Top 5 Games Similar to Counting Sheeps

Sleepy Rain 01.00.05
When you play our game for 5-10 minutesbeforeyou go to bed, it will make you fall a deep sleep and helpyou fallasleep much faster.Game background sound has an alpha wave sound thatsubconsciousinfluenceon your brain that`s why you will start to feel joyandhappiness.This is real and free ‘fall asleep game’ so downloadrightnow!How to play:- Just pop the water drops run down from screen- Big water drop you must tab few times to get rid of it.- Some water drop has lightning inside so you must let it go.
Counting Sheep Challenge 1.01
Do you want to know how smart youareincounting numbers quickly?Challenge yourself to counting sheep jumping across agapbetweencliffs!If a sheep jumps from left to the right, count +1. Totheleft,count -1.If a wolf jumps from right to the left, count +5. To theleft,count-5.Pink ball: to the right +3, to the left -3.Green ball: to the right +7, to the left -7.You can change the theme and animals in the theme storewiththepoints you earned by counting the sheep.You can also change the background music in the theme store.Find your favorite theme and enjoy the challenge!Do you find it too challenging to reach higherlevelstages?Go to the theme store and get extra hearts and reset timers,andusethem when you need help!Find your high scores in high scores menu, and if you wanttoknowabout your rank, check out google play ranking andchallengeyourfriends as well by sharing your score!Keywords: casual game, counting sheep challenge,countsheep,number game, math, youngseo, 두뇌게임
Counting Sheep 1.1.0
Just count the sheep that cameintotheranch.Free game of simple rules!It is fickle and walking, or running, or a turned back, sheepus,Icounted it a good look.*Sorry. In game text is the only Japanese.
Sleepy Game - FUN Free Game 5.0
Funny Beak
The Sleepy Game is a great and FUN FULLFREEGAME for your Android ™.Developed with simple and addictive mechanic based on the tablegameknown as "Pick-up-sticks and jackstraws.".By using vivid and captivating colors the game is agreatattraction for children.Recommended for any age, fun for adults and children.• 50 Different Stages• Simple Mechanics• Facebook Integrations• Friends Ranking Scores• Very Funny• All agesHow to play?As the game uses the mechanical Pick-up-sticks, a panel will showupto two colors, where user will choose which to removethescreen.Be careful not to remove a piece and wake the other squares.Reviews in the press:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆iPhone App Review:Site: our users are saying:★ ★ ★ ★ ★cute and funny very fun to play when your bored it'sawesomeI like it my rating is a hundred percent exactly :-) awesomeface .:-) :-) all should play this awesome game now itscool.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Addictive! I can't stop playing!★ ★ ★ ★ ☆Simple fun for all ages Even my toddler enjoys this gameandis capable of winning the first few levels!★ ★ ★ ★ ★Great fun Really addictive and great for when you're abitbored and need something to do.★ ★ ★ ★ ☆Yay Fun game don't wake them up!
Let's to Sleep 1.0.3
X-Gaf Studio
sleep kid, sleep in night,sleepforeveryone,,let's to sleep, this application make you sleep if you lookingthesheep and count it..ok, try it. see you next time, Good night......x-gaf studioplay with meplay with nature