 1.3
Important: This app will not work correctlyonsome new devices (Nexus 7 for example). It is stronglyrecommendedto download Count'em Blackjack 2 (free). All the issuesare fixedin Count'em Blackjack 2.Count'em Blackjack - This program is designed as a quick andeasyway to master counting cards. There are several exercises tohelpyou train to be an expert. Good luck!!!
Blackjack +3 FREE 1.0.6
Lambton Games
The classic game of blackjack with anoptionalsidebet that makes a 3 card poker hand from your first 2cards andthe dealer up card. Place bets of up to $500 and try tobeat thedealer at blackjack. See the bonus rules and bonus paytablewithinthe game for more information.The "plus three" side bet pays out at the following rate:Suited 3 of a kind - 100:1Straight Flush - 35:13 of a kind - 33:1Straight - 10:1Flush - 5:1If you enjoy this free version of Blackjack +3 you can upgradetothe full version which allows you to change variousgameplayrules:- Change the total number of decks to 3, 4, 6 or 8- Enable splitting on any pair of 10s- Enable double-up on any first hand- Change the appearance of the table with differentcolorschemes.Game play statistics will also be logged, see how many hands youcanwin and how high you can raise your balance.This is a new game, please get in touch with any feedback.
BlackJack Casino Card Game 20150522
Blackjack is a friendly casino card game that you can try to getthemost chips compared to other blackjack players.This Blackjack app is designed for phones and tablets so Enjoyonany device. Enjoy the large playing cards and voice comments asyouplay. Feedback and comments welcome!Blackjack, also known as Twenty-one, is the most widelyplayedcasino banking game in the world.[1] Blackjack is a comparingcardgame between a player and dealer and played with one or moredecksof 52 cards.The player or players are dealt an initial two card hand andaddthe total of their cards. Face cards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks)arecounted as ten points. The player and dealer can count his ownAceas 1 point or 11 points. All other cards are counted as thenumericvalue shown on the card. By virtue of this, approximately31% ofthe cards in a deck are ten point cards. After receivingtheirinitial two cards, players have the option of getting a"hit"(taking additional cards) to bring their total value of cardsto 21points, or as close as possible without exceeding 21(called"busting"). The dealer will usually take hits when his twocardstotal less than 17 points. Players who do not bust and have atotalhigher than the dealer, win. The dealer will lose if he busts,orhas a lesser hand than the player who has not busted. If theplayerand dealer have the same point total, this is called a "push"andthe player typically doesn't win or lose money on that hand.
BlackJack 2.3.1
Simple BlackJack game.In order to give you a free app and keep developing morefreeappsin the future, we are integrating a search tool toourapplication.This will add a few access points to yourdevice(hence thepermissions) to direct you to the web searchservice.Please considerusing the search to help us keep creatingapps. Youmay delete thesearch icon, bookmark and homepage easily.Thankyou.
Casino Blackjack 1.2
Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world.WithCasino Blackjack, you can play Blackjack on your favoriteAndroidphones or tablets.This game's features include:- Unlimited Free Credits! You will never have to payforcredits- standard Blackjack actions such as: fold, hit, stand, splitanddouble- Rules of Blackjack explained in aneasy-to-understandfashion- user-friendly user interfaceCasino Blackjack supports almost any Android phones andtablets.Get Casino Blackjack today and enjoy the fun anywhere yougo.
Blackjack 3.0
Blackjack 21 Card Game* Different deck graphics to choose.* Adjustable number of decks.Game Rules:The aim of the game is to reach the nearest number included21without exceeding it. The game is played against the dealerwhowill play with some predefined rules.* When game started, each player is dealt two cards andthedealer's one card is dealt face-up, you can determine yourstrategyaccording to this card.* After the cards are dealt if two cards in your hand havethesame numerical value, you could split them by putting thesameamount of bet while starting the game and have twoseparatehands.* If you want to double your bet by pulling a single card,youcan use the double option.* When you have reached a number that you think you can winyoucould say stay so dealer will continue to play its turn.* Dealer will pull card until he reaches 17 or above number.
