Top 7 Games Similar to Little Flappy Canary

Floppy Bird 0.4
Floppy Bird is a common arcade game.Simple rules:-Tap On the screen, the bird rose-Avoid pipe-Proletite Far as you canThe game will be updated frequently !!!
Flappy Nyan 1.8
isTom Games
Do you think that only a bird can flapit'swings and fly? Ask Nyan Cat for the answer in her newestadventurein Flappy Nyan!From isTom Games, the creators of the famous and succesfulNyanCat series, comes Flappy Nyan which raises the bar higherthanever! Use your rhythm to tap Nyan Cat through her way betweenthepipes! Use various skins for your favorite cat, and watchhercrumble in many funny ways! Listen to our new remixed Nyanmusicthat makes the atmosphere more immersive. If You're lookingfor achallenge, Flappy Nyan is Your best choice You can make inisTomGames's Nyan Cat series!Plus Features:- Play Nyan Cat in the way you never ever will with abirdanymore!- Control Tac Nayn BACKWARDS on the level!- Select from 80 skins your favorite!- 15 various Nyan themes!- 2 Game Modes (Nyan Cat = normal, Tac Nayn = reversed)!- Turbo Game modes- Remixed original Nyan Cat theme song!- Google Play Games support!Facebook: Nyan Cat fan page:
Bouncy Ball 2.0 Championship
Bouncy Ball 2.0 GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP isSequelBouncy Ball.- 15,000,000 downloads game returned !- Overall Top 2 free app in Korea ![Introduction]Eat Stars! Eat Golds! Challenge 16 over planet'samazinglevels!And check your ranking of the Global!!Facebook ID? Google Plus ID? for ranking system?Never mind! We thought those are annoying.We can show you your ranking, and flag without any sign in![What we need from you] ★Very very important★-Two thumbs, At least one eye-Small brain-Escape skill ( You can not stop when turn on thisapplication)-Good mind ( Sometimes this game make you angry! )[Features]-100% free!-Over levels 320-Simple and casual 2D graphic-Perfect mixed between Puzzle and Arcade-Without network
Punch Quest 1.2.5
Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game, entirely controlledbytaps with your left and right thumbs.Jab, uppercut, slam, and otherwise pummel your waythroughdungeons full of monsters, branching path choices, rareevents, andfragile pottery.Features:- Unlock and equip many special abilities and Supermoves.- Ride a dinosaur that shoots lasers out of its mouth.- Character customization.- Punch an egg that turns you into a magical gnome.- Do quests to earn really fancy hats.- Combo system where you launch enemies into each other fromacrossthe map.- Tablet support!Punch Quest is a collaboration between Rocketcat Games(HookChamp, Mage Gauntlet) and Madgarden (Saucelifter, SwordofFargoal).Brought to Android by Noodlecake Studios.
Flappy Fish 5.9
Most popular farming game on mobilesandtablets with max happiness. More than 500000 players from122countries, all of them like this fish game.Super Flappy Fish game in the way you never will with abirdanymore, My mission is to bring you happiness. Take a deepbreathand dive into the underwater world. Engage in challengingandfun.Survive as long as possible by eating everything that getsinyour way!Let super flappy fish swimming in blue sea, practice gamecontroluse your rhythm, this game play is simple and challenge likeflappynyan. Use your rhythm to tap fish through her way betweenthepipes!Use various skins for your favorite, and watch her crumble inmanyfunny ways! Help him to flutter and get as far as possible,Collectcoins rich your fish. When coin is enough you can buy a newfishthat you like most.If You're looking for a challenge game like flappy bird, thisflappygame is your best choice.PLEASE NOTE! Flappy Fish is free to download and install.However,some new fish skin items can also be purchased for cointhat youcan collect within gaming. So maximum collect coins whencrossingpipes.Collect pumpkin that help you resurrect. Collect coins thatyoucan new fish skins. Swim through the sea as far as you can,makebubbles, enjoy Flappy Fish game.Features:Play hundreds of challenging and fun.Lots type of fish you can select.Grab your scuba mask and enjoy amazing graphics.Leaderboard and Achievement.One Touch Control Easy to play: tap screen to make thefishswim.
Flappy 3D 2.2
Flappy is BACK! Now more FUN andvisuallySTUNNING than ever before. Experience the Thrill andExcitementwhile you bravely navigate YOUR character through deadlypipes andother obstacles… But beware - even the slightest mistakeand GAMEOVER - back to restart! "Tap your way to the top" oftheleaderboards and become a Flappy KING! Enjoy the Suspense, FUNandRewards as you fly through the breathtaking and graphicallyamazingFlappy Worlds. Play and compete against countless others -justlike YOU - Worldwide! Download FREE and PLAY NOW!+ SCORING & LEADERBOARD +Each pipe you successfully navigate gets you one point. Seeifyou have what it takes - Fly as long as you can to get YOURnameand score on the Honorable Global Leaderboard of FlappyKINGS!Check out where YOU stand among the current world leadershere: PREMIUM UPGRADE +Upgrade to the premium version to unlock the Mysterious BlueBirdand his Secret Powers!
TimberBird 1.1
[HOW TO PLAY]- Control your Timber Bird with your fingers- Hit the pipe while keep flying- Avoid the pipe unionsIt's really simple man, isn't it? Yes it is, but becarefulbecause it could be a hard challenge to master!Improve your skills and try to reach the top on the ranking.