Top 23 Games Similar to Flying Birds Hunt 3D

Jungle Sniper Hunting Birds 1.0.1
Kool Games
Going for bird hunting and feelingnotenoughchallenged in shooting? This bird hunting game:JungleSniperHunting Birds is going to test your shooting skills injunglewithsniper shooting and challenge you to maximum in sniperhunting.Thewild life challenge in jungle is best for shooting birdsandusingsniper in jungle is no doubt going to give you thebestchallengeof your life.Background story:A soldier can never stay idle and so is our great soldierofthegame who is now spending his life in the wilds, becomingahunterand looking to shoot and kill. Wild life is thebestoptionavailable to our hunter.What is this game about?This game is all about the hunt of the hunter. Ithasdifferentlevels where each level has a set mission for you.Thereare atotal of 25 levels. Your objective is to shoot andkill.How to play this game?You will have your rifle on you for the hunt as you trytobecomea professional hunter. You need to use the rifleinfollowing mannerto shoot:1. Click on the Zoom-Enable button in left bottom cornerofthescreen.2. Once you have enabled zoom, a bullet button will appearontheright bottom corner of the screen.3. You can click the bullet button to shoot but you willalsohavethe enhanced zoom option at this stage.4. Click the enhanced zoom button on the top left cornerofthescreen to have a better view of your target.5. Aim well and you should have your rewards in killing.6. Touch the bullet button to kill your target.7. As the game has different levels so accomplish themissionsetfor a certain level to successfully unlock next levelofthegame.8. Once you have cleared a level, you can always comebackandgive it another shot to better your previousmissionaccomplishmenttime.Why this game?Yes you are right. Why this game? Following is the listofsalientfeatures which shall fulfill your pleasuring needs:1. Totally Free: This game is totally free and we are notgoingtocharge you for absolutely anything at all.2. Extremely delightful graphics: The game hasawesomegraphicswhich are very pleasing for your eyes and they makelonglastingand pleasuring impressions on your mind and vision.Thegraphicsare high quality as well as very smooth so you are goingtohaveyour best gaming experience while playing this greatestshootandkill game of year 2016.3. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun to play this gameasthechallenge keeps on getting tougher and tougher witheveryclearedlevel. The aim to get better and better is what keepsyougoinguntil you are on the top of the world.4. Realistic Missions: The mission associated with eachlevelofthe game is very realistic and it throws you in the realwildwhilekeeping you fully engaged. Each mission is time boundwithaspecific kill target to keep you focused on the job athand.5. Player Feedback Incorporation: We are at all timeslookingforyour feedback and try our best to make your gamingexperiencemoreand more interesting. Our team of professionalandefficientdevelopers is always up for making required changesassoon aspossible.Who should play?Anybody who loves to hunt for fun or want to becomeaprofessionalhunter should play this game and establish thebasicskills in thesimulating environment mapping to the realwilds.Everyone elselooking for endless fun is also welcome to playthisgame.When to play?Another great thing about this game is that it can beplayedatany time during the day or during the night. You are atofficeorat home, whenever you have free time just pull out yourgunandenjoy playing this game to maximize you pleasures and getridofboredom.So what are you waiting for? Let's rock the Wilds waitingtogiveyou utmost pleasure. And please don't forget to rate ourgameandalso to give your useful feedback/ comments so that wekeepbringingyou the best possible FUN.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.Thank you!
Sniper Assassin Jungle War 3D 1.1
Sniper Assassin Jungle War 3D allows youtoturn your phone into challenging environment in which you havetotarget enemies. More enemies you shoot more will be your energytofind and kill them. You are a soldier in the war zone to putyoursteps in the battle field.Guns are available to cope with your target. It is a modern waytofire using snipers.Take the head shots to clear missions and move forward inupcommingmissions awaiting you. Move towards ultimate destinationin orderto transform your sorrounding into a assassin area. Everytime getready for the sniper in action.If you are a shooting lover, pick your sniper gun and enteredintothe jungle to give challenge to your enemies and kill them toclearall levels.Game Features:* Realistic game play sounds.* First person shooting.* Radar system is integrated to locate the enemies.* 3D shooting environment.How to Play:* Swap with the thumb to move into scene.* Tap shoot button fire a bullet.* Tap zoom in button for closer view.* Tap zoom out button for normal view.