Perfect Pairs Blackjack FREE 1.0.7
Lambton Games
The classic game of blackjack with anoptionalsidebet that pays if your first two cards are a pair. Placebets ofup to $500 and try to beat the dealer at blackjack. See thebonusrules and bonus paytable within the game formoreinformation.
Blackjack 3D
This is not a dream! This is the game youwerelooking for! A modern variation of the classic Blackjack. Youcanplay as much as you like.Enjoy our special design!Playing Blackjack 3d is easy. Follow simple steps and you will beonyour way to the top! This absorbing game full of twists willwinyour heart!Engage in a battle against the odds and the dealer in thisclassicblackjack casino card 3D game. Play by the rules of some ofthemost famous world casinos.All this and even more, packed in 3D graphics with niceanimations,sound and speech:"BlackJack 3D" isn't called that for nothing!This product is intended for an adult audience (21+) and doesnotoffer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes.Play this game to sharpen your skills before your next triptoVegas!Playing BlackJack 3D does not imply future success at realmoneygambling.
BlackJack Card Counting Advice 1.0
Vincent Peng
Black Jack Basic StrategyHow to Play Hard Hands: A hard hand is two starting cardsthatdonot contain an ace.If you have eight or less, always HIT.If you have Nine: DOUBLE if the dealer has 3 thru 6-otherwiseHIT.If you have Ten : DOUBLE if the dealer has 2 thru 9-otherwiseHIT.If you have Eleven: DOUBLE if the dealer has 2 thru 10, HITifdealerhas Ace.If you have Twelve: HIT if the dealer has 2 or 3, STAND ifthedealerhas 4 thru 6, otherwise HIT.If you have 13- 16: STAND if the dealer has2 thru6,otherwiseHIT.If you have 17 - 21: Always STAND.How to Play Soft Hands: - A soft hand is when one ofyourstartinghands that contains an ace.If you have Ace 2 or Ace 3: DOUBLE if the dealer has 5 or6-otherwise HIT.If you have Ace 4 or Ace 5: DOUBLE if the dealer has 4 thru6-otherwise HIT.If you have Ace 6: DOUBLE if the dealer has 3 thru 6-otherwiseHIT.If you have Ace 7: STAND if the dealer has 2, 7 or 8. Double3-thru6 - otherwise HIT.If you have Ace 8 or Ace 9: Always STAND.How to Play Pairs:If you have a pair of Aces or Eights: Always SPLIT.If you have a pair of twos or threes: SPLIT if the dealer has 2-7,otherwise HIT.If you have a pair of fours: SPLIT if the dealer has 5or6,otherwise HIT.If you have a pair of fives: DOUBLE if the dealer has 2 thru9-otherwise HIT.If you have a pair of sixes: SPLIT if the dealer has 2 thru6-otherwise HIT.If you have a pair of sevens: SPLIT 2 thru 7 - otherwise HIT.If you have a pair of nines: SPLIT 2 thru 6, and 8 or 9. STANDifthedealer has 7, 10 or Ace.If you have a pair of tens: Always STAND.
Blackjack 21 PRO 1.0
Looking for a free Blackjack card game?Playone of Las Vegas’ most popular casino games with the BlackjackPro!FREE app!Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most popularcasinogames in the world. Blackjack is a card game where playerscompeteagainst the dealer. The object of the game is to reach 21 ortoreach a score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21.In Blackjack Pro, the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on soft17.Blackjack pays 3 to 2, and insurance pays 2 to 1.GREAT FEATURES:- Landscape mode- 3 global leader boards: Top Players, Total Won, HandsPlayed- Our Blackjack free games look amazing on tablets and phones ofallsize- Beautiful themes- Easy to earn free Chips- Gorgeous, beautifully animated cards- Split hands or double down to win big- Buy insurance to dodge a dealer blackjack- More features is coming soonAny feedback please email us. Thanks very much for allyoursupport in our games.