Jungle Sniper Hunt: Safari 1.3
Sunstar Games
Welcome o Jungle Sniper Hunt: Safari! Webringyou a Safari based game where you will be taken on a ride tohuntdown animals in lush jungles! Coupled with great weapons andsmoothgameplay, Jungle Sniper Hunt: Safari will bring you the joyof thehunt right in your cellphone!Why hunt real life animals when you can enjoy the hunt fromthecomfort of your home? Use deadly weapons to close in to yourtargetand accumulate kills and complete tasks for a veryrewardingexperience! Test your sniper skills by choosing targetscarefully;or go into assault mode as you clear the forest of thewild beasts!Are you upto the tasks? Get rewards, daily bonuses forcompletingtasks. Survive the jungle, test your temperament andbehold thetrophy in Jungle Sniper Hunt: Safari!FeaturesLush ForestsVaried GameplayDifferent SeasonsSniper and Assault WeaponsVariety of beautiful AnimalsDaily Tasks and BonusesIn-App PurchasesNote:Sunstar Games does not in any way condone killing wildlife forfun.This game is only meant for pure entertainment onyourcellphones.If you like the game rate us on the Playstore!PS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected]
Jungle Animal Hunter Strike 1.0
Jungle Animals hunter is an amazingrealistic3dhunting and sniper shooting game. Use your sniper gunto shootwildjungle animalslike,lion,elephant,zebra,crocodile,hippopotamus,rhinoceros. Yougonnahave the different experience with every wildanimal shoot.Thereare some furious animals, they always attack thehunters. Deerandstags are the animals most favorite for the hunter.Jungle Hunting is here. If you're looking for a sniper gamewhereyouneed to hunt for all kinds of animals.This game is one of a kind from other shooting games,wildanimalshunting games it might be said that you are facingthechallenge ofsparing jeopardized creatures on earth to makethemsilly so thatveterinary masters can review them forrestorativetreatment. Thisgame tests your energies, temper, courageand howgood you are inaccepting the challenge.STORYYou pick your most loved animal you think about and affectiontohelpfor their medicinal treatment. You gotLION,ELEPHANT,ZEBRA,CROCODILE,HIPPOPOTAMUS,RHINOCEROS. You got 5levelsto playwith every animal. Forest sniper shooting game isneverending fun& adventure and most importantly it shows howmuchyou careabout saving endangered species of animals onearth.Features:1. Dangerous Realistic Forest Environment2. Wild animals out there to chase3. Hunting among different animals4. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt stacked with standard ammo5. Different animals to select as target6. Multiple levels against every animal.7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Forest8. Superb designHow to Play:1. Select the endangered animal to focus fromLION,ELEPHANT,ZEBRA,CROCODILE,HIPPOPOTAMUS,RHINOCEROS.2. Complete level by hunting all animals in that level toopennextlevel3. Take zoom shoot at target with Sniper gun; make sureanimalsareat your reach.4. Navigate in forest on swiping at left of your phone5. You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons to hit6. You can check help screen before playing
Gorila Hunting Jungle Sniper 1.1
Rumax Games
I hope Its a best game for those who wanttokill or hunt themad Gorilla.This game consist of a story which base onmadGorillaMad gorilla is fully against humains .I hope its fullofintertainmentand joy. like a real hunter, proving your tracking skillsand putting your hunting skills to the test of real amazing game for best time passing skills and manyothersfeatures.Hunt or be hunted be a part of game between human andwildlifejungle animalGorilla. Its Super Gorilla Free game for every one interestedinhunting.Weapons Used:* Sniper* AK-47* Pistol* UMP-45* M4A1 SopmodFeatures:* Awesome challenges with different environment.* Different Levels.* 3D Environment.* Amazing different Animation* Smooth third person control
Sniper Training 3D 1.0
Sniper Training 3D is new, realisticactionshooter of the brand. You take the role based on a snipernest,take out the enemies who come to attack sniper.If you've always wanted to be a sniper while Sniper Training3Dis definitely for you. Stunning 3D graphics with real slow moingood moves make it a truly awesome game.Be the best sniper! Join the best training camp forbeginners.Get your honor and glory here.Sniper Training 3D is a simple and addictive sniper shooterwhereyour job is to get a high score to the fixed balls.Characteristics:- Stunning 3D graphics engine to give you the bestexperiencepossible.- Amazing Effect of ball action.- Realistic sniper shooting system.- Simple controls (Touch to shoot)- Unlike Action Camera Effects.- Close the Sniper shoot camera View- Optimized Control of the game allows you to play thegamesmoothly, even at the minimum phone!We will train to be the last and the best sniper!
Angry Lion Hunting Challenge 1.1
Its open season join the lion hunttoday!Angry Lion Hunting Challenge is most attractive andamazingactiongame. Yes! we believe we did the best and we hope youwillfindyourself in a realistic and full of adventure in themostrealisticenvironment with realistic jungle trees, mountain,waterlakes andgrass etc. We put so many levels to increasementyourhunting fun.There are angry lions in the jungle; you have gotthechallenge tohunt the Angry Lions as an expert hunter.Let's try to have fun to hunt lions more but, you needtobeattentive and expert in using your sniper gun. You havetheonlygun with scope to shoot lions. Keep your eyes open tofindlions.Do not waste your time; Just Do It. And get your bestshot.FEATURES:Unlimited ammoBest 3D graphics or jungle.Best sniper gun for accurate shooting.3D first person shooting game.The natural sounds of Lion and fire.Real 3D Lions with best animations.Addictive, fun loving &Visit us on Following pages for your suggestions
Wild Bird Hunt 1.0
Ya feel like shootin some birds? Well,thisisthe game for you. Hunt down as many of these darnflyinthingsbefore they get you. And they WILL come after you.Thesebirdsdon't ferget. Come out fighting in this highactionhuntingsimulator. Choose your standard hunting rifle or youmaydecide touse the long range sniper rifle.Top Game Features:• Upgrade your hunting health, speed, and weapon strength• 6 BONUS Charge Play Mini Games where the animalscomeafteryou• 9 Wild Animals and Birds Included• 12 Challenging Adventures to Complete• Huge Open World 3D Map• Hunt during sunrise,sunset,night,and day• Now with Rain Hunting!Be Sure to check out our Facebookforupdates. send your suggestions [email protected] the app is not perfect, and wewelcome yourconstructivecriticism. Happy hunting!
Eagle Hunting: Sniper Shooting 1.1
Eagle Vs Hawk: Eagle is generally alargerbirdthan hawk. Eagle is undoubtedly stronger and powerfulthanhawk andalso most eagles have larger wingspan than hawks.Hawkswould preythe smaller land animals like rats or rabbitsorgrasshoppers. Whileeagle would tend to hunt Fish, snake andgroundmammals for prey,even a deer or even a goat.In this spectacular game we have covered theseentirescenariosfor serious eagle hunting or hawk hunter. Head downtocoast earlyin the morning and enjoy eagle hunting, while theyarehunting fishfor their prey. You might be interested inHawkhunting, so makeyour way to the country side huge farmyard,wherethe eagle or hawkis just about to attack the chicken or henfortheir lunch or headdown to desert, if you want to save thepoorrabbit ( bunnies ) orthe ferocious snake from theeagleattacks.So pick up your sniper rifle and go to all thesebeautifulscenicareas, for the unforgettable experience of yourlifetime andenjoyeagle hunting, while you are sniper shooting.Features:Spectacular 3D environmentsEagle hunting in coastal or desert environment.Great animal or fish snatching animationSmooth sniper rifle controlReal Sniper Rifle loading animations
Bird Hunting 1.0
Bird HuntingBird Hunting presents the most addictive bird shootinggameforandroid!Bird Hunting is a relaxing first person perspective BirdHuntgame.Users can look around the map by swiping the screen. Thegamehas16 hunting levels so far. You hunt in village, near theriver orinan island sometimes. You have 2 semi automatic sniperguns inthegame. We hope you like our 3D Bird Hunt to play:There are 4 buttons in the game, shooting, aiming,gunchangingand rotating buttons. Left side of screen rotates. and3buttonsare located on the right side of the screen.Bird Hunt 3D features:• Timer• Level unlocking• Realistic Hunting Environments• 16 levels to play so far!• 2 semi automatic sniper guns with scope options.• Crispy and enchanting music and sound effects.• Stunning and beautiful graphics.• No annoying in app purchases. 100% free.• Fun and addictive. Fit for all ages.Experience the best duck hunting game on Android platforms.And much more!!!Please leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedbackismuchmore valuable to us!!!