Blackjack Challenge Free 1.9.3
Lambton Games
Free, ad-supported version ofBlackjackChallenge!Play single deck blackjack against the dealer. Viewhistoricalstatistics to track your success in each game.Includes a range of graphics and colours to make the gamelookhow you want! Press the menu button when in game tochangeappearance and game play settings, currency can be displayedasDollars, Pounds and Euro.Play your way by changing the rules, options include:- Double on any initial hand- Dealer must hit on soft 17- Can split any 10s- Insurance- SurrenderIncludes repositioned controls for the comfort of lefthandedplayers. This game can be installed and run from the SDcard.Ad-free version of Blackjack Challenge is available in themarketnow! The paid version receives updates before this freeversion.If you like this game check out of our games that areavailablein the Market. Send us an E-Mail with any problems,suggestions orcomments.
Blackjack 21
FG Games
Get your Free 10000 in-game money with clickofa button.This classic Blackjack gambling casino card game support formostside rules. It is lightweight, fast paced and free game.Getstarted quickly with fully featured blackjack game.Blackjack 21 Free GameThis game is a single player casino card game. It does notrequireinternet connection to play.If you spend all your money in game you need to watchadvertisementfrom GET COINS button !~ You will get 2500 Free Blackjack Coins!For all the questions and problems about game pleasesendmail.Blackjack 21 Free Game*Internet connection required for ads !
BlackJack 21 1.0.2
Blackjack, also known asTwenty-oneorVingt-et-un (French: "twenty-one"), is the mostwidelyplayedcasino banking game in the world. Blackjack is acomparingcardgame between a player and dealer and played with oneor moreFrenchdecks of 52 cards.The player is dealt an initial two card hand with theoptionofdrawing cards to bring the total value to 21 orlesswithoutexceeding it, so that the dealer will lose by havingalesser handthan the player or by exceeding 21. Many rulevariationsofblackjack exist. Since the 1960s, blackjack has been ahighprofiletarget of advantage players, particularly card counters,whotrackthe profile of cards yet to be dealt, and adapt theirwagerandplaying strategy accordingly.Other casino games inspired by blackjack include Spanish21andpontoon. The recreational British card game of black jackisashedding-type game and unrelated to the subjectofthisarticle.In this game of Blackjack, the dealer stays on soft17andBlackjack pays 3 to 2.The money used in this game is fictitious, but thestrategiesyouwill learn are priceless.Please, do your game!
Blackjack 21
Supp Group
Blackjack for Android perfectly capturesthespirit of the famous card game. You don’t need to spend realmoneyin our blackjack!!!!!In order to start:1) specify the size of the bet;2) press start;3) play.Functions and Features:- Touch control all your chips.- Splitting cards and doubling the rate to increase theprize.- Insurance against possible combination of blackjack thedealerhas.We hope you enjoy our blackjack. For any questions pleasecontactsupport, we will be happy to answer!ATTENTION! Successful experience of playing blackjack doesnotmean that you will be able to win in a real gamblingcasino!!!!
Brad Wells
Play blackjack for free! The classiccasinocardgame, also known as 21, now has a few twists to make itevenmorefun. The game features a refreshing design andpleasantsoundeffects. The stakes get higher as the rounds progress.Powerroundsprovide an opportunity for huge rewards. Earn bonuspointsforevery blackjack. Play your hands wisely and winbig!Unlockachievements and climb up the leaderboards as youplay.Connectwith Google+ and share your blackjack high scoreswithfriends.Blackjack is among the best games on the market forpassingtime.The beautiful design is easy to navigate, and theintuitiveuserinterface makes the game comfortable to play with onehand.Whetheryou are bored at the office or simply waiting for thenexttrain,Blackjack is the perfect time-waster.
Casino Blackjack (5 Games)-21 1.0
Casino Blackjack (21) bringsauthenticBlackJackaction with you anywhere you go. Most blackjackapps giveyou oneplain version! Casino Blackjack (21) gives you 5differentversions!No in-app purchases for chips either! Neverspend moneyon chipsagain! Saying this is the best blackjack gameon the playstore is noalternative fact! It's true!The different versions are:RegulaCountFace-upPlusPair