Turkey Hunter 2015 1.0
Shoot tons of Turkeys!Hunting mayhem awaits in this fast-paced, casual gaming, spree!FEATURES:*Turkeys everywhere!*Play all the levels!*Simple controls*Multi Weapon selection*Use a precision sniper rifle as you rack up the kills*Fast paced. Do you have what it takes?Will you be the next unstoppable hunter?Be sure to aim, shoot, and target all of the freeandunlockedhunting rifles and weapons in the new armory.Jump into adventure in epic high quality definition finallyontheAndroid market and Google play store!The turkeys are are able to see, hear and sense theadrenalineinyou, the hunter’s, blood.Distinct HD environments including dark forests, glacierwastesanddense jungles give room for different forms ofhunting!Dinosaursafari pro is a console-quality simulation withlifelikehuntingwhere you, the players track down a variety ofdinosaurswhileexploring huge non-linear locations. Hunt turkey andaimwithprecision targeting at moving wild creatures. See if youcanreacha high score record hunting birds as you scan the forestandshootfree and unlocked powerful rifles and guns. Test yourskillsandprove that you can bag the most birds prove that you arethemasterTurkey Hunter.
Birds Shooting Safari 1.3
Birds Shooting Safari is a best andinterestingbirds hunting and shooting 3D game. Birds shootingsafari givesgreat game play and the feeling that you are a huntingbirds inreal. Best sniper gun added to aim and zoom which help youinperfect fire. Take the sniper aim the bird and shoot it down.Itstime based game you have to shoot the target numbers of birdsinallocated time otherwise you can not unlock any level.Shoot target birds quickly and unlock next moreinterestinglevels. More then thirty levels are added in the game tomake birdshunting safari interesting challenging and addictive. Youmightplay other birds shooting or hunting game but birds huntingsafariis above all give it a try.How to play:1. Select the target i.e crow, duck, seagull or eagle.2. Choose the level to play.3. Hold your sniper zoom and shoot at target4. Drag finger on cell screen to move left right.Features:* Best graphics and environment.* Your favorite sniper gun for accurate shooting.* Hunting among multiple birds i.e crow, duck, seagullandeagle.* More then thirty levels.* Unique birds animation and game play.* Free birds hunting game.* No internet connectivity required to play birdsshootingsafari.
Archery bird hunter 2.5.0
Archery bird hunter is now for mobileowner!Archery bird hunter is the best and most realistic archery2Dsimulation game for you. Archery bird hunter deliversrealisticarchery experience, amazing and deferent color birds andducks ofArchery bird hunter's make it more interesting. shot arrowsatbirds and ducks to kill them and get coins and the coins areusableto buy hunting equipment from shop of Archery bird huntergame. Formore enjoy of Archery bird hunting game we add burningArrow ingame when player uses this option the arrow will burnhunted birdsand ducks.For every level the number of birds or ducks is shown in a tableinbeginning of level, if you hunt all of them the levelbecomecomplete and another level be unlocked or you can unlockanotherlevel by spending achieved coins.Archery bird hunter consist of four levels, Level one ofArcherybird hunter is a place with a tree and a dog, birds sit ontree,when you hunt bird dog collects hunted bird in a basket.Level two of Archery bird hunter is near to river, ducks flyoverthe river and if you don’t shot for about 5-10 seconds duckswillsit in water and the hunting of duck become easy.Third level of Archery bird hunter is with a chariot whichfollowsbirds in forest and you hunt themAnd the last level of Archery bird hunter is with a boatwhichplayer drive in river and follows duck and hunt them.Other levels of Archery bird hunter will be added soon.Archery bird hunter game also consist a shop which player canbuyhunting equipment.How to play Archery bird hunter game:★ Swipe on bow (arch), pull or rotate it, if you release thearrowis shot.★In each level hunted and achieved coins are show in a table.★ Tap on shop button and buy needs of hunting.
City Sniper Birds Hunting 1.01
World’s most favorite Hunting Game!Nowavailable free for Android!This City Sniper Birds Hunting is very thrilling andeasy.Thefeatures of games are much more understandable.Now you can builds your hunting skills like staminaandconcentrations.Hunting is mostly a passion which belongstoRoyal people.We here brings to you the real bird hunting experience everwithstunning city and jungle environments, Sniper guns and Zoom foraperfect shotwith a thrilling bullet effects.
3D Sniper Desert Map Operation 1.0
This is a 3d sniper shootera and3dsnipershooting death war. You will have 3d snipers in collectionof3dsniper games and 3d sniper shooting.. It is a sniper3dassassinshoot to kill and train attack 3d game sniper shooter.Itis asniper assassin 3d game and sniper shooter 3d onlybestrealgraphics like bear hunting sniper 3d and city sniper 3dwithcitysniper shooting 3d. Just like contract killer sniper 3dgameyouare in a full flesh new duty army sniper 3d shooting indutyarmysniper 3d and you have to collect food deer hunter sniper3d.It isone of the best us as you join army sniper 3d killerelitegamesand full hd 3d sniper action games. It is one of themostdeadlysniper 3d assassin free games and sniper assassin 3dshootinggamesfor free latest 3d sniper games. You have differentsniper3dmission games and sniper killing 3d games withjunglesniperhunting 3d in sniper 3d halicopter as sniper shootermission3dgames new. It is one of the best sniper shooter mission3dgamesnew 2016 and modern sniper 3d 2015 with sniper gunshooting3dgames new 2016 new sniper game 3d. You will love thissniper ops3dkill terror shooter and sniper shooter 3d in one ofkindswatsniper 3d shooter target. You will love sniper shoot war3dincollection of sniper 3d 111 games. It is sniper desertactioninmany sniper games. You have sniper games for freeandsnipershooter with sniper assassin shoot to kill andsniperassassin 3dand sniper best game in a deadliest sniper battle.Youengage insniper combat in a big big sniper city. We haveaddedsniper cameragun 3d for your sniper commando. You are alsoinsniper duty prisonyard in sniper deer hunting it justcommandosniper mission in alltime best sniper games new 2015. Wewill soonadd sniper gamesonline multiplayer and all new sniperhunting insniper hd. It is asniper hunter in one of many sniperhuntinggames. It is a sniperin real action sniper in jungle shooterforhunting. You have addeda bonus level sniper in iraq incollectionof best sniper games inthe world. It is most sniperkiller gamedeadly marksman sniperlethal sniper shooter long missiongame. Itis one of the best ofsniper mission games in sniper newgame in oneof the best newsniper shooting games 2016. It is one ofthe bestoffline snipergames and wanted criminal police sniperpolice carsniper shooterin which you have a quick scope snipergames. It isone of bestsniper rifle games in a latest sniperreloaded full gamein asniper shooting games and a sniper shoot war.It is asnipertraffic hunter and sniper traffic shooter as well assnipertraffichunter game. It is a ultimate jungle sniper andultimateshootertrain sniper where you get into ultimate heli sniperand getengageinto sniper war. You have to become a shooter sniperx. Wewillalso introduce sniper zombie games and zombie assaultsniper inahuge combination of zombie sniper games.Search "Skamster Games" for more.Special thanks to:Art Designed by
Pigeon Spy Hunting 3D 1.0
Rumax Games
I hope this is a best game of 2016 .Thisgameis a best practicefor Pigeon hunter who want to kill or catch the Pigeon in jungleoravillagearea Environment.If you thought you are a best hunter trythisgameand shootand kill birds.The games consist of a best Pigeon models andarealvillage areaEnvironment.Pigeon hunter is very addictive andthrillingPigeonhunting gameif you have Excellent Skills in hunting then enjoy thisgameswithdifferent weapons.Weapons:*Sniper*M24_Gun*Pistol*M24_Semi*AK47_anim*HK_MP5_anim*M9_anim*MK11_animFeatures:*Many Different Interesting Levels*First person jungle Sniper Pigeon Hunting*Smooth Control of all weapons*Realistic Village area Environment*Amazing animation of Birds ,walking ,flying,dying etc*Excellent Zooming of Sniper and many others.*Different Models of Pigeons .
Dino Sniper Big Hunter 1.0.2
Get ready to embark on a bighunterexpeditionof lifetime on deadly shores through the JurassicJungleofdinosaur. Equipped with modern sniper rifles andassaultweapons,it's time to become the big hunter and hunt themostvicious ofbeasts to roam the Earth. Get the mostrealisticexperience fordinosaur games and hunting games on mobiledevices.CHOOSE YOUR HUNT TO STRIKEHunting jungle animals and the largest and most ferociousdinosaurinthe Jurassic Jungle:..... The monstrous Tyrannosaurus (Trex) .......... The larger than all Herbivores, Brontosaurus .......... The flesh craving Carnotaurus .......... The speedsters, Velociraptors .......... The rugged defender, Stegosaurus .....HUNT WITH ASSASSIN SNIPER 3D WEAPONSSurvive the strike of the monsters by hunting with assassinsniper3dweapons at your disposal. Become a dino sniper andexpandyourarsenal...... Big Hunter Rifle with optical zoom, enhancedstabilityandprecision, and an upgraded Night Vision attachment.......... The Short Range Assaulter "SMG" to stay ahead ofthefastestpredators and stealth carnivores .....EXQUISITE ANIMAL GAMES WILDLIFE LOCATIONSRelive the complete experience of the prehistoric era, asyourhuntervisits the Ice Age, Jurassic Jungle of dark forestsandthetreacherous paths of caves. Explore a huge 3D world inhabitedbyavariety of dinosaur.MORE GAMES BY IMPTRAXIf you liked dinosaur games, hunting games free in the wildlikeDinoSniper Big Hunter, please stop by to give us a rating.Yourfeedbackhelps us in improving the gaming experience for you inourfuturereleases.You can check out more exciting games by visiting ourdeveloperpageat: up to date with our latest work and releases byvisitingourFacebook page:
Bravo Hunter 3D 1.0
Bravo Hunter 3D is the best shootinggamesincategory of top action games . Bravo Hunter 3D isfirstpersonshooting games in jungle 3d environment where you havetoproveyourself as best hunter 3D of 2015 and 2016 .You are spotted in jungle 3d where you are equipped withmodern3dweapons like sniper , machine gun , m9 pistol . You havetoshootdown beast in the forest 3d like lion hunter , lioness ,bear, wolfhunter , elephant hunter 3d , pig , fox , deer hunter .Be abravohunter 3d and show yourself as top action hunter inthejungle sniper3d .This game is going to be best hunting games in top actiongames.Kill , kill and kill until you got the title of best bravohunter3d. Game consist of 3 realistic 3d graphics regions and lotsoflevelsto kill the deer and all hunter 3d are competing forbeingbesthunter 3d .Top Action Games always provide you with fun freeentertainment.If you are going to enjoy this hunting 3d game withbestshootingand top action thriller then please rate us.
Jungle Sniper Hunting Mission 1.0
Capricon 3D
Thanks sniper for youramazingcontributiontowards survivor mission in this actionhuntingsimulator. Come outshooter with your fascinating huntingskillswhere an open huntingquest is waiting for you to master theperfectshoot, eliminate thetarget and clear the jungle arena.Aim and shoot from very close to the beasts and enjoytherealmarksman skills to ensure a fast kill of your enemy. Goandhuntall of the wild monsters before they make you fall downandturninto parts.Embark on an excellent action shooting filled withwildcreaturesin a unique and beautiful forest environment. Loadyourforestsniper gun against the wild beast roaming around thebushesin thejungle. An exotic war begins when the monstersnoticedyourpresence. They stats attack on you and come closer tokill you.Youhave to survive from their attack and shoot them beforetheymakeyou their food. Your survival depends on accuracy andspeedduringwarfare. You have to respond quickly and make headshotkillthemwithin the short time. As the whole forest is inhabitedwiththeseexotic creatures there is no way to escape and only lasthopeofsurvival is to shoot them all with real hunting spirit.Professional and powerful guns are available to makethisjunglehunting adventure more favorable and interesting for youandhelpto win the thrilling challenges. Master your skills totaketheperfect shot and make the forest a peaceful land forallothercreatures. Remember enemies can run around but cannothidefrom theeye of a smart sniper.Play Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D epic action game where youaretheone and only sniper with ultimate modern weapons to shootdownandwin the challenge. If you want the best snipershootingassassingame on your phone just download for free and enjoythebattlefieldin a dynamic environment and also MountainSniperShootingFEATURES★ Hunt during Day and Night★ Eliminate monsters in a thrilling first-person shooting★ Incredible Hunting Environment★ Enjoy the art of kill with exciting contests★ Become the Ultimate jungle sniper★ Powerful and advanced weapons with unlimited bullets★ Easy and effective touch controls★ Thrilling and exciting action gameplayFight for your survival in an environment filledwithwildcreatures; experience the sensation of firing in animmersive3Dfirst person adventure, blending stunning graphics,hearttouchingmusic and amazing sound effects.If you like our game, please rate us and give usyourvaluablefeedback, to stay up to date with our latest games
Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D 2016 1.2
After millions of downloads ofpreviouseditions, On this new years eve, we present Jungle SniperHuntingYear 2016 Version. In this winter go on hunt yourfavoritetrophies. This modern hunting game has remove theendangeredanimals and added new one of your liking. Endangeredanimals areremoved so you don't get bad feeling for killing them.Others morehunt-able wild beats are added to fulfill you hintingwishes.We treat hunting as sport, not a wild killing spree ofanimals.Hunt feral animals but not the Endangered ones.-> Good collection of wild or feral animals for sporthuntingfor food and recreation.-> Only lawfully allowed animals to hunt-> gorgeous beautiful jungle environment-> Winter, Snow, Night hunting mission-> Huge variety of hunting rifles.-> Hunt and earn more to unlock next wild levelsPrivacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. Fordetails check here★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: @rationalverx
Safari Deer Hunting 2016 1.0
Rumax Games
I hope its a best game for those personwhowanthunting ofthe Deer. this game is consist of very intersting streatgyandjoyful, real and attractive 3D environment.You arethebesthunterif you complete all the levels of this game.Its achallangeforallhunters .beause needing or using a lot of physical ormentaleffortorenergy for completion of game.Weapons:*Sniper*AK47*Pistol*UMP-45*M4A1 SopmodFeatures:*Many Different Levels*Third person jungle Sniper Hunting*Smooth Control*Realistic African Environment*Amazing animation of dear
Alpha Assassin Target 2017 1.0.1
Alpha Assassin is a 3D shooter game. Youwillplay as a sniper, strike enemy. Use of your entire gorillacommandotraining throughout this mission your task is to fightagainstterrorists bases and destroy all enemy cities, toeffectivelycombat terrorist activities. Simple operation of thegame, Slidethe left of the screen to control sniper movement, slideto theright of the screen you can adjust the zoom of the gun.Luckily youare armed with rifle sniper gun to face off with theenemy soldierobstructing your way scope and target. You can use thesnipermachine gun zoom lens. Throw in some pretty swish graphics,lovelyanimations and blood splatters, Kill the enemy and unlock anewmission. Make a difference between life and death this is arealsniper war. Here, your duty will include racing againsttime,exploding mafia in farm house.Alpha Assassin 3D Shooting Game is one of the best game fromthebest sniper shooter games. If you are bored from the games inwhichsingle gun shooting, then try this amazing gun fighting gamewhichhas the capability of kill shot enemies, modern commandofightinggames, sniper games, best shooting games, and army traininggames.It is a true desert sniper game which has full of thegunshot,heavy machinery, automatic rifles, Ak47 and assaultpistols. Youare the alone army lieutenant soldier fighting withenemies, so bebrave and wipe out all the criminals and gangstercoming to you.It's your duty to free your country from thegangsters andcriminals. Bravery and the skills of frontline shooterneeded herein the death war with the enemy country.Give your best to eliminate all the criminals, gangster, andenemiesin the given time to keep safe yourself. You have limitedtime, sobe fast with your gunshot. Take a swooping shot and don'twaste yourtime.Military base farmland area. Commando Base gathered a largenumberof terrorists, warmly dangerous! You have radar for yourprotectionto observe and scan your enemies. Realistic gaming soundeffects,so you have a more perfect more realistic sniperexperience. Youwill be a true sniper.Go for the HEADSHOT now!It’s all free for you*** FEATURES ***=> The strong, amazing-looking 3D.=> Shoot sniper rifles.=> Radar for a sniper.=> Unlimited bullets.=> Gameplay in a time bound mission